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You and me : thahaan part 25


The sound of the slap resonated through the hall of pn….evryone was knocked for a loop by her sudden move….bihaan’s blood boiled as her palm hit his left cheek now….but anger adulterated with trbls was visible on thapki’s face……


Bihaan was blazing in incense…thapki’s act rankled him it was not that she slapped him for the first time , last time also she did that when they came across for the first time but that time he was magnetized towards her morover she used her kindness as her camouflage but this time she disowning him riled him , also previously there was a soft corner for her & his hrt was involved which never came into existance for any girl but she was exception nd rt now that hrt which was already sacared to trust anyoneΒ  was shattered nd was combusting in agony…
Bihaan clenched his fist and then slowly released his fingers to calm himself…..he stepping into the character encated his role…
Bihaan faking tears but somewhere deeply his hrt was bleading which came in form of liq from his eyes….for bihaan it was fake but for sahir it was echt..
Bihaan ( placing his palm on thapki ‘s shivering shldrs ) : listen, i love u nd i mean it thapki so….
His next gesture left thapki torpid , she was benumbed &just looked at him gaping…


Bihaan was sitting in front of her knealt down & forwading his cheek to her…
Bihaan : thapki my love is pure , nd i can even accept death from u smiling & its just a slap at least through a slap u will touch me….
Thapki : dnt do this plz….(breaking ) p..plz bihaan…..m get…ting married y dnt…u u..ndr..stnd…nd u broke…my ttru…st i th..ought… at least u r unlike everyone i con..sidere u b my ff..rn..d b..ut i guess..g.god wants me to s..suffer ev..erytime…uk bihaan…. i was..b..broken already , b..ut still i was sur…viving at least….b..ut today…u t..tore m…e apart….m…f..finished kha..tam ho g..gai hu mai ( m finished)….
Thapki grabbed his collars & shaked him strt away looking into her eyes ,
Bihaan (hrt) : these eyes r so pure i dnt think she’s lyng or can betray nyone….
Bihaan (mind) : dnt u dare…now stop pushing bihaan into this now he’s already hurt…now just shut up…nd do hell with her blo*dy eyes…
Bihaan without wasting time went with his brain but somewhereΒ  he knew,
Bihaan (soul ) : damn these eyes still affects me…..ahh !! I cnt help it i cnt stop drowning in them…but no not now….she cnt befool me again…
Thapki : y u…stabbed me in b..ack…u r..a ss…erpent…bi..haan… i…hate u…
Bihaan : thapkiΒ  ik u too love me…
Thapki (yelling) : noooooooooooooooo….i cnt…i…i cnt an…yone i…i ccnt….in ff…act i dnt…love the mm…an m marrying y dnt u undrstnd….s..stop bb…eing stbrn…i cnt t…trust love again….plz go..go..go away…plz…(joinig hands & crying)…


Bihaan feeling contended seeing her state..simprd but still he dint knew y his hrt is craving to wipe those tears away to hug her to take her pain away but today he was the reason for that pain…nd he again bypassed his hrt..

Bihaan (mind) : thapki…its just begining…

Bihaan separated her handsΒ  pecked her cheek , smirking at dhruv & then wiping her tears he announced…
Bihaan : ladies & gentlemen i bihaan pandey solicit ur gracious presence on the occasion grand wedding of bihaan pandey & thapki chaturvedi
Thapki jerked his hand away &pushed him hard…
Thapki : i…w.wont marry u….
Dhruv : guards…guards…
Guards showed up ,
Dhruv :throw this man out rt now….
They held bihaan firmly & started pushing him out ,
Dhruv smirked…
Bihaan ( screaming ) : thapki do whatever u want to but do start the countdown darling coz after 3 days we will get married i promise u….wait for me thapki…to see me as ur groom..

Thapki covering her ears hastened towards her room….

