You and me : thahaan part 11

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So here we go,
Bihaan just smiles at thapki.
Thapki : y r u smiling?
Bihaan : bcz u r so cute…
Thapki : ssry…

Bihaan : its k…
Thapki : i didnt say sry i said another ssry which is said when tthere’s a prob in listening nd we wwant 2nd person to repeat.
Bihaan : sry ta sry honda h g . Hun tusi kis trh keya usda krk ni penda.
(Sry is sry now the way in which u said dsnt matter)
Thapki : u r insane..
Bihaan : thnx. Btw a wise person said that a girl looks cute when she cries. She looks inmocent when she is angry nd she looks btfl when she smiles.

Thapki : whos that wwise person?
Bihaan : ramandeep singh.?
Thapki : ssrsly i mmean r u mad or u pretend ?
Bihaan : well, all i want is u to smile. Come on, now smile happiness looks gorgeous on u ?
Thapki blushes nd looks here and there her lips turned into a vry slight curve.
Bihaan : i guess its on the way blocked by traffic come on fast come quickly…
Thapki tries to controll herself from smiling.
Bihaan : oh!! I guess y r out of stock ?

Thapki : oout of stock ??
Bihaan : yes i mean i guess u dnt have anymore smiles with u that’s y u r not smiling . Well if u dnt have smile tell me i will give u one of mine.? ( he makes a baby pout)
Thapki finally smiles flashing her 32 teeths out.
Bihaan : oe hoe aw hui na gal kudoye..? hae mar suteya. Dil jit laya tu ta kudiye.(oh this is wat i wanted girl omg u killed me . U won my hrt girl)

Thapki : well, ty ffor bringing smile back to my face.? but, u didnt answered mmy questiony ddid u said u r with me ?
Bihaan : vo bcz i can not see any girl in pain that’s y i said that nd ii feel pity for u so just to console u i said that. Well, m really there for u if u want nything.
Thapki : nno ty. U jjust wanted to console me ? Nnothing else…

Bihaan : yes obvio y will i lie …well, i guess now u shud sleep its quite late
Thapki : yes right…iits quite late i shud go varna dhruv will bea…(stops as she realised wahat she was going to say)
Bihaan : wat he will do?

Thapki : nnothing m ffeeling sleepy.
She was abt to go but she stopped suddenly freezing at her position feeling a soft touch on her hand. Thapki breathes heavily.
Bihaan holded her arm in order to stop her.
Thapki was abt to turn when bihaan stopped her.

Bihaan : dnt move..
Thapki was abt to speak but bihaan shushes her.
Bihaan : sh shh shh..dnt speak.

Thapki obeys him like a obidient child but then she feels bihaan coming closer. He gently murmurs in her ear.
She was transfixed at her place when she felt his hot breath against her neck. Her chest moved up and down rapidly nd bihaan smiled at her sudden excitataion.
He gently touched her bare back under his warm touch thapki’s milky skin hardened nd she felt him grabbing her bare waist. Nd the other hand which was on her back moving trailing its path towards her shldr nd it stopped there.
They were so close that even air cannot pass through. Thapki didnt wanted to accept the fact but she felt something new something good with his touch.
Bihaan (in a seductive and romantic way ) : thapki…

Thapki.closed her eyes tightly.
Thapki :huh..

Bihaan : ikbu r feeling butterflies in ur tummy…
Thapki : n…n…n..n (she tried hard but was not able to utter a single word)
Bihaan : well, leave butterflies thapki thing which m going to tell u now after listening to it dnt panic plz..
Thapki : huh..w…w..w…at?
Bihaan : yes…

Thapki : hmmm
Bihaan : thapki i want to say..
Thapki : w..w..wat ?
Bihaan: thapki how shud i say but i need to..
Thapki : s…s…s..say
Bihaan : thapki…(pause for a moment)

There there’s a cockroch on ur shldr..
Thapki : w…h..aaaaat??( she screams in a ear piercing voice , and then remooves cockroch from her shldr ) aaaa…aaaa….aaaa
Bihaan closes his ears using his fingers.
Thapki turns around and hugs bihaan tightly. Bihaan feels his hrtbeat increasing rapidly. He reciprocates the hug. Thapki tightens her grip and moves more close to him. She cud listen his hrtbeat and she hides her face in his chest closing the gap btwn them. She grabs his shrt tightly making small fist. Bihaan smiles.

Thapki whispers against his chest.
Thapki : raman ppplz save me i hhate cockroch..
To thapki ‘s surprise bihaan broke into laughter.
Thapkk detaches herslef from him. She felt awkward for a while but then she growled at bihaan.
Thapki : y tthe hell r u laughing? Bihaan picks up the cockroch from the floor and holds it btwn his thumb and index finger and shows it to thapki.
Thapki closes her eyes in fear and then slowly opens it and when she saw it was a dummy she gives death glare to bihaan.
Thapki : uk ttthat’s y i hate u..she huffs.

