Thahaan-a new start (episode-30)

Thank u for ur lovely comments n sorry but the episode will be late now as I have to concentrate on my studies more..soo hope u all u guys.

Let’s begin..

After a bundles of work jigyasa sits on the sofa to take a little rest..manish comes there he sees her trying to release her tiredness by doing a little meditation..he smiles at her.he goes to the kitchen n bring a glass of juice for her.
Manish:meditation is ok but take care of urself I don’t want u to fall ill.she opens her eyes.he passes the juice.they smile at eachother.
Jigyasa:acha did u called that prank girl
Manish:ohh I totally forgot
Jigyasa:I knew it u can never do a work correctly with out me.he makes faces n sits beside her
Manish:yes that’s the reason I want to near me everytime..he holds her hand.she looks around.
Jigyasa:what r u doing someone will come..
Manish:no I said na I always want u near me.
Jigyasa:manish stop behaving like a child leave me if anyone sees then
Manish:u know what I really don’t care.he comes close
Jigyasa:manish plzz no not now plzz..
Manish:then when..she gazes at him n he smirks she gets shy n she looks down..manish really loved the way she gets shy..he smiles at her.he moves back n takes out his phone.she smiles at him..ritika was coming down the stairs..she sees jigyasa n Manish together n thinks what they would be doing..she comes down..manish n jigyasa calls the girl n ritika’s phone starts ringing..she gets shocked seeing Manish’s number n at the other side jigyasa n Manish looks at her confused..manish n jigyasa were shocked to see ritika’s phone ringing..manish moves the phone from his ear n keeps looking at ritika even jigyasa was confused..ritika sees that manish’s phone is not near his ear n she can easily get out of the situation.she picks up the call.jigyasa n Manish looks on they forgot about the call n keeps looking at her confused.
Ritika on the call:hi priya how r u after a long time my goodness..she walks out talking on the phone n Manish signs in relief.jigyasa still looked unsatisfied..ritika after going out of the house quickly cuts the call n takes out the sim
Ritika:what the hell…I forgot to take out this sim..thank god I saves myself some how but I have to be careful..she is sooo clever today everything would go wrong n everyone would have known about me..but thank fully I managed the situation..I have to be alert now..she signs in relief n goes from there..

In the hall
Manish:ohh gosh for a moment I thought it was ritika but thank fully it was not her..she was talking to some of her friends..may be any stupid idiot girl it was jigyasa leave na why r u worrying..she looks at him n smiles..

It was the mehendi function..
The whole house was decorated like a bride..ayaan was helping the servents in there work..Dadi was very happy with him..
Dadi:beta ur our guest y r u doing this work leave it plzz come n sit with me..ayaan smiles n sits beside her
Ayaan:Dadi its my bestest friend jigyasa’s house n her house is my house so what is wrong to work in our own house.dadi smiles at her
Dadi:ur soo sweet beta God bless u..ayaan smiles..servant comes there with the mehendi leaves..
Servant:Maam I brought the leaves what to do now
Dadi:keep on my head..ayaan giggles.
Dadi:what is the time now in few hours the function will start n ur bringing it will we make its Paste now..there is no time left now go n bring the artificial mehendi packets our old tradition is ruined by u..she scolds him.
Ayaan:Dadi don’t worry I’m here na..we can grind it in the grinder..Dadi smiles
Dadi:no beta these leaves r not grinned in a grinder.we should grind it by our hands only,.
Ayaan:ok is now ayaan it ur time to show off ur biceps..Dadi laughs at him.
Ayaan:don’t worry Dadi I will do it .
Dadi:no it’s ok beta it’s very hard u will get tired u go n get ready.
Ayaan:Dadi plzz I will try once if doesn’t happen then it’s ok I will leave it.
Dadi:ok then go with the servant he will show u the process.he smiles n goes with the servant..

Aryan does the work as the servant guided..he was feeling difficult..jigyasa comes n sees him
Jigyasa :what r u doing
Ayaan:ohh doll nothing just trying to make a paste of this leaves it will be used as mehendi today Dadi said..but really man it’s very hard.she giggles
Jigyasa:let me help u..she sits beside him n tries to do so..they have a fun chat n they giggle..manish hears some giggles while passing through the kitchen.he goes to the kitchen to see what’s happening.he sees them giggling..n Aryan trying to apply the paste at her face n she trying to save herself..they both were enjoying.he gets angry to see him with jigyasa..he huff in anger.
Manish:ayaaaaaan..jigyasa n Ayaan turns to see him
Ayaan:yes Manish
Manish:wo Dadi said u to get ready u leave this work now our servants will do it.
Ayaan:no it’s ok I can help
Manish:no ur the guest for us n we don’t take any work from the guest..
Ayaan:ok ok I’m going..jigyasa u also stop it it’s not happening anyways..Dadi said that she will ask a servant to bring mehendi packets..
Jigyasa:ok..she gets up..manish sees her angrily..both ayaan n jigyasa starts going..mansih holds jigyasa’s hand..she sees him n ayaan also sees them.
Manish:ayaan u go I have to talk to my wife.ayaan nods n leaves.he takes jigyasa near the corner n holds her..
Manish:what were u doing with him here..jigyasa glares at him.
Jigyasa:r u doubting at me
Manish:no I’m doubting on him.jigyasa smiles
Jigyasa:waise u look very cute when u get jealous..she pulls his cheeks..he makes an irritated face..jigyasa smiles
Jigyasa:ok now leave me I have to go .many works r left.
Manish:first lets finish this one
Jigyasa:which one.he drags her near the mehendi place n makes her sit..
Manish:let’s grind this mehendi together.
Jigyasa:but it’s not happening we tried a lot but could not make it
Manish:because there was no coordination between u n that idiot
Jigyasa:he is my friend
Manish:n my sautann..she giggles.
Manish:n I know we will make this mehendi easily..lets put all our love in it n see what we both can do together.she smiles n nods.they starts grinding the mehendi leaves Manish was holding the stone n she was holding his hands..they smile at eachother(Mahi bolna Mahi bolna)

