You and me : thahaan part 12

Hello everyone back with another part. Plz guyzz let me knw r u all liking my story or not bcz all hard work m doing is for u all only. Silent rdrds plz do cmnt.

So here we go,
Vasu’s eyes were closed. She slowly opens her eyes and she felt numb at the sight of her beloved daughter. Vasu’s eyes filled with tears.
Her voice dried at her throat . Piu constantly
stares her without uttering a single word.
Both the morher and daughter just looks in each other’s eyes trying to communicate through
eyes and seeking some love and care from each

Kosi breaks the painfull silence.
Kosi : oh vasundhra pandey how r u? Saw u after
3 yrs….btw i dnt think that u r fine u have grown
so week and thin. Just look at ur face its looking so pale.
Piu : oh !! Plz ma dnt fall in her trap. She is just
like her son bihaan. Both of them only knw how
to kill one ‘s happiness. Her son killed my father nd she supported him. I feel shame to call her my mother. I mean m damn sure that it’s her
new knack or strategy to make us her prey once
Vasu(weeping) : p… can u s…say that i mean bacha u h..hate me t..t..this much….
Piu : ma….
Vasu smiles releasing her tears when she hears ma it felt as if someone just lifted a rock from her hrt ….she forwards her arms in order to
embrace piu…..standing at her place . Piu
mooves towards vasu & stops inches away from her. Piu looking in vasu’s eyes and her face tightened in rage. She grew red with anger and
glaring vasu she spoke.
Piu : ma we shud leave dhruv bhai must b wtng.

She moves aside to leave when vasu holds her hand.
Vasu : c…come back bacha ur mother …feels
lifeless without u plz…
Piu : plz ma we shud leave i cnt tollerate this shit anymore ….m leaving m wtng outside near car…
Vasundhra felt hrtbroken bcz her daughter
calling kosi her ma but not her.
Piu leaves nd shradha follows her.
Vasu feels week in her legs and she sits on her
knees crying. Sje broke down. Her eyes became

red pouring out her pain,a mother ‘s pain and longing for her daughter…
Kosi : are re vasundhra ye kya hal ho gya h
tumhara humko to na taras aa rha h tum pr vse
to piu na bachi h gusse me na kucho b bol deti h ek bar b ni sochi tumhare bare me ….mai hun na samjhaogi use ( are re vasundhra in what state u
have come i feel pity for u. Piu is child in anger
she speaks rubbish. She spoke without thinking about u but dnt wry i am there i will make her understand)
Vasu looks up glaring kosi. She stands and lifts
her plam to slap her but kosi holds her wrist tightly amd twists her arm and makes vasu turn and twist her arm. Vasu’s back was now facing
kosi amd her wrist in her hand.
Kosi : khe the na apni aukate rho….kosi jb b ati h badka bad lekr ati h…
(I told u to be in ur limits…whenever kosi comes she comes with a flood )
Kosi pushes vasu. Vasu somehow balances

Vasu : what do u think ? Will u succeed in ur evil plans never i wont let that happen ever i
challange u kosi devi that one day u will cry nd
will b in my state nd i will laugh at u like thsi only…nd piu she is my daughter nd ik she loves her mother alot dnt even dare to think that u will
become her mother or take my place in her hrt if
she calls u ma. Well, u dnt deserve to b called by this word coz u dnt knw the meaning of ma..u r just a blo*dy selfish amd greedy animal. U r
not even a human.
Kosi laughs.
Kosi : shh shhh! U shout too much well go and have some water or sit in ac bcoz ur brain has
become quite hot…so just cool vasundhra.
Nd piu hates u . U didnt see hatred in her eyes towards u. Vaise ,i accept ur chllange. Nd uk i have a big hrt so wanna give u a opportunity to
come close to ur daughter after all m a mother
too. Today is dhruv ‘s engagement at virhaan’s paradise at 8:00 pm sharp . Do come u will get plenty of time there with ur daughter.
Piu screms.
Piu :kosi mom ….we r getting late dnt waste ur time at useless ppl…
Kosi : coming sweety…useless ppl ha ha ha ?
well,see u in evening va…su..n..dh..ra (stressing

