Thahaan OS : Me and my Snivels

Hey guys, I Vinni is again ready to torture u with my another OS ??
Guys before u read it I would like to mention that this OS is inspired by a criminal story, bihaan lovers need to be strong n careful while reading… ? ??
I read this type of case in a newspaper article….so decided to make an OS….
Plzz bear me with this one ?
So here we go…

Myself Bihaan, Bihaan Pandey, an Orphan.
Yes I’m an orphan who is being adopted by the Pandey family. This family is very nice, adopted me wholeheartedly. I got parents who r God for me!! My bauji who gave me life, who is there with me in every phase of my life. I’m blessed. N maa….she loves me a lot but she never shows it to anyone…. But I know, she loves me very much. I also got a brother, his name is Dhruv. He’s an ideal person for me!! He does everything in a very managed way, maa loves him very much!! But don’t know why….she shows her love to him, only him.

I named my life to my bauji, I can do anything for him.

One night, he came to me at when I was about to sleep. He came with a hunter. I looked him confused. He came to me n said “U always wanted to do anything for ur bauji right?” I can’t forget his words even today…..there was nothing to say, he was not asking me, he was telling me! He waved the hunter in air n then splashed it on floor, in front of me. His happiness could be easily seen which made me silent.

He smiled n left me shivering in pain, in fear, with my snivels in the corner of my room. That might was the price of this shelter, price of this name he gave to me. I didn’t shouted in pain while he was entertained …..his happy face kept my mouth shut. He never used his hunter on my face, as it would be visible to all….so he continued n I was shut.

Time flew like this n I n dhruv became youth. He is educated, sincere n a best son of maa. Well I never told maa or anyone about bauji, I don’t wanted to ruin his happiness, I just used to go to maa, to seek some love n attention…. She hardly cared. I was happy seeing her from far, when she kissed dhruv’s forehead while he was leaving to school, n even while leaving to office. I too wanted all this badly, but no one cared.

My life was roaming like this, I used to wait for bauji, thinking may this night could be one. I was happy as bcoz of me, he used to release all his frustration out. Although he left some wounds on my body but, I always was succeeded in hiding my wounds from everyone. I slowly used to spread ointment on my wounds, but I could hardly reach to all my wounds on my whole body, but with my shivering hands, I managed to do it. My room was the only witness about my sufferings, about my tears, about my snivels. The darkness of my room witnessed my loneliness.

I was very close to dhruv, he’s my brother, he’s my best friend. I used to share everything to him….but not about bauji. It was a secret between me n bauji. I remember when dhruv asked me to play with him n I usually declined bcoz of my pain which he didn’t knew, n I can’t tell. When he used to get angry on me, n he sometimes even stopped talking to me…it was unbearable to me. Yet it was genuine!! As he didn’t knew about my condition, I played with him, hiding my wounds ……when we used to laugh together n he used to pat on my shoulder laughingly, it pained a lot….but his laugh was the relief to my wounds.

Those were the beautiful days, every moment was beautiful when I was with my brother. When a day came. Dhruv’s marriage day. I was very happy for him when maa called me to her room. She asked me for help, for the first time…she asked me something, for the first time she hugged me!! Oh my God!! I was just out of the world till she asked me to destroy dhruv’s marriage….I was like whattttt!!!! How can I do this!!! They both loves each other n how can I become a villain in between!! But maa….she for the first time asked me something…. How can I deny?

So I did as maa said. I destroyed my brother’s life, the one who only accepted me with full of selflessness…. How can I betray him!! He was shocked, he was not talking to me anymore, he became stranger, he started ignoring me, which was hurting me more than bauji’s hunter. I don’t know how I was going to face everyone in my family… But I just did it for my maa’s sake, to seek some love from her….I didn’t found it yet!! N what would I answer to that girl whose life was destroyed by me!! Her hatred was natural… Her questioning eyes….what would I do… I was helpless, I was broken.

The one who was very angry on me was my bauji. He thought that I did it to save myself from him ……I was lil satisfied somewhere in my heart when I thought that my wounds could get some rest in these 3 months. But bauji, who was very much irked started calling me to his room in absence of maa.

One night, when I was fighting with chuk chuk gadi n was about to sleep, he sent me a message “come to me, I’m frustrated”. His message gave me the goosebumps. Chuk chuk gadi asked me n I shouted on her to not to interfere in my matter. She was annoyed n slept.

When I came to him. He was sitting on his dancing chair, holding hunter in his hand n he said “welcome my son, I was eagerly waiting for u” he smirked. N after throwing out his frustration he order me to leave the room n don’t even dare to tell this to anyone.

I left to my room with my wounds, pain n tears. I saw chuk chuk gadi sleeping peacefully on the floor , she smiled in sleep n I too smiled seeing her, don’t know why!! I mistakenly interrupted her sleep when my trembling hands broke the glass kept on the table. She was awake at the very moment, glaring at me.

