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Dhruv changes into his night outfit an sits on the bed. He thinks about Aditi’s behaviour.
Dhruv- “Why is Aditi behaving in that way? I thought she is upset with Bihaan’s behaviour and she went away from the house. But since that day, she spoke to me only once and that too regarding maa’s health improvement that I had called her. But today I got this feeling that she is ignoring me. She is not upset with Bihaan, she spoke nicely to Bihaan, Vaani, she was happy, even she attended the function but she was avoiding me directly. What did I do, anything wrong? No, may be not. How can it be possible? But what then?”
Dhruv picks up his mobile and calls her number. It rings, she doesn’t pick up.

On the other hand, Aditi is awake on her bed, she can’t sleep. She is thinking about Dhruv. She sees Dhruv’s call but doesn’t receive.
Aditi- “No Dhruv, I will not receive your phone call. Whatever I heard today in the CBI bureau, I cannot be with you anymore. You should be happy in your life from now. Sorry that I danced with you, I was just carried away. God made me to meet Vaani, that was good, from now I will speak with her regarding aunty’s health. And yes, I have to go to her house also one day.”
Saying so, she notices more missed calls from Dhruv. She switches off her phone and goes to sleep.
Dhruv again calls her but finds it switched off.
Dhruv- “There is something very serious other than Bihaan’s. I have to talk to her tomorrow itself. I will go to her house tomorrow morning.”
Saying so, he goes to sleep.

Vasundhara comes inside after completing all her kitchen work and she finds Balwinder sitting on the bed and looked thoughtful.
Vasundhara- “What happened? You didn’t sleep till now?”
Balwinder- “I have something important to talk to you.”
Vasundhara- “Yes tell me. About whom? Bihaan?”
Balwinder- “If it would have been Bihaan, I would have myself spoken to him. It is about Dhruv. Dhruv is closer to you than me. That is why I want to talk to you.”
Vasundhara- “Is it something serious? Please tell me fast.”
Balwinder- “I am thinking to fix Aditi’s alliance with Dhruv. What do you think?”
Vasundhara- “Are you in your senses? I mean why do you think like this? You know they are just very close friends. Aditi is a good girl but thinking all these without their consent, no no.”
Balwinder- “But friendship has turned into love Vasundharaji.”
Vasundhara- “How can you say this?”
Balwinder- “I have a CBI’s eye, nobody can ignore my eyes. I had been noticing them since many days. Dhruv’s behaviour has changed towards her slowly, he takes care of her more nowadays. That day, when I came home late at night, I mean the day when Bihaan shouted on Aditi and she went away, I found Dhruv working but inattentively. When I asked about Aditi, he answered and then went away. Then when I took away the case files from him that he was working on, I found his work was perfect and it happened for the first time. Then to my utter shock, I noticed on the last page of the file that he had written Aditi’s names decoratively with some heart shapes and I found the ink of the pen faded, I understood that he was crying for sure and water from his eyes wet those. Now you tell me.”
Vasundhara- “You are really a CBI officer, your eyes are so sharp. Now I too even think we need to talk to both of them.”
Balwinder- “No, I understood Dhruv has fallen in love with her but we are not sure about Aditi. Until and unless, they both realise each other’s feelings and confess, we can’t talk about it, they will feel odd. First of all, we need to know both of their feelings and I have a plan too.”
Vasundhara- “What plan?”
Balwinder- “Sorry, without your consent, I have already taken the first step and I see it is working. But now I will tell you all of it so that you help me out.”
Vasundhara- “What have you done?”
Balwinder- “Today morning, I went out for two hours remember? You were busy with the preparations of welcoming Vaani. I went to office for some work. I had sent some blood samples of evidences to Aditi’s hospital and she brought the results today. I saw her coming and I started to talk with my co-officer about Dhruv so that she listens. I said that Bihaan got married and I want to get Dhruv married too, and for that reason, I had already searched a girl for Dhruv and Dhruv has given his consent. I made sure she hears everything. She heard then I acted to look at her. She gave me the files and went away. I saw pain in her eyes. And in the evening, you already saw what happened, Aditi ignored him completely but both were in pain and wanted to talk to each other.”
Vasundhara- “No, you shouldn’t have given that much pain, you could have told you are searching for a girl for Dhruv.”
Balwinder- “Then these two will take years to confess and we will get old and die. Let them get the strongest pain and love will blossom. Dhruv must be thinking what he did, that day Aditi was upset with Bihaan so she went away I know and thought of not coming here to irk Bihaan, so I thought of using this chance to unite these two love birds. But Dhruv doesn’t know next what happened. Aditi was never angry with Dhruv or Bihaan. She turned normal today and she got her childhood friend too. And I got a plus point in my planning, luck by chance.”
Vasundhara- “What again?”
Balwinder- “Vaani. Yes I know she is her heartiest friend, whatever she can’t share with anyone, she will share with Vaani.”
Vasundhara- “I hope this happens soon, and we can marry them too. Then we both will be relieved of our responsibilities for our sons, isn’t it?.”
Balwinder nods his head.
Balwinder(in mind)- “My biggest thoughts are for Bihaan, he married Vaani under circumstances, but he is very adamant. I am worried how will he carry on the marriage with her throughout his life? He was not into all these before. But I can’t tell these things to Vasundharaji. She knows Bihaan loves Vaani. God save all the four children and help them lead a good life forever.”


