You and me thahaan : part 13 (mega part)

Hello all , so this part is quite big nd if u get bored so m sry…..
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Thahaan (together) : oh no…thahaan were in uttrer shock especially thapki she felt as if someone just dropped a heavy rock over her head.
Thapki to herself : god pplz no… the hell this dhruv knw raj nnkw…
If dhruv tell him that i am his to b wife than raj will tell him that i m bihaan’s gf….then m dead god nneed to do something plz hhelp me…?
Bihaan to himself : i dnt understand y this dhruv is so free i mean he does not have any work to do he just knws how to create fuss in one’s life. M fedup of this man i mean what need was there to know this blo*dy choreographer now.?
Well dhruv for the first time cnt b blamed fully bcz miss chuk chuk gadi is also responsible for it in whole this world she found mr raj mehra only to b her freind. She loves problems nd involving me in them….
I just cnt explain u dhruv how much i hate u..
Bihaan was bizy in his thoughts when his gaze fell on thapki hiding behind a column with a cute pout. Bihaan smiles at her innocense nd cuteness.

But his view was disturbed as dhruv ‘ s eyes caught thapki sneaking.
Dhruv : thapki y r u hiding ? Come here darling…
Bihaan : thapki dnt go plz…i wanna see u..dhruv u r just getting on my nerves.?
Thapki to herself : god no…how this ullu (owl) saw me i was hiding at such a perfect pplace m damn sure that he knws black magic too….afterall , he is black hrtd…but wait a min this filthy mman called me darling haww…how dare he ? ?
She huffs.
Bihaan : gajab !! , is g for gande or g for galat insan ne thapki ko darling bola iska to hum muh tod denge….( this bad nd wrong man called thapki darling i will beat him on his face )
Dhruv (shouts) : THAPKI ….r u hard of hearing?
Thapki : ccom…coming
She rushed hurriedly.
Thapki was sweating profoundly nd was playing continously with her dupatta out of nervousness standing beside dhruv.
Raj : hi thapki…
Thapki : h..h..hii?
Dhruv : u both knw each other ?
Thapki to herslef : i guess rraj didnt told him anything yet….
Raj : well, yes but how do u knw her ?
Thapki widens her eyes in fear.
Dhruv cupping her shldr ,
Dhruv : she is my fiance.
Thapki bites her tounge.
Dhruv continues…
Dhruv : but, how do u knw her ?

B4 raj cud speak thapki speaks…
Thapki : i mmean y..yes we knw each other …..i mmean d…d..dnt knw.
(Stuttering more) she bites her lower lip.
Dhruv : y r u sweating so much ? Nd u r stammering alot nd u speak like that when u try to hide something. So, whats the matter ? His grip tightens causing thapki to moan in pain…she composes her posture nd tries to act normal…
Thapki : v..vo idk k..knw him i g..uess he is mistaken nd.. .ii….ts too hot na tbhi m ssweating nd m not w..well that’s y..y s..s.tuttering more..
Raj : thapki….what r u saying ?
Stop lying nd y the hell r u marrying him ? I mean u love someone else remember u told me when we met 2 days ago here only…
Dhruv thinks he is talking about kabir. He gets furious nd shot a death glare at thapki. Thapki’s hrt skipped a beat when she looked in his eyes as red as a burning coal. Thapki was now breathing heavily nd she was at the verge of breaking. Her eyes were closed, when her knight in shining armour her bihaan aka raman came to her rescue.
Bihaan : satsrikal g ,tusi ethe gap shap vich bizy ho te uthe sare dresses select krde pae ne chlo na tusi v …( u all r bizy here chating nd there everyone is selecting dresses u also come )
Thapki stares bihaan while bihaan gives her assurance with his eyes.
Raj (to bihaan) : i guess i have seen u…
Bihaan :g mainu h..hag vekhya hoega mai ta bda f..famous ha (me? Yes , u might have seen me m vey famous )
Raj : r u sure ?
Bihaan : yes…
Thapki to dhruv : how uu both kknw each other ?
Dhruv : oh ya thapki he is raj oh y m i telling u. You already knw him right ? (Sarcastically)he is choreographer i appointed him for our sangeet.
Thapki : wwhat ? ?
Thapki in her mind : oh no !! What the hell , he will now definitely tell dhruv about bihaan..
Raj : any prob thaps..?
Thapki gulps down a lump fromed in her dry throat on hearing thaps. She sees dhruv now turning into volcano.
Dhruv : oh thaps nice nickname…i guess u 2 r quite close..
Raj to dhruv : sry….? ?
Bihaan : r u out of ur mind or what ? Dhuru…
All in chorus except bihaan : dhuru ???whats that ?…
Bihaan :i nicknamed dhruv…
All except dhruv : dhuru , ewww!! ?
Bihaan hugs dhruv. Bihaan puts his arm around his shldr.
Bihaan :aree , we r quite close…
Dhruv pushes bihaan.
Dhruv : how dare u touch me ? R u out of ur mind ? I mean we nd close plz….
Bihaan :aree , acc. to ur logic if someone calls anyone by his/her nickname then they r close like thapki & raj..
Dhruv : whatever…
Everyome laughs except dhruv and bihaan.
Dhruv & raj leaves.
Thapki sighs in relief.
Sheena was abt to leave when thapki stops her.
Thapki : s..sheena listen can u do me a favour ?
Sheena :what ?

