You and me : thahaan part 6

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Here we go,

Bihaan shouts stop. Raj who was about to hug
thapki stopped. Thapki and raj togethr turned at
bihaan & they both stared him especially thapki
with her big btfl eyes.
Thapki : y the hell r u shouting?
Bihaan in his mind : god what happened to me?
Y did i shouted ? But, how can he hug her i mean
how dare he ? How can he touch thapki in front of me but y m i feeling anguish in my hrt? ?
Bihaan ‘s chain of thought gets broke and he
Bihaan : vo actually i shouted bcz u both r i for intollerable and i for irritating.
Thapki glares him angrily.
Thapki : r u mad or what i mean srsly u dnt have
even manners how to talk? Shud i teach u??
Bihaan stares thapki lovingly while she speaks nd her hairs blow. He was drugged and
ensorcelled by her btfl visage.?
Thapki shakes bihaan & bihaan came in his senses.
Thapki: where r u lost? Nd will u plz stop
gawking at me? ?
Bihaan : do u want n hones ans?
Thapki : ofc yes…

Bihaan (smiled lovingly at her) : i was lost in u &
sry i cant hlp it . I want to stare u throughout my
life. Bihaan comes closer to thapki while thapki was in a utter shock. Bihaan mooves closer and holds her both the hands. They both share an
intense eyelock while raj looks on. Thapki tries
to free her hand.
Thapki: what r u doing ? Leave me everyone is eyeballing us leave me…
Bihaan : well, let them see y wanted to teach me na that how to talk to others ?
Bihaan smirks and thapki starts shivering with fear.
Thapki : no, i mean y-y-y-yes..n-n-n-no
Bihaan looks her romantically and says in a seducing way
Bihaan : plz teach me my tchr…
He stares thapki’s lips & mooves more closer
now , there faces were only few inches apart.
Thapki closes her eyes tightly & she was frightened . She didnt knew when tears rolled
down her cheeks . Bihaan notices her
nervousness and awe. He remooves thapki’s hair to one side and whispers in her ears .
Bihaan : happy april fool day…??
He mooves back and laughs whole hrtdly while
thapki gaped at bihaan in shock.?
Bihaan (laughing, he says in btwn his laughs ) : u srsly (laughs) sorry !! I mean u srsly thought that
i (laughs) i m gonna kiss u ? (Laughs) ??

Thapki was feeling embarrased and she was glaring bihaan with anger. ? she was fuming in anger. She ignored him while raj too starts
laughing ? and thapki felt more bad bcz her
own frnd was laughing at her . She glared raj ? nd he stopped laughing. ?
Raj : btw thapki who is he ? Never saw him
before with u …
Thapki : he is bih…
Bihaan interupts in btwn .
Bihaan : when i am standing in front of u …u can
ask me strt away na. Well, its nt ur fault evrybdy
is like that dnt knw how to use their brain they think god has given it as a ornamemt ….leave it never mind vse u dnt have mind..?
Well, hi (forwading hand ) m b for bomb b for
bihaan pandey thapki ‘s bf.

Bihaan puts his arm around thapki’s shldr nd thapki was once again hell shocked and so was
Raj : oh gr8 congrats thapki and bihaan. Btw m raj (shakes hand with bihaan) thapki ‘s childhood frnd nd we r meeting now after 6 long
Thapki : no raj we both dnt like each other u r taking it wro…
Bihaan interupts.
Bihaan : yes we dnt like each other we both love
each other ? btw u called us here for dance right ?
Raj : ya, i forgot plz come with me i will teach u
both steps.
Thapki : no , raj first losten to me..
Raj : no plz thapki we will talk later my clients r wtng …plz hlp me plz
Thapki : fine !! ?

Raj teaches them steps & also asks them to change clothes so that they cud get into feeling and he tells them its a bollywood theme in couple’s party so, they need to get ready
accordingly , properly & feel the song. They dance in front of couple on the song humko humi se churalo of mohabbatein. The stage was fully decorated with blue roses & orchids .
Bihaan was standing (note : its quite big hotel nd they r in a rehersal room which is quite spacious).
On a pedestal in the centre of the stage. He was
wearing a white transparent shirt with black trousers nd he wore a spex too.
He dressed like shahrukh khan. He looked
handsome , dashing and tempting.??
His gelled hair were adding to his charm more. He was holding a violin in his hand and he started playing it and all the ppl present in the

rehersal room stared him admiringly. Thapki
was wearing a white net saree with flower embroidry on it with black shiny blouse which was backless amd off shldr. Her hairs were straightened with simple middle parting . Sje
wore black metal bangales in both the hands & her make up was simple yet elegent . She did smokey eye make up md wore a red lipstick ?
& a small sized bindi. She looked royal and
tantalising like a btfl spring flower while bihaan was the scent and colour of the flower which was attracting everyone.( plz do listen song if u
wanna njoy this prt).

