You and me : thahaan part 20


Thapki was still rooted to her place where she was standing. A white pallor dispersed on her tantalising face thinking about aftermath that cud have been caused by the revelition of truth and the mere thought of the fact made her languid hrt shudder in terror. Shradha shaked her cemented figure bringing her back to reality.
Shradha : thaps, this isnt fair u didnt even informed me about raj i mean nowadays u sheild ur most of the secrets from me….
Shradha was jabbering constantly while thapki ‘s mind and hrt was again clouded by thoughts of bihaan. Her hrt was shivering in an unknown fear of loosing the newly found happiness – “Bihaan”.
As soon as shradha realised that thapki is again engrossed in her inoperable thoughts anger aroused in her and she almost screeched  in earsplitting voice which almost brought thapki ‘s hrt to her mouth.
Shradha : thappppppssss !! What ‘s wrong with u ? y r u overlooking my words ? I mean m talking to u from last 15 mins and u r not even responding.
Thapki : its not like that shradha…aactually i was just pondering over ssomething say na what u were saying…..m ssry
Shradha placed her hand over thapki’s and gave it a gentle squeeze and smiled at her b4 breaking her silence into words.
Shradha : its fine thapki m like ur older sis aint i ? If something’s there bothering u u can straightaway tell me and ur face is conveying everything that something ‘s stabbing u right in ur hrt….right ?
Thapki gave a short nod as her eyes sheened with fluid formed in them. A drop trickled down dampening her cheek. Thapki suddenly throwed herself on shradha and broke down.
Shradha was startled by her sudden move and then reciprocated the hug gently caressing her silky hair.
Shradha : hey shhh !! Its fine what happened ? Did any one say something tell me i will break his / her teeth.
Thapki : (weeping) shra…dha i..i…i am scared…. scared …scared of l…loosing everything …. m sscared of loo…sing him.
A confused expression spreaded on her face wondering what is she talking about? loosing him ? ? when something clicked in her mind that what she meant by him .
Shradha : dnt wry princess no one will snatch ur dhruv from u….(laughing )
Shradha pulled herself out from thapki ‘s fragile arms and cupped her small tearstained puppy face.
Shradha (wiping her tears ) : uk what thapki  u r turning into a scary cat from wild one . Thapki i m happy for u that u moved on with dhruv . Seeing ur affection and care towards him made me feel that i m doing right…
Thapki : w…what r u d..doing ?
Shradha : attending this marriage…stupid, thapkiii dnt u think that u think alot….wait dnt think that bcz for thinking that u again need to think and u already think alot so u need a break from thinking so stop thinking. What u think ? I mean right ?
Thapki gave her a ” i didnt understand a word ” look and both the girls broke into laughter which washed away thapki ‘s worries and as soon as they composed themselves thapki embraced shradha into a hug as a gesture of saying thanks while shradha in turn patted her shldr soothingly.
Shradha : and thapki if u r scared regarding ur dhruv ‘s life then i wud suggest u to once again become the old wild cat of mine and sometimes there ‘s no harm in being a bit solipsistic hope my words penetrated ur thick head bhudhu….(foolish)
Shradha chuckled and left.
Thapki (mind) : yep! shradha u r right there’s no harm in being self -interested and i need to abide by ur words…..(winks) ? now eeveryone will see a tthapki which they cant iimagine in their wildest ddreams.
Thapki smirked and left.

