Thahaan – a new start (episode-39)

Hi guys so as promised I’m back on 15..umm I actually wanted to update on 7 itself because it was my birthday..but that was not possible I was completely booked for the day n I did not had a single minute to here’s the next one pllzzzzz comment below ur views guys I really want to know what u feel about my ff…thank

Jigyasa walks out away from him n he keeps looking at her direction..manish then goes from the place..while he was walking his way to hall room a little Palm again holds his big hand n pulls her..manish sees her n they both laugh a lot together giving a hifi..
Samaira:uncle ur the best I love u uncle..she hugs him..
Manish:I love u too angle..ok now as a good girl go to ur room n sleep it’s very late n kids should not be awake for so long..
Samaira:yes yes mamma says that too..she frowns n he smiles at her..
Samaira:uncle will u go when I go to sleep..
Manish:hmmm actually yes.. I have to go to my hotel..
Samaira:then I won’t sleep n I won’t allow u to goo please stay na uncle we have just met n Samaira has a lot to talk to u..
Manish:yeah beta I also want to talk to this angle..I got my angles after a long but I have to go..
Samaira:no uncle ur not going plzz plzzz plzzzz uncle..
Manish(in mind):u don’t know how much I want to stay here but Jigyasa she won’t be happy by that..
Samaira:uncle plzz don’t go..she gets tears in her eyes..
Manish:hey why r u crying I will come soon..jigyasa comes there n sees them..
Jigyasa:samaira u were slept na why did u wake up..
Samaira:mom plzz tell Manish uncle to stay here with us na plzzzz..manish looks at Jigyasa n Jigyasa looks down..she was not able to look in his eyes..
Jigyasa:beta uncle has to go he has many works to complete..many important works so he can’t stay here na..
Samaira:mamma plzz I want to stay with uncle he is soo nice..
Jigyasa:samaira u can meet uncle later now he is getting late..even Rahul n Ishaan r waiting for u from a long time..n beta he has his duties too..
Samaira:but mum..

Jigyasa:samaira don’t be a stubborn child again go to ur room n sleeps it’s very late..samaira cries n runs past Manish while he thought she would hug her atleast
He felt bad for the angle..
Jigyasa:Rahul n Ishaan t waiting for u..he nods sadly n Jigyasa walks away..manish was sadly walking behind her..they were in the hall n Jigyasa was front..a servant passing by Manish accidentally slips n a small oil bowl he was holding falls near Manish..eventually the servant didn’t fall.. Manish was casually walking so he didn’t notice the oil infront of his leg..he steps over it n then what!!! He slips..he shouts after falling down n everyone looks at him..jigyasa gets shocked n she runs towards him..manish holds his twisted leg moaning continuously..
Jigyasa:r u alright..
Manish:yes I’m playing dandiya over here..he whispered which was audible to Jigyasa only..(dandiya is a folk dance usually performed during Navratri)Ishaan n Rahul rushed to him sat near him..
Rahul:sir r u fine..manish gave a glare to him to ask the same question as his wife..
Manish:r u my wife to ask this question..jigyasa smiles but hides it..
Rahul:no sir I was just..
Manish:idiot pick me up my waist is paining like hell n my leg ughhhhh.
Rahul:yes sir I will pick u up..he dragged his hand under manish’s arm n tries to pick like a groom picks his bride..
Manish:r u serious r u going to pick me like I look like ur wife..Rahul quickly pulls back his hands..
Rahul:no sir I thought u would not be able to walk..
Manish:if u open ur mouth again I will beat u right away..Ishaan giggles n manish sees him.
Manish:y r u laughing now do I need to give u guys invitation to pick me now.jigyasa was about to burst in laughter but she controls..
Ishaan:yes sir we r doing..he quickly gets up n holds his hand n pulls him..
Manish:thanks..ouch my leg is hurting a lot..
Jigyasa:manish u sit on the sofa u will feel relaxed..he nods n starts walking slowly towards the sofa..Ishaan n Rahul were staring at him like staring at a child who has a lot of toffees n they want one..
Ishaan&rahul:no sir nothing..he nods n raises his hand..Rahul quickly holds his cheek..
Rahul:sir what did I do why do u want to slap me.
Manish:when did I intended to slap u..his hand was still in air..
