thahaan reunite (part-1)


hi friends i’am going to present an article who love thahaan .
my story begins from a leap. not so many yrs .just 2-3 months.within these days shradha was thrown out of the house. thapki bring out the truth of fake pregnancy.first time dhruv take a desicion of his own.he gave a great slap on her face and threw out.after a week.
@dadis room

dadi:thapki beta where are u?
thapki:ha dadi i’m here .do u need any help?
dadi:i feel that u r very sad these days .what happened ? any problem ?
thapki:nothing dadi i just miss papa or mamma .
dadi:this is ur problem. today itself u can go to ur home.but remember u should come back before night. i cant stay without seeing u.
thapki:ok dadhi.

dadi:ask bihaan to come with u
thapki try to hide her tears and leave the room
thapki herself:how can i tell the truth to dadima that i am sad bcoz of bihaan.
@thahaan room

bihaan is in his phone. he see thapki entering the room. suddenly his tone of voice change.
bihaan:(pretending that he is in his phone)how many times i told u i dont want to see u.then y are u following me.leave me alone.

he cuts the phone and leave the room angrily.tears roll down through thapki’s cheeks.

precap:vasundara hears all the conversation of vasu room she think herself that she is the person who created problems and it should solved by herself.

episode ends
i hope u alk like.plz comment

Credit to: ammalu

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  1. awesome start next update plz

  2. I am also thinking in your way on ongoing track but still dragging in tpk. …..Good start and good luck. …..

  3. Good one..plz continue. .and make it long…

  4. thank u friends. i’m just i am in tenth i will conclude this with two more episode.

  5. thank u friends. i’m just i am in tenth i will conclude this with two more episode.hope u enjoyed

  6. nice beginning………….keep it up

  7. Plzz continue ur ff……I just loved it

  8. Pls update the nxt part soon….?

  9. Nice ..i want this to be in our tpk..

    1. its nice waiting for next part


  11. its nice waiting for nxt part

  12. Interesting please update soon..

  13. Wow very nice keep it up friend..;)

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