Thahaan-a new start (episode-24)

Hi every one.thank u for soo overwhelming response..I’m very elated keep giving ur love.n I will give a scene of Manish’s jealousy u will get a track of jigyasa soon..plzz support me as u all u take care..n I was thinking the charectors today of Aryan n misha.
Aryan-sanskar from swaragini
Misha-neha bagga who was in bani ishq da kalma currently in savitri Devi college n hospital..

Let’s starts….
Jigyasa was in the room packing hers n manish’s things..she was very happy n excited to go back home..manish comes in the room.she did not noticed him n he looks at her.she was happy smiling n putting her clothes in her bag..he smiled looking at her he comes near her n hugs her from back.she turns her face n sees him.
Manish:Kya baat hai bohot Khush lagrahi ho..(what happen ur happy).she smiles
Jigyasa:it’s because of u.thank u for agreeing to go back home.manish I’m very happy thank u.
Manish:hmm.he kept hugging her n she folding her clothes..
Jigyasa:acha can I ask u something.
Manish:hmmm..he was not in the mood of talking.
Jigyasa:why did u agree to go back home.yesterday when I started talking about it to u.u got angry then y..
Manish:Mai to abhi bhi wapas jana nahi chahta.(I still don’t want to go back home)
Jigyasa:Kya (what).he smiles n she sees that
Jigyasa:I know ur joking plzz say na y u agreed
Manish:I agreed for u.
Jigyasa:for me

Manish:yes because I can do anything to see u happy.ur happiness is something very precious to me.n when u get happy u look the prettiest.she smiles n he looks at her.they were still in hugging position
Manish:u get this cute smile on ur face..n u look toooo cute.he pulls her cheeks.she smiles
Manish:n only to see this happiness.this cuteness n this adorable smile I agreed to go back home.she smiles n he hugs her tighter
Manish:but if any day I could not see this cuteness na that day I will die..jigyasa quickly turns her hairs brush on his face.he smells them n gets mesmerized by the fragrance..she puts her hand on his mouth..he looks at her n she at him.they have an intense eyelock..(ranjha naa plays)
Jigyasa:y do u speak like this always
Manish:arre I spoke these words now only n ur saying I speak it always.
Jigyasa:u should not speak these anytime.not once or ever.he smiles.he holds her hand n moves it away from his mouth n holds it with both his hands
Manish:ok I won’t Speak fine.she nods
Manish:offo ab smile to kardo(ok now at least smile)..she fakes a smile.
Manish:no not this one that big one.she again fakes a smile
Manish:see few seconds ego I told that if I don’t see that smile I would.she look at him n he stops.
Manish:so u better smile.she fakes it again
Jigyasa:I’m smiling Manish now stop irritating me..
Manish:see this is the last time I’m saying smile or else I will..
Jigyasa:ok I’m smiling ..she again does it was pretty good smile but he was not mesmerized.he makes an unsatisfied face
Manish:not this one

Jigyasa:see Manish I know ur doing this to irritate me now go I have lots of work to do.
Manish:arre wait wait I know how to get that smile on ur face..
Jigyasa:hmm how.she crossed her arms near her chest n said in a challenging way.n they looked at eachother..manish steps farward n she sees her foot coming towards her.she gets nervous n moves back.but her luck just a step back she found the big bed stopping he was coming close n she had no way to escape.she loosened her hands.he came close to the extent.she lifts her head to see him..she was now buried on his chest n her face lifted up to see her.his face bent down looking at her eyes.he slowly touched her face n he slowly applied force n made her sit on the bed.he sat beside her..she started moving back while sitting on the bed n he came close each time.they were very close.his force again made her rest herself on the bed.she lied on the bed n he on her.he caressed her face lovingly n she was getting nervous..he kept his hand beside her for support n the other hand on her face caressing it..she was wearing a half sleeved dress n he moved his hand down to her he touched she moaned n held his hand.he stopped n looked at her..she was still not looking at him.but then she slowly moves his eyes up to see him.they have an intense eyelock(Bolna Mahi Bolna! Plays).his intense gaze,his hotness,his passion,his love made her move her hand away..he looks at her n she closed her eyes letting him do it..he moved his hand over her hand n then placed it on her belly.she was moaning when she bursted out in laughter as he started tickling her..she tried to get up but he was on him.she laughed heartily.,she started tickling him too.they fought cutely tickling eachother n laughing.they got up but again their childishness.tickled n laughed.then they got tired n sat quitely panting n holding heads.they saw eachother n bursted out.
Manish:yes this one.keep this smile on ur face always this is the one I fell for.she looks at him n gets shy.she gets up
Manish:now where r u going
Jigyasa:no where packing our stuff..manish smiled n sat on the bad looking at her.he touched his head..they were having a chat while he touched his head several times like trying to release pain.
Jigyasa:manish what happen since then I’m noticing that ur holding ur head r u fine
Manish:yes just a headache..
Jigyasa:but y