Piu’s mansion,
Bihaan : doc. How ‘s ma ?
Doc : i wont give u a false hope…she’s still critical….but your maide is out of danger…nd yes if till tom. Ur mother gets conscious then i can save her so do pray…

Hall ,
Sahir : bihaannnnn bhaiiiiii….bihaannnn bhai….bihannnn bhaiiii….

Vasu’s room,
Doc : who the hell is shouting stop this shit rt now….
Bihaan : yeah sure…i’ll u tc of her..

Bihaan : sahir what the f**k u r doing here ?
Sahir : what m i doing & what u did ?
Dint u think abt thapki once….dhruv will kill her..
Bihaan : m doing all this for her only i want to rescue her that’s y…dnt wry i’ll handle…everythng…
Sahir : do u love her ?
Bihaan : o..of..course i do…
Sahir : y stammering ?
Bihaan : areee…nothing like that i do love her…dnt wry..i’ll protect her…
Sahir : look in my eyes…nd say…
Bihaan : yes i love her….
Sahir : ohk then i m….with u bhai…but u shudnt have done what u have done today now u will sheild her from dangers…
Bihaan : yes i will…but plz u go from here m not intrstnd in talking to u…dnt u forget what u did…u r a traitor…
Sahir turned around to leave he stopped on gait & stealing from bihaan catched his glimpse as bihaan was looking other side with his hands firmly placed on either side of his waist….
Bihaan : dimwit……i dnt love her…but sahir he never understood me nd then claims to b my best frnd…huh !! I wish sahir u ever understood me…hah..!!
Sahir : ik u dnt love her there ‘s something brewing in your devilish mind…i undrstnd u more than u bhai…that’s y i agreed to help so atleast i can knw ur strategies…

Sahir left.

Bihaan (hrt) : i guess i love her..
Bihaan (mind) : nope u dont…u hate her..
Bihaan (hrt) : then y did i forced bihaan to wipe her tears nd to kiss her…? It’s love isnt it bihaan …
Bihaan & his brain high fived each other…& had a great laugh mocking the poor hrt…
Bihaan : u r so stupid…like srsly…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Bihaan (mind) : bihaan did that bcz i wanted him to do ,he did that coz he knew that thapki cnt bear him touching her at that moment nd rt now she will b loathing herself might b feeling disgusted….she’ll b going through same feelings as bihaan did…
Its pure bliss to see her shattered cryng for help like ma did….now she’ll suffer nd suffer…..
Bihaan : nd mr hrt now stay in ur limits dnt u dare to raise ur voice now…u fooled me u tried to doom me..but not now……
Bihaan gazed at his img in the mirror…..
Bihaan : u shud party man she’ll be weeping rt now….lol !!…..nd the most hilarious thing is m feelng pity for myself not her that i trusted her….
Bihaan’s eyes brimmed & he broke down…..& resting his head against hard marble floor wept….

Thapki’s room,
Thapki : yuck……m…s..o bb…ad….m char..acterless how can…i..i cc..ommit ssuch a grave c…rime of nc…rgng bihaan… he’s h..hurt bcz of me today…. h..he loves me nd i..i slapped him….m..m ss..o bad…
No…no i..i sshud b punished….how can i s..stoop this low..ha..i sh..ud b pp..unishd…
Thapki looked here &there and then her gaze fell on the flaming scented candles…she extinguished the flame through her palm……she repeated the process with around 30 candles & when her hand was stark red…with a brownish shade & swollen she was stopped by sahir…
Sahir : thapkiiii what the hell u r doing stop this nonsense…

