Somebody doubts Bihaan leaving the cabin but the face is not shown. He calls somebody.
“Woh Bihaan abhi abhi nikla hai, zyada durr gaya nahi hoga, Agra ke sadak par hi hoga. Files mei kuch dhund raha tha. Pata nahi shayad usse kuch pata chala hoga. Dekho tum agar kuch kar pao. Thik hai main phone rakhta hu, koi sunn lega. Kaam ho jaye toh khabar dena. Saala Shankar ne sab kuch bigad diya hoga, torture room mei kya bola pata nahi. Thik hai bye.”
[“Bihaan has just left, may be he didn’t go too far till now, he is on Agra road most probably. He was searching something in the files. I don’t know, may be he got some information. See if you could do anything. Inform me when your work is done. This Shankar has done a blunder, he told things to Bihaan in the torture room. Okay I am leaving the phone, somebody might listen to me. Okay bye.”]


Vasundhara(on wheelchair calling to a servant) – Lakhan, kaha ho? Mujhe ek glass paani toh do. Tab se maang rahi hu, sunayi nahi deta kya?[“Lakhan, where are you? Give me a glass of water, can’t you hear I am asking for it since long?”]
After some time,again “Uff inn logo ko bhi kya ho gaya hai? Pehle main chal sakti thi tab ek awaaz lagao toh sab aa jate thei par ab…….”[“What happened to these people? In the past, when I used to call once, everyone used to come running but now….?”]
Somebody gives her a glass of water suddenly.
Vasundhara(not looking at the face)- Ab tum sab ko time mila mujhe paani dene ka? Tum sab itna irrespo……..”[“Now you all got the time? How can you be so irrespo………”]
She is cut off in between and the person says, “Kya aunty ji, aap bhi na? Maine kaha tha na aapko? Itna gussa aur tension aapke sehat ke liye acha nahi hai phir bhi aap?[“Why aunty, why are you tensed? I told you na? This anger and tension is not good for your health but still you?”]
Vasundhara- Aare Aditi beta tum? Tum paani lekar aayi?[“Aditi, you? You brought me water?”]
The person is Aditi.

Aditi- Kyu aunty main paani nahi la sakti? Aapka doctor hu toh kya hua, aapne toh mujhe beti mana tha. Ek paani ka glass layi toh kya hua? Aur Lakhan ko maine hi maana kiya, woh paani la raha tha, maine uske haath se le liya.[“Why I can’t bring it? I know I am your doctor but you had called me your daughter isn’t it? I did something wrong? Lakhan was bringing it but I stopped him and brought the glass myself.”]
Vasu- Nahi beta aisi baat nahi hai. Yeh toh tumhara apna ghar hi samjho. Par achanak yaha?[“No nothing like that. You can consider this as your own house but suddenly you are here?”]
Aditi- Aunty, wo aapka check up karne aayi hu aur Dhruvji ne bhi bataya aaj aap thodi upset hai isliye main chali aayi aap se milne, kya hua hai?[“Aunty, I came here for your checkup. Dhruvji told me that you are upset today so I came to even meet you. But what has happened?”]

Vasu- Beta wo Bihaan, mera baccha aaj bina khaye ghar se nikal gaya. Par ab tak Dhruv ke bauji ne usse khila diya hoga.[“Bihaan, my son went to work without having breakfast. But Dhruv’s dad may be have fed him till now.”]
Aditi(in mind)-Ab tak kya, Dhruvji ne bataya Bihaanji toh waha se bina khaye kahi nikal gaya hai. Par aunty itna tension le rahi hai, upar se sach batau toh aur bhi chinta kar ke bimar par jayegi.[(in mind)”Dhruv told me they could not feed him till now because he went somewhere without informing them. Now if I tell aunty about it she will worry and fall ill.”]
“Nahi aunty, Bihaanji ko khila diye honge woh log, aap chinta mat kijiye. Aaj din bhar main aapke sath yaha hi rahungi. Aaj woh logo ko ghar aane mei shayad late ho kuch important case pe kaam kar rahe hai. Now smile please Mam (smiles)..”[“No aunty, don’t worry. They must have fed Bihaanji. I will stay for the whole day with you. And they will be late today because they are working on some important case may be. Now smile please Mam..”]
Vasu- “Tumhari baatein sunn ke thoda shanti mila.” [“I feel better after listening to you.”(and she smiles too).