Bihaan enters the room and finds Vaani sitting on the bed.
Bihaan- “Now you don’t have to act, the doors are closed. Get up and move away from my bed.”
She gets up and stands on the floor. Bihaan removes all the flower decorations on the bed and puts them in the dustbin. Vaani looks on.
Bihaan opens his cupboard and takes out his night outfit. He goes to the washroom to change. He comes back and finds Vaani has also changed and is leaning on the crouch. She shivers out of cold.
Bihaan goes to the cupboard and takes out a blanket for himself. He settles his bed and is about to sleep. He switches off the main tubelight and switches on the dim table lamp. He sleeps cuddling the blanket. After some time, he hears some murmuring sound, “Thrrrrrrr…..thrrrrr.”
He cannot sleep. He again tries to sleep but the same sound disturbs his sleep.
Bihaan shouts, “Will you keep your mouth shut and let me sleep? If you are feeling that much cold, why didn’t you get a blanket for yourself? And now you disturb me?”
Vaani- “Sorry, I thou-ght not to touch your blanket or any-thing else.”
Bihaan- “You are a dumb fellow. You took out my mother’s sarees, changed into it, so you touched my cupboard or somebody else’s cupboard tell me? And now you are acting in the middle of the night?”
Vaani- “Sorry Bihaan, I thou-ght those blankets you will need and so…”
Bihaan- “Wait, let me tell you two things listen properly. Firstly, inside the room I am not your husband or Bihaan, I am Bihaan Sir. And secondly and most importantly, you will not rely upon me to provide you things. For six months, this is your house, feel free to do anything but don’t irritate me or disturb me, the things in the cupboard or this room belongs to you too, you don’t need my permission. Is that clear?”
Vaani nods her head and again lies down.
Bihaan sees this and gets angry.
Bihaan- “Still you don’t understand?”
He takes his blanket and throws it towards her.
Bihaan- “Take this and go to sleep.”
He then gets up and takes out a blanket for himself from the cupboard. He notices Vaani has pulled the blanket over her and her eyes closed. He then goes off to sleep himself.
Vaani(in mind)- “Bihaan Sir, you have done so much for me, you are at-least allowing me to stay in the house, this is enough. Your rough beha-viour towards me doesn’t irk me. I will go away after six mon-ths but till then I will try my best not to annoy you.”

Bihaan wakes up from sleep and feels fresh. He has nearly forgotten that there is somebody else in his room and that he is married. He gets up casually and suddenly notices Vaani sleeping on the bare floor.
Bihaan- “Vaani?”
Then he remembers about the last day and last night. He hits his head softly.
Bihaan- “She must have fallen off the crouch while sleeping.”
He tries to wake her up, “Vaani, Vaani.”
She doesn’t respond. He reluctantly touches her hand and shakes her, she finds it cold like ice.
Bihaan- “Vaani, get up.”
He thinks in mind, “She has been sleeping on the floor since long, she might catch a fever now. She isn’t responding.”
He takes her in his arms and makes her sleep on the bed and puts his blanket too over her. Then he goes downwards.