at each word)
Kosi leaves.
Vasu runs behind kosi downstairs. She looks at
piu panting and her eyes continuosly flowing.
Piu turns her back at her mother. She hides her tears and hurriedly sits in car. Vasu shouts.
Vasu :pppiiuuuuu stop…..
Piu : driver uncle plz drive fast….
The car leaves and vasu just gaze at the road helplessly all the moments which ahe spended with her family flashing in front of her…
Piu ‘s childhood ,bihaan’s childhood she and
balwinder together happy with their kids , bihaan’s sin ,her behaviour towards bihaan , temple scene , kosi’s words. Her mind suddenly
stopped at kosi’s last words –

see u in eveining

vasundhra….dhruv ‘s engagement …time with ur daughter.
Vasu to herslef :shud i go there ? Without invitation ? No no i shudnt but she invited me and my daughter…i think i shid go ..yes i will go but wait a sec virhaan paradise how the hell dhruv chose that place …i mean how cud
Bihaam follows sahir. Sahir holds thapki’s hand.
Sahir : thapki plz stop listen to me…
Thapki turns back nd the sight of bihaan made
her angry and she jerks his hamd away.
Thapki : wats ur blo*dy prob man plz leave me alone…ddnt u undrstnd ?
She shot a death glare at bihaan her fave fuming
with anger.
Bihaan gives her ” i dnt give a damn ” look. He makes annoying faces at thapki provoking her.
Thapki :j..just leave me…
She leaves.
Sahir shouts : thapkiiii thapki stop just wait.
He runs behind her amd bihaan follows him
walking carelessly and slowly.
B4 sahir cud say anything her car left .

Sahir turns and looks at bihaan.
Bihaan :what ? ….oh plz for the god’s sake dnt
give me that look..just hate this(? aryan
khanna ?)
Sahir : bhai how cud u say such words to her i mean she ‘s so hurt.
Bihaan : oh plz dnt try to show that u only care
for her. I did that coz we cud not let her knw that i bihaan otherwise our plan wud get spoil of stopping this marriage. Uk that vry well.
Sahir : i agree but y did u say so harsh words..

Bihaan : bcz i wanted to see how much she beleives bihaan ? Then only she will fall in love with me..first step of love is trust nd she trusts
Sahir : how ?
Bihaan : small ppl small brains. I mean i wonder
sahir what wud u do without me i mean srsly u
dnt even undrstnd small things or even
remember that…eat almonds to enhance ur memory power..idiot. her last words “u cudnt b bihaan ” r the proof that she trusts bihaan that

he cnt b so cheap.
Bihaan : vse r we gonna leave next year ?
Sahir :oh!! Ya we r getting late lets go. Sahir was going when he turns amd suddenly hugs bihaan
. Bihaan makes faces and was abt to
reciprocate when sahir broke the hug and suddenly give him a peck on his cheek and leaves.
Bihaan stood there gaping at his back.

In car sahaan,
Sahir turns on radio ? and sab tera was
playing. Bihaan closes his eyes to take some

Bihaan was in a groom’s attire waiting for her
princess to descemd the stairs.
Piu :so finally wait’s over here’s the bride…
Bihaan jumped with joy on hearing the words his happiness knew no bounds afterall he was
marrying love of his life. The btfl.girl with her
face hidden behind veil descended stairs. The firl continuously trying to have a look of his hamdsome hunk through her veil but all her all attempts went in vein.
Bihaan feels irritated as he can not see the face of her bride. He was growing restless in order to see her face. Priest pulling bihaan out of train of
his thoughts asked him to exchange garland
with his bride. Bihaan quickly obeyed priest as he wanted to complete all the rituals as fast as
possible. The boy was wtng for hsi first night?
where no one can disturb him nd his love.