In the hall ayaan was walking near the sofa..ritika comes from the other side.they both did not see eachother..ritika steps on water which was mistakenly fallen by a servant.she slips n while that she sees ayaan.ayaan also sees her.she forwards her hand for him to holds her but he ignores n she falls down..he chuckled a little n then looked at her acting to be an arrogant guy..ritika was moaning in pain.she holds her waist.
Ritika:ahhhhh my waist..u idiot y did u not holds me..
Ayaan:hey u mind ur language I’m not ur servant here.n last time when I held u for humanity u presented me with a long speech n also said me not to help u again n I just remembered it n did not hold u.
Ritika:r u out of ur mind because of u my waist is paining like hell
Ayaan:well u deserve that
Ritika:what did u said haan how dare u
Ayaan:hey off ur tone I’m not here to listen ur bak-bak..ritika tries to get up but was not able to..she looks at him hopefully n he sees her.he forwards his hand n she holds it he picks her up.
Ritika:thanks for this ..she was rude again..he made weird faces at her.ritika turned to leave n again slips n ayaan holds her.(rk pose)..they have an eyelock..they for a minute gets lost in eachother..his mehendi hands were holding her waist..after a minute they come back in senses n ayaan makes her stand..ritika looks at her was spoiled by the mehendi..
Ritika:ahahhahhhhhh….uuuuuuu..she shouts
Ayaan:what now
Ritika:my favorite dress u spoiled it I know u did it intentionally yes u wanted to take revenge n that y u held me to spoil my dress right..ur soo irritating
Ayaan:oh hello I don’t have time to get into a fight with u now.n what a kind of person ur yaar..first I held u from falling u shouted at me.n then now when I did not held u u again shouted n then again when I held u ur shouting ur really mad u need a doctor..see listen i have a family doctor she is specialist of psychiatrist u really need to meet him
Ritika:how dare u call me a mad ur mad u need to meet her not me..go away..she goes up to her room n ayaan stands their making faces at her

Manish n jigyasa were grinding the mehendi leaves. While they look in eachothers eyes.manish smiles at her n she gets shy n tries to be busy in her work..he intentionally touches her hand.she smiles n looks at him..he lifts his hand n touches her face.she looks at him n he moves her flying hair locks behind her ear..she gets shy n looks down.he smiles..he moves closer to her.she sees here n there n signs him to move away.he comes more closer..she stops grinding the mehendi leaves as he holds her hand..she closes her eyes n he smiles seeing her gesture..he came close while she was still at her her place with her shyness closing her eyes..he moves her hairs n kisses her near her ear.she moves her face away n he smiles..she looks at him..he puts his hand on her waist softly n she moaned with his touch..he pressed his palm on her waist n she gasped..she held his t-shirt making a small fist on his chest n closed her eyes.he smiles at her gesture.he holds her hand which was on his chest n brings it to his lips giving a soft yet wet kiss..she opened her eyes n passed a smile..he takes a little mehendi in his finger n holds her hand straight..he draws an big ‘M’ on her Palm n she smiles seeing it..
Manish:we did not had our mehendi done right so it’s here..n what would be more better then this .a husband is writing his own name on his wife’s hand..she smiles n hugs him n he reciprocates the hug..
Jigyasa:Dadi said that the color of the mehendi decides how much a husband loves his wife n I know mine will be darkest because no one can love me more then u do..he smiles n she detaches herself..
Jigyasa:no one can love me the way u do..
Manish:good n no one should do it other then me or else he will be murdered with my hands.she giggles n he smiles n again hugs her
Manish:I love u..she widens her smiles n hugs him..
Neha walks it unknown to her about their posture
Neha:jigyasa beta ye mehendi(Jigyasa this mehendi)..jigyasa n Manish seperate hearing her voice n neha sees them she turns her face a little
Neha:will come later.she starts going n Manish was not effected
Jigyasa:mom wait..she turns n sees her
Jigyasa:manish is going.manish sees her angrily question about it..she gestures him to go n he gets up n goes out getting angry which had many reasons,jigyasa asked him to go out,jigyasa choosed neha upon him,neha again came between them..he always took neha wrong with her deeds n this time too..while in the kitchen neha was still bewildered by her fate..even its been days for the incident but still her family is not ready to accept her,to forgive her..jigyasa consoled her..

Everything was set for the function to start n the guest started to arrive..the pandey’s came n blessed the bride n groom n they sat at the bride groom chair..everyone started looking over the guest..everyone were busy n the mehendi time arrived..
Dadi asked jigyasa also to put mehendi n she nodded n gave her hand to a designer..
Designer:u already have mehendi..everyone looked at her hand..
Vasu:it’s ‘M’…everyone giggles at her n she felt a little embarrassed while Manish was standing with the boys gang folding his hands near his chest looking at the girls enjoying..
Misha:wow Bhabi how romantic waise who have put this ‘M’ on ur hand..manish turned himself away hearing the question n she also kept quite..
Misha:see Bhabi u urself cannot put on ur right hand with ur left one so someone have applied it on ur hand but who is it..all the others at home nodded no while Manish started walking out
Misha:ohh I see bhai did it..everyone looked at him n he stopped..everyone shared looks making them uncomfortable..jigyasa got up to go but Misha held her hand making her sit n everyone made fun of them tagging them the most romantic couple..she was turning red in shyness..
They started applying mehendi..after jigyasa was done she gets up n walks near Manish while the girls stop her.they pull her to dance n she dances with them on mehendi hai rachne wali..manish adored her for a long time n the other people around clapped for her..she was wearing an simple plane green anarkali n her Dori opens while she was dancing with the other girls..manish noticed that..all the family members joined her with her dance n Manish was dragged by Dadi..he admires jigyasa n claps going round around her..while everyone were busy he grabbed her arm n brought her to a corner..
Jigyasa:manish what r u doing everyone is out in the Hall n u brought me here what will they think..she was scolding while he was still admiring her..he turns her n touches her back
Jigyasa:manish!!..he moves all her hairs aside n she closes her eyes..
Jigyasa:what r u doing Manish someone will come leave me plzz..he smiles at her..he ties the Dori n she flashed opened her eyes knowing the reality..she was embarrassed to meet his eyes now.he smiled n turns her..she did not look up..he in a fraction of second pinned her to the wall making a tight chain of his hands around her waist..
Manish:I brought u here only to tie ur Dori but thanks u gave me another idea..he smirks n she was left in shock..he bends his head n sees her..he notices her soft pink lips curving into a little smile n he wanted to discover her lips now..he fill the gap between them n focuses on her lips seeing that she gets nervous..
Jigyasa:da..Dadi will come..he did not listen n came closer
Jigyasa:di..maaa..he ignored again n she closed her eyes waiting for his lips to catch his hot breath slapped her soft skin she knew he was closer to the extent..his breath was making her restless,she turned her face n his lips placed on her cheeks..he moved back a little seeing this n gave her a questioning look n she was soo shy to look in his eyes..he smiles at her shyness n took holds of her hands n brought her up to see how her mehendi looks like..he was eleted seeing his big ‘M’ between his palm surrounded with the mehendi design.she saw it n gets happy..they looked at eachother
Lovingly(ranjha naa plays)..