Vasundhara starts with her morning aarti and the sound of the song reaches Vaani’s ears and she opens her eyes. She looks at the time then looks around.
Vaani- “How am I on the bed and kept sleeping for so long? Where is Bihaan Sir?”
She looks here and there and sees the washroom door not locked too. She tries to get up but finds her legs jammed due to the cold. She rubs her legs with her hands.
Finally Bihaan comes in through the door with two cups of hot coffee.
Bihaan- “So you woke up? Sorry, I had to put you on the bed because you were sleeping on the floor, I don’t know how you sleep? Like a kumbhkaran!! Take this coffee, have it, you will feel better.”
Vaani- “What kumbh-karan? I am not in the hab-it of sleeping on crouch may be for th-is I fell down. And sorry, I don’t drink co-ffee in the morn-ing.”
Bihaan gets angry again.
Bihaan- “That is why people say not to think good for anybody. I brought this coffee thinking you will be relieved of the shivering but you have lot of temperaments. It is just because I promised Sister and my bauji not to hurt you and take care of you, I did so much. But I see you are not worthy of it. I will drink both coffee mugs myself. I love to drink coffee.”
Saying so, he takes away both the cups and goes away.

At the breakfast table, Vasundhara asks the maids to cook good food and feed her new daughter-in-law.
Vasundhara sees Bihaan going to the kitchen with the coffee mugs.
Vasundhara smiles at it.
Vasundhara- “From the first day itself, he is taking so much care of Vaani. I hope my son is changing nowadays. Bihaan, where is Vaani?”
He doesn’t respond. He goes to one of the maids.
Bihaan- “Sarita di, Vaani is upstairs in the room, she was feeling very cold last night. Go see her, she might need something.”
Sarita nods her head and leaves.
Bihaan(in mind)- “I didn’t respond to maa but indirectly informed her. And this Vaani, she is the new headache of mine. She has a lot of self respect so I had to send the maid upstairs.”
He goes away from there.

Vasundhara comes to Bihaan’s room behind Sarita.
Vaani has already got up and taken bath. She was ready in Vasu’s another saree and was standing in front of the mirror.
Vasundhara- “Vaani, you were feeling cold Bihaan said and you took bath why?”
Vaani- “Maa, I am in the hab-it of taking early bath.”
Vasundhara- “Take care of your health and come down for breakfast.”
Vaani- “Yes I am ready.”
Vasundhara- “Ready? You are not ready I see. You didn’t put the vermillon in your hairline.”
Just then Bihaan enters the room.
Vasundhara- “Bihaan, you are here, good. Make Vaani wear the vermillon on her forehead. She must have forgotten it.”
Vaani- “No maa, I will do it my-self.” and she puts it quickly in order to avoid an another chaos.
Vasundhara- “Okay come down. But from tomorrow, you should come down early for the morning aarti. Today morning I didn’t call you because yesterday you were both very tired.”
Vaani- “I will come.”
And Vaani leaves with Vasundhara.
Bihaan- “I don’t know how to tolerate all such nonsense for the next six months or so.”
He goes to take bath.

At the breakfast table…
Vasundhara finds Dhruv is missing.
Vasundhara- “Now where is Dhruv? Where did he go early morning?”
Balwinder- “Let him be. He must have gone for some urgent work. you serve us.”
Vaani- “Maa, let me serve.”
Vasundhara- “No, from tomorrow after your “pakphera” you may serve us. Today you will not do any household work.”
Vaani sits down to eat. Bihaan arrives and sits beside Balwinder.
Vasundhara- “Bihaan, you have to sit beside Vaani. We have a ritual to perform.”
Balwinder nods and Bihaan sits.
Vasundhara serves both of them a single plate.
Vasundhara- “Now the husband and wife will eat from one plate today. In this way, they say love increases.”
Bihaan- “I can’t eat from somebody else’s food plate.”
Vasundhara- “Bihaan she is your wife and not somebody else.”
Bihaan- “Bauji…”
Balwinder- “Don’t quarrel. Do whatever your maa is saying.”
Bihaan makes annoying face at Vaani. Vaani too feels irritated.
Vaani takes a little bite of the food, “Done, I am not fee-ling like eating maa. Let Sir, so-rry Bihaan have it.”
Bihaan takes away the plate and starts eating.
Vasundhara- “Now, you both go for shopping. Bihaan promised me he will take you today.”
Bihaan- “Vaani, if you are ready then let us leave. I am waiting outside. Come quickly.”
He goes away.
Vasundhara stops Vaani.
Vasundhara- “See you are going on an outing with your husband for the first time, spend his money as much as you can, but atleast ten or more dresses, go. Take care.”
Vaani nods and leaves.

