thahaan reunite (part-2)


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@thahaan room
bihaan leaves the room angrily.vasu hears all the conversation of thahaan.her eyes got teary and leaves from there.

@vasu room
vasu is greately dippressed and talk to herself.
what type of a mother iam. i done all these for my sons sake. but my foolishness broke their life.first i spoiled my dhruv’s i spoiled my bihaans life too.bihaan believed me as his god and i cheated i a women. how can i spoil a girl’s life.poor thapki.all these problems was created by me and it should solved by myself.

@thahaan room.
thapki was weeping.she remembers their romantic moments and burst out into crying.vasu enters. thapki wipe out her tears and try to bring out a smile.vasu close the door.
thapki:ma why do u close the doors?
va:thapki i want to talk to u. do u have any problems with bihaan
th:no ma we are very happy.he loves me very much.
she turn away her face and wipe her tears.
va:thapki dont try to lie me ur eyes tell the truth.tell thapki what happened to u.
thapki told all the truth to vasu . she pat her face and told she will solve all the problms.

@night on terrace
vasu was standing there looking at moon .she remembers how she told thapki to give divorce.suddenly bihaan broke her thoughts.
bi:ma why do u call me?
va:bihaan u should tell truth only. do u love thaki?
bihaan was stunned

precap:bihaan hugs thapki.

guys today itself i will udate the next part and it is my last episode

Credit to: ammalu

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