Thapki : v..vo i..i umm i
Sheena : u ?
Thapki : i..i nneed bihaan’s no.
Sheena : wohho , man r u both srsly a cpl? I mean he’s ur bf nd u dnt have his no.
Bihaan gets tensed.
Thapki : n… vo na mera format ho g..gaya h na b…bas isi lie…(no my ph got format that ‘s y)
She fakes a smile.
Sheena : k wait
She msgs thapki bihaan’s no.
Thapki to herself : i need to ttalk to him & tell him everything nnow he can only handle this raj & sheena thing ….if raj will tell dhruv about bihaan then i am dead…
Raman was leaving nd thapki quickly brushes away her thoughts nd calls out his name.
Thapki : raman…
Raman : what ?
Thapki :vo…thanku..☺
Raman : kya plz speak again i didnt hear…
Thapki(loudly) : thanku…
Raman : again plz…
Thapki moves closer which gave goosebumps to bihaan.
Bihaan : ki kr rae ho tusi thapki g ? Tvada vya hon vala h te koi dekh lavega te ki sochega ( what r u doing thapki ? U r going to get married if someone will see then what will he /she think ? )
Thapki smirks.
Raman : plz dnt molest me publicaly…
Thapki smiles devilishly nd all of sudden raman screams out of pain coz thapki stepped on his foot.
Raman : ouch….
Thapki (shouts in his ear ) : go to hell…u deserve tthis only not a tthanku…idiot ?
Raman : ha ha y will u thank me ? M not bihaan …ur secret lover. He spoke quite loudly nd thapki quickly keeps her hand on his lips in order to stop him.
They both shared an intense nd passionate eyelock .
Thapki : shhh…sh !! , dheere bolo (speak softly ) someone will listen nd mr . ppl u will never understand mine nd bihaan’s relation so when u dnt knw truth just shut up…nd i will mmake sure that bihaan beats u …whenever i wwill meet him i will tell to do that.?
She huffed.
She realised their position nd quickly remooves her hand nd leaves.
Bihaan stood their smiling ? at her last words : “i will make sure bihaan beats u….”
Bihaan : i can beat anyone for u infact i can beat myself too if it pleases u bhudhu…
He blushes neaves.
Thapki’s room,
Thapki calls bihaan. Bihaan sees the call from unknown no. Nd wonders who is calling him. He picks call.
Bihaan : hello…
Thapki cuts the call.
Thapki to herself : what will he think abt me ? That y m i ccalling hhim? Bbut its for our benifit only…
She sighs. She gathers courage nd calls him again.
Trin trin trin…
Bihaan picks call.
Bihaan : hello…
Thapki again cuts the ph.
Thapki (mind) : wwhat m i doing ? What happens to me when i hear his voice..ohk thapki be a bbrave girl he’s not gonna kill u over ph..u can do it ccome on tthapki…
Bihaan : ab agar kuch ni bola na to ph me ghuskr marenge tumhe. Bhaishab ph na baat krne k lie hota na ki logo tng krne k lie. ( if now u dnt speak m gonna beat u. Mr ph is for talking to someone not irritating ppl )
Thapki in a soft voice : bihaan..
Bihaan recognised thapki in a sec nd he fell in love with her voice ?. He never loved his name so much but , from her mouth it sounds so soothing.

