Thahaan-a new start (episode-31)

Hi hi hi guys hope u all r doing good..thank u for ur love ok i really have a lot of hope with this plzz do u guys..

So let’s start
It’s been hours n the puja time had few minutes to start..jigyasa was dressed up in a red saree n took her pallu on her head..she got ready simplest n looked beautiful.she was looking at the last minute preparations n asking the pandit ji if he need anything..he nodded no n she came in the hall to call everyone for the puja.everyone came in the hall.of course Manish n ritika were missing..jigyasa inspected about him to the servants..she saw his files n laptop on the sofa n guessed he would be busy with his work but were did he go.he took a leave today so he won’t be in the office.she ordered one of the servant to look in the library n she herself went to her room n study room she came down disappointed even did the servant..Dadi was angry at him as he went with out performing the puja.jigyasa called his cell phone n found it in the hall near his laptop.
Dadi:he even left him phone here ..after days all the family members r together n he went n also he had to do this puja with jigyasa n the time is running away what will we do..pandit ji gave them an Alarm calling them for puja n Dadi innocently asked for few more minutes.
Jigyasa:Dadi he said he won’t go anywhere today I don’t know what happened n were he went buts ask I don’t know y but I am feeling strange like something bad is gonna happen..
Dadi:no beta don’t think like that.nothing will go wrong.abhi u call his friend n ask if he is with them.abhii nods n leaves..pandit ji again alerted them
Pandit ji:puja time is ending we should do the puja..
Dadi:pandit ji actually my Bahu jigyasa n her husband Manish my grandson were doing this puja n Manish went somewhere with out informing anyone plzz just few more minutes as he comes we will start.pandit ji nods n starts doing his preparations for the puja
While abhi called all manish’s friends n they all said he is not with him.jigyasa turns to the puja room where the pandit ji was reading his hanuman chalisa.she saw the diya near the gods idol flaming off..she runs as a savior n keeps her hands around it n saved the flame from going off..everyone sees her n realized her action..everyone signed as the flame did not go off..
Pandit ji:flaming off a diya is a bad sign indicating something wrong going to happen but u saved it beta..jigyasa was tensed now as her husband was not home n also she was feeling a little depressed since afternoon thinking something is wrong..she held her mangalsutra assuring her heart that Manish will soon be home as it started raising..she gulped her fear n looked at Dadi
Jigyasa:Dadi were is Manish it senses like something wrong is happening is he fine
Dadi:yes he is beta Don’t worry he will be back.jigyasa stood up n her long heavy pallu came with the ghee bowl n it fell down on her pallu..n the pallu was near the little fire from the diya lights her greased pallu n it catches fire..jigyasa did not noticed it while the others does they started shouting her name.she saw her pallu n gets shocked..she tries to put off the fire but it was getting bigger.ayaan ran to her taking out his jacket n putting it on the fire on her pallu tapping it hardly with his leg to off the flame..jigyasa n everyone signed in relief
Pandit ji:falling of ghee before puja is a baddest sign..
Dadi:what bad sign pandit ji what is the thing which u want to say say it clearly why r u making my Bahu worried.dadi said hugging her while she was still worried not for her but for her husband she sensed something going wrong..
Pandit ji:I can’t say that but somethings wrong going to happen..jigyasa gets tensed she sees Dadi n Dadi tries to make her calm..
Abhi:will u stop it pandit ji how many time w need to say ur making our Bahu tensed ur called here for the puja not to talking this nonsense u may leave now as Manish is not here n he had to do the puja n also the puja time have finished..
Pandit ji:this is not good God will be unhappy by this u should do this puja or else..
Abhi:plzz pandit ji leave us alone we r tensed about our child..pandit ji n takes his bag n starts leaving..
Jigyasa:pandit ji wait.pandit ji stops n turns towards them
Jigyasa:dad in Manish’s absence u do this puja
Abhi:but beta Manish was supposed to do it
Jigyasa:dad it’s not good to stop the puja we can do the puja n pray for manish’s come back..
Dadi:yes she is correct we should do the puja abhi u do it with neha..neha gets shocked n sees Dadi.
Abhi:maa ji!!
Dadi:we have no other option beta plzz we have to do this puja..abhi nods n neha n abhi goes to the prayer hall n pandit ji starts the puja..jigyasa standing beside Dadi n joins her hand.everyone starts praying
Jigyasa(in mind):baghwan ji Manish is not home I know he is not a kid but I feel like something bad is happening with him,with us with our lives..plzz make sure he is save I don’t want anything to happen to him plzz baghwan ji.she cries joining her hands covering her face

While on the other side in ritika’s room
ritika was sitting on the bed beside Manish who was still unconscious..she smirks seeing him her face makeup was messed up by herself n she looked pale..