Manish:don’t know may be office stress.
Jigyasa:hmm I know a way n see ur head ache will vanish soon.
Manish:what but how.she goes to the drawer n takes an oil bottle from it.
Jigyasa:like this.she started coming near him
Manish:no no no no no. Stay away I hate oils I never applied it.
Jigyasa:manish I hate them too but Dima always gives me head massage when I feel head ache n I really feel good.u will also feel better let me apply
Manish:no my hairs will become chippu (sticky) …
Jigyasa:ok after sometime u take bath but now think about ur headache.
Manish:no jigyasa plzz I hate oil don’t put it plzz.he moves back hiding his hairs n she puts some oils n her hands n rubs them together..she keeps the bottle on the side table n moves towards him.she comes on the bed n he moves back.
Manish:no plzz
Jigyasa:u will like it.
Manish:no no no.he stood up from the bed n ran.she chased him n they ran all over the room..
Jigyasa:manish wait.
Manish:no.he ran to the balcony.their was no place to escape now
Jigyasa:now where will u go.who will save u from me.she winked
Manish:Oho attitude wo bhi romantic Wala.(oh attitude that too romantic one.)she looks at him
Manish:abhi bata Hun (now I will show u).he comes near her she looks at him n moved back.she was now much away n Manish runs out quickly.she reailizes he tricked her n ran behind him..they both ran in the room.manish was near the bed.suddenly he trips with the carpet n falls on the bed.jigyasa was not ready to compose herself from the fall n she too fall on the bed on him.her lips gets safely placed on his neck..they realized what happened.jigyasa moved her face n they looked at eachother..he holds her by her waist…

Mahi bolna Mahi Bolna.bolna Mahi bolna…(only this line)they kept looking at eachother.his pleading lips n her shaking,shivering one.his vision was getting blurred as her soft hairs were coming on his face.he slowly tucks them behind her ear n she looks at him.she gets shy she places her hands near her face n slowly moved it to his hairs n brushed her hands on her hairs intentionally applying the oil..he realized it .she moved back n he got u
“Ahhhhh”..she looked at him n smiled
Manish:cheeee this smell yuckkk.
Jigyasa:see now I have put oil so let me apply it nicely n massage also u will feel good..he joined his hands with a thuttt sound n brought it near her face
Manish:jo hukum patni ji(as u say wifey)..she smiles.he sits down n she applies oil on his head.she does massage.n he feels good..
Manish:hmm I’m really feeling good.
Jigyasa:see I told u this trick always works.
Manish:yes.acha how do u know giving head massage..he turns his head n she jerks it straight
“Ahhhhh”…he shouts.
Jigyasa:sit straight let me do it correctly.
Jigyasa:waise I learnt it from Dima.she always gets me massage when I would feel head ache.
Manish:hmm they both were quite n jigyasa gave massage to him.after few minutes he holds her hands
Manish:enough I’m feeling better now.jigyasa smiles.manish gets up n jigyasa too gets up.
Preeti n suman comes in the room.they see them..
Preeti:wo badi sasu ma has said to get ready we have to go to Manish’s house na.
Jigyasa:ok chachi.they start leaving.when suman notices a lipstick mark on manish’s neck.she shows it to Preeti.n they giggle.jigyasa n manish gets confused.
Preeti:but u both take time to get ready haan enjoy urself fully ok.
Suman:yes yes we will tell badi sasu maa that u will come down late.or else let’s cancel. Going today we can go tomorrow
Jigyasa:no chachi we r going today only.preeti n suman giggles n leaves.
Manish:what were they talking wasn’t it strange
Jigyasa:totally strange.they smiled n Manish moved to the bathroom..jigyasa saw the lip mark on his neck n gets shocked.she remembers how she fall over him n indirectly kissed him..
Jigyasa:manish u ur ..manish turns
Jigyasa:ur.she pulls him to the mirror n gestures to see.he looks at her confused n sees in the mirror.he sees the lip mark n smiles.jigyasa saw it
Jigyasa:ur smiling.what is there to smile

