You and me : thahaan part 4

Hello everyone m back with 4 th epi. Ik everybody is quite regarding manish ‘s leave from the show but , i guess its btr for him as there is nothing left in this show nd m watching only till the time manish is there after that i will leave watching it , manish will remain in our hrts.. always m waiting eagerly to see him in another show…nd till then m watching tpk on rishtey.. to see manish nd thahaan i wish we cud see manyasa in any other serial…Nd i hope u all will still support me in my ff coz m gonna continue it as it is said show must go on….so m gonna continue this ff on thahaan i hope u will support me…
Here we go……

Bihaan wanted to stare thapki like that throughout his life. Bihaan stare thapki ‘s eyes he felt that her eyes were huding pain and secrets. He unknowingly mooves towards thapki & his gaze was fixed on small stature of thapki who was coming towards him acc. To him but actually she was mooving towards stares to leave she neither noticed bihaan nor sahir. Sahir shakes bihaan & he comes in his senses.
Sahir : where r u lost bhai ? She is leaving.
Bihaan : wth ! Bullshit man !!? u go home i will handle her . Now , she is mine .
Sahir : what ? ?
Bihaan realised what did he uttered. And he changed topic.
Bihaan : m getting late see u later bro!!
Sahir to himself : i guess he is mad.
Bihaan rushes downstairs as much fast as he cud to reach b4 thapki cud. He called a man.
Bihaan : where r u all ?
Man : we r here only bhai on the way to kali mandir.
Bihaan : gud , she is also leaving alert ur men i dnt want any mistake & dare u hurt her. (Warning)
Man : but how will we recognise her ?
Bihaan : oh shit !! I forget abt that.

He sees thapki coming downstairs & he gets an idea & he takes his cell ph & clicks her pic he once again gets lost in her. Suddenly reality struck bihaan & his facial expressions switched to anger he realised he can not trust thapki. He sees thapki coming towards his side. & he keeps his ph down. Thapki passes by him but , she didnt noticed him properly suddenly she stopped. Thapki felt her hrt beat increasing once again she recalled words of that lady this time she felt that her hrt will come out of her chest nd she caed herself down same thing was being

expirienced by bihaan.
Ek duje ke vaste ke plays.
Kitne hi door door ho un dono k rate,
Mil jate h jo bne
Ek duje k vaste
Ek duje k vaste,
Jaise dil h dhadkan h ( thapki ‘s face is shown)
Jaise ankh h darpan h ( bihaan ‘s face is shown)
Jaise barkha sawan h,
Ek sajni ek sajan h ( faces of both r shown)
Ek duje k vaste
Em duje k vaste..
Song stops.

A gentle breeze blows nd both of them freezed where they were none of them had courage to turn. Finally thapki gathered courage nd she turns around bihaan was facing his back to her and she saw he pallu stuck in bihaan ‘ s watch. She became nervojs nd somehow managed to speak : hey !! My saree got stuck in ur watch so can u plz free it or can i ?
Bihaan didnt reply her nd he forcefully detaches his watch from her saree in this process her saree got torned. Thapki became outrageous at his act b4 she cud say anything bihaan left the place.
Bihaan to himself : gajab !! Ye to ruk ruk kr bolti h ! Je to chuk chuk gadi nikli ? har station par atakti h.
Thapki to herself : oh no ! My saree got torned due to him is had or wat ? Its so rude of him now that kosi will shout on me.idiot !!
Thapki too leaves.she forgot abt sahir.
On the way back to pn .
Thapki was walking slowly holding her aarti thal.
All of sudden some goons come on bike & surrounds her. Thapki was frightened . The goons misbehave with her.
Goon 1 : hey !! Hotty where r u going that to akele akele ?
Goon 2 : come pretty we will give u lift.
Thapki : stay away from me .?
Goons come near her.

Thapki mooves backwards one of the goon mooves towards thapki & he stops inches away from her face & he was about to touch her when somebody hits his leg from the back the goon falls down & he was none other than our bihaan. He fights with all the goons. They all run away.
Thapki was freezed at her place. She starts to cry profoundly. Bihaan smirks and talk to himself. ( yess ? my plan worked now she needs shoulder to cry on and i will give her that). Bihaan smirks . He mooves towards thapki . All of sudden to his shock she starrs laughing.??
Bihaan was astonished his mouth opened up in shock. He didnt understand y is she laughing. Thapki stops laughing nd her facial expression changed to angery ones. She starts clapping. Bihaan smiles thinking thapki is clapping for him.
Bihaan : its ok u dnt need to say any thank u coz it was my duty to save a girl. & i dnt need to clap k m the best so its ok i love my fans ?. Btw , hi my name is b for brave b for bihaan nd ik m h for handsome nd today i saved u like a h for hero.

Thapki stares bihaan with anger and fury. Finally she speaks.
Thapki : s for shut up u s for stupid. What do u think u r ? & wat were u doing ?
Bihaan : gajab ! Ek to humne tumhari mada ki or tum hume hi ulta chor kotwal ko date !!
Bihaan starts sweating.
Thapki : axha !! Do u think m mad ? Shouting at u without any resn. Then y r u sweating and becoming nervous . Call ur men right now.
Bihaan : who men ? M not sweating
(Still sweating )
Thapki : ohk, fine !! Dnt call them i will myself bring them here.