Rahul:sir u raised ur hand..manish saw his raised hand which was near Rahul’s hand which he intended to hold it for support n walk..
Manisn:ughh I’m in pain n u guys r making fun of both of u just don’t open ur mouths god I have to walk alone..he stepped ahead..jigyasa came to his rescue n holds his hand which was on his waist..he sees her n gets shocked at first..but then he passes a smile..jigyasa just stares at him n helps him to walk..they finally reached near the sofa n Manish tries to sit but it was painful for him..jigyasa holds his shoulder n slowly makes him sit..her lips touched his neck when he was sitting n she went close to him..both felt the kiss n Manish lived the kiss..he smiled at her n she went away..
The servant was still standing there holding the bowl bowing down..jigyasa went near him n tightly slapped him..everyone were stunned..,Manish was super stunned..
Manish(in mind):is it for me,is it her way of caring,is she angry on him as he made me fall,does she felt bad for me,does she worries for me.she was the one who helped me she feeling hurt to see that I feel hurt..
Jigyasa:how dare u do this silly mistake..he was our guest n u must be careful with them..
Servant:I’m sorry maam I will be careful after now..
Jigyasa:why the hell were u carrying oil bowl..
Servant: mary madam asked me bring oil in a bowl to massage her feet I was taking it back to the kitchen..I’m sorry ma’am I will be careful next time..
Manish:ahh it’’s ok u did not do it intentionally u can go..the sevant nods n starts going away
Jigyasa:n who is going to clean this floor now..
Servant:I will do it maam..he goes away..
Rahul:sir r u feeling better now..
Manish:yeah a little..

Rahul:I think we should go to hotel n u should take rest..
Manish:yes we should leave it’s quite late..jigyasa looks at him..
Manish:give me hand Rahul I’ll try to get up..
Rahul:sure sir..manish holds his hand n gets up taking all his weight on his left leg..unknown to the fact to him that his right leg was twisted he started walking n feels very pain..he groans in the pain..jigyasa runs towards him n holds him..
Jigyasa:r u mad ur in soo much pain n trying to walk..sit down here..she makes him sit n sees his leg..
Manish:no don’t touch it’s paining..
Jigyasa:wait let me check.Ishaan can u bring some oil from the kitchen..
Ishaan:yes maam..he goes to the kitchen..jigyasa properly sits down n puts his leg on her lap..
Jigyasa:Rahul can u ask a servant to give some bandages..
Rahul:yes maam..jigyasa then touches his feet n slowing rubs her fingers over it..
Manish:ouch ahhh
Jigyasa:is it paining soo much..
Manish:not soo much since u touched it..jigyasa looks at him..
Manish:jigyasa u don’t need to be so rude to ur servants n’s ok,no one is perfect everyone does Jigyasa was not like this before..she was soft hearten sweet to others n very bubbly that she can be friend to anyone..
Jigyasa:as things changed I had to change..when I be rude everyone gets scared n does the work correctly n on time..n no one dares to talk against me..I wish I was rude earlier too..she looks at him n he lowers his head..
Jigyasa starts to massage his leg slowly..manish stares at her..
Ishaan brings oil n gives it to her..she applies it over his feet n slowly massages..Rahul comes with the bandages..after a quite 5 minutes of oil massage she holds his leg with both her hands n starts applying pressure..manish comes to know what she is trying to do n stops her quickly..
Manish:r u mad or what ur twisting my leg no no I won’t let u do this it will pain a lot.
Jigyasa:but it’s a sprain it won’t heal easily unless u do this..
Manish:no no I will go to hospital n take injections I will get cured soon.
Jigyasa:n it will take two three weeks for u to get cured..
Manish:n this pain of twisting will be atleast one weak n I can’t handle it no I won’t allow u to do that..
Jigyasa:trust me u will feel better..
Manish:look I trust u but not when it comes to twisting my leg..I’m sorry..Rahul lend ur hand I will try to walk..
Rahul:sir it’s for ur good plzz be calm n let VANI maam treat it u will be cured really soon..
Ishaan:yes sir plzz let maam do what she wants to u will be cured soon..
Manish:are it pains more then an injection .. r u mad no I won’t let u do this..
Ishaan n Rahul holds his hands at VANIs orders n Manish gets shocked..
Manish:Rahul I will fire u if u do this leave me both of u..