Outside Bihaan is waiting beside his bike with the helmets.
Vaani comes to him.
Bihaan- “Take this helmet and wear it.”
Vaani- “We will go on bike?”
Bihaan- “Now you want me to get an aeroplane for you?”
Vaani- “I-I, I feel afraid. I have ne-ver sat on a bike before.”
Bihaan- “Nothing will happen. I will go slow.”
Vaani takes the helmet slowly and tries to wear it.
Bihaan- “Sit quickly behind me.”
Vaani- “I don’t know how to wear a hel-met.”
Bihaan- “What? You are really dumb. You don’t know how to wear a helmet too? Oh sorry, you never sat on a bike before.”
Bihaan takes the helmet and makes her wear it himself.
Bihaan- “See like this. You put the lock like this.”
Vaani nods and sits behind him. Bihaan starts his bike and they leave. Balwinder watches these from the gate.
Balwinder- “These two will reconcile soon. Bihaan is having a change in behaviour I see. He actually needed someone as his partner, he had become much lonely and this made him rude, I know his behaviour towards Vaani is not proper, but Vaani is a good girl. She doesn’t mind anything, may be because Bihaan has helped her through her tough times.”

The MEHTA mansion is very huge. They are rich. Krishnakant is a businessman of oil exports and imports. Dhruv has arrived to their house and rings the bell.
A boy of about twenty five years old opens the door. He is Paan(the best friend of Bihaan in the original show). He is Aditi’s elder brother and Bihaan’s college friend. He works with his father in the oil business.

Paan- “Dhruv bro, you are here early morning? Do you have any urgent work?”
Dhruv- “I came to meet Aditi.”
Paan- “Anything important or casual? You can tell me.”
Dhruv- “No just like that. I have to talk to her only.”
Krishnakant comes outside.
Krishnakant- “Who is there Paan? Dhruv you? What happened?”
Dhruv- “Woh actually I came to meet Aditi.”
Krishnakant- “But she is not at home.”
Dhruv- “So early she left for the hospital?”
Krishnakant- “No, she went to stay at the medical hostel and she will be carrying on her duty from there only.”
Dhruv- “You didn’t stop her?”
Krishnakant- “Why should I stop her? She will be able to concentrate more on her work from there.”
Dhruv- “No but how can she stay away from her house and family and…?”
Krishnakant- “And what? Work is her first priority. I will never stop her. If you want, you go and meet her there. Take her address.”
He gives Dhruv a address card.
Poonam- “Dhruv, you are here? Come have breakfast with us and then go.”
Dhruv- “No aunty, I have important work, I will come later.”
And he leaves.
Krishnakant, Paan and Poonam laugh at each other.
Krishnakant calls Balwinder.
Balwinder- “Hello.”
Krishnakant- “Balwinderji, like you planned, I sent Aditi early morning to the hostel by some excuses saying she needs to do overduty for some patients and she agreed. Now Dhruv came here and I gave him the hostel address. I hope everything is carried out well and gets sorted out.”
Balwinder- “Thank you. I really needed your help.”
Krishnakant- “Why thank you? This has my needs too, isn’t it? I am eager to maintain a relation with your family soon.”
The call disconnects.
Paan- “Whatever will happen in the hostel I don’t know but I will do my next plan execution after that as Balwinder uncle said.”

