You and me : thahaan part 10

Hello everyone so here is ur simi back with another epi. First of all tysm for ur love nd love u all. Well i think u all r too enjoying tpk mani is looking super cute ,handsome nd hot ? just loving aryan khanna nd wtng for new love story of aryan & bani our niyan.
So , here we go

Shhh shhh!! ( keeping his finger on her lips) thapki was in a shock as soon as she realised that he is the same man whom she saw mins ago.
She looked at bihaan raising her eyebrows yp in a shock nd adjusting her eyeball’s size to be big.

Bihaan : umm…hi!!?
Bihaan looked in her btfl black eyes admiring them her eyes blinked rapidly nd her curved eyelashes mad them look adorable.
Bihaan remooved his finger from her lips.
Their bodies were touching each other’s. Their bodies were touching each other’s. Bihaan cud feel thapki’s curves. Thapki broke the romantic silence in the room.
Thapki : rrr u mad ?? Nnd wat rr u doing in my room?

Bihaan : uk in ur house nobody has a btfl or welcoming face so just wanted to see one.?
Thapki’s cheeks turned crimson red.
Thapki : oh!! ….umm i mmean wwat r u doing oon top of me ?
Bihaan : well, when i came inside ur room i started feeling sleepy so i thought to have a s for sweet nd s for sleep.
Note : they r still in the same position bihaan on top of thapki if u dnt remember then read last part ‘s last para….
Thapki (raged,blushing nd sweating) : haww!! ? u mean that wwwanted to ssleep with me?
Bihaan : no i wanted to sleep on bed.
Thapki : so m i a bed ?

Bihaan : nope u arnt. Its just that i wanted to have a sleep.
Thapki : on me??
Bihaan : yes (he realised wat he said nd he changed his ans ) umm nno (stammering) no i mean iii dnt wntd to sleep on u actually i mean see there ‘s no place in the room to sleep.
Thapki : so u will sleep on me ?
Bihaan : i wanted to sleep on bed.
Thapki : so there’s plenty of space …on the bbed

Bihaan : nope , see beside u pillows r kept …
Thapki : srsly…..iii mean is iit a jjoke ? Rbu kidding me ? I mean pillows ssrsly ? U cud have kept them ssomewhere else.
Bihaan : no they r quite heavy for me to handle u knw my mother brought me up by lots of care…?
Thapki pouts angrily.
Thapki (frustated) : wwait leave all the things wat the hell r u still ddoing on top of mme ? Nd who r u ?
Bihaan : oh !! Yes , wat the hell u r still doing under me its not fare thapki g stop laying ur bad eyes on me…
Thapki pushes him aside nd taking support of bed rest she stands.
She gestured bihaan to get up nd he does so. Thapki keeps her both the hands on her waist nd gives him a “i will kill u ” look.
Thapki : who rr u ?

Bihaan : ur to be husband…(winks) ?
Thapki : wat ttthe….shit r u saying? Oh mr r u in ur senses…
Bihaan : oh ! ik mint kudiye gal ta sunle…thand rakh mainu puri gal ta karan de ( just wait a min girl bd listen to me just chill nd let me complete my sentence )
Well , i was saying that m ur to be husband’s wedding planar ‘s hlpr nd my name is ramandeep (he mooves closer to thapki nd murmurs in her ears )
Pyaar se tum mujhe raman bula sakti ho…
As soon as thapki felt his hot breath against her earlobe nd neckline shivers ran down her spine making her hrtbeat uneven.

Thapki ( jerks him) : pplz mmaintain dist. Mr rraman….bd just leave rt now…
Bihaan : ohk, stop growling at me m going take a chill pill….(bihaan grabs her hand and smiles at her romantically ) btw u shud controll ur excitement when m near u ik its difficult coz m irresistible.?