In the hall
Everyone finished doing puja while jigyasa was still crying n praying for her husbands well being..Dadi patted her shoulder n consoled hugging her.
Dadi:jigyasa ur unnecessarily worrying he might have gone with his friend n forgot about the puja don’t worry he will be back n when he comes na I will scold him for not being present in the puja.
Jigyasa:but Dadi his friend told that he is not with them.dadi also thinks about it..
Jigyasa:I feel strange Dadi like someone is taking away my life from me I don’t know y but I am feeling like somethings wrong around us but we r not able to recognize..
Ayaan:ur thinking soo much jigyasa nothing will happen wrong..pandit took his leave ..
Dadi:beta u don’t worry abhi u try to be in contact with his friend anyone of them might know about him.abhi nods
Dadi:come beta let’s pray to God.jigyasa nods n goes to the prayers hall with Dadi n neha..Dadi takes a hanuman chalisa n starts reading it.neha n jigyasa were joining hands n praying to god..jigyasa closed her eyes
Jigyasa:manish where r u going..
Some girl:with me he is mine..she forwards her hand to Manish n he holds it..jigyasa gets shocked..she tries to stop him but he shows his back to her n leaves with the girl..they were walking on the road holding hands n jigyasa following them suspicious to see that girls face..a Lordy passes by n the girl pushes Manish infront of it.he was hit by the Lordy n he flies high in the air n fell down making a thudddddd should followed by a shout of manishhhhhhh by jigyasa..she opens her eyes n the family comes running to her.
Jigyasa:da..da.dadadi my Manish something bad has happened with him I want to see him Manish Dadi he is Manish she starts shouting like a mad n tears were uncontrollable.neha Dadi tried to console her but she was not in her senses..she was shouting his name like a mad person n expecting to meet him..abhi speeded himself n tried calling his friend but all of them had the same answer “no uncle he is not with me”..abhi called the office to get his little information but “no sir Manish sir is not here in the office he is on a leave today”..jigyasa cried hard n looked at the gods idol
Jigyasa:maa plzz don’t let anything happen with my manish..I lost everyone n now loosing him is like loosing myself maa..plzz bring him back to me maa plzzz..she shouted n prayed louder.
It’s been few minutes still no clue of jigyasa was getting restless.she stood up angrily near the God as she was not accepting her prayer..
Jigyasa:my Manish is my life u have to bring him back now maa..u took all my loved ones away from me mamma my papa,viren everyone..I don’t have guts to loose anyone now maa u have to bring him back now I want to see him now..abhi contacted the police seeing the situation n went away from the prayer room
Jigyasa:if anything happens to my Manish then my truth,my faith,my believe on u will vanish..I cannot believe any God then..nothing should happen to my Manish..nothing should happen to my Manish she shouts n sits on the floor crying..Dadi n neha consoles her while ayaan was confused..

