You and me : thahaan part 21

Bihaan who was half naked sensed thapki ‘s gaze & his hrt ascertaining her presence overflowed with exhilaration. His muscular body tightened under her intense gaze.
Thapki on the other hand was in a state of shock , amazed with the glimpse of wound . Her chief organ , brain was held captive by suspicion all of sudden a oodles of question stormed in without her sanction,

Question 1 : Thapki,what if he ‘s really bihaan ?

Question 2 : how wud u tackle out situation then ?

Question 3 : what if like everyone else he too bamboozled u ?

Question 4 : wud u b able to close ur eyes to it then ?

Question 5 :  but y the hell in world he wud betray u thapki ?

Question 6 : but what if he had some hidden intentions ?

Question 7 : wud u hate him then ?


All these questions were kicked out by her hrt that too without thapki ‘s consent.

Hrt : just get away u cheapsters…my bihaan cnt hurt me not even in his wildest of dreams…

Brain : u better stay away . Firstly , stop butting in on my persnol life u r nobody to throw my guests like that nd secondly, bihaan isnt urs same goes for our mistress.

Bihaan stepped in for  bailing her out  as usuall , dragging her out of her cogitation.
Bihaan ‘s harsh yet soothing voice grasped her attention , he spoke as he wore his shirt and his gaze adhered on reflector , analysing his looks carefuly.
Bihaan : so , turned on u r ?
Thapki : huh…? What the…
Bihaan : girls ummm girls dnt look good while abusing , i percieve.
Thapki : yep u catched it right mr girlssss ? dnt look good while abusing but, their behaviour is vulnerbale to situations and situations r prone to ppl specifically in case of men , nd men show a wide variety of range , they r highly variable let me elaborate,
Bihaan : no dnt plz…
Thapki : whatever i will …huh.?
Type 1 : well behaved ,  kind , lovable ,  well mannered ,  loyal and trustworthy , influencing ,  courtly and refined.
Here comes ,
Type 2 : arrogant , boastful , short tempered , ccrazy , sspoiled brat etc….
Nd gguess what ik a person whose of type 2….
Bihaan raises his eyebrows throwing a questioning look at her while she continued,
Nd tthat is none other than u nd invective wwords just cleaves to u as if u r a mmagnet nd they r iron fillings…..
Bihaan parts his lips to speak but b4 he cud initiate thapki again jumped in ,
Thapki : btw ffor ur kind kknowledge, i wud love to enlighten u with the actuality that iik a type 1 person too….
Bihaan : aha !!
Thapki ( mind ) : i jjust wanna observe ur facial expressions now…..
Thapki : umm yep , nd uk whos that?
Bihaan shrugged.
Thapki : B for bihaan pandey he ‘s my ttype 1.

Bihaan who tried to curb in his arousing flush and expressions , his name from her mouth evoked a strong desire deep inside him and added to it she spoke the way he use to say. However , no matter how hard the poor boy tried but his lips were reluctant and thickheaded just like their possesor and carved a big smile nd his cheeks turned red , he averted his gaze to the reflector back trying to neglect her to the best of his ability, thapki closely scrutinized the change in his expression which just fueled her doubt more…
Bihaan : te mai ki kra hoega oh tvada hero baki tusi te ae socho ki tvanu unhu milna ni e vrna mai ta serious ho jana g ( so what shud i do  he might b ur hero but rather than thinking these stupid things focus on the imp things that u r forbdn to meet him nd if u met him then i wud turn serious )
Thapki : u r a utter mmoron…!!
Bihaan : thanku ! Btw rt now all this p for pakao and p for pravachan u gave me dnt u think that was quite time arresting , i mean u cud have simply stated what u wanted to say uk when things cud turn out to b simpler y girls like u complicate it…
Thapki : scuse me !!
Bihaan : scused…now stop molesting me with that gaze of urs (covering his chest ) m feeling robed rt now i mean i completely see eye to eye with u to the factuality that m quite stately and handsome but that dsnt mean that u got my authorization to r*pe me with just ur those adorable big eyes…

