Thahaan-a new start (episode-23) love confession

Hey lovely people hope I’m not late this time.thank u for ur such response.many of u asked a jealous track. I actually planned it a long back but not of Manish it will jigyasa’s..if u guys want I can give a scene but only a scene of Manish getting plzz tell about it to me in the comment box..thank u..n do comment for this n the song too it really suits the situation.this one is all about love,manyasa.hope u like it..

Let’s begin.

Jigyasa came out of the room after a nice warm shower..she stood near the mirror n dried her hairs..she closed her eyes n when opened it she found Manish standing behind her smiling at her admiring her with his cute small eyes n a dimpled smile.she smiled looking at those dimples..she smiled n started getting ready while he kept admiring her.she took her hand back to zip her blouse he held her hands she looked at him n he came close he touched her spine giving her goosebumps,making her moan,making her out of breath.his hot hands on her wet body was a nice combination.she felt the warmth..manish smirked naughtily..he slowly zipped her blouse then touched her bare waist still making her moan.he moved closer n started putting his fingers playfully one by one on her waist to her belly.she gulped as his his fingers reached her belly keeping her head on his shoulder bending it backwards..he turned her to him n held her upper arms.she held his hands too..he came close close close n close she closed her eyes he smiled n took the earring from the table beside.he made her wear them n she smiled.he again came close but this time she did not got nervous infact she started moving to him.their lips were to approach but then “banggggggg”
She moved this close that now she was near the wall..she held her head n turned to look at him he was not in the room.she rushed to the bathroom but not their too.
She pats her head n smiles.
Jigyasa:what is happening to me I m seeing him everywhere.n now started getting these kind of dreams too.what was this dream indicating me..her heart again spoke.”is he some one special to u”..”he’s he is her husband all the husbands r special for their wife’s,” said her mind…”but this special thing is not common in all the couples”..said her heart.”..”close ur eyes n think think y he is soo special to u what place is his in ur heart ur life”.said her heart.before she could close her eyes her mind interrupted.”his place in heart is as a best friend n in life is as a husband nothing else.”Jigyasa was looking satisfied with her mind n stopped thinking..she looked at herself in the mirror.”his choice is too good I mean look at me is it really me”she thought.her white off shoulder blouse was fitted perfectly and then she held her light brown lehenga which had a white big flower print on a corner giving the royal look.she waved her lehenga n smiled..she took few turns in the room to see how her lehenga is going round..”i want u to get ready in this dress as the way I imagined u in it.i want to tell all my feeling,my secrets everything to u today.this red rose for my sweet heart I want u to look more beautiful them this rose today.” She recollected his words n gets shy..
Jigyasa:yes Manish today I will get ready for u..I hope much better then ur imagination.n much better then that red rose.she smiles n takes the rose in her hand.she kisses it n smiles..she soft curls her hairs n takes two strands from both sides n ties it in the middle with a white small clip..she does a little makeup n a red lipstick on her soft lips..she adjusts her blouse n lehenga..she looks at urself in the mirror.she puts her hands on her face as she gets shy looking at herself..she slowly moves her hands..she smiles.she puts both her hands on her cheeks admiring herself she winks few times in a filmy the next moment she sees manish coming from back in the mirror.she looked at him in the mirror.she moved her hands from her cheek n stood straight..he comes close to her n kisses her cheek.she gets shocked n turns to him.she finds no one there.while he pats her from her other side n she turns to him.she finds him standing there.
Manish:come fast sweet heart I’m waiting..she smiled n closed her eyes for the moment but the next moment he was gone.she again gets confused n searches him in the room she was no where.she smiled childishly n patted her head softly
Jigyasa:what’s happening to me..oh Jigyasa stop thinking u must go to him or else he will kill u..she runs out holding the rose which Manish gave she came out of the house she saw Manish driver cleaning the car..she gets shocked
Jigyasa:manish’s driver what is he doing here.manish always drives himself then..she thinks…”get ready n come out of the house soon”
Jigyasa:he must have send him to pick me up.yes I should go n ask.she goes to the driver
Jigyasa:did Manish send u here.
Driver:yes ma’am I will take u to Manish sir plzz sit in..she nods n he opens the door for her.she sits in.the car lights were closed.driver sits in the car n starts to drive.he opens the car lights..
Jigyasa:no I don’t like these car lights plzz close these.
Driver:maam u have something beside u.she looks at was a chocolate box.she smiles n takes it.
Jigyasa:is it manish’s plan
Driver:yes ma’am..Jigyasa smiles n opens had a letter
“This sweet box for my sweetheart also something sweet for our new life.”she smiles widely.she eats a chocolate n thinks about manish’s plan.
Soon they reach a was an empty ground.lights were closed.jigyasa could see nothing there..she comes out of the car
Jigyasa:is this the place really.
Driver:yes ma’am go ahead.she had faith in Manish n stepped in.she saw a man wearing waiters dress holding a bunch of red heart balloons.she gets near to to ask about Manish.she was to ask but her gives the balloons to her,she held them all n he ran away from their..she was shocked now scared to go in too as it was very dark.
