You and me : thahaan part 5

Hlo everyone m back with another epi. Nd plz do share ur views coz m not getting much cmnts. Hope m not boring u.
Here we go,
Thapki came back home from temple she was thinking about bihaan that y she felt so difrnt when he was around her.
Thapki in her mimd : m i mad ? No, come on thapki he is such a bastard how he behaved with me m thinking about him still after the way he behaved with me. I wish i cud kill him. But, y is he trying to impress me? God knws….
Thapki was lost in her thoughts when kosk saw her and she thinks that in what thoughts is thapki lost? She sees thapki os about to trip over mat & she didnt alerted her rather she smirks. Thapki trips over mat. She screams & closes her eyes. But , to her surprise someone holds her. She opens her eyes slowly & sahir ‘s face welcomed her . She sighed in releif.
Sahir : where r u lost ?

Thapki : vo m thinkimg about biha….
She was about to say the name when she saw staring her. Kosi comes towards her.
Kosi : oh so madam is back . Btw , u must b feeling tired right ?
(Holds thapki’s arm tightly and drags her) come my btfl bahu sit here have something. Nd if u say i will massage yr legs too. (Taunting)
She notices thapki’s torned saree.
Thapki : sry mam vo i just went to temple to pray for my marriage and for dhruv g’s well being that’s it.(stands)
Kosi : shut up!! (Shouting, twists thapki’s arm) u blo*dy filthy girl how dare u? Ha, how dare u tear the saree which i gifted u.
Pushes thapki on floor.
Thapki (crying in man) : vo mam actually, a boy did this his ne is biha…
Suddenly, sahir cuts her in btwn.
Sahir : shut up!! Ek to u did mistake nd now u r arguing idiot girl just dnt argue with kosi mom.
Dhriv comes there nd sees thapki lying on floor. He goes to her nd holds her nd helps her in standing.
Dhruv ( shouting) : who dared to push my thapki?
Kosi panicking.

Kosi: i
Dhruv : oh !! So u did it…
Kosi : no, i was saying that s-sahir pushed h-her(sweating).
Dhruv: sahir i will definitely kill u for this (taking out hos revolver)
Thapki : yes ofc u will kill him. U only knw how to kill ppl right?
Afterall dhruv pandey is a crimrinal.
Note : thapki told truth to kosi that she went to temple coz dhruv was not there at that time. She lied to dhruv that she is going with sahir ( refer part 2) nd she is not afraid of dhruv anymore but, she is still afraid of kosi.
Dhruv (furious) : thapkiii (shouts)
Dhruv holds thapki by her arm,
Dhruv : u r gonna be my wife baby learn some manners is that clear cutee?
Thapki : do u think i will obey or do what u r saying.
(Pushes him away)
Nd dnt dare to touch me otherwise, i need to wash my self with holy water …..u r such a bastard uk..
Thapki leaves. Sahir laughs . Koso and dhruv was shocked that how the hell did she became so brave ? Kosi was also, confused bcz thapki few moments b4 only said that she went to tenple for dhruv.
Thapki was in her room when she recalls all her moments with bihaan.
Thapki in her mind : how rude was he ? but, i must admit he is vry difrnt , unique his stye everything abt him is difrnt…
Unknowingly her lips turned into a curve. She was thinking about bihaan when sahir entered in her room.
Sahir sees her smiling he thinks i shud talk to her regarding him its right time.
Sahir : thapki…