Vaani is standing at a bus stop thinking about her mission.
(in mind) “Mujhe abhi ya-ha se Phoolbagan ka bus pak-adna hai. Par inn logo ko identify kai-se karungi? C.P. Sir ne toh muj-he fax kiya tha par yeh log disguise ho-te hai. Par kaise bhi kar ke mu-jhe dhundna hoga. Let me fir-st reach there.”
[“I have to board Phool-bagan’s bus from here. But how to iden-tify the goons there? C.P. Sir sent me the pic-tures but there peo-ple stay in dis-guise. I have to find them any-how. Let me fir-st reach there.”]
A bus arrives after waiting for five odd minutes. She boards the bus and goes.

Bihaan is riding his bike and he is thinking about the fax pictures that he had collected from the office.(in mind)
“Yeh log bada hi C for chatur, C for chalak hote hai, hum ek jagah dhundte reh jate hai aur yeh log patli gali se nikal jate hai. These people come in disguise par hum bhi kisi se kam nahin hai. Hum zaroor dhund nikalenge.”
[(in mind)”This people are always C for Clever and C for cunning, we search them at one place but they hide and run away in disguise. But I am no less. I will find them.”]
Suddenly he feels somebody is following him. He looks through the peer glass of his bike. He decides not to react to it. He tries to identify the suspect’s face but in vain because he too is wearing a helmet.
The follower calls somebody, “I am behind him only. See the time and place and then attack. Be ready. We are coming.”

Bihaan keeps riding with full speed. He reaches the highway which is the way to the Ramgarh village but yet far away. This highway is busier for truck drivers, large vehicles and not busier for local people. Bihaan could hear the voice of the railway station and a train running far away. The sound pierced the heart of a forest beside to reach his ears and the railway track runs above the river that is flowing below the highway and connects the railway bridge too. The atmosphere and the scenerio is too soothing but it was not easy for him to refresh and bask in the sunlight that was still above beacuse there were people following him. It was already half past 12 and he had to reach at 2 p.m anyhow. Somebody hiding behind a tree of the forest throws petty stones, nails and pebbles towards him. Bihaan’s bike skids and he falls off. People of around four surround him quickly.
Bihaan-“Kaun ho tum log? Aur hamara rasta rokne ka zuruat kaise ki?
[“Who are you and how dare you stop me on my way?”]

A man punches him hard and his helmet falls off. Bihaan turns fiery red and he punches him back. “Tum sab ne socha kya hai hume rokne se tum logo ka maksad kabhi pura nahi hoga. Jab tak hum zinda hai tab tak toh nahi.”[“What do you think? Your cunning wishes will get fulfilled if you stop my way? No never, atleast when I am alive.”]
He takes out his gun, nabs the man and says “Bata jaldi bata kaun ho tum log aur kahabardar koi aage bhi badha toh tumhara yeh aadmi kaam se jayega.”[“Tell me fast who you are, and dare you walk further otherwise I will kill this man of yours.”]

Somebody smashes Bihaan’s bike and punctures it’s tyres. He is Shankar.
Bihaan- “Shankar tu? Tujhe chora kisne?”[“Shankar, you? Who released you?”]
Shankar- “Tune kya socha tha mai andar rahunga? Tune mujhe bahut mara tha na, aaj tu gaya aur tera yeh bike bhi.”[“What do you think I will be behind the bars? You hit me a lot, but now you and your bike will gone.”]
He smashes again and the bike is completely wrenched apart.
Shankar- “Tu hamara ek aadmi ko marna chahta hai toh maar. Hum aur bhi hai par tu aaj bachega kaise? Tera bike bhi gaya.”[“You want to kill one of our man, kill him, we have more gang members. But how would you survive?”] and he aims a gun at Bihaan and Bihaan sees a few more men coming towards them.
Bihaan thinks that it is urgent for him to reach the village because he has to save many innocent people from the trap of false passports and he has no time to face these wicked people.