Jigyasa:clean it.wait I will do it..she takes a tissue n moves to him.he holds her hand.
Manish:let it be na plzz it’s our love.
Jigyasa:manish someone will see it.i think chachi’s saw it that’s y they were talking like this.
Manish:I don’t mind anyone seeing it after all it’s our I want to keep it..
Jigyasa:manish now u will go to bath n it will be cleaned then y not now.i will myself clean it.
Manish:it’s ok I will bath but let me see this lip mark carefully till I get satisfied.jigyasa gets shocked
Jigyasa:what Manish chee
Manish:what chee it’s a mistake of my wife only not any other girl.she gets shy..
Jigyasa:yes this was a mistake let me clean it.manish moves back
Manisn:no..she tries to clean it when she slips n was to fall he holds her from waist n pulls her close preventing her to fall..he held her tissues hand in one hand n the other hands around her waist.her hand on his back n the other in his hand.they were very close.(Mahi bolna Mahi bolna plays).vasu comes in the room n sees them close.she smiles.n turns
Vasu:uhemmm uhemmm..manish n jigyasa sees her n moves back
Jigyasa:ahh aaaa aaa Dima u here
Vasu:yes wo Preeti n suman were saying that u both will not come so I got confused n just came to ask.but now I know y it’s ok we will go some other day.she starts going
Manish:no no Dima it’s ok we r also coming n we will go today only.
Vasu:r u sure
Jigyasa:yes Dima.she smiles
Vasu:ok get ready soon if it’s ur last decision.manish n Jigyasa were on an urge of shyness,embarrassment.they look at each other
Jigyasa:abhi bhi nahi Saaf karoge(will not clean it now)manish nods n she comes near him.she cleans the lip mark with the tissue n he look at her.they were very close to eachother.after cleaning jigyasa moves back.
Jigyasa:done now u go n take bath.he goes to the bath room.he removes his shirt n his eyes fall on the mirror.he moves closer to the mirror n sees himself.he could find a light mark of lipstick still there on his neck he smiles n remembers the fall which brought them this close.he takes bath n gets ready..jigyasa also gets ready n they came down with their luggage..everyone sits in the car.jigyasa n Manish in their car n Manish drives..they smile at eachother n jigyasa was soo happy as now finally she is going back home n can meet everyone..manish was not happy but the fact she is smiling made him happy..jigyasa sees an ice cream cart
Jigyasa:manish plzz stop the car na I want icecream.
Manish:jigyasa they won’t have nice ice cream lets reach home n I will get a nice one for u.
Jigyasa:no no no I want this ice cream only.plzz plzz plzz.
Manish:ok ok he stops the car n they park it in a corner.manish gets down
Manish:hmm come madam let’s have ur ice cream.she gets happy n comes out of the car..she holds her hand n he sees it.
Manish(in mind):ur soo happy jigyasa I fear if I this happiness won’t stay a long time.i know ur taking me there for reuniting me n mom but this won’t be possible at any cost.i promise to my self.i don’t want her to come close to us n again hurt u.i can’t loose u I love u..he tightens her hand n they walk towards the stall
Manish to the icecream seller:give us two ices creams
Ice Cream seller:sorry sir but the all ice creams have melted.
Jigyasa:what but.
Ice cream seller:I’m standing in heat since morning so the ice cream melted.jigyasa gets sad she was craving for ice cream..manish saw that.he takes her to the car back.
Manish:it’s ok I said na I will bring ice cream once we reach home.jigyasa smiles n nods yes.they sit in the car n leaves from their..