Rahul:I’m sorry sir but ur health is more important to me then my job..manish keeps moving his foot n jigyasa was not able to hold it..
Jigyasa:mr manish ur behaving like a kid..
Manish:n ur insane n stubborn n rude n very bad how can u see me in pain..ok let’s make a deal I will take proper bed rest unless I get completely cured but u have to leave me now..he tries to get up n Jigyasa holds him..
Jigyasa:I’m not signing this deal..n now shhhh ur mouth n sit quietly..she holds his leg but he moves it constantly n she was fed up with this little big boy of hers..
Jigyasa:manish plzz..while the atmosphere was cold n everyone over there were trying to convince him to let VANI do whatever she wants but he was stubborn..
Manish:no jigyasa plzz leave me plzz Jigyasa…while he stated her as Jigyasa but as everyone were just concentrating on his leg none noticed neither he did..jigyasa placed her forefinger on his hard lips n he shuts his mouth right there..
Jigyasa :now don’t utter a single word n let me do it..don’t u trust me??..he nodded like a small baby n stood calm..
Jigyasa quickly twisted his leg n it made a crack sound but he neither shouted nor moved..Ishaan n Rahul were shocked to see that..
Jigyasa oil massaged his leg n then plastered it with the bandage…
Jigyasa:is it paining now..
Manish:no not at all after u touched it..Ishaan n Rahul both were confused n they shared a question mark face..Rahul holds his leg tightly n raises it a bit.
Rahul:really sir is it not paining at soon as Rahul touched his leg he screamed in pain..
Manish:idiot…he roared..Rahul gets scared n leaves his leg in a jiffy which Jigyasa quickly held as it would get hurt..
Manish:Rahul I swear to god I won’t leave u now ur fired don’t show urself to me now..ouch my leg..
Rahul:sir sir I’m sorry sir..jigyasa giggled at him n Manish saw her..he again forgot his pain when he saw her giggling like that..
Rahul:sir plzz last chance sir I didn’t do that intentionally..manish just waved his head casually gesturing that he forgave n Rahul sighed in relief..
Ishaan:VANI maam I don’t think Manish sir could make till the hotel..manish sees her n jigyasa looks down n thinks what to do..manish knew that she won’t feel good if he stays in her house she would be uncomfortable..
Manish:no it’s ok I will try its just that to walk few steps n sit in the car n we reach the hotel..
Rahul:sir hotel staff informed us in the evening that the lift has some problems n also I think u forgot we came down by stairs in the evening..our floor is 8th u can’t climb that many stairs..manish looked at him n was about to say something when she interrupts.
VANI:u can stay here until u get cured..manish was startled by her invitation..but still he knew that she was not happy by that..
Manish:no it’s ok I better go to hotel…
Ishaan:sir u must stay here i feel orelse ur pain in ur leg will increase if u walk more..
Everyone starts convincing him for that..
Jigyasa:I think u didn’t like our hospitality..
Manish:no that’s not the point it’s actually that I…ahh ok I will stay..everyone smiles n later Ishaan n Rahul leaves..

Manish:why did u stop me Jigyasa..I would be a Borden over u n I know that u won’t like to see me that’s y I wanted to go but u stopped me..why??..
Jigyasa:because I’m not cruel like u to abandon anyone during their hard times..manish lowers his head n she calls a servant..
VANI:show the guest room to him n ask if he needs anything..she goes away n Manish walks with the help of the servant n reaches his room..he quitely sits on the bed n the servants leaves after asking it he needs any thing..he nods no n he disappears..manish was thinking about her she is sooo sooo soo much changed..he thought..he wanted her innocent calm,n kind Jigyasa back n he was determined to get her back..
Manish:I should meet Samaira she wanted me to stay here n she was very upset with the fact that I was going she will be super happy..but how will I reach her room my leg won’t allow me..god know why he gave this hurt to me ouch its paining soo much..he carefully got up n started walking to the door holding everything which came in his hands..he somehow managed to walk slowly n asks a servant where samairas room is he shows him n leaves Manish walks to her door n knock it..after a quite time when their was no reply he entered in n found the little angle in the bed covered in the blanket..
