You and me : thahaan part 9

Hello everyone so m back with another part of my ff nd ty for all ur support nd love i reached 9 th part nd m happy nd plz do share ur views. Silent reader love u all too plz do cmnt. M sty for late updates but i cant help it i dnt get much time. Sorry for typing errors.
Here we go,

They both saw dhruv standing and smirking. Thapki holds sahir’s hand tightly. Dhruv gave her a death glare.?
Dhruv: baby!! Leave his hand u r my to b wife.
Thapki : n….n….n…n
Thapki tried hard to speak but no words came out of her mouth if anything came out was sobs.?
Sahir : dhruv how dare u gave her rat poison ?
Sahir says giving him a death glare ?.
Dhruv (smiling devilishly ?) : oh!! So, u got to knw ha haa haaa..ha (laughing) ? aww !! Sahir baby? is feeling raged omg, m soo vry scared ? somebody save me plz …ma maa maa(shouts).
Kd comes.
Kd: wat happened ? My son y r u shouting?
Dhruv : oh! Plz will u just go from here who called u ?
Kd : u only.
Dhruv : oh!! Ma u r just gonecase so plz leave rt now…
Kosi leaves.
Sahir : this was not the right way of talking nd that too with a mother…well, leave that how u dared to kill thapki. U love her right? (Gnashes his teeth)?
Dhruv : nd how u both dared to cheat me nd leave u, how this blo*dy girl dared to cheat me. (Tears rolling down his cheeks) wat do u think m i mad idk anything that y u came to me asking for organising a pooja for kabir’s soul peace. Ik everything. Sahir and thapki sees each other and then they both looks on shocked.

When thapki was with bihaan in hotel sahir went to thapki’s house in order to talk to her parents.
Thapki’s home,
Sahir : hello , uncle and aunty m sahir hope u rmbr me.
Kk : yes ofc u r thapki’s frnd nd u r only her wedding planr right ?
Sahir : yes…
Kk : plz have a seat..wat brought u here ?
Sahir: umm…uncle thapki is in danger save her plz stop this marriage dhruv pandey is a criminal…plz uncle ?.
Kk slaps sahir the voice echoed in the room.
Sahir looks on astonished.?
Sahir : uncle umm..wat hapnd ?
Kk : just leave , we dnt care she lives or dies but, this marriage will take place at any cost.
Sahir : wat the…listen plz she will die…listen to me once..
Kk : ohk, f9 say
Sahir narrated them everything related to thabir but not bihaan.
Sahir : see , he is a blo*dy murderer. Now , also u want to fix thapki’s alliance with him? Nd thapki wants to take her revenge on him m helping her but, we may need ur hlp too.
(Note : sahir dnt knw anything abt thapki’s parents behaviour with her ).
Kk and poonam looks at each other . Then kk speaks.
Kk : we dont want that unfortunate girl to come to our house again bcz of her we only faced insult she’s a disgrace to us. U may leave now by ur own otherwise i wud b cmpl to compelled to throw u out.

Sahir looks at them with anger, pain and tears in his eyes. Sahir was abt to leave but then only a lady entered dressed as a nurse.
Nurse : hello sir , i came here to give u thapki mam’s report .
Kk on seeing sahir shushes nurse. Sahir looks them doubtfully and pretended to leave. Kk closed the door behind sahir nd takes report nurse and asks her to leave.
Njrse was on her way to hospital when sahir stopped her in midway.
Nurse : u…who r u? Y u stopped me let me go ..
Sahir : listen hi m sahir kapoor
Thapki’s( thinks for a moment) bf i just wanted to ask that what was that reports that u went to her house to deliver ?
Nurse : nthng srs vo thapki mam was taking some psycical sessions but it’s over now.
Sahir shocked : what ?? Can i meet her psycatrist plz…
Nurse : yes sure..?

