Thahaan-a new start (episode-32)

Thank u for all ur love hope u guys liked the last part.especially the romance.after ages u got some real consummation scene n after reading ur comments it looked like none of u expected that..thank u for the lovely hear touching,warming comments.i want my silent readers to comment their views over my u dearies tc..

So it starts with
The small hut was drenched from out side by the rain pour down last night..the tip tap tip tap little drops coming down from the roof filled the silent surroundings..the soul mates were sleeping in the hut cuddling each other in a cozy hug..theirs bodies brushing n the legs entangled in each other..her face buried in his chest his iron arms around her gentle waist..they were only covered with the saree last night she was wearing..the tip tap tips tap n the chirping of birds in the early morning disturbed his peaceful dream with his gorgeous wife..he tightly pressed his eyelids n opened them to see the beautiful view infront of his eyes..HIS WIFE…she was still deep in her slumber..he smiled seeing the little curved lips of her..he got her more tightly in his arms n she was being pressed in his grip..he moved her hair strands behind her ear to see the view clearly..she felt his hard hands..he moved closer n kissed the tips on her nose n she griped him hard around his waist..he smiled sensing she is awake n kissed her cheek too.she smiled n moved herself a little back.they met their eyes with a little shyness in it..she touched his cheek n moved closer n kissed his cheek making him smile..she gets up with a jerk covering herself with her saree n pressing her legs near her chest.he smiles n gets up n sit comfortably.he moves her hairs aside n started giving sift n wet kisses on her neck she smiled n moaned..he nozzles near her ears n whispered
Manish:I love u.she smiled at his statement
Jigyasa:I love u too..she replied her part..he holds her hand which was near her chest hugging herself by the cold morning..he held it n slightly rubbed it with his thumb looking her..she smiled.he hugs her from back n they closed their eyes to live the moment..jigyasa opened her eyes when he started pouring his love on her shoulders,neck,hairs n she smiled..she saw herself n felt a little shy thinking about the last night.she saw the marks on her body he gifted as theirs love bites..she smiled sheepishly..then a dreadful memory flashed her removing her sweet ones..RITIKA..she remembered the last drama she created..she was thinking about the matter when his kisses moved from back to front.he was kissing her front neck now..he looked at her who was not responding at his kisses..he held her by her shoulder n shook her two-three times which made her come back..
Jigyasa:haan haan..
Manish:what happen u look tensed..did I do something wrong..she smiles n nods no.she comes closer to him n kissed his jawline.he smiles n they see each other.she cups his face in a slight grip n pecks his lips he smiled while kissing her but her kiss was just to release her pain..they moves a bit away from each other n smiles sharing the best moments of life..
Manish:I will get something for u to eat..
Jigyasa:but were will u go now in search of food
Manish:near the Mandir I’m sure I will get something there.i know ur hungry u didn’t eat anything yesterday because of the puja n then after ritika’s drama u were broken
Jigyasa:no Manish it’s ok..he smiles placing his finger on her lips
Manish:thank u.she smiles back
Jigyasa:I love u.saying so she grabs his arm n hugs him sideways..he hugs her too..she knew he was thanking for trusting him n he knew her I love u was to cheer him up..he released himself from her grip n went out wearing his shirt to get some food for both..
She again remembered about Ritika n thought how to get Manish out of her wicked plans..she knew he would be completely broken from inside as his family did not trust him..she knew his smile he was showing was just a healing wound which was healed by her..he was broken inside..she knew she has to do something now to expose Ritika if not her Manish will live dead with out his family love,their trust..she gets up at once n draped her saree n walked out..manish reached the hut holding a paper cone which had pakoda’s in it..he entered giving a wide smile but that turned to be a pale one when he found his wife is not in the hut..he searched every were patiently thinking she should be near the hut only but she was nowhere..the first thought ached his mind was Ritika…he was impatient now he ran every where like a mad person thinking if Ritika had done anything wrong with jigyasa.many unpleasant thoughts were striking his brain..where did she go,did she left him,no she could not do that she loves him,but where is she,is she fine..then his thought stricken on a correct one
“Did she go to goplani’s for confronting them”..”did she go there to tell them about their love”..”did she went there herself or did any one took her forcing”..”is she safe their”..he shoved all his thoughts the pakoda’s were lying down by then..he rushed to the goplani’s with out a second thought..