“What happened now?? Can’t u even let me sleep!!” She shouted. “I’m sorry” I replied as I was not in mood to fight. Don’t know why she looked surprised. “R u fine?” She asked me. “Yes of course ” I replied. “Why r u not standing properly?” Is everything alright?” She asked confusingly looking at me, I was trying to stand properly n was confident that like anyone else, she would also not notice my wounds. Her eyes glared at my trembling hands, I managed to keep them properly when she asked “did u again fought with someone?”, “u don’t need to care n interrupt in my matters” I shouted. She left me n again went to sleep. This was the first time after marriage when bauji had done this to me…..that’s why I forgot to hide it from chuk chuk gadi… My heart was calling for help from her, but she was unable to identify it….which was quite obvious!!

Slowly I fell for her, I don’t know when!!….she doesn’t knows about the marriage truth, that’s why she hesitates to talk to me…she hates me. I had seen her pure heart beyond her stammering. I didn’t told her about bauji…she always thinks that I used to fight n get these injuries. N she always used to scold me for this, n I enjoy it smiling.

Some more days passed like this n she founded me weird…of course!!anyone would!!

One day I was feeling down when chuk chuk gadi noticed it “u r not looking well!!” She asked me n also bought me soup made by her, I was happy to seek someone’s attention n care. Her goodness was the precious thing which made her most beautiful among others. “Why u always fight? Can’t u be normal?” She asked worriedly. Her worries were the ointment on my pain. I silently enjoyed all her worries.

That night bauji again called me. I went to him. “R u ready?” He asked. “No” I replied for the first time in my life, which was unbearable by him. He started coming slowly towards me with his hunter in his smirking eyes. “Ohh u r married now!! I see!!” He taunted “but so what!! What about everything I gave to u? Did u forgot all that?” He continued. “No bauji…I’m not feeling well today…so….” I requested. But he was so irked that he took a mouth tape n putted on me, n he again started all those. It was becoming harder day by day to control him…..I was feeling sick but he didn’t cared in fact no one cared instead of my chuk chuk gadi, even she didn’t knew all this, but she knew something is going wrong with me.

At the same night when I anyhow managed to come to my room… I was surprised as thapki was not sleeping…she was staring me. I tried to be normal. “What’s going on?” She questioned. “Nothing ….n plzz for God’s sake leave me on my own” I know my tone was harsh….but what would I said to her!! I managed to be seated on my bed when She came to me “bihaan say…what happened?? R u in trouble?” She asked me innocently. I was shocked n get tears after seeing her concern, so honest, so selfless!!
“I wish I could tell u thapki” my heart shouted. She couldn’t listen but yes it was sure that she was not trusting me about my wounds. I was silent.

My body n my heart now became habitual of these wounds. I’ll never let thapki know about it…..what if she too leave me saying I’m a fainthearted!! I was scared as I don’t wanted to be separated from her.

The next day, he again called me. He might not had called if I never said him “no”. But now it was time to repent. It was impossible to me to take even a step, I was feeling week, very week. I started walking towards his room n was about to fall when thapki came n made me stand properly …I took a step away with a jerk. It was the result of my wounds who were paining a lot. “What happened? I came to help u” she asked, n these were the most beautiful words I had heard for me, ever. She hold me n managed me to go to bauji’s room. Bauji asked thapki to bring tea, my eyes were continuously stopping her…but she didn’t noticed n left. “So now u want ur wife to save u from me!!” He irked. “Its nothing like that…” When I was about to explain… Thapki entered with tea. N bauji glared at me angrily….which gave me goosebumps.

“Bihaan… U r not fine, we should go to doctor” she said. Bauji coughed badly n asked her to not make “bihaan” a “touch me not plant!!” He said laughingly taking a sip of tea n glaring at me. “Yes u don’t need to worry…I’m fine” I said to her harshly.

The same night when she was slept, he called me….as his ego was very much hurted, he decided to enjoy more from me. He used his hunter n smiled evilly. After throwing all his frustration he ordered me to leave his room fast. I somehow came to my room n thapki was again standing glaring at me. “What happened bihaan… U have to tell today, look urself…u r becoming week day by day, these wounds r eating u….say plzz say for my sake plzz” she asked me curiously “see bihaan… Today u have to tell me everything” she ordered. I was unable to stand properly n down on ground when she came n hold me. I was broken, I cried when I felt the warmth of anyone’s care. She was consoling me n asking me continuously about what had happened. I broke down on her shoulder n told her everything…..everything faithfully…. N lastly I asked her to be with me always …I’m not a fainthearted person. Plzz be with me always…. Plzz never leave me. I cried n closed my eyes in the warmth of her hug, it was so pleasant, so new to me, the warmth of caressing hand of hers gave me the immense pleasure which took me beyond the world. I was seeking this love in my whole life n now…I got it…I got it n now I can close my eyes easily forever….I’m sorry thapki I left u with snivels….but I wanted to be selfish today …..n I became selfish today… See I’m free today, after closing my eyes, forever.
Thank u so much for reading guys
Hope u liked it ?
Plzz plzz plzz do comment….
For the first time I ever had written this type of OS….plzz let me know do u liked it or not
Sorry for mistakes ?
Luv u all ❤
Take care ?