Next day it was Haldi function
Aryan n misha were not allowed to see eachother till their wedding while they were sooo anxious to meet eachother..jigyasa n Manish noticed that n helped them meeting eachother..they brought them to a store room were no one can see them together or disturb them..they went inside n ritika comes there taking away Manish..jigyasa looked on
Manish:oye chipkali say na y did u brought me here
Ritika:nothing just I said u about my boy friend right..he nods
Ritika:everything is shoutout between us so just wanted to share it with we both will be together soon
Manish:oh really that’s great..
Ritika(in mind):what great I have to be near u always for my next plan..she smirks..
Ritika:manish I want to propose my boyfriends u must be knowing some cool idea na plzz give some tips
Manish:yeah y not..u make it a simple yet royal kind of preparations n only u both not the world around so that u both understand eachother much better n yes don’t forget the dance..she smiles
Ritika:of course dance..will u teach me some steps..
Manish:ahh now I mean I have work
Ritika:it will take a moment.
Manish:ok..he holds her hand n she comes close.they moved a few steps while Manish turns her n ritika’s sight falls on jigyasa who was standing near the stairs burning,fuming,looking like a tigress will attack anytime at her..
Manish:ok so this much will be enough.
Ritika:ohh yeah yeah..they move back n manish sees jigyasa.jigyasa goes upstairs n Manish follows her while ritika was amazed by her tigress expressions,for what thing she was sooo angry she thought n left the place..
Jigyasa was sitting on the couch huffing n puffing Manish comes there n sits on the bed unknown to the fact that she is angry at some thing..jigyasa did not expected this.she wanted his attention towards her but he had no clue about her anger..she gets restless n stood up moving few steps towards him..
Jigyasa:manish I hate chipkali..she stated n he sees her
Manish:ok we don’t have I mean u won’t find any chipkalis in the house..she realized her jealousy nature..he gets up n walks near her..
Manish:y r u saying so did u saw any chipkali
Jigyasa:yes the biggest chipkali,it is always becoming a trouble for me,everytime everything I do it’s a trouble.i hate it I want it out of our life before everything’s finished..I don’t want it to come between us Manish do something.
Manish:y will a chipkali come between us..jigyasa thinks what to say
Jigyasa:ahh ahh because it’s a bad chipkali na I want it out of the house Manishhhhh..
Manish:hey relax where did u saw the chipkali
Jigyasa:it’s in the house only I saw it really.she said kiddishly
Manish:ok I will call the insects n lizards killers after misha wedding all the house will be free of these insects don’t worry ok..she smiles n hugs him he was confused by that but still hugs her..she was happy she knew the chipkali won’t go from the house but still she was happy..someone hears their conversation n smirks n leaves to the room.
Ritika:so she is hating my presence in the house specially with Manish..yes I know she said chipkali indicating me..Manish calls me chipkali n also in the hall she was fuming in anger seeing us close..she smirks n claps her hand louder for a few times
Ritika:now my work is been done I have to make her more jealous now and then..she laughs like a mad..
Later The function start n everyone applies Haldi to misha an Aryan..jigyasa goes to her room n manish sees her going..he smiles n takes the Haldi bowl n heads up to the room..jigyasa was near the mirror adjusting her dupatta of her lehenga..she takes out the duppata n again tries to adjust it on her shoulder..manish comes in the room..she sees him n gets shocked.she was with out dupatta..she quickly covers her self with it wrapping the dupatta around her shoulders.manish sees that..he comes near her n she gets nervous..she walks backward n he holds her hand..he comes close n takes out the dupatta from her shoulders..he comes close to cover her.theirs bodies brushed n he could feels her chest going up n down..she was nervous n closed her eyes holding her lehenga..he puts the dupatta one side on her shoulder n tucking the end near her belly covering her chest..he tucked the other end back near her he touches her bare waist she gasped the breath n held his silk white kurta near his chest..she closed her eyes n looked down..he smiled n moves her face up n his breath on her cheeks made her open her eyes to catch a glance of him..he smirked naughtily n she gets shy..she saw herself perfectly tucked dupatta was giving a simple n pretty look.she smiled at him
Jigyasa:thank u..he held her close holding her waist
Manish:how many times I have to say u not to say thank u to me.she smiles
Manish:if u want u can give me something else
Jigyasa:what..he forwards his cheeks she sees that n gets shy..
Manish:plzzzz..he makes a puppy face pleading for the kiss.jigyasa smiles n moves forwards she kisses him on his cheek n moves away.
Manish:my turn..he smirks leaving her shocked.she moved back but his hold was yet more tighter
Jigyasa:manish plzz no I have to go down everyone would be waiting plzz..he comes close to her n kisses her cheek n moves her face to the other side n kisses her other cheek too.she smiles
Jigyasa:done now move.he smiles
Manish:not yet..she sees him confused..he takes the Haldi bowl from the bed n comes near her..he takes a hand full of Haldi n she sees him
Manish:we did not had our Haldi done right so we will do it today.she smiles n was waiting for him to paint her cheeks..he applies the Haldi on his own cheeks n she gets confused..he keeps the bowls at a side n comes near her..he smirks giving her the naughtiest smile n she was confused thinking what he is doing..he holds her hand n pulls her..she was buried in his chest now..he caresses his cheek..she was surprised by that..he kept caressing n she held him by his shoulder..he dragged her closer holding her waist..she closed her eyes n he caressed her cheeks applying Haldi to her in process..her hands moved towards his collar dragging him closer..she keeps her feets on his feet n he rubs his cheeks on her neck..his moved his hands playfully on her travelled all around..they both were getting passionate n closed their eyes enjoying the moment..his hands moved on her back n he kissed her neck.her holds was getting tighter..he moved his hand up to her blouse n opened her Dori..she realized the happening n flashed opened her eyes..she moved her hands from his collar to his back n hugged him.he hugged her too..
Jigyasa:everyone is waiting I have to go..he gets sad n leaves her..she moved n sees him he fakely smiles at her n she leaves..he thinks about the moments n smiles..
Manish:when jigyasa..when will u become mine..when will u get ready for taking our relation ahead..he makes a fist n slaps it on his other hand..