In ritika’s room
Manish gets consciousness n ritika sees him..she smirks n starts her side of drama..manish holds his head n moans ahh..he gets up from his place his eyes were still closed trying to remember what happened to him..he feels a pair of hands around his chest from back.he thinks it might be of jigyasa as still he was not in senses..he smiles n holds her hands.ritika smiles n kisses his shoulder.mansh was surprised..he still did not knew that he is with out his shirt n in ritika’s room
Manish:Kya baat hai ajj bohot pyaar araha hai apne pati par(what happen today ur being very romantic to ur husband)..he thoughts its jigyasa but ritika burned in anger as he still thinking about jigyasa..
Manish:I love u jigyasa..ritika’s anger raised with in her n she
Ritika:manish..manish hears her voice n gets confused
Manish:what happened to ur sweet voice y is it soo besura..ritika gets angry n she huffs
Ritika:manish!!.manish turns towards her n to his shock he was in the arms of ritika.he jumped up from the bed in a quarter of second..
Manish:ritika u here in my room
Ritika:it’s my room Manish.manish sees the room
Manish:but how come I’m here..he starts thinking
Manish:n what r u doing with me
Ritika:u brought me here Manish..manish gets shocked
Manish:what no I did not brought u here I myself don’t know how I came here.ritika gets up n comes close to him.he moves back
Manish:what r u doing ritika.ritika comes close n his back hits the wall.he sees her
Ritika:u brought me here Manish..u urself brought me here..
Manish:no ritika it’s wrong I didnot brought u ritika..he shouts this time..
Ritika:don’t leave me like this Manish after doing it with me..she fakes few tears
Manish:what did I do to u..he sees her who was in torn clothes
Ritika:u don’t remember anything Manish how can u do this to me..see us Manish n our state is it not the prove for what u did to me Manish..manish sees himself he was with out shirt..he gets shocked.he sees his shirt lying on the bed n the bed messed up which was done by ritika..
Manish:no this is not true I can’t do this.
Ritika: u did it with me Manish..y Manish y..she cries n he sees her..she hugs him n he stood like a statue still thinking of the situation
Ritika(sobbing):u did it with me Manish..u said u don’t love jigyasa but me n u forced me for this Manish..manish was shocked at her words.she kisses his chest n he pushes her hardly that she falls on the bed..her hairs shattered on her face n she angrily moves her hairs aside n sees him
Manish:I can’t do this I only love jigyasa.even I’m in any state I cannot say that I don’t love her ur lying ritika..
Ritika:yes I’m lying.. look at me Manish look at meeeeee..she pants hardly n gets up
Ritika:look at the marks u gave me Manish look at my body..her body had a lot of nail marks n it became red..
Ritika:n ur saying that I’m lying to u can a girl lye for her self respect.manish sees down thinking about it..ritika again comes near him n places her hands on his chest.manish sees her.
Ritika:it’s time Manish I’m ready to accept u because I have no option now make me ur bride Manish we can live happily..
Manish:r u mad ritika
Ritika:manish no Manish after what happen it can’t be hidden from the outer world they will know it one day .marriage is the only way now Manish..leave jigyasa Manish n marry me..manish what shocked.he slaps her n she holds her cheek
Manish:I cannot even think in my dream about leaving jigyasa
Ritika:then what happen now when u forced me Manish.u were in senses but u did it to me ..Manish u said u hate jigyasa n is in a forced relation with her n u consummated with me Manish..she shouts like a mad..manish gets shocked.he nods no
Manish:I can’t do this ritika ur misunderstanding plzz we should not talk about this now
Ritika:not talk about this what do u mean by that Manish what face will I show to the world now Manish..after knowing about this who will accept me Manish n if I get pregnant what will I do..she shouts n manish sees at shocked at the word pregnant..
Ritika:no Manish u can’t leave me Manish u can’t
Manish:ritika it’s not correct I love jigyasa I don’t love u Ritika.he tries to free himself from her grip n she gets angry now
Ritika:if u won’t accept me then I will spoil ur image infront of the world Manish
Manish:ritika what childishness is this.
Ritika:it’s my life Manish..she hugs him
Manish:leave me Ritika..she starts shouting louder for the family members to listen
Ritika:no Manish plzz leave me don’t do this with me Manish leave me plzz Manish..she shouts n Manish looks at her confused..she tears her top from her neck part revealing her body n manish gets shocked..Manish tries to go but she holds him n shouts
Ritika:help anyone plzz help..
Manish:ritika what nonsense is this leave me now…ritika holds his hands around her back n he tries to take them away
Ritika:help anyone save me plzzz no Manish leave me plzz.the family members down hear the voice n gets shocked.everyone runs up to her room but the room was locked..jigyasa bangs the door
Jigyasa:ritika what happen
Ritika:jigyasa save me plzz help me..manish gets shocked he tries to shout but she closes his mouth by her hand..he bites her hand n frees himself he goes near the door to open it but she holds him n forcefully brings him near the bed n pushes him over it n gets over her..while outside everyone banged the door n sensing something wrong jigyasa ask ayaan n abhi to break the door.n they start pushing the door the room ritika was over him holding his hands n he pushes her aside n starts going..ritika pulls him holding his hand n he falls over her..just then the door opened in pieces n the family saw the scene n gets shocked..jigyasa’s world turned upside down.she took a step back n hits with neha who held her..ritika quickly pushes him n gets up trying to cover self..ayaan runs for her rescue n covers her with a blanket..abhi,Dadi,neha were equally shocked by seeing them like that..ritika again sheds her fake tears n runs to Dadi
Ritika:Dadi he..she cries hard..
Ritika:he forced me Dadi..jigyasa felt the world going numb..manish gets shocked..manish gets up to his rescue but before that she starts her drama
Ritika:he forced me Dadi.he brought me in this room force fully Dadi making me drink some juice n misbehaved with me Dadi..
Manish:Dadi she is lying I did not do anything she is lying Dadi
Ritika:Dadi he said he liked me from the start but only obstacle for him was jigyasa I tried to make him understand but he never listened n did this to me Dadi..
Manish:noooo she is a lier..he runs to jigyasa who was numb right now n cups her face
Manish:jigyasa u know na how much I love u I can’t think of anyone other then u jigyasa I did not do this.jigyasa sees his bare upper body n the rooms condition..manish sees that..
Ritika:he is lying jigyasa..ur a girl u can only support me jigyasa plzz trust me ur husband is a cheat,cheap,a rapist he raped me jigyasa..jigyasa sees her.
Ritika:Dadi plzz trust me if not any other girl will be a victim in future Dadi plzz trust me..ayaan u trust me right..she holds his hand n he looks at her..
Manish:Dadi I don’t know how I came here but I was unconscious when I got conscious I was lying on the bed n..
Ritika:wow Manish bravoooo.what a story Man U must become a writer then..she cries hardly
Ritika:he is lying ..she shouts
Ritika:he brought me here I was unconscious n when I got up I was in this state..he misbehaved with me n when I got up to walk out he pulled me inside n again forced me..he touched me Dadi..she sobs
Ritika:he touched my body…she shouts
Manish:ritika u know very well that what happened here don’t lie my family trusts me they won’t believe u
Ritika:trust will they trust u after seeing my state also..she unwraps the blanket from her n shows herself to the family..everyone gets shocked seeing her torn clothes n marked pale reddish body..Dadi covers her with the blanket again n she cries..
Manish:Dadi she is lying.she did it herself Dadi..she is lying.dadi moves forward to him he sees her..Dadi gives a tight slap on his face shocking everyone..jigyasa was still standing aside thinking about the situation..
Dadi:who will trusts u after seeing her state could u manish.chee.she slaps him again n he cries seeing the breaking trust of his family..
Dadi:u had a wife Manish then how could u even think about this..u spoiled everything Manish
Abhi:u even did not thought about jigyasa..she is ur wife Manish
Dadi:I did not knew that u will stoop this low Manish.u spoiled our reputation,jigyasa’s life,ritika’s life Manish ur such a coward.manish felt a thunder upon his head..ritika smirked evilly..Dadi again raised her hand for giving a tight slap but before it approached his cheeks it was stopped by some hand..manish sees his rescuer..he thought it to be jigyasa n gets happy but to a double shock for him it was his mom neha.neha moves forward infront of Manish
Neha:maa ji I’m sorry to speak in between but I think something is wrong here Manish can’t do this.he loves jigyasa a lot he can’t think about any other girl in his life..manish was shocked seeing her favoring him
Neha:manish even did not look at any girl that way anytime in his life maa ji.then how can he think about misbehaving with her.ritikas blood boiled in anger n even tensed seeing her plan spoiling n again she started her drama
Ritika:how could u aunty ur a women n how can u see this happening with any other women..after seeing my state still u believe ur son
Neha:yes I do because I know he can’t do this.
Ritika:great great ur aunty..ur also cheep like him..I got raped by ur son aunty n ur favoring u again need to see my wound,my state
Neha:I don’t know about that but I trust my son.the thing matters is jigyasa’s view.everyone turns to jigyasa n she was still shocked looking down n standing taking the support of the wall.neha puts her hand on manish’s shoulder n gesturing him to go talk to her.he moves near her She sees his steps coming towards her.she looks up at him..he could not figure out her mind n she could not figure out who is wrong n who is right.manish her husband who is continuesly pleading that he did not do anything or a girl victim who has all her proves with her.
Ritika:no jigyasa u can’t trust him he is a cheater plzz don’t believe him he used me jigyasa.manish stoped at her words looking at jigyasa.
Neha:beta don’t listen to her listen to what ur heart says Manish loves u a lot we all seen it on the day when u were shoot by me his care,his love,his concern for u is truth don’t take any urgent n wrong decision listen to what ur heart says jigyasa..manish sees her mom whom few days ago he called a cheat,a lier,selfish lady,most big a women instead of mom..manish sees jigyasa n steped nearer to her..before him coming near her she slapped her face with both her hands wiping her tears n ran outside of the room leaving everyone especially Manish Thunder shocked..
Manish:jigyasaaaa..he shouts n n sees neha in disappointment.she was also equally shocked..
Neha:no beta I know she can’t leave u like this..she cant trust some other cheap girl over her Manish..go beta go behind her n bring her back I know she will understand n we will see to this matter go behind her..this type of situation can break anybody’s trust but I know jigyasa is very understandable girl she will understand u go to her.she can’t leave u this way..the word go worked like an energy pill for him n he took his shirt from the bed,wore it n ran outside..ritika fakes few tears infront of the family n hugs ayaan.he embraces her n Dadi looks at her with a pitiful eyes..ritika was at cloud nine thinks her plan is working..

