Thahaan-a new start (episode-22)

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Let’s start
Manish n jigyasa standing in the balcony embracing each other in each other’s arms..jigyasa sees in the sky
Jigyasa:manish u know Dima said that my dad gifted a star to my mum as a prize.n it’s clearly seen from here..
Manish:hmm do u know which it is.?
Jigyasa:yes.dima showed me.he looks at her she points to the sky showing a little one yet brighter n beautiful then the others.shining like a diamond.he smiles looking at it.
Jigyasa:there is my mum watching us.n just beside her my papa.they r together in heaven too.u know I or we can talk to them standing here also.she smiles n gets tears.manish sees them.he sees the stars
Manish(in mind):offo mamma papa apki beti to hamesha roti rehti hai.ab mujhe hi kuch karna hoga iske chehre par smile lane ke liye(offo mamma papa ur daughter always I only have to do something to bring a smiles on her face)…manish moves away from her fastly.n she turns to him looking confused thinking that y he moved away..
Jigyasa:what happen..she asked confusingly.
Manish:wo mamma n papa r watching us.

Manish:yeah u urself told that mamma n papa can watch us so how can we romance like this infront of them..she laughs..manish smiles but acts being confused.jigyasa comes near him n hugs him.her hands went through his underarms to his back n her head resting in his chest.he smiles but did not hugged her instead puts his hands in his pocket.n looks at the stars n winks.
Jigyasa:u can do or say anything na to bring a smile on my face.he gets shocked.he makes a weird face..she smiles n hugs him more tightly.
Jigyasa:don’t worry mamma papa will get happy to see us happy like this.manish smiles n takes out his hands from his pocket n puts them on her back hugging her(ranjha naa plays).they smiled n Manish detaches her.he wipes her little little tears spread on her face n tucks her hair strands behind her ears.she smiled.while tucking her hairs he says
Jigyasa:what?.tucking her hairs n held her face slightly

Manish:mamma n papa will get happy seeing us like this.she nods n smiles..he smiles n moves close to her.she sees him n knew what he was thinking.but only she wanted was to stay in his warmth.she remembered her past days when she was struggling to live n then how he took care of her thinking about her at each step,stopped thinking about him his comfortabilities n he woke up all the night n sat beside her caressing her hairs n lulling her to sleep.her heart questions her why she is getting such thought how much is he special to her but her mind interrupted n said because he is her best friend..she was not satisfied by her mind n kept looking in his eyes..he was looking at her with a kind of naughtiness n teasing her.but she was only busy fighting with her heart n mind..her thoughts grabbed his attention when he started kissing her on her cheeks to her jawline..his wet lips touched her jawline n made her moan.she hugged him quickly as his kiss made her shiver down her spine.her soft hands took hold of his t-shirt n his around her waist..she moved back n saw him.he sees her n descends his face.jigyasa sees that n closes her eyes.he moves down to her ears n whispers.

Manish:I want to say something.his hot breath entered her ear.
Jigyasa:me too..she whispered on his shoulder as he was too close to her.he moved back n looked at her.he smiled
Manish:.she looked at him n he came close to her.he touched her head with his n started pushes her back slightly in a playing way.she looked down
Jigyasa:I want to say that.manish smiles thinking she is going to confess her feeling n held both her hands which she took back he brought then front n intervened his fingers in hers.they closed their eyes n held eachother..he pats his hard head on her soft one n she moaned “ahhh”.he looks at her
Jigyasa:thank u..he moved back confusingly she looked at him
Jigyasa:when I got the shoot the moment I thought that I cannot live more now I cannot live with u anymore now..the moment I though that I cannot regret anymore.they giggled.
Jigyasa:but today I’m alive n fine with a speedy recovery just because of u..that night I though that I will di..manish shushes her by keeping his finger on her lips