At goplani’s
Jigyasa reaches their n goes inside..the workers were looking at her like she is a stranger from any other planet..they started gossiping over her matter of yesterday’s.she ignored all of them n went inside..the family was thier sitting of the sofa.she knew they were sleepless by yesterday..ritika was also their sitting beside ayaan in the same state as yesterday.she had a shawl on herself to cover her naked body.weeping frequently for gaining sympathy..jigyasa’s blood boiled at 150 degree..she just wanted to slap her with all her strength left from yesterday..but she calmed herself n went near her family..neha lifts her head n sees her..she chants her name
Neha:jigyasa..every one sees her n gets up from their seats n runs up to her.
Neha was the first to reach
Neha:jigyasa beta r u ok..she holds her by her cheeks n assuring herself if she is fine or not.ritika also came to her slowly n with an expression of anger..jigyasa holds neha’s hand assuring her that she is fine.neha smiles
Dadi:I knew,u would also not believe that cheap person beta.thats the reason u ran away from home yesterday..jigyasa sees her but keeps quite..her silence was making neha restless …
Neha:what happen to u all y r u not trusting Manish.abhi ji he is our son maa ji u brought him up with the sanskaar.atleast believe ur sanskaar.believe him,he cannot do that with anyone..
Abhi:shut up stop ur useless speeches..can’t u see her state r u blind with the love of ur son.what love haan don’t forget what u did to us few months ago.neha bows down in shame..
Abhi:if we believe him then it’s a big loss to us..what will the world think about us.they will bang us for believing the culprit..we will subside this matter by some money but if we trust him then our family reputation,our business everything will be destroyed in a keep quite n be at our side..jigyasa n neha were shocked to hear that..a father is bad mouthing his own blood n thinking about his money at this situation..
they hear a thug sound on the door n everyone turns to it..their was him standing listening to the trust his family shown to him..he was now completely broken.he was taken a back listening to the cruel words his Dadi n father used for him.he dis not expected this.but his father choosed his money over his son..he looked down in shame not for what he did as he did not do anything but for that his family doesn’t believe him anymore..but then he sees the person who believed him.his mother n his wife..he just wanted to run out of the house with his things.yes HIS things only left in the house was his wife.else were his fathers property..he ran to her held her hand n started walking to the door.the family looked at him.neha wanted to stop him n she did.
Neha:no beta I trust u plzz don’t leave me here plzz..I don’t want to loose my child.manish did not wanted to turn now.he kept walking holding her hand but near the door she stoped herself..he looked at her turning his face.
Jigyasa:don’t be a coward Manish..if u know u did not do anything then just fight for ur self Manish.dont run making everyone believe that he’s u did that to her…manish turned himself to her..
Jigyasa:is mine n moms trust not enough for u to u need some more love now..he was encouraged a bit..he shoots a death glare at Ritika..ritika looks down weeping n continuing her drama.neha smiles seeing jigyasa’s trust on him leaving the family shocked..
Jigyasa:chalo Manish apna hisaab barabar karte hai..(come Manish let’s solve everything)she said shooting a glare at Ritika n he holds her hand
Manish:but we don’t have any proof against her..he speaks slowly..
Jigyasa:we have our love with us na n that’s enough as ur proof of innocence..he looked at her confused n she holds him dragging him to the centre of the hall were the family stood..ritika to get some more sympathy starts her acting
Ritika:I can’t believe this jigyasa..ur a girl how could u believe him.after what had happen to can happen to someone else tomorrow but still ur believing him..
Jigyasa:will u stop gaining sympathy Ritika n u should start acting in some television series u will be loved in a negetive ur playing it in ur real our life..ritika was startled by her attitude n confidence..
Jigyasa:let’s get back to the matter now.what proof do u have that all that happened with u was done by Manish..
Ritika:because I know he did it.he forced me.
Jigyasa:acha but u said u were unconscious then how do u know
Ritika:I was unconscious but when I got conscious he was beside me with out his shirt.when I ran out he held my hand n again forced me..that was the time I shouted u all for help..jigyasa nods like a lawyer n manish sees her silently..even the family does..jigyasa steps near her n holds her shawl by its ends n snatched it away with a jerk from her body..the family turned their faces n everyone shouted her name..ritika tried to cover herself n tries to snatch back the shawl..
Ritika:wh.whaat.r u doing give it back..
Jigyasa:arre y r u feeling shy now when u did not feel it while doing it yesterday..she says sarcastically making the family look at her..jigyasa holds her hand tightly making her moan n y would she not be angry she pointed a question on manish’s charector..
Ritika:ahh my hand
Jigyasa:yes ur hand.these marks..she points at the dark red nail marks.
Ritika:given by ur husband..jigyasa smirk as she herself came in her trap.ritika sees her sarcastically smirking..jigyasa keeps her hand beside hers which also had marks but not that dark..
Jigyasa:this marks r also given by my husband but why r they not dark as urs..she in a second pulled Manish near them grabbing his hand..she holds his hands seeing his nails which were trimmed perfectly short..which could not be a cause of such dark marks.
Jigyasa: manish’s nails r soo short I don’t think the marks u got r from his nails..ritika gets tensed seeing her investigating..she starts sweating n looking at the family whose trust she was loosing..
Jigyasa:I think they r don’t by some big nail guys.but who has bigs nails here..she sees everywhere n ayaan smirks winking at Jigyasa..jigyasa smiles at him n manish sees that.ritika had to somehow cover up now.she pulled her shawl n covers herself
Ritika: I don’t know this would be again his plan u don’t fall in his trap jigyasa he is lying..she runs to Dadi.
Ritika:Dadi trust me Dadi plzz ..because now, only u can do justice to me.plzz call the police n arrest this person..he is a rapist ..he used me Dadi..jigyasa’s blood boiled even more n she ran up to her turning her to herself holding her hand n giving a tightest slap on her cheek making it red..everyone gets shocked seeing her range of anger..ritika gets angry but she has to act..ritika moves her head up n sees her flaunting her crocodile tears..
Ritika:beat me jigyasa..beat me as many times as u want but trust me..she cries hugging her jigyasa moves the shit from her body n throws her onto the sofa.before Ritika could get up she moves near her pointing her finger to her.
Jigyasa:if one more words against my Manish na then trust me u won’t be alive now.her tigress eyes were making Ritika look down..
Ritika:ayaan trust me ayaan plzz help me out of this ayaan..
Ayaan:yes y not baby I’m always with u.ritika smirked..
Jigyasa sees him n gestures something leaving Ritika n Manish both shocked..ayaan nods n he runs upstairs n comes back holding a laptop a two CDs in his hand..
Ayaan:don’t worry baby everything will be solved soon..
Jigyasa:yes everything who is right n who is wrong..she sees Manish who was standing near a sofa bewildered..
Jigyasa:ayaan play the video..he nods n inserts the firsts CD in the laptop..he opens a video file n jigyasa turns the laptop towards the family who was standing near Ritika except Manish n neha who were at the other side..the video starts playing n the family opened their mouths seeing it.ritika was more shocked then them..neha n Manish seeing their tensed,bewildered,muddled faces walks to them..they both stood behind them..they were equally shocked seeing the was video of the hotel room were Ritika n ayaan came in the drunken state n consummated…ritika sees the family who had no clue of the happening..while ayaan stops the video midway..he sees Ritika who was tensed n thinking of some excuses to get out this..ritika sees her n he gives her pitiful expressions..he plays the other was the video of her room were she took an unconscious Manish n misbehaved with him..the family gasped n took a back seeing the video..he forwards it to few hours when he got consciousness n how she forced him to be hers..he increased the column for the family to listen her cheapest dialogues to him..manish n neha were determined now jigyasa was on the urge to confront Ritika but she maintained the patience with in her..ritika just could see that but could not stop it..
Ritika:this is a lie this is wrong nothing happened like that.dadi I will tell u what happened..before she says any silly excuses jigyasa turns her to herself n the tigress Palm left its prints on her cheek.ritikas anger raged within her..her face was distorted for a while with the hard slap jigyasa gifted her..ritika faced jigyasa with her anger expressive in her face..
Ritika:how dare u..she lifts her hands to slap her but before them touching her soft cheeks it was held by some hard hands..manish comes infront of jigyasa protecting her n leaving ritika’s hand with a jerk..he points his finger to her
Manish:don’t u dare to even touch her Ritika..ritika sees him angrily..jigyasa smiles seeing the concern of his husband..
Jigyasa:u have been doing a lot of things wrong with us but we were quite as u were our guest..ritika after what u did u don’t deserve to be called as a girl..u sold ur self for gaining Manish ritika ur such a cheap girl I had came across in my life..n don’t u dare talk rubbish about my Manish from ur dirty mouth..
Ritika:jigyasa ur crossing limits I won’t leave u
Jigyasa:I did not cross my limits ritika but u did..n don’t u lie this time ritika ur truth has been exposed..everyone got to know who was wrong n who was right..who was genuine n who was a vamp in our life..
Ritika:jigyasa!!!she shouts
Jigyasa:yes ritika ur a witch u tried to spoil a happy life of a wife n husband,u tried to spoil a sons reputation infront of his own loved ones.but u failed in ur plan ritika..she shouted n ritika was taken a back seeing her strength..
Dadi:y did u do this ritika did we lack in our hospitality y did u tried to spoil manish’s reputation n did such wrong with him..
Jigyasa:what will she say Dadi I will say that part of her too..everyone had an eyes on her
Jigyasa:she had a crush on Manish since childhood but when she came back to India she found that I’m married to him.she could not believe to this n had a feeling of loosing Manish so she tried this way..she forced Manish to marry her n when he resisted she spoiled his appearance infront of all..ritika was shocked by her statement..Neha pulls her towards her n gives a tight slap.manish sees her
Neha:how dare u..she slaps her again n the family was left in shock
Neha:u tried to harm my child u tried to ruin our family love,our reputation infront of the world,u tried to harm my kids,my Manish,my jigyasa.she slapped her the third n now she was uncontrollable before she lifted her hand again manish holds her
Manish:mamma plzzz..his mamma left everyone in shock but now the topic was ritika who herself was burning in anger by the slaps..
Ritika:u old women..she sees everyone
Ritika:how dare u all..I won’t leave anyone of u…u all will pay for what u did to me..jigyasa smirks as the real alligator was coming out..
Jigyasa:but for that u need to be out of prison ritika..ritika had a thunder upon her head..
Jigyasa:ayaan call the police..ritika gets shocked
Ritika:no..she shouts out of her breath
Ritika:ayaan what r u doing u love me right.then how can u do this to me
Ayaan:I also said that the one who is wrong will be punished..
Ritika:I’m not wrong ayaan,I love u..
Ayaan:oh plzz ritika stop it I don’t raise hands on girls so don’t give me reasons for that.jigyasa smiles n manish sees her..
Ritika:ayaan what r u saying..
Ayaan(in a calm voice):ritika u calling me by my name from ur mouth if enough for me to slap so so don’t take my name out of ur garbage..
Ritika:what happened to u ayaan.i know this jigyasa manipulated u against me plzz ayaan..before she completes he shouts..
Ayaan:can’t u hear ritika I said u not to take my name y ur dirty mouth.n dare u talk anything against jigyasa..u can’t be anyone’s ritika how can u believe that I will love u..ur the first girl I hate the most in my life ritika.even in any life I won’t be able to trust u ur such a low-grade girl..u don’t have any values ur just living ur life as a cheap call girl..ur none to me nor to this family infact u can’t be anyone’s in future..his words made her more angry
Ritika:yes I’m not anyone.n how can u think that after that night I will except u .no mr ayaan ur wrong..I just want my Manish I loved him since my child hood n I’m living only for him.i want him to be with me not this jigyasa.everyone were hell shocked by her confession…ayaan starts laughing n followed by him jigyasa also starts laughing
Ayaan:seriously ritika u cracked the best joke.what do u think after that night I will except u..she looks at him confused remembering the next morning that how he said that we will marry n everything will be solved.
Ayaan:I can marry a begger,a servant any one but not u ritika..ritika was muddled..
Ayaan:what do u think that I was waiting for having a night with ritika but u wanted that to happen..I n jigyasa knew about ur wicked plans as we started spying u..n then we done our part of planning..what did u thought ritika with that one glass of wine I will be drowned in drunken state..ritika kept seeing him even did Manish