Thapki goes behind trees & brings the goons outside. Bihaan was astonished he didnt knew how to react or handle the situation.
Thapki : so u all were harrasing me coz he ordered u to do this. Right ?
Bihaan gestures goons to say no.
Thapki : stop seeing him & ans me. Or i will file a complaint against u all.
Goons : yes madam he only told us now can we go plz dnt file a complaint.
Thapki : good get lost now…
They leave.
Thapki : at least u shud have appointed reliable goons.
She laughs victoriously.

Bihaan : u ?
Thapki : what me ? Ha what me ?( shouts) uk what i hate ppl like u idiots btw u must be wondering how i get to knw this. I w-will tell u remember u were talking on ph in temple ?

When bihaan ‘s watch got stuck to thapki ‘ s saree he left the place after that he goes upwards towards pandal there he was talking over ph with his man. Thapki was about to leave when she realised that her sacred thread is missing which priest gave her. She recollects all the places where she went after talking thread & she goes to pandal to find the thread. The thread was fallen near bihaan . Thapki was pickin her thread when she heard bihaan ‘ s convo with goons.
Bihaan : i have sended u the pic of the girl & she is wearing a peach clrd saree with black border overall. She is holdin aarti thal . She stammers too. Just misbehave with her ? I will beat u all & then hide their. Is that clear ?
Fb ends..

Bihaan was dumbfounded.
Thapki : i intentionally came from this that ur goons harras me. I didnt changed my path & i acted to be frightened. Bciz i knew that u will come to save me & do ur acting that u r a hero. Btw , ur plan was nice actually i mean u planned so well to imporess me. That u will come like a hero & i feel highly obliged & then u will propose me nd i will agree happily out of respect right?
Bihaan : oh m for mad m for madam m not intrstnd in u at that clear ? I did all that bcz of some other resn.
Thapki : oh is that so ? Then tell me ur resn.
Bihaan in his mind : she is so cunning nd smart nd sahir thought she is innocent but ye c for chuk chuk gadi to c for chalak lomdi nikli. Afterall, she wud be as she is marrying dhruv nd cheated on her lover& i was thinking that might be she is sweet nd innocent but , its only her face.
Bihaan ( to thapki ) : y shud i tell u ? No i wont Who r u to me ?
Thapki : hmm ?

Bihaan : or vse b tumse bina ruke to bola nhi jata tum kya hme gyan deri ho devi ma . ? tum phle bina ruke bolna sikho c-chuk c-chuk g-gadi.
( he intentionally stammers at each word to irritate thapki.)
Thapki starts weeping tears roll down her cheeks
Thapki : haslo haslo ? aj tak har koi yhi to krta aya h. But , uk wat its not my fault that m like this its god ‘s fault who made me like this. Nd m suffering from this mocking and prob from my childhood.
Bihaan felt guilty coz he has a hrt of gold he cannot withstand anyone crying & he felt ashamed of himself coz he didnt knew she suffered from this prob. From her childhood.
Bihaan : see dnt cry m sry ☺. Plz dnt cry i didnt knew abt this m so vry sry u may shout at me but dnt cry.
Thapki thinks : he is having some evil plan he is trying to win my hrt he is acting to b good no i can not trust him.

She stops crying bihaan feels happy.
Bihaan thinks this right time to befrnd her. Bihaan forwads his hand.
Bihaan : frnds ??
Thapki : oh plz , m not intrstd in being a frnd of a person like u rather i wud prefer dying …huh !!
Bihaan : will u jump from a mountain ur self or shud i push u ?
He looses his temper but still tries to calm himself.
Thapki glares him angrily.

Bihaan : will u tear my clothes with ur eyes ? Plz dnt do that i dnt want to b molested nd moreover, girls will not leave u. They love their h for hero and h for handsome bihaan they dir for my one look.
Thapki : s for shut up u s for self obsessed. I mean u r such a junk u r so vey self obsessed. I guess girls wud be highly glad if they get to know that i killed u nd they wud give me presents she laughs..
Bihaan : u dnt think u r a witch ?
Thapki : truth is always bitter…?
Bihaan : wth? Wat truth madam b for bihaan pandey is a h for hero.
Thapki (pointing her finger towards him ? ) : oh plzz u .. blo..
B4 she cud speak bihaan holds her finger nd puts its down.

Bihaan : ungli niche ? nvr eveb dare to point finger on me i dnt like it at all miss tha oh !! Forget it u idiotic named girl chuk chuk gadi uk wat i didnt eveb remember ur name see u r such a jerk. Nd m a hero whom every body admire m the gr8 bihaan pandey..
Thapki : i mean u and a hero ….srsly ? uk wat u r a m for moti bhudi nd m for a monkey.
She laughs nd bihaan gets irked.
Both of them together puts their finger on each other nd glare each other angrily. When thapki notices peice of her saree in his watch she gets shocked.
Note : she didnt saw that man in whose watch her saree got stuck so that ‘s y she is shocked.
She gets shocked that he is the same guy. She thinks y she felt a wierd feeling when he was near her in morning.
Bihaan thinks i got mesmerised in temple when i saw her but she is a witch i hate her y did i thought that she wud b good …
They had an eyelock for few secs… they turn their back to each other nd mooves in opp direction. Tune of ek duje k vaste plays nd screen freezes.

Precap : thahaan date thapki ‘s lover will be revealed.

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