Thapki : ha….do u need anything?
Sahir : need to talk about ka…
He finds it difficult to take his name thapki completes his line.
Thapki : kabir right ?
Sahir : yes
Thapki : dnt hesitate ask?
Sahir : do u still love him?
Thapki : idk maybe yes….i do.
Sahir was about to ask thapki another question when bihaan called him.
Sahir excuses thapki and leaves .
Sahir : ha bhai…
Bihaan : i will kill that chuk chuk gadi …wth do she think that m not smart girls love me nd that d for dumb d for dayan (witch) called me moti bhudi….
Sahir giggling…
Sahir : its ok bhaishe is like that only difrnt from every one.
Bihaan: well, i need to impress her its imp. for our plan . Send her to virhaan paradise.
Sahir : but, bhai how will i convince her ?
Bihaan : u r srsly dumb. How wid i knw do something own ur own too.
He hungs up.
Sahir : bihaan bhai u akways get me into problems….
Thapki in her room.
Thapki opens her bag & takes out a photograph of a boy and sees it. Tears rolled down her cheeks while she caresses photo.
Thapki : i miss u…. u were not only my love but, my bst frnd too plz come back…?? she broke down. But , i will never forget what u did to me kabir. I hate u. She heard some body ‘s footsteps nd she quickly wiped away her tears nd kept the photo was sahir. He comes inside her room.
Sahir : thapki get ready.

Thapki : what for ? Is it ur marriage ? ( sarcastically)
Sahir : oh! Come on stop joking dhruv is calling u downstairs for lunch.
Thapki : is he mad or what ?
Keeps irritating me ….huh ? u go m coming in 5 mins.
Dining hall,
Thapki : now , y did u called me ?
Dhruv : bcz i wanted to have lunch with my thapki nd want to talk u regarding our marriage.
Thapki : nit intrstd in both the things. ? so can i go?
Dhruv : sit vrna uk wat can i do ?
Thapki sits.
Dhruv : today we r going to hotel to finalise catering and also , we need to see the venue once that this sahir has selected for our marriage.
Sahir : dhruv u can not go with thapki.
Dhruv : y ??
Sahir : vo actually ur dress designer is coming so u need to try ur sherwani….so u need to stay back as he is the top most designer so he wont b able to spare time afterwards….
Dhruv : ohk, so we both will go later. Us that f9 with u thapki?
Sahir interrupts in btwn .
Sahir : ummm…. dhruv actually i was wondering that this is wedding sesn going on so, it will b btr if we book the catering and venue bcz later on we will not get a a good place so its btr to book now…? so i guess thapki can go and check with the driver.
Thapki : listen, u both monkeys m not intrstd in going anywhere.she leaves. Dhruv becomes angry.
Dhruv : i will see her wth do she think i will leave her let me see how does she dsnt go…?
Sahir : dhruv leave it i will handle her go nd take rest once the designer will come u wont get rest.
Dhruv : f9 what ever, just make her undrstnd bcz she wont like my way blo*dy idiot girl….?
Dhruv leaves. Sahir rushes to thapki ‘s room.
Thapki talking to herslef : what dies he think that i will go to check the blo*dy arrangements for our marriage. No never…huh!!
Sahir knocks the door which was already hakf open.
Sahir : can i come inside ….?

Thapki : now, what do u want …just get lost i wont go anywhere …just leave.
Sahir comes inside.
Sahir : thapki just listen to me once plz…
Thapki : ohk, f9 say what do u want to say but , it shud b relevent.
Sahir : yup!! Listen thapki ik that u dnt want to marry him nd i also dnt want u to marry him. Coz he is a blo*dy butcher. ? but , thapu u need to act that u r happy from this marriage if we need to break it we need to make him feel secure so that we cud prevent him from doing anything against us. Right ?
Thapki : yeah, but i dnt wanna go ?
Sahir : thapki u just once listen my plan bcz m not sending u there without any resn sweety.?
Sahir tells thapki his plan.and thapki gives him high five. Thapki gets ready.she wears a black clrd btfl long kurti. In pkistani style. The long kurti had white stone work on the sleeves. It had white embroidry on neck and neck was boat neck and she wore a white long skirt with kurti . She pinned her white net duppata with golden work on it.she was looking simple yet stunning.
Her slim fig looked simply hot in that kurti. She teid her hair in a fish tail. She wore white jhumkas with a punjabi jutti which was golden in clr.she wore black bangles. Sahir came to call her. He sees her and his mouth opened .
Sahir (staring her from top to bottom) : u look gorgeous !! ?
Thapki : thank u !! Well, give me the adress of
Sahir : its virhaan paradise!!
Thapki : well, its that hotel only na which rose to fame nd came on first position in 8 months only nd whos owner is anonymous….well wantd to meet him once.
Sahir : well, i guess u shud leave & i guess u will meet him tkday….?
Thapki leaves.
Virhaan paradise,