Ayaan:the person who has a habit of drinking bottles of wine at a time but that never effects him will be effected by ur one glass..l was totally in senses when u forced me to drink the wine n after that too..I just had to act of being completely drunk as I did not wanted to loose this chance to expose u..u brought me to the room n when u went to the washroom for freshing up I knew u would do something as a part of ur plan.i knew getting s*xual with me was ur plan as if Manish won’t except u then u can start ur cheat live with me..ritika sees him angrily n the goplani’s well hell shocked..
Ayaan:yes Manish she thought to ruin ur life this way..if u accept her then she will be the happier person but if u won’t she needs some rich man to make up with her needs..she planned all the things perfectly but she forgot that my best friend is more smarter then her..ritika sees ayaan..
Ayaan:jigyasa was a little aware of her evil planning’s as she always found her near Manish..n then her behaviors was also changed sometimes she used to be good n sometimes evil as always..she talked about this matter to me n I promised to help her..I started being with her to know about her intentions..One day I made her drink a lot n she confessed her feeling for Manish but not her we had a clue that she will be doing something to get Manish..I had to be with her always as our part of plan n that day when we were partying she forced me to drink wine.but that one glass to not enough to drown me in it…then she took me to the room n that time I knew she is up to something..before she could do anything I placed a camera over there n it recorded recorded the proof of ur innocence Manish..manish sees him.
Ayaan:yesterday when I was going to the kitchen for drinking water I saw her adding some drug in the juice n making Manish drink that juice..jigyasa n I placed a camera in her room to capture everything..
Ayaan:uncle,aunty,Dadi ji jigyasa was scared,tensed during the puja because she was afraid if Ritika does something wrong with Manish.but she had faith on god she knew that God won’t let anything wrong happen with her Manish..manish sees jigyasa n she smiles..
Ayaan:so what r we left with Ritika any thing in ur favor.because this is the last time u r free for anything.but from the next moment u have to be inside the bars..he points at the door..the police cops arrived n ritika gets shocked..
Ayaan:arrest her inspector I hope u have listened everything..inspector nods n the constable comes to her with the handcuff
Ritika:u cant do this Wait..she orders but the police had to do their work n they hold her n ties the hand cuff in her hands
Jigyasa:don’t ever show ur ugly face to us Ritika u were like a bad nightmare n it’s over now..
Ritika:I won’t leave u jigyasa this is because of u n I will take the revenge.u snatched everything from me jigyasa just wait for my time to come..before she could speak further Manish comes infront of jigyasa
Manish:I have never seen such disgusting girl in my life Ritika..I thought ur a good friend but u came out to be a vamp in our life’s..u can’t be anyone’s friend..ritika clenched her fist..
Manish:jigyasa was alone this time but now she is no more alone her husband is with her..n now no one like u can harm our relation..or can come between us..take her away..he orders n the police dragged her out while she kept looking back at everyone furious..the family was rejoiced by her exit..
Jigyasa:thank u Ayaan it would not be possible with out u.u even sacrificed urself for me ayaan thank u ur a true friend but I could not help u in it ayaan sorry for what had happen to u because of me.she holds her hands infront of him.he Separates them.
Ayaan:what r u doing jigyasa no plzz don’t make me soo small infront of u..if I had given up then ur’s n manish’s relation would be in trouble..
Jigyasa:but Now ayaan what about ur life,ritika’s life..
Ayaan:don’t worry,now she need a little punishment for her deeds..she had done really bad with u all after she gets her lesson I will bring her out of the jail n I won’t leave her I’m not a cheat like her I will except her n make her my wife.its a matter of her life too..everyone smiles at him..
Manish:thank u ayaan thank u jigyasa but y did u guys not told about this to me I would have been careful with her intentions
Jigyasa:manish u were busy in misha’s wedding then in ur office works I did not want u to get tensed so we handled this situation ourself..
Neha:thank god everything is alright I was afraid if Ritika does anything with Manish.she turns to the god n holds her hands n prays..manish sees her n walks towards her..the family looked at him..jigyasa knew what is going to happen now she smiled at him.manish catched her smiling n now he knew he was doing correct..manish stands near neha who was turned to the prayer hall n closing her eyes.when she is done with her prayer she opens her eyes n sees Manish standing infront of her..manish was having tears of respect,love,concern for her mother..she keeps on looking at him..manish holds his hands together n makes a puppy face
Manish:’Maaa’…that words seemed sweeter like a pure honey for neha n she broke down in his arms..manish hugged her too..the family witnessed a motherly love for her son n gets happy..manish seperates neha from him n again joins his hands
Manish:I’m very bad maa I disrespected u,I blamed u for everything maa,u loved me n I always doubted ur love,u always prayed for me n I doubted ur prayers..I’m the baddest son mom plzzz forgive me plzz maa.neha cries holding his hands
Neha:no beta u were correct I was wrong all the time..u n jigyasa were the one who brought me to correct path or else I was living a hell live I’m very happy with what ever I got Manish.i got u as my son n more then that I got jigyasa she is not my Bahu she is my daughter.because of me u all suffered a lot n this was just my punishment
Manish:phir bhi ma Mai bohot bura Hun app maro mujhe, maro mujhe ma par mujhe maaf kardo plzz maa plzz(still mom I’m very bad.u beat me,u beat me mom but forgive me plzz..)he holds her hands n slaps them on his cheeks n neha tries to stop him..
Neha:manish listen to me beta..u never did any mistake beta I must be the one who should ask forgiveness I tried to destroy ur live beta I tried to kill my child..plzz beta I know what i did was very wrong but I have learned my lesson plzz forgive me..he hugs her they shared an emotional hug with theirs sods filling the surrounding..jigyasa smiles seeing them..neha seperated a crying Manish from her n touched his cheeks.manish smiles..manish sees the family who was witnessing all this with a smile the next moment his happiness drowns in the flashback n what appear was anger..he is angry as the family which he trusted more then himself,as the family who was his life n just for some random fake reasons they trusted the wrong person over him.this showed their trust on him.this showed their believe of them on him..this proved that they like the outer world trust the wrong person for maintaining the family reputation instead of trusting the own loved person..he got all the flashes of the bitter words they spoke to him..the slaps..he did not knew that such ugly situations can ruin their family love,their trust upon eachother..he could not believe on himself but this was the bitter truth..he was taken a back from his mother who was the only person who trusted him with his wife..he walked to his love,held her hand n started walking away..jigyasa was confused again.a few steps he took he stopped hearing the sobs of his mother
Manish:maa r u not coming along.neha was on the cloud nine that his son invited her to come along n that she would not be away from him now..the family was shocked seeing them go n just wanted jigyasa to handle everything..n she did..
Jigyasa:we r not going anywhere Manish.manish hearing her shocking comment turns around to her with a question mark face..
Jigyasa:manish yes we r not going away from the family we all will stay here together
Manish(sarcastically):jigyasa u want to stay here..with the people who don’t trust u..
Jigyasa:yes Manish..
Manish:great then u stay here with them I’m going I can’t stay here with the people who don’t believe me n think I’m a wrong person..
Jigyasa:this is always ur problem Manish.manish looked at her with utter shock..
Jigyasa:this is ur problem that u don’t know the reason but u react like u know everything..u don’t know about anything Manish but u just over react.even with ma u did not knew anything but made her suffer these many u know how much she waited for her son to accept her apologies..
Manish:jigyasa..he speaks calmly as he did not had any idea what she is talking about
Jigyasa:yes Manish here u know that the family did not trusted u but do u know the reason
Manish:yes I know because they trusted that Ritika..she gives a one sided smile..
Jigyasa:no Manish because they were also a part of our plan..manish n neha gets shocked..
Jigyasa:they knew everything Manish…when I was spying Ritika Dadi saw me n noticed my insecure behavior when she is around.she talked to me about that n I said her everything..we took dad in our plan n they had to do a drama trusting Ritika when she does her drama as she could not plan anything against u. N also ayaan had to take that camera recording before she gets her hands on they had to do it..they were in the plan..
Dadi:we trust u blindly beta plzz don’t take us wrong plzz don’t go..manish sees them..
Neha:then y did u not told anything about this to me jigyasa..jigyasa smiles big
Jigyasa:because I wanted Manish to see a real mother love not a fake acting one..manish sees her.
Jigyasa:I knew mamma if Manish is in any situation like this then u will react the I wanted Manish to see ur love that how much u love him n u trust him n that u can do anything for that he forgets everything n forgives u..neha sees Manish..
Jigyasa:u remember Manish one day u said that if mamma does anything good for both of us u will forgive her..before she continues he says
Manish:I forgave her last night itself..everyone smiles.neha turns to the Dadi n abhi
Neha:plzz ma ji abhi ji forgive me I know what I did was wrong but now I got my lesson plzz forgive me..she takes blessing from Dadi n she gives her blessing to her.they hug eachother..manish hugs everyone n lastly sees jigyasa n was about to hug her when she moves back gesturing that the family is present..they smile at each other n shared a cute eyelock(ranjha naa plays).this was disturbed by ayaan..
Ayaan:everything is ok but jigyasa we were suppose to expose her yesterday it self then y did u run away from home..n y did u kept us specially neha aunty n Manish is suspense..u send a message to me saying not to say anything about the plan u have some other important work to finish..what was that work..was it a part of our plan..jigyasa sees Manish n remembers the last night…how she confessed her feeling..but she manages to be normal as the family was seeing her..
Jigyasa:yes I had something important which I had to do it yesterday it self.i had to tell something to someone very special..manish was busy looking at some other side n when she speaks about the love confession indirectly he turns to her giving a jerk on his face n sees her..he smiles at her thinking how special he is for her..he knew he wanted her to know that she trusts her more then anyone does..she smiles back..
Dadi:jigyasa Manish where were u both last night..u know how worried we all got for u.manish n jigyasa sees eachother remembering the intense last night..
Manish:Dadi it was raining yesterday so we had to take a shelter at a safe place.
Dadi:oh u go n take rest u must be tired..manish smiles n stands up he sees jigyasa n signals her to come up.she was know to his intentions n sits beside Dadi.manish makes a sad face n starts going.
Dadi:jigyasa u also must be tired na beta.go n get freshed n take rest for sometime then u both come for the lunch..manish turns back smirking at jigyasa n she looks at him bewildered..she sees Dadi n nods yes unwillingly..she starts walking n comes near Manish..he smirks making her shy.none of the family member noticed them but neha did noticed their behavior since long.she remembers something n quickly gets up n runs to them.neha comes to them..while everyone was sitting on the sofa having a chat.she comes to them giving an emotional smile..manish n jigyasa sees her.they see the little tears coming out of her eyes
Manish:mom plz don’t cry now see everything is fine.
Neha:no beta these r happy tears..
Jigyasa:yes Manish after ages we all r together n this would be the best moment for all of us..
Neha:yes n one more thing I’m happy today..
Jigyasa:what maa..neha smiles n wipes her tear.she holds jigyasa’s hand n raises it..manish n jigyasa looked confused..she touches her hand with her four fingers softly pointing the red marks on her hand..jigyasa n manish sees that.jigyasa turned red in shyness n Manish turned a little pink..neha remembers how she said to Ritika that those were the marks which Manish gave her..she smiles remembering it
Neha:r u both one now..she asked expecting an yes.jigyasa saw the curiosity in her eyes..they smile at eachother n nods yes to her..neha smiles flaunting her teethes.jigyasa n Manish take her blessing n she blesses them
Neha:May God give u everything.n fill this house with our grand children..jigyasa gets surprised n shy..manish smiles seeing her..
Neha:now go n take rest.she smiles at them touching their cheeks n they smiled back.they started walking upstairs..jigyasa walking front Manish was following her..he intentionally holds her pallu n she stop walking..she turns back n sees the naughty glint at his face..she snatches her pallu n again starts walking..manish runs towards her n walks with her.he intentionally touches her hand n she moves it.they reached their room n jigyasa gets in making a yawning face as a gesture to him that she is tired now n have to take rest..he smiles n gets inside after her.she walks towards the bathroom but stops before a few steps hearing the door sound.she knew Manish closed it..she gets a little shy n runs to the bathroom.he smiles n sits in the bed waiting for her.