She saw the balloons.on one balloon she saw something written
“Trust me Mrs jigyasa goplani n step in.i promise I won’t let u fear of this darkness too.”
She smiled wider this time..she trusted him n stepped in that hollow dark she stepped few steps in she found the ground becoming softer..she step more few steps n stooped at a point..she was lost in the darkness
Jigyasa:manish were r u..r u there.she shouted for him to listen n come to her.but me respond for the few minutes..someone comes from back n hugs her.she was scared at first.but then she was aware of that warmth of his arms.that hot breaths at her neck.n then he kissed her on neck giving her clues who that person is..she smiled.he lifted his hand n snapped his fingers and at the next moment the lights were on…she could see the beauty,she could she the decorations,she could feel that cold breezes coming out from an air cooler for making the rose petals fly high,high,high around them..then the cooler stopped.she looked around the every corner of that place..she saw the floor n realized she felt softer ground as she was walking on the red carpet full of rose petals..she turned around n found a tent decorated with white curtains at each side.different lights.candle lights,lamp lights,diyas,bottle lights,n many more filled around each corner.bottle lights were hung in the tent..a small round table with chairs n food for two on it..she turned around n found a water was a couple fountain kissing eachother n water coming out of that statue..was looking the prettiest.the couple were indicating them..she turned around n found a chair swing In an open place where they could see the stars n moon clearly..manish held her hand getting her back to him.stopping her to look here n there n just to look at him.she looked at him
Jigyasa:did u do all this ..manish smiled n nods yes
Jigyasa:for me.he smiled wider at her childish question
Manish:could u see anyone except u with me around..she nods no.
Manish:then..yes this is for u only for u.
Jigyasa:but y
Manish:hmm that is a good question u will know it soon..he saw her top to bottom…she in that white n brown dress was slaying.she knew he was looking at her n she smiled.she waved the dress to show him more.he smiled.he holds her hand n pulled her close.she kept her hand on his chest as he pulled her with force.theirbfaces were just an inch away
Manish:much better,beautiful then I imagined.he took the rose from her hand.
Manish:n this rose.nahhhh nothing infront of my beautiful wife.he was to throw it.
She held his hand.she took the rose.n nods no.she puts it in her hairs near her it added a compliment to her beauty..she was looking more beautiful
Manish:hmm so this rose made u more beautiful
Jigyasa:yes after all it’s the first rose which u have given me..she realized what she uttered.she looked at him romantically n he was looking at her with passion.they had an intense eyelock.(ranjha naa plays).they started coming close to eachother.manish held her hand
Manish:come u must be hungry lets eat first.she nods n he takes her to the tent..he again snapped his fingers n Jigyasa found the lights in the tent gone.others were lit..only the candle lights n bottle lights were glowing the tent..she smiled..he pulled the seat for her n she sat there.she seats himself too.he served food in a plate n they both ate food in a single plate.
Jigyasa:wow candle light dinner..nice.i always wanted it.thank u..he smiled.he puts the plate between them..
Manish:I have heard that eating in a plate increases the love between two people..she smiled n he feeds her.she feeds him too.they eat together n then had a walk around the whole place holding eachothers hands tightly..then Manish took her near the swing..he sat on the swing n acted ignoring him.she made a sad face..(only a person could sit on that chair swing)..he looked at her pout face n smiled.he pulled her holding her waist n made her sit on his lap.she looked at him
Jigyasa:what r u doing.
Manish:shhh..she looked at him
Manish:I intentionally buyed this swing chair for both of latest we can stay close sitting in it n looking to the stars..jigyasa looked confused.
Manish:yes we will take this one to home n keep it in our balcony.we will call this as our sapno ki sawari (dream ride)..jigyasa smiled..manish took her in his embrace n she held his hands.they enjoyed looking at those twinkling starts.manish was looking at her.she saw it
Jigyasa:stars r there y r u looking at me.
Manish:because my stars my moon everything is u n only u..she looks at him n smiled.
Jigyasa:ur leg must be paining I will get up.she tried to get up when he again pulled her.his hot hands on her belly pulling her to sit.
Manish:I told u na I can hold u for the whole of my life..she kept her hand on his hand which was on her bare belly.n smiled at him.she moved back n kept her head on her shoulder their faces were close.she hugged him n closed her eyes.he smiled but then after few minutes Manish patted her cheeks
Manish:ohh Mrs goplani abhi sojaogi Kya.abhi to puri raat bakhi hai.(ohh Mrs goplani ur sleeping now itself the whole night is left)she opens her eyes in shock n looked at her.
Jigyasa(confused,nervous):kis liye(for what).he smiled,n made her stand.they stood n Manish took her to the tent again.the tent was empty only the lights glowing the place.table n chairs were not there.she was amazed by that.he again snapped his fingers..n a music started..he forwards his hand for a dance.she smiled n gives her was feeling for Manish like she is giving her hand for her whole life.n he promised in mind that he will not leave it..he pulled her close slowly.he puts his hand on her waist n grabbed her close.she held him by his shoulder n their other hand n each others hand.after a few minutes of soft music.the song plays..(mile ho tum humko)male version