Ashirwad hospital ,
Sahir : hello , Dr Batra m thapki’s bf i need to knw abt her therapy sessions plz…
Dr batra : ya, sure i started her treatment 3 yrs back after her grand mdr’s demise. Wait, btw she came here regulalrly till last week but now she’s not coming anything srs ?
Sahir : nothing. U just brief me evrythng abt her case. Is she mentally retarded?
Dr batra : typical indians…uff!! Well , she’s not if any person takes such sessions it dsnt means that he/she is mad its just she came here bcz she wanted to survive. But, that’s not ur fault its india i can undrstnd ur mindset its indian’s mind. She giggles ?.
Sahir : its not funny plz tell me everything. M worried for her.
Dr batra : her mother brought her here bcz she was jot letting her pain out she never cried whole hrtdly nd due to which she became agressive. I mean she shouts at every small thing feels irritated nd i gave her sessions regarding that.
Sahir recalls abt his and thapki’s first encounter after 3 yrs.
Sahir : so how was the reslts ?
Dr batra : not at all good she never cried or laughed or shared anything with me.
Sahir : is there any harm of this ?
Dr batra : obvio. , this may lead to her loosing her mind or this may lead to cereberql illenessits imp to let out pain, tears and feelings u shud never burden ur mind nd hrt with emotions. U shud do sething for ur gf.
Sahir :scuse me she’s not my g…(he stops biting his lower lip)
Thnku. I know wat i need to do.
Pn, dhruv’s room
Dhruv was talking over ph when sahir same there. Dhruv puts his ph down on the sight of sahir.
Sahir: dhruv u love thapki nd want to get close to her right but, she still loves ur brother right?
Dhruv : yes, do u have any plan?
Sahir : yes , u shud organise a pooja for kabir’s peace thapki will b greatfull to u nd she may agree to accept u ?.
Dhruv nods in agreement nd sahir smirked.
Dhruv leaves.
Sahir in his mind : ik, thapki on seeing kabir ‘s pic with garland nd everybody crying for him u will definitely unburden ur hrt nd ur behaviour will b back to normal not fighting with anyone sweet nd generous thapki.?
Fb ends.

Sahir gaped at dhruv in shock.? thapki looked at sahir emotionally ?.
Dhruv : plan was nice, but u got failed i feel pity for u srsly. But , see ur plan was not useless to me its that it backfired on u. I used this opportunity to show everyone that she is insane nd now she can not run from this marriage nd nobody will marry her as they think she slept with me moreover, it will hlp me in fetching votes as m contesting elections. Thnku sahir and thapki.
Sahir : how u got to knw all this??
Dhruv : well, all thanks to my father in law he hrd u talking with nurse nd followed u nd told me everything abt ur visit to his house nd etc etc. Then here u came asking to organise pooja nd i did that. Well , see i oove thapki that’s y i did this see ahe cried her hrt out. Nd she is alive after decieving me bcz i love her otherwise she wud have been dead if ma wudnt have been dead if ma wudnt have gave her antitode. Dhruv blinks at them.
Sahir : u r a cheapstr…i mean chii…
Dhruv : f9 , i am. Get out right now (with a stern look) ?
Sahir : wat ? But y ?
Thapki tightens her grip on his hand. Sahir caresses her hand. He saw the deadly look on dhruv’s face and made thapki loosen her grip.(he thought that he may harm thapki if he wont leeave ) he leaves. Thapki ran behind sahir shouting and crying ? but dhruv holded her arm.
Thapki(crying) : s…ss..ahir d….dnt l…l…le..ave me p…ll….z (she felt difficult to utter anything out of her mouth )?
Dhruv holds her tightly by her shoulders nd burried his falanges in her flesh. Thapki looked down. He lifted her chin up. He mooved closer to her face nd whispered in her ears.
Dhruv : u beated me alot baby nd now its my turn …..(laughs , thapki cud feel hia breath on her neckline ) get ready to see the beast.? he pushed thapki with all might nd she crashed on floor meeting the edge of the hrd wooden bed she moaned in pain as blood oozed out from her templ. It was a deep cut. Dhruv clapped , nd to reply of his clap there was a knock on the door.
Dhruv : leave things out.
Dhruv opened door slightly nd took the things sahir was standing outside & looked at dhruv bewildered & amazed he shouted.?
Sahir : dhruv wth r u doing with her leave her…?
Dhruv slammed door on his face . Sahir banged door.
Sahir : open the blo*dy door thapkiii thapkiii thapkiiii leave her….
Thapki saw the things in dhruv’s hand it was a palte in which there was red hot coals kept in a bowl and there was a pair of tongs beside it. Dhruv heated the tongs and approched thapki. Thapki was terrified. She shudrd in fear with every step of dhruv nearing her . He say down with her and kept the tongs beside her. Thapki joined her hands in front of him as if she was begging to leave her. Dhruv tucked her hair behind her ear and then gently caressed her face but that caressing soon turned into slaps and she winced in pain with every slap. Now , she became weak there was no energyeft in her body or hrt. Dhruv took hold of tongs. Thapki murmrd under her breath p….p..plz l..leave m…me she was semiconscious. After that all she felt was hot tongs against her milky white skin . She screamed, moaned and shouted in pain. Whole pn witnessed thsi sin and the house was filled with her screams. ? sahir sat on his knees helpless banging the door , crying ? while all thapki cud do was plead for help. All the servents too cried for the poor soul nd kd was overwhelmed.
Sahir : (sobbing) plz open the door plz thap…ki….thapki.. thapki.
The door opened and dhruv saw sahir sitting on his knees he was elated seeing him in pain. He left the place with satisfaction.
Sahir rushed inside the room and his hrt ached in pain.
Sahir (screams) : thapkiiii!!!? thapki was lying on floor lifeless her eyes hapf open? her face wet with tears ? nd her white skin was red with blood and bruises. Sahir embraced her in a hug.
Sahir : sorry m sorry …(he cried).
Thapki : s…… d…dnt be sr…
She fainted.