Bihaan- “Aare Sir how come you all are here?” saying he jumps quickly into the jungle while the goons were tricked and they stood looking behind them as to who the Sir was.
Shankar- “Dekho bhag gaya woh. Par bhag ke jayega kaha jungle mei? Jungle ka rasta station ke taraf nikalta hai par hum waha ja nahi sakte kyu ki police mujhe kutto ki tarah dhund rahi hai, main bhaaga hua qaidi hu. Bihaan zaroor waha deal ke location pe hi jayega. Chalo hum bhi waha chalte hai aur boss ko khabar dena parega.”
[“See he ran away. But uptil where will he go? This forest ends at the railway station gate. but we can’t go there into the busy place because police is searching for me like a dog as I am a runaway prisoner. Bihaan will surely go to the deal location. Let us also go there and on the way, we will inform our boss.”]
The other man, Raghu says- “Yes Shankar I will inform him on the way, let us go.” They take their car and goes alternatively.

Bihaan is running along the jungle and he is puffing hard. He can’t breathe.(in mind) “Bas Bihaan bas ho gaya, aur thoda jane se station hai, waha se Ramgarh ka local train mil jayega.”[“A little more to go and I reach the station. I will take the local train to Ramgarh.”]
He continues running until he reaches the station’s gate and collapses.”Subah se humne kuch bhi nahi khaya hai, thoda kha le phir nikalte hai.”[“I didn’t have anything since morning. Let me have something then I will leave.”]
He sees a food stall in the station and goes there. The shopkeeper asks him, “Bhaiyaji aap itna haaf kyu rahe hai? Aaiye kuch khaiye, baithiye.”[“Brother, why are you breathing so hard? Come sit here and have something.”]
Bihaan- Ha, ek egg toast and water bottle dijiye.”[“Yes please give me an egg toast and a water bottle.”]
Bihaan searches for his wallet but he finds it missing.”Where is my wallet? I think I left it on the highway or it fell down when that Shankar hit me.”
He again searches and finds his mobile and gun still safe. He hides the gun quickly to prevent people panicking seeing it.

Shopkeeper- “Pata nahi kaise kaise log aa jate hai, bina paise ka aa gaye, yeh fokat ka dukan nahi hai, hum ashram nahi khole hai jo aapko free mei denge. Aare jao yaha se.”[“I don’t know why such people come without money? This is not an hermitage that I will feed you for free. Go from here.”]
Before Bihaan could say anything, the man throws the egg toast that he had prepared for Bihaan on the platform. A small boy of hardly 8-9 years old wearing ragged clothes picks it up and starts to eat it.

Bihaan(in mind)- “Iss aadmi ko khana fekna manzur hai par aam aadmi inhe kuch keh nahi sakte, humne paise nahi diye toh khana fek diya par yeh chota sa baccha kitna pyaar se kha raha hai utha kar jaise bahut dino se nahi khaya ho. Aur hum ek din bina khaye nahi reh sakte?”[(in mind) “This man is ready to even waste food since people don’t tell him anything. I din’t pay so he didn’t give me the food. But this boy is having food so lovingly like he hasn’t eaten for days.”]
Saying this, Bihaan goes towards a water tap in the station, washes his face, drinks a little water from there and comes back to the paltform to board the train which was about to arrive. He sees the same small boy selling flowers in his basket to the passengers around. He comes to Bihaan. “Mera naam Chotu hai, meri maa bimar hai. Ek le lo bhaiya. Bhagwan aapka bhala karega.”[“My name is Chotu. My mother is ill. Please buy one flower elder brother. God will bless you.”]
Bihaan reminisces Vasu also being ill and says,”Chotu, hamari maa bhi bimar hai, hum zaroor le lete par hamare pass ek paise bhi nahi hai warna hum..,”[“Chotu, even my mother is ill. I would have bought it but I don’t even have a single penny.”]