Thapki behaving like a maniac,
ThapkiΒ  : leave me sahir i…i.s..slapped him…i..i ww..anna punish m..myself…l..leave me…chodo mjhe…leave me…
Sahir in the heat of the moment in order to calm her slapped her….& thapki turned weak & broke down in his arms….cryng her hrt out…
Sahir caressed her hair..
Sahir : shh !! Sh!!Β  Calm down everythng ‘s gonna b alright…
Thapki : its bcz of me…sahir…t.that…now….
Idk…what..i did dh..ruv ww..ill kill him… hhow…will i s..ave him…. if some..thing h…appens to him i w..wont b able to forgive myself….s..sahir i c..cnt love him…i cnt nyone… y dont he u..understnd…
Sahir : thapki but y he seems to b a nice guy ?
Thapki clutching his kurta ,
Thapki : sahir… i c..cnt…i cnt chea..t on kka…bir…sahir… i can ne..ver ee..ver forget him… i cnt m..move on…i. can…nd i d…id his ff…at..e will bb s……as of kabi..r’s
She cried , cried & cried whole night in sahir’s arm around 5 in the morng she slept.. but sahir was still awake he dint slept coz he dint wanted to leave her alone…
As soon as sahir realised she’s fast asleep he lifted her up & laid her down on bed…covering her with blanket… he left the room..

Sahir’s room ,
Sahir tried to sleep but his brain dint wanted to he was adamant continuously thinking abt thahaan…
Everytime he closed his eyes sobbing thapki & broken bihaan was all he cud see…he wanted to help both of them coz he knew they love each other…..
Piu was also awake….& was passing by sahir’s room & founding him up she knocked at door…..
Piu : can i join u…if u dnt mind…
Sahir : that’s what i dnt have…
Piu : ik…u r dumb u dnt have any brain dnt need to inform me…(she giggled)
Sahir : he..he..he (sarcastically) so funny..see my stomach’s aching…from laughing…
Piu : ohk m bad at that biha..
She stopped midway realising what she was abt to say…
Sahir : bihaan bhai is good at that…
Piu : nah he’s good at stealing smiles from other ppl’s face…good at gifting sorrows..good at…cheating..good at back stabbing…good at slaughtering…uk sahir he can b good at anything but cnt make anyone smile he’s ruining now thapki bhabhi’s life after ruining mine…nd ik u r blaming urself..nd u might b feeling they both love each other nd u want to help them out but it isnt ur fault in fact its nobody’s except him…
Sahir : he’s not that bad piu…u just nneed to undrstnd him for once..that’s it…
Piu : ohk now leave him i’ll make u sleep come…
Sahir : what no plz..what will i do if u took mine advantage…..i mean if u raped me then ?
Piu suddenly climbed on him,sahir was under her & enlarging his eyeballs , gogelling her….
Piu : what r u lookin’ at ? Havn’t u seen any s*xy grl b4 ? Ik ik m too hot to handle but at least close ur mouth….vese arnt u afraid ? Dnt lie…

Sahir suddenly turned her & now he was on her….piu stared at him…shockingly..& tears filled in…with fear dispersing on her face
Sahir : what…? R u scared…
Piu : me its hurting….
Sahir (digging his nails in her sensitive skin ) : is it ? But….i thought u love being wild….
Piu : leave me….i was jus…
Sahir : kidding ?
Piu nodded hesistantly….
Sahir : m also doing the same…
Piu : u r getting s*xual….

Sahir stood up & heldΒ  her arm and pulled her up from bed and throwed her out of room…
Sahir : u r a girl nd these kind of pranks i mean getting on a boy dsnt suits a girl…Β  ur respect is in ur hands dnt spoil it….at least it was me hereΒ  but if it was any other boy u can imagine what cud have happened & then u cnt complaint that it was just a prank….cracking jokes r nice but practical jokes arnt….sometimes it can harm u…protect urself u r resp for urself not me ur family or ur frnds….
Piu bowed her head down….& a tear slipped out & landed on sahir’s foot…
Sahir was tormented seeing her weeping & he lowered his voice a bit…
Sahir : y r u cryng now ?
Piu : i just wanted to cheer u up…that’s y but tysm for the advice m sry….
Sahir was absorbed in guilty hearing her….
Sahir (mind) : f**k i guess i shouted more than it was needed….
Sahir to piu : m sry….i mean i dint mean to hurt u actually m dstrbd bcz of thahaan….
Piu : huh !! Thahaan what is it ? I mean such a wierd name whos he/she?
Sahir : nthng now u btr go & dnt poke ur nose in every matter u wildy…
Piu : scus me is that a nick name u r going to use for me if is it then its ridiculous….
Sahir : really then tooo i definitely love it gn wildy…
Piu : its mrng…
Sahir : whatever ,one & the same thing..
Piu : its dfrnt…plz…huh !!
Sahir (mind) : god no !! Her blood i hate siblngs bcz of these both if i’ll say smtng else she’ll start explng logics like bihaan bhai no…i guess i shud agree nd apologize..
Sahir to piu : yes m wrong u r right…now bye…
Piu : oh yeah b…
B4 she cud complt sahir closed door on her face…nd she made a pout..
Piu : mr arrogant…huh !! But he’s cute still…

