You and me thahaan : part 14

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So here we go ,
Thapki recieved a message and she got scared . Shradha notices her.
Shradha : thaps….r u alright ?
Thapki : yep m aalright shradha. (Faking a smile)
Shradha : r u sure ? U dnt seem to be alright….
Thapki : nno no m fine…?

Ohk come then lets continue game.
Sahir gestures bihaan a thumbs up ? & winks ?. Bihaan smiles widely and nods his head. Thapki was going to sit with shradha when sahir stopped her.
Sahir : thapki what r u doing ? Y r u sitting with her ? Go & sit with ur partner raman he’s ur partner dnt forget we r playing a game…
Thapki : ssry…
She smiles at bihaan and sits beside him. Dhruv stares bihaan frenziedly.
Bihaan smirks.

Kosi : ohk continue the game.
Dhruv : ya sure , but just a sec… thapki ur and raman’s turn is finished so u both remove ur rings.
Thapki & bihaan look at each other.
Bihaan : but…

Dhruv : no buts mr ramandeep singh remove ur ring ….do as i say
Thapki gestures bihaan with her eyes to do what dhruv is saying.
Bihaan agrees reluctantly.
Thapki tries to remove her ring but it didnt. She tried again but the ring was being stubborn and didn’t moved a inch. Same thing happened with bihaan. Bihaan nd thapki looked at each other & tried again but , all in vain. Dhruv turned restless and he rose from his seat & moved towards thahaan. He grabbed thapki’s hand and tried to get rid of ring. He applied all his force but there was nil result. He again tried thia time onerously due to which thapki’s finger got cut and it started bleeding. Thapki winced in pain but there was no effect on that case – hardened creature. He ignored her wincing and still cotinued ruthlessly.

Thapki : dhruv u r hhurting me…
Dhruv : just shut up…& let me concentrate..
Bihaan’s ire was roused to its heights by this merciless act of dhruv. Bihaan suddenly jerked his hand away furiously. Dhruv shot a death glare at bihaan .
Bihaan : man wtf r u doing ? I mean u r damned atrocious man . U r no less than a blo*dy brute. What the hell do u think is she ? Is she seems to b an animal or a toy to u ? If that ‘s so then let me knw it will just take a sec. To change ur blo*dy pov. Mr Dhruv pandey she ‘s a blo*dy human , a girl & most importantly she is ur fiance. Uk what just forget it u r a hard-nosed person talking to u is equivalent to banging ur head against a wall.

Thapki goggled at bihaan in amazement through her tearfull eyes.
Bihaan rose up and hastened towards kitchen. He came back with a bowl full of tepid water accompanied by cotton, a piece of white cloth , antiseptic & a bandage. He sat beside thapki and took hold of her hand . He first soaked cloth in bowl & then slightly wringed it . He gently cleaned the oozed out blood and then pressed the cloth softly against her wound. He removed the cloth abd applied antiseptic & also cleaned the traces of dried blood left on her finger with the help of cotton. Thapki’s gaze was fixed on bihaan and she was staring him constantly without a blink. She was admiring his every action and her hrt was jumping in a joy in her chest and she cud feel it. She cud easily witness the lines of concern on his tmpl put on show for her & a small curve escaped her soft lips.

Bihaan was so much involved in his work that he forgot about everyone’s presence his centre of attraction was only thapki and he was aware of the fact that thapki was enjoying his attention and he also knew that everyone present there is staring him but he neglected their gaze & continued his work. Bihaan cud feel his eyes turning wet & he kept his head bowed down so that no one cud take notice of that. He was disturbed by thapki’s loud moaning in pain when he was fastening bandage he looked up at her face on which pain was clearly visible. Sahir smiled seeing him like that so concerned for thapki. While everyone was shocked nd felt suspicious of bihaan . On hearing thapki ‘s pain bihaan gently whiffed on her finger. Thapki now stared him romantically and carved a smile but soon her smile disappeared as soon as she felt something wet on her finger she looked down and was shocked to see tears trickling down his bearded cheeks. Bihaan wasnt able to look thapki in pain. Thapki raised her hand up in order to wipet them but her hand stopped midway as she felt dhruv ‘s furious gaze on her and she reluctantly lowered her hand. Bihaan quickly wiped his tears & went to kitchen and came back and positioned himself beside thapki on the matress.