Sahir ‘s room,
Sahir : so raj this is mine and raman’s room , u like it ?
Raj : no…i..
Bihaan : thanku!!
Raj : sorry….for what ?
Bihaan : u loved our room for that..
Raj : i didnt said that…did i ?
Bihaan : yep u didnt…but if u didnt liked it…. then definitely u loved it…
Sahaan giggled silently.
Raj : ohk u gyzz stop this baloney and let me take ur leave…
Bihaan grabbed his muscular forearm and thrusted him back.
Bihaan : what ‘s the hurry bro ? Lets have a quick chat come on…
Sahir : btw u loved laddus (sweets) that we made u eat ?
Raj : srsly eat ? Bullshit man!  u made me gulp them….
Bihaan : oh, dodo !! Stop expending ur already bounded brain in such  puerile things i mean srsly like
there ‘s no diversity in eating and gulping….
Bihaan huffed.
Sahir : yep one & the same thing…
Raj : nope, obviously there is distinctiveness i mean eat means….
Bihaan : sry neither this ditzy motif interests me nor i asked u to elaborate…in simple words not interested in this crap.
Sahir chortled at bihaan ‘s spoofy remark.
Their attention was called off by emerging figure of thapki and she chimed in.
Thapki : ssorry boys , if i diverted u all…..
Raj : no , not at all sweet hrt !!
Bihaan clenched his hand into a fist and glared raj.
Bihaan : u did…
Thapki gave him a ” i dnt give a damn look ” and confirmed it by vocalising it.
Thapki : i..i dnt care…anyway…
she faked a smile at him and took hold of raj ‘s hand and drew him out to the balcony….while sahaan followed them but was prohibited to enter as thapki slammed door on their faces. Bihaan hastened to piu’s room from where he cud get a pellucid vista of balcony , followed by sahir.
Bihaan gave a short knock on her door and as she unlocked it bihaan barged in and without uttering a single word rushed towards balcony and witnessed thapki standing miles away from raj which solaced his hrt a bit. Piu was utterly confused with this move of bihaan. She was about to shut the door  when sahir showed up all of sudden earning a horrified look coupled with a deafening scream and as a consequence she lost her balance and landed in sahir ‘s iron grip. Sahir gazed her innocent , crystalline face while piu ‘s eyelids were tightened in fear of meeting hard ground and as the moment dawned on her with a feeling of rough yet protective grip around her shaped waist made her lift up eyelids. She looked staight in
sahir ‘s eyes capturing his big eyes with hers. After an eternity they broke the eyelock and sahir withdrawed his arms leading piu to crash against hard floor and a wince escaped her lips as she rubbed her buttocks and shot a death glare at sahir.
Piu : waht the f*ck is wrong with u ?
Sahir neglected her and passed by her to reach his destination while piu gaped at his retreating fig.

Sahir’s room
Thapki (mind ) : cchill thapki u r not commiting any crime and thinking about ur own aid isnt a sin.
She heaved a sigh as she pretended to sob.
Thapki : s..sahir…..(crying) i i i am sry for conceilng my alliance tthing from u.
She turned her back to him as raj stared her confused.
Thapki (smirking) : aactually i and bihaan love each other alot bbut my fiance he’s ddevious and marrying me persuasively aand if u will reveal truth to hhim he will kill my bihaan…
Raj placed his palm on her shaking shldrs and gave it a soft squeeze.
Raj : hey! Dnt wry everything will b back to normal soon but thapki this isnt a solution i mean u cant just stay like that . U need to fight back and m with u nd yes enscosing truth behind ur hrt is definitely not a solution to ur problems nd if u can dare to love then have courage to confess it. Nd the most famous phrase – pyaar kiya to dharna kya….
Thapki (mind) : is he insane ? (Repeating sarcastically) Pyaar kiya to dhrna kya… i mmean srsly is tthis man airheaded? Ccalm down thapki pplay ur masterstroke.
Thapki ‘s body swayed violantly as she lost her consciousness and raj hastily took hold of her effete body.
Raj (slapping her cheeks lightly) : thapki hey , what happend…

Piu ‘s room,
Bihaan was witnessing everything and rt now his blood was boiling . Sahir was standing in a corner quietly observing bihaan ‘s actions and smiling to himself seeing his brother’s devotion towards thapki although it hurted him but he neglected the fact as by acknowledging it he didnt wanted to worsen situations further.
Bihaan ‘s eyeballs were fixed at thapki and seeing her in that raj ‘s arms was just fueling his fury. He breathed in and out in order to console his lungs…

Sahir’s room ,
Thapki ( making a pretence of being half conscious ) : ppro…mise me r..raj that t..that u will no..t tell to an…anyone…pro…mise me…
Raj : but thapki i will induce him in letting u marry bihaan…..
Thapki : i..i m dy..dyng plz ra..j p..p..plz
She closed her eyes kindeling fear inside him and to make up situation to look a bit realistic. Chills ran down raj ‘s spine giving him goosebumps with his trembling phalanges he patted her rosy cheeks.
Raj : thap..thapki wake up i pro..mise i wont tell anything to anyone wake up…
She in a split second opened her eyes and stood up with a jerk astounding sahir and encircled him in a hug.
Thapki : ttysm. Ty ty ty raj….( m sry bhagwan g ( god ) ffor the first and the last time i m lieng i ppromise i want commit this grave crime again bbut ffor the first and last time m being selfish )

Piu ‘s room ,
Bihaan ‘s jaw almost dropped to ground seeing thapki in his arms . His hrt broke into 1000 pieces in that one moment tears threatened to roll down . His eyes alarmingly brimmed and his hrt ached. He hurriedly rushed towards sahir ‘s room and stormed in but to his surprise room was empty he banged door in anger and destroyed the room unknown to him his milky cheeks were heated up as saline fluid trickled down and moistened them.
Bihaan (mind) : y u do this thapki ? I just cnt….cnt bear the thought or sight of u with an..nother man i…i just cnt….