In the hall
Ritika was casually walking while taking the pictures of the function..ayaan was coming from the other side..he sees her near the carpet n she was not attentive while walking she was busy in her phone clicking pictures..
Ayaan:hey waitttt..he almost shouts n she jumps up getting scared n turns to him
Ritika:r u mad or planing to give me a little heart attack why r u shouting
Ayaan:see I just want to ask u one thing if u again fall should I help u or leave u to die..
Ritika:r u mad what type of question is this.n y r u asking this to me
Ayaan:because the last last time I helped u from falling u scolded me n warned me not to catch u or hold u again n then the next time when u fell down u again scolded me saying I should have hold u so first think about it if u fall should I hold u or laugh seeing u falling
Ritika:heyyyyy I’m really not understanding what r u trying to say n y will I fall
Ayaan:yes u will because the way ur taking pictures n selfies without any acknowledge about the surrounding u will fall..she sees around n then at him
Ritika:I still did not understand a weird face.
Ayaan:look down ur just an inch away from the carpet u r busy in selfies n while taking one u will trip n fall so I was just thinking should I be a savior or laugh at u..listening to his dramatic explanation she burst out in laughter..she holds her tummy n laughs heartily.he was first confused but then laughs seeing her..after minutes of laughing she feels a little pain in her stomach because of over laughing
Ritika :ohhh God my tummy I am not able to breath..goshhhh.she holds the sofa still laughing.ayaan giggles n she looks at him
Ritika:ur funny
Ayaan:ohh finally a compliment by u..I thought ur weird..
Ritika I’m compliment u n ur..
Ayaan:ok ok sorry but still if u fall do I need to holds u or..she again burst out in laughter..
Ritika:will u stop this topic now I can’t breath out of laughing..he laughs at her n then looks in her eyes those big eyes were a compliment for her..he was mesmerized by them..
Ayaan:ur eyes ..looks so beautiful well u have a complimenting feature..
Ritika:thanks..she smiles
Ayaan:soo friend
Ritika:excuse me
Ayaan:oh ok ok don’t be a typical girl..I just asked for friend see when ever we met we fought n finally we laughed meeting each other today n also complimented each other so as all the friend do..waise it’s not a force haan ..ur wish,ur will,ur life..he turns to leave n she stops him n forwards her hand they shook hands n smiled at eachother..

