thahaan reunite (part-3)

hi guyz i am back with the last episode.

bihaan was stunned and says.
bi:no ma i dont love her . she is a cheater i hate her ma i hate her. u was right ma .thapki is a bad guy. i hate her. hate her
va:u r telling lie u cant hate het bcoz u lov her very much.u dont know to tell lie bihaan.
bi:(by angrilly breaking a flower pot.)ha i love her ilove her more than me . i cant live without her. she is my breath.she is my heartbeat.i will die without her.but she cheated me. i never think she will do that.she doesnt loves me
he cried like a baby.
vasu:no bihaan she loves u.she doesnt cheat u. i cheated u.she give u divorce for me.
bihaan was stunned.vasu explains all the things she does to seperate thahaan.bihaan think that he was going down .
va:go bihaan go and tell thapki that u love her.
bihaan smiles and runs

@thahaan room
thapki was praying to her friend ganapathy.suddenly bihaan enters room and hug thapki from back
bih: i really sorry thapki i love u very much and i cant live without u.
thapki smiles and hug bihaan tightly.
i know bihaan u will understand one day
bihaan seperates thapki and sees her eyes .thapki get shyed and looked down .bihaan raises her face and their lips were attracting each other.but suddenly thapki runs .bihaan catches thapki and put her on bed.they share some moments

next morning
when he opens eyes he sees thapki on a saree wearing mangalsuthra and sindhoor.
after one year.
a hospital is showennned all pandey nivas is ther bihaan is in super tension docter comes their and told mr bihaan pandey ur two babies and ur wife is perfectly alright u have a daughter and a son.
ff ends
hope alllike

Credit to: ammalu


  1. Fatarajo

    Wow ammalu just read part 2 and 3 combined it’s so lovely and nice thahaan reunite 🙂 wish this happens in real serial too

  2. You just rock always keep the story line in a good,its ending is perfect.when I read this I really get the feeling like ,watching a movie of Thahaan.anyways,its S for Simple and S for Stunning.

  3. Ashfaa

    Hello..I have been reading ff on and me this one is just suberb…..really loved it…and like the rest of you hope it happens in the real serial as well

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.