In the hall
Manish comes in the hall n searches her every where..she was not in the home.he sees the main gate open n thinks she went out n gets worried for her,he runs out shouting her name..somewhere on the streets he ran like a speed mill to find his love,he was getting restless.its her life’s matter if she does anything wrong with her.he ran faster. While looking in every she there..he knew she won’t go to pandey nivas with this situation..she must be somewhere near she can’t go away so soon he thought n ran on the deserted streets..he searched all around his house but did not found her.he sat on a rock thinking about her n the problem Ritika created in thier life
Manish:jigyasa where r u plzz don’t leave me in this situation I can’t survive plzz jigyasa trust me I did not do anything plzz come back..his eyes were blurry by the tears n he wiped them n closed his eyes for a moment
Jigyasa was in the Mandir while the family was not present in the house..manish came home after his office work n saw her in the prayer room.he went in leaving his shoes near the sofa sat beside her.jigyasa was deep long in her thoughts n did not noticed him.he ticked her n she jumped up getting scared thinking it to be any insect.he giggles at her n she makes a pout.he smiles n stands up near her
Manish:what happen y r u disturbing God at this time.she makes a weird face at his question
Manish:y r u praying at this time its 9 pm now.
Jigyasa:no I just came here for some peace of mind
Manish:y who is troubling u.
Manish:great I have not been in the home since morning n I’m the one troubling u.
Jigyasa:yes why did u not eat ur breakfast I was worried
Manish:I was late for the meeting.but now seriously I’m damn hungry give me food or else i will faint.he makes faces n ,she smiles
Jigyasa :u fresh up I will bring ur food
Manish:waise u did not answer.
Manish:y were u disturbing God at this time
Jigyasa:I was not disturbing I said na I just came here for some peace that’s it..I was disturbed since morning n was thinking to come here once as I feel good sitting infront of God n prayed or conversing about the stressful day or some dreadful situation I feel good in the puja room.he looks at her
Manish:y were u disturbed did anything happen
Jigyasa thinks about Ritika
Jigyasa:no nothing just some wedding tensions that’s it.he smiles
Manish:don’t worry everything will be right.he smiles at her n she smiles back at him..
Fb ends
His eyes wide opened things about this moment of them.he got up the rock
Manish:she loves being in a prayer room when she is stressed or disturbed.
Manish:I know where she would be.he smiles widely n leaves to the place..