Sahir panicked he called doctor.
Doctor came and prescribed medication with bed rest.
Scene shifts to piu’s mansion,
Bihaan entered the house nd vasu’s face welcomed him.
Bihaan : ma , i guess u shud take some more rest the journey must b long and tiring from mumbai to aagra.
Vasu: listen, how many times shud i tell u that u r a filthy man nd m not intrstd in talking to u.?
U r no less than a garbage blo*dy criminal i feel shame that i kept u for 9 months in my wud have been btr if i wud have aborted u. She turned her back towards him.
Tears rolled down bihaan’s cheeks ? but, he quietly wiped them away.
Bihaan : ma leave all this m feeling hungry lets eat together. Vasu left leaving his question unanswered.
Bihaan sat on floor nd cried his hrt out while vasu took a glance of him nd she too sobbed silently? on his son’s condition.
Bihaan stood up nd went to dining hall.
Bihaan : merry serve me food ma must have made for me.
Merry : sir..
Vasu comes there nd bihaan stands from his chair inorder to pull out a chair for her mother on seeing her he was delighted on the thought of having dinner with her mother. But, vasu shoved him away nd served herself nd left.
Bihaan coontrolled his tears.
Merry : sir, mam only made food for herself nd servents she asked me to tell u that u order yr food from outside.
Bihaan felt a shooting pain in his hrt and he ran to his room.?
Vasu’s room.
Merry : yes, mam u called me ?
Vasu : fid he ete something?
Merry: no mam.
Vasu : take the plate from here nd feed it to rampyari nd gulabo ( goat nd buffalow resp.)
Merry : but mam u….
Vasu shushes merry.
Vasu : do as i say.
Mery left.
Vasu to balwinder’s photo (bihaan’s father)
(Wheeping) : how can a mother eat , when her son is hungry although he ‘s a criminal but, m his mother (she broke down nd hugged balwinder’s photo)? i miss u, my family ‘s happiness . U ruined everything bihaan. I miss my old bihu mera ladla bacha (my dear son) y did u commited this sin…she slept while crying.
Bihaan’s room,
He was sitting near window crying his hrt out to moon.?
Bihaan : uk, i always try to bring smile on everybody’s face nd i too always try to b happy nd keepmyself happy but, ik that there’s something missing in me something cracking me from inside ik that nobody knws that i pretend to b happy but m not. U only knw na my pain. Thapki is lucky that she can cry her hrt out but, i can not do that too. Listen, plz convey my msg to ma i love ger alot…plz. God , plz bless my mother.?
He was bizy in his convo. With moon when a knock on door disturbed him. He quickly wiped away his tears nd he pressed a button nd door bursted open. Bihaan was amazed at the sight of his fully drenched frnd.
Bihaan rushes towards sahir and holds him.
Sahir (broke down in tears nd? somehow he managed to speak ) : b…bh…ai i n…eed u, she u.
Bihaan : who?
Sahir : th…thapki.
Sahir was abt to speak when bihaan gestured him to b quiet and embraced him.
Bihaan : m coming but, not as bihaan pandey but as ur helper to pn.
He whispers everything into sahir ‘s ears.