Chotu- “Koi baat nahi bhaiya, aap ek flower rakh lo mere taraf se, yeh sunflower wala. Aap apne maa ko de dena, woh achi ho jayegi.”[“Doesn’t matter brother, keep this sunflower. Give it to your mom, she will be cured.”]
Bihaan-“Nahi chotu, tumhari maa bimar hai, hum lene se tumhe paise kaun dega, tumhe paiso ki zarurat hai.”[No, your mom is also ill. If I take it, I won’t be able to pay and you need urgent money.”]
Chotu-“Thik hai aap paise phir kabhi station me mujhe de dena, main yaha hi rehta hu.”[“Okay you pay me some other day here itself, I stay here only.”]
Saying this, the little boy puts the flower in Bihaan’s hand and runs away to somebody else for his bidding. Bihaan smiles and keeps the flower in his pocket. It is the first time when Bihaan smiles and he looked pretty cute.
Chotu goes to an another man, “uncle please take one flower. My mom is ill.”
Bihaan listens to their conversation.

Man-“Son, the train is about to arrive within 2 minutes, I don’t have time.”
Chotu-“Uncle waqt toh bahut hai. Yeh train Chuk Chuk Gadi hai. Ruk ruk ke aayega aur jayega, iss duniya mein toh har cheez ruk ruk ke chalta hai, paise,gadi,padhai,ghar,kharidari,dosti hum toh yeh sab ruk ruk ke karte hai.”
[“Uncle, there is a lot of time. This train is a Chuk Chuk Gadi. It will stop and come and go. Everything in this world is like this, money, cars, studies,shopping,friendship everything, Nothing happens at one go.”]
Man-“Beta, ho toh tum itna chota sa par baatein toh badi badi kar lete ho. Aur yeh Chuk Chuk gadi? Bada acha naam hai.”
[“Son, you are so little but you talk like an elderly. And Chuk Chuk Gadi? Nice name.”]
Chotu-“Ha uncle yeh sab meri maa ne sikhaya hai mujhe samajha kar baatein karna. Aur iss duniya mein jo bhi cheez ruk ruk ke chalti ho wahi toh Chuk chuk Gadi hai train ki tarah par samay se apni jagah pahuch zaroor jata hai. Bas ek waqt hi hai jo ruk ruk ke nahi chalta par phir bhi hum waqt se darte hai kyu ki rukawat bura nahi hota, waqt bura hota hai.”
[“Yes uncle my mother has taught me to speak like this. Everything in this world happens like this Chuk Chuk Gadi, it stammers and moves but reaches its destination on time. It is only time which doesn’t stammer but still we are afraid of it because stammering is not bad, time can be bad for us.”]
Man-” Wah beta bahut khub, hum bado ko itna nahi pata. Chalo koi nahi, tum mujhe yeh pura basket de do aur yeh lo 500 rupees. Mujhe tum bahut pasand aaye. Chalo jaldi lo,train chut jayega.”

[“Son, excellent, we elderly didn’t think so much. Okay, you give me the full basket, I pay you 500 rupees, take this. I liked you so much. Okay fast my train will go.”]
The train arrives into the platform and whistles.
Bihaan is surprised at the analysis of the little boy. He smiles and whispers, “Aare wah ruk ruk ke chalne wali cheez Chuk Chuk Gadi?? Humne kabhi socha nahi tha. Waqt bura hota hai, rukne wali cheez nahi, hamara bhi bura waqt jaldi khatam ho jayega kyu ki waqt rukta nahi.”
[“Wow, stammering things are Chuk Chuk Gadi? I didn’t think so much. Time is bad, not things that stammer is bad. I know my bad times will end too because time never stops.”]
The train whistles the last signal and starts leaving the platform. Bihaan jumps to run, ” Time is really bad, it is taking away the train. Aare wait, oo Chuk Chuk gadi…….” and he shouts, runs faster, catches hold of the train door and gets in quickly before the train departs with it’s third gear.

