thahaan – a new start (episode 3)

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Here we go
The pandey family reaches home..vasu call shradha’s father n informs him about shradha first he yells at her for leaving her alone in the hospital..vasu gets angry..she shouts at him..
Vasu:ur daughter deserves that..god is there..he sees everything n dicides..karma comes back..u would have gave ur daughter some self respect,sanskaar then thus would not happen with her..anyways we r sorry for the baby..n don’t bring ur daughter back again in this house..she cuts the call…thapki puts her hand on her shoulder n calms her..

At night
Bihaan was sitting on the bed..thapki comes in..bihaan sees him.she was lost in her thoughts..she walks in the room..bihaan calls her
Bihaan : thapki ..thapki sees him
Thapki:yes bihaan
Bihaan:what happen u seems worried
..thapki sits beside him

Thapki:bihaan we have not done correct..we should not have left shradha alone..
Bihaan:thapki y r u taking tension..her father would have came there..don’t worry.n ur taking her side after all she did with us.have u forgot she tried to harm everyone in the family.I think god have done this to teach her a lesson ..thapki
nods ..
Thapki:yes bihaan I think ir right
Bihaan:yes now stop thinking about her n start thinkingabout us..thapki sees him
Thapki:about us??

Bihaan gets up n holds her hand..he takes her to the balcony..thapki sees him..he sees her n points towards a star which was just beside thapki’s star..thapki sees it.
Bihaan:thapki u know what maa says if anyone dies he/she turns into a star..thapki sees him
Bihaan:when I got to know about our baby then I gave that star just beside ur’s to our baby..thapki gets tears..
Bihaan:god have punished me for not trusting u..he snatched my baby for slapping u n throwingu out..thapki nods no n consoles him..he cries continuesl..thapki holds his hands n takes him out..bihaan sees him..she makes him sit in the car n drives the car to the place were she lost her baby..she holds his hands..n takes him to the always she brings a rose..bihaan sees her..

Thapki:bihaan this is the place were we lost our baby..bihaan sees the rock..she gives the rose to him..he cries n takes it..he puts it on the Rock n falls down on his knees n cries..thapki sits beside him n hugs him..
Thapki:bihaan don’t take the blame on u..I know it was not was ur kosi maa n sankar who killed our baby..bihaan stop crying. .he hugs her n cries..thapki wipes her tears
Thapki:no bihaan we should not cry now..everything was a misunderstanding stop thinking about it now we have to start a new life together..we’re u me n our baby will life happily..bihaan sees her..he nods n hugs her..they goes to the house

Thapki makes bihaan sit on the bed.she starts going..bihaan holds her hand.thapki turns n sees him.Bihaan still had tears..thapki reads his eyes..he was saying her to stay there by her side..thapki sits beside him..bihaan holds her hands..thapki kisses him on his forehead..bihaan hugs her..Thapki also hugs him..she separates him.Bihaan comes close to her n kisses her on forehead.then cheek.thapki smiles but they were still in tears..bihaan makes her lie on the bed n closes the night..they consummate..

Next morning bihaan wakes up n sees her..she was sleeping on his hand..he smiles..he kisses her on cheek..thapki smiles..he sees her..thapki opens her eyes..she sees him.
Thapki:good morning..bihaan nods no.thapki sees him confused..Bihaan gestures her for a kiss..thapki gets shy..bihaan comes close..thapki pushes him n runs away..she was
running to the bathroom.bihaan comes infront of her n blocks her way..he smiles.. (ranjhana plays)he comes close.he cups her face in his hands.thapki holds his biceps n closes her eyes..bihaan comes close.thapki had no way..bihaan kisses her on lips..thapki smiles.he turns her to the wall n pins her..he kisses her passionatly..bihaan separates..thapki gets shy.
Bihaan:now it’s good morning Mrs thapki bihaan pandey..thapki smiles..

she was still pinned to the wall n bihaan holds her puts his head on her neck n kisses her..thapki smiles n pushes him..bihaan sees her
Thapki:bihaan pandey leave’s morning n I have to go down..I’m getting late
Bihaan:I also have to go for bauji’s work.I’m also getting late..thapki sees his naughty eyes..he again comes close n holds her.
Bihaan:so shall we take bath together..he moves his finger on her face..thapki gets shocked n looks at him..she pushes him again
Thapki:bihaan ur insane..she runs to bathroom..bihaan smiles..

Bihaan goes with bauji..thapki was doing house chores.suddenly she feels dizzy n falls down..vasu sees her..she runs to her..
Vasu:thapki thapki beta get up..she takes water n sprinkles on her eyes..thapki gains consiousness..she gets up..
Vasu:what happen beta r u alright y did u feel dizzy..
Thapki:I don’t know maa
Vasu:u don’t know is not an answerbeta..u should consult a doctor..come let’s go to doctor..
Thapki:but maa
Vasu:no .ur coming with me get up..thapki nods n goes with her..