Manish:shhh..that night was like a worst nightmare for us jigyasa just forget it n now let’s start again let’s live a happy life together.lets make a world our world with only us in it with all the happiness we could get.just like the one which every wedded couple dreams.they smiles.
Manish:I also have to say something.some thing that I have kept hidden in myself since days but these days were ages for me..he helds her by her shoulder.she looked at his hands n looked at him confused n gestured to say what it is.he gathers all his courage n looks at her.he gulped his nervousness n started to speak
Manish:I want..l actually.i
Jigyasa:what?.she questioned in a puzzling way n he looked at her all his courage flew in air n he turned around holding both his hands on his waist.
Jigyasa:what happen?
Manish:I don’t want to talk now.she smiles.
Jigyasa:I know what u want to say.she said romantically..he turns to her
Manish:really.she nods he comes near her filling the gap between them he held her near her neck slightly n moved his thumb at her jawline romantically.she smiles n looks at him.
Manish:what..he asked with a lot excitement n happiness..he kept moving his thumb at her jawline which made her moan in pleasure.her lips curved in a smile n he wanted to capture them.he looks at them slowly moving to speak something
Jigyasa:that u want.
Manish:I want.he said huskily n romantically with passion in his voice
Jigyasa:u want to..go to the home..manish moves back
Jigyasa:yes.manish I know how much u miss them misha,Dadi,papa even me Manish I miss them a lot,since these days we never met I think we should go home now.
Manish:ohh I got it now
Manish:that ur feeling shameful to stay here in ur maternal home with ur husband right.jigyasa nods noo..manish gets angry
Manish:yes u r Jigyasa then y do u keep saying me the whole day to get back home y..
Jigyasa:because I want us to stay there Manish it’s our home just think how much Dadi misha n papa r missing us even mom is..he stops her
Manish:now don’t take the name of that lady infront of me.
Jigyasa:manishhhhh she is ur mum
Manish:yes she is but she never loved me as a son then why should I..with me is ok but she tried to kill u I almost lost u now I cannot forgive her..he cupped her face she held his hands.
Manish:plzz jigyasa I don’t want any trouble in our life plzz I cannot loose u again plzz don’t force me for this plzzzzz.he gets tears n sheds them on her shoulder she caressed her hairs.
Jigyasa:just a minute ago u said me that we will make our world filled with happiness right.he moves back n sees her he nods yes

Jigyasa:might be every couple dreams of making a world of their own with only them in it but what I dreamt is completely different I want my world with happiness,love,care I don’t want my world to be empty n silenced I want all the people in it to giggle all the time n.i want my world with my family other then that the world is waste with out them I cannot stay in such world Manish.manish looks at her.
Jigyasa:world is made by the people in it,world is made with the happiness of those people just think once Manish what will they feel if u make a new world with out them.i know how much u love them because since the day we came here u hide urself in the blanket n see their pictures in ur phone n shed ur tears u think no one saw u but I did everytime u went under blanket to look at their pictures..manish sees her
Manish:I will not let u feel lonely I will be with u in our world..he was sad n she knew make him laugh she says
Jigyasa:n when u go for work who will be their with me..but he did not laugh..even did not smiled.she holds his hands.
Jigyasa:plzz Manish lets go home..she requested.he remembers everything his mom said n did to them..”this boy Manish our son..I don’t know what mistake I did that God gave this punishment to me…manish held his head trying to not think that but
“Grown up to be Bihaan killer of my bhai..I bared him for the family…manish started getting uncomfortable
Those bullet sound made him more restless back to back three n the most horrible thing the bullets hit his love..manish looks at jigyasa who was waiting for his answer..
His lady love lying in the pool of blood in his arms waiting for death but still asking him to forgive his mom..he gets more restless n breaths deeply.
“She lost much blood it’s not easy to save her”
“I’m sorry to say but she is in coma”…he wiped his sweat with his hands…
Manish:noooooo no no no I won’t..he sits on his knees crying.jigyasa sees him n sits beside him
Manish:I won’t forgive her she played with mine n everyone’s feeling.can u imagine jigyasa.i stayed with my mother all these years but still she had a kind of hatred for me..she even used us jigyasa she convinced me to marry u to get her revenge.jigyasa sees him
Manish:I mean for his own God gave a punishment to me not her that she is my mom..jigyasa gets shocked
Manish:yes yess
Jigyasa:I know what she did was wrong but it doesn’t means that u should hate her like was a misunderstanding she did that because she thought my parents killed her brother but then it was cleared right.she puts her hands on his shoulder n tries to convince her.