Next day , morning pn
Everyone was at dining hall suddenly, sohnd of dhol disturbed them..
Dhina dhin dha dhina dhin dha dhina dhin dha..
A man is shown who came inside while the drummers parted aside in a row on both left and right side clearing the path for man who came inside dancing. He was wearing a black turban nd black suit with black pair of shoes nd shades(all black?). He was none other than bihaan but, disguised as a sikh (sardar). Thapki was sleeping in her room but, suddenly she opened her eyes and satup straight on bed her hrt beat increasing unevenly she felt restless she stepped down from bed although she was weak but, she somehow managed to stand taking support of bed rest. A stron wind blew and thapki felt something unusual.
Dining hall ,
Dhruv kd looks at the man stunned nd confused.
Bihaan : oh satsrikall g , mera na ramandeep singh h g te mai ethe tvadi vya kran aya ha g. (Hello , my name is ramandeep singh nd i came here to get u married ) .
Sahir interupts in btwn. Sahir gestures drummers to leave.
Sahir : he is ramandeep my helper. As , i wud b needing one in marriage preparations.
Ramandeep (bihaan) mooves towards dhruv nd forwards his hand nd dhruv reciprocates the handshake. Bihaan squeezes dhruv’s hand tightly while dhruv resisted the urge to moan in pain nd bihaan spoke : u may call me raman. Nd i specially came for u here. I have much unfinished bzns with u dhruv pandey g…
Dhruv somehow jerked his hand nd he sees his hand which was red nd speaks : wat ?
Raman(fakes a laugh) : i was just kidding g..
Sahir smirks. Suddenly , everybody gets disturbed by an loud sound of anklit coming from upstairs nd everybody was shocked especially sahir , on the sight of thapki who was running in the corridor her plane blue silk saree flew in backward direction as she proceeded forward with her hairs blowing in all directions while bihaan was mesmerised ? by her beauty nd the sound of her anklit echoing in hall chan chan chan…
As thapki reached stairs she felt weak but, now her hrt ❤ was beating too loudly against her chest nd same was happening with bihaan.
Thapki looked at bihaan nd bihaan looked back at her. They shared an intense eyelock?.
Ek duje k vaste plays in bg.
Kitne hi door door ho un dono k raste,
Mil jaate h jo bne,
Ek duje k vaste,
She descended stairs nd a strong breeze blew nd thapki’s hair blew in all the directions as she ran downstairs complementing her beauty.
She ran towards bihaan but, as she was now feeling too weak to stand she fell but a strong pair of arms holded her bare waist thapki felt a shooting pain but, she ignored it as she was bizy in bihaan’s eyes.(rk pose).

Jaise dil h dhadkan h (ek duje k vaste),
Jaise aankh h darpan h (ek duje k vaste)
Jaise barkha sawan h (ek duje k vaste),
Ek sajni k sajan h (ek duje k vaste)
Thapki slowly caresses bihaan’s which was covered with false beard.
Thapki felt relaxed nd her hrtbeat back to normal she felt calmed in his arms. She felt that she had experienced same feelings b4.
Thapki : wwho r u?
Bihaan just smiled back at her without uttering a word.
Dhruv suddenly took hold of thapki’s arm nd made her stand straight. Thapki moaned as he holded her arm tightly that too where there was already a wound. He pushed thapki nd sahir holded her.
Bihaan wanted to kick hi a*s but he was helpless.
He saw sahir nd felt a galore of jlsy? the way sahir was holding thapki. Sahir ‘s hand was on thapki ‘s bare waist.
Sahir (caressing her hair ) : thapki i told u to take rest na come..
Thapki :yes , ssry..she holds sahir ‘s hand tightly and suddenly she fainted in his arms. Bihaan panicked and ran towards her and dhruv was unaffected. But b4 that sahir lifted her nd took her to room bihaan wanted to beat sahir badly for touching tahpki but, he controlled himself and foolowed him.
Sahir laid down thapki on bed and left the room.
Bihaan : wat was the need to lift her ? When i was there…
Sahir : bhai plz they dnt knw that u r..
Bihaan : just s for shut nd s for shush ur mouth. Nd tell me wat happened to thapki ? Y she was looking so much weak ?
Sahir was abt to tell truth when kosi called him and he left.
Bihaan was abt to leave but, cudnt controll his urge to see thapki nd he decided to see her once. He stepped in her room silently nd he tiptoed towards thapki but all suddenly he tripped over a mat nd landed on thapki he was now on top of her and thapki slowly opened her eyelids nd was abt to scream but, bihaan kept his hand on her lips.
Bihaan : sh shh!!