Pn (morning ),
Thapki woke up & got ready in a btfl pink suit…with mirrors in it..& left her hair loose…


She came to dining hall for breakfast her eyes were swollen proving that she cried whole night….everyone was present in hall except sahir…he was still sleeping…
Thapki was about to put the bite in her mouth when kosi stopped her…
Kosi : what the hell u doing ?
Thapki : eating…
Kosi : vah what a marvls ans…cool !! Dnt uk uΒ  ninni…that today is karvachauth & u shameless creature came to eat…go rt now & get ready for karwachauth….(a festival for cpls in which women fasts whole day without drinking & eating for the long life of their beloved…all the women dresses up like wearing all the imp components like bangles , vermlin, hena etc..which is usually referred as saat shringar.. & finally when moon comes all the ladies break their fast performing a puja followed by drinking water & eating food from their bae’s hand)
Shradha : kosi aunty u dint tell her to fast y’day nd u dint even prepared sargi ( the women fasting gets up early in the mrng around 5 nd their mother in law prepares food for them called sargi ) for her…so how will she stay hungry whole day….nd it will b dfclt for her…i mean already the fast is tough nd now that she hadnt eaten sargi she’ll die till the moon dsnt shows up…
Kosi : u r not prt of this house so mind ur own bsns she is my to b daughter in law nd she needs to follow certain norms which r nscry to be an ideal bahu….
Bihaan : thapki y u r so reluctant….

Thapki wriggled in her chair recognising the voice….
Thapki stood up & glared him blankly…
Bihaan continuously gazing at her without breaking eye lock and he came very close to her…


Fear was visible on thapki ‘s face , for the first tym this closeness trbld her stirred an unknown fear inside her…looking at his tightened face….his face which was conveying his pain &Β  this tym she realised that the comfrt which usually his eyes exhibitted earlier when they were this close or togdr that was lost another layer of emotion is surfacing it she wondrd what these new born emotions cud b & her brain volunteered & suggested…i guess it’s hatred… ….which made her shiver in fear…..her eyes shimmered bcz of originating tears….& only thought of this ,constricted her hrt….but deep down she knew he’s changed…..
Bihaan (mind) : earlier u looked gorgeous when u smiled & now u look btfl when u cry….m loving this…
Dhruv dint intrptd in b/w them coz he knew that bihaan is playing with her feelings & he made a fullproof plan to expose him in front of thapki & own her hrt….he smirked thinking how intelligent he is….
Bihaan : if ur mother in law is saying somethin’ u shud do it knw u’ll keep fast…thapki u have to keep the fast for me….
Thapki looking strt in his eyes…
Thapki : never…ever

She turned to leave when she felt a strong grip on her wrist stopping her…she looked behind to find bihaan holding her hand….
Thapki : leave me….
Bihaan : u ‘ll keep the fast…
B4 she cud say nythng he in a nano sec placed her hand on shradha’s head ,
Bihaan : u have shradha’s swear….
Thapki was bomshelled & withdrawed her hand jerking his away…
Thapki : this is wrong u cnt force me….
Bihaan : i can baby….
Dhruv :Β  thank u bihaan pandey for making her agree…thapki u’ll fast so that our love live long…
Bihaan : yes y not may ur love live long but uk there ‘s a may nd ik that mine will coz my love dnt need suprt of fasts kind of thing to live long its strong enough that it will surpass generations nd will exist for eterninty my love is immortal…
Thapki : fine…i’ll fast but not for u mr bihaan ppandey i ‘ll fast ffor my to b husband dhruv…
Dhruv : i love u too thapki…
Bihaan simpered ,
Bihaan : lets see baby….btw ik u r doing this for me….
Thapki rushed to her room as fast as she cud…realising she’ll get caught under his gaze
Bihaan : chalie bhai…hm b chlte h milte h rat ko….( ohk i’ll also leave see u all at night…..)