Violin tune…
Chorus : aa aa aa aa ..hun
Thapki : aa aa aa
Humko humi se chura lo(hun)..
Dil mein kahi tum chupa lo
(Repeat once)

Thapki comes down on a swing while she sings
her part and bihaan turns around and was mesmerised by her beauty while thapki was lost in his youthfull charm. She descends down the
swing like a princess and swirls around bihaan
with her saree swirling and flying & it got stuck on bihaan’s face .
Bihaan remooves it and holds her hand and
pulls her on him .
Song continues.
Hum akele (aa..)
Kho n jae(aa..)
Door tumse(aa..)

Ho na jae
Pas ao gale se lga lo
Bihaan twirls her around and sings his part.
Bihaan : humko humi se chura lo (hun..)
Dil mein khi tum chupa lo
Hum akele (aa)
Kho na jaen (aa..
Door tumse
Ho na jaen (aa..)
Paas ao gale se lga lo
He lifts thapki in his arms amd swirls her around
while thapki blushed. He then puts her down on the swing and gives it a little push while he showers flowers on thapki.
Thapki : humko humi se chura lo
Bihaan : dil mein khi tum chupa lo
Aa aa..
Aa la laaa…
Thapki gets up and runs away facing her back to
bihaan. Bihaan comes behind her amd touches her bare stomach she felt her hrtbeat incrsng unevenly. Bihaan blind folds her while bihaan
sings his part.
Bihaan : ye dil dhadka do ?
Zulfe bikhra do
Sharma ke apna..
Aanchal lehra do..
He remooves cloth from her eyes. Thapki opens her eyes and sees the taj mahal made by candles. Bihaan and thapki goes inside the taj
And thapki sings her part.
Thapki : hum zulfein to bikhra de
Din me rat ho na jae
Hum anchal to lehra de
Par barsat ho na jae.
Bihaan : hone do barsatein.
Thapki hugs bihaan and sings : paas ao gale se lga lo
Bihaan hugs thapki back . They both sit insode taj hugging each other.
Bihaan : humko humi se chura lo
Dil mein kho tum chupa lo
Thapki closes her eyes njoying the warmth of bihaan’s embrace.
Thapki : hum akele (aa..)
Kho na jae (aa…)
Door tumse…
Ho na jae

They both break the hid and stand bihaan puts hand on her waist and thapki on his shldrs.
Bihaan : paas ao gale se lga lo…
Thapki : humko humi se chura lo
Bihaan : dil mein khi tum chupa lo
Aa aa
Bihaan lifts thapki and brings her out from taj mahal & takes her to another place he covered thapki ‘s with his hands in the way and sings his part.
Tumpe marte hai
Hum mar jaege
Ye sab khte h
Hum kar jaege

He remooves his hands from her eyes allowing her to see the place they were standing on a round pedestal with false snow falling on them & around the pedestal there was all fresh blue water with fragnance of roses and jasmine. The water pool was decorated by small floating diyas the atmosphere was warm and cozy and a blue light was falling on them giving them feel that they r standing there in a btfl full moon night together forever holding each other’s hands.
Thapki takes out a vermillion box and forwads her palm towards bihaan. ( note : its a acting they r portraying to b couple)

Thapki continues her part.
Thapki : chutki bhar sindoor se tum
ab ye mang zara bhr do
Kal kya ho kisme dekha
Sab kuch aj abhi kr do..
Bihaan throws away vermillion and sings : ho na ho ..sab razi
Dil raazi..
Rab raazi..
Paas ao gale se lga lo
Thapki : humko humi se chura lo
Bihaan : dil mein khi tum chupa lo
O humko humi se chura lo(hun..)
Thapki : dil mein khi tum chupa lo
Hum akele (aa..)
Kho na jae (aa..)
Door tumse (aa)

Bihaan : door tumse ho na jae
He pushes thapki away and holds her hand and made her swirl and leaves her hand . Thapki spins around bihaan and suddenly she slipped and bihaan holded her but this gave an look of a step and now they were in rk pose. While somg continues.
Bihaan : paas ao gale se lga lo.
Thapki : paas ao gale se lga lo
Aa aa aa… with this tune white rose and red rose petals shower on them with golden glitters and everyone present there was enthralled by their performance and gave them a standing ovation while thapki and bihaan were sharing a passionate eyelock.

Everybody applauded and they became out from their dream world. The both stand straight stll facing each other . Bihaan notices raj and smirks.
Bihaan in his mind : he was hugging thapki and i danced with her now he will burn in envy. He smirks.
Raj : amazing!! U both nailed it i mean srsly.
Raj talking to the couple : so u both understood all the steps right ? And this will b all the set up abd ur dresses . Is that k ?

Couple nods and they leave to get ready.
Thapki : i want to tell u truth raj..bih..
Bihaan cuts her.
Bihaan (puts his hand around her shldr ) : actually she wants to say that she wants to talk to me all alone bcz we didnt got time today to talk so plz will u excuse us for 5 mins..?
Raj : ofc , i cam do anything for ur happiness thapki.
Bihaan glares raj angrily.
Bihaan : m there for that..tysm for ur concern.