Next day
It was misha n Aryans the evening the pandey’s come to the goplani’s n they start the rituals..ayaan was looking at the last minute decorations n Dadi asked him to stay with Aryan..they started chatting..jigyasa was making misha ready while she was in a pink off shoulder blouse n lehenga..with some little jewelry..manish comes there with some jewel boxes.
Manish:misha Dadi have send this jewelry for u n asked u to choose…he sees jigyasa in the attire trying to make a bun of misha’s hair holding pins in her mouth..her free fallen hairs were just like he always wanted.she was busy with the bun niether she notices him nor misha..her hairs flew in air n blocked her eyes she was not able to see misha..she had new pins in her hand n the other one was holding misha’s hairs..she tried to pull all her hairs back with one hand but again they flew on her face covering her eyes.manish steps towards her..he forgot that misha is also in the room..he touches her face moving her hairs behind her ear..she looks at him.he smiles.she gestures that misha is there but he was soo mesmerized by her appearance,by her looks,by her simplicity,by her beauty..he adored her for a couple of seconds n then seperated as her heard some giggles around them..who would it be..misha..jigyasa was embarrassed n angry at him but Manish was still admiring her with a little getting shy..
Misha:bhai I’m present in the room here..manish sees her n fakes a smile.she looked perfect in the bridal attire today.he smiled seeing her.jigyasa continues making her ready n at the final thouch she puts the ghungat on her head..adhiti comes there..
Adhiti:arre beta u r not ready pandit ji is calling u..
Jigyasa:yes masi she is ready I will bring her down
Adhiti:n jigyasa do put the ghungat on her face it’s our family tradition.jigyasa nods..misha was surprised hearing it..Adhiti goes down
Misha:Bhabi why this ghungat on face
Jigyasa:it’s a tradition misha
Misha:Bhabi today I have done the best makeup n if I put ghungat then what is the use of it..n also I have planned to take lot of pictures how will I enjoy in the ghungat Bhabi
Manish:misha ur going to be the Bahu of pandey’s n u have to follow the traditions of them too..n only for some make up will u spoil the tradition..
Misha:bhai plzz stop ur childishness no I won’t put that ghungat I can’t see n I will fall down this is my marriage n I want to enjoy it not to sit at a place like a simple,dramatic,typical bride…n u bhai I don’t know what happen to could u be so boring u know my taste then..ur irritating to me bhai..she shouts at him n manish gets angry
Manish:misha what is the way ur taking to me I’m..while this small rift could get bigger jigyasa managed the situations
Jigyasa:ahh it’s ok Manish .. she is a new generation girl n all this traditions r old so it won’t be a problem now .its her marriage n let her enjoy..she holds his hand n her hold become tighter as he was staring at misha angrily..he understood her n nods while misha was standing there rudely turning her face to the other side..he goes down n after getting ready jigyasa brings her down..everyone sees her without ghungat n starts taunting her..Vasu n Adhiti were shocked n Annapurna ji sees that
Dadi:what happen to u is everything fine..jigyasa comes to them holding misha
Adhiti:jigyasa I told u bring her in ghungat why u brought her like this.dadi sees them
Jigyasa:masi it’s an old tradition now n she is the bride let her enjoy her function..
Dadi:but beta we have to follow these traditions it’s old but the value,the purity it has we can never get it in the modern traditions..n what will people say..misha u put the ghungat down now..
Jigyasa :Dadi it’s ok people will just talk about it for a day the next everyone forgets about it..
Misha:yes Dadi n I’m a modern girl I have the right to do anything it’s my wedding I want to look how I’m why should I hide my face.n first of all what these stupid tradition means..
Dadi:misha!!!…it would be stupid for u but for others it’s..Vasu stops her
Vasu:it’s ok Annapurna ji if the kids r saying so ..everyone smiles fakely..Dadi glares at misha…jigyasa was also not happy with misha’s attitude but she had to ignore it for maintaining the unity in the family..
Pandit ji call them for the rituals..Aryan n misha does each ritual happily..after the marriage is completed.they take blessing from was the time for misha’s bidaai..misha comes to each person n hugs them emotianally..they come to jigyasa n Manish.manish holds Aryans hand
Manish:she is the most pampered child Aryan..she is still a child from inside..plzz take care of her..n don’t leave her at all I want to see u guys together always n happy..promise me Aryan U won’t leave her.u will make sure that she is happy n comfortable with u..Aryan holds his hand
Aryan:don’t worry Manish she is my responsibility now I will take complete care of her n always be with her..manish smiles he pats misha cheeks
Misha:I’ll miss u bhai..she hugs him n he hugs her too.
Manish:will miss u too..they seperate n misha goes in the car with pandey’s..manish was a little depressed seeing her sisters bidaaii..jigyasa notices that.she puts her hand on his shoulder
Jigyasa:don’t worry everyone is there for her in my house n specially Aryan bhai.he smiles all the guest leaves n everyone were having a little chat about misha mischiefs..jigyasa goes to the kitchen to bring juice for everyone..ritika sits near Manish n starts talking
Ritika:I’m soo happy today Manish..
Manish:ohh yes u should be after all ur best friend. Ishq got married..ritika makes faces
Ritika:yes yes right I’m happy n there is one more thing which is making me happy today

Ritika:I told u about my long termed boy friend right..he nods
Ritika:he is again with me..she holds his hand n manish sees her confused
Ritika:we r connected to eachother like this..she shows him intervening her hands in his..
Ritika:I know he may not love me today but my love will make him love me one day.n I can’t wait for that day..but yes I know it will come soon
Manish:ohh u look in deep feeling..great happy for u..he smiles n takes back his hand from ritika’s hand
Manish:u might be having his picture..ritika gets tensed
Ritika:no I don’t have
Manish:oh com on u can show me chipkali I won’t eat him n last time I asked u said the same thing..I mean is it love u don’t even have his picture with u
Ritika:no I have but..she stops to find some good excuse
Manish:hey chipkali I know ur maki excuses give me ur phone I will myself search his picture..she gets shocked n she gets up
Ritika:no Manish I will show u some other day..she runs up n Manish also runs behind her..
Manish:stop chipkali today I will see his picture for sure
Ritika:no Manish I don’t have
Manish:I know u have give ur phone to me..she runs to her room n he chases her she was about to close the door he jumps in n smirks..
Manish:now give ur phone..
Manish:I said give..he moves towards her n she runs they were near the wall..manish holds her Hand which had the phone.she jerks it n raises it in the air.he holds her hand..ritika sees him.manish was busy with taking her phone..jigyasa comes in holding the tray of juice n see them soo close to eachother n gets shocked..ritika n Manish hear the door sound n turns to see..jigyasa was very uncomfortable seeing them this close..she holds her mangalsutra..
Manish:ohh jigyasa see na she is not giving her phone.she has a boy friend n I want to see his picture but she is not giving her phone..ritika give ur phone to me now..jigyasa was happy listening the reason for their close posture..she was satisfied.she smiles a little..manish holds the phone n takes it with a jerk..ritika gets tensed but she was seeing jigyasa’s behavior ..manish checks the phone but finds only her,manish’s n the wedding pictures..
Manish:these r only our pictures where is ur boyfriend picture
Ritika:ahh I..I told u na I don’t have his picture ..manish gives a weird look n gives back her phone..manish comes to jigyasa
Ritika:jigyasa u here at this time did u needed anything
Jigyasa:no I came to give this juice to u Dadi said u both went upstairs so I came myself..
Ritika:oh ok..manish comes near her n whispers slowly
Manish:do u really need to work like this..u must take rest or else u will fall week.there r servants to do this chores.jigyasa smiles..
Jigyasa(in mind):my Manish is only mine.she smiles..ritika was irked seeing them
Manish:what r u looking I asked u something..
Jigyasa:ok sorry now drink this juice we have to sleep too it’s very late..he smiles n takes a glass n gives it to ritika n takes the other one n drinks it seeing jigyasa n she smiles at him.ritika just wanted to shout in anger to see them like this..
Ritika:yes ur right jigyasa it’s very late I’m soo tired n sleepy..she said while yawning fakely..
Jigyasa:ok we will leave u take rest.she smiles n Manish n jigyasa leaves the room..ritika closes the door
Ritika:oh god if one more second I have seen them like that then I would have done or said something wrong in anger better to be away from them.but not for more time my plan is working..she smirks..