Manish:oh this angle is sleeping it’s ok I will meet her tomorrow he was to go but then thinks to sit beside his daughter for a little time..he walks slowly holding things n walking moaning in pain..he sits beside her n slowly moves her blanket from her face..he smiled seeing her innocent face..he finds little tears near her eyes n he wipes them..
Manish:oh god I think she was crying for a long time thinking that I went back to hotel n she can never meet me..N the next second was a shock for Manish when the little one opened her eyes n jumped on the bed n hugged Manish..he was awestruck..
She detached n started jumping over her bed cheering..
Samaira:yay yay uncle is here he didn’t go uncle is here..uncle is here.she danced on the bed n Manish smiled widely..
Manish:yes uncle didn’t go anywhere but don’t jump like this u will get hurt sit down.he made her sit in the bed..
Samaira:no uncle I’m very happy today.n when Samaira gets happy she dances n she again starts dancing madly.manish now laughed at her..
samaira:uncle I pray to God everyday before going to sleep n today my wish was that to stop u from going..manish widened his eyes thinks deeply..
Manish(in mind):oh god so u gave this hurt to me because of Samaira’s wish..then it’s ok because I can do or bear anything for my daughter my little angle..he smiles..samaira danced she again jumped on him n her leg slightly touches his hurted leg n he shouts in pain.
Samaira:what happen uncle..
Manish:nothing beta ur God have tried a bad experiment on me..
Samaira:what.manish laughs at his silly joke..
Manish:nothing I got slipped n I hurted my leg I got a I was not able to walk n go back hotel that’s the reason I’m here ur mum asked me to stay until, I get cured..
Samaira:oh uncle u should be careful na..ur my favorite uncle nothing should happen to u she kisses his cheeks making manish smile at her..
Manish:I said na doll nothing happened to ur uncle don’t worry uncle will get cured soon..she smiles..
Manish:ok now as a good girl get back to ur sleep n I thought that ur actually sleeping..
Samaira:uncle I was not sleeping I was crying under the blanket because u left me n went back to ur hotel so I was sad..when u were knocking I thought it’s aunt Mary or mum..n when u removed the blanket from my face I expected mum but then when I heard ur voice I exclaimed in joy..she again dances..
Manish:ok ok now my little angle will listen to me right so sleep kids should not be awake till late nights..
Samaira:uff stop taking like my mum he giggles…
Samaira:uncle lets play video game na pleaseeeeee…
Manish:no it’s very late I promise I will play tomorrow..
Samaira:no now means now plzz..she holds his hands n pulls it..
Manish:beta understand na uncle is feeling hurt..
Samaira:when u start playing with me u will forget all ur pains..
Manish:we will play tomorrow.
Samaira:no now now now now now…
Manish:samaira uncles leg is hurting a lot n also I’m also very hungry every one thought that I was the one eating five parathas but that was this little stomach..i didn’t even ate a half of the paratha I’m hungry I can’t play today..samaira runs to the corner n gets something like a rolled paper..
Manish:what is this..
Samaira:uncle the last paratha u gave I saved it for u..n I asked it for u only because I knew that u did not ate because of me..manish smiles at that innocent one..samaira feeds him n he eats it..he feeds her but she gestures no as she was completely full with four parathas..he smiled n ate by her hand..after finishing.
Samaira:so now let’s play video game..she shouted..
Manish:ok ok but only for 15 min then u have to sleep ok..samaira made a no face
Samaira:ok she said unwillingly..
Manish n Samaira started playing games n the the big digital tv…samaira was a little one n she was loosing always n she was sad..manish saw that n instructed her to use the correct key at correct time..she smiled n then she played well..manish intentionally didn’t play all to let her win this time n she won..she cheered n danced n he smiled..she hugged him..
Samaira:uncle u loosed intentionally right..
Manish:ohhh how did u get to know..
Samaira:because since the beginning u were playing very good n suddenly u play bad..
Manish:ahhh yes..samaira kissed his cheek n smiles..
Samaira:ur the best uncle no ‘super uncle’ ur the best..
Manish:super uncle???
Samaira :yes like a super man..manish smiles n hugs her..manish puts her on the bed n puts blanket over her..
Manish:now listen to this super uncle n sleep quickly..
Samaira:first u have to tell me a story..
Manish:what no I don’t know any story..ok if u want to hear one then go to ur mom she will tell u a good story go n sleep with her..
