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hi guys i am here to tell u atory about thahaan iys os so u dont have to wait for longer ok so before its late just get into the os..
as shown in mandap bihaan sits in place druv bla bla bla and story till thapki gets to know he is not culprit and seek sorry. and they trust each other blindly
one day they were watching movie no one was at home expect them
At 9:00bihaan:thapki the heroine in this movies is so hot and modern.

thapki: what u r giving these compliment to a girl infront of your wife in angry tone

bihaan: so whats bad in it
thapki lives from there in anger
he also leaves behind her but she went to ake bath bihaan was waiting for her because she hurt her she started doing body building at that time thapki come from bathroom and bihaan jawsshe usaully wears shalwar suits at night but today what she was wearing was a nighty upbove her thighs and backless and sleeves less too.omg bihaan tried not to look at her. hit ground
she took moisturizing lotion apply it on her hands legs and thighs bihaan was seeing this without blinking(naughty bihaan?)

bihaan sits on the bed
thapki stands up goes near bed bihaan see this and sits on the bed as she does n’t see her
thapki sits in the bed hold his collar and makes him to come closer to her bihaan looks every where except her ..? but then he finally looked at her he does feel something
thapki ask does she is not hot than that heroine bihaan replied no u r the most hot and veautiful girl i have every seen my whole life
before he could complete thalki kissed him on his lips bihaan was shocked but the give reciporate with same lust soon they parted away and tok there relation to next level..

on morning
thapki :am i hot
bihaan:more than fire
she blushed hug him and said if u ever said hot to any one else then me than before she could complete bihaan kissed her on lips and make her quite.

that is all for my os i hope u like do comment if u like if u cannt do follow me on insta its shakil.iqra and tell how was it. do u need other os so coment and follow me on insta @shakil.iqra
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