Ritika tried hard to maintain a kind of friendship between her n Manish as a part of her after 15 days everything was getting back to normal.manish joined his office work n he would be busy in it..jigyasa used to help him getting ready n with his breakfast,lunch,dinner each time he forgets as a good,loyal,caring wife..misha n Aryan were happily living with the pandey’s..ayaan was still with goplani’s..he n Ritika build a kind of cute relationship between them.they started hanging out,ritika just wanted to be away from Manish n she went with ayaan,ayaan was really in some deep feeling..he found his love in ritika..while sometimes just to see jigyasa’s possessiveness ritika tried to be close to Manish..manish was standing near the cupboard searching for something..jigyasa comes in the room n sees him
Jigyasa:manish u want something..manish sees her
Manish:yes my blazer I have to go to office soon
Jigyasa:I will get it for u.she sees in his cupboard n takes the blazer out.she perfectly irons it n makes him wear it.he smiles at her wifie gesture.
Jigyasa:anything else..manish quickly wraps her in his arms
Manish:yes..jigyasa smiles as she knew what he wanted but still to tease him
Jigyasa:what.he makes a sad face n jigyasa giggles.seeing her giggling manish smiles..he takes a turns n they were just infront of the bed.he holds her n fall on the bed with her..she holds his blazer
Jigyasa:manish u had some work
Manish:nothing is important then this..she smiles n takes a turns now she was upon him n manish was really amazed by that..but yet excited..he forward his face near her gesturing for a kiss but she puts her hand on his lips.
Jigyasa:I have something for u..
Jigyasa:close ur eyes n don’t open until I say u to
Jigyasa:no buts plzz close ur eyes no plzz plzz plzz
Manish:ok ok I’m doing.he closes his eyes n she smiles n gets up
Manish:where r u going.
Jigyasa:wait na Manish.she starts searching for something in the cupboard..
Jigyasa:where did I kept that..oh yes in dadi’s room I took that box in her room to show her…
Jigyasa:manish wait I will be back..she leaves the room.manish silently puts his hands under his head n waits for her closing his eyes..
After few minutes ritika comes there

Manish:jigyasa how much time will u take..ritika hears that
Ritika:again Jigyasa wait I will show u..she steps in the room n comes near the bed.
Manish:jigyasa r u there I’m waiting
Ritika(in mind):oh he is waiting for jigyasa..what should I do I have to maintain a distance from him as my plan..she comes out of the room n sees jigyasa coming upstairs.she again runs to manish’s room.
Ritika(in mind):I have to make her jealous too so this will be the best apportunity..she comes near Manish n gets over him..manish thinks it’s jigyasa n smiles..he holds her around her waist n ritika gets happy
Manish:so what was the thing u wanted to gift me.his eyes were still closed..both remained silent ritika was adoring Manish..
Manish:what happen say something see what ever it is u know the thing which I want from u..he presses her waist.n she smiles widely..jigyasa comes in the room n sees them like that..she was holding a watch box in her hand.she leaves it n it falls on the hard ground n the box breaks but nothing happened to the watch..hearing the sound Manish opens his eyes n sees Ritika..ritika sees him.manish pushes her aside n gets up.ritika’s hand hits with the bed rest n she moans a little..she gets angry n holds her hand but she had to be proven innocent n so she makes a puppy face still holding her hand she gets up..jigyasa was soo shocked to see them like that.manish sees her..her eyes were filled with tears she sees Manish with a bewildered face but her vision was blurred by her tears..manish knew what she was thinking but he was also a little suspicious by ritika’s act.he looked at her questioning..
Manish:ritika what was it what were u doing in my room n…n with me..he questioned rudely.ritika was tensed but makes a puppy face
Ritika:ahh I came in the room n saw that ur murmuring something I thought u need something n came near u..I tripped with this carpet n fell over u by the time I would get up u held me thinking I’m jigyasa..manish signed in relief by her explanation but jigyasa was still suspicious..
Ritika:manish I have some work I will go..saying so she left the room hurriedly
Manish looked at jigyasa who was thinking something deeply..he comes to her n holds her shaking hands n she looks at him..
Manish:what r u thinking don’t worry nothing was like that.he makes an innocent face n asks her to smile..she tightens her eyelids to release the unwanted tears n he wipes them away..he moves closer n kisses her cheeks n whispers in her ear
Manish:ur husband is only urs.hearing his confession she smiles widely.
Manish: I can never give ur place to someone else..even can’t think of that.he again kisses her cheek assuring her authority on him..she hugs him n he pats her shoulder.
Manish:ok u wanted to give me something.she looks at the watch box which was broken..she makes a sorry face n sees Manish.he smiles n picks up the watch.
Manish:it safe.n thank u I loved I will wear this for the meeting,she smiles n takes the watch from him n makes his wear it..he smiles at her n pats her cheeks n goes out..
In ritika’s room
Ritika was sitting on the bed aiding her hand..
Ritika:this Manish hurted me for that jigyasa I won’t leave u jigyasa I won’t..she kicked the suitcase beside her leg n again moans in pain.
Ritika:ouchhh..control ritika u will get everything u of now ur plan is going great..she gets a call from ayaan..
Ritika:hello ayaan..
Ayaan:hi ritika how r u..
Ritika:I’m fine but y r u calling u can come to my room na..
Ayaan:no actually I am not in the home I an out somewhere I just called to ask u if ur free today
Ritika:yes I’m free
Ayaan:great then today I have planned a party for my friend jigyasa n Manish r busy so they wont come I would love if u come with me
Ritika:even I would love to came I’m getting bored sitting at home yes I will come with u.
Ayaan:great then I will pick u by evening.
Ritika:ok I’ll be ready..they ends the call
Ritika goes to the party with ayaan n both enjoyed the party a lot..