In goplani mansion
Ritika was weeping on ayaan’s shoulder while the family was still standing
There seeing her dreadful condition..neha was still suspicious n angry on her but Dadi n abhi believed her..Dadi sees her body marks n thinks how could Manish be soo cheap how could he do this to her.he played with jigyasa’s feeling too..
Dadi:she need to stay alone plzz everyone get down..everyone nods n leaves the room..ayaan was with her in the room..he moves her away from his shoulder n goes near the door n locked it n turned behind to see her..she sees him n wipes her tears flawlessly..he was still giving her confused expressions..he came near her n holds her by her shoulder..
Ayaan:r these marks really given by Manish..he questions doubtfully n she sees him..they both remember the last night when they were enjoying in the hotel n drink a lot of champaign n gets drunk..they both were not in there senses so they moved to the hotel room to sleep for the night..they fell on the bed together being in a drink state n the night turned in to an intimate consummation..when they got up in the morning they saw each other in arms of eachother n gets shocked..they were wearing nothing n were wrapped by the blanket..she was tensed feeling what she did with her live n got up with an sudden jerk n started crying when he consoled her saying he will accept her n they will stay happy..she had none choice other then that n she accepts his proposal.they leave for the home but still Ritika being adamant she wanted Manish to be hers.she took her marks which were done by ayaan as Manish misbehavior n wanted him to be hers in a easy way but as he rejected her she had to force him n spoil his respect so he has no choice other then accepting him..
(Note-Ritika got consummate with ayaan not Manish.she only took him to the room n lied him unconcious but did not do anything cozy with him…
But she could not disclose her plan to ayaan as he would not agree or stand against him.)
Ritika:no ayaan plzz trust me ur the one who can understand me here ayaan..yes these marks r ur love but he really did it to me ayaan.he misbehaved with me..ayaan still was suspicious n Ritika being an over actor acted more
Ritika:what want to know what he did right I will say u.i was unconscious n was brought here in the room..but I was in the state to recognize the happening..he touched me ayaan.n when I pushed him he held me forced me.he tore all my clothes ayaan.he made me impure.she sat on the ground n cried like a wife for her dead husband..he being a cool hearted n could not see his love in this situation sat down quickly n hugged her
Ayaan:don’t worry Ritika the one who is guilty will definitely gets its punishment..ritika hugged him n smirked hiding her face in his arms..