Thapki : well, the name is so strange virhaan?
Thapki ses the big building and she gets mesmerised by its interior while the manager greeted her.
Manager : hello , mam how r u ? Sahir sir told me about ur arrival.
Thapki : hello? well, he must have told u the resn too for my arrival.
Manager : yes mam. Mam actually u need to wait for 10 mins bcz little bit arrangements are left. Hope u wont mind ??
Thapki : ya sure , take ur time !! Well, can u tell me where’s the owner’s cabin just wanted to meet him once…..
Manager : sry mam , u need to take appointment for that i can not hlp u in this coz its against our rules.
Thapki : oh its f9 then u make arrangementsnd m wtng here only.
Manager leaves.
Thapki sits in the reception area suddenly, she hears some noises & she goes there. She sees that a man is shouting on a waiterfor spilling coffee on his shoes. He was abt to slap the waiter when someone holds his hand it was none other than thapki.
Bihaan arrives at the scene.
Thapki slaps the man.
Thapki : how dare u talk to him like that, he appologised nd then also , u r insulting him r u nuts?
Man : who r u to teach me miss ? Uk who i am? M the son of…
Thapki cuts him .
Thapki : u must be a son of a rich man or a famoous buisness tycoon xyz…i srsly dnt wanna knw abt it coz i dnt give a damn to it.
Well, uk wat ur money is useless bcz u dnt knw how to respect ppl. U all rich ppl are spoiled only knw how to disdain ppl . Uk wat u shud take classes to learn some humanity. I hate rich ppl for this resn only u all r just spoiled .
Bihaan recognised thapki by her voice . He didnt saw her bcz she was facing her back towards him. He felt somewhat impressed by the girl standing in frint of him nd speaking for a waiter without hesitation or any fear he mooves towards thapki.
The man looses his temper as he felt dishounrd bcz of thapki.
Man : shut up!! U blo*dy girl u r teaching me ?well, u need classes to learn to speak properly nd he pushes thapki with full force.
Thapki shouts nd closes her eyes in fear but , to her surprise she didnt met hard floor instead she found a strong grip of hands around her waist. It was none other than our bihaan.(rk pose) thapki opens her eyes & she was shocked to see bihaan.
Thapki : u …( they were still like that )
Bihaan : yes me?
Bihaan was once again lost in her beauty & he cud feel his hrtbeat incrsng bcz thapki was so close to him in his embrace.
Tune of ek duje k vate plays in bg while they were lost in each other’s eyes.
Thapki realised their position nd she quickly stands straight.
Bihaan turns towards man nd glares him angrily.
Bihaan : gajab !! B for bihaan k samne b for batmizi vo b hmari dost k sath or dost chodo ek aurat k sath ( gajab !! In front of bihaan pandey u r misbehaving with his frnd nd moreover a lady )
Man: b-bihaan p-pandey (scared)
Bihaan punches hum hard nd holds him by his neck.
Bihaan : janta h ye kislie tha ? Ye tha ek gareeb ki bezati krne k lie . ( uk wat was that for ? It was for insulting a poor man)
Bihaan again punches him this time on face.
Bihaan : uk wat was this for ? It was for insulting a girl for her stammering.
He pushes the man nd then starts beating him badly guards come there and stops him. The man was not in his senses. Guards take him away.
Wtr: thnku sm mam for supporting me.☺
Thapki : its ok!!
Wtr : tysm bihaan s…