Next day
Dadi announced a puja in the house which jigyasa n Manish would be doing..manish took a leave from his office n planned to give this day to the family..the preparation were done by afternoon..manish was sitting in the hall alone doing his work..ritika comes there n starts talking to him.she was in a full length clothes.full sleeved n coved her self in some shawl like thing..she was continuously chatting n he silently listens to her not interested in it as he was very busy with his work
Ritika:look Manish ur working since morning n no one is there to take care of u
Manish:not like that I’m fine
Ritika:no ur not u r looking pale..wait I will bring something for u.before Manish could say anything she ran to the kitchen n Manish again started his work
She comes back holding a juice glass n smirks seeing it..
Fb shows
Ritika adds few drops of anesthesia in the juice glass n throws the drug in the dustbin..
She smirks n leaves the kitchen.

She comes near Manish n gives him the glass
Manish:oye chipkali what was the need of this I’m not tired but since u brought it I will drink it..ritika smirks n he drinks the juice.he gets up a little to keep the glass on the table n feels dizzy.,he holds his head n sits on the sofa..
Ritika:what happen Manish r u ok
Manish:ahh I don’t know I m feeling dizzy
Ritika:it’s because ur working since a long time u must take rest Manish come with me I will take u to room.he nods n she holds his shoulders n makes him get up..she takes him to her room while Manish was not in senses to recognize the room he was dizzy..ritika puts him on the bed n he lies down closing his eyes in a deep sleep..she smiles n gets up n closes the door she comes back to the bed n takes out the shawl from her body revealing a torn dress..a top was torn from the shoulder n belly n the neck..the pant torn from her knee she had nail marks all over her body..she sat beside him n kisses his cheeks..she opens his shirt buttons n removes his shirt..she sits beside him taking the support of the bed rest..

Precap-ritika creates a drama in the house..jigyasa leaves the house n Manish goes in search of her..

So guys it’s the 30th episode n I’m overwelmed by the love u guys give me..thank u so much each one..n many of u wanted jigyasa’s confession so I just not to drag made the scenes shorter n I know u guys will be sad by the precap so just sauce u guys that I won’t be separating manyasa..she will be confessing in the next part so plzz I don’t want anyone banging plzzz support me love u all tc thanku for the love till now it’s been 30 episode n only because of ur love..keep appreciating,commenting,tc:-)Juveria…

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  1. I am very miss your update dear, and very sad to read the precap, and please don’t separate jig and mani and hopefully the vile behaviour of ritika want to expose soon. Please don’t separate them dear. Really sad. ??

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u vina dear for waiting..don’t worry I will make every thing alright.

  2. Ooommmggg juvi, after long time waiting ur update, dis time u’v succeeded makes me restless, hate that ritika’s scene, n yess u should make jiggu more angry with him coz he couldn’t understand her feeling about ritika. What did ritika needs and ayaan live in goplani’s house, i mean misha’s marriage is done n they should get out from that house ?, hope that ritika’s deeds ll be expose soon n i hope neha ll help her son get close with jiggu… but the other side, i luv manish n jigyasa’s romance n affection in every circumstances, u nailed it dear, but poor manish, he always missed her lip kiss ?… Ok dear m eagerly waiting for the next chapter.. Luv u n tc

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Yes say sorry for being late but I’m soo busy with my studies..thank u for that dear..well for the further updates u need to stay tuned hope u like my next parts..yes they will go soon..yes she will help u too keep giving ur love dear tc

  3. Hey juveria. Congrats for the 30th episode. Loved manyasa as always and ritika and ayaan too. They look good with each other. Please make them a couple. And the precap looks a little scary. Waiting for the next.

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Hey shanaya thank u dear…hmmm…yes it is but it won’t be giving u a hint..

  4. congrat for your 30 epi?. todayepi is fabulous except last part??. l specially like haldi scene ? usual precap again make worried ?. but as you written that jigyasa confess her love in next part it make me happy ????.i know you are very busy with your study but plzzzz dear it a ?request next part update Very soon .

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u afshan.precap is yes very scary..yes she will plzz don’t worry n don’t loose faith on me I will make sure it goes on like the way u like..I will try dear tc

  5. Very Happy to see ur ff..kehta hai na der aaye durusat aaye….u r late bt ur ff always compensate tht?…dear. n thapki jealously surly make her confession ….really awsum wala episode…waiting for next …excited after reading d precap k kya hoga how will manish bring his jigu back…n all d best for ur study too dear ?

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u soo much dear..yes she will confess soon in the next part..stay tuned thank u for ur support tc

  6. It’s really awesome yr love it like all ❤?

    But disappointed as well yr with last part ? I hate this kind of thing
    I hate all this kind of girls seriously I still not understand how can any girl can do this with her respect just for sake of love ? sorry yr I didn’t like this…. my means not discourage you not at all ?? that is my personal view nothing else…

    And yup this is study month….best wishes for your studies ❤ love and dua

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u sooo much dear..yes but it’s just a track so I had to do that..sorry if any wrongly used u don’t need to worry dear I know how a girl feels when she hears this type of stories..being a girl I know u too n duas

  7. It’ll take so much time to praise u. So in a word-“egerly waiting for d next part.”[bt don’t disturb ur study for this]

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thanks a lot sj tc dear dear..

  8. Malaika sarwar

    MANYasa romantic haldi scene awesome or bhr romantic scenes bht achy hn yr please manyasa ko separate nh karna sb thk kar k achaa sa confession kar k manyasa ko together intimate kardoo waiting for next episode…????????

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u malaika glad ur liking it stay tuned dear n will do it soon

  9. Very nice and interesting part. Manyasa scenes are superb. Ritika and ayaan also look good. Overall it was perfect. Precap is really excited to know how will manish bring his jigs back? Waiting for nxt. Congrats for completing 30th episode. And concentrate on your studies first and then other things dont take tension we all know that you are busy and we have no complaint with you. Bye t.c

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u Maria…thank u for the wishes dear n keep supporting like the way u do thanks a lot again tc

  10. Hi juvi finally you updated
    I loved it and please update soon its a request and i want to see jiggu angry with manish for a while n i want manish to feel sorry n try to win her trust again.