He winked at her nd left the room leaving thapki in a shock with her mouth half opened ?….
As soon as bihaan left thapki . She started recalling all the scenario which just happened.
Thapki to herself : wwat was that ? Y i didnt stopped him when he came close to me , nd those ssmall eyes i have seen them b4 & i was in hhis arms y did i felt that embrace tto be familiar ….god its so blo*dy confusing. Who tthe hell he is ? Nd that word irresistible which he spoke i mmean the way he spoke winking someone else has spoken in the se way b4…
Something clicked in her mind nd thapki shouts throwing her arms in air bihaannnnn!!! Yes mmaub he is bihaan but what will he do here ?
Sahir enters thapki’s room pulling her out from her thoughts .

Sahir : so miss thapki how r u feeling now ? (Holding her shldrs)
Thapki : much better !! Nd thnx for ur care and ssupport ?
Sahir : dosti me no ty nd sorry miss thapki…? well , thapki i was wondering that have u made any plan to accomplish ur goal….?
Thapki : goal ?? (Raising her eye brows )
Sahir : dnt tell me that u forgot abt revenge nd the behaviour he did with u yesterday now he deserves hatred blo*dy dog he is…

Nd i guess u shud file a complaint against him..
Thapki shuddered in fear with the memories of last night nd soon her rosy cheeks turned wet.
Thapki : nno!! Sahir (joining her hands ) pplz no dnt tell nything abt that night to anyone promise me u wont u hhave my swear…
Sahir detaches his hands from her shldr nd mooves backwards.

Sahir shooking hia head in disagreement spoke : plz thapki dnt do this i need to take ur revenge the things which he did with u is unforgivable plz thapki dnt step back u were so strong earlier wrnt u ? I mean come om fight for ur dignity ..ur respect ur justice..
Thapki sobbing: i ddnt wwnt any revenge now m bbroken sahir from inside nd outside both my body my mind nd my soul gave up plz pplz pplz (broke down nd her legs trembled nd she sat on her knees crying )
??? m ssry i cant fight .

Sahir too kneal down nd embrace her he caresses her hair.
Sahir : sh! Sh ! Bas thapki stop dnt cry i promise i wont tell anything to anyone just dnt cry….ohk?
Thapki releases her pain in the form of tears she holded his shirt tight digging her nails in his chest. As soon as thapki composed herself they both separated themselves.
Thapki : thnku sahir i can never forget wat u r doing for me u r a true frnd. ☺
Sahir cups her face nd wipes her tears with his thumb.

Bihaan entered thapki’s room as he was looking for sahir. But, as soon as he witnessed the scene going in front of him he became outraged seeing thapki and sahir together nd that to so close sahir ‘s palms cupping her cheeks made him mad. He shouted quite loudly in actually in a ear piercing voice…
Bihaan : saahirrrrr!!!?

Sahir and thapki got up quickly astonished.
Sahir : wat happened bhai…i mean raman..

Bihaan mooved towards them and he was abt to punch sahir but when he saw thapki galring him he calmed himself nd faked a smile.
Bihaan : nothing happened. What will happen ? When there is nothing to happen nd if something will happen i will stop it from happening bcz in my presence nthng bad can happen as i m b for bih…(stops in btwn ) i mean the raman.
Sahir nd thapki shared glances with each other confused.

Sahir : what ??
Bihaan : nthng brada…
Sahir : btw y did u shouted?
Bihaan : i felt hrt piercing pain…(lookin at thapki)
Thapki too stared him back.
Sahir : what ? (Confused)
Bihaan : i mean i felt pain in my hrt as i didnt ate nything…
Thapki : i guess u dnt knw nything abt body must b sstomach..?(giggling)
Bihaan : no, ik everything u dnt knw nything . See, when u eat food then only blood is made in the body right ?
Sahir : right !!

Bihaan : r u also part of the fight ?
Sahir : no..
Bihaan : then let her ans.
Thapki : right !!

Bihaan : blood is needed to hrt to survive right ?
Thapki : right !!
Bihaan : so i didnt ate nything which means
blood isnt formed in my body so my hrt is blood defficinet so its aching. Hence, proofed. Ik m genious.