Bihaan cuts him and asks him to leave.
Thapki : thanks but no thanks. Y r u following me ?
Bihaan : well, m not followkng u miss chuk chuk gadi .
Thapki : u r such a cheepstr & double faced i mean abhi u were beating him for making fun of my stammering & now u r teasing me..
Bihaan : yes..bcz he pushed u nd i cant tollerate anyone badmouthing abt u..
Bihaan realises what he said . He covers up.
Bihaan : i mean to say u helped that guy that’s y i dnt like ppl saying nything bad abt good ppl.
Thapki : shut up !! Nd let me go..
Bihaan : to humne kha ruko??
(Dis i said stop)
Thapki makes a angry face nd leaves.
Bihaan to himself : oh shit !! She is going my plan will get spoiled …..i need to stop her..
Bihaan rushes behind thapki nd he holds her hand.
Thapki felt a sudden current passing down her spine on his touch. She starts breathing heavily. Nd suddenly bihaan pulls her on him nd he holds her waist. Their faces were few inches away now.
Thapki somehow manages to speak : what r u doing leave me ?
Bihaan : shhh!! Listen to me….they both stares in
each others eyes.
Bihaan : m sry for everything that happened today…forgive me …lets have a fresh start .
Thapki thinks : his eyes r so innocent & his fragnance is driving me crazy…oh god wats happng to me…
She pushes bihaan away.
Thapki : its ok!
Bihaan : ummm..can we have a lunch together?
Thapki : no!!
Bihaan : yes!
Thapki : no.
Bihaan : yes !
Bihaan once again pulls thapki on him nd he clicks selfie in such a way that it looks they both r kissing each other.
Thapki : what the hell did u do ?
Bihaan : just a s for sweet s for selfie
Nd now u need to come with me otherwise i will post it on social sites….
Thapki : u ?

Bihaan cuts her in btwn nd completes her sentence.
Bihaan : r vry smart! ? ty for compliment chuk chuk gadi nd no need to say thanks that m going on a date with u..
Thapki : just shut up !! …..nd i will come only for 5 mins…
Bihaan : that’s like my good thapki.
Woh !! Wait did u heard that? I took ur name (he jumps) i just said ur name i did it yess…?? m so intelligent i can do anything.
Thapki : god !! U r really a moti bhudi.
Bihaan : i guess i shud post the pic…
Thapki : no plzz..? i was just kidding lets go & have lunch…
Bihaan : hmmm come.
Redtraunt , inside the hotel.
Bihaan : so how r u feeling ?
Thapki : vommiting!!
Bihaan : what ??
Thapki : yup! M feeling like vommiting cant tolerate u ?
Bihaan : oh acha then u must do it come on ,otherwise i will post the pic.
Thapki : r u mad ? How can i do that i mean how can i do that intentionally …when m not feeling like that …
Bihaan : see truth is out ..? ik u r shy that ‘s y u r not saying it u r feeling obliged right now sitting in front of bihaan pandey.
Thapki : shut up !! Stop irritating me.
Bihaan : ok u tell me what type of boys do u like?
Thapki : not like u….
Bihaan: yes bcz u love me?…
Thapki : kuch b when i said i love u to u ?
Bihaan : right now only u said?
Thapki : huh!!?
Bihaan : keeping joke aside u must b loving rich guyzz like all girls ?
Thapki : no i hate them bcz they only knw how to show themselves always superior to others & boast around. Uk i feel sometimes like to cut them in peices and fry them and then throw them in garbage..
Bihaan in his mind : no she shud not knw that m rich otherwise , my plan will b spoilt.?…
But, she ‘s dfrnt …i guess it wud b intrstng to knw her more..
Bihaan : oh!
Waiter comes bd he wishes bihaan nd he was feeling afraid upon seeing him there…
Wtr : s-sir u h-here
Thapki : y r u calling him sir ?
Wtr: mam vo he is our b..
Bihaan gestures wtr to keep quiet nd wtr changes his words..
I mean our regular custmr
Bihaan : so take our order umm bring 2 black coffees ty..
Wtr leaves
Thapki : i dnt drink black coffee?
Bihaan : so, who ordered for u ? I ordered for myself only if u want smthng spend ur money afterall, m not that rich.
Thapki : u r srsly a junk…
Well m getting late i need to check arrangements for my wedding…
Bihaan : hey , wait i wanted to ask u smthng?
Thapki : what ?
Bihaan (forwading his hand) : frnds?
Thapki : with u oh plz go & take a bath first u need it ?
Bihaan : plz, srsly m asking we can b frnds….
Thapki : we r north nd south pole nd we can nevr b togethar.
Bihaan : ohk, see i will delete this pic right away…(he deletes the pic) but, plz forgive me..
Thapki (in a calm tone) : listen, bihaan my life is full of problems so plz stay away from me i dnt wnt u to get in trbl plz….nd moreover i dnt trust u bye.
Bihaan holds her hand tightly nd pulls her nd holds her from back tightly they were very close he puts her hair to one side nd whispers in her ears : we will b frnds soon…baby ?
Bihaan leaves her and thapki felt a little uneasy.
Thapki : well, lets see.
Suddenly, she slips nd falls on bihaan.
Nd they got lost in each other and share apassionate eyelock.
Thapki was on top of bihaan& their body’s were touching completely.
Everyone present their was staring them but , both of them were only bizy in each other they were lost in each other. Bihaan felt an urge to kiss her but, he stopped himself. Ranjhana playa in bg.
Thapki gets some flashbacks she remembers some same moments spent with kabir. Her eyes became wet bihaan was not able to see her like that. Unknowingly his hands reached her face & wiped it away her tears.
Thapki was shocked at his act nd she looks on while bihaan smiles at her. She suddenly, gets up and straightens her dress. Bihaan also gets up. Both of them felt embarrased. A little girl comes there nd she talks to thahaan.
Girl : hey didi bhaiya
Bihaan(sits on his knees) : hlo!! Little princess