Thapki was about to reply when all of a sudden a bell ringed in thapki ‘s brain and she gaped at bihaan ,
Bihaan was bewildered at her sudden reaction and thapki cursed herself for consuming so much time for registering a simple reality ,
Bihaan : oh madam ,what now ?
Thapki : wwhat did u just say ?
Bihaan : r u crazy or what , i didnt
utrd a single word at this point of time.
Thapki sealed his lips with her velvety palm and abolished him to speak further and unknown to their closeness , posture she proceeded…
Thapki : u rt now spoke the same way he converses….
Bihaan just focused his retina on her alluring visage , taking in her picture , inhaling in her fruity aroma, bottomlessly. Unknown to him and thapki he istinctively lifted his brawny forearms to encircle her fragile waist , first he placed his forearmes around her and the next he gave her a slight push filling in closeness , thapki loosed her grip from his rosy lips and all she cud do was look in his tiny black orbs , laying her hands on his clothed shoulders. Bihaan constantly moved his hand on her bare waist being exposed by her saree , he drew circles with his fingers sending one after the other chills down her spine , she cud feel her body growing spiky and to relish the current moment she put the curtains down , her eyelids.
Bihaan whispered in her right ear tucking her black locks behind,
Bihaan : who ?
This was it , reality dawned on her earning a push for bihaan , she with all her strength pushed him freeing herself.
Thapki : mmaintain distance plz , nd stay iin ur limits u see i want to mmolest u but intentions is urs i assume.
Well , lleave all this nd how did u spoke like him ?
Bihaan : who ?
Thapki : bihaan….just the way he voices starting alphabet of words before putting them in voice, for instance, the way u spoke p for pravachan nd p for pakao.
Bihaan : voooo i…i….i (stuttering) just saw i….it in a movie…
He turns around facing his back to her to avoid eye contact,
Thapki : i never expirienced anyone speaking llike that nd movie wud b rather rare, ohk still benifit of doubt , which one ? Ttell me the nname .
She stated firmly. Bihaan gripped some time b4 answering….pondering over what to say..
Bihaan : ohk ,i..i saw it in a punjbai…ha yes punjabi movie… u mmay not b familiar wwith it.

( Flashed his teeths out )
Thapki : still nname wud go well with me….so kindly tell me .
Bihaan (mind) : gajab ! Aj is chuk chuk gadi kya ho gya j for jagga or j for jasoos bne kyu fir ri h lgta h bihaan pandey apki hone wali mrs bihaan pandey abhi se b for biwi banne ki practice kr rhi h kuch to krna pdega soch beta soch….
(Gajab ! Today what happend to her ? Y is she wandering around as a detective , i guess mr bihaan pandey urs to b mrs bihaan pandey is regersing to b ur wife but rt now need to do something man think…)
Thapki : y ddo u take so much time…huh!!(huffing)
Bihaan : bcz…i…i was trying to recall the name but i failed so m sry….i forgot..
Thapki : fine , btw y did u bathe at this hhour i mean eeveryone ‘s preparing for dinner, so ?
Bihaan answered without thinking.
Bihaan : vo , i ggot drenched.
Thapki (mind ) : so ddid bihaan….
Thapki : how ?
Bihaan (mind) : damn , bihaan too got drenched in front of her are! meri maa kya ho gya h tujhe kyu meri  band bja ri h , soch bihaan soch kaise bachega is jangli billi se
( oh !! My mother what happened to u y r u constantly trying to frame me again think bihaan think how to defend from this wild kitten)
Thapki : again this mmuch time to reply…
Bihaan : voo my brain is quite slow na , a bit lazy. To na unu time lgda h order den lai te muh nu bolan lai…