Bihaan is riding his bike and notices Vaani’s face through the front mirror. He finds her much scared on the bike. He slows down a bit and just then his bike lands on a bumper and the bike skids, Vaani pulls Bihaan’s jacket in fear and they both fall down together side by side. Hopefully both of them escapes unhurt.
Bihaan gets up and dusts his clothes while Vaani tries to get up.
Bihaan- “Are you alright?”
Vaani- “Yes.”
Bihaan holds Vaani’s hands and helps her to get up.
Bihaan- “Why did you pull my jacket like that? I lost control and…”
Vaani- “I was fee-ling afraid and when the bike jump-ed on the bumper, I thou-ght I will fall. That is why I didn’t wa-nt to come on bike.”
Bihaan- “You are a headache. Why on Earth did I bring you with me? You do one thing. Take an autorickshaw and go to the shopping mall alone, I am coming by bike, stupid girl.”
Vaani- “Okay.”
Bihaan tries to stop any empty auto but in vain, everyone has passengers.
Bihaan- “See nobody wants to take you, your fate is on the bike only, unlucky.”
Vaani turns emotional.
Vaani- “I know I am un-lucky. Don’t have to remind me all over ag-ain.”
Bihaan finds his words has caused her pain, he doesn’t tell anything further related to that.
Bihaan- “Okay, you sit on bike, I will go even slow.”
They both sit again. Bihaan starts his bike.
Bihaan- “You may hold my jacket but mind it, don’t pull it again, everytime, you won’t be saved.”
Vaani holds him by the shoulder softly and looks at him in fear(very cute faced).
They leave on bike again but she didn’t notice one thing. When she fell down, one of her heels had been a bit broken, a little more and it would break completely.
They reach the shopping mall.
Vaani and Bihaan gets down and enter a garments store.
Bihaan- “Here take my card, buy whatever you want. I am waiting outside.”
Vaani- “Why will you wait out-side? You can come with me?”
Bihaan- “Listen, I don’t mean you as my wife neither do you mean me as your husband that I would do shopping with you. I just came here because of my mother and I gave you my card.”
Vaani- “I also came here for aunty.”
She goes in.
Shopkeeper- “Mam, how can I help you?”
Vaani selects a few silk salwar suits and a few sarees.
Shopkeeper- “Mam, do you need anything more?”
Vaani- “No, enough, where should I pay?”
The shopkeeper shows her the mall’s cash counter outside the store.
Vaani picks up all her dresses around ten to eleven dresses and walks towards the counter. She slips and is about to fall when Bihaan holds her near the gate.
They have an eyelock. They separate, Vaani finds one of her heel shoes broken.
Bihaan- “Who told you to buy so many dresses for nothing? I saved you otherwise your legs would have broken with the high heels.”
Vaani- “Maa told to buy at-least ten dress-es for now. How did my heels bro-ke?”
Bihaan- “She told and you will buy? You are an idiot. She needed to comment something on our shopping and she just said like that. And how will I know how your heels broke? May be you can’t take care of them.”
Vaani- “I think that road fall cau-sed this.”
Bihaan- “Go make the payment, we have to go somewhere else also.”
Vaani- “Where?”
Bihaan- “You come back then I will say.”
Vaani tries to walk but finds her heels broken. Bihaan takes away the dress bags from her.
Bihaan- “You open your broken shoes here and come with me bare feet.”
Vaani- “I will go bare feet?”
Bihaan- “Just do what I said, quick.”
She opens the shoes, Bihaan holds her hands tightly and takes her to a shoe counter.
Bihaan- “Bhaiya, show me some women’s shoes?”
The shopkeeper shows him some shoes and narrates the price too.
Bihaan- “No, not these. Show me some no heels shoes.”
Vaani- “I can’t wear fl-at shoes.”
Bihaan- “One thing, you can’t take care of heels and you keep falling down, so from now, till six months you will wear flat shoes as long as you are in front of me, I don’t want to see your legs broken and answer to Sister or bauji. Is that clear? Make this a habit.”
The shopkeeper shows some flat shoes.
Shopkeeper- “Mam, which one do you like?”
Vaani- “Whoever is buy-ing shoes for me, let him only sel-ect.”
Bihaan- “Bhaiya, give any three six number shoes, but see to it that people don’t fall down while wearing those.”
The shopkeeper hands over some shoes to him, he takes those and comes out.
Bihaan is unable to hold so many packets now. Vaani laughs softly at him.
Vaani- “Sir, now you will fall.”