quickly took rounds of flame amd made her bride wear mangalsutra and filled ger hailine with vermilion. Finally all the rituals were completed nd the moment came for which
bihaan was wtng eagerly. He calms his hrt down amd proceeds towards his room. He silently opens door and step inside his room and there

he spoted his girl sitting on the giant round bed
full of white and red rose petals.
He moves towards her and nervously sits beside her. He lifted his hand in order to remoove the
barrier which was coming in btwn th the veil.
Bihaan’s fingers shaked out of nervousness. The girl remooves her veil by herself.
Bihaan :vooh man !! Someone seems to b
Girl : m nnot excited its just that the pace by which u were proceeding i thought m gonna stay in this veil forever and it feels too hot hiding ur
face iin it.
Bihaan (laughing) : btw , someone’s really looking hot and btfl. Temp. Of the room is increasing degree by degree.

Ah !! Thapki how much inwaited for this moment
u and me forever alone but togather.
Thapki : i too…ffinally u killed him.
Bihaan :yes inwas forced to..

Thapki : he deserved to b killed just hate that
blo*dy dhruv…
Bihaan : i got my reward my thapki but i want more uk wat i mean…
Thapki remooves her dupatta and one by one
her each ornament. She freed her hair which danced on every beat of music played by the gentle cool breeze. Bihaan smirks romantically.
Bihaan :gajab !!
Thapki mooves closer and she encircles bihaan ‘s neck with her small arms. She then mooves more closer and she starts caressing bihaan ‘s

cheeks with her right palm. Her finger trails
down from his tmpl and rests on his his lips. Bihaan kisses her finger and she gigles. Thapki moves more closer and kisses his left cheek
while her right hand played with brooch on
bihaan’s sherwani. She moves more closer and gently whispered in bihaan’s ear in a tantalising,soothing & seductive voice.

Thapki : nno idk wat u mean.(giggles)
She then kissed his earlobe and then gently bit it. This made bihaan turned on and he grabs her waist and pulls thapki under him. Now bihaan
was on top of thapki . Thapki cud notice a

naughty glint passing his tiny eyes.
Bihaan : so i will explain u mrs thapki bihaan pandey .(winks ) ?
Thapki : pplz m dying to kknw the meaning…
Bihaan smirks at her words and then raises his thick left eyebrow up and gave thapki a cute look. Bihaan moves closer nd kisses her
forehead then the tip of her nose and then her
both cheeks while his left hand constantly massaging her bare belly. Thapki moaned in plsr. Bihaan then slowly mutters.
Bihaan : now no one can separate us not even
Now bihaan finally made his bold move towards her lips. He was just an inch away when his ph
rang disturbing both of them. Bihaan made a face while thapki giggled.

Bhai bhai…ur ph wake up…bhai..

Bihaan finally opens his eyelids and sunrays made there way in. He closes his eyes again but this time in reflex.
Sahir : bhai ur ph is ringing…
Bihaan ‘s gaze fell on the name flashing on screen dhruv pandey.
Bihaan to himself : god….i wish it wasnt a dream
nd he was dead…well thapki i was wrong he
came in btwn.

Bihaan picks the call.
Dhruv : hello …sahir where the hell r u ?
Bihaan :oh g ude nal gal krni h te sahir nu call
kro na mainu kyu krde pae ho (oh if u wanna talk to sahir call him y r u calling me ?)
Dhruv : oh mr i called him only…
Bihaan lowers down ph from his ear and sees it
and then he slaps sahir at the back of his head.
Sahir :what ?
Bihaan : its ur ph mine is in my pocket…
Sahir : my? No no its urs only..wait..
He parks car at side and checks his pocket.

Bihaan glares him angrily. Sahir smiles at bihaan hesistantly & takes ph from his hand.
Sahir :sry bahi vo we both have same ph cover
na sry and clr too..
Bihaan : just talk to that idiot…u idiot..u srsly spoiled my dream.
Bihaan then closes his eyes and the things
which he dreamt came in front of him.
Bihaan quickly reopens his eyes.