(So that ‘s why consumes time to order the mouth to speak )
Thapki : not funny at all, i jjust want my answer…
Bihaan : vo…i…i..i ha yes i fell in bathtub…
Thapki : ohk , oone last question…
Bihaan took hold of her forearm and pulled her along with him and throwed her put of the room slamming wooden door on her face and she just gaped at the closed door realizing what just happend with her.
Bihaan (mind) : sry chuk chuk gadi i was in a lurch cudnt help but just to get rid of ur questions i did this coz i cnt afford to make u knw the truth otherwise all the waterbucket wud b spilled on my plan.
Thapki : hhow dare he , but wait all the things which he did idk some or the other made their way to bihaan and the way he spoke resembled to bihaan’s style nd most importantly that wound….is he srsly a judas ?
Her conscience stood as a bulwark against her skepticism regarding bihaan.
Consciense : But ur highness , u cnt mistrust him like that he did so much for u i  i dnt think he will betray us like that u shud trust him no matter what, he ‘s bihaan nd that ‘s enough.
Thapki : yes right afterall he ‘s bihaan….
Hrt : ur highness! sry for obtruding in ur affairs but its related to bihaan so i have right to speak up and i just wanted to say dint u noticed that i nd u felt the same warmth and solace in raman’s iron grip as if that was bihaan ‘s otherwise i wud have rebelled against his touch…right ?
Thapki & brain : absolutely agreed…. but we need to find out truth behind raman and bihaan there ‘s a strong bearing btwn them.

Dhruv’s room ,
Dhruv : interesting , very interesting so kabir pandey is alive my brother is alive……hahahahahahahahahhaha?? (monstrously laughing)
Girl : have u gone batty ? M staid he ‘s breathing not defunct y dnt such a small thing penetrates inside ur head , mr dodo…..
Dhruv with the velocity of lightening held her neck in his iron grip and then thrusted girl hard against hard deeply marbled floor. She glared at him with coals combusting in her eyes.

Dhruv (sighing) : dnt dare to mess with me , kabir  oh kabir ,stubrn like bihaan….
Well , u wont b breathing for long my boy , every human is mortal nd so is u ur cessation is near kabir…
Btw where is he ?
Girl : somewhere in virhaan paradise but idk exactly where is he staying there….
Dhruv : well who cares about him the thing which is of main interest for me is bihaan my baby find something abt him.
Girl nodded.
Girl (mind) : ik that raman is bihaan but at any cost i wont tell u this otherwise u will make mincemeat of my plans…and i wont let that happen till i die…
Dhruv : get out right away….i dnt want to see ur face..
Girl : oh, listen m not ur slave u need me i dnt need u nd if u wanna converse like this then better dnt talk to me coz for me nothing worths than my self-regard.
She proceeded towards dhruv and the next dhruv was holding his cheek and glaring at her retreating figure.
Dhruv (growling) : how dare she….? How dare sheeeeeeee…? I will see to it that u get special treatment this night…..

Dining hall ,
Everyone was seated and dhruv along with his mother startded his supper but saiu and shradha waited for raman and thapki to enter the arena and then start the dinner with them .
Thapki entered in dining hall followed by bihaan. She saw a empty chair beside dhruv and had an ardent desire  to avoid the situation sitting beside a man whom she abominates the most in this universe, but her helplessness overpowered and the poor girl was forced to go the way she dint wanted to. Bihaan understood where thapki is heading and he ran like an insane man and b4 thapki cud sit in fact reach the seat he positioned himself beside dhruv and throwed a wide smile on thapki teasing her , thapki blustered throwing daggers at him using her big eyes, although she was grateful to him but didnt wanted to see him that, dhruv looked at bihaan awkwardly and questioningly  and so did thapki this was when bihaan engulfed dhruv in a side hug leaving everyone present their especially dhruv stunned.

