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Bihaan and Vaani reach the court. The lawyer hands over the marriage papers to Bihaan.
Lawyer- “Sir, see this is your marriage certificate, Mrs. Vaani can now use your surname as hers. Secondly, these copies of the papers that mam had given me which Shakti was demanding to use against her is all weak, I can easily prove him wrong. Sir, only one thing, since he is a criminal, you need to get evidences against him, then I will prove him guilty in court and make sure that the Government confiscate all his properties and black money that he has. Then you can talk to the Government agents to help you buy the land for the orphanage. I am sure you will get it because you are doing a good deed.”
Bihaan- “That is a good idea. I have already spread out my men all over the city to get proofs against Shakti and his men. I hope they inform me soon and I have my own parts to play, you can leave this on me, you do the court works. I will meet you later when I get hold of Shakti’s neck.”
Bihaan and Vaani comes outside.
Bihaan- “Now we have more work. First, we will go to our house and keep these luggages and then we will go by car because we need to travel to your place also. The lawyer gave a good idea. Let us go to the bank, submit your application again and may be by tomorrow, we will get the money, I have my officials there in the bank.”
Vaani nods and they go to the bank.
Bihaan deposits the application form and they come out again.
They leave for their house now.


Bihaan- “so now, after you get the money and Shakti is put behind bars, you can apply to the Government. I will help you in it. The Government will listen to me faster than the ordinary people. Then after it is done, you are freed of it. Slwowly slowly you will pay off your debt with your salary and after six months, we will be divorced too.”
Vaani- “Sir, I don’t have my job anymore.”
Bihaan- “What? How when?”
Balwinder passes by their room door when he notices them.
Balwinder(in mind)- “They came back from the mall so soon?”
Vaani narrates everything how she was thrown out of office due to Shakti.
Bihaan- “You didn’t tell me anything that day when he harrassed you neither did you tell me this till now why?”
Vaani- “I didn’t get time or any chance.”
Bihaan- “Such an important thing and you were looking for time. Why didn’t you tell me before? I wouldn’t have married you then and you could have done whatever you felt like.”
Balwinder- “Both of you started quarrelling again? Bihaan, but you married her and nothing could be done now. You have to bear her for the whole life now(he smiles). But we can find different ways to get out of it isn’t it?”
Bihaan- “But what now? She don’t want to take our money.”
Balwinder- “She will work in our bureau from now. I will keep her as my personal assistant for writing the documents for us and I will pay her salary. Hope now you won’t have any problem Vaani bitiya?”
Vaani- “Thank you bauji. I will work and acc-ept money.”
Balwinder- “So that’s done.”
Bihaan- “Bauji, now we need to go to teach Shakti a lesson.”
Balwinder- “But you don’t have evidences.”
Bihaan- “Yes I got a few. But we have a big witness in hand now.”
Balwinder- “What?”
Bihaan- “Vaani’s office boss. He will be the sole witness. He knows about Shakti’s deeds, everything, and my men have already caught Shakti’s men and they are ready to speak against him.”
Balwinder- “That is good. You go, if you need my help, I will also reach there.”
Bihaan- “Okay let us go Vaani.”
Balwinder- “Why are you taking her in that dangerous place?”
Bihaan- “I have some plans that’s why. Don’t worry, nothing will happen to your daughter.”
Balwinder- “Okay go but please take care of her and keep informing me.”
Bihaan and Vaani leave in Bihaan’s car for Ramgarh again.

Paan enters the hostel gate and the guard stops him.
Guard- “Whom do you want?”
Paan- “Aditi. I want to meet her.”
Guard- “Mam doesn’t want to meet anyone.”
Paan- “I am her brother.”
Guard- “A person already came and irritated me saying Aditi mam knows him but she asked me not to allow anybody from now.”
Paan rings Aditi. Aditi speaks to the guard and asks him to send Paan. Paan goes inside.
Guard- “I don’t know from where does these people come, sometimes she says to allow and sometimes she doesn’t. I am confused.”
Paan reaches Aditi’s room.
Aditi- “Bhai, what happened you are here?”
Paan- “I am here to fetch you back home.”
Aditi- “I came here today morning itself.”
Paan- “I know but papa wants you at home.”
Aditi- “He only sent me here.”
Paan- “He is not well and wants to see you soon.”
Aditi- “What happened to him? Is he alright? I will go and check him just now.”
Paan- “Don’t worry so much, he is alright but wants to meet you, there is something important to talk to you.”
Aditi- “Okay I will leave at once. Let me collect my luggage.”
She packs her luggage and leaves for home with Paan.