Thapki (sits on her knees too) : hlo sweethrt (she pulls her cheeks ) :
Bihaan pushes thapki ‘s hand away from girl’s face .
Thapki : what r u doing? Y u pushed my hand now..
Bihaan : bcz i hate ppl doing that uk how much it hurts see her cheeks became red nd btw u r aunty bcz auntys do such rubbish things.
Thapki : y u always keep annoying me ??
Bihaan ignores her and talks to little girl. While, thapki makes faces at him.
Bihaan : wat do u want sweety?
Girl : bhaiya i need urs and didi’s hlp.
Bihaan : sure, i will hlp u but idk abt her.
Thapki : i will too…
Girl : tysm actually today is my di’s engagement and di and jiju need to perform there but they are not getting steps which choreographer is teaching so he need a couple to perform his steps in front of my di and jiju so that they cud learn. Will u dance?
Bihaan smirks…
Bihaan : ofc i will

(Now i will spend some more time with her)
Thapki : sry i cant.
She starts to leave.
Bihaan(taunting) : let her go we will find another girl more pretty than her & who dnt stammers i guess she refused bcz mayb her legs are same like her tounge nd uk she is a chudail that’s y she refused.
Thapki : will u just shut up…i will too dance.
Bihaan smirks.
Bihaan : ha i knew she will hlp afterall y will she miss miss a chance to dance with a s*xy boy like me?
Thapki : uhh u r insane..??
She leaves with the girl. Bihaan follows them.
They reach their and thapki asks the girl who is tge choreographer.
Girl pt towards a man who was wearing pathani suit.
The boy turns and he was shocked on seeing thapki but he was delighted too and same reaction was displayed by thapki . They both run towards each other and hug each otger.
Thapki : raj…u here?
Raj : thapki uk how much happy i am to see u
(He was thapki’s childhood frnd. U can imagine rehaan who recently played role of monty in tpk.
Raj once again hugs thapki.
Bihaan shouts : stop.
Screen freezes on bihaan.

Silent readers plz do cmnt good or bad plz share ur views.

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