Bihaan in his mind : god wat the hell m i
dreaming ? I mean i and thapki together…married…husband wif
e…in one bed….first night…..romancing…gajab lagta h b for bihaan pandey tumhare dimaag ki wiring khrab ho gai h…lagta h hum p for poore p
for pagal ho gae h . (I guess bihaan pandey
there ‘s some problem in wiring of ur brain i guess u have becoem mad ) but watever it is
dhruv is a villain we both were just gonna kiss
nd he came in btwn.
Sahir :yes, dhruv we r on the way and thapki might have reached or must b reaching nd i guess kosi piu and shradha to aa hi gae hoge ?
Dhruv : no only i have reached oh thnk god

thapki is here i shud go and recieve her…bye.
He hungs up.
Sahir keeps ph in his pocket and once again
smiles at bihaan while bihaan makes a face at
him and then he looks outside and then suddenly both sahir and bihaan widens there eyes and quickly turns there faces towards each
other and shout..
Sahaan : thapkiiii….
Sahir quickly switches engine on and paces
Bihaan : god damn it how can we b so careless
we cnt leave thapki alome with him..
Sahir : yes u r right bhai…

Bihaan :ik that nd just shut up and drive.
They both reach virhaan ‘s paradise and rushes
in with the speed of air.
They both look here and there and finally bihaan finds her sitting on sofa beside dhruv. She was
sunken in gloom. Bihaan approches her running
with sahir and they both too sit on sofa panting.
Bihaan : sab kuch chnga te h na g ? ( is everything alright? )
Dhruv :r u mad ? I mean everything is alright. Y
were u expecting something bad to happen ? (Sarcastically )
Bihaan : ab jithe tusi ho uthe kich kand na hoe
ais ato ho ni skda ( now where u r present there
something bad dsnt happens its isnt possible )

Dhruv : what ?
Bihaan :nothing… i was just kidding i guess we
shud go there are lots of preparations left.
Kosi , piu and shrafha too arrives. Bihaan notices piu’s sad face and he gets worried about her.
Sahir : i have booked rooms for everyone.
Raman will show u ur rooms dhruv kosi aunty piu and shradha . I will show thapki her room.
Bihaan : no u go and show rooms to them i will
show thapki mam her room.
Dhruv : y u want to show her room ?
He keeps hands on thapki ‘s shldr pressing it hard. Thapki feels uncmfrtbl and moans in pain
Bihaan gets angry and remooves his hand and
holds it .

Bihaan : vo bcz near her room there is my room nd i need to go to washroom nd m going that
side only so i cnt cntrl now..
Dhruv :what ? U r showing them there rooms nd there will b a washroom in every room.
Bihaan : will u wear my clothes ?
Dhruv : sry..? Y will i do that ? I dnt like to use
other’s things.
Bihaan :so y r u asking me to do that ?plz use some sense if u have some …
Thapki looks at bihaan and goes with him. They
both were not talking at all on the way to their reslective rooms. Bihaan shows thapki her room . Bihaan shows thapki her room he too gets in with her. Thapki keeps her stuff on bed and turns her face towards bihaan . They both stood there just looking at each other. Thapki broke the unwanted silence.
Thapki : thnku..u may lleave u wanted to go to washroom na ?
Bihaan : yes m going..
Thapki : hmm..

Bihaan :ohk then bye..
Thapki points her finger towards door while bihaan was mooving in backward direction facing her.
Bihaan :chnga g fir… (bye)
Thapki :hag tusi jao hun (yes u shud leave )
Suddenly bihaan trips over mat and he falls down meeting hard floor.
Thapki laughs at him.
Bihaan feels shooting pain in his back but all his pain vanished at the sight of her smiling face.

Bihaan :r u gonna laugh only or help me ?
Thapki runs towards him & helps him to get up. She helds his hand & pulls him upward but bihaan lost his balance and he again fell back but this time thapki too fell with him and thapki’s cheeks brushed with his bearded ones. Both of them froze for a moment feeling difficult to look at each other . Thapki then move lil bit backward and looks at him but this time with no emotions in her eyes. But suddenly bihaan cud see ahope in her eyes that mayb raman is bihaan. This thing killed bihaan from inside bcz now he need to b rude with her.
Bihaan : m not bihaan. So stop thinking that & stop coming close to me. I mean u r marrying someone else and then thinking about bihaan and coming close to me. Huh!!