Bihaan : raman pplz save me m afraid (ha ha ha haa) i mean i thought that u r going to die with a hrt attack???
Thapki : laugh laugh i wont spare u ?
Y u dod tthat ? (Making a cute pout)

Bihaan comes closer and holds her hand then tucks her hair strands back behing her eralobe. Bihaan in soft whisper spoke gently caressing her face with his thumb.
Bihaan : if i have not done that then u wud have never hugged me.
He smiles.

Thapki stares him lovingly & confusingly.
They share an eye lock for few secs when it eas disturbed again by bihaan ‘s giggling.
Bihaan : look at ur face (laughing and pointing at her face ) u srsly thought i want to hug u ? ??
Bihaan continues laughing and she gets frustrated and she leaves.

Bihaan to himself : she is super cute and innocent but thapki only i can scare u , trbl u nd no one else can do that.
Bihaan ‘s hrt questions his mind but y u can only do that ? Y not anyone else ?
Bihaan replied to his hrt : obvio i can only do that coz i promised kabir that i will help her so its quite obvious that now she is mine i mean my responsibility.
He too leaves.
Thapki’s room,

Thapki changes her clothes she wears pjs with a loose tshirt she ties her hair in pig tails. She takes out her nail paont case and takes a red nail paint and applies it. While applying nail paint her mind, hrt and every sense was lost in only one thing nd that was raman.
Thapki recaptulates all her moments which she spended with raman her lips carved a big smile.she starts blushing.

Thapki to herself : well, he is so dumb but he is nice i mmean he is so cute jjust like bihaan. Wait a min y am i thinking abt bihaan now. Oh shit how can i forget my mission proof raman =bihaan.
She sleeps while thinking abt him.

Next day,

Thapki was in a deel slumbr when the sunlight along with bird’s chirping sound and morning hustle in the house disturbed her sleep. She slowly opened her eyes but she was taken aback by the site of her room. Sje quickly sat up straight.
Her whole room was decorated as a newly wed bride full of roses ,glitters amd lights and the ppl doing it was nome other than sahaan (sahir & bihaan ) b4 she cud react shradha wearing a barbie gown which was golden in clr and was off shldr ,her hairs were tied in french bun along woth piu who wore a simple yet royal black net saree complementing her fig. Her hair were left loose with curls and waves with light yet elegent make up completeing her look entered her room.
Thapki looked them in a suspicious way and gaped at them in a shock.

Thapki : wats ggoing on here ?
Nd where u 2 r going early morning that too wearing such heavy clothes.
Shradha nd piu comes towards her and both of them sots on either sode of thapki.
Shradha : madam dnt tell me u forgot ?
Piu : srsly bhabhj how can u do this ?
Bihaan smiles looking at piu ‘s innocense nd her attachment with thapki.
Thapki : wat did i fforgot ?
Shradha : today is ur engagement madam.

Thapki : oh blo*dy shit …sshit how did i fforgot ? ..damn it hhe will surely kki…(she stops as shradha ,piu and bihaan stared thapki in confused manner that y is she panicking so much and speaking with a scared tone) i mean he will get upset then he wwill not talk to me.
She changes topic
Thapki : btw y u ccame here ?

Shradha : well, we came here to wake u up & we r going to temple with kosi aunty so jldi se fet ready nd u need to reach virhaan’s paradise, ohk?
Thapki : but y r u going to temple ?

Piu : bhabhi vo kosi mom wanted to pray for yr and bhai’s well being.
Bihaan flt hrt broken when he hrd bhai for dhruv from her sisy’s mouth. His eyes filled with tears.
Thapki looked at bihaan and noticed wetness in his eyes.
Thapki stares him in confusion.
Piu and shradha left the room.
Thapki :wat u 2 monekys rrr doing here ?

Bihaan : dnt tell me u r blind.
Thapki :bblind..?
Sahir : obvio thapki cant u see wat we r doing decorating ur room
Bihaan and sahir laughed.
Thapki to herself : i was wrong y will he ccry he is hrtless..uff
Sahir and bihaan laughs while thapki gave them a cold look and left to take bath.
Thapki came out wearing a cotton slawar kameez which was red in clr with black stone work nd a white dupatta made her look stunning.sahir was not in room nd bihaan was still there but he was behind the bed crouched down finding his keys which fell down when he was decorating her room. He didnt noticed thapki nd thapki didnt noticed him.

Thapko went in front of mirror and took out her make up kit. She applied a light ponk lipstick nd a small red bindi. She tied her hair in side fish tail leaving some strands of hair on her white face. She applied a kajal and a maskara to her btfl curved lashes. She was trying to pin her dupatta when bihaan got up shouting nd leaving thapki scared.
Bihaan : found i…(he stops mesmerised hy thapki woth his mouth open gawking at her through mirror as thapki was facing her back towards him)

Thapki looked at bihaan through mirror.
Tujh mein rab dikhta h plays in bg.