Thapki : yes u r so iintelligent m flatrered trrust
mme mr singh!! (Sarcastically)
Bihaan : i shud also eat parle g.
Thapki : y ?
Bihaan : i guess u havnt seen the advertisement that genius only eat parle g??
Sahir laughed hardly.
While thapki gave a death glare to both of them as they high fived.?
Thapki : u bboth just get lost ..from hhere right now…
Bihaan : thand rakh kudiye phle hi grmi bhot e or na bda ??(just chill girl already its too hot dnt increase hotness )
Thapki turned her back to him crossing her arms while they both left the room.

Bihaan dragged sahir forcefully to his room.
Bihaan : wat the hell do u think u r ?
Sahir : wat happened bhai ?
Bihaan : y u always touch her ? I mean cnt u talk without touching ? ( he understood that what bihaan is talking abt but acts..)?
Bihaan : thapki..(he realised that wat he uttered but it was too late to cover up as his secret was out)

Sahir (smirking) : ahm ahm (clearing throat ) i guess someone ‘s jls..??(laughs)
Bihaan : is j..jls (stumbling at hsi words )
Sahir : so finally u fell for her she is so adorable nd admirable with a hrt of gold no one can resist her.
Bihaan : what rubbish i dnt kove her at all..
Scene shifts to thapki,
Thapku to herslef : m damn ssure he is bihaan nd i jjust need to find it out the way he was abt to speak m b for bihaan but he stopped midway
Need to knw the truth soon bd wat the helk is he doing here ? There’s something fishy abt him..
Sahir and bihaan were bizy in their arguement while thapki in her thoughts nd all 3 were disturbed by the scream of dhruv.
Dhruv : everyone assemble in the hall in 5
After 5 mins,
Kd , thahaan nd sahir came down nd dhruv came after 15 mins.
Dhruv : so, i guess m on time.
Sahir : yes…

Bihaan : veere tusi 10 mint late ho g ( brdr u r 10 mins late )
Dhruv glared him.
Dhruv : i m on time is that clear ..glaring bihaan in his eyes.
Bihaan continues the eye contact.
Bihaan : u r late that to 10 mins nd y shud i lie ..when m right . Btw mr dhruv pandey ur letter box is open. ??
Bihaan , saahir , thapki nd infact kd broke in laugh ??? especially thapki laughed the most whole hrtdly.
Bihaan ‘s gaze was fixed on her lips which were curved right now nd lust was visible in his eyes to kiss her. Thapki stopped laughing as soon as she felt dhruv ‘s angry gaze on her. Bihaan noticed that and came in front of her glaring dhruv nd leaving him dumbstruck. Thapki looked at bihaan from behind emotionally bd tears filled her eyes.
Dhruv : well , i wanted u all to knw that i and thapki will b getting married next week sunday…

Nd tmrw is our ring ceremony..
So how ‘s the news ?
Thahaan nd sahir shared shocked glances with each other. ? but , the most affected one ‘s were thahaan with this news as if cloud bursted on them ruining everything.? as soon as they recovered from shock another shock welcomed them with arms open. There was a voice which caught their attention and left bihaan amazed.
Person : mast !! Are ye to bhot shi h kya khte h jhakas news h. (Fanstastjc !! This news is aussom wat do we call it yes mindblowing )
Nd wat the hell is this dhruv bhai u r planning to get married without ur lil sis?
Person 2 : without me too..

The first person ‘s voice left bihaan astonished while second ‘s thapki.
As soon as thapki saw her she cudnt cntrl her happiness she was on 7 th cloud ? she ran towards her nd embraced her in a tight hug almost choking the girl nd she the girl nd too reciprocated with same excitement.
Thapki : sharadah i can not tell u how much happy i am i just love u darl…uk i missed u sm (wheeping) i wwas feeling so blo*dy alone wwithout u but now i will never let u go.
Shradha : same here thaps just love u bae ❤ nd i love u more than u love me.
Thapki (separates ) : no i love u more…
Shradha (wiping her tears ) : no i….