While Manish was running like a warrior on the road in search of his love.he reached an old vacant Mandir n ran up the stairs..he saw all around the Mandir.every where but he found none around..he was disappointed by himself now.he started weeping looking at the god idol when he heard a soft,sweeter sugary voice
Jigyasa:I knew u will come here..he turned himself all around to see the voice comes from..he found a gentle feather like structure near the god idol tuned to the god holding her hands infront n praying..he knew it was his love n smiled widely at his achievement..she turned herself towards him n they shared a cold glance yet emotional..he nodded no defending himself n she looked away wiping her tears..he steped towards her n she looks at her
Manish:I never thought that ur trust on me will break this soon jigyasa.she did not wanted to answer him now
Manish:but I love u more then anything I respect u n I know u won’t believe that ritika’s invented stories a truth..she sees him with a rage of anger
Manish:plzz trust me jigyasa that was not me it was her I don’t know how I went there I don’t remember anything.i was in the hall n she came up to me n we had a chat after that I remember nothing.when I opened my eyes I found myself in her room n naked..she lied jigyasa I did not do anything to her plzz trust ones trusting me but no ones r important then ur trust jigyasa.he weeped n sat down infront of her on his knees.
Manish:she manipulated each one of u with her actings..she forced me to marry her or else she will spoil my respect n she succeeded in it..I don’t care about what world say but ur point matters jigyasa..this stage for me feels like I’m drowning in an ocean but I want u for my support plzz trust me I’m not that kind I did not do that jigyasa.he held his hands n brought them near his forehead weeped..
Jigyasa:who said I’m not believing u Manish.,he was stunned by that words n looked up at her.
Manish:u mean..she smilingly cried n looked at him
Jigyasa:my trust on u will not be less at any situation Manish I know who u r n how u r
Manish:but but..before he could make out any other question she cleared all his doubts
Jigyasa:a husband who never touches his wife forcibly even after knowing his own feeling n just waiting for her wife to answer .then how can he look for any other girl..
Jigyasa:their may be many beautiful girls around but ur eyes only search for me when ever it does..he smiles sheepishly.
Jigyasa:I know how genuine ur Manish each day,each time,each moment u show it by showing ur respect to the other girls..n also with me.
Jigyasa:u love me n it was a reason for u to come close n force me in this relation but u never did it..the way u touched me always made me pleasured then how can ur touch become forcible..
Jigyasa:I know how authentic ur Manish even infront of me or any other girl I saw it many times..
Jigyasa:ur love ur respect for me is soo prove n I can trust ur blindly,I know ur not impure for me anytime..he smiles widely flashing all his teethes..he gets up n holds him by her shoulder n then remembers how she moved seeing him coming close..he leaves her arms abruptly which shocked jigyasa..he made a mourning face
Manish:but then y did u run away with out answering anything to me like u r damn angry n believed that Ritika ..jigyasa was not expecting this question n she sees here n there.she again manages to look into his tiny eyes n he watched her suspicious…before him getting more suspicious she answers calmly explaining her inner feeling that time
Jigyasa:because these r the things any girl would get scared by.that time i was not in my senses I still did not make out that it happened with me.i really did not knew I was worried if I said anything wrong to u.u would break down..he had a little happy tears in his eyes
Manish: at that moment also u where thinking about me..jigyasa was surprise by his statement but smiles at him
Jigyasa:how did u knew I would be here..he chuckled
Manish:once u brought me here saying its the Mandir where ur mamma n papa died giving an new born u to ur Dima..she smiled as he remembered n thinking how much he understands her,her feeling everytime
Manish:u come here when ur tensed about anything,when u have two ways but don’t know which one to choose.u feel like being in mamma papas arms here.she smiled wider
Jigyasa:but this time I came here for some reason which u never expected MR MANISH a little gap in these words n voicing to be insane,passionate made him confused..
Jigyasa:yes I came here to choose my path n as always by parents guided me with the right path..she raised her arms in air with joy n smiled sheepishly.he was still confused..
Jigyasa:don’t u want to know which path I got directed MR GOPLANI..again the same tune made him restless..he nodded restlessly n she smiled wider..she moved back away from him n he stood at his point looking at her..she saw around not to any person but the beautiful nature..the black sky with white diamonds n the cold breeze with the flying leaves made her mood n she twirled around in excitement..n he stood there watching her doing this silly things but looked cute n he smiled..
Jigyasa:this is the best part of my life I. Soo happy today Manish..she twirled around n her giggles filled the place n his heart too..her opened hairs went round with her
Manish:but what is the thing ur soo happy at..she runs over the whole Mandir like a small kid playing n went near a tree..held it n twirled around looking up in the sky..he smiles at her childish acts n puts his hands on his waist n enjoy her doing it
Jigyasa saw up in the sky n found two most brightening starts together attached close to eachother n happening to be our thahaan n her parents she smiled wider with a little happy tear n seeing this Manish knew what she was thinking
Jigyasa:I love u mamma papa..she shouted n ran around again..she spinned around Manish n he could not senses what was the thing she was happy at today..
Manish:jigyasa can u tell me the reason of ur happiness..she jumped in joy n steped back from him.she gets a little shy but taking more time will risk there relation n she knew she had to do it now RIGHT NOW…she held her arms in air smiled at Manish
Jigyasa:I LOVE U MANISHHHHHH..her voice came back to her maximum times in the old deserted Mandir..he was stepped aback listening to her pure confession..he gasped his breath..though her voice was louder then a home theatre this time but he wanted to listen to that words again by her mouth to clear his confusion..he thought he might be dreaming he prayed it to not be a dream..she was waiting for his reaction.
Manish:wa..whhhat did u say..she chuckled at his question n his way was soo innocent..
Jigyasa(in mind):my Manish is this innocent he cannot be or do wrong with anyone.she smiles n moved towards him n had none nervousness this time infact he was nervous this time..she came near her n moved his arms a bit n puts her hands through his armpit to his shoulder n hugged him..she climbed up on her feets n reach till his ear..
Jigyasa (whisper):I think u can’t here properly..she blowed in his ear softly making him groan in its pleasure..
Jigyasa:I love u Manish..she whispered out of her breath n kissed his earlobe which made Manish realize that it’s a reality..he quickly embraced her in his iron grip n had an uncontrollable amount on happy tears..she embraced him too..he caressed his cheek with her n they smiled..they slowly seperated n saw eachother with a kind of happiness,emotionally..jigyasa cupped his face n making him more happier she nodded her head saying that she really loves him n it’s not a dream
Jigyasa:I love u Manish.i love u like I can never live with out u Manish..he smiled n kisses her on her forehead n she smiled equally sharing her happiness..
Manish:I love u too..she smiled like a free butterfly..their parent were watching them from the heaven n smiled seeing themselves again in their manish n jigyasa were in eachothers arms n n they did not intent to move apart today..they wanted eachother..manish who was craving for this since a long time n jigyasa who newly found her love n is bubbling in it..
They finally seperated with out any shyness this time.they shared a smile again(ranjha naa plays)
Jigyasa:I trust u blindly Manish..manish smiles