Samaira no mum never allows me to sleep with her..she says that I should be bold enough to to handle anything n that thing should be learnt since childhood..she doesn’t wants me to get scared of anything not even darkness n wants me to be strong enough that I can handle anything in the life..anything like career,studies,love,family,betrayals anything..she always says that when I wish to sleep with her but she denies always..
Manish knew what exactly jigyasa’s intentions were behind this..she was alone when she was betrayed by him.he feels bad for her..
Samaira:that’s y I never close the lights when I sleep because I get scared..uncle with u sleep with me today.lI want to hear many stories..
Manish:yes beta not only today I will sleep with u everyday.she smiles..
Manish(in mind):I’m sorry Jigyasa but what ever ur doing is correct but ur way is wronge..she is a small kid she needs to be cuddled while sleeping to overcome her fears..ur ruining her childhood Jigyasa..
Manish closes the light n Samaira holds Manish tightly..
Samaira:uncle I’m scared of dark..
Manish:doll see ur super uncle is there with u soo what’s the need of getting scared..she smiled n cuddled him..
Samaira:ok so now my story..
Manish:doll I’m sorry I really don’t know any stories but I promise that I will read stories n tell u tomorrow..
Samaira:ok but I won’t leave u today u have to sing a lullaby..
Manish:what r u mad no no I’m not singing he was to get up but Samaira doesn’t lets him..
Manish:no doll I think u should watch stories in my phone wait I’ll put on a story u see it n sleep..
Samaira:no I want u to tell them..but I changed my mind that u should sing a lullaby orelse I won’t sleep..
Manish:I’m sorry I can’t sing I’m very bad at that if u don’t believe ask ur mum..he shuts his mouth n thinks what he uttered..
Samaira:oh so u sang for her during ur college.
Manish:yes I did n she laughed soo much on me I won’t sing..
Samaira:what ever it may be u have to sing..she gets up in the bed n starts dancing..
Manish:what r u doing.
Samaira:I’ll dance whole night if u don’t sing.
Manish:what childishness is this.
Samsara:ahh don’t forget I’m a child.she giggles..
Manish:ok ok ok I give up lay down I’ll sing..she smirks n lays down beside him..
Manish:jingle bell jingle bell..
Samaira:Christmas has few more months to go..
Manish:I don’t know any lullaby..
Samaira:u even don’t know any rhyme..I know all the rhymes..
Manish:really then sing one..
Samaira:twinkle twinkle little star..wait u were supposed to sing not me..
Manish:ok…twinkle twinkle little star…..little little..
Samaira:yes after that..
Manish:can u sing the whole rhyme n then I’ll sing it..
Samaira:no I won’t sing..super uncle sing for me na plzzz. Plzzz plzzz.manish closes his eyes n reminisce some of his past memories..
Jigyasa n Manish cuddling eachother in a blanket n Manish was kissing her neck n tickling her..jigyasa giggled..
Jigyasa :manish stop it now it’s morning leave me I have to go n bath..
Manish:some more time na plzz I want to cuddle u harder n feel her warmth..jigyasa smiles n he cuddles her kissing her arms..
Jigyasa:manish I want to talk to u it’s important something about our future..
Manish:yeah what is it..he kisses her jawline..
Jigyasa:manish I think now we should think about our future .
Manish:what about our future ohh yeah..jigyasa smiles n shies..
Manish:yes I think we should build our own house n shift there right..jigyasa’s face turns pale n she hits his shoulder..he smiles n kisses her shoulder..
Manish:I know what ur talking about a baby right..she smiles n nods..
Manish:well what do u want first..
Jigyasa:first u say what do u want..
Manish:no first u say..
Jigyasa:first u..
Manish:ladies first..
Jigyasa:manish plzz
Chorus :a girl..they smiled at eachother n touched their foreheads..
Jigyasa:I would be very happy if we have a girl first but what ever it may be it should be healthy..
Jigyasa:I am very excited that I have even started learning things about how to handle them,how to pick them,how to arrange their timetable everything,n also which things can pleasurize then..
Manish:pleasurize them??..does a baby also needs to be entertained..
Jigyasa:hahha yes Manish when they cry for this or while sleeping they need to feel loved n few way r that one should cuddle them,one should tell stories to them,one should sing a lullaby for them
Manish:hmm lullaby that’s hard!!