Kosi : omg what ‘s happening ? First of all they got engaged and now rings r also tight i guess god is trying to indicate something.
Piu : oh plz kosi mom it’s nothing like that…tomorrow itself i will call jeweller and he ill remove it so dnt wry …
Dhruv : piu is right in fact i will send sahir to bring the jeweller .
Kosi : but…

Dhruv : no buts lets continue the game…i guess now it’s sahir & piu’s turn ?
Shradha : yes..
Saiu (sahir and piu ) looked at each other and stood up . Sahir picked up a chit and it was written in it that they need to dance on a romantic no.
Piu : m not going to do this…
She huffed.
Sahir : even , m not interested

Piu : lier…
Sahir : excuse me…
Piu : yep u r a lier..
Sahir : how ? When i lied ?
Piu : u said u r not interested…
Sahir : so…?
Piu : u r…
Sahir : who told u that ?

Piu : obvio who wud deny a dance with a btfl girl like me ? As i said no first so u might have felt slured so u too refused. Pretending that u r not interested..
Sahir (mind ) : no doubt she is bihaan bhai’s sis both the brother and sis always keep boasting about their looks . Ek khud ko hero samajhta h to dusri khud ko heroine samjhti h . (One thinks that he is hero and other thinks that she is a heroine ) heroine my foot.
Piu : did u say something ?

Sahir was abt to reply her when he looked at bihaan gesturing him to agree. Sahir understood what bihaan is trying to say and he noded his head at him.
Sahir : yes i was saying that it’s a game so we shud show some sportsmanship and perform the task which we have got…
Bihaan : oh g mainu lgda h ae bilkul thik kh re ne…(i feel that he is saying right )
Sharuv & kosi & thapki : yes…
Piu : ohk fine …?

They dance on song “TUM HO ” of rockstar.
Bihaan (mind ) : ty sahir if u wrnt there then i wudnt b able to leave now everyone is bizy…i will leave easily.
Sahir cups her waist and she makes annoying faces at him.
Everyone was bizy in watching their performance when bihaan gets up silently and tries to leave when thapki stopped him.
Thapki : wwhere r u going ?

Bihaan : vvo..vvo m j..just
Thapki raises her eyebrows up wearing a questioning look on her face and gazed at bihaan…
Bihaan managed to ans after framing a excuse.
Bihaan : m j..just going to washroom.
Thapki : oh..ohk!!
Bihaan leaves & b4 leaving he took hold of his ph kept on sahir ‘s mattress. Dhruv sees him leaving & sighs in releif.

As the dance ended piu pushed sahir away & went back to her seat. Sahir huffed.
It was now sharuv’s turn and they got bizy in their task when thapki ‘s ph beeped as she received another text msg from same no.
Thapki reads msg under her breath : where the hell r u ? M wtng here from last 10 mins…
Thapki bited her lower lip in guilt as she completed reading msg.
Thapki in her mind : oh shit ! Bcz of this dhruv i forgot that bihaan’s wtng on terrace.
She typed a msg – coming just wait for few more mins…sry..?

She hurriedly and silently stood up. Sahir smirked looking at her she rushed towards terrace bare foot.
Sahir (in mind ) : i guess she is going to meet bhai. Strange when i sended msg from bhai’s ph at that time she forgot and now when bhai sended she is going so quickly..
Piu : just shut up !! Dnt irritate me..
Sahir : i didnt said anything…
Piu : i didn’t said anything..
Piu : u did in ur mind..

Sahir : where the..? How the hell did it disturbed u ?
Piu : it did. Ur every small thing disturbs me it raises level of my anger..huh!! ?
Sahir : j..just got to hell..
Nobody noticed thapki going out except piu.

Piu wonders : where bhabhi is going that too so worriedly and hurriedly ? First that sahir ‘s helper and now bhabhi…there’s something fishy..
I guess i shud follow her. She gets up and went behind thapki. Thapki ran with a blistering pace to reach at terrace. Pou reaches corridor bug didnt find thapki bcz b4 she reached thapki already went upstairs . Piu looks here and there in search of thapki.
Terrace ,
Thapki struggled hard to catch her breath. Bihaan’s back was facing her.
Thapki (panting) : h..hey!!

Bihaan turned around to look at her.
Bihaan just stared her and didnt uttered a word . Thapki was standing in front of him panting and her arms placed on either side of her waist.

All the ceremony moments flashed in front of bihaan’s eyes: ” thapki saving vasu from everyone, thapki consoling her and then inviting her” . Bihaan ‘s visiom was blurred as tears took some place in hia tiny eyes. Thapki cud sense some pain in his eyes but cudnt beleive her eyes or the fact that bihaan is crying. As soon as their eyes met and thapki consoled him with her eyes, bihaan cudnt take it more and he ran towards thapki & quickly enclasped her. Thapki was astounded at his sudden act. Bihaan shedded his tears at her shldr tightening his grip around her. His entire body brushed against her tiny one.