Pal, do pal, ki hi kyun hai zindagi..
Iss, pyar, ko hai sadiyaan kaafi nahi..
Toh khuda se maang lun..
Mohalat main ik nayi..
Rehna hai bas yahaan..he hugs her again feeling her warmt as this was the thing he needed the most..
Ab door tujhse jaana nahi..
Jo tu mera humdard hai..jigyasa also hugs him
Jo tu mera humdard hai..
Suhaana har dard hai..
Jo tu mera humdard hai..
Suhaana hard dard hai…
They both seperated eachother n wipes eachothers tears..
With a new feeling of love they both leave the Mandir praying for eachother..they were randomly walking on the streets holding hands n jigyasa holds his arm by her other hand n he sees her.she smiles n he smiles back..they walked along each step n the moment was most memorable for them..while they shared a cutest smile they were welcomed by the rain..manish n jigyasa both gets in senses n manish sees a small hut Near a corner..
manish:we will get wet there’s a hut lets go there..
he keeps his hands on his head to prevent them getting wet n ran to the hut..he was not drenched..he moved his hands in hairs to remove the little drops of water..he hears a soft giggle.. he turns around n sees jigyasa playing in the rain.she spread her arms in air n lets the drops to fall on her,to make her drenched.she was loving this day n felt like the nature also is celebrating with her.she spinned around n giggled..manish smiles seeing her n takes a support of a pillar folding his hands near his chest n adored her..she kept dancing in rain n he adoring..

Manish’s lines..

Chehre mein tere…
Khud ko main dhoondhun…
Aankhon ke darmiyaan…
Tu ab hai iss taraha ke…
Khwabon ko bhi jagah na mile..he smiles seeing her twirling around allowing the water droplets to rest at her body..
Yeh mausam ki baarish
Yeh baarish ka paani..
Yeh paani ki boondein..
Tujhe hi toh dhoondhe…
Yeh milne ki khwahish..
Yeh khwahish puraani..
Ho poori tujhi se..
Meri yeh kahaani…she sees him n gestures him to comes.n he nods no moving his hand n giving few facial expressions..she insisted making a pout but he again nodded no to enjoy her candid beauty from far.she made a sad face but again indulged herself with the rain dance..he admired her
Kabhi tujhme utrun…
Toh saanson se guzrun…
Toh aaye dil ko raahat..
Main hoon bethikana..
Panaah mujhko paana..
Hai tujhme, de ijazat..he smiles recollecting her confession n their both joy knew no bonds..suddenly the clouds roared as they wanted to witness them closer this night..hearing its voice she gets scared n runs towards the hut..he saw her n giggled..she hugged him as quickly as she could..they both felt a hot temperature between them..they moved apart n jigyasa realized her saree was totally drenched n visible..she gets shy by that n he notices it he averted his gaze not making her more uncomfortable..but the nature was not willing that the clouds again roared n she hugs him again holding his coller to drag him closer..she closed her eyes n he smiled seeing her.he hugged her too..manish held her face n moved her away.he was cupping her face n she looks up in his eyes.he held her shoulder n brought her inside the was a wood hut covered with dry grass n not any place to rest.the whole room had dry grass..he brings her near a corner n makes her sit..she now started shivering due to cold n he gave a complaining n taunting look to go n play more in the rain n she gave a sorry look..he did not smiled but moved his hands up to his shirt n started removing its buttons..she sees that n sees him confusingly..he took out it dry shirt n gives her..
Manish:wear this u won’t feel cold but if u be in this wet clothes more then u will severely get ill so change.
Jigyasa:but u
Manish:I’ll manage..she smiled n took the shirt n went to a corner where a small rope was tied to either ends of the hut..he was still at his place n jigyasa sees that
Jigyasa:manish how can I change here
Manish:why can’t u change any problem
Jigyasa:no actually.yes there’s no other space to u should have to go out
Manish:how can I go out its raining..she patted her head for her silly comments
Jigyasa:ok u just turn to the other side n I will change quickly.
Manish:ok.he turns himself to the other side n she was satisfied..she took out her saree n puts it on the rope for drying.she changed into the shirt n looked at was the one her before marriage she thought..the shirt was only till her thighs n she looked completely different.she was shy to come out with that infront of him as its been days she stoped wearing these clothes..she had no other option but still she was thinking when he alarmed her..
Manish:r u done with changing or u again started playing in rain..he sounded kiddish n she giggled that was audible to Manish n he turned himself to her.she was standing there infront of him in his shirt looking hot,gorgeous..he had nothing to say by seeing her he was blank by her s*xy beauty..he could only do was step towards her n she sees that.but this time she neither got nervous nor moved back..she stood there at her place when he came nearer to her n held her hand.she sees it n smiled shyly n he was turned on by her beauty today n was not willing to leave her…he pulls her holding her around her waist in an strong grip..she kept her hands on his shoulder..he saw her for about a minute n then made his way to her neck n kissed her..she moans holding his shoulder..she smiled like she loved his way..he kissed her n her jawline to her cheek softly..she smiled by his way of patience..his lips gets placed at the corner of her lips n the very next moment he sees her soft glossy red lips n wanted to smooch them..but then remembered how everytime she gets tensed when he comes close n thought it won’t be good right now knowing the situations..he leaves her from his strong grip but her arms were still on his shoulder.before he could move she cupped his face n brought it near her face giving a jerk n he had to hold her again as he was to fall on her..they both were getting passionate..he sees her n her eyes saying him to just do it as it was need for both of them this time after they went through the the situations..manish gulps the crumbs formed in his throat n cups her face..they did not looked at eachothers eyes but the lips..he was still thinking of he is doing right or if she is really ready for that now n jigyasa could sense it clearly..she herself brought her face closer n Manish was looking at her..she puts her soft glossy red lips on his dry yet soft one n they closed thier eyes to enjoy the moment.jigyasa held his collar n dragged him more close to her this act of her made Manish completely turned on n he tightly cups her face n they kissed passionately..her hands travelled on his neck n his were cupping her face..after a long lip lock they moved away to breath..they panted holding eachothers face..they touched their foreheads n smiled widely..she was shy n ran away from him n he sees her going away with her shyness.he smiles…she stood near a small window in the hut from there the moon light entered giving a romantic background for their romance..she stood their looking down giving a blush full smile.he stepped near her n held her hand which was on the window..she smiled wider..