In bathroom
Jigyasa:I know he is waiting for me out side..but I’m shy to face him since last night..what will I say to him.i myself kissed him.we shared everything that a husband wife shares.i know he will tease me now.ok I won’t go out I will stay here it self..she makes a determined face
Jigyasa:no he will get worried I have to face him this is the only option.she takes a deep breath
Jigyasa:ok I will be normal n just walk to the bed n sleep that’s it no talking no gazing at him nothing just ignore him..she comes out of the bathroom n sees the room perfectly cleaned..the bed properly arranged n Manish was standing near the bed placing the blanket correctly..
Jigyasa:manish r u ok
Manish:yes I’m perfect but y r u asking
Jigyasa:because I never seen u doing this work..he sees her n she makes faces.
Manish:very funny I just did it u might be tired even I’m tired so let’s sleep..she nods n moves to her side of the bed..she was little nervous when she saw his gaze on her.she quitely sits on bed looking at the other side..he smiles seeing her he knew she was nervous..he sits on the bed n holds her hand which was placed on the bed..she sees that n turns to him ready to face what comes along..
Manish:thank u jigyasa..
Jigyasa:for??..he held her hand in both his hands..
Manish:if u were not there then I don’t know where would I be now.i would be in some jail n my family would be suffering from the undone mistake I life,my family,my business,my reputation was held on the edge of a knife which u saved it today.i was not worried of myself but u n the family..she sees him proudly that how much love he has for his family n of course for her..
Manish:u all would be question because of me..n ur life would turned to be a hell n I could not see my love in that situation..he had a little tears in his eyes.before a word from his mouth she stop him by placing her finger on his lips
Jigyasa:not a word more Manish.plzz don’t blame urself for what u did not do..Dima says that the wrong n a lier one will always get its punishment n who walks on the truth path will always be succeeded..he smiles
Jigyasa:u were true Manish u were genuine..I don’t need any explanation from anyone..I know my husband better then anyone does..if even the god comes to me saying such cheap things about u I won’t believe him because my Manish is only mine n he only loves me..he smiles wider moving her finger from his lip n kissing it..she hugs him placing her head on his chest at the right side n placing her hand on his heart at the left side feeling it..he held her hand which was on his heart..
Jigyasa:I love u a lot Manish..
Manish:I love u too..he kisses her forehead assuring everything is fine n they r together..they both smiled n hugged eachother for a long time releasing the tears of love they had for eachother..they both were sleepy n closed their eyes while hugging itself..manish lied down on the bed with her upon him n she hugged him.they both slept while in the same hugging posture with a smile on face..