Outside pn,
Bihaan. : i’ll make sure that u never forget this karvachauth thapki….never ever…u’ll regret harming my ma….

Thapki ‘s body shaked violantly as she cried her mascara & linerΒ  smuged ,her hands dyed in blood . She was sitting in a corner hugging herself coz rt now only she cud console herself…..her voice echoed in the samll cell….as she wept…disturbing sleep of others…
Fellow prisoners : will u just shut up u dumb lady stop cryng let us sleep for god’s sake nd if u r feeling this much guilty then u shud have thinked twice b4 killing someone…
Jailor : y u all r shouting what’s the matter cnt u all keep quiet blo*dy criminals…
Fp : sir , we cnt stay with her shift her to another cell she’s getting on our nerves…
Jailor : what’s ur prob stop cryng coz ur acting wont affect us….
Thapki shut her mouth & laid down on the hard floor of the jail…..remembering the most dreadful moment which filled her hrt with remoarse….
Thapki : stop it..i’ll shoot u…i said stop stop….bhum…bhum…bhum..bhum…

Police : u r under arrest….miss thapki chaturvedi….

Hello all , how r u ? I guess this tym i wasnt much late…..
Ohk i got some free tym this week so updated…
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Love u all my butys reading this….
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– simran✌


Yes gyz so i compltd 25 chapters today finally its a silver jbly πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ jk but srsly this was not possible without ur sprt tysm everyone who sprtd me in this btfl journey….when i strtd writing i srsly dint kmew that u all will like it this much πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
Love u all

  1. hey….finly someone post the ff….nw a days no one is updating regulrly….hapy to c ur ff…wl..uts amazing but end is scary….wht hapend qd thapki….m curious to knw….u always make some suspense which i like it….plz do update asap….l.u t.c

    1. Simrank

      Hey sadia tysm for cmntng nd sprtng me always. These cmnts r the only thng which ncrg me nd yes i ‘ll try to update soon i unrstnd how much u all wait for us…nd yes all the suspense wud b disclosed in n3xt oart love ya πŸ’•πŸ’–

  2. Please make story move faster, because I can see thapki get pain, please make story happy, not only dramatical. And please update soon

    1. Simrank

      Well vina first of all sweety tysm for ur cmnt nd girl ik u all cnt see her in pain but lem’me tell u my story is darker its isnt like happy stories so u all have to bear it nd regarding quickly i can but then i have to chamge whole plot so i need to go slow kindly bear me tysm for telling me what u want in the story…nd i’ll try if i can move it a bit fastly….

  3. amazing part last wala aila mata g jail chali gayi. . . Mai sapna dhk ri hu . . Kyuki jail jane ka haq to bihaan ka hai na original mai bi saza bs bihu ko mili hai. But its bit different madam g ko Pain back to back mile ja rha and I know bihu bi rone wala jb truth samne ayega . . Well simi Happy Sunday and so tell me ur fb DP or send me friend request manish goplanifp mani cap smiling face is my Dp . . Love u excited . Love everyone . .