She felt shivers running down her spine. She felt some spark in her heart. She cud feel her shldr turning wet by his tears and she felt some unknown pain in her hrt seeing him in pain. She didn’t knew how to react she was in great dilemma that she shud hug him back or not. She was trying to figure it tout when she felt bihaan ‘s grip turning more and more tight and intense. Their was a sudden surge in thapki to embrace him and she did what her hrt said. Thapki hugged bihaan like it was their last hug. She hugged him so tightly as if her life depended on it. Their hug was turning into an intimate and cosy one. They were snuggling into each other more and more seeking solace & peace in each others warmth. Bihaan only uttered one word from his mouth- THANKU

Piu was bowled over at the sight of thapki hugging another man. She didnt see bihaan ‘s face bcz his back was facing her. She felt numb for a moment . As soon as she retrieved from the shock she composed her posture and went back.

As realisation dawned on thapki she shoved bihaan away.
Bihaan quickly wiped away his tears.
Bihaan : what happened thapki suddenly ? Y u pushed me ?
Thapki’s face turned crimson red. She flushed at his innocent question and pressed her both the palms on ome another.
Thapki : i..i..its w..wrong(stumbling at her words)
Bihaan : no thapki it isn’t we r frnds right ?

Thapki noded her head in agreement.
Bihaan : frnds do hug each other so it isn’t.
Thapki(angry) : but this iis not wwhat frnd normally do…right? U aalso knw that Mr Bihaan pandey . The hug wwasnt a normal one it was quite inti….

She stopped midway as she realised what she was going to say.
Bihaan raised his eyebrows up paired with widened eyes and repeated her last word stressing it…with a naughty glint on his face.

Bihaan : inti….
Thapki turned her head away and looked in another direction & turned her back to him. Thapki in irritated tone : pplz bihaan stop troubling me m already worried bcz of blunders happening in my llife. I ccalled u here to hlp me.
Bihaan realised his mistake and appologized.
Bihaan : m sry thapki for hugging u actually i missed u alot so that ‘s y i m …mean u r my first frnd na that’s y…

Thapki closed her eyes in guilt and let out a deep sigh.
Thapki : actually m ssry …i sshouted at u i shudnt have talked to u like that bihaan it was just that we ddid wrong nd it was nnot ir fault it was mmine too. I shud have controlled myself from hugging u i just melted in ur arms.
Bihaan gaped at thapki as soon as thapki spoke these words . Thapki widened her eyes as she realised what she said. Her face was now dark red as if her hrt was pumping all the blood to her face muscles.
Bihaan : gajab ! ! (Seductive way )

Thapki’s lips carved a smile on hearing this word after such a long time she didnt knw the reason but she always feels comforted when she hears this word. Thapki quickly brushed away all her thoughts as she felt his strong seductive gaze on her.
Thapki : i m …mean ( pause for a moment )
I guess we shud focus on the main purpose oof us meeting here at this ttime…
Bihaan : yes this time..(smiling)
“MIDNINGHT”( Stressing) alone u and me…
Thapki : will u jjust shut up?

Bihaan : ohk f9 say…
Thapki : as i told u b4 that inm getting married to dhruv pandey. He is quite possesive and protective for me…
Bihaan : possesive yes, protective no way….
Thapki : how do u knw ?
Bihaan : v…vo i m…mean u u j..just ignore me i speak nonsense
(Fakes a laugh)
Thapki : ohk i was saying that he is quite protective aand possesive regarding me..
Bihaan (irritated) : y r u telling me this ? M not marrying him that u r telling his qualities to me…(huffs)

Thapki slaps him gently at his arm.
Thapki : sshut up !! Listen to me first…& now dnt interuot in b/w just zip up ur mouth. Ohk, so the prob is he appointed raj & sheena for our samgeet cremony & m af….
Bihaan cuts her in btwn.
Bihaan : our sangeet ? R u mad who fixed our marriage ? Stop giving me miny hrt attacks…tha..
Thapki stops him in middle by shushing him . She keeps her hand on his lips and bihaan felt numb as her soft hand touched his lips.
Thapki (still keeping her hand on her lips ) : shh!! Shh!! Let me sspeak…
Our ceremony means mine & dhruv’s. Ohk, so m afraid that if Raj tells him anything regarding u and me then i will b in trouble..bcz acc. To raj i love u bbut u & ik that i dnt love u…
Bihaan was just looking at her romantically admiring her big btfl eyes , soft lips , her cute nose and her hairs dancing with wind.
Thapki felt his intense gaze and she too looked in his eyes and she forgot herself and drowned in his tiny eyes.
Some of her hairs came on her face disturbing bihaan and he gently tugged them back and caressed her cheek with his thumb. Thapki suddenly moved back breaking their sweet monent.
Bihaan : m sry..