Vaani gets off the bus and looks around. She sees a food stall on the street. She reads the name plate.” MAA, MY WIFE AND I, FAST FOOD CORNER, PHOOLBAGAN”.
She thinks she has arrived at the right place. The shopkeeper calls out to her,”Sister, do you need something?”
Vaani felt a bit hungry,” Yes brother, give me so-me Aam Papad, a puff-ed rice ka packet and a small water bott-le.”
Shopkeeper gives her what she needed. She pays and sits to eat. (In mind) “Yeh aam papad bahut kh-as hai mere liye, mai-ne apni birth-day k liye liya hai. Mujhe ba-hut pasand tha par kisi-ne mujhe na-hi diya kabhi bhi. Ghar ja ke sh-am ko baccho k sath khaungi. Abhi yeh puff-ed rice kha leti hu.”
[“This aam papad is ve-ry special for me. I bou-ght it for my birth-day. I love this very mu-ch but nobody gave me till to-day. After going to the orpha-nage, I will have this with the chil-dren.”]
After finishing she drinks a bit of water and keeps it in her bag along with her favourite aam papad for future use. She knows how tiring the day will be.

She starts her mission. She peeps into her bag to look at the pictures of the suspects once more. She starts walking towards the direction she was told by Balwinder. She reaches an abondoned street.”Aare yeh jagah toh-toh bahut khali jaisa hai, ya-ha pe kaun aa-ta hoga? Aare ha,badmash log to-h yaha pe hi mandra-yenge. Nahi Vaani tumhe dhu-ndna hoga.”
[“This place looks so empty and aban-doned. Who will come here? But cul-prits love these ty-pe of place. Search Vaani se-arch.”]
She looks at her watch. “It is al-most two o’clock. W-ill they come now or are they al-ready here?” She sees a mutilated dark house beyond the street. She thinks something, “Let me che-ck once? If this is their deal loca-tion then?”
She marches softly towards the large iron door lest anybody hear her feet. She peeps in.
“Aare ye-ha toh bahut andhera hai, ma-in kaise jaungi? Nahin nahin, Vaani na-hi darti andhere se. Ram ram ram ra-m…..”
[“It is very da-rk here, how can I en-ter there? No I am not af-raid of the dark. Oh god, ram ram ram ram…..”]
She switches on her mobile torch and enters chanting, “Jai hanuman gy-an gun sagar, jai ka-pis trihun-lok ujagar, Ram doot atu-lit bal dha-ma, Anja-ni putra pavan sut na-ma, maha-vir…….,” and she hears some soft noise. “Dekh-o jo bhi tum ho, bhoot bhai mu-jhe dara-na mat,ma-in ya-ha acha ka-am karne aa-yi hu, ma-in kaam ho-te hi chali ja-ungi. Muj-he mat paka-dna, aaaaa ooooo..,” and she jumps.

“Aare yeh kya, chu-ha? Ek chu-he se main darr ga-yi? Nahi ma-in na-hi darti.”
[“What is this? A rat? Am I af-raid of a rat? No I am defi-nitely not.”]
She goes inwards and finds an another room. “What is he-re? This box and this cup-board.” She opens the box and finds many false passports with different names. She thinks, ” They are go-ing to have a deal, I need to burn the-se before they come.” She finds matchstick box in her bag and starts to burn those to ashes.

Bihaan gets off the train at Ramgarh. It is almost 2.30 p.m. “Am I late? It is already dark here. I think it will rain”, he thinks to himself. He takes out his mobile tracker to trace the path that his messengers had informed him about the location. “Yes I have to get a bus from here to Phoolbagan.” He hurries out of the platform into the main street. He notices a bus about to leave for Phoolbagan. “Bhaiya will this go to Phoolbagan?” Bihaan enquired. The bus conductor nodded quickly and allows Bihaan to go in. He leaves for Phoolbagan. After a journey of more 20 odd minutes, he reaches his destination. The bus conductor asks for the fare.
Bihaan (in mind)- “I did an illegal journey and reached the station without buying the tickets but what to tell now?”
Conductor-“What happened?”