Raj left them there alone . Bihaan tries to ignore thapki bcz he knew that now no one only can save him.
Thapki : r u mad ? Y r u doing this ? Y r u lying ?
Bihaan: u look pretty in this attire i mean u look a girl…nice?
Thapki: dnt change topic and ans me.
Bihaan : u asked me something? Sry i didnt hear btw how m i looking ?
Thapki : fine !! Dnt tell me but, i will tell truth to raj i wont lie..
She starts to leave while bihaan holds her hand and stops her.
Bihaan: u will not truth to any one.. otherwise i will…
Thapki : u r challanging me ? Well, i will tell nd wat u will do ha wat otherwise ?
Bihaan moove close to her glaring her angrily thapki ones again closes her eyes in fear.
Bihaan : plz be my gf…
Thapki opens her eyes and found bihaan sitting on his knees in front of her joining his hands and she laughs….
Bihaan : plz hlp me otherwise i will hold ur feet.
(He holds thapki’s feet)
Thapki stops laughing.
Thapki : stop it , what r u doing ? Leave me..?
Bihaan stands and was abt to hug her wjen thapki mooves back and holds his arm and signs him no need of this…by her eyes and he stops.
Bihaan : thnks..for being my gf.
Thapki : wat the …i mean i said that i will not tell truth to anyone but who said m ur gf ? And y u want me to say this lie ?

Bihaan : actually vo i love sheena ?
Thapki felt pain in her hrt on hearing his words but she didnt understood wats this pain is.
Thapki : who sheena ?
Bihaan : are vo s for sweet s for sheena is s for scrtry of yr frnd raj. I love her and ik she to loves me but , she is not confessing.
Thapki : so how is this realted to me ? I mean u love her na go and tell her y u said ur gf ? ( she was quite irked on thi peice of info and said this rudely to him ) well, i meed to go i need to check arrangements.
Bihaan : no, u need to hlp me out actually , i already confessed mine feelings and that ‘s y i lied that u r my gf so that she feels jls plz hlp me thapki plz act that y r my gf plz…plz..u need to unite 2 lovers plz…
Thapki : ohk, fine !! I will hlp.u coz i never want to see 2 lovers parting . I will act but , u need to stay in ur, we shud go out and act to b nrml.
Thapki leaves.
Bihaan smirks and thinks : now , u will b with me. Now, see how will my plan fet accomplished thapki.

A fb is shown
When thapki and bihaan went to get ready for their dance bihaan was thinking that y did he called thapki her gf in front of her frnd ? Y i want raj to stay away from her ?
Suddenly, bihaan gets an idea and he smirks.
Bihaan in his mind : i can use this opportunity i can spend more time with her yes..but, i need to convince her to act like she isy gf but how ?
Raj’s scrtry sheena came there to call bihaan and bihaan gets an idea .
Bihaan: sheena u deserve btr than this blo*dy job i must tell u . U r vry prty sweethrt.
Sheena (blushing) : ty sir.
Bihaan : well, will u hlp me ? And in return i will buy u a damce studio of ur own.
Sheena : ohk i will hlp u wat do i need to do ?
Bihaan: u just need to act that u love me & u r jls to see me with thapki u will show ur jlsy to her but, if she asks u to confess ur feelings or love or anything like that u will refuse. Is that clear?
Sheena : ohk!! Sir i will do it .
Fb ends.

Restraunt (same where thahaan went for coffee)
Raj, sheena and thahaan were sitting.
Raj : thapki uk how happy today i am to see u ?
Thapki : same here.
Raj places his hand over thapki’s hand. Bihaan felt jls upon seeing this and he intentionally starts coughing loudly. Thapki remooves her hand from raj’s . She made bihaan drink water and pats his back & bihaan holds her hand. Thapki felt a little uncmfrtbl and she noticed sheena is glaring her angrily amd she thought that she shud act.
Thapki : r u fine bihu baby?
Bihaan was in a shock but he felt happy.
Bihaan : yes m fine darling.
Bihaam sees raj and smiles victoriously.
Thapki : raj well where is ir gf ? Whats her name? I hrd from sahir abt it.
Bihaan to himself : oh!! He is not single thnk god (sigh in releif)
Raj : we broke up. M single and her name was …
Bihaan intrupts
Bihaan : simran right ?
Raj : r u mad ? Her name was samyra.
Bihaan : oh !! I thought u r raj so she might b simran uk ddlj ?
They were busy talking when when bihaan’s faze fell on someone. He excuses everyone and went there to see and he found a man holdimg gun a silencer on the mouth of the gun and he was hell shocked when he saw the man aiming gun at thapki . The man pushes trigger…

Ty for reading nd silent reader do cmnt.

Precap : bihaan gets shot and thahaan spent some time together.

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