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Yes dear thank u for waiting..hmm u need to stay tuned with my ff dear for the further updates thank u

  11. Congrats for 30 the episode. Amazing part. Waiting for next part

  12. Ohh sorry for a late comment dear I was busy.n it was really amazing I loved the Haldi scene it was soo cozy..n the precap is a bit scary but still i know something great is coming ahead.i trust u dear take the story as u planned we all love the way u write.n ritika ayaan m a bit confused with them..ayaan loves her n she does not..i m thinking what ritika’s plan would be.n seriously what she did with Manish was very cheep..over all it was fantastic update soon dear love u stay healthy

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      No it’s ok ur not late at all..yes it is but trust me I will make everything fine..haha he’s something like u too ameera tc n thank u for always supporting

  13. Totally loved it it was awesome..romance in each scene confused with ritika soo excited as u said she will confess in the next part tc update soon

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u riya tc

  14. Hi juvi dear the episode was as usual amazing the loved the romantic scenes n it was intresting to read..n the precap is shocking I don’t know what’s gonna happen next ..I really can’t wait for the next part but as u said ur busy n yes studies r much important then this hobbies so u concentrate on it.ur soo talented dear tc love u

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Hi farha dii how r u..u need to wait for the next part..thank u dii love u tc

  15. Soo much romance I really loved the episode n also the romance u wrote was out standing Haldi n mehendi senses were brilliant love it totally

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u sammu..

  16. Superb amazing marvelous awesome episode..hate ritika what’s going to happen next?? u bye tc

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u Soha love u too girl tc

  17. Really awesome part didu n I loved the mehendi scene they r soo cute really loved it tc didu love u

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Hi zoha doll how r u thank u baby love u tooo

  18. KUDRAT

    Di such btaooo to muje ab der leg rha h
    Hum bilkul nahi cha h Ge ki aap Apni pdaaae nuksaan ker k ff update kroo
    So di 1st focus on your study…
    Hume Bhotttttttt kushi milegi
    Take your time and than whenever you free you can upload….
    Hum aap ka intzaar krenge..
    Lakin lakinnn…
    Plzzzzzzzz post jror kerna, because now it’s bit difficult to live without you..
    So please post whenever you free OK !!
    Now about episode so it’s Wonderful as usual…
    I’m big fan of your creativity..
    God bless you..
    With healt nd wealth..
    You always rising like a moon kyoki stars to Bhotttttttt sare hote h lakin Chand sirf ek hota h..
    Or di please pichlii baar ki trah heart attack mat dena..
    Kyoki es baar ka attack m bardaast nahi ker paongi kyoki Y dosraa attack hoga na eslea..
    So love you sooooooooo much
    Keep rocking..

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Awwww kudrat Mai pagal hojaungi tumhari pyaari baton u darling.,thank u dear.

  19. Hi juvi darl… Congratz for30 th epi…..epi was soo cute..keep writting take ur own time..nd dont worry…may god bless u dr…keep smiling….

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Hi navami thank u dear..thank u all much dear for understand keep smiling n stay healthy tc

  20. Great…So many Cute manyasa parts..Loved it..”Your husband is always yours” was superb..Confused about rithika’s plan.Ayaan was cool and calm in dealing with rithika.Mehandhi grinding scene was supercute in portraying manyasa’s possessiveness.Misha is unpredictable.As always Aryan was supportive.Manyasa’s haldi was stunning..Jigyasa trying to maintain unity among Goplani’s is really good.Hope the goplanis will forgive neha.And the last part…so sad about the precap.But I am sure that jigs would trust him.And finally confession after so long..Excited for it.Update soon plzzzzz.Tc

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u jasper….yes Ritika everyone is hating her..hmmm soo much to read yes everything will happen soon..have a trust on me n I won’t disappoint u dear

  21. KUDRAT

    Di big wala bra sabse braa wala successful congratulations for completing 30 episode..
    Yeeeee…. A !!!
    Yuppiee !!!
    Love you di

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u sweety love u

  22. heyy….finly i read this….i was waiting for it for a long time…as i m adictef to ur ff….everytjing was osm…the manish jalousy….the kitchen scenes….jigs jalsy….ritika nd ayan scenes were too good….ayan is also a gd guy….precap is shocking..waiting for nxt dear…plz update asapp….l.u

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u Sadia for waiting..n sorry for replying very late love u too

  23. nd congrts for 30 epi….make it 100 we r always wd u….nd one more thing our mani is too romntic even he knows how to romnce at every place and with everything ….the haldi romnce were outstanding….hats off to u….dear…

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u dear nhahah hope soo 100 is a big number..

  24. Hey finally I read this part and I really have no words to describe it..but little sad about the precap.. I know you’ll handle that also brilliantly..
    How are you now? I had also been busy the last month…. By the way, I have a good news.. I am going to start a new ff on thahaan very soon… I’ll update it on two websites…Wattpad and India Forums fan fiction page..

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u ritzz. Well I missed u a lot..yes I’m fine n yayayayayayayayayayayayayaya for ur great news of the fiction I really can’t wait to read it plzzzz do it as soon as u could dear love u

    2. Yeaaay, can’t wait for ur ff too ritz ?

  25. Simrank

    Ik i m superlate m so sry ohk i loved every bit of this ch u nailed it.
    The way mani always take care of jigs makes me overwhelmed with joy.
    I loved that mehndi scene alot ayaan and jigs one nd best part was when mani said sautan.
    Ayaan ‘s and ritika ‘s budding relation gud job vry well portrayed.
    In today ‘s part for me the eyegrabber scene was manyasa’s haldi nd mani’s desperation to make jigyasa his.
    I hate that chipkali too nd want her out of manyasa’s life and i hate misha too she ‘s quite arrogant nd annoying.
    Juvi tysm for this wonderful peoce of work and updating. I m wordless to appreciate u and ur talent. Srsly juvi m enthralled nd uk when i read ur ff i m deeply emgrossed in it forgeting my surroundings today i got some time nd red it nd was so highly delighted after rdng it.
    Precap is thunderstricking one ik u wont separate manyasa.
    Nd dnt forget that i love u ? nd ik u love me 2.
    From – ur dyhrt fan….
    Being greedy update soon.

  26. Simrank

    Nd yes congo may allah bless u nd confession in next prt ????

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