Manish:no jigyasa see I’m very angry now just leave me alone..he gets up to go but she holds his hand.she gets up n hugs him from back..her hands kept on his chest n his left free..he was angry.jigyasa knew that now he will go somewhere out to find peace n stay alone she did not wanted him to go n thinks to keep quite for now..he was angry n moves her hands away from his chest.she looks at him from back n again puts her hands hugging him from back.he again did the same but she never gave up she again kept her hand.he removed them again this time she was sad n looked down Manish waited for her to put her hand but she did not..he thinks she got angry n he himself takes holds of her hands n puts them on his chest under his arms..she smiles n hugs him tightly,he smiled n held both her hands.she kept his head on his shoulder n he caressed it..he turns to her n holds her in arms..
Jigyasa:what r u doing I can walk now…manish did not said anything n looked romantically at her.his looks gave her goosebumps she remembers his words “the day u will recover u will regret.not only the day but the whole night..she gets nervous..he takes her to the bed n puts her safely n lied beside her close to her holding her hand..she looked at him(ranjha naa plays).he turned towards her n she was lying straight..he slightly moved to her n she was getting tensed,nervous..she closed her eyes..he moved closer n closer n closer n puts his head on her shoulder n rested himself she opened her eyes n sees him.he hugged her n she smiled.she hugged him too..she gets up moving him away n he looks at her confused..she moved away n he holds her hand she turns to him he questions her by his eyes y she is going away with an innocent face.she took hold of the blanket with her other hand n again lied on the bed putting it on both of them he smiled n hugged her again n they slept embracing eachother…

Next morning
Manish wakes up n did not find Jigyasa in the room he gets up quickly
Manish:where did she go so early in the morning..did she go some where getting angry with I did not listen to her…no no she is not like that.she must be in the bathroom..he gets up n goes to the bathroom he knocks the door but to his shock the door was open.he gets in n sees inside jigyasa was not there too.
Manish:where did she go.she must be down with everyone.i should get ready soon n go down he freshens up n gets ready he runs downstairs Vasu sees him running over the corridor n looking for someone.
Vasu:arre wait wait where r u going in hurry.manish stop n looks at her.
Manish:Dima where is jigyasa.
Vasu:y r u asking about her n y r u looking tensed
Manish:no Dima I made her sad yesterday she is not in the room now did she go somewhere with whom she went
Vasu:affo relax beta she is in the kitchen
Vasu:yes she just came down n started helping everyone there now start ur work
Manish:my work
Vasu:yes I told her to take rests as she recovered just now n again she started doing work she is so stubborn only u can handle her.she laughs.manish smiles.
Vasu:now go n scold her.he nods n goes to the kitchen..