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  1. it’s so beatifully sad…hearttouching os…
    i can feel bihaan’s feeling so sad,suffering for love… and at the end when he got it, he had to leave it… sooo painfull but beautyfull
    you nailed it Vinni.. awesome

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks dear ?
      Glad u liked it ?

  2. Alm.Abi

    ahhh vinni… what type of writer you are.. immensely talented… dont hve words to describe ur creativity… i think you want to kill us with your os… phenomenal….

    1. Vinni7

      Oh my God ?? thank u so much for ur precious comment dear ❤

    2. Alm.Abi

      vinni dear i have posted an os DOSTANA.. kindly do read it…

  3. Juveria.ghalib

    It was amazing dear..loved the last part alot..but feeling sad for bihaan enjoyed reading it..hope u write another story again..n plzz do read my ff ( thahaan-new life) n try to comment

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Ops sorry mistakenly I wrote wrong the correct one os thahaan-a new start

    2. Vinni7

      Thank u dear ? will read it definitely ?

  4. nice…

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks sadia ?

  5. omg I m speechless the pain the wounds I can feel i m crying its difficult to read for a manishian and a bihaanian i loved it a lot

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks Anu ?
      I didn’t expected that it’s so hard for bihaan lovers ?
      Thanks for liking ?

  6. Manish ki deewani

    i really feel sad for Bihaan…. i feel his pain …..vinni u write it well …. u really a great writer…love u dear…..take care.but Bihaan always hide his pain for the happiness for others true…GOD BLESS U VINNI

    1. Vinni7

      Thank u so much dear ??
      God bless u too ?

  7. Oh your ff are awessome you are brilliant writter best wishes for me and i feel bihaan pain really you are awessome.

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks Garima ?
      Thanks for liking n commenting ?

  8. Why u come again di
    U really torture us,
    U always torture ur lovely emotions, writing skils
    Because u say its OS
    But when v read
    I feel like that its not OS..
    Ff hona cha hi e tha
    Or es terh aap heme hemesha tortuer kerte ho
    But v like ur this type of tortur

    Di one request
    That is
    Plz try to torture like this
    In a day 5 or 4 times

    Thank u so much for this OS ur superb
    Muje na tarif kerna nehi ata di..
    Kyoki muje legta h ki tarif s jyeda
    Ensaan ke ..

    Chalo choro…
    Love u so much..
    Or ha!
    Di kaam jeldi s ketam ker k jaldi se new
    thahaan ff k saath aa jao
    Plz take care
    wating for next..

    Good night
    Wish u very sweet dream &
    Happy lohari
    Bye ab so jao
    Subeh otna bhi h na..

    1. Vinni7

      Ooo kudrat u know what!! U r sooooo cute ?
      Thank u so much for ur precious comments it really encourages me a lot ? thank u so much
      Stay blessed ❤

  9. Sulbi

    Vinni… u made me cry yaar… very bad… how can u do this to me.. :'( seriously darling the way you wrote you pored out all the emotions of bihaan… thats why i felt his feeling and i was crying like hell… hats off… you are wonderful writer… but my hear ache for bihaan and he slept forever…. really cant digest it… but as a OS its superb… if it ended in happy i will be in cloud nine… its ok… but am requesting you to write a OS with happy ending… my heart wishes for that…. love you aloads vinni…. God bless you…. Stay happy and tc dear 🙂

    1. Vinni7

      Thank u sulbi ?
      I didn’t expected that my OS can make anyone cry ? sorry for that bae❤
      Actually I luv emotional n sad stories so I wrote it…well I’ll try to write a story with happy ending ???
      Thanks for liking n commenting ❤
      Stay blessed?

  10. Vinni darling it was superb… I could feel bihaan’s pains….And the last part, when thapki was consoling him and his words I am leaving forever made me cry… That was superb… I felt bad because it was bauji torturing and I like bauji in the show… If you had made it kosi, I would have been super happy.. but i know your os demanded bauji to be like this so I keep this aside and think about the pains of bihaan…. just excellent my dear

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks Ritz ?
      I’m really glad u liked n commented!! ??
      Actually I chose bauji n bihaan for the scene as it couldn’t be suitable on any other character of tpk!! ?

  11. I’m really sorry di …. I don’t know why my comment didn’t come before …. Di …. I am really sorry ???
    Di the way u depicted Bihaan’s emotions is just out of this world …. I was feeling each pain he suffered when I read it ….
    But the last part literally made me cry ??? …
    It actually felt real because Bihaan never shares his pain with anyone ….

    Di just faboulous …?????
    Di I’m missing u …?
    Plz come back soon ….
    Love u di ❤❤
    Take care ??

    1. Vinni7

      Thank u naira ??
      N it’s OK dea?
      Thank u so much for liking ?
      Luv u ❤
      Stay blessed bae ?

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