    1. Simrank

      Anu u r so cutee..well i m dyhrt bihaan’s fan so cnt torture him that’s y poor thapki has to face it….nd sweety i dint found u on fb…& my dp is in tiara red top..


    slam thanx for update .How r u dear?i read it after done my work.ok bye tc

    1. Simrank

      Ohk babe i’ll wait πŸ’

  5. Hey!!
    First of all,u r an amazing writer.your ff is fantastic, i just luv it and one more thing your story line is mych better then original tpk.god bless u.bye

    1. Simrank

      I suppose u r a silemt rdr & this gives me utter plsr when a new person cmnt ohh that’s a huge compliment m glad u loved my story this much love ya sweety ty πŸ’ keep rdng nd cmntng πŸ’œπŸ’œ

  6. yar simi I search you a lot but I couldn’t find u give me a proper description or search me I have two fb account anu pandit with manish pic as dp and cover pic. . And one is manish goplanifp. . . Love you so much

    1. KUDRAT

      Same to same muje bhi nhi mila… β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜ƒ

    2. Simrank

      Ohk i’ll try and search u ohk


    Simi Didi….
    mmuuuaaaahhhhhh… πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
    mmuuuaaaahhhhhhhhh πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
    mmmmuuuaaaaaaahhhhhh πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

    Didi aap bhot mast trike s story aage l ja rhe ho…
    Aap such m bhot kmaal ka kaam ker rhe ho… You write two love pairs in one story nd both are amazing… Pairs
    Jia Jodiii ko humne dekha h Osko psand kerna koe brii baat nhi but jise humne nhi dekha… Ose psand kerna.. Really very tough work for readers…
    Or Y sirf ek acha writer hi possible ker Sakta h…
    I really love Pihu, sahir pair nd sahir character is fantastic πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
    Heads off to your imagination..
    Her scene….
    I want to just πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ for you..

    Nd you just nailed it today..
    Stay blessed Didi…
    Begvaan aap ko din Dino ek new talent s pyaar kre…
    We all love you lot..
    I love you lot..
    mmuuuaaaahhhhhh πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

    1. Simrank

      Rulaogi kya, itna pyar sachi m speechless nd b4 pairing sahir nd piu i was wndrng wdr ppl will like them but u all loved them tooo so this again an acheivement for me srsly ty kudrat i just love u from the bottom of my hrt πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›


    Slam.congraculation for 25 chepters.this part is amazing and emotional .feeling bad for thapki.But i m much worried about bihu bcoz when the truth revealed bihu face more pain like original tpk.but u r amazing and thanx for update.plzzz update next soon bye good ni8 Allahafiz tc.

    1. Simrank

      Slam tysm iqra m glad u liked it nd these 25 prts were’nt possible without ur sprt nd other rdrs….love u sweety…πŸ’œπŸ’•
      Keep rdng nd cmntng…πŸ’š


    Plzzzzz bihu ko zada mat rolana ok .

    1. Simrank

      Promise nhi rulaogi πŸ’βœŒ

  10. Hey!
    I really like your ff.thahaan scenes are fastastic.plzzz add more thahaan scenes.i m desperate to know what’s going on in nxt episode.plzzzz try to update soon.bye

    1. Simrank

      Tysm babe nd glad u cmntd ur cmnt made my day i’ll surely update soon love u πŸ’œ

      1. you r so sweet.U deserve this appreciation and thank you for reply . i luv u 2.bye

  11. KUDRAT

    Congratulations Didi for completing silver jubli… πŸŽŠπŸŽˆπŸŽ†πŸŽ‡πŸŽ‰πŸŽ€πŸŽˆπŸŽˆ
    Ek dark story ko etne numbers tek phochana such m bhot brii baat h…
    Ek writer k Lea Y bhot brii achievement h..
    So big nd tight hug from my side completing lovable 25 episode..
    Nd I wish ki 100+ episodes ho…
    Love you…
    Stay blessed with more nd more talent..
    Nd you know this is 2nd time when I read this ff… πŸ‘’πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘

    1. Simrank

      Tysm kudrat this wasnt possible without ur sprt so tysm for ur sprt nd love πŸ’ nd a tight hug from my side too i dnt think 100 + episodes hoge…but around 50 to ho hi jaege…love u πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

  12. KUDRAT

    Thapki arrest… 😱😱😱😱

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