In the kitchen
Adhiti suman n Preeti were making food n jigyasa looking at them from far..she goes near aditi.Adhiti smiles at her
Jigyasa:chachi let me do something na plzz
Adhiti:no ways if Manish will see u doing this he will scold us.n u just recovered u take rest beta.
Jigyasa:no he won’t all these days I stayed in the room taking rest now I’m fed up I don’t want to sit like an old lady..
Adhiti:ok but still u need some time to recover completely u take rest.
Jigyasa:plzz masi let me do I na..Adhiti gets shocked suman n Preeti too gets shocked n looks at her..Adhiti’s eyes gets wet.she turns to her n smiles
Adhiti:what did u called me now.jigyasa smiles u know what u called me now do u know the meaning of it..jigyasa smiles n nods yes
Jigyasa:masi ..masi just like mother who gives her niece or nephew the love just like all the mothers give them..masi a shadow of maa…aditi smiles.she cries n hugs her.jigyasa smiles.Adhiti moves back n holds her.
Adhiti:from these years I craved to hear this word from ur mouth u don’t know what u gave me jigyasa..thapki di was my own sister n being ur masi I could not tell u about it…
Suman:yes jigyasa she used to cry remembering her sister thapki but always gets happy seeing her in u..jigyasa smiles
Adhiti:now I feel like God gave my thapki di back..
Jigyasa:no masi even I or Manish cannot take the place of mamma n papa..ok now stop this n masi let me do some work plzz
Adhiti:ok u boil this vegetables.jigyasa nods n starts her work..
Manish comes in the kitchen n sees her doing it n goes to her..he holds her hand n takes her out of the kitchen..everyone sees them n gets confused.
Jigyasa:manish were r u taking me..he stop n sees her
Manish:jigyasa what r u doing here.u r just recovered n started doing these works.y don’t u listen me y don’t u understand what I’m saying.
Jigyasa:manish I’m fine I’m bored staying in the room now n now when I’m recovered ur again asking me to take I won’t
Manish:see jigyasa I know ur angry with me ok my mistake but don’t torture ur self
Jigyasa:who said I’m angry..n cooking food or helping in the house chores r torture who said it.
Manish:means ur not angry
Jigyasa:manish y will I be angry.

Manish(in mind):if she is not angry then y should I provoke her
Manish:no I just got a u say y r u here u should be taking rest..he said strictly
Jigyasa(making a pout):manish since these days everyone took a lot care of me now I just want to help them n now u can’t force me with ur strict looks..she pulled his cheeks.he gives an irked look
Jigyasa:because I’m totally fine now n it’s very hard to stay in a closed room.i need to breath free.plzz.ok now leave me I kept the vegetables to boil they may over boil..she jerks her hand n runs to the kitchen as this was the only way to escape from him..he tried his best to stop her but she left..she reached the kitchen
Adhiti:jigyasa did Manish had some work.
Jigyasa:noo no masi..I mean yes.he came for some work now it’s done.she nods.she again starts her work.manish comes in the kitchen n sees everyone working jigyasa cutting the vegetables n subsequently looking at the boiling vegetable..he goes to her n takes the knife from her hand.she sees him everyone sees him.he did not said anything n starts cutting the vegetables.jigyasa held his hand.
Jigyasa:what is this Manish.give me I will do it.
Manish:no u focus on the vegetables they r over boiling I will cut these.
Suman:do u know cooking.she said in a sarcastic way
Manish:no chachi not much I never worked in the kitchen..
Suman:then how will u cut..she sees the vegetables he was cutting.the tomato was diced in big pieces.she laughs.
Adhiti:Bhabi it’s ok he is doing it for the first time.jigyasa smiles at her.
Adhiti:manish beta u stop n go out we will do it.
Jigyasa:yes maniah masi is right we will do u leave.looks at her confused at the word “masi”..she understands n smiles emotionally.he smiles.
Manish:no masi let me help na plzz.

Preeti:let him Adhiti he actually wants to be with jigyasa.jigyasa n manish gets shy.
Adhiti:manish beta ur son in law of this house n we never take work from a son-in-law..
Manish:gajaaab u said me beta first n then made me a son in n everyone smiled at his word “gaajaab”
Adhiti:just like Bihaan jiju used to say.he smiles.
Manish:now plzz let’s do the work or everyone will shout at us..everyone smiles n starts doing their work..
Sanjay was passing through the the kitchen.suman sees her n thinks like Manish Sanjay will also help her.she calls him
Suman:Sanjay Sanjay plzz come here.Sanjay sees him n comes in.
Sanjay:yes..manish what r u doing here come everyone is in the hall lets go n sit.
Suman:he is here to help jigyasa in her work see how concerned he is so like him also u come n help me.
Sanjay:ahh I would love to do that but I have some urgent work..Suman makes a pout n everyone smiles trying to stop their laughs..Sanjay runs out..
Suman:abhi to bole ke bahar baithte hai aur ab bolrahe hai ke kam hai.(now he was saying that lets sit out in the hall with everyone n now he is saying he has some work)
Preeti:arre suman my asshu baby is very caring he will help me see.she call his name for few times n gets irked she shouts his name n he comes to the kitchen.jigyasa n manish looks at eachother n shares looks
Ashwin:arre arre Kya hua tumne lizard dekhe Ii kya(arre arre what happen have u saw any lizard)
Preeti:asshu baby see Manish is helping jigyasa with her kitchen work.
Ashwin:oh good but jigyasa u should take rest beta.jigyasa smiles.
Preeti:see na asshu baby my hands have become red because I’m holding the knife from a long time..ashwin sees her hands
Ashwin:hmm so what should I do..suman laughs.others try to control their laughter.ashwin looks at suman confused
Preeti:asshu baby u help me to cut the vegetables na plzz like Manish is doing see.ashwin sees her
Ashwin:I would love to baby but I have to go for work.n u plzz press my shirt na ok bye..he starts going..n stops at the door

