Thahaan – a new start (episode-42) (shocking)

The next morning
Manish woke up with swollen n red clearly showed that he was crying the whole night..Samaira was sleeping beside him n she woke up..she saw manish n jumped on the bed..manish saw her n smiled.
Samaira:when did u come super papa?..
Manish when u were sleeping.he smiled n hugged her..
Samaira:thank god u came super papa I have something very urgent to tell u..
Manish:what is it?
Samaira:papa I don’t like Ishaan uncle n I will never call him my papa.mamma n Ishaan uncle will marry soon n Ishaan uncle will beat me like he bet a small child like me,near mammas office.
Manish:what!!how do u know this?
Samaira:few days ago I went to mammas office with aunt Mary as I had a day off from school n I was getting bored at home.i saw an ice cream shop so I insisted mamma to eat my favorite ice cream there.she was busy n aunt Mary was also not willing to go so she asked her secretary to take me to the ice cream shop n buy me an ice cream.we came out of her office n saw I saw Ishaan uncle beating a small boy very badly.he was crying a lot.he looked very poor n he was selling flowers on road..since then I hate him soo much n I can’t call him papa in future plzz do some thing papa plzzz papa pllzzzz.she started shaking him n insisting to do something Manish went in a deep thought.
Manish(in mind):waise to Jigyasa ke samne bohot acha bana phirta hai aur ek chote se bacche par hath utaya.itna gussa aur wo bhi chote bacche par?(he acts being nice infront of Jigyasa but he beat a small child could some one hit a small child?)even sometimes I feel that he is not what he is showing to seems that he has another story I have to find it out before things are out of my hand..I can’t loose Jigyasa now when I finally found her,not atleast for both our families..jigyasa I know I have done a huge mistake but I’m very guilty for that u can’t give me such huge punishment for that.u have to come back in my life even if ur willing or not.because now I can’t afford to loose u again n see u becoming someone else’s..while he was thinking little angel was shaking him n he came out of his thoughts.he saw Samaira n hugged her happily..jigyasa enters in the room n sees them.
Manish:yes angle papa is not going to let this wedding happen even if it takes my he pronounced the words Samaira quickly detached n covered his mouth..few drops of tears came out from her eyes.n Manish kept looking at her surprised n Jigyasa kept looking at them shocked.
Samaira:super papa never saw like that ur very special to me..she hugs him n Manish smiles widely.
Manish:I love u angle ur the best.
Samaira:I love u tooo super man.she giggles n Manish laughs at the weird names she always gives her but that’s her pure love n he loves to be called super all that Jigyasa just saw was hurting her a lot n her jealousy was growing bigger n bigger always.she was insecure to see Samaira n Manish together.she fears that she would loose her..manish saw her looking at them awkwardly n thinking something..
Manish(in mind):in which deep thoughts she is in?..she looks so worried.what might have happen?
Manish:vani.samaira detaches manish n sees vani she didn’t react seeing her as she was sad by her..jigyasa saw them n smiled fakely.
Jigyasa:beta Samaira don’t u have to go to school today come I’ll make u ready for school today..Samaira sees manish n he smiles n nods..Samaira smiles n kisses his cheek before going.jigyasa gazed at them n she took Samaira away.
Manish:why was she looking at me like that?what have happened to her now?..
While Jigyasa was making Samaira ready she thought.
Jigyasa:he promised Samaira that he won’t let this wedding happen.i think he is upto something I need to be careful n make sure that the wedding preparations r done well with out any hurdle..
After making her ready for school she kissed her cheeks but Samaira was very sad she didn’t react n started taking her school bag.jigyasa smiled at her n pulled her in a hug.
Jigyasa:I’m sorry baby I know that I have hurt u by this decision but..she detaches her n Samaira looks at her confused.
Jigyasa:I can’t saw the reason behind this beta because ur very small for all this.right now I can only tell u that my decision is good for both of us.mamma wants to see her princess happy always..
Samaira:but mamma I’m not happy I don’t like Ishaan uncle he is bad..
Jigyasa:he is not bad beta.u don’t know him I know him I have been working with him Since 3 years..he is a nice human being.she smiles at her n leaves her room.
Samaira also goes out taking her school bag..
Everyone does breakfast n aunt Mary takes Samaira to her school.jigyasa also packs her office bag n starts leaving when Manish stops her
Manish:wait Jigyasa.can I join u to the office?.jigyasa looks at him..
Manish:because I get bored sitting alone in the home.
Jigyasa:ur not alone aunt Mary will be there.she says rudely n starts leaving
Manish:bu..but she will be busy with her work n she won’t even allow me to come out of the room as I’m hurt I’ll get bored at home so can I come?..
Jigyasa:what will u do there in the office?.
Manish:ahh we will discuss about our projects there.jigyasa nods n leaves.manish smiles widely.
Manish:yes now I can be with u always n try to convince you to stop everything that ur doing.he smiles widely n leaves.jigyasa drives to the office n they park their car n proceeds inside..
Jigyasa:I have a meeting with my employees by that time u can check our project detail..ill send the file in the waiting hall..manish nods n he slowly walks to the waiting room.later an employee brings him files n leaves.he starts going through it..
Later Jigyasa comes in the waiting hall n they together discuss about their work..few more contractors were there in the hall n manish n Jigyasa both were explaining about their work