Tu hi to jannat meri,
Tu hi mera junoon,
Bihaan mooves towards thapki nd thapki still at her palce just staring him.
Tu hi mannat meri ,
Tu hi rooh ka sukoon,

Bihaan holds thapki’s shldrs nd made her turn towards him he makes her sot on the bed while thapki just stared his face glowing in sunlight adding to his charm. He goes towards dressing table and picks anklet and then comes towards thapki l. He knealt down and lifted her foot gently and palced it on his lap. He mooved her slawar lil bit up exposing her milky ankle. He first caressed her ankle gently which made thapki moan in plsr and bihaan smirked listening her moan. He then tied the anklet and did ae with the other foot.
Tu hi ankhiyo ki thandak,

Tu hi dil ki h dastak,
Aur kuch na janoon main bas itna hi janoon,
Tujh mein rab dikhta h yara mai kya karoon ,(2)
Sajhde sr jhukta h yara mai kya karoon,

Tujh me rab dikhta h yara mai kya karoon,
Bihaan gets up and once again goes towards dressing table and brings black metal bangles . He takes hold of thapki’s right wrist and first kisses her hand and shivers ran down through thapki’s whole body as hsi soft lips came in contact with her hand . Sjee closed her eyes and brathed heavily while bihaan looked at her scared and innocent face . He smiled and made her wear bangles . He did same with her other hand. He then made thapki stand. Thapki looked down . Bihaan made her look up by lofting her chin. He mooves behind thapki looking at his and her image in mirror.
La la la la ,

Kaisi h ye doori,

Kaisi majboori,
Maine nazron se tumhe chu liya,
Oh hoo hoo , kabhi teri khushboo,
Kabhi teri baatein,
Bin mange ye jahan pa liya ,
Tu hi dil ki h raunak , tu hi janmon ki daulat ,

Aur kuch na janoon,
Bas itna hi jaanooon,
Tujh mein rab dikhta h yara mai kya karu. Song continues.
Bihaan free thapki’s hair and remooves her bindi. He then made a o with his hand ?at thapki’s image and thapki didnt understand how to react.
She just smiled a little that too awkwardly .
Song stops.

Bihaan : gajaab!!
Thapki’s eyes suddenlu turned bug like buttons staring bihaan she quickly turns back and looked at bihaan.
Bihaan didnt ynderstood y she did that.
Thapki :wat did u ssaid ? Repeat it.
Bihaan : wat?
Thapki : just nnow…
Bihaan : i saod gaj…(relaisation dawned on him and he bit his lower lip which distracted thapki)
Bihaan : vo k..kuch ni..i g mai ta kkuch ni kaya he smiles at her. (Nothing i didnt said nh thing)
Thapki :no u saod gajab…
Bihaan : i guess y r not only blind but deaf too..

He laughs and turns to leave.
Thapki(shoited to stop him) : bbihaan…
Bihaan stopped at the door in amazement at once and looked back at thapki.
Thapki :i knew it tthat u r…bbihaan not any ramnadeep. Y did u do this?
Bihaan looked here and there thinking wat to speak.
Bihaan was abt to speak when sahir intrptd them .
Sahir : thapki wats this ? U didnt leave till now.
Thapki pointing at bihaan.
Thapki : who is he ?
Bihaan : sahir i think she is not only blind and deaf but she is suffering from short term memory loss too.
Yesterday inly u introduced me to her that m ramandeep singh see she forgot. ?
Sahir and bihaan giggled.
Thapki :wwill u just shut up…m not talking to u m talking to sahir .
Who is he sahir ? (In a srs tone )
Sahir : thapki he is..
Thapki : is ?
Sahir : is…
Thapki (stressing at word ) : iiis ?
Sahir :a boy..

Bihaan laughs…
Thapki(coldly) : jjust shut up sahir olz tell me the truth he is bihaan pandey right ? Nd hhow do u knw him ?
Bihaan : oh madam wats ur prob m ramandeep singh stop calling me bihaan. He huffs.
Sahir :yes thapki stop doubting him he is ramandeep trust me.
Thapki :bbut sahir..
Bihaan :btw who is bihaan ? I mean come on, u r getting married nd thinking abt another guy is bad. Is he ur secret lover ?
Sahir :stop it bha…i mean raman.

Thapki cudnt cntrl her anger and slapped bihaan tightly leaving her fingerprints on his face.
Thapki : u r ddisgusting.u cudnt be bihaan.just ff*ck off.
Thapki left room angrily.

Sahir shot a death glare at bihaan
Sahir : this is not right bhai u can not hurt thapki. Listen bhai i respect u infact u rmy god . But i cnt see thapki in pain.
Bihaan : y u cnt see ? (Doubting sahir )
Sahir : leave it bhai this was not right he too left.
Bihaan followed him .

At temple ,
Kosi , piu and shradha were praying as soon as they completed their beseeching they turned to leave. They were welcomed by vasundhra stnading behind them. Piu’s eyes filled with tears at sight of vasu and she stood there in shock. Vasu ‘s eyes were closed.

Hope u all enjoyed. See u all in next part. Do cmnt dearies…love u all…

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