Jigyasa:no it’s not..I have also decided that what lullaby that I will sing when my child need it..
Manish:sing it once.she smiles n stroked his hairs..
Jigyasa:chanda hai tu mera surag hai Meri aaakhon ka Tara hai tuuuu…(I won’t write the whole song)he smiles..
Manish:this lullaby is making me feel pleasure..
Jigyasa:haha my little big boy. She giggles n he cuddles her more n she was pressed on the bed completely..she smiles..he starts kissing her neck m jawline.
Jigyasa:manish not now it’s morning I have to go n help mom in cooking..
Manish:no wait na plzz it’s a very cold morning I want to feel some warmth of u u..n also as u said we should think about our future right..he scans her lips n starts his way to them but she pushes him n wears her nighty n runs away giggling at him..before she closes the door he shouts..
Manish:I won’t leave u tonight my love..she shied n went inside..
Manish:ahhh I love her so much..
(Fb ends)
He smiles but then he recollects that..that was the same day when they got seperated by destiny..the same day when faith played its game with them.the morning of that day which started a fresh n cuddling one but ended tragic..his smiles fades..
Samaira:uncle did u sleep but see I’m not slept yet where is my lullaby super uncle..manish sees her..our daughter our little angle he thought..
Manish:ok lay down I’m singing..she cheered n lied cuddling her.,
Manish(in mind):I would have been the best mother it that didn’t happened that day..u would have gave our Samaira all the love but ur scared if she faces the same challenges in her life n u want her to focus n train well in everything..ur correct at ur point Jigyasa..
Samaira:super uncle I’m waiting..he smiles at her
Manish:chanda hai tu mera surag hai Meri aaakhon ka Tara hai tuuuu..he sings the whole song n she quickly falls asleep at his shoulders..he smiles..he switches on the bed lamp lights so that she doesn’t gets scared..he kisses her forehead n sleeps cuddling her..

Jigyasa was inpatient as Manish was in her house n she didn’t knew why she felt insecure..she walked over her room which was very big…
Jigyasa:manish y y did u came back to make things more tough for me..after like many years I forgot u n started on again moved on but again that face came infront of me which I still love the most..
Jigyasa:it’s better to clear things I should talk to him n ask him to leave as sooner as he gets well but I hope he is fine..she walks out of her room n comes to the guest room..
Jigyasa knocked it n the door was ajar..he opened it completely n sees everywhere Manish was not there..
Jigyasa:he is not here where did he go..he is hurt he should take rest n he is roaming..a thought clicks her then n she was panting.huffing…
Jigyasa:samaira my child Samaira..she runs to her room..while many thoughts popped out of her mind..she ran n ran ran ran n reached samairas room n barged inside..her sight was stable at the centre of the room where the bed was placed n she viewed heaven right there..her daughter n her love Manish r sleeping together n were looking the cutest..she was still huffing..she stepped in the room near the bed to get a close view of them..she smiled seeing her happiness infront of her eyes..what more did she wanted from her life now,her daughter cuddling her father,jigyasa’s love..not biological daughter but adopted but still they both were her happiness..she always wanted to see this..manish with her daughter happy always,three of them leading a happy life,three of them always together in thicks n thins,the little ones laugh would fill their life but their faith was bad..they separated n Jigyasa now had become a single mother..tears came from her eyes n she placed herself beside Manish..she did not wanted anything else from life now..she saw her world right there..she stroked samairas hairs n kissed her forehead..she touched manish’s hands n he holds her hand tightly..(ranjha naaaa plays)..jigyasa smiles..she tries to take her hand away but he holds it tighter..when she tries to pull her hand again he makes a cute innocent face n..
Manish:hmmm plzz don’t go..he pulls her hand n holds it near his heart n cuddles Samaira the three were close like a sweet,small happy family..jigyasa smiles seeing this.after a while when she sensed that he is slept she carefully pulled out her hand n glanced at her loves..she went away to her room..she could sleep the peace full sleep now the sleep which she didn’t had in the last four years..she slept peacefully..

Next morning brought many surprises for them..
Manish woke up n saw the little one cuddling him n he smiled wider..jigyasa came in the room..manish saw her n he tried to get up thinking that she would not like it..jigyasa gestured him to wait there as Samaira would wake up..she came near him n sat on the floor..she was holding a tray which had an oil bowl n few bandages..