goplani’s mansion
Everyone were sitting in the hall the pandey’s n goplani’s were having a chat.n Vasu tensed n waiting for jigyasa n Manish to come..they are only the one who can explain them nicely after all Manish is Mishas brother n jigyasa is also her sister in law n Bahu of goplani’s they will understand or if they hurried n told them about Aryan n misha it’s their daughters life they won’t be ready n it can harm in the relationship of jigyasa n Manish an also with the family so she kept quite while Aryan gestures her to speak but she strictly warned to keep quite..
Dadi:I know vasundra ji.she was lost looking at the door waiting for Manish n jigyasa
Dadi:Vasundra ji are u listening..Aryan shakes her n she looks at him
Vasu:haan Aryan
Aryan:Dima Dadi is asking something to u.vasu look at her…
Dadi:what happen vasundra ji are u fine..
Vasu:ji ji Annapurna ji I’m fine u were saying something
Dadi:yes I know y jigyasa n Manish r not here with u all.manish may have said no for coming..she saw at neha angrily.she looked down in shame..
Dadi:waise sorry to ask but u all came so sudden with out informing also is my Manish troubling u all a lot..everyone laughed.
Vasu:no no he such a nice boy he cannot trouble anyone.
Dadi:hmm I think is becomes a sincere one in his sasural but here is is such a naughty child.everyone giggled
Dadi:ok enough of complaining so now lets get to the point.vasu ji u look tensed r u in any tension.plzz tell me u tell that I’m ur elder sister right so plzz share it.vasu look at al the pandey’s n they gesture to say but she was still worried.she started coughing.neha who was standing behind dadi’s sofa seat.
Neha:wait maa ji I will bring water for u all.she runs to the kitchen.
Vasu:wo actually Annapurna ji I came here for a special reason I am here for..just then jigyasa n Manish enter the one saw them.vasu was about to say about Aryan n misha but neha comes in the hall holding a tray of glasses of water.she gives a glass of water to Vasu.jigyasa gets shocked seeing that.she is doing a servents duty. Neha was about to give the glass to Aryan who was like his sons age.jigyasa runs to her n holds they Tray
Jigyasa:mom what r u doing leave it let me do it.
Neha :it’s ok beta I can do.jigyasa jerks the tray from her hand angrily not with her but the family who was letting her do it..she gives the glass to everyone.
Manish n jigyasa sits. While jigyasa notices that neha stood behind Dadi.she knew they were angry with her.but as respecting her mother in law she stood up n stands behind Manish.
Manish:where r u going,jigyasa did not wanted to spoil anyone’s mood as they came to share some good news.
Jigyasa:no where just here.
Dadi:so Vasu ji u were saying something.vasu was happy as now Manish n jigyasa were there.
Jigyasa:what Dima u did not told about it to them.
Vasu:I was waiting for u both where were u till now u both left with us n came this late.
Manish n jigyasa look at eachother.dadi notices it
Dadi:I thinks they both went on a long drive n came back.
Manish(in mind):long drive she made me go round to find the ice cream but her luck she did not get it anywhere..he look at her n she smiled in a sorry.
Dadi:it’s ok new wedded ones always like to spend time with eachother..
Jigyasa:Dadi we r not newly wedded now.manish looks at her angrily n she winks teasingly.
Dadi:arre it’s been only one-half months u both got married..
Jigyasa:but still I’m thinking to make some other couple newly married.she look at misha who was red in shyness.
Dadi:which couple beta.ok wait Vasu ji had something important to say u say after her..Vasu smiles.
Vasu:let her say Annapurna ji I think my point is also same
Jigyasa:yes Dadi the thing is ur grand daughter have now became this young n mature that she started taking her own decisions but for this one I know she will always be happy.
Dadi:beta say it correctly did she do anything wrong.she looks at misha.
Jigyasa:Dadi she choosed her groom now u only have to make her ready as a bride n give her hand in her loved one.
Dadi:what..she sees misha.
Dadi:misha who is that idiot..everyone gets shocked Aryan n misha were super shocked..
Manish:Da..Dadi what r u saying.think once na he is just near all of us only.jigyasa n Manish looked at each other
Dadi:near he standing out wait today I will show him what I’m.
Dadi:servant bring a big stick for me..she shouts.everyone gets shocked..Aryan hides behind Vasu.jigyasa n Manish tries to stop her..servant bring the was e biggest n fattest one.aryan gets scared.
Dadi:ajj to use itna marungi ki kabhi misha par aank uthake bhi nahi dekhe ga(today I will beat him badly that he will never look at misha.).aryan looks down
Dadi:ajj to kapde utar kar Sab ke samne marungi(today I will take his clothes off n beat him infront of all.)..Aryan puts his arms across his chest..jigyasa goes near him
Aryan(whispers):jigyasa plzz save me.what an hell is going on.plzz save me my respect is in ur hands now.he holds her hands.
Jigyasa :bhai leave my hand let me think plzzz..
Dadi:wait u there
Vasu:ahh Annapurna ji it’s ok if u don’t like the boy.but plzz don’t beat him
Dadi:arre Vasu ji u don’t know these kind of boys they keep following the girls n then leave them wait today I will show dare he think about my mishu..
Vasu:no Annapurna ji the boy is not like that.he is so well disciplined.he can never think like this over a girl.
Dadi:how do u know Vasu ji
Vasu:Because I trust my sankar’s which I gave to him.n he can never do that..he is such a mannered boy i know that.he is inherited with the sankar’s of my family.yes Annapurna ji is my grand son Aryan.ur grand daughter n my grand son loves each other they came up to us yesterday n told about it.i was shocked with their decision but then thought to know ur decision ur opinion too..
Dadi:ohh its Aryan I thought it’s those American boys who always tried to come close to misha.even few days ego she told me that one of them followed her till I was afraid.she goes to Aryan
Dadi:n about Aryan what do I need to say getting such groom for my misha will be an honour for sorry beta if any of my words hurted u.i was afraid about her n u know na how much protection should be givens to girls now.
Aryan:no Dadi plzz don’t make me feel sorry by saying sorry ur tension is correct.i know how protective ur toward her but trust me I will not let happen anything to her I love her.
Dadi:so what else do I need to say.i am ready for this marriage.vasu ji now our pride is going to come to ur home.they smiled n hugged eachother.jigyasa n manish also smiles.
Dadi:I think we should do the marriage soon.
Vasu:yes ji I was also thinking the same.
Dadi:I will call the pandit ji n ask the date for engagement.
She call the pandit ji.after her conversation with him
Dadi:what .ok I under stood she cuts the call
Vasu :what happen
Dadi:he is saying that the muhrath for engagement is today next date will be after six months
Vasu:six months is a long time.
Adhiti:but how can we do the arrangement soo soon.its already evening.misha n Aryan gets sad
Dadi:hmm it’s ok the engagement will happen n today only.
Abhi:par maa we cannot do the preparation so soon
Jigyasa:papa we will all do it together n it will be done soon.see na if the engagement after months them marriage will be taking more longer time.
Manish:yes dad we will do only some decorations n call only the nearest once.
Dadi:ok so done. Today will be Aryan n misha’s engagement,..
Everyone smiles.