Jigyasa:ok so mr Manish we will start our work after two or three weeks as u know that I’m going to marry very soon so I will be taking leave for the next few days..manish was hurt as he knew that she is taunting him.but he didn’t say anything as few more people were there around them.
Manish:yeah sure..he said with a stone on his heart.
Contractor:congratulations maam for ur wedding..may god bless u.
Jigyasa:thank u soo much everyone.she thanks them n leaves the room..manish quietly sits there for few minutes n thinks what to do n how to stop this marriage..
Manish:plz don’t stress ur self manish u need to bring Jigyasa back in ur life showing ur love n I know she is not soo stone hearted she will forgive me..ahhh need a glass of water.he searches for water but there was no water jug in the room.he decides to take it himself..he asks water to the peon n he rushes to bring it..while manish sits on a sofa near ishaan’s cabin..his leg was hurting n he slightly rubs his feet to release the pain..peon comes with a glass of water n he thanks him n drinks the water..when manish started to go he heard few voices from ishaan’s cabin..he neared to the door to hear clearly..
Ishaan:baby why r u here?u know it’s risky?manish hears n gets confused.
Lisa:don’t worry baby.i was missing u.manish couldn’t analyze Lisa’s voice(as he never met Lisa)Lisa started kissing ishaan’s face..
Ishaan:before marriage its wrong to do it like this.if anyone will see us..manish gets shocked n guesses that
The girl inside with Ishaan is Jigyasa.because he is going to marry her soon n he was also very happy by this decision..
Manish:nooo noo this can’t be true she can’t do this..I know she is not inside.while his brain fought with him that she is inside with him n she really moved on n his heart defended him saying she loves u n only u n can’t think about any other person in her live.both of urs love is true n u both can’t live without eachother..manish was convinced by his heart but a fear was eating him.he decided to go inside n see what is happening..he opened the door lock n took a deep breath n prayed to lord that it’s not Jigyasa..he pushed the door n entered inside n was shocked to see Ishaan with some other girl..they were kissing eachother madly n had no idea of manish standing at the door.manish was happy that it was not Jigyasa but at the same time he was shocked to see Ishaan like this with some other girl.
Manish:I never thought that Ishaan is like this..he thought..
Seeing them he got furious that Ishaan is cheating on Jigyasa..he was about to go towards him n confront him but Jigyasa came inside the cabin..manish saw her.jigyasa saw him n then both of them..she was hell shocked..she took few steps back Ishaan saw her n gets shocked too..he quickly pushed Lisa from his lap n she fell down on the floor..she winced in pain Ishaan stood up n started shouting at her.
Ishaan:how dare u to kiss me n force me like this? how many times I need to tell u that i don’t love u I love Jigyasa n soon I’m going to marry her?.but I never thought that u would stoop so low..
Ishaan:how dare u to come close to me?.onky Jigyasa has rights on me understand..manish gets shocked to listen that from him n Jigyasa keeps listening n thinks Ishaan was forced by that girl.while Lisa was very hurt both physically n mentally.
Suddenly Ishaan acts of turning towards the door angrily n sees both Jigyasa n manish there.he acts of being shocked.
Ishaan:Jigyasa u here..both of them sees him
Ishaan:thank god ur here Jigyasa I have to tell u about this lady here.she was my close friend but after today she is nothing to me..Lisa looks at him shocked.
Ishaan:today morning when I said her about our wedding she got angry n came here n expressed that she loves me but I never loved her Jigyasa.i only love u.i rejected her so she started coming close to me n even she forcefully kissed me n I couldn’t stop her as she was not letting me go.she pushed me on this chair n suddenly started to kiss me..jigyasa looks at him n believes that he is saying true as she didn’t see the whole reality but manish saw everything n heard there conversation also.
Jigyasa:I know Ishaan how truthful ur..I believe u.manish gets shocked..Ishaan smiles at her.
Jigyasa:hey u who ever ur I don’t want to see u again n specially near my office because it’s my sacred place n people like u don’t deserve to stay here.ishaan make sure that she is gone from here before I file a case against her.ishaan nods n pulls her out of the room.jigyasa also leaves the room.manish stood still thinking why Ishaan lied to Jigyasa..
Manish:I have heard everything they were talking n saw them so close to eachother but why did he lied to Jigyasa what is he it a plan against Ishaan is not that kind of a person.he thinks.
Manish:but to know about all this I need to make a contact with that girl..I saw a fear on her face not of being caught but something else.something she was trying to hide but could not …he thinks n moves out of the room.
In the lobby of the office.
Ishaan:sorry baby I had to do it as I saw Jigyasa in the room.dont worry we will do it at night when I come home.he winks n leaves her out of the office n goes inside..
Lisa:he doesn’t cares that I got hurt or not.he just care about having s*x with me..He is sorry for not having s*x but not for pushing me so hardly that I hurt my hand n waist soo badly…she starts crying..after few seconds she finds a handkerchief infront of her n she looks at the person holding it…

Precap-manish gets to know about Lisa n ishaan’s relation.jigyasa shows her concern towards manish by shouting at him n they come close to eachother..

Sorry guys I know u all wanted romantic scenes but I couldn’t make any in this part I want to unite them so I’m focusing on Ishaan n Lisa here.but from the next chapter u will get more of Jigyasa n manish.keep supporting guys love u all:-)Juveria.

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