Thapki : its what sshud we do ?
Bihaan : idk…
Thapki held his big hand in her small one.
Thapki : pplz bihaan dnt say like like that u r mmy last that u r mmy last hope i nneed u….
She said with tears in her eyes…
Bihaan (tightening his grip on her hand ) : m always there for u thapki even i too need u…
Thapki : hun…?
Bihaan : nothing u d..dnt wry i w..will do something u go and sleep.
(He cups her face)
Thapki smiles and nods.
Thapki turned around to leave.
But then she again turned at bihaan.

Thapki : uk i met uur punjabi version raman..(giggling)
Bihaan : what?
Thapki : sry vo nothing…
Bihaan : tell me…
Thapki : actually there is one frnd of mjne sahir actually there is one frnd of mine sahir actually best frnd he is my wdng plnr so there’s a boy ramnadeep singh his hhelper. He is jjust like u . Pprotects me from every trbl and hhelps me. Fhnny like u , cute like u and hhand…
Stops in mid . Bihaan completes her sentence.
Bihaan(smirking) : handsome right?
Thapki didnt looked at him.

Bihaan : so i guess he is nice guy ?
Thapki : yes he is iinfact he is aussom uk hhe today saved my life just like u did.
Bihaan felt jls of ramnadeep .
Bihaan (mind) : i hate u mr . Raman thapki is quite impressed from u. U r taking my place ik its me only but still he is raman not bihaan pandey not any raman vaman.
Thapki pulls him out of his thoughts..
Thapki : i just dnt like one tthing abt him his thinking i mmean he always sees mine nd ur relationship in a negative way.
Bihaan smiled.

Bihaan in his mind : yesss!! Bihaan -100 , raman-99 lead of one point..
Thapki : i guess i sshud leave its qquite late..ty for coming ggn sd…
Bihaan (whispering in her ear ) : gonna dream abt u sweethrt…winks ?

Thapki : u and uur flirting….uff!! Bye..
Thapki stopped bear door as she felt her sarf stucked in something. She turned around and was shocked to see it stucked in bihaan’s watch. Bihaan pulled her scarf due to which thapki landed on him and her lips on his cheeks. She widened her eyes and bihaan felt his hrt throbbing against his chest. Thapki hurriedly moved back breathing heavily. Bihaan cud hear his and her hrt beating at some pace. They both looked here & there not looking at each other. Both of them lifted up their hands to free the scarf and their fingers brushed with each other’s sending chills down their spine . Thapki was trying hard to remove it while bihaan was just pretending to free it he never wanted this time to end. Bihaan was just palying with her fingers when he spotted the ring in her finger which he made her wear. He felt a lil bit proud at raman and smiled . Bihaan slowly massaged thapki’s hand wigh his thumb. Thapki looked at him with her eyes as big as buttons . She questioned with her eyes what r u doing ? . She jerked his thumb and finally freed her scarf she sighed in releif while bihaan made a sad face. Thapki chuckled looking at him. She gently pulled his cheeks . Bihaan’s face muscles tightened under her soft touch.
Thapki : u r so cute…
She again giggled.
Thapki : ohk tthen bye…ty for everything.

Bihaan : its never a goodbye…
Winks ?
Thapki smiled at him. She turns to leave and again stopped at the same spot but this time with her own wish. She all of sudden turned and ran towards bihaan and embraced him.
Bihaan was stunned at her act. This was a small hug as compared to previous one but they shared all their emotions with each other in this small hug. Thapki quickly rushed out from there.
Bihaan smiles shyly and says : pagal ladki (mad girl)
Thapki’s room,
As thapki entered her room she was greeted by darkness.
Thapki(mind,scared) : i didnt switched off lights when i left mmy room & keys were also with me…
●Note : they r still in hotel

May b i only did iit but i never do that i hhate darkness. She moved towards switch board when she scremed in pain.
Thapki : aaaaaahhhh….

So meet u all in next epi. Nd plz my accept my appology for late updates bcz of my tight schedule.
Love u all my adorable readers ???
Silent readers plz do share ur views love u all❤

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