Shradha was wearing blue denim shorts with a mixture of black nd white crop top nd her hair were tied in a french braid.
Person 1 : chupp!! This is not fare thapki bhabhi u dnt wnt to meet me ? U only kove shradha di..
Thapki hugging her : aww my cutee pie obviously i love u more with shradha its just show off.
Bihaan ‘s eyes filled with tears nd he murmrd under his breath audible to sahir piu…
Bihaan mooved forward towards piu but sahir grabbed his arm & dragged him to a corner.
Bihaan pushing sahir : leave me i want to meet my sis i longed for her for 3 long yrs.
Sahir : no u cnt orherwise our plan will get ruined.

Bihaan sighed. Releasing his tears nd composing himself.
Bihaan : ya right m not bihaan m ramna u r right let ‘s go..
Piu run towards dhruv bd hugs him while bihaan admires her childishness.
Piu : missed u so much bhai…
Dhruv : same here..

Piu separates herself from dhruv nd hugs kosi.
Kosi caresses her cheeks. While thapki dragged shradha forcefully to her room to spend some girl’s time with her.
Dhruv : well , piu u didnt go to meet vasu aunty nd ur beloved bro bihaan pandey.(stressing his voice at bihaan )
Piu : plz bhai dnt mention hai name i just hate him to the core blo*dy murderer i wish that filthy bd disgusting man wasnt my brother.
She left while dhruv and kd smirked at each other nd they too left.
Sahir : bhai , everything will b f9 .
Bihaan (broke down ) : no nothing will b f9 everyone hates me y dont they undrstnd m not a murderar m tired of hearing this blo*dy shit ?..
He left.
Scene shifts to thapki’s room.
Piu enters her room

Shradha nd thapki were bizy in their girly talks nd piu intrptd them.
Piu : so u both forget me (makes a cute pout )
Thapki was getting up in order to deag her inside room but due to a lot exertion she felt weak nd was abt fall when shradha holded her nd noticed her wounds. Piu ran towards her nd bihaan was passing by her room stopped and hid behind door.
Shradah made her sit.
Shradah : what the f*ck is it ?
These wounds i mean u didnt tell me nd u look so damn weak .
Piu :ya thapki bhabhi tell us what happened ?
Thapki thought to tell truth but the sight of dhruv approching her room stopped her.
Bihaan noticed terrified look on thapki’s face.
Thapki : nnothing vo..i ..ffell from stairs.
Dhruv smirked evilishly at her.

Thapki quickly rushed out of roomhiding her tears.
Bihaan followed her .
Terrace ,
Thapki was looking at stars .
Thapki to stars : u r so lucky that u always stay with ur mmoon protected but, i….see ii am al aalone with no happiness in my life. M aalone?
Bihaan : m with u..

Thapki turned back to look at the person who spoke these words bihaan mooved towards her and stands besides her.
Thapki hurriedly wiped her tears but to her surprise bihaan held her hands nd shooked his head in order to stop her from wiping her tears.
Bihaan : release ur pain u will feel light..
They both shared intense eyelock . While ranjhana played in bg.
Thapki : u r wwith me ? Yy u said that ?

Bihaan just smiles at her.

So in this lart as new character is introduced so m introducing her.
Ragini khanna as piu pandey (bihaan ‘s sis)
Nd characters which will b introduced in upcoming parts are
Pooja sahu as suman kapoor (sahir ‘s sis in law)
Resham thakkar as preeti pandey (bihaan ‘s sis in law )

Sanjay pandeya as ashwin pandey (bihaan ‘s cozn brother )
Vikki choudhary : as sanjay kapoor sahir ‘s brother )
Sry for late update nd u will get early updates after 17.

Ty cmntrs nd readers love u all ❤❤ silent rdrd love u all to nd plz do cmnt nd share wdr u r liking it or not….nd encourage me criticism nd good review both r welcome.
Ty for reading see u all in next part

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