Bihaan : thapki..tum m sry vo actually someone was disturbing me by calling again nd again nd was not speaking a word.
Thapki : it was me only.
Bihaan : u ? But y?
Thapki : i wanna meet u today plz iits urgent m in virhaan paradise…
Bihaan : today ? But thapki i cnt…
Thapki : plz dnt say no..pplz plz..
Bihaan cudnt deny her polite request.
Bihaan : ohk..when?
Thapki : umm u come at night . At terrace..
Bihaan (amazed voice nd stressing at the word):
Thapki (blushing) : pplz..dnt think anything stupid i jjust need to talk.
She quickly hungs up.
Bihaan : hello..hello..shit..m mad. He smiles shyly.
Thapki smiles looking at his name flashing on screen.
Thapki : bhudhu…
A room in virhaan’s paradise ,
2 ppl were talking,
First one : that day bihaan pandey saved her but today no one is here to save her i want her dead
Bihaan always comes in my way..
2nd one : how do u knw him? Btw ,he is ger bf. Nd dnt wry today god also can not save her. She will surely die. Thapki will die….
1st one : what bf ? Well , i dnt care abt bihaan all i want is thapki to die…nd if today u wont kill her then my revenge will never b fullfilled nd u promised me that u r gonna help me…(sobbing)
2nd one cups the face of first nd wipes tears away.
2nd one : i will take ur revenge dnt wry thapki gave u pain nd i will kill her.
Thapki’s room,
Piu and shradha enters.
Piu : kya bhabhi stop smiling looking at ur ph. Ik u r seeing dhruv bhai’s pics..chupke chupke..?(chuckles)
Thapki : shut up…kuch b…
Shradha : ohk, thapku select ur dress what u wanna wear….
They keep numerous dresses on bed.
Bihaan was passing by nd she saw the girls selecting dresses nd thapki disinterested.
Thapki : u both sselect..m nnot interested.
Piu : its ur ring ceremony not ours..come on na bhabhi..
Shradha : ohk, idea i will try each dress on u then piu u will decide which one is looking good.
Thapki’s gaze fell on raman peeping in room.
Shradha tries first dress on her it was a lehenga which was quite goddy.
Bihaan gestures thapki a no shooking his head.
Piu too reject the dress.
Shradha tries various dresses on her nd both brother nd sis shooked their heads at each dress. Finally piu liked a dress which was a btfl mehroon clrd lehenga with a white backless blouse with mehroon thread work and a golden net dupatta with a gold studded border.
Bihaan disapproved the dress while piu selected it.
Thapki : piu…i ddnt like this one show me other one pplz..nd its quite expensive.
Shradha : ohk…
Bihaan smirks standing at door. Finally bihaan liked the next dress he smiled widely and made a o with his thumb and index finger? (the dress which jigs wore in her first gpa ) . Thapki blushed.
Piu : its quite simple bhabhi u may wear previous one …uk bhai too selected that for u when i asked him..
Bihaan thinks : thapki ik u care abt my choice taht’s y u agreed to my choice not dhruv’s….
Thapki in her mind : now i will teach this monkey a lesson.
Thapki :shradha actually previous one was better i will wear that only nd it wwas dhruv’s choice.
Piu smiles widely and hugs thapki. She leaves…
Shradha arranged all the dresses nd was leaving too when thapki stopped her.
Bihaan gets angry and leaves.
Thapki : shradha the dress which i sselected pplz leave that here only.
Shradha :y?
Thapki : if my mmind changes in case…
I guess i shud wear that dress only which that mmonkey selected idk but i too like iit…
Evening ,
Dhruv was seated in the hall and everyone was wtng for bride ‘s arrival. Bihaan was least bothered about her arrival coz he didn’t wanted to see her in dhruv’s choice. He felt as if someone was pinching his hrt.
Piu :mast…?
Sahir gaping : btfl…???
Dhruv : wtf is she wearing..? ??
Sahir : bhai thapki came just look at her …
Bihaan’s back was facing her .
Bihaan : m not interested.
Sahir : but bhai thapki …
Bihaan :so it dsn’t make any difference..
Bihaan jerks sahir ‘s hand nd leaves..
He thinks to look once at thapki but then he quickly brushed away the thought.
Bihaan was going when his gaze fell on a mirror in which he cud see thapki with shradha descending stairs. He gaped at her image.
He quickly turned back.