So hope u guys liked the drama.sorry if it’s over dramatic but it had to be..actually I had to add some more realistic lines but I’m not a dramatic person I hardly watch any serial.only love was I don’t know about the strong dialogues..I know less romance in this n the upcoming episodes will also be having less romance as per my upcoming tract n also a shocking end of that tract but then I will give happy episodes plzz bear with me n do think about my next tract.hope I get few last minute ideas from u to each one of u n don’t forget to comment ur valuable comment n silent readers I request u guys also to comment n let me know if my work is liked by u tc:-)Juveria..

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  1. oh…finly i read it on time….u know i was waited for this for many days nd cheked here for mny times nd finly when i sw ur post i cnt explain my happines….even the last epi was outstanding bt i read it late but i also do comnt on the last epi may b u not read it bcoz it was too late….now cone to the epi….the strting scenes were again full romntic…each nd evryvthing was great full of drama suspense love nd care….u solved each nd evry thing vry speedly nd smothly….u cleard all the missunderstngs….husbnd wife ….mother son relationship….dadi nd dad reputatn…ayan great role…every thing was fully planed nd u write it perfectly….u are such a great writter….dear….even m scared wd leaps as in tpk leaps give more pain but i blve in u…nd also suspeciuos abt the nw track but dnt seprte thahaan…may b we get nw thanians after leap…wink…update asap…l.u nd t.c dear….