Dadi:I think we should start now.then we can complete till night n also get ready..
Vasu:yes ur right lets start now.
Dadi:what ur our guest ur not doing any work here.
Vasu:arre Annapurna ji it’s also my grand sons engagement
Dadi:but still u all r not working.
Adhiti:maa ji if we do the. Work it will finish soon
Dadi:so u won’t agree ok no engagement today
Aryan n misha: what no no no.everyone sees their bewildered faces n laughs.
Vasu:ok then what will we do staying here we will go home we also have to do some work..everyone greets them n leaves
Jigyasa:Dadi let start now.u n dad make the list of the guest n invite them till then I n Manish will find the things for decorating from the store room.
Dadi nods n she goes to her room with abhi.
Misha:n mee Bhabi.jigyasa smiles n touches her cheeks
Jigyasa:dulhan doesn’t works in her own marriage.she smiles n hugs her
Misha:thank u soo much Bhabi ur the best.manish smiles seeing them.she goes to her room
Neha:n me what do I have to do.manish sees her n turns his face.jigyasa sees him n holds neha’s hand
Jigyasa:nothing maa just enjoy ur daughter wedding leave everything on u really need to take rest u look soo tired go n have some rest.neha gets emotional n hugs her.jigyasa smiles n goes to store room.neha starts going.
Manish:u want to do some work right.neha sees her
Neha:yes beta I can help.tell me what it is
Manish:go away from our life.if u can’t then stay away from jigyasa n me.n don’t u harm her this time.he warns n goes to the store room.
Store room
jigyasa takes out some diyas n lights to decorate.she calls the servent n asks him to bring flowers n he goes out.manish comes In the store room.jigyasa was holdings many diyas in her was not easy for her.manish sees her n runs to her taking few of the diyas from her hand.she smiles seeing him n they Came out..manish places all the diyas on the table
Jigyasa:manish few diyas r left I will bring it u start placing these diyas.ok
Manish:no wait I will to help u
Jigyasa:no it’s ok they r hanging diyas I can carry them easily I will come in a minute.
Manish:ok.she goes to the store room.n bring the diyas..manish was placing the other diyas in different,triangle,square,heart..jigyasa comes in the hall n sees him doing his experiment..she laughs at him
Manish:y r u laughing
Jigyasa:manish how r U placing those diyas.n that to here at the centre of the hall.
Manish:so they r looking nice
Jigyasa:nice r we going to play mathematics today.manish it’s an engagement party.
Manish:ohh u know better ok then do it n let me see how u do n whose one looks better.
Jigyasa:ohh challenge then excepted mr Manish see what I will do..the dupatta was pinned on her shoulder n she puts a knot near her waist..she bring a round table in the center with the help of Manish n puts the diyas at the corners attaching them..servent bring the flowers n she puts the flower petals in the middle.then at a small circle in the middle she again arranges the diyas n puts flowers. Petals around it..