Bihaan :gajab…?
He smiled widely flashing his bright white teeths ? nd pats himself proudly for the choice of dress or more apt to say girl…?
Bihaan : so , she wore my dress only…now this dhruv will burn in envy..?
Thapki looks at bihaan staring her without a blink. She feels awkward nd worried that what will happen if someone will see them.
Shradha takes thapki to dhruv and made her sit beside him.
Dhruv mutters angrily : u look so ugly in this dress…so simple i mean u r just f*****g crazy.
Thapki was quiet looking down.
Piu : bhai bhabhi is looking stunning i mean this dress suits her more…
Sahir :absolutely right piu she looks btfl…
Piu makes a face at him and leaves.
Sahir :she prooved today that she is bihaan bhai’s sis mad like him nd attitude like him.
Bihaan : did u say something ?
Sahir : she proved today that she is bihaan bhai’s sis mad like him nd attitude like him.
Bihaan : did u say something ?
Sahir bhai y will i say something abt u ?
Bihaan : who said abt me ?
Sahir : i guess i shud go btw bhai u look handsome …he winks.
Bihaan makes a face at him.
Bihaan goes towards tharuv.
Bihaan : congo…nd miss thapki u look simply gorgeous i must say nice choice…..(smirking)
Thapki rolls her eyes at him.
Dhruv : this is nice then whats bad ? I mean so simple dress…
Bihaan :dhruv g dress is made for us we r not made for dress. Nd it ‘s for wearing not showing off i mean just look at her she looks so pretty in thsi simple dress nd she is cmfrtbl too bcz its light weighted. Thapki looks tanatalising in every dress she can drive anyone crazy by her looks. Today all the ppl are only looking at her bro just look around nd they all r impressed by her not by her dress. Wearing a diamond pr gold studded dress not makes u look btfl what makes u look btfl is the way u carry urself.
Thapki flushed. She looked at bihaan with respect and smiled at him romantically.
Shradha : come thapki lets dance….
Thapki leaves with shradha.
Dhruv : y the hell u interfare so much in my matters ?
Bihaan :bcz u give chance to ppl to do that…
Dhruv holds bihaan’s shldr nd squeezes it. He dugs his nails in his covered flesh.
Dhruv : dnt u think mr ramandeep singh ur life is in danger ?
Bihaan :omg rat…
Dhruv (scared , jumping ) : where ? ??
Bihaan laughs…?
Bihaan : jede log chuhe to dharde ne unha nu shera vang dhahadna ni chaeda veere….agg nal khelego te jal jaoge…
(Ppl who r scared of rats they shud not roar like lions bro. If u will play with fire u will get burned.)
Bihaan :nd u r already dark complected so u will get more dark skinned….if u get burned…?
Dhruv was now equal to a burning furnace.? he clenched his fist in fury….
Bihaan : btw do u think that thapki loves u or she will b happy with u just look at her she looks so gloomy.
Dhruv : what do u mean ? She loves me nd ik taht so nd who the hell r u to say that ?….he groaned.
Bihaan : ohk man chill , vese i must say u r quite lucky to have her in ur life byt she is so unlucky to have u as her to b husband.
Dhruv stared him angrily.
Bihaan : do u think ring ceremony will take place?
Dhruv grabs his collars nd pulls bihaan towards him. Bihaan jekrs him away….
Bihaan : voho!! Easy man…chill ! I was jk…(just kidding)
Dhruv : listen, u r a servent behave nd be like that only nd thapki is mine & engagement will surely take place bcz our pair is made in heaven by the gods above..?
Bihaan : uk y i said that ? Coz u seem to b hrtless creature…
Dhruv : huh ,i m….but what sense does it make ?
Bihaan : bhai dulhania to dilwale hi lekr jaege…(winks)? (bride will b of one who has hrt )
Dhruv was abt to answer him back but , he shushed himself as soon as he saw bihaan’s facial expressions turning to thunderstrikened ones and his eyes fixed on the vestibule. Dhruv wondered that y is he so bewildered? Nd he turned his head to look at the entrance. Dhruv stood their stupefied. Kosi smirked at the sight of the creature standing at the entrance. Piu & sahir too were bowled over at the sight of the person. Thapki and shradha stood their with a catatonic visage. Thapki bcz she didnt knew that person nd shradha bcz presence of that individual didnt affected her. Dhruv all of sudden started clapping loudly seeking everyone’s attraction.
He moved towards the person.