Bihaan sits inside the car in driver’s seat and Vaani opens the rear gate of the car.
Bihaan- “Do you think I am your driver? You will sit behind and I will drive the car.”
Vaani- “No, I am comfor-table sitting behind.”
Bihaan- “But I am not.”
Vaani gets down from the back seat and sits in the front seat beside Bihaan.
Vaani- “Are you ha-ppy now? Let us go.”
Bihaan- “Tie your seat belt otherwise when I apply sudden brakes, your head will be nowhere.”
Vaani tries to fix the seat belt.
Bihaan takes away the belt from her hand and ties it himself. They both have an eyelock.
Bihaan- “You are good for nothing, neither do you know to wear a helmet nor do you know how to tie a seat belt. Stupid girl.”
Vaani- “I have never trave-lled in such cars or bikes. How wou-ld I know?”
Bihaan- “Okay my mistake that I blamed you.”
They both make faces and they leave.

After an hour or so, they reach Vaani’s office 360 channel. They both get out of their car.
Bihaan asks Vaani to wait outside and he himself goes in.
The security guard tries to stop him but Bihaan pushes him back and ties him to a chair. The other employees of the office don’t utter a word.
Bihaan- “Nobody will come forward, I am a CBI and I am here not to hurt anybody, I will only catch the culprit.”
Bihaan barges inside the cabin of Vaani’s boss.
The Mr. XYZ was seated in his chair and listening to songs. You may consider this Mr.XYZ to be Diwakar of original TPK.
XYZ- “Hey who are you and how dare you enter my cabin? Security, secur…”
Bihaan holds his mouth in anger and holds him against the wall.
Bihaan- “Today you will see an end of yourself if you hide any truth from me. Tell me how do you know Shakti and everything about his black business.”
XYZ- “Leave my collar, I don’t know anybody of this name.”
Bihaan- “You know him very well, tell me quickly otherwise…”
XYZ- “What otherwise? I am telling you I don’t know any Shakti and even if I know why will I tell you? Why are you showing your “Gundagiri” here?”
Bihaan holds him tightly again and slaps him hard.
Vaani waits for sometime but she finds Bihaan not coming still. She enters the office and notices the security guard.
Vaani- “Where is XYZ Sir and who tied you like this?”
She unties the man.
Security- “In his cabin. He is talking with somebody I think who just entered few minutes back and that person only tied me like this.”
Vaani goes near the cabin and opens the gate softly.
Bihaan is holding XYZ upside down and forcing him to speak the truth.
XYZ- “I am telling you I don’t know Shakti. Leave me. Ah oh….”
Bihaan- “I will not until you open your M for Mouth M for Monkey.”

Vaani enters.
Vaani- “Bihaan Sir please leave him, he will die ple-ase.”
She holds Bihaan’s arms and asks him to leave. After some trials, he finally drops XYZ on the floor.
Bihaan- “Vaani, why did you stop me? He will not open his mouth like this.”
Vaani- “I know he is adamant but he will open his mouth soon.
XYZ gets up from the floor with hands on his hip.
XYZ- So this is you and you have brought this gunda(goon) with you to threat me so that I take you back in office but this will never happen.”
Vaani- “No I didn’t come here to join off-ice. I am here to ex-pose you.”
XYZ- “Ha ha ha, expose me? I see you are married, who did marry you? Which unlucky man? Who wanted to tolerate your stammering? Va-Va-Vaani?”
Bihaan again slaps him hard.
XYZ- “Kaun ho bhai? Stop it now otherwise I will call police.”
Vaani- “Why police, call your Shak-ti.”
XYZ- “I am telling you from that time I don’t know any Shakti dada, why you both are harrasing me, go from here.”
Bihaan and Vaani smiles at each other and then Bihaan holds XYZ by the collar.
Bihaan- “She didn’t say any Shakti dada, she just said Shakti, even I too was calling him Shakti. How do you know he is a dada too?”