Dhruv trying to free himslef spoke ,
Dhruv : what the hell r u doing leave me…
Bihaan (mind ) : mujhe koi mza ni aa rha tujhe aise pakadne me tu konsa thapki h, upr se nhata b ni ye intni gandi boo aa ri h isms se bas tu thapki se dur rhe islie m sitting here. ( m not enjoying holding u as u r not thapki and moreover , u dint bathe and such a foul odour u have m just doing this for the sake of thapki so that u stay away from her.)
Dhruv : leave me…
Bihaan : are !! My cute dhuru today we will eat together i mean lets get over our sour memories and lets make good ones.
Dhruv (hissing) : how many times shud i tell u stop calling me with that shitty name…
He jerks bihaan away and continued eating while bihaan made a annoyed face at him and raised his hands in air imitating dhruv while he was bizy eating food and the room was filled with laughters of members of pn but the one laughter who acted as antiseptic for bihaan ‘s pumping organ his thapki ‘s laugh.
Thapki placed herslef beside raj and bihaan ‘s smile vanished in a second and he throwed a death glare? at raj and then at thapki ?and she gave him a mind ur bsns look ?.
Bihaan (sighing) : y everybody wants to steal my girl….?
Bihaan made faces at her.???
Thapki didnt make notice of his actions.
He was continously looking at her and thapki was aware of his gaze and a stark red pigment dissipated on her cheeks.
Something cooked inside bihaan’s brain and an evil smirk appeared on his lips and he gazed at serene fig of thapki. He slowly proceeded through his leg towards thapki ‘s feets and kicked her slighly . Thapki shivered at his suddem move and spoon slipped from her grip and landed on glass plate creating noice and attracting everyone’s attention.

Dhruv : dnt u have manners? eat properly without creating noice…
Thapki : i..m  ssry…
Dhruv : zip up…
Thapki responded back and kicked bihaan hard a bit and both started a fight under the table. Raj who grew doubtful of thapki ‘s and raman’s eyelock and passing smirks to each other  he intentionally dropped his napkin and bent down to put it back to table and thahaan were so engrossed in each other that the dint noticed him doing so and raj was astounded by the discovery he just made but chose to b quiet rt now and confront thapki later. Raj ‘s gaze fell on piu sitting beside sahir having her fruit salad quietly , an errant idea knocked in and he simpered which didnt go unnoticed by sahir. Raj facsimiles bihaan ‘s action and gave a seducing kick to piu who coughed violantly catching on to his act.
She shuffled her feats back and throwed a jittery glance at raj and raj again replicated his action. Piu a bit scared looked at sahir and sahir looked straight in her eyes and he didnt knew what in him made him deduce what she ‘s trying to say , piu averted her gaze back to her plate and sahir glanced under table and his eyeballs chose to grow big and the next moment raj stood up shouting holding his foot and thapki stood trepidiously and held him firmly helping him to stand, raj staggered and somehow managed to reach foamy sofa with thapki ‘s support and sat their wincing in pain , his whole foot  by now was  enveloped in a tomato red sticky fluid and thapki cried unwillingly seeing her frnd ‘s pain and making bihaan ‘s hrt to ache by her action.
Bihaan ( mind ) : how can u do this thapki ? Y do u even care for these blo*dy ppl so much man ? Nd ur tears damn i cnt see u  crying not even for me or bcz of me nd here u r shedding it for such a bastard…
Thapki : dnt wwry raj i did dressing u’ll be fine soon man….
She cupped his cheeks and assured him for his btr recovery burning bihaan in ocean of envy.

Raj looked at sahir with blazing eyes and sahir reciprocated his action by even more irated look , that was mayb a nascense of a cold conflagration amid them.
Piu collared his forearm and drawed him out of the hall to a corner sneakingly .
Piu : gajab , have u lost ur marbles what u did at the table was utterly wrong…
Sahir : oh so miss universe was enjoying being molested by that nauseating man i mean like srsly. i mean i bring off u from that situation nd u r here standing in front of me shouting at me without a reason…
Piu (blushing) : srsly ?
Sahir : what ?
piu : m miss universe in ur eyes…?
Sahir (muttering) : what the…..f*ckkkkkk, both siblings try to fill in humour in ever complicated situation…i wish i never met them but now i cnt shake this off….
Piu : say…
Sahir : u didnt hrd what all i spoke ?
Piu : yeah i heeded everything u were talking about some reason lem me recall wait……
Yes (snapping her fingers) ya , u were talking something about reason wait now i get it haa i mean srsly u justify ur action u hitted him with a glass..
Sahir : i didnt do that plz…
Piu : oh dnt pretend , i saw that u took hold of glass and intentionally slipped it down at his feets when i backed off mine. Y did u rose this much agitated that too for me ? Ik m irresistible but…
Sahir : stop this shit plz, i cnt tollerate bihaan bhai ‘s female version he is alone enough…
Piu (pointing her index finger at him ) : u just shut up ohk , dnt even dare to compare me with that  abhorrent creature. Just stay away from me….is that clear…
Sahir pinned her to wall violantly,
Sahir : dnt even dare to badmouth my bihaan bhai is that clear if isnt than make it crystal clear….coz m fedup of u i dnt undrstnd when u dnt knw the truth then how can u b so much cruel towards ur own brother.
Sahir after spewing his anger on her realised their posture and he backed off hastingly and left her there fuming.