Bihaan looks at her angrily. He keeps all the packets on the floor and takes out a pair of shoes.
Bihaan- “Wear these and carry your own luggage. I will only carry the shoes because I bought those myself.”
Vaani wears the shoes and both of them picks up their own bags as decided and goes to the cash counter.
Vaani(in mind)- “He has become a hitler, always dic-tating decisions on me but I can-not say him any-thing because I owe to him much, he is do-ing all the payments too.”
Bihaan makes the payment.
Bihaan- “Now let us go.”
Vaani- “Where are we supposed to go?”
Bihaan- “To the court. Our marriage papers are ready. We need to take those and submit to the bank today itself.”
Vaani nods and they start walking outside. Suddenly bags in Vaani’s hands starts faliing down and she falls down too. Bihaan’s bags also fall down as he holds her.
Bihaan- “Why are you falling down again? These shoes shouldn’t make a problem. You have become a humpty dumpty.”
And he notices her unconscious. He turns serious.
Bihaan- “What happened to you suddenly? get up.”
He checks her pulse, “She has fallen unconscious.”
He asks for water and a woman, who was passing from there gives him. He pours water in her mouth and face.
Bihaan reminisces Vaani not eating breakfast or coffee early morning.
She opens her eyes slowly. Bihaan gives away the bottle of water to the woman and thanks her.
Bihaan- “Get up.”
Vaani- “What happ-ened to me?”
Bihaan- “You fell like a humpty dumpty again.”
Vaani- “I fell?”
Bihaan- “Yes madam, you are in empty stomach till now, you fainted.”
Vaani- “Hmm.”
Bihaan picks up the bags and holds her wrist.
Bihaan- “We will first go to a restaurant, you will have something then we will go to the court.”
Vaani- “I can walk now.”
Bihaan leaves her hand. They enter a restaurant near the mall. Bihaan orders some dishes for Vaani.
Vaani- “You will not have some-thing?”
Bihaan- “Didn’t you see I already had two cups of coffee and the full food plate of two persons alone. I came only for you so that you don’t fall again. But why are you asking me? Do you have some other food choices then order yourself.”
Vaani- “No it is okay.”
Vaani(in mind)- “Why does he behave rude some-times? I am trying to be nice but he?”
The waiter brings the food plates and keeps on the table.
Vaani looks at Bihaan a few times and then finally starts eating those.
Bihaan takes the menu card and stares at it and not to look at her. Vaani again looks at him and again looks at her plate, then again he looks at her and again at the card. This happens for a few times. After sometime,
Bihaan- “Do you want to say something?”
Vaani- “Yes.”
Bihaan- “What?”
Vaani- “From yester-day I wanted to ask you. Why didn’t you allow me to tell bauji every-thing? Why did you stop me? What he must have thou-ght about me? He didn’t ex-pect me to do that.”
Bihaan- “I already spoke to bauji regarding it, he knows the half truth, he doesn’t know only the divorce matters.”
Vaani- “But we have to tell him.”
Bihaan- “Why didn’t you allow me to tell the children and others everything that day?”
Vaani- “I told you the reason.”
Bihaan- “Yes, you can’t see them in pain, similarly I can’t see my bauji in pain too.”
Vaani- “But one day he will come to know.”
Bihaan- “Don’t you remember what you answered me? I have the same reason. He will be upset with me that day but I will manage it, the problems will be solved atleast.”
Vaani- “Hmm.”
She continues eating.
Bihaan- “Can I ask you something now?”
Vaani- “What?”
Bihaan- “Why are you away from your family? Why don’t you have a surname?”
Vaani- “I can’t tell you mu-ch of it. It is just that they didn’t want me in th-eir lives any-more and they detach-ed me from every-thing, their house, prop-erty. I had to give up my surname and my iden-tity, I drop-ped it, they made me sign on papers.”
Bihaan(in mind)- “I didn’t find this girl bad from any side, then why did her family didn’t like her or threw her out.”
Bihaan- “Okay, it is your personal thing, I can’t force you to say. I had just this mysterious thinking related to your surname.”
Vaani completes her breakfast. Bihaan pays the bill and they come out.
Bihaan- “Where would you keep so many bags now? My bike is not any luggage carrier?”
Vaani- “I don’t know.”
Bihaan takes some bags and keeps inside the small storage box in the bike. Rest of the packets he hungs them on the bike handle.
Bihaan- “Now sit. Good for nothing.”
Vaani- “What?”
Bihaan- “Sit.”
They leave for the court.