XYZ feels confused and is unable to answer. The other employees enter the room. A group of girls hug Vaani. Two boys bring some files and hands it over to Bihaan.
Bihaan- “What is it?”
Boy 1- “When Vaani came inside, she spoke to us regarding this and we started searching for some proofs against our rude boss.”
Boy 2- “Vaani was constantly in touch with us even after leaving office. We believed that a girl who can risk her life to save others and save this channel can never burn an important document. Since then we all started working together. And we have collected some proofs in these files.”
Boy 1- “Yes, there are some call records that Shakti used to phone our boss often, we attached a call tapping machine to Sir’s telephone when he was not in his cabin. The last 2 to 3 days’ records are also here in this CD. And most importantly, the money transactions records for over 2 years between Sir and Shakti are all here.”
Boy 2- “These were all Vaani’s piece of brain and we are happy to have been able to help her.”
Bihaan (in mind)- “So Vaani has brains I see. She is not that dumb.”
Vaani- “Thank you friends for helping me and trusting me so much.”
Girl 1- “Why not? You are the only one who helped us in getting employed here.”
Girl 2- “Mention not. We love you so much Vaani and hence we stood with you.”
Bihaan- “Thank you for your great job all of you. I too have a few proofs against Shakti which my messengers had informed but I needed something solid. I think the last 2 days’ phone calls would be enough.”
Boy 2- “Yes Sir, they have mostly spoken about how he harrased Vaani, how he made her sign on false papers and was asking for the money. Those properties are also not of his own, his father had seized those from some other people whose family don’t exist anymore and Shakti’s father claimed it years back. Since then, they call many properties of Ramgarh as their own.”
Bihaan- “I see, he is a born family goon. The properties which were supposed to be taken over by the Government, these people have snatched it. I will end all these as a part of my duty and as a good citizen.”
Girl 1- “Sir we all are with you.”
Bihaan calls Arjun, his co-officer.
Bihaan- “Arjun, arrive to Ramgarh with full force as soon as possible. I am waiting at the 360 channel office. Meet me here.”

Arjun- “Okay Sir, we are leaving right now.”
XYZ is tied to the chair and made to relax.
Bihaan- “You will not utter a single word. One word and one slap. be ready.”
Vaani- “I told you XYZ, one day I will come and ex-pose you. See I kept my words.”
Everyone sits in the hallroom and starts gossiping. Bihaan is sitting quietly.
Girl 1- “Vaani, you got married to Bihaan Sir we know. We visited the orphanage yesterday to meet you and we came to know. We are thankful to Bihaan Sir that he stood with you during your crisis.”
Bihaan looks at Vaani and she too, looks at him.
Vaani nods her head.
The tea boy brings coffee.
Boy 2- “Vaani, have a cup of coffee.”
Bihaan- “She doesn’t like coffee. Give me, I will have a cup.”
Girl 2- “What boy2(any name), you don’t know till now that Vaani never drinks coffee.”
Boy 2- “No, actually she had never been friends with us much other than during work, she had always been an introvert.”
Girl 1- “Yes, she talks less with boys, she is a bit shy but see, she got a good husband who even knows what she likes or not. Her good nature gave her a good life partner.”
Bihaan gets up from there and goes outside.
Bihaan(in mind)- “She feels shy? But I am the only one before whom her mouth opens and she speaks. Whatever!”
Girl 2- “I think your husband felt shy and he went out.”
Vaani- “Please stop it both of you.”
Girl 1- “Okay stop, hush! She is also feeling shy. My God!”

Aditi enters the house and finds Krishnakant at his work table.
Aditi- “Papa, I came back. You wanted to meet me. Bhai told me you have something urgent to talk.”
Krishnakant- “Yes, sit down here.”
Aditi sits down.
Aditi- “Okay now say.”
Krishnakant- “See before I finish myself, don’t get angry please. Beta, I am getting old and your mother and I, both are having a new thought nowadays. See you have grown up and already built your career. You are a renowned doctor. We are thinking to get a boy for you and if everything turns out to be fine and most importantly if you agree, we may proceed.”
Aditi- “Papa, for this you called me here. You know I don’t want to marry now.”
Krishnakant- “I know beta, that is why I said, you may take your time. We have already heard of a boy. They will come to see you in the evening if you agree to meet him.”
Aditi- “No papa.”
Krishnakant- “You have time till the evening. Think on it and then tell me. There is no hurry. Don’t take any decision in haste. You can talk to Dhruv also because he is your best friend, he may give you the best advice. Even he agreed to come in the evening to meet the boy whom we chose for you.”
Aditi gets up upon hearing this and goes from there sad faced and Krishnakant smiles to himself.