Hall ,
Dhruv : he will b fine thapki u just leave him…and listen to the joyous news that i want u all  to knw…
Thapki : ( his good news means mine bad time is about to commence) wwhat ?
Dhruv : day after tom. Is our sangeet and the other day mehendi then next haldi and then the grand wedding nd u will be…
He stopped and neared bihaan and placed his palms on his shldr and pressed his palms gainst his iron shldrs , digging his trimmed nails in bihaan’s covered flesh , and then said the most horrendous and revolting words which made bihaan ‘s connective tissue (blood) boil….he cudnt help but just bow his head down clinching his eyes to release tears sneakingly… did thapki.
Dhruv : so just 5 days to go for thapki to b Mrs DHRUV PANDEY… so how ‘s the news ?
Raj was the first one to react,
Raj : ohk bro m delighted to knw that u r getting married but man r u inhumane i mean how can i make u both reherse with my wounded foot ?
Thapki : yyes so lets just call off wwedding….what say ?
Bihaan : hag hag tusi sai kh re ho
(Yes yes u r right )
Dhruv : u all may now go to  coz i will doze off any moment m zonked rt now nd tmrw wud b loads of works and no one wud get time to rest so just sleep good night…
Thahaan was gawking at his retreating fig but he suddenly turned and smiled at thapki…
Dhruv : good night , Mrs Dhruv pandey…
Bihaan : good night dhuru…
Dhruv  annoyed hearing that word and left quickly.
Thapki too feeling all her dreams shattered headed to her room.
Raj who was expiriencing a strong feeling of hatred for dhruv too left…

Sahaan and raj ‘s room,
Raj was snoring comfrtbly enoying his deep slumbr while bihaan stood in balcony gazing at stars….and sahir wanted to accompany him nd went towrds balcony , he knocked at door b4 entering..
Bihaan : what do u want ?
Sahir : u..
Bihaan : dnt tell me now u r a gay…
Sahir : no i…i mean wanted to talk to u…so may i come in…
Bihaan : if i ‘ll say no then also u will  come so better option wud b u may enter with my consent….
Sahir : thanku , ik u hate me still ,but just wanted to talk to u regarding vasu aunty…
Bihaan turned to him in a nanosec and responded.
Bihaan : about ma what ? Is she alright ? M so damned mindless forgot about ma completely .
Sahir : yeah , she’s alright just wanted to suggest u to pay visit to piu ‘s mansion its been days u went their sje might b worried about u….ik u wont listen to me so u have thapki ‘s swear…m sry i had no other choice…
Bihaan (spoke through clenched teeths )  :  what the hell is wrong with u thapki ‘s swear u i will slaughter u one day….??
He went inside the room nd came back with a rope fastened it around strong railing and then around his waist and jumped down….
Sahir smirked positively as he left and he too went inside to sleep.

Piu’s mansion ,
As sokn as bihaan reached vestibule of his bunglow all he cud hear is maria , servent squealing his mother ‘s name followed by loud crys….
Bihaan rushed upstairs to the area from where voice was coming and stood their as horror dispersed on his  body.

So here ‘s the next update for which u all were waiting and i did it ik ik m late…
Within a day or 3 i will upload first part of my another ff.

Sry for being late….
Love u all ??
Tysm for ur support nd love that u showered on me ?
Sry for typing errors dint gave a scnd read moreover m not well…

             ? Credit : simran ?

Catch u all again in next prt till then
Love u all…

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