Evening , sahir ‘s room
Bihaan was fast asleep when a comforting giggeling woke him and he pushed door slighlty . He was welcomed by laughing face of thapki but  was completely pissed off finding her laughing with raj. Bihaan closed the door with a thud attracting
thapki ‘s attention towards the room she excused herself from raj  and neared his room. She gave a short knock on the door.
Bihaan knew that the one knocking door is none other than thapki and this was the moment when a naughty glint appeared on his face and something cooked inside his froward brain and he smirked evilishly.
Thapki stood there knocking for about 10 mins and dissapointed she turned around to leave when suddenly door flinged open and in a fraction of sec a palm sealed her lips and she was forcefully dragged into the caliginous room and was thrown on bed.
Thapki ‘s body turned ghost white , she was sweating profoundly . Thapki broke the terrifying silence haunting her she spoke with a lump stuck in her throat.
Thapki : let go w..who r u ?
Bihaan without speaking anything just started approching her taking small steps.
Thapki : shree ram j…ai shree ram shree ram……her brain prompted what if it is dhruv ? At this thought she felt her blood clotting inside her vessels and tears rolling down as if they r immortal. Bihaan switched lights on and  was welcomed by a horror – struck thapki, her eyelids shut , she completely drenched in sweat and her frail body joggling . Bihaan (mind) : she looks freakin’ adorable rt now…. oh thapki what u r doing to me ? Oh! My scared kitten this wild dog cant wait to embrace u , to feel u in my arms.
Bihaan hunched forward to reach her earlobe . He kissed her earlobe a bit outlandishly and then tugged it enticingly.  He whispersed in a husky and romantic voice.
Bihaan : ur lord ram sended me to ur rescue…
A sudden surge of hugging him raised in thapki ‘s arms and the next moment she was engulfing him in her down-and-out arms. Bihaan startled at first and then feeling turned on, he without squandering even a single moment captivated her in his iron grip.
Thapki : i wwas scared bihaan. Pplz dnt pplay such spooky pranks oon me u almost pulled the shit out of me…
Bihaan ( detaching him from thapki, stupefied?) : how on earth u figured out that… that it was me ? I mean it cud have been someone else…
Thapki held his scabrous hands in her velevety ones , she locked his hand in her both the palms. She tardily placed her right palm on his right cheek feeling pricking bristles. She moved forward and her left hand trailed its path to his another milky cheek, leaving his hand behind.
Bihaan ‘s tiny eyes met her’s seducing ones and then he averted his gaze towards her black silky hair that was when her waist called him to have a look at it , her sari slipped off a bit giving him  limpid view of the sparkling white skin.
Bihaan (hrt) : this girl wud kill me. Damned her eyes drowning me , damned her hairs magnetising me to burry my face in it, damned her velevety lips intoxicating me, damned her essence galvanizing me , damned this snugness driving me balmy and damned her trapping my every single sense. This closeness and sensation is pure bliss.
Thapki broke the sword of silence hanging btwn them.
Thapki : bbihaan to ffeel u ,to recognise u i ddnt need anything i jjust need my and urs hhrt ur touch aand u.
Bihaan flushed heavily as she giggled.
Bihaan : what ?
Thapki : u r a ggirl….just llook at urself….??
Bihaan : hehehee ! Done mocking me ?
Thapki distanced herself just leaving his hrt drugged  and forcing it to crave for more.
Bihaan (mutter) : she will b my death.
Thapki : ooh m such a dumbo !!
Bihaan : ik…
Thapki : sshut up !!
Bihaan : i cnt undress in front of u, just cntrl ur growing emotions, ik u love me…..
Thapki  : ahhh !! I didnt felt like laughing it was a lame just like u…
Bihaan : yes right and  u love to hug lame things isnt it…?
Thapki : kuch b….(blushing) y u came here ?
Bihaan : to meet….
Thapki intrpts.
Thapki : how u ccame ?
Bihaan : by legs…
Thapki : did anyone see u ?
Bihaan : n..
Thapki : and wwhere ‘s raman?
Bihaan with the velocity of lightening pinned her to wall seizing her lips and in the act their bodies brushed this gave thapki goose bumps.
Bihaan : u r a complete chatterbox…& annoying at the same time.
I came here to meet u through balcony nd no one noticed me and no one wud dare to….m b for…
Thapki : bewakoof (foolish) u r i mmean if anyone saw u na then they wud have killed u . Now , u shud leave…
They hrd someone banging on door and thapki panicked.
Thapki : hhide somewhere what if she saw u ?
Bihaan : idc….btw i scented u wanted to have a smooch with me ?
thapki’s pumping organ skipped a beat….followed by widening of her eyes…
Thapki : ssrsly i mean u r thinking abt these things nd my blood is drying in stress.
She fleetky switched topic as her face heated up putting her flushness on show .
Thapki : wwho is out there ?
Kosi : ur mother in law….nd kis se batiya rhi ho…kamra kahe bnd kia hua h re thapakiya kholo vrna hum dhruv ko bulate hai…( to whom u r talking  ? Y u have locked the door ? Thapki open it otherwise i ‘ll call dhruv)
Thapki : ooopening( her stammering worsened ) hhide somewhere…jaldi…
Bihaan : but y nd where ?
Thapki : go behind that trolley ggo jaldi….
Bihaan : first ans me…
Thapki : u ccnt do this much for me..pplzzzz
Bihaan (throwing his hands in air  arresting his case) : ohk fine!!
Thapki opened door….and smiled at kosi.
Kosi :what were u doing in here ? This is sahaan ‘s room what the hell u r doing here….
Thapki : vvo….mai vvvo i i i jjust came
Kosi : came to wander around….u think m crazy ?
Thapki : no ik…
Kosi : what ?
Thapki : vo no ik that u r not…i came here to cclean the room…
Kosi : who was there in here ? U were talking to someone right ?
Thapki shooked her head.
Thapki : body….no body…
Suddenly bihaan sneezed spilling the beans…
Thapki turned back gaping towards his direction.
Kosi : what was that ?
Thapki : nnothing vo i m vulnerable to cold na sso tthat ‘s y…
She acted to sneeze .
Kosi positioned herself on sofa and grabbed the water jug resting on side table and thapki widened her eyes in shock.
Thapki : wwhy u sat there kosi mmom come and have a seat on bed…
Kosi : kyu is there thorns here ?
Thapki : nno i was…
Kosi : sshut up and do ur work…u filthy girl….
Thapki nodded gulping lumps forming in her dried throat.
Kosi emptied the jug behind her back i.e. behind sofa drenching bihaan and leaving him in a utter shock.