Doctor asks her to give her blood samples ..she gives it n comes back home..

Preeti:thapki what happen what doctor told about ur health..vasu makes her sit
Vasu:let her breath. Doctor will send the report after some time…they nods n gives her water. .

After sometime bihaan comes home n goes to his room.thapki sees him n starts going to the room..someone knocks the door..she goes to see..the person gives the envolop n says it is from hospital..thapki nods n goes inside..she opens it..she sees the reports n gets shocked..she holds her tummy
Thapki:it means I’m pregnant..she smiles..she turns to god idol.
Thapki:bhagwan ji thank u.after a long time we heard a this baby will change mine n bihaan’slife..she goes to her room n sees bihaan talking to someone on phone..she goes to her..he sees her n cuts the call.
Bihaan:thapki I won’t come today.I have some work..don’t worry u sleep on time ok..I’m going I’m getting late..
Thapki:bihaan wait I have to talk to u..
Bihaan:no sweetheart not now I’m very busy..he opens his locker n takes out the files..thapki holds his hands.

Thapki:but bihaan this is imp..bihaan calls someone n says I’m coming n starts going..thapki holds his hands n shouts waittt
Bihaan stops n sees her
Thapki (scoldingly):u will not go anywhere without listening me..becoz I don’t want the history to repeat.two years back i wanted to say u about out baby but i could not say but this time i want to tell u about out…bihaan sees her n holds her hands..
Bihaan:relax thapki ok I’m here say what do u want to say..thapki calms down
Thapki:bihaan I’m. .I’m pregnant..bihaan was in a great shock..he leaves her hands..thapki sees that..she gets worried
Thapki:bihaan what happen r u not happy..bihaan gets tears..bihaan hugs her..
Bihaan:thapki I cannot believe that God gave me a chance prove myself..thapki smiles…she hugs him too..they separate n touch there foreheads n smiles..
Thapki:bihaan I know u will be a best father..

Bihaan smiles..thapki shows her pregnancy reports to him..he smiles n sees it..he gets happy n kisses her on forehead..thapki smiles..they goes down to share the new with everyone..they were sitting on the sofa n having juice..bihaan n thapki goes to them..
Bihaan:maa bauji dadi maa we have something to share..they look at them confused..thapki nods hesitatingling
Dadi:what bihaan
Bihaan:actually dadi thapki had something to share
.thapki looks at him
Thapki:no maa bihaan has something to say
They start fighting
Vasu shouts stoppp ..they see her
Vasu:if u have something to say then say it..
Bihaan:maa wo…everyone nods

Bihaan:wo thapki…thapki is going to become mom n I m going to become papa..he closes his eyes n says it all..he opens his eyes
Bihaan:thapki is pregnant..everyone smiles..n gets happy..thapki gets shy..everyone hugs them n congratulate them..
Dhruv:wow bihaan u r soo quick..I mean u are just married 3 days ago n..everyone laughs..they gets shy..vasu runs to the kitchen n bring red chilli..she moves it on bihaan n thapki’s heads n throws it in the fire..
Vasu:may god save u both from evil eyes..they smiles.

Vasu:now go n tale rest beta..every one leaves to there rooms..thapki n bihaan starts going..thapki stops bihaan..
Thapki:bihaan u had some important work right then go n do it..
Bihaan:o Mrs thapki sees pandey no other work is imp then u n our baby..come now take rest..she smiles n goes along with her..

Om the other hands..
Shradha was fighting with his dad..
Shradha:no dad no I’m not going to London with u..I will stay here with my his posh lifestyle not with u..
Dad:u cannot stay here.u used ur baby but now he is no more..
Shradha:I know but I can lie to them..that I’m still pregnant..they are all fools they will accept me..
Dad:they r the one who informed me about u..they know everything shradha..they said me that if u return they will call police n arrest u..Shradha gets scared..
Dad:come with me u will find more rich man in London. .she nods at him..Shradha gets discharged n they leave to the airport..they sit in the plane n flies to London forever

Precap-leap leap leap

Actually I’m running in my script to let you guys know my sorry if m going fast..

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  1. nice….the intresting part when thapki tells the bihan about pregnanacy…

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    Ok, lets run and leaps!! Waiting for the surprise…. Thank you and tc 😉

  3. Vinolin.d

    hai my dear juvi…super episode.I am waiting for the surprise.its very interesting. keep writing

  4. very nice too good excited for our chotu thahaan want a baby boy same like my bihu cute with dimples

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    Fantastic juvi… loved it… waiting for next one…

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