Dhruv : hello !! Mrs vasundhra pandey…how r u ? Well, u look quite thin and pale oh! R u not getting proper food in ur house ? But , leave that what r u doing here ?
Vasu rubs her hands as she felt afluttered in a rhythmic motion. A waiter comes there nd serves her water. As vasu was feeling nervous she took hold of glass and gulped it down in one go.
Dhruv : m such a nincompoop , now i understood y u cane here ,u wanted food right ? U dnt get enough of it in ur house right ? Or ur beloved son dsnt provide u with it ? I feel pity for u mrs vasundhra pandey…chi chi chi (makes sound ) well dhruv pandey is quite bounteous so dnt wry u will get enough of it nd today its my engagement so u will get various snacks nd ppz dnt eat here with other guests we have booked another room for servents u may go there mrs pandey wait a sec manohar… manohar..(shouts)..
He comes…
Dhruv : take her with u in servents quarters..
Bihaan’s hrt cried nd his blood boiled. His mother was being slured in front of his eyes nd he was just standing their nd watching the blo*dy show…? Bihaan pnadey stood their helpless his tears dried and caused a heat nd burned his face , his hrt.
Vasu tightened her eyelids controlling her tears from trickling out. Finally someone interupted dhruv pandey in btwn it was none other than piu. Bihaan calmed himself as he hrd soothing voice of piu. He composed himself now bcz vasu’s both the kids were present their one is helpless but thnk god other one relised her responsibility nd broke the silence.
Piu : stop it bhai…
Vasu opened her eyes and saw the welcoming face of her daughter. She quickly embraced piu in atight hug. Kosi and dhruv were dumfounded that y piu interupted.
Piu released her tears nd she didnt reciprocated. She detaches herslef roughly from vasu leaving bihaan & vasu astounded.
Piu : bhai y the hell r u sending this women even there ? Nd i dnt understnad y the hell u allowed her to enter this place…nd that too without invitation….we cnt allow roadside ppl in our functions like this..
Vasu (shouts ) : piu..
Bihaan felt as if there was no ground beneath his feet.? a daughter insulting her mother his piu doing this he felt hrtbroken…
Piu : what?
Vasu : r u speaking ? Nd m your..
Piu (cuts in btwn ) : shut up nd show us invitation..right now or get lost..
Vasu : piu b…but..i came to meet u b..bacha
Piu : just zip up ur mouth nd show me the blo*dy invitation…
Vasu : i..i..i d..dnt have it. But kosi invited me.
Kosi : y r u lying? When i did invuted u ?
Piu : kosi ma no need of giving any expalnation we all trust u nd ik she must b lying afterall she is like her son.
Vasu : stop it baca m not involved w..with him i came to to console nd tell u the truth i want to take ur all pain away.
Piu : oh!! So , u and ur son has started the buisness too i mean one will kill nd other will console the victim. blo*dy murderers…
She smirks painfully.
Bihaan felt as if someone just stabbed his hrt…his tears were now being uncontrollable.?
Vasu tries to touch her but piu pushed her in reflex. Bihaan ran to save his mother from falling but b4 him vasu was already in someone ‘s arms safe nd secure. Vasu opened her eyes nd looked at the person who helped her. Bihaan was in a shock. The person who saved his mother was none other than thapki.
Thapki : aunty rbu ffine ?
(Cupping her face nd wiping her tears )
Thapki turns around & salpped piu leaving everyone in a shock especially dhruv , bihaan nd piu…
Piu : (stuttering) t..t..hapki bhabhi u s..s..slapped f..or this l..lady u dnt knw her. S..she is my mo..
Thapki cuts her.
Thapki : i dnt wnt to knw nad yes ,i did bcz u deserve that. U & ur bbrother dnt have any manners.(glaring dhruv) how can u talk to a lafy of ur mother ‘s age like that ? Kkosi ma u at least u sshud have stopped them…i mean how can anyone stoop this llow that u aall forget humanity. Talking so harshly to her.
She runs towards the lady.