Dhruv reaches the girls’ medical hostel.
Guard- “Sir do you have an appointment? You can’t meet doctors like this.”
Dhruv- “Okay, then please call Aditi Mehta to come down. Say somebody came to meet her.”
Guard- “What is your name? Without knowing the name we can’t allow anyone.”
Dhruv- “If I say my name, she won’t come. It is urgent, I need to meet her.”
Guard- “If you know she can’t meet you, why you came here? I think you are not a right person. Go from here.”
Dhruv- “See I am ACP Dhruv Pandey.” He shows his card.
Guard- “Okay, I will tell her at once.”
Dhruv- “Don’t take my name please.”
Guard goes in and knocks on Aditi’s door.
Aditi- “What happened?”
Guard- “Mam, somebody came to meet you and needs you urgently.”
Aditi- “Who?”
Guard- “He told not to reveal his name.”
Aditi- “Then go and tell him I don’t want to meet somebody without knowing.”
She goes inside.
The guard goes downstairs.
Aditi- “But who is it? Who wants to meet me?”
She goes to the balcony to check and notices Dhruv.
Guard- “Sir, mam can’t meet you without knowing the name.”
Paan also reaches there behind Dhruv’s car and he hides.
On the other hand, Dhruv notices Aditi on the balcony through his car’s mirror.
Dhruv acts like fainting and falls down on the floor with eyes closed. Aditi sees this and rushes downstairs.
Aditi- “Dhruv, Dhruv…”
Guard- “What happened Sir?”
Aditi comes to the gate and asks the guard to get a glass of water.
Aditi- “Dhruv please get up, what happened to you?”
Dhruv opens his eyes and winks at her. he gets up.
Aditi- “So you had been acting but why?”
Dhruv- “I had to otherwise you wouldn’t have come to meet me.”
Aditi- “Okay, I am going.”
Dhruv holds her hand.
Dhruv- “No Aditi, wait. I have to talk to you.”
Aditi- “I don’t want to talk. Leave my hand.”
Dhruv holds her both the hands even more tightly.
Dhruv- “You can go but first tell me, what wrong did I do that you are ignoring me from the last few days? You came here even without informing me?”
Aditi- “Why should I inform you? Who are you? You had been just a great friend of mine but you took so many of your important life decisions without informing me, so why should I?”
Dhruv- “What are you talking about?”
Aditi- “You know very well what it is. Yesterday you told me you will come to meet me but you didn’t. And then…”
Dhruv- “And then what?”
Aditi- “Nothing.”
Dhruv- “You know yesterday maa sent me behind Bihaan for the marriage and I couldn’t come to meet you. And for this, you are behaving rudely.”
Aditi- “I am behaving rudely now? You just now did a false drama to get me here to meet you. See I have lots of work, I need to go. Please don’t come here henceforth, please be happy in your life.”
Dhruv- “Without you, how can I be happy in my life?”
Aditi- “You have to because it is your decision only. I am just your friend and nothing else.”
Dhruv- “Just friend?”
He holds her shoulder and goes close. Aditi notices the guard coming with the glass of water.
Aditi removes his hands off her shoulder.
Aditi- “Go from here. Guard, please see that this man don’t come here again and disturb me.”
Guard- “Yes mam, but this water?”
Aditi- “Give him and ask him to go.”
Dhruv- “But Aditi…”
Aditi leaves from there and the guard asks him to drink water.
Dhruv- “You drink it yourself.”
And Dhruv is about to go when Paan comes forward.
Paan- “Dhruv, you are here? You came to meet Aditi?”
Dhruv- “Yes. But you are here?”
Paan- “Yes I came here too. I have to take her back home soon.”
Dhruv- “Why? Is everything alright?”
Paan- “Yes brother, in fact we are very happy nowadays. Even I was about to go to your house too but good I met you here.”
Dhruv- “For what reason?”
Paan- “Actually, we had selected a boy for Aditi, we had sent her picture and they liked it. Today they informed us that they are ready for it, they want to meet us. So in the evening, they are going to come to our house to see the girl. Papa wants you also to stay with us in the evening because you are my sister’s best friend.”
Dhruv has got the shock of her life, his face turned pale.
Dhruv- “What? Aditi’s marriage? So soon? Nobody informed me?”
Paan- “Aditi didn’t inform you?”
Dhruv- “She knew from before?”
Paan- “Yes.”
Dhruv(in mind)- “So Aditi knows it and that is the reason she is behaving strange with me. Okay Aditi now I will only get your alliance fixed with the boy that you and your family have selected.”
Dhruv- “I will come in the evening. We will choose the boy together.”
Dhruv leaves from there.
Paan takes out his phone and calls Krishnakant.
Paan- “Papa, everything went hap hazard. I thought Dhruv and Aditi will confess but they had a emotional showdown and Dhruv agreed to come in the evening. Anyhow I played my part.”
Krishnakant- “Don’t worry, do your next work. You have more to do next.”
Paan- “Okay, I am going to meet Aditi now.”
They disconnect the call.

PRECAP- Aditi is back home. She tells to Poonam, “Maa I am ready for the marriage, I will see the boy.” Poonam is shocked.
On the other hand, Vaani and Bihaan reaches Shakti’s house.
Bihaan- “Today this Shakti will see an end of himself.”



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