Jigyasa:I’ll change the bandage..manish nods n gives his leg..she opens the bandage n he felt little pain..she oil massaged his leg n again tied the bandage tightly..he shouted but controlled himself seeing his little angle sleeping..jigyasa looks at him.
Jigyasa:is it paining a lot..
Manish:no not much..
Jigyasa:manish if it’s hurting then u must consult a doctor..
Manish:no don’t worry it’s because of sprain I will be fine soon..jigyasa nodded.
Manish:u still care for me??..jigyasa stared at him.
Jigyasa:I did that four years ago also that’s y I wanted u to know about the truth but u never cared..he lowers his head n cursed himself for reminding her about the truth..she needs to forget that to accept him again he thought..
Jigyasa:any ways u get freshed the breakfast is on the table..he nods n she went away..
Samaira gets up n sees manish sitting..she stands up on the bed n hugs him from back at first he gets shocked n then he smiles..
Manish:good morning princess..
Samaira:good morning super uncle..
Aunt Mary come in the scene wishes a good morning to them..
Aunt Mary:come Samaira I will get u bathed..
Samaira:no I don’t want to bath today..noo noo
Mary:what is this now y don’t u want to bath come to me quickly ur getting late for the school..
Samaira:no she hugs Manish.
Manish:samaira beta u should bath everyday it makes u fresh all day n healthy now as a good girl go n take bath..
Samaira :no uncle I don’t want to take bath no plzzz..
Manish:see if u don’t take a shower then bad smell will come from u n no one will sit beside u..
Samaira:not even u..
Manish:umm umm may be..
Samaira:ok I’ll take bath but u have to get me bathed today..
Mary:samaira dear Manish uncles leg is hurted he can’t walk u come with me..manish how is ur leg beta I’m sorry for that servants mistake..jigyasa told me what happened..
Manish:it’s ok I’m fine now..they smiled..
Samaira:no I won’t take bath then super uncle have to give me bath orelse I won’t take bath..Mary tries to catch her but she runs always she runs around the room n Mary was also tired of running behind her..
Manish:ok ok I’ll get u bathed today..Samaira cheers n comes running to him..
Manish:ur very stubborn..he pats his cheeks..
Mary:but beta ur will hurt more if u put pressure..
Manish:I’ll manage..
Mary:u can’t handle her in the shower she dances n runs around u have to run behind her she will trouble u beta let it be I will get her bathed..Samaira hugs him.
Manish:no aunt Mary it’s ok I’ll manage her..he takes her in the bathroom slowly..he was walking with a great difficulty..
Manish fills the bathtub with hot water n she hides behind him..
Samaira:no I want cold water..
Manish:no u will fall ill..
Samaira:no uncle it’s very hot I will burn.she tries to run but he holds her..
Manish:no u won’t beta it’s not that hot see..he puts his hand in the water..
Manish:see it’s not at all hot..
Samaira:wait I’ll see.she puts her hand n feels that it’s normal n she nods cutely..manish smiles at her..he takes out her clothes n puts her in the tub..she plays with water toys in the tub..manish’s leg was hurting a lot.he was not able to stand..he decides to sit on the floor..his leg started shivering due to applying pressure on it..he manages to smile in pain because is Samaira seeing him she will feel bad n she will blame herself for his state..he makes her bathed n his pain gets worsened..they had fun while bathing throws water on him n he does the same they have a water fight n later Manish stops her saying she will fall ill..but till the time he was completely drenched after a fun bath session he made Samaira wear a small bathrobe.. he limped..he held her hand n walked out in the room where Mary aunt was waiting with her clothes..
Mary:r u fine beta is ur leg hurting a lot..
Manish:no it’s fine..samaira takes the clothes from aunt Mary n asks Manish to make her wear them,,he nods n sits on the bed slowly..he makes her wear the clothes n dresses her..jigyasa comes in the room n comes near Manish..manish sees her..samaira runs to her n hugs her.,she hugs her too n smiles..
Jigyasa:aunt Mary take her for breakfast..she nods n takes her from there..jigyasa sits on the floor n Manish looks at her..