Ik u r going to kill me bcz i gave so much pain to thahaan but now journey of thapki and bihaan has begun towards thahaan ?
M going to write some dlgs in punjabi so that it cyd sound real nd dnt wry m gonna translate them .
Dnt forget to share ur views bad or good both r welcome…..
Sry for giving pain to thahaan

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  1. Juveria.ghalib

    Ok I forgot to ask will Samir turn negative I mean I feel like he has some feeling some care for her so or also Kabir will he also be negative or will sacrifice his he really love her..n one more thing will thapki leave biha after meeting Kabir..ohhh lots of questions stepping one by one but really I need to wait for update soon

    1. Simrank

      He he he ? yes juvi darl u need to read but i can ans ur one question abt sahir he is positive so dnt wry keep rdng love u??

  2. Nice. But thapki kabeer ka relation,I can’t understand. Will thapki left bihaan after meeting kabeer?

    1. Simrank

      Tysm rifa darl. Kabir and thapki love each other nd to knw abt

    2. Simrank

      Tysm rifa darl. Kabir and thapki love each other nd to knw that kabir will leave her or not for that u need to read so keep rdng ❤❤❤

  3. Vinolin.d

    Hai my dear simran…this episode is very nice. but bihaan and thapki love pain is superb. I read it many times and that final part is awesome. it’s really cute. Thank you for the wonderful episode my darl. keep writing and i am so sorry for not commending for your ff. I love you soooooooooooo much my friend. Take Care.

    1. Simrank

      M happy to see ur frnd vino dear nd wats this u called me frnd nd then saying sry plz dnt do like this u r my frnd ?? i love u 100 ❤ keep rdng nd cmntng dear wtng for ur ff

  4. Hey are u punjabi
    K tussi punjabi ho
    Mein vi punjabi haan parr mein mumbai wich rehndi haan where do u live nd ur ff is
    Superb darl I just love it update next part soon I will love the punjabi dialogues nd unite our thahaan soon
    Tc dear?

    1. Simrank

      Hello adaa i saw yr cmnt first time nd m vry happy to see ur cmnt ?? nd yup m punjabi actually sikh tvada cmnt vekh k bda changa lagya te hun tusi cmnt krde rvo te read v love u adaa tc dear ???❤❤ i feel delighted when i get new comments darl.

  5. Hola simi amazing episode waiting for next ?

    1. Simrank

      Hlos sandy did u watched today’s epi?? Finally mani came ❤❤ nd ty alot deary will update soon ??

    2. Simrank

      Hlos sandy did u watched today’s epi?? Finally mani came ❤❤ nd ty alot deary will update soon ?? keep rdng

      1. Yeah I watched him he looked so handsome ??and his new behavior with thapki was awesome ?and when he looked at her from behind and say uff that was my favorite ? waiting for tomorrow episode ?

  6. Anubhuti

    I m sorry for late
    Its Awesome i was crying hate sapola dhruv
    Punish him soon

    Gajabb thahaan together
    Brilliant do read my ff too
    Love u dear

    1. Simrank

      Dnt b sry anu gws darl. ? nd tc gws yes i will definitely read it as i love ur ff❤❤
      Keep rdng nd cmntng ❤❤❤

  7. I want dhruv should be punished so badly.I am happy that thahaan journey starts I luv the last part. After thahaan unites that dhruv will get punishment from bihaan.I am having doubt that kabir doesn’t love her.and thapki doesn’t love him its just a attraction. the real love is what feelings she get when bihaan is near her.

    1. Simrank

      Tysm ashu darl m glad u liked it ??? nd yes dhruv will get punished dnt wry keep rdng and cmnt babe?❤


    Sorry Simi di…
    I’m really sorry for so late….
    Di episode was totally or m bilkul such kh rahi hoon…
    Di srsly epi was totally Gajaaa…B
    Bihaan entry in pandey nivaas nd
    Punjabi language….
    Nd didi
    Thapki scene was so Emotiomal.,.
    Aap n to rula diya…
    VERY eagrly wating for next…
    Love you….
    Please take care…!!!

    1. Simrank

      Tysm kudrat darl nd as i have said b4 also u r my lil sisy so plz dnt b sry nd i love u alot ?❤ nd u too tc…nd from next time agr sry bola to mai nraz ho jaugi btw r u watching tpk ? Nd if u r so mani is looking super cute nd hot na ? He just nailed it once again ❤❤ will try to update soon babe love u ?

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