Jigyasa:oh no..manish sees her
Manish:what happen..Dadi n misha n neha comes there
Jigyasa:manish Dadi all these will be done but we all forgot about the engagement rings.n the dresses too.what will misha wear.
Misha:my god yes Dadi now it’s really not possible to design a dress..what will I wear today.
Dadi:yes we all forgot about this.
Servant comes there
Servant:maam u asked for a
Jigyasa:yes Thank u.servant leaves
Dadi:ohh god we literally forgot about the food too.thank god jigyasa remembered n she is here.what would we do with out u beta.
Jigyasa:Dadi it happened all the sudden that y no one remembered anything now let’s do our works.i will give the menu to him.dadi nods.
Jigyasa:mishu what do u want at ur engagement
Mishu:Bhabi my favorite pizza n noodles.
Jigyasa:ok..she sees the chef
Jigyasa:u plzz take the menu n start ur works there’s few time left for the function.
Chef:ok maam..he writes pizza n noodles n his booklet.
Jigyasa:Dadi what do u want more.
Dadi:I want samosas.chef writes it
Manish:I think we should add the starters n juices..the chef writes everything..
He nods n goes to start his work.
Misha:Dadi this work is done now what about my ring n dress..jigyasa’s phone rings n misha sees her phone on the table.misha takes her phone
Misha:Bhabi it’s Dima calling u.
Jigyasa:Dima this time but..she picks the call
Vasu:hello jigyasa
Jigyasa:yes Dima is everything fine
Vasu:yes beta just wanted to talk to Annapurna ji can u give her beta.
Jigyasa:up yes Dima..Dadi Dima wants to talk to u.she passes the phone n didi takes it.
Dadi:hello Vasu ji
Vasu:ji Annapurna ji just wanted to say u that it’s our family tradition that Bronx will wear the dress which grooms family selects,so we have choosed one for misha n also her ring.we will send the dress soon by a servents hand.
Dadi:yes I know this rasam Vasu ji but it’s been years since any marriage took place in our family.manish n jigyasa were also not married with rituals
Vasu:yes Annapurna ji ur right it’s ok we will do all of it in this marriage
Dadi:yes right ok see u tonight.dadi shares the news with misha n she gets happy
Misha:Dadi lets go n get Aryans ring na
Dadi:yes beta we will go now.come..they start leaving
Neha:maa ji if I could also come with u I will hold ur shopping packets can I come along.
Jigyasa:maa.manish stops her holding her hand..
Dadi:ok come along .they all leave together.
Jigyasa:y did u stopped me Manish she is working here like a servent n how could u see that…she shouts
Manish:if she stayed here I would have lost controls seeing her plzz now stop defending her n do work.he gets angry n goes away.servents starts to put the flowers all over.n Manish helps them.
Jigyasa also gets busy with diyas.she keeps diyas in every corner..she goes out n keeps diyas there too.she comes in n sees few diyas r still left.but no place to arrange now.she sees manish who was busy working n looking a bit angry.she feels sorry n gets an idea..she goes to the kitchen n arranges the diyas in a sorry.she puts the flowers around n lights it.she smiles.she closes the kitchen lights..n goes to Manish
Jigyasa:manish come with me
Jigyasa:I want to show u something
Manish:later I’m doing work. It’s more important
Jigyasa:important then me too.manish looks at her.
Jigyasa:it’s ok.she starts going n he holds her hand.she turns to him
Manish:u know very well that nothing important for me more then u..
Jigyasa:so come with me plzz
Manish:where jigyasa their r lots of work left.
Jigyasa just few minutes..
Manish:ok.she takes her to the kitchen n he sees the lot diyas perfectly shaped in a sorry.he smiles seeing it.he looks at her.jigyasa makes a pout face n holds her ears.he smiles n moves her hands away
Jigyasa :so it means u forgave..he puts his hands across her neck n came close
Manish:I was never angry Mrs jigyasa goplani..but as u did this much for me so I forgive u.she smiles
Manish:n yes I was angry not on u but that lady I hate her presence around me n mostly u.plzz don’t trouble me like this bringing her close to me.i m sure she will again hurt us.
Jigyasa:before giving her a chance how can u say that.
Manish:now I will get angry with u
Jigyasa(in mind):I hate his angry side it’s better to be calm today he will spoil his mood n won’t be happy at the engagement
Jigyasa:ok sorry.he smiles.he comes close.
Jigyasa:what r u doing
Manish:arre my wife planned this romantic surprise for me so I’m giving the return gift
Jigyasa:oh mr this is not romantic just a sorry.
Manish:what ever but this moment is the best for both of us.he pulled her close.
Jigyasa:manish leave me plzz.we have a lot of work
Manish:no ways.he comes more close..before he could kiss she bents down n escape under his hands n he looks at her still his hands in air forward.he makes a cute pout n she runs teasingly..jigyasa again starts doing her work.manish also comes there.jigyasa lights a candle n asks the servent to close the look at the diyas after burnt..he does.jigyasa lits the diyas which gave a plesent glow in the room…the diyas were perfectly arranged.servents hanged the hanging diyas too.n starts decorating the place with flowers.manish was looking at her while placing flowers.she was lighting the diyas the fire light on her face made him see her in that dark too.she was looking much beauty now.he admires her
Manish to the servents:ahh all the work here is done u all go out n see the decorations there.they nodded n everyone went out.jigyasa was busy with her diyas she lighted the hanging once by moving her hands above in air.he comes near her looking at her lovingly,she did not noticed his closeness n kept lighting the diyas.he came more close n moved his hand up n touched her hand.she stops n looks at him.he smiles n lits the diyas n after he is done he blows off the candle.jigyasa smiles but then his romantic gaze made her nervous n she started going when Manish holds her hand.she turns to him.he slowly pulls her she came near her he holds her from waist n dragged closer.their bodies touched.n so their nose.they were too close n Jigyasa n Manish could feel eachothers hot breath.jigyasa could feel his passion,love n gets nervous.he touches her bare back.she holds his tshirt making a small fist tightly.the lights were closed but the diyas were lighting the moment,the room,their romance..she looked down. N Manish puts his hand on her chin n moves up making her look in his eyes.she looked at him.he came close n she closed her eyes.he touched her hand n she moaned
Jigyasa:manish there is lot work to finish(she whispered on his shoulder.manish did not respond n came close.
Jigyasa:there r many diyas to light still.she whispered n her eyes closed n he moves his hand to her face n cups it.he pressed both her cheek to make her moan n as he came close the lights opened n they seperated.servants came inside.
Servants:maam we have done the decorations outside.
Jigyasa:ok u see the preparations of cooking he may need ur help.
Servants nods n goes inside.
Dadi misha n neha comes along.neha was holding numerous bags .jigyasa sees that n runs to help her while others ignored.
Jigyasa:mamma y r u holding these many.misha made u hold it right wait I will talk to her.before she could say anything neha stopped her n Jigyasa took the bags n kept it on the table.
Misha:wow Bhabi is it our house or we entered in someothers house.jigyasa n Manish smiled.
Misha:Bhabi thank u soo much u did all this for u Bhabi ur the best.
Jigyasa smiled n Manish felt proud.
Jigyasa:Dadi I think we should get ready now.its too late th guest will also come soon.
Dadi:yes everyone go n get ready..jigyasa beta come here.jigyasa goes to Dadi
Dadi takes out a red n black net saree from the bag n gives her.
Dadi:u will wear this today
Jigyasa:Dadi what was the need I already have many clothes that I did now wear yet.
Dadi:offo pehen na mera baccha Meri taraf she gift samajh lena.(offo wear it na my child.thinks it’s a gift from me)jigyasa smiles n takes it.
Everyone goes to there room for getting ready..