Jigyasa:it is hurting aunt Mary said about samairas stubborn wish I’m sorry for that she is a kid she doesn’t know about it..but u might have rejected y did u put ur self in trouble..
Manish:she is my daughter too n I can do anything for her happiness..jigyasa sees him..
Jigyasa:ur mad completely mad..manish giggles
Manish :yes mad mad in ur love Mrs jigyasa goplani..jigyasa looked another side..she applies a little pressure on his leg n he shouts..
Manish:ahh what r u doing.
Jigyasa:sorry.she smiles but hides it n opens his bandage..she calls a servant who comes with another fresh bandage n oil..
She cleans his wet leg with a dry cloth n then oil massages it..she puts the bandage..she again calls a servant n he comes with Manish luggage..she picks out a pot of jeans n tshirt n gives it to him..
Jigyasa:wear these ur drenched u will fall ill..he takes the clothes n smiles..
Manish:thank u..
Jigyasa:for what..
Manish:for taking this much care of me..I know u still have f..before he completes she cuts him..
Jigyasa:before u think anything else I want to clear that I did this because u got hurt because of my servant n then Because of samairas wish ur leg is paining a lot..moreover ur our guest so u must get VANI kind of hospitality..manish sees him n feels bad when she uses the name VANI describing her..she can’t be VANI,she is my Jigyasa my delicate flower not a hard stem of it..he smiles living her shocked..she thought he would be angry..she ignores everything n goes away..
Manish later comes down n had his breakfast with everyone.,
Jigyasa:samaira why did u not were ur school uniform yet go n get ready u will get late..
Samaira:no mum I don’t want to go today..
Jigyasa:why n u have a speech competition today right this is the first time ur participating..u shoul be excited what happen sweetheart y r u not excited n y don’t u want to go to school..
Samaira:just like that mom I don’t feel like participating I did not made any speech too.
Jigyasa:u might have told me earlier I would have made one speech for u but..ok it’s ok it’s not late u tell to the topic I’ll make a speech quickly..
Samaira:no mumma I don’t want to take part in it.
Manish:u should take part Samaira it will be fun n it will help u to be confident n overcome ur nervousness.
Samaira:yes super uncle but I just don’t want to take part..
Jigyasa:y beta y don’t u want to take part n go to school..ok I remember u had a fight With ur best friend right it’s ok I’ll talk to rose don’t worry about her now go n get ready for school.she runs up to Manish n hugs him.
Manish:what happen.
Samaira:tell mum to not force me to go to school..she cries..
Manish:y beta y don’t u want to go..
Samaira:because I don’t want to take part in the competition..but I have given my name in it.i have to participate anyhow..
Manish:then y don’t u want to participate it’s a fun thing..n u should try hard to win it ok..
Jigyasa:yes n if ur worrying about the topic then I’ll write a speech for u.what is the topic..
Samaira:father..!!!!!!!!…a thud was only hearable for a few minutes..jigyasa sees Manish n he was looking pitifully at Samaira..
Samaira:the topic is papa..u have to say something about ur papa but I don’t have any papa.i don’t know anything about papa..whenever I ask mom she always denies saying anything n says that I don’t have father because mom never married to anyone.,at school everyone has their but I don’t have even rose has her papa..he always comes at drop her to school n gives her toffees..manish sees Jigyasa n she bows down..
Mary:it’s ok beta u go to ur room n play it’s ok if u don’t want to go to school today.,Samaira smiles n runs to her room kissing jigyasa’s cheeks n she smiles fakely..
Mary:I always ask u to think about ur life VANI but u never listen..Samaira is growing she need both father n mothers love..she is effected..she never speaks about papa but this is the first time she spoke n shared her feeling about papa..she must be feeling alone VANI..jigyasa sees Manish..
VANI:I always say that I’m her mother n also father she is a kid she will understand when she grows up..we r happy together we don’t need a third person to ruin our life’s..manish feels hurt..VANI goes away..Mary also goes behind her..manish was thinking about something..he was very sad to hear samairas feeling about her father..he knew she wants a father too..

Precap:jigyasa sees samaira n Manish together n sharing a happy time she feels insecure seeing them.she decides something unexpected..

Sorry the precap is same the things will disclose soon n don’t worry won’t drag a u guys tc n plzz plzzz plzz comment n share ur views..n how is the new montage???…

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