Arjun arrives with six other officers and a few local policemen.
Bihaan- “Arrest this XYZ and the rest of you come with me. We need to go to Shakti’s hidden place.”
Boy 1- “Sir, what will happen to our channel? Who will look after it?”
Balwinder comes in.
Balwinder- “Your channel is our district channel which helps us and we will merge it to our official channel. The head of the official channel will look after it. I have spoken to them. I could have allowed Vaani to take the place but she is my daughter-in-law now. It will be difficult for her to journey here daily and work. So she will be working with the official channel of the town from our bureau.”
Girl 2- “That is the best decision Sir. With this excuse, we will also stay in touch with Vaani too. We will help her from the district itself.”‘
Bihaan- “I think we should leave for Shakti’s house.”
Balwinder- “Bihaan, you take Vaani with you in your car and work as planned. We will follow you.”
Bihaan- “Okay Sir.”
And Bihaan leaves with Vaani.
Balwinder asks Arjun to take away the files and proofs to the town and also XYZ along with him. Balwinder leaves with other officers behind Bihaan’s car.

Bihaan and Vaani arrives outside silently.
Bihaan- “You will enter and do as instructed. Don’t fear. I will be behind.”
Vaani- “But there will be many of his men in-side. Will I be able to do?”
Bihaan- “A girl who risked herself even without any support only to save my father as well as me, she feels afraid? I am there behind you I said. If you trust me a bit, you would not feel scared I hope.”
Vaani- “I don’t feel af-raid for myself. I feel sca-red for you. There are so many of them.”
Bihaan- “My duty is a risky one and anything can happen to me any day. I don’t fear death. But Bauji and the rest are coming too. Today that Shakti will see an end of himself.”
Vaani nods and enters.
Shakti is seated on his chair in the hallroom holding a gun when Vaani enters. Vaani looks here and there and informs Bihaan softly through her bluetooth earpiece the position of Shakti’s men and how many are there. She finds less of his goons since many left the gang due to fear of the CBI.
Shakti- “From where did the sun rise today? East or west? Who do I see before me? Vaani? You? Did you bring money?”
Vaani falls on her knees.
Vaani- “Sorry, please for-give me. I know that day DCP Sir hit you, it was wro-ng. He thou-ght you were molest-ing me, but in fact you were only try-ing to be close to your would be wife.”
Shakti- “Who is speaking this? You? Then why didn’t you allow me to kiss you that day?”
Vaani- “Woh-woh actually I was fee-ling shy in front of every-one.”
Bihaan, who was listening to all these on his earpiece thought in mind, “This Chuk Chuk Gadi is not only a good journalist but a good actress too.”
Balwinder arrives there with other officers.
Balwinder- “Bihaan, where is Vaani?”
Bihaan- “She went in. I am hearing her over the earpiece.”
Balwinder- “Okay but as soon as we know she needs us, we will enter.”

Shakti- “So I can kiss you now and come close to you right? See there is nobody here. I am sending my men outside.”
Shakti orders his men to go outside.
Bihaan- “Sir, they are coming outside. Get ready.”
Shakti goes closer to Vaani and holds her.
Vaani feels afraid but she was ready for this beacuse she knew it would happen. She also believed Bihaan Sir was there to save her again. She closes her eyes with the thought and trust that Bihaan would arrive.
The goons come outside the gate and the officers and policemen pounce on them and makes a few unconscious within seconds and the others end up into a fight.
Bihaan too starts fighting along with Balwinder and the rest.