He pushes her aside and stands. Thapki too manages to stand. Thapki’s eyes filled with tears.
Thapki : uk what u r a dbl faced man & bihaan is not like that so stop comparing urself with him uk i just met him twice nd he has a grt of gold i can say that but u uuur hrt is of coal.ppl like u can nnever b bihaan areee u r not equal to a nail oof his finger. Well, yesterday somebody ssaid to me tthat all i want is u to ssmile. Happiness looks gorgeous on u. Uk wat sadness suits me more. U r such a jjerk now i dnt wanna slap u even. My hands will get dirty. If u didnt wanted to talk to me u shudnt have started . I jjust hate fake convo. I love when conversations and energies just flow . Not forced. Not coerced. Just present. U wont understand that get lost right now.

Bihaan : vse u can wash ur hands if it gets dirty with detol.
Thapi(shouting) : out rright now….
Bihaan leaves and thapki slams door on his face.
Bihaan’s room,
Bihaan sits on bed and tightens his eyelids to stop tears from flowing but they were stubrn just like his hrt and made their way out.
Bihaan to himself : sry thapki…god y do i always need to hurt her. Idk when she cries i feel like someone shot me in my hrt and it’s bleeding. I just want her to smile but now i have become reason for her sadness. Sry thapki but y do i feel so dfrnt for u ? Y do i feel jls when someone touches u wdr its sahir , dhruv or kabir. Y do i feel that only i can help u only i can give u pain only i can lo…no i guess m tired that’s y m thinking rubbish. But what will i do if u marry dhruv no need to stop it. He brushes away all the thoughts at once with a knock on his door.

Sahir comes inside.
Sahir : y did u went with thapki ? Hope this time u didnt hurted her ?
Bihaan : y u care abt her so much ? Do u love her?
Sahir : no bhai its just that she is my bst frnd . That’s y nothing else.
Bihaan :oh…(but he didnt trusted him completely he trusts sahir blindly but he is lil bit protective and selfish for thapki ) thapki was feeling irritated in her room so she went out.
Hotel’s hall,
Thapki sees manager there and she thinks about bihaan. She calls manager.
Thapki : hi do u remember me?

Manager : yes mam…
Thapki : well, i just wwanted to meet ur chief mmanager mr bihaan pandey.
Manager ( stuttering) : bbbihaan ssir…umm mam he didnt came today ..mam ttyl mm bizy rt now
He quickly leaves while thapki tries to stop him.
Thapki : what happened to hhim ? Y he became so nervous on hearing bihaan ‘s name ? Thapki turns to leave when her gaze fell on sheena. She calls out her name.
Thapki :sheena….
Sheena looks at her and waves her. Thapki moves towards her.
Thapki :hey…(hugs ger)
Sheena : hey thapki so wassup…?

How’s bihaan ?
Thapki : ya mmust b f9.
Sheena : must b ? U dk i mean he ‘s ur bf right ?
Thapki recalls past incidents.
Thapki : y…y..aa i m …mean i j..j.just faught with him.
Bihaan was passing by and stops on seeing thapki and sheena together. He hides behind pillar and listens their convo.
Thapki : sheena can i ask u something ?

Sheena : yes…
Thapki : ddo u love him ?
Sheena : what ? Have u gone mad i dnt love him…
Bihaan to himself : have thapki gome insane ? Wat the hell is she doing ?
Someone shouts sheena and thapki turns to see the person and thapki turns to see the person and thapki felt numb on seeing raj with dhruv she once again turns her head back. Her back was facing raj and dhruv so they didnt saw her.
Sheena :scuse me….

Thapki : god wats sheena and raj doing with dhruv hope they dnt tell him abt ne and bbihaan.
Bihaan too sees them and gets shocked.
Thahaan together : oh nooo…

See u all in the next prt.

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