Thapki witnessing the scene shouted at her.
Thapki : wwhat the sshit did u do ?
Kosi : increased ur work that ‘s it now wipe the floor too sweet hrt….
She smirked and left. Thapki heaved a sigh of releif at ger erasing back while bihaan stood up angry and his sight made thapki laugh that too uncontrallably washing away his anger and automatically a curve appeared on bihaan ‘s lips. Her smile always acts as an ointment for his pain.
Thapki moved towards him and held his shldrs and pushed him towards balconi.
Bihaan :y r u pushing me out…u want me to leave ?
Thapki : yep! See bihaan i dnt wwant nyone to see its for ur own good…trust me…
Bihaan : i trust u thapki….
They gazed in each other ‘s eyes trying to interpret blunder of emotions inside both the hrts…
Thapki broke the eyelock and she gestured him to leave.
Bihaan : oh madam wait what how will i go ?
Thapki : tthe way u came by ur legs…
Bihaan : hahaha ? Shud i laugh ?
Thapki : ur wish….
Bihaan : ab speak na…
Thapki smiled at him and then looked down from balconi.
Bihaan : oh m for mad m for mahaan atama u want me to jump ?
Thapki : y r u getting scared as if u didnt ccame from the same way u only ttold me u came from hhere so its easy for u to go the same way…wwait let me bring rope…..
Thapki rushed in.
Bihaan : ye marvaegi…..godddd!!
Thapki came back and handed him rope and asked him to jump.
Bihaan was pleading her not to do that and thapki wanted to hear his pleas but was helpless as his safety is her first priority. He turned to jump when thapki stopped him.
Thapki : do take a heat bbath and change ur outfit as soon as u reach ur home otherwise u will get prone to illness just take care of uurself bcz i…
Bihaan(smiling) : u what ?
Thapki : i
Bihaan : i…?(raising eyebrows)
Thapki : u r mu frnd now go…
Bihaan was about to jump when thapki suddenly hrd piu coming in  and she pushed bihaan receiving a clamorous cry from him….
Bihaan : r u out of ur mind? pushing me… kill me strt away na….idiot..
Thapki : sry bihaan u lleave quietly m ssry…
Thapki rushed inside welcomed by piu ‘s delighted visage.
Thapki : someone seems happy today….
Piu embraced her in a tight hug and then twirled her around whole room.
Thapki : what happened ? y u r so overwhelmed with joy…?
Piu : thapki bhabhi ur lil sisy is roped in a dance show finally my life is taking a 360 ° s turn from fantasy to reality yipeeee….
Thapki : oh my baby congo !! Stay bblessed always god may sshower all his blessings on u….
Thapki caressed her cheeks and left the room as kosi made a call for her…
Piu : finally i will accomplish dad’s nd my dream….love u dad..muaah!! Miss u alot…
Her eyes brimmed when sahir entered in room along with raj and glared piu furiously.
Piu responded with the same look a cold war again kindeled between the 2 when raj interposed himself in btwn them.
Raj : u r piu right ?
Piu : yep !!
Raj ( fowading his hand ) : hey m raj..
Piu forwaded her hand to shook his acc to him but to sahir and raj ‘s surprise she crossed her forearms close to her chest and raj feeling slurred backed off and fakely smiled at her.
Piu : scuse me…gotta go…
Raj : wait…i wanted to confess something shall i ?
Piu : if i ‘ll say no then also u will say so btr u voice ur words…