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u soo much for waiting dear..yes I saw ur comment I was busy that time so I didnot comment..yes I did not wanted to drag it..hmm that u need to read the next part..yeah u too tc

  2. nd plz dnt skip our mnyasa cute lovly romntic scenes for the leap….even dnt skip mani love for his pregnant wife….lol…

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      I wI’ll give a little romance in between don’t worry..loll

  3. Simrank

    Omg this chap was damned interesting i mean i also started hating family for not trusting mani but when i came to knw that all this was a plan i was supershocked and felt bad for misjudging them ahh my fav scene and highlight was jigs confrontation and yes ofc that marks thing that was something amazing . Everything penned down with utmost perfection i must juvi.
    U nailed it like a pro girl like srsly while rdng i was so damned engrossed in it that i wasnt aware of my surroundings . I loved each and every bit of this part ik that there was kess romance but story cnt b full of romance it becomes boring then twists are imp to spice up the story nd u r perfectionist in doing that babe. Juvi m mesmerised by ur skills. Twist in the tale leap ohk m eager i mean curosity at oeaks cnt wait update soon.
    Love love love love love love love u ???
    Ur fan…

    1. hey simi I think still u hadn’t read my ff do read when u get time and so update ur ff and miss u . And juvi to jadugar hai real mai Manyasa se ThahaAn bne isne thahaAn se mAnyasa bnaya upar se real name dia taki real feeling aAye and ab ye bACHE ya leap la ri mere manyasa real mai single hai friends and juvi maA bAAP bna ri bhagwan kre ye na read kre doNo warna sharm se lal ho jayenge mere do anMOL ratan manyasa love u juVi just joking bole to time pasS

      1. Juveria.ghalib

        Anu thank u for the jadugar compliment?..ahhahaha u don’t know how much I laughed reading this comment anu..really they will be totally embarrassed..haha mummy papa ka to bohot jald pata chal jaiga..

      2. KUDRAT

        Kabhi Esaa time pass humare saath bhi ker liaa ker…
        Miss you Anu..
        Love you Yaar.
        College to btaa..