Ashwin:n baby press the shirt nicely not like yesterday the shirt was not perfectly pressed..he goes out..all the people in the kitchen burst out in laughter n Preeti gets embarrassed.
Suman:ur very lucky jigyasa to get a caring husband like Manish.jigyasa sees manish he smirks she gets shy..
Preeti:yes all husbands are..Adhiti cuts her
Adhiti:I don’t know about other husband but Dhruv is very caring he always helped me with my work
Suman:hmm yes yes Dhruv n Bihaan devar ji always used to find ways to get in the kitchen. When u both were working n starts helping u n romancing too.adhiti gets shy
Jigyasa n manish smiles at their elders romantic stories
Preeti:but now our husbands r getting out of control Suman we have to do something now.
Suman:yes let’s show them what we r.they both goes out while Adhiti tried to stop them..
Adhiti:Bhabi aata to gundti Jaiye..(Bhabi plzz first make the dough n go)they look at eachother n laughs.adhiti takes the dough plate but Dhruv calls him
Jigyasa:masi u go I will make the dough.she nods n goes out.jigyasa washes her hands n starts making dough while Manish was standing beside her cutting the vegetables in his style.he remembers their words “Bihaan n Dhruv used to find ways to get in the kitchen.”..
He stops his chopping n looks at her he smirks hugs her from back.jigyasa turns her head to him
Jigyasa:what r u doing
Manish:helping u
Jigyasa:cut the vegetables.
Manish:no I will help u in Making the dough
Jigyasa:u know how to make it.
Manish:I will try.
Jigyasa:ok then.,she moves back to go but he helds her tighter..
Manish:ahhh lets make it together.his words made her doubt.she remembers the conversation just now n understands him.she smiles at his childishness.

They knead the flour with both their hands n Manish still hugging her from back..they smiled at eachother n knead the flour.jigyasa kept her hand on the side of the plate n Manish kept his hand on hers…manish tucks his face in the crook of her neck his hard chin was making her moan.she stopped kneading as manish held her hands in his.he lifted his head n kissed her neck softly.his softness,calmness made her smile..she was happy at his touch.her heart asked her why..she ignored it n loved his soft kisses on her soft,slightly rough,milky white neck..manish loosened his grip around her n puts her hands on her back.he holds the Dori of her dress.she opens her eyes as she felt his action.she looked here n there only moving her eyeballs nervously.manish slowly pulled the Dori which made her tighten her body.he could see her shoulder blades getting tightened n moving..before he could open it completely she held his hands but did not turned a husky nervous voice..manish held a small piece of kneaded dough from her Dori which went there.he shows it to her by forwarding his hand near her.she looks at it.she widens her eyes..he keeps it on a side n moves his hands again to her back but for putting the knot to her Dori.she smiled at his genuineness,sincerity,honesty..his way made her to respect him more..she came out of her thoughts when he again hugged her n kissed her on her neck.she smiled this time looking at him
Manish:hey u don’t pass that smile it makes me uncontrollable always..I never stop adoring u.
Jigyasa:acha am I this beautiful..he