Thapki (wiping her tears nd caressing her cheeks ) : aunty u wanna attend ceremony na ? U wwill i iinvite u ….m bbride.
Piu : bhabhi …no..
Thapki : shut up iits my engagement. Understand ?
Piu left the place angrily. Thapki makes vasu sit while vasu hugged her and released her pain and thapki consoled her. Bihaan looked at thapki and admired her from a distance. Bihaan wanted to thank her but he was speechless at her act so he decided to thank thapki later right now his mother needed him more .
Shradha took thapki with her.
Bihaan sat next to vasu.
Bihaan :hello mam (he touched her feet ,vasu blessed him )
Vasu : who r u ?
Bihaan : ur son.
Vasu : what ?
Bihaan : i mean l…like ur son.
Aunty g my mother use to say a btfl girl dnt looks btfl when she cries.
Vasu pinches his shldr.
Vasu : hatt..mai tujhe pdki nazar ati hu. (Do i look like a girl to u ? )
Bihaan : are aunty g tusi te bhot sone ho aj kl di kudiya paani bharan tvade age…( u r quite btfl in fact today ‘s girl wud look nothing in front of u )
Vasundhra giggles.
Bihaan : hae maar suteya kudiye. (U killed me girl )
Vasu blushed nd blesses him while bihaan hugged her nd she hugged him back.
Bihaan (mind ) : thnk god , she smiled.
Vasu : i wish every mother gets son like u not like my son?. He is a sin.
Bihaan cntrls his tears and fakes a smile at her.

Sahir came and took vasu and bihaan with him for dancing. Everyone were bizy in dancing and bihaan slowly moves towards thapki. Thapki was dancing carelessly and bihaan stood behind her and suddenly grabbed her belly . Thapki felt someone touching her belly b4 she cud turn bihaan took hold of her finger and twirled her around. Dhruv was not there he was bizy in a ph call. Bihaan lifted her in his arms nobody noticed them bihaan took her to a corner and then he gently kept her down.
Thapki : w..what r..r u d..doing ?
Bihaan shushes her by keeping his finger on her lips and made her turn towards wall. He puts her all the hair at one side and gently touched her neck. Thapki closed her eyes. His finger trailed down her bare back and stopped at her zip. Thapki widened her eyes her cheeks turned crimson red.
Thapki : d…d..dheko ye kya k..r k..r r..r..ahe ho ?
Bihaan : shhh shhh !!
Thapki suddenly felt him pushing her zip upwards and she realised that her dress got unhooked and he was just tying it up.
She turns back and give him a guilty look.
Bihaan : m not that cheap that i will misbehave with u…
B4 thapki could thank him he left. Thapki went back to shradha. Everybody made thapki stand in middle and took rounds around her dancing. Bihaan ‘s gaze fell on the chandlier above thapki’s head which was shaking alot and it was about to fall on thapki.
Bihaan screams at the top of his voice…
Bihaan : thapkiiiiii….
Everyone got aside saving their lives. Dhruv didnt even bothered about thapki once. Thapki looked up and covered her face while she screamed ……
Thud… thud..