Shakti goes much closer to Vaani but then stops.
Shakti- “What I see? Vermillon on your forehead and Mangalsutra? You got married?”
Vaani- “Yes but then I rea-lized my mistake. I came to you.”
Shakti- “You have been married but now I can’t have you. You have become already someone else’s and I don’t want those who are already used up.”
Bihaan fumes upon hearing this and Vaani gives Shakti a tight slap.
Shakti- “Tell me for what you came here? Are you not satisfied with your husband that you need me?”
And he pushes Vaani hard and she falls on the floor. As a result, her earpiece falls off. Bihaan’s earpiece gets disconnected.
Some more goons pounce on bihaan and hits him hard. Bihaan’s mind is distracted towards Vaani and the goons take advantage of the situation to hit him.
Bihaan- “Vaani hello, why can’t I hear you? Bauji, the call disconnected.” Bihaan shouts louder.
Shakti- “Who is shouting outside? Vaani, have you brought somebody with you? Is it that officer? Tell me what are your intentions?”
Vaani- “No I came alone.”
Shakti- “I know you married Bihaan Pandey, what do you think I will not get to know, I had my men keeping an eye upon you. Today I will kill you.”
He aims the gun at her. Vaani runs upstairs and he shoots. The bullet hits the railings of the stairs. Vaani locks her up in a room.
Vaani- “Why isn’t Bihaan Sir com-ing till now? Are they alright? Or those goons went out some-thing happened?”
Shakti runs upstairs too and starts searching Vaani.
Shakti- “Wherever you have hidden yourself, but I will definitely find you, come out quietly.”
He starts searching all the rooms.
Bihaan gathers all his strength and tries to get up. Balwinder shoots at one of the goons. And finally Bihaan gets up.
Balwinder- “Go Bihaan get in. Vaani needs you. Go. We will see these.”
Bihaan runs inside. He finds the hallroom empty.
Bihaan(shouts)- “Vaani? Where are you? Other times, you speak a lot but where are you now? Vaani please answer me. Vaani… Shakti…Where are you?”
Shakti and Vaani both hear Bihaan’s voice.
Vaani smiles a bit.
Vaani- “Bihaan Sir has come. I came here to sear-ch for those papers too but I my-self got stuck here. God plea-se save us.”
Shakti hears Bihaan and gets alert. Then he notices a door shut. He doubts Vaani might be there because all the other doors were open. He goes near the door and speaks softly. Vaani hears him from the opposite end.
Shakti- “Vaani, I know you are here in this room. Come out quietly otherwise I will kill Bihaan, my gun is aimed towards him.”
Bihaan finds Vaani’s earpiece lying on the floor. He picks it up.
Bihaan- Something must have happened with her. I shouldn’t have left her alone. It is my fault only. Vaani, where are you?”

It is almost 4 o’clock and Aditi is sitting on her bed alone. She thinks of everything. Flashbacks come to her mind. She thinks of Balwinder’s words in the bureau, then how Dhruv acted to faint and how they fought, then what all Krishnakant said.
Aditi- “Dhruv, you even agreed to get me married as well. I know you agreed to get married to someone else. Why can’t I agree?”
Poonam comes to her room.
Aditi- “Maa..”
Poonam- “You are sitting here? Come down. We all are downstairs. Your father wants to know your decision.”
Aditi- “Maa, I will meet that boy. I am ready.”
Poonam smiles and pats her cheeks.
Poonam- “Okay then get ready in this beautiful saree today evening.”
Aditi- “But maa, please do call Vaani too tonight.”
Poonam- “Okay I will talk to Vasundharaji to send her here.”
Poonam goes downstairs and informs Krishnakant.
Krishnakant- “Whatever we are planning, nothing is going right. Even Aditi agreed to see the boy. We thought she will open her mouth for Dhruv but….”
Poonam- “Now what to do? I am not feeling good.”
Paan- “Now what? We will move forward with the next plan. I hope this plan works.”
All of them nod at one another.
The screen freezes on Bihaan and Vaani’s separate tensed faces, on Dhruv’s tensed face while driving his car and on Aditi’s sad face.

PRECAP- At Shakti’s house, Vaani comes running to Bihaan and hugs him tightly in fear. Bihaan doesn’t hug her back but doesn’t even separate her and Shakti points gun on Bihaan’s forehead.
On the other hand, Aditi is ready in her new dress for the evening and sits in front of the mirror with her eyes red. Dhruv arrives at Mehta house and sees a young boy of his age with his parents sitting on the sofa of the hallroom with Krishnakant and Paan.



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      thanks mala for your beautiful comment and analysis.. yes bihaan is a CBI so I portrayed his character in that way as a strict one but that doesn’t mean he is not caring for anyone though he doesn’t like girls, he is angry with his mother,etc.. but he is not bad at heart, this only i showed in his character. about vaani, she is a simple girl as usual..I will update soon dear

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