    2. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u simi..yes dear I did not wanted to drag it along..yes I wanted it to be more strong but u know I don’t know the strong dialogues..thank u dear..haha so u need to wait for the next part.i think I will be giving it a bit early because I have exams next u tooooo??

  4. Simrank

    And yes juvi tysm for updating nd forgot to mention about ayan i love his role too plz dnt end it if u cud nd the way he helped jigyasa was appreciable nd the way u portrayed all the things was applaudable?? finally mani forgived neha after so long got to see happy faces but leap is waiting ahead m just dyng to read furthr .
    Love u madly ?
    Ur fan

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Ayaan yes I wanted him to be friendly like jigyasa u tooo

  5. Malaika sarwar

    Super episode yr sb thk hogya Manish se apni mom ko bhe maaf kardiya but upcoming episode mai leap yr asa nh karo manyasa ko honey moon par behjdo…? please add manyasa romance with happy life together… next episode jaldi dayna dear one week wait nh hotaa?….

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u malaika..haha honeymoon will try to update soon..

  6. Malaika sarwar

    Please yr leap la kar manyasa romance skip nh karo expect Manish care pregnant wife? take care love you juveria….?

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Don’t worry trust me I won’t do anything bad to them do read it to get ur answers

  7. Very happy to see u’re story update, and this story very realistic that jigyasa’s characteric prove it, this behaviour most be shown in tpk show bu it’s not just lost hope and lost trust. But back to u’re story make me relieve that jigyasa so trust he manish and make a proof for her husband. Please make more expression with some line of manish and jigyasa love when they start some romantics story, it will be good to read how many grow the love of jigyasa to manis and proof both love, just request hehehehe, please update soon dear .

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u sooo much dear..yes I wanted to show the trust that a wife n husband should have in any drastic situation..not matter what it is we will handle it together was my main agenda?Haha but dear I’m soo sorry I did not understand what u said in ur next line tc n do explain me about that lines

    2. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u sooo much dear..yes I wanted to show the trust that a wife n husband should have in any drastic situation..not matter what it is we will handle it together was my main agenda?Haha but dear I’m soo sorry I did not understand what u said in ur next line tc n do explain me about that lines briefly

  8. I’m one of your fanfic silent reader, and then, I can’t bear anymore to not to comment in hear. I really in love with your fanfic and I always waiting for the update. Last episode just so superb. And yes… I’m agree with sadia… please don’t skip about a husband (mani) love for his pregnant wife ????

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u sooo much su_in it really feels good to get new readers thank u for reading it n appreciating..??..ok u really need to read the next part for clearing the dear n I really hope to see ur comment again

  9. I’m one of your fanfic silent reader, and then, I can’t bear anymore to not to comment in here. I really in love with your fanfic and I always waiting for the update. Last episode just so superb. And yes… I’m agree with sadia… please don’t skip about a husband (mani) love for his pregnant wife ????

  10. Woow, juvi unbelievable, luv t so much ?, great writing… Its unpredictable when u solved ritika’s matter, i mean everybody involved on that drama except manish n neha, n finally mother n son got their love and all missunderstanding has cleared. Love ayaan’s part even he had to sacrifice his life, n i hope ritika ll change n live happily with ayaan, no more revenge… Love, care, trust, anger, tears, happiness u made it perfectly. Waiting 4 d leap but dont make t too long leap, its lovely when man has to takecare of his pregnant wife n add some cute romances in it.. Btw cnt wait 4 d next chap, i know u ll make a great stry, luv u n tc ?

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u soo much Fay..yes dear actually I did not wanted it to be long drama like it happens in the daily soap so I just hate drama..yes I won’t I was thinking the same..godddd u really need to read the next part dear for unfolding the suspense..thank u love u too tc

  11. finally everything is fine. Koi na i m kid thoda romance hi chalega leap le aa rhe bAcChe lane ka plan hai abi to manyasa khud bacche hai lol loved it a lot good morning have a nice day waiting for next shocking end means ki meri tarah ya thahaan ki tarah manyasa ko to ni kuch hoga . I wait

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Yes anu.haha ur a kid?..baccha haan..good morning..nahi not that shocking end so don’t worry

  12. KUDRAT

    Sab s phle to m aap ka ff dek k hi nachne leg gae..
    Di episode was totally ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????✊✌️????????MINDBLOWING Tha..
    Di ek ek scene real tha…
    Bhot hi Justicfull scenes the..
    Di you are Superb..
    You are real writer..
    Mene Kuch plays like h, Jin p Hume stage performance deni hotii h…
    So os behalf p M bol saktii hoon ki you are really FANTASTIC writer..
    Ager life m kabhi film bnana chahogi to Kya aapki stories k rights milenge..
    Love you di..
    God bless you with More Talent..
    Keep climbing.
    Or please take care of yourself..

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u kudrat..thank u sooo much for such wonderful words…hehe Mai sochungi??????…haha no dear u can use it u have all the u alotttttttttttt tc n God bless u too..

  13. Sweet and cute..Nowadays i find your storyline too fast.Last update showed Rithika’s masterplan,jigs’ confession,manyasa’s consummation.And today it was Rithika’s revelation,goplanis’ unpredictable secret plan,neha’s happy ending.And even your precap LEAP (the most scary word according to tpk).And i even remember you telling that romance is a bit tough after consummation and asked us to wait for the confession patiently enjoying the cute romances.But plz don’t lose the charm of manyasa in your upcomings.And finally i am loving your way of showing manyasa’s unbreakable trust so far.Love you,tc….