In a nick of time bihaan pulled thapki and they both rolled down on floor.
And thapki’s head crashed against a wooden table and she fainted.
Bihaan quickly got up and cupped her face.
Bihaan : thapki ur eyes what happened ? Thapki open ur eyes…
Dhruv came and sat beside them.
Dhruv : thapki… thapki..wake up we need to perform ring ceremony..
Bihaan : thapki see all r waiting to talk to u come on wake up.
Sahir : raman water….
Bihaan sprinkles water on her face…
No response…
Bihaan rubbed her hands still no response….
His eyes were now full….up to brim and they began to flow. Bihaan hugged thapki’s lifeless body leaving everyone astonished & dhruv burning in anger.
Bihaan tightened his eyelids to release his tears. His eyelashes became wet. He tightened his grip around her small stature.
Bihaan : thapki plz wake up god plz..thapki plz nothing will happen to u.
Bihaan released her and he gently pated her face to wake her up.
But, there was no movement. Finally bihaan broke down holding her hand and a small drop of tear trickled down his face and landed on thapki’s eyes. Sje gripped bihaan’s big hand with her small one. Bihaan quickly opened his eyes and cupped her face speinkling some water. Thapki gained consciousness but her vision was still blurry . Bihaan quickly embraced her.
Bihaan : thank god u r safe…
Dhruv suddenly pushed bihaan side and hugged thapki pretending to cry.
Dhruv : thnk god u r f9 come lets perform ring ceremony .
Bihaan ‘s blood boiled in anger and if he was alone with dhruv he wud have smacked his a** for hugging her nd still thinking about ting ceremony.

He dragged half conscious thapki to stage. Dhruv took out ring and made thapki wear it in her right hand. Thapki prentended that she is not in a state to hold the ring the girl didnt wanted to get engaged.
Thapki (mind) : plz someone stop this shit…
Shradha gave her all she replied was ‘huh’… that too in a semiconscious state.
Bihaan and thapki prayed to god to stop this engagement at any cost.
Sahir : i think she is not well u may perform ceremony later.
Dhruv : no it will b conducted today only..
He asked shradha for help & shradha holded thapki ‘s hand and tried to make dhruv wear ring through her hands but when ring was being wore thapki jerked her hand and shradha ended up making dhruv wear ring.
But no one noticed wxcept sahir and bihaan & yes shradha , thapki & dhruv were aware of the fact.
Everyone start to leave.
Kosi : one min…thsi ring ceremony will not b considered to b complete dhruv.
Dhruv : y ?
Kosi : girl shud wear ring in her left hand..that’s y..
Dhruv : i dnt beleive in this shit…
He left.
At night ,
Everyone was seated in hall vasu left. Everyone were praising raman that he saved thapki today.
Thapki came down after taking rest she was quite elated cause her engagement was not complete traditionally.
Sahir : we shud play a game.
Everyone agrees.
Sahir : here is a bowl everyone had to pick a chit and there will b a thing written in it nd u need to do it and there will b pairs of 2. Here is one more bowl in which i have kept chits in which everyone’s name is written and one of u will come and pick the chit & the name written in ur chit will b ur partner.
Sahir calls thapki first nd raman ‘s name was written in chit and shradha dhruv &sahir piu were paired while kosi was judge.
Thahaan took a chit and it was written in the chit that bihaan need to propose thapki and then they need to act like getting engaged. Everyone hooted while dhruv shot a death glare at bihaan.
Bihaan bended on his knees and grabbed her hand and kissed it. He gently made thapki wear a ring in her left hand ‘s ring finger. In right there was dhruv’s ring. Thapki also make him wear ring in her senses this time.
Bihaan winks at her and sarcastically taunted dhruv.
Bihaan : dilwale dhulhaniya le hi gae…?
Thapki blushed.
Kosi : hey bhagwan they got engaged that too properly.
Dhruv : they r just acting ma..
Bihaan smirked at him.
Thapki recieved a message and she got shocked.
Love u all for giving mu story ur love to all the commentrs. Silent rdrs plz cmnt i wnt to knw that ur liking it or not. M not getting a proper respomse guyzz so plz encourage me if u wanna story further.
Ohk rdrs i also update my story on wattpas so there i uploaded the official trialer of myy ff made by me nd for this prt too i made one its on you tube.

For this prt m providing u link

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Or u simply search you and me thahaan ff official trialer nd in case of this prt u may just add engagement.
Hope u will watch it nd do tell me how was it ?
Lu all see u in next prt…

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