Raj : (she sounds like raman) u r a bit arrogant…
Sahir intrptd..
Sahir : bit…lol? i think not a bit (stressing) extremely she is….
Piu fussed  gazing at him while he gave her a ” idc look”
Raj : let me resume i was saying… u r a bit arogant but i love that and i have never in my senses seen an angel like u i mean u r a perfect epitome of beauty that too with a tinge of  boldness.
Piu flushed at his words and smiled widely looking here and there added to it she turned beetroot red so did sahir he too turned red but with a slight variation of beetroot into coal. Sahir fumed and glared raj he felt a sort of unknown insecurity but refused to acknowledge.
Piu : tysm raj ! ur words means alot to me uk only  sensible ppl understnd the meaning of beauty and u r one of them ik m the most prettiest girl in this universe..
sahir : u really think so ?
Piu : i dnt think so …..ik..
Sahir (muttering) : carbon copy of bihaan pandey yet hates bihaan pandey. She and her brother shud b given a poster titled the most hot guy/girl on this palnet huh!!!! Show off show off nd show off ….
Piu :  did u say something mr kapoor?
Sahir : piu  i too feel like giving u a compliment today.
Piu : u ? Ohk fine….
Sahir neared her and held her waist and pulled her to him while piu feeling pure bliss dug her nails into his clothed flesh.
Sahir : i…
Piu : huu…
Sahir : i wanted ..
Piu : u  wanted…
Sahir : i wanted to say…
Piu : say…
Sahir: u look like a vamp…. and he jerked her  to meet the hard ground and left while piu shot a death glare at his retreating back..
Piu : i wont leave u….huh!!

Outside house ,
Bihaan : this thapki is crazy well she asked me to take a heat bath i need to take it and go from same passage i.e. this balcony as b4s coz my turban and moustache r inside……
Bihaan came in room and went to take bath complying by her commands .

Sahaan’s room,
Thapki was passing by  their room when her gaze fell on raman looking s*xy just with a towel on him witnessing him like that she was turned on… she suppressing her hormones averted her gaze while raman sensed her presence as his hrt throbed against his chest. This was the time when thapki saw something which immidiately implanted suspicion in her head…
The mark of bullet on his leg same place where bihaan got shot and she goggled him with haunted face….

Dhruv ‘s room,
Dhruv was sitting with his eyes shut when a feminine voice called out for him.
Voice : sir got an imp peice of info for u and hearing u’ll be elated….
Dhruv : what ‘s the news ?
Voice : kabir ur enemy whom everyone thinks is deceased is breathing …..
Dhruv : whatttttttttttt??????

Hello all ,a big sry for being late but m helpless as my exams r going on. Tysm for ur immense love and care love u all. I  guess i didnt bored u all  with this chap.
If u liked todays’s chap do cmnt and let me knw ur views and silent rdrs do comment plz…
Next update : august……
Love u all…?

                ? Credit : simi ?

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