Hum dono hai yahan…
Phir kyun hai tu bata..
Faasley…..he hugged her from back n kissed her neck..she moaned leaving herself in his arms..
Yeh mausam ki baarish..
Yeh baarish ka paani…
Yeh paani ki boondein..
Tujhe hi toh dhoondhe..
Yeh milne ki khwahish..
Yeh khwahish puraani..
Ho poori tujhi se..
Meri yeh kahaani…
Na na… la la….he kissed the little droplets fell from her hairs on her neck..she turned herself to him n they see eachother..he was expressionless n she smiled invitingly n he smiled back..he hugged her n she was confused..he moved her hairs slightly n kissed her neck making her moan louder in his pleasure ..he seperated her n kissed her cheek,her jawline..he kissed near her lips n touched her lips with his shivering fingers n she sees that..he moved closer to capture them again n they kissed eachother yet again..he gave a small kiss this time n kissed her all over her face.near her lips to her neck n she held him by his bare shoulder he held her around her waist..his pleasure full kisses were making her weak on her knees.he held him while kissing n gave her softer kisses..he removed the shirt from her shoulder n kissed it..she held him more tighter..she was not able to take his love more so she leaves herself free to fall down with him..they fell on the grass n Manish upon her..she sees him n gets shy n looks down.he loved the way she blushes..he kissed her forehead then her eyelids then her nose tip then at the either sides of her cheek..she smiled n look at him.they smiled seeing their passion,love,desire in eachothers eyes..she started moaning when he started giving wet kisses on her neck moving the shirt aside..she kissed his shoulder n whispered Manish in his ears..listening to his name he was turned on he moves near her ear n kisses it n bites it..she smiles n moans louder.her hands were wandering on his back..he moved down n started opening her shirt buttons..he kissed her with each button he opened..he kissed her belly n she moans Manish!!!!…he comes near her face n they see eachother..they moved forward n kissed eachother again..he inspected every bit of her mouth n she loved the way he kissed her..she gave in with his kiss n started kissing him more passionately..she make a turn n now she was on him.she kisses his cheeks n neck.she moved fencer n kissed his chest n shoulder.he turned her back n now he was on her..he pulled her saree which was kept on the rope for drying n wrapped around them n the night went in pleasure n moaning.the two souls found love n became one..

Precap-Manish doesn’t found jigyasa in the shed n ran to the goplani’s house to search her..

Thank u goys for ur love n ur each loving comets n also thapki pyaar ki had its end yesterday n I keeping a stone on my heart watch the episode..I really did not wanted them to go..ok so I hope u liked this chapter many of u were waiting for the confession n yes here it is I m really craving for ur comments so plzz shower me with them love u guys tc:-)Juveria…

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