Jigyasa n manish’s room
Jigyasa gets ready n come out of the washroom.manish was tying his tie.they look at each other.manish was totally mesmerized.that tightly draped saree clearly showing her figure..she was looking very beautiful her hairs slightly curled.she sat near the mirror n wore her golden jhumka’s with a small red stone in it..she took a mang tika n tied it in her hairs which covered her whole head..then comes the payal time when she took one n moved to her leg down as she lifted was held by a strong hand she looked at him n he was Manish.he took the payal n lifted the saree from her ankle n tied it.he took the other one n tied it too.they share an eyelock but then she turns her face rudely.he was confused.but ignored.she gets up n starts going
Manisn:ur looking very beautiful.
Jigyasa:I know.manish was now shocked his mouth half opened.
Manish:ok how am I looking
Jigyasa:hmm good I think.he was more shocked.before he could say anything she goes out of the room.
Manish:gajaaab y is she talking rudely to me.have to ask her.he goes out too.his tie still not tied properly he did not notice it.
Jigyasa takes care of the guest n manish sees her he smiles.he goes to her.seeing him coming she excuses herself from the guest n goes away.manish was confused.
He goes to meet Aryan n misha who were sitting on the bridegroom chair.
Manish:so r u both enjoying.they see him n smiles
Aryan:yes we r thank u for this..
Manish:waise I got to know that the dress mishu is wearing is selected by u.they smiled shyly.
Manish:Oho very nice selection haan.. ok enjoy I will meet the guest n come
After sometime the ring ceremony starts n misha n Aryan exchange ring.maniah stands beside jigyasa.she sees him..
Jigyasa:see I don’t talk to strangers if my husband will see he will kill u so better be away.
Manish:acha I am not scared of ur husband let him come.arre who can stop himself from coming close to this hot beauty..she starts going he holds her hand but no one sees them.she looks at him n takes him to a corner holding his hand.he goes with one around them n Manish keep looking at her.jigyasa comes close.seeing this he gets happy.she puts her hand on his chest n ties his tie.he sees that n realizes coming close was for tying the tie.he gets sad but then she was close to him.she was looking down to his tie n he touches her bare belly.she moves his eyeballs seeing here n there if there is anyone around.he was about to move his hand on her belly when she pushes the tie up making it tight near his neck.
“Aghhhhh”..he shouted out of his breath.she ran from there.he loosened his tie n looks at her shocked
Everyone starts going n so the pandey’s take their leave.everyone sits on the sofas talking about the day while neha was still away..
Dadi:ahh the day was very tiring.
Abhi:yes mom but we r still better I’m thinking about Manish n jigyasa they were working since evening
Dadi:yes ur right.jigyasa Manish go beta take rest
Jigyasa:I will Dadi but first I will make coffee for everyone u will get relaxed
Dadi:no beta we will be fine u r tired n again doing work no need of it
Jigyasa:I’m not Dadi wait I will bring,she goes in the kitchen n taking this opportunity Manish comes in the kitchen.he holds her hand
Manish:what happen to u y r u not talking to me,ur ignoring me y
Jigyasa:manish leave me I have to take this coffee for everyone
Manish:no first u have to say me y r u angry ur making me restless
Jigyasa:manish leave me.n now he was angry.he took the tray from her hand n kept it on the table.held her hand tightly n while she tried to free. Herself he took her to the wall n pinned her.he came closer to her.
Manish:now say y r u angry.
Jigyasa:manish what r u doing someone will come
Manish:let them.let anyone come but today u won’t go from here with out saying me the reason of ur u know how worried I u know how restless ur making me since evening.i cannot bare ur ignorance n pushed her to the wall n was close to her.his hot breath slapped her face..he held both her hands tightly hurting her
Jigyasa:manish ur hurting
Manish:do u know how hurt I felt when u ignored me several times.jigyasa saw the pain in his eyes.they looked at eachother (ranjha naa plays)..he touched her cheek she sees it
Manish:now saw y r u angry.did I do anything wrong.
Jigyasa:do u remember I asked u something in the morning
Jigyasa:so u don’t remember it
Manish:what jigyasa see we left from the pandey nivas n came here
Jigyasa:acha we directly came here
Manish:no we went in search of ice cream.
Manish:oh so ur angry as u did not got ice cream
Jigyasa:yes .she turned her face
Manish:off jigyasa ur such a child can’t u say about this to me before I was getting worried.
Jigyasa:ok now I want my ice cream
Manish:what !!!now!
Manish:look at the time it’s 2
Jigyasa:what ever if I don’t get my ice cream today I won’t talk to u.
Manish:ok so the next day started I will bring it in the morning ok
Jigyasa:no I want it now n now only.i won’t talk to u then.she turns her face
Manish:jigyasa which shop will be opened now
Jigyasa:I don’t know that I want my ice cream now,she goes from there.
Manish:ohh god this stubborn girl
Jigyasa:Maine sun liya(I heard it)..she shouts from outside n he made a tensed face.
Manish:now I have to bring her ice cream now…he goes out .jigyasa saw him n smiled.
After an hour he comes back.everyone were still in the hall talking
Abhi:manish where did u go at this time
Manish:dad just to bring this ice cream for all
Dadi:at this time r u mad n from were did u got these ice cream at this time..he saw jigyasa with a complaining face
Manish:from a friend dadi he has a ice cream parlor n his shop opens till late nights so I got these from him..jigyasa smiled.misha saw her n sees manish gaze at her
Manish gives the ice cream packet to jigyasa n she gives it to everyone.
Misha:bhai did u really got it for everyone here or only for Bhabi.manish saw her shocked
Manish:y mishu I brought it for everyone.
Misha:ohh really but u could bring it in the morning y was the need of bringing at this time
Manish:koi Meri sunta kaha hai.he whispered n jigyasa listened it.she smiled.
Misha:what bhai
Manish:aaaa no I mean I thought it was a good n tiring day for us.n also it’s time to celebrate so I brought it.jigyasa smiled at his silly explanation.she gave ice cream to abhi n saw theirs only two left in the packet.she knew Manish did not brought for mom.she saw him n then faked a smile n gave an ice cream to neha.he saw that.
Neha:no beta theirs only one left it might be for Manish n u take this one.
Jigyasa:mom actually my throat is paining n in this case if I eat this ice cream I will get ill.after all I have to do lots of work I’m from both side groom n bride.i don’t want u eat it.neha takes it.manish looks at her angrily n goes upstairs..jigyasa saw that but no one noticed she ran up with him..