Bihaan-“Bhaiya I need to go, I am in a hurry, I have lo-st……,”
Conductor- “I will not accept such excuses, pay me or else I will call the police.”
Somebody pats Bihaan from behind. He was his secret messenger. That man pays the fare and both go aside.
Bihaan- “Gorachand, good that you are here otherwise I would have been more late.”
Gora- “Yes Sir I was waiting for you. This bus stops here, I knew you would come here. Sir come with me, I will show you the exact location.”
They leave for the location. They come near a mutilated, abondoned house. They get some burning smell.
Bihaan- “I think somebody is burning something here but what?”, as they walked towards, somebody hits Bihaan on the head from behind and Gora shouts,”Sirrrrr…….”
Vaani was burning the passports, “Whose voi-ce is it, have th-ey come? It is al-ready 3.30 p.m.,” and she runs towards a window pane. She opens a bit of the window slowly, “It is goi-ng to rain, so mu-ch cloud. I am unable to see any-thing.” She tries to look in with whatever light there was, she switches off her phone torch. The goons arrive along with Shankar. They captivate Gora and starts beating Bihaan badly. Bihaan tries to get up but somebody hits him on his leg with a hockey stick.

Bihaan- “You?”
Vaani(in mind)- “Who is he and who are they? Why are they hit-ting him so badly?” She quickly turns on her hairline camera.
The man is Tarun, the junior officer who worked with Bihaan, standing with the hockey stick.
Tarun- “Yes Bihaan Sir, you recognized me correctly. I am the mastermind behind all these. It was only I who used to inform them from the bureau, it was I who helped Shankar to run away, it was I who informed Raghu today morning when you left for the search from the bereau.”
An FB is shown. {Arjun takes away Shankar from torture room and meets Tarun. Tarun-“Arjun, Pari is calling you for some work, go, I will see this man.” Arjun goes away. Tarun takes Shankar to an another room outside the bureau, gives him some teaboy clothes, “Now you run quietly and keep informing me. You have already done a blunder by informing Bihaan about today.” Shankar hiding his face runs away quickly with a tea tray. Tarun comes inside running,” Sir, sir, all went wrong. Shankar hit me and ran away.” Balwinder- “How could he run away just like that? Everyone quickly inform all the police station and ask them to set up watch patrol everywhere.” FB ends}

Tarun- “Bihaan Pandey, the great DCP, who used to consider himself as a lion, he thought he is enough alone, didn’t even thought to inform CP and ACP, see he has become a rat now.”

Vaani hears all these, “Toh yeh ham-are U.P ke DCP hai, Bihaan Sir mat-lab CP Sir ke sath kaam kar-te hai. Inka naam bah-ut suna tha par inhe peh-li bar dekh ra-hi hu. Lek-in yeh kya, yeh toh Moti Buddhi nik-le. Yeh kisi-ko bina bataye aise kaise aa ga-ye? Kam se kam CP Sir ko ba-ta diya hota. Thik hai ma-in bata de-ti hu ki hum ya-ha hai.”
[“Ohh, he is the DCP of our U.P, Bihaan Sir, I mean, he wor-ks with CP Sir. I had heard his na-me many times, he is a coura-geous officer but I am see-ing him for the fir-st time. But what is this? He turn-ed out to be a fat headed? He didn’t inform any-body, not even CP Sir and he came he-re? Okay I will only in-form CP Sir that we are here.”]
Before she could turn on her phone, she hears the sound of a gun. She turns to look again and notices Tarun firing a bullet at Bihaan and the bullet pierces Bihaan’s left hand and blood gushes out. Vaani looks on shocked.

PRECAP- Vaani(in mind)-“I ha-ve to do some-thing. I can’t stay si-lent like this, I have to save the off-icer’s life even if my life gets into dan-ger. But what cou-ld I do?” She opens her hair and fixes her hairline camera on the window carefully and runs all around the dark house in search of something. She reaches the backyard of the house and sees a mango garden. She finds a catapult there on the ground, “Now this wi-ll help me.”
Bihaan is shown tied to the car of the goons and is asked to pull the car with all his might otherwise they will kill Gora. Bihaan moans in pain.



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