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u jasper yes I just don’t want to drag it.i have the dramatics which daily soap bring up..haha yes THE most scary one always..yes I feel that ok u really need to read the next part for the u tc

  14. Thahaan children are similar to thahaan only…. Their love and trust unbreakable… wow wow I loved the total update… and then that ritika is finally exposed… You are going fast now I like it but don’t let manyasa romance get over quickly okay…. I am looking for more… take care darl..update soon but give a bit of pregnancy part and then leap…

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Yes they r but in the serial they never trusted eachother.first when thapki said him about his mother kosi’s evil deed he always shoved her away n even slapped her n asked her to go out of his life..then comes the vaani track where thapki blamed him for her unborn kid n came out as vaani for the revenge..but their screen presence only mattered..pregnancy…thank u tc

  15. Hai Juvi, what you said. Amazing part. I like it. Precap according to original tpk it is a scary thought. But I trust you.don’t loss manyasa charmness and romance.

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u rifa..thank u for the trust dear hope I don’t disappoint u

  16. thank you dear for updated your ff. today epi is nice . sorry but precap mujhe accha nahi laga. because i hate manyasa sepration and leap track always bring manyasa sepration .i trust you that you not separate manyasa hopefully​? .

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u afshan don’t worry plzz trust me..

  17. Awesome. And a nice twist. You really rocked it.

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u shanaya

  18. Haii juvi episode is superb as usual but there is still time for leap yaar,dont do this in tpk also they didn’t properly showed us any romance so plzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t take leap now it’s a humble request to u if u r planning for younger manyasa then show some moments especially pregnancy moments. As a writer u have Ur freedom but make the leap after one or two episs plzzzzzzzzzzzzz sorry if I hurt u

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u soo much priyal..I won’t totally stop giving the romantic scenes don’t worry.i will but not more as I used to give..leap is a part of my story dear but don’t worry I won’t drag it long everything will be good.pllzzzz do trust me as u all do..

  19. Ur ff always bring smile on my face whenever i saw it …abt the epi lovly…jigu stand for her manish really …full om family emotions trust love care wala episode, manyasa took there relationship further n become tht scene when manish hold jigu pallu while going to their room ..full on masti wala or can say romantic bihaan pandey (manish) of real tpk comes infront of my eye when i read tht …i wish k kash aise achhe achhe epi tpk k writers ko bhi likne aate to aaj tpk on air rehta with awsum wala trp… one thing for u …ur are truly awsum writer..GBU…Dear

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u soo much bihaan_love..haha yes ur right..thank u soo much..GBU? dear

      1. KUDRAT

        GBU – God bless you my dear pyaarii difi

  20. What happen real jigyasa Singh and manish now? have you heard new soap tv exciting they are back!!!!!

    1. KUDRAT

      Hello Heera di
      How are you..
      Where you go..
      You know I miss you lot..
      Please take care..

  21. Wow so long?i really love it plesase don’t skip about their early begining more romance and knowing about their child differently not just fainting and doctor visit her and etc.?please i wanna see some normal epi that manyasa are happy togheter cause they are truly h&wife u know like all love birds couples?and about today epi i like the way that jigu trusted manish and there was not such stupid misundrestanding and also happy to see manish forgive manish anyway today epi was amazing,perfect and lovely !GOD BLESS U DEAR waitting for next epi???

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u Fatima..yes I give long updates as u know I take a long time to update so to fill the days gap I give the long updates..hehe in the daily soap history fainting n Doctor visit is the only dramatic way of knowing about the pregnancy..yes they r..thank u soo much farima

  22. Manish forgive neha

  23. Amazing.,everything cleared between them..awesome scenes loved it

  24. It was really very very fantastic..u totally twisted the story..everything soutout in just an episode with pout any really love this part of it..the dialogues were strong enough to to define the scene.i really enjoyed each part of it..n the first scene the romance of course was brilliant.i loved each part love u n May Allah bless u dear tc

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u soo much u too tc n may Allah bless u too

  25. Superb episode jigyasa was like a strong bold tiger this time.the way she confronted ritika was awesome.he plan was amazing..loved it

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Yes she is a tigress.lthank u

  26. This was very unexpected..ur really great yaar..i loved the first romantic scene n then the motherly love..yes she love her so much n it proved it here..n the way they supported eachother was amazing.the plan of course so jigyasa was the mastermind she planed really good n it help her.thank god she is out.but ayaan was equally genuine.i liked him a lot..n then the broken Manish was hard to see the way u portrayed it looked like I’m living the scene I loved it n enjoyed it a love u

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u farha u too tc

  27. Awesome scenes baby..really excited for what gonna come love u tc

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u love u too tc

  28. Awesome scenes baby..really excited for what gonna come love u tc

  29. Di I loved the scene where Manish came in the house n wanted to take his only left thing in the house that is jigyasa his showed his love.i loved every didu love u a lot

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u u too baby

  30. Leap is very scary. Pls don’t take long lp. Dnt saperate manyasa for long. Cordial request to u. I’ve belief on u.

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Yeah I won’t drag it long don’t worry..

    2. KUDRAT

      H hello SJ di,
      How are you…???
      Miss you so much di,
      Where you go…

  31. Please dont make them old bec in tpk they became parents quick and u want ti see more of their fun n you know what i mean and i hate leaps please dont skip manyasa scenes and dont make jiggu a mother so early i mean she olny just confessed. Take care n update soon.

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      No I won’t dear plzzz do trust me It will be

  32. Inbisat

    Di soooooooooooo good super???????????????????????????????????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤??????????? di I have no words but di plz tell me about your next epi did you want to finish this ff fastly plz tell me

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u insibat u have to wait for that

      1. KUDRAT

        Please don’t finish it…
        Please ??

  33. Superb episode.?Leap!!! Im scared of this word now.?plz dnt seperate manish and jigyasa. U alrdy sprtd thahaan.its a rqst? Cme bk soon & updt asap.? excited to know more?

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Kapiri thank u soo much I think it’s ur first comment on my ff thank u dear hope ur liking my work..I won’t do anything bad to them so plzz plzz don’t worry at all I really hope to see ur comment soon tc

  34. KUDRAT

    Di congratulations for your 70+ cmts..
    But aap k talent k hisaab s Y bhot kum h….
    Keep clicking..
    Or stay blessed always..

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