He stood at a corner of the terrace holding the railing tightly in anger n jigyasa came there n saw him.his anger was getting bigger everytime he thought about neha…he was to punch the railing when jigyasa came n puts her hand under his so that he won’t hurt himself she saw him n he her.he turn his face in anger.
Jigyasa:manish come we both will eat ice cream together..he was angry n did not have any response n she peeled out the cover of the ice cream..n moved to his mouth.he saw it
Manish:y did u gave ur ice cream to her.i brought it for u n u
Jigyasa:manish that was strawberry flavor I don’t like that.i like chocolate see come we both will eat this chocolate flavor together
Manish:I don’t want u eat it.he starts going
Jigyasa:it’s said that wife n husband eating together increases love between them.
Manish stops..
Jigyasa:hmm ok I will eat it myself n I think u don’t love me.she takes her first bite.
Jigyasa:hmm my husband loves me a lot if he would be here he would eat this ice cream with me.he smiles.
Jigyasa:it’s ok I will eat it alone..he turns to her n comes near her.
Manish:hmm I think ur husband don’t love u but I do more then it’s still time u leave him n come to me.she smiles.she forwarded her ice cream hand n gave an angry expression
Jigyasa:see move away my husband will kill u.he eats the ice cream.n she looks at him.
Manish:let him come I’m not scared.instead I will kill him..
Jigyasa:ok u do that n I will elope with u..he smiles.they both ate the ice cream.n they fight for the last bite
Manish:see this is my favorite part so I will eat it
Jigyasa:no I will..I Got less ice cream I will eat it.
Manish:ohh so u should have ate all n gave this part to me.
Jigyasa:I did not knew.. if I knew it I would have done that.
Manish:ok u want it.ok eat.he moves the ice cream to her mouth n she opens her mouth but her moved it to her nose n puts the ice cream.
Jigyasa:ahh Manish u.he laughs seeing her
Manish:now ur nose have become chocolaty.she gives an irked look
Jigyasa:manish now my nose will become sticky y did u do that.
Manish:ohh ok ok it was a joke.

Jigyasa:hmm fine now clean it.manish look at her she was angry n got an idea.
Manish:ok I can do that,he comes close.she looks at him n moves back..they look at eachother..they were near the railing n Manish holds her from going back more.he pulled her close n holds her.she held him around his neck.he touched her face n brought it close to his.he came close.she closed her eyes n he licked the chocolate which was on her nose.she tightened her arms n eyelid.he looked at her n then kissed her cheek near her nose.he slowly turned her face n kissed her near her ear n she moaned..his eyes were also close..he kept kissing her cheek n she sat down with him holding her..he moved the saree from her belly n bent down to kiss it. But she moved back pushing herself backwards.he looked at her.she was shy..he came near her n held her hand.
Jigyasa:manish koi ajaiga(Manish someone will come)
Manish:is waqt yaha koi nahi ata(at this time no one comes here).he came closer n she puts her hand on his chest n the other on the ground for support..
Jigyasa:my husband will see.she whispered
Manish:let him.he Jigyasa had nothing to say..she closed her eyes n he took her hand away from his chest n kissed it.he intervened his fingers in hers.he kissed her arms to her shoulder..he placed a soft kiss on her neck..she struggled to breath..he again moved her saree from her belly n kissed her belly bending down.jigyasa lied on the ground n he came to her.she saw him.he smiled..he removed her earrings while she kept looking at him..he holds her hand which was on her belly n brought it near him n kissed it..he bent down n kissed her neck n she moaned..but suddenly jigyasa gets up.he saw her innocently n she looks at him
Jigyasa:it’s too late we should go to our room now.she got up n ran from there.manish saw her earring lying on the ground n picked them..he smiled remember their moments n kept those earring in his pockets n went to his room…

Precap-Manish n jigyasa went out for shopping they buyed rings for eachother..n a new entry..

Sorry soo sorry..u all must be thinking that I always get late then say sorry ..haha sorry again my charger got damaged n my phone was out of battery.i commented about it on the last part on Thursday as I could not update now.u know if u have seen it.sorry again I ordered a new charger it will come soon.n I got a charger from my cousin cum friend n wrote this I promised in the comment on the last part that I will come back with a longer,better episode so this will be a sorry many scenes added n also about the Manish jealous track u will get it in the next part..n thank u soo much Soha darling I could charge my phone,write n submit because of u..thank u all for those lovely comments thank u soo much love u all tc:-)Juveria…
N I cannot give the next part date I don’t want to hurt u this way.i will update soon plzz understand my situation guys love u all.

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