Mile ho tum hum ko
Bade naseebo se
Chiraya hai Maine
Kismet ki lakeeron se (x2)
Jigyasa smiles at the lyrics n he lipping it..they step back holding hands n again Manish pulls her close..faces inches away n they could feel their hot breath.

Teri mohobbat se saasein mili hain ..
Sada rehna dil mein Kareeb hoke
Manish hugs her n her face was on his heart.she could fell his heart beats running..they smiled n he patted her head caressing her hairs..

Mile ho tum hum ko..he seperated her n tucked her spreader hairs behind her ears n held her face
Bade naseebo se
Chiraya hai Maine
Kismet ki lakeeron se (x2)
They danced holding hands romantically.jigyasa too was melting in his wrath dancing passionately..

Teri chahaton mein kitna tadpe hai
Saawan bhi kitne tujh bin bares hain..
He knelt down on his knee n kept holding her hand.she looked at him
Zindagi mein saari jo bhi kami thi
Tere aa jaane she an nahi rahi..she smiled..
He slowly pulled her close n made her sit on his lap n wrapped around her arms.he saw her

Sadaa hi rehna tum
Mere Kareeb hoke
Churaya hai maine
Kismat ki laqeeron se.
He hugged n puts her face on her shoulder n she caressed it..he moved back n they saw eachother n smiled

Baahon mein Teri ab yaara
Jannat. Hai
Maangi Khuda de tu woh
Mannat hai…she smiled
Teri wafah ka Sahara mila hai
Teri wajah she ab Mai zinda hoon

They both got up n held hand they danced passionately.looking into eachothers eyes while the music played..she held her hand back n the other was held by him.he as spinned her round in a circle..he stoped spinning her n pulled her close n she held him around his neck..he took her one hand in his hand
Teri mohobbat se Zara Ameer hoke
Churaya hai Maine kismat ki lakhiroon se
Mile ho tum humko bade naseebo se
Churaya hai Maine kismat ki lakeeron se.

They danced waving eachothers body .jigyasa turned n he hugged her.n smiled at eachother.

Teri mohobbat se saanse mili hai
Sadaa rehna dil mein Kareeb hoke..he turned her n bent her backwards n his nose touched her lips..his nose travelled to her lips then neck..he placed a soft kiss on her neck..his one hand was around her waist n the other one near her head..she moaned as he kissed her..his lips went all over her neck..her grip over his tshirt was becoming tighter n tighter.she was still bent back n he kept kissing her she cannot hold on he made him move n stood straight..she walked few steps n stood rubbing her hands to eachothers..he gets confused.
Manish:every thing is fine.everything is good then y r u going away.
Jigyasa:it’s not good.she said with a lot of hesitation
Manish:what is not good..jigyasa was nervous she had nothing to say.he moved close to her n saw her rubbing her hands n knew that she is nervous.he smiles.he held her hand.she turned to him n they looked at eachother.(ranjha naa plays)
He took her near the fountain..he stopped a few steps back n she walked more to admire the beauty she smiled looking at the statue n the water coming out of it..she saw few fishes in the fountain.she smiled n tried touch them but they ran getting scared of her..she giggled n looked at the statue.her vision fell in the sky where there was the moon.n she can imagine it as the statue is just beside the moon.she smiled wider..he saw her from back n all her doings n admired her.her childish giggle.her smile,her cuteness,her beauty.he now could not control n went to her n hugged her from back.she turned her face to him.they smiled touched their heads n looked at the sky.
Manish:u know this couple r us.she looks at him confused
Manish:hmm yes just like them we r happy,together,even in this dark night the moon is giving light to them n they r with eachother,loving eachother,caring their romantic world..just like us.he pressed her cheek on hers n she moaned..
Jigyasa:but when the night goes the moon goes n also the romantic world.
He kept pressing her cheeks n she moaning
Jigyasa: Manish sun can never give us a romantic world.sun is only for giving us heat n also..Shows us to start of a new morning,new day,new beginning..she said in a husky way moaning in his love
Jigyasa:moons comes with a romantic night.where only a husband wife can stay alone.he intervened his fingers in hers n kissed her cheek.she moaned louder n closed her eyes.he sees her.
Jigyasa:moon is only for the couples but sun for the whole family..a new life,a new start,forgetting everything in the past..he now got what she wanted to say.he stoped kissing her n moved back.,she turned to him
Jigyasa:n our world is nothing with out them nothing.manish plzzz I cannot live with out them I want them in our world the world where their is love,care,their where I can listen everyone’s voice,their talks,their giggles.i don’t want to spend all of my life like this.we r family n we should stay together.not like this seperated.just imagine how Dadi,mom papa n misha r missing us.
Manish:not that women she will never miss us..
Jigyasa:manish ok not her but the others r missing us lets go home Manish now I too cannot stay away.n I’m not happy. plzz take me back home.she gets tears..manish steps back n turns
Manish:jigyasa now don’t spoil my mood.i have not done all these to listen this I have done this for someone special,something special.but u..come lets go home he took a step.jigyasa saw everywhere n saw the decoration he did only for her.she felt guilty she held his hand quickly before he goes out n bring her back near the tent
Manish:what now…jigyasa quickly holds her ears n makes a pout face
Jigyasa:sorry I hurted u right u did all these for me n I spoiled ur mood sorry.
Manish:it’s ok..he smiled n took her hands away from her ears
Jigyasa:now say what u wanted to say.
Manish:no I don’t want to tell now let’s go home
Jigyasa:manish I really want to listen.ok sorry again for spoiling ur mood plzz tell me
Manish:no jigyasa I will tell u anytime later not now.. I’m not feeling’s not a good time.the thing I have to say need a romantic mood n now both of our moods are spoiled..come lets go home..he held her hand.she was feeling bad n wanted to hear what he wants to say.she quickly came close to him n kissed him on cheeks.she moved back.he was shocked.he looked at her n she was standing silent feeling shy..her one hand was still in his grip.
Jigyasa:abhi bhi nahi (still not)..he smiled slightly..but she could not see that smile..he again made a sad face.he turned to go when again she came close n kissed on her other cheek this time the kiss was wet softer holding his cheek in her hand..she moved back but was still close to him.he held her close wrapping her in arms..she was getting shy n wanted to hide her face in his chest but he wanted to see her shy side.he kept moving her face up holding her chin.she smiled shyly..she looks at him n he winks.she knew he was teasing her n beats her cheats with her hand for few times.he smiled n let her do that.she stopes after few hits n looks at his romantic gaze at her.she gets shy n but looks in his passionate eyes.
Jigyasa:bolo na plzz (say it na plzz)..
Manish:what..he was lost in her eyes
Jigyasa:arre u only said that u have to say something n now..something like feelings,secrets????
Manish:ohh yes yes I have to say it now?
Jigyasa:yes now see I kissed u two times my kisses should no go in vain.he smiles.
Manish:they won’t.he kissed her on her forehead.she smiled
Manish:I wanted to say that.
Manish:came with me..he holds her hands n takes her near the swing.their was a big heart of roses..they went inside the heart n Manish made her stand in the middle.she kept looking at the roses n gets surprised.she was smiling.he holds her both hands n brought it to his lips kissed them n they smiled..
Manish:u remember once u asked me y do I come close to u.she nods
Manish:this is the reason.when we were married I never thought this would happen to me.
Jigyasa:what happened
Manish:will u listen to me or keep interrupting
Jigyasa:oh yeah yeah say.
Manish:so I was saying that.the day when I realized what ur to me I started admiring u,looking at each move u make,at each thing u do,I started falling for u,falling at ur giggles,ur laughter,ur smile,ur childish talk every thing u do made me fall for u,I always wanted to be with u,close to u to protect u..she was quietly looking at him n listening to her..manish turned to the other side
Manish:I still think that y on that day I came to u when u were staying in pandey nivas that too at late nights.i dreamt u n was uncomfortable as I did not found u near me..i still laugh at my self for that silly behavior..I was thinking y did I risked my life by climbing up on a ladder..only to meet u,to see u,I was surprised at myself but then someone told me a trick to know y I was getting rest less..n soon I got my answer..yes I come close to u because I thinks that’s my right.that ur mine..he turned to her n she was looking at him shocked
Manish:only mine.n no one can take u away from me.u mean the world to me..she was shocked.he came close to her n holds her hand.
Manish:I once though that love is nothing just a filmy thing but when it happened to me I felt the world turned,I saw the whole world in u..she was hell shocked..
Manish:yes jigyasa this is my reason that I always come close to u because I know ur mine.yes I need u always I want u with me safe protected because now my life is only for u,all my breaths shout a name n that’s only u jigyasa.she was shocked her grip over his hand lessened n it fell down.he did not notice it
Manish:yes I love u..u mean my life my world everything to me..I really love u a lot I love u…she felt a thunder..something new feeling.her hairs flying in air n she was looking like a princess..
Manish:u know y I selected this dress for u.because ur a princess for ur family n I want to take u with me making u a queen..will u come with me..he forwards his hand.she looks at him.his eyes had a lot of hope.n she could see it..she was happy with him in their married life.but yet did not realized her feeling for him..she knew how good he is his love was true his feeling were true.but yet her feeling.but then her heart made her keep her hand in his strong one..he smiled she wanted to say something when he came close to her n hugged her what could she say.she only had to feel his warmth,his love,still trying to get her answer from her heart..his embrace became tighter n tighter.she hugged him unknown smile cam on her face.she even did not knew y it was but she smiled.he seperated her
Manish:thank u I love u.she smiled.he came close to her n she kept looking.again those breaths,those warmt,those hotness made her melt n lost.she closed her eyes..his hands travelled through her hairs.he slowly opened the clip n made her strands fall free.he took a deep breath n jigyasa held his Hand in nervousness.he came more close but before their lips could meet jigyasa moved away.manish was again confused n sad too
Jigyasa:manish i…I don’t know what to say about this now but
Manish:what is anything wrong did I say or do anything wrong
Jigyasa:no Manish I know ur love is true but.
Manish :but
Jigyasa:but I…I don’t love u Manish..he was shocked.she turned to him he was sad jigyasa could figure it easily
Jigyasa:manish I too don’t know what I feel for u,some times I get some thoughts n then others n u know my heart n mind always fights for this.but still I can never get any conclusion..I don’t know I need time.she said rudely but tensed.he smiled.he goes to her n holds her hand she looked at him
Manish:I already said that my love is enough for both of us to live,to survive.n we will be together forever(ranjha naaaaa plays)..she smiled..she hugged him this time n he caressed her head…the stars,moon,the dark night,n the cool breeze were witnessing them.they shared a warm hug with lot of emotions..manish detached her n his eyes fell the the heart balloons which he tied on a rock.he took them n brought to jigyasa.
Manish:hmm take n release them in air I want our hearts to fly over the world.n the whole world witness our love.she smiled.she took the balloons
Jigyasa:together forever right.he smiled n hugged her from back he held her hand n lifted it.they released the balloons on air which went high in different directions..they kept looking at it till they disappeared.while in the hugging position only..
Manish(in mind):ur words dosent seem like u don’t love me.i know u do but u need to realize it.i will make it happen soon.he sees her n smirked.while she kept looking in the sky.after the balloons were gone they separate
Jigyasa:manish it’s too late we should go home now.
Manish:ok come..they starts leaving n Jigyasa stops.
Manish:what happen.jigyasa turned back to see the entire place again.she would miss this a lot.she cannot see this everyday but her Manish did it only for her.she looked at each corner n recollected their moments..she still could not believe that her husband loves her.the one who were married only for the family,their happiness,now feeling butterflies in love..she still tries to know her feeling but her heart like an enemy stopped working..ohh not pumping stoped answering to her..manish knew what she was thinking he kept silent n too looked at the place..jigyasa turned to him.she wrapped her hands around his upper arms n saw him with a lot of emotions.thank u,sorry,respect,happiness,friendliness,affection..n he kept smiling..he disturbed her thoughts
Manish:shall we go..she just looked at him n nodded yes.she kept holding his arm n they left the place in the car..jigyasa started getting effected.she had love for him but not yet realized..she kept looking at him in the car this time with out any smile.she had tears.manish saw her tears n thinks is it for any of his words.
Manish:y r u crying did I…she stoped him by her four fingers on his mouth.n he looked at her
Jigyasa:thank u but sorry I hurted u right..he holds her hands which were still on around his arms.he nods no..
Manish:u know u just need some time don’t worry.i will wait my whole life for u.she smiled n kept her head on his shoulder.he patted it.they soon reached the pandey nivas..they enter inside n as it was late they quitely went upstairs in their room..they smiled At eachother n jigyasa went in the bathroom for changing..she takes a long time Manish was waiting for his turn to come but she did not came..after few more minutes he got restless thinking what she is doing inside for this long she fine..he moved to the door n knocked it..
Manish:jigyasa r fine y r u taking long time is everything fine.she from inside trying unzip her blouse
Jigyasa :yes I’m fine i will come out soon.
Manish:ok.he again goes to the bed n sits..
Jigyasa comes out she hadn’t changed yet.manish saw her.he gets confused
Manish:r u planning to sleep in this.?
Jigyasa:manish how can I sleep in this heavy dress.
Manish:so why did u not changed yet.
Jigyasa:no I m not able to open this zip.wait I will go to masi n she will help me.
Manish:u will wake her now look at the time it’s 2
Jigyasa:yeah but I don’t have any option
Manish:n if she opens it also will u come like that here.if some one will see u
Jigyasa:oh. yeah I did not think about it
Manish:it’s ok I will help u to open it.
Jigyasa:what u no.
Manish:y can’t I I’m ur husband I love u
Jigyasa:yes but..she turns n again she starts rubbing her hands.she does it when she gets nervous..manish sees that n smiles.he gets up from bed n steps to her.she didnot knew he is coming towards her..he slowly touches her back n she could feel his hands.she closed her eyes in a sudden n her fist tightened on her lehenga..he knew how she felt at his touch n for more he touched her back again n again moving her hairs to one side.he slowly unzipped her blouse.she was breathing heavily now n he could see that.jigyasa was expecting more but he moved back
Manish:done..she came in senses but still could feel his warmth.she smiled again at his sincerity,honesty..she turned to him n smiled
Jigyasa:thank u
Manish:I love u..she smiled n ran to the bathroom..he rubbed his hairs making them messy in a childish way n smiled..he changes in the room n sat on the always she took a long time n he was half slept still waiting for his love to come n sleep with him.n she came in her loose t-shirt n pajama
Manish:ur soo late.
Jigyasa:every girl is..she sat on the bed taking her night moisturizer n rubbing it on her hands.he smiled n looked at her doing that..he also sat on the bed behind her n rubbed her hands nicely spreading the lotion for her shoulder to her palm..she smiled n puts more lotion n gestured him to do it.he did n after it he tightly hugged.they both fall on the bed together n cuddle eachother n sleep…
Manish(in mind):I know ur not happy here.n I m happy with ur happiness..if ur happiness is in going back home then I will do it..I can do anything for u..he smiled n slept embracing her
Jigyasa(in mind):I know ur feeling for me r soo true Manish I can see that in ur eyes.but I still need time to understand my feeling.u did a lot for me n I won’t hurt u Manish..she smiles n held his hands tighter n slept.
Their bodies were touching.her back to his chest.his hands around his belly n holding her hands.n her hands on his intervening them..they were smiling while sleeping..

Next morning.
They both woke up in arms n looked at eachother.they smiled..he kissed on her shoulder n she smiled.
Manish:good morning
Jigyasa:morning…jigyasa got up n went to bathroom n she came out after getting ready.
Jigyasa:manish get up soon it’s 10.
Manish:hmm I will get up in five minutes.
Jigyasa goes down.
Manish also gets up n gets ready.he goes down n everyone does the breakfast.
Manish:Dima I think we should tell about Aryan n misha to Dadi.
Vasu:yes beta sure
Manish:so when do u want to talk
Vasu:anytime beta
Manish:ok so let’s go today
Jigyasa:manish but u.
Manish:yes we will go home today n talk about them n we both will stay there only
Jigyasa:really.she gets excited.
Manish:yes.everyone smiles.
Manish:so what u say Dima
Vasu:yes beta as u say.everyone agrees.aryan gets happy n everyone goes from there.vasu pats Manish shoulder shoulder.he looks at her
Vasu:u told ur feeling right
Manish:yes Dadi how do u know
Vasu:I can see in it in both of ur’s n jigyasa’s eyes.he smiles
Vasu:n trust me she is very happy
Manish:she is…did she told about it to u
Vasu:no I can see the happiness in her eyes.she is very happy beta since morning there is a new glow on her face..she pats his shoulder again n leaves.he smiles..
He starts going when jigyasa comes to him running n hugs him.her hands around his neck n his still down
Manish:what happen
Jigyasa:thank u thank u thank u soo much ur soo good.she moved back n kissed his cheek.n again hugged him.he smiles n hugged her too..
“Uhmm…uhmmm…was,the voice seperated them.
Dhruv n Adhiti standing there .jigyasa n Manish moved back n jigyasa ran up.manish also went.out..Dhruv n Adhiti smiled at eachother.adhiti was to go when Dhruv holds her.she sees his romantic gaze n gets shy.
They turned to the was jigyasa from the stairs..they both seperated n jigyasa laughed at them…

Precap-Aryan n misha’s engagement n a new entry..manish n jigyasa’s terrace romance.

Hope u like this part thank u all for ur loving comments.hope that adiruv part is good just a last minute thought..hehe keep commenting n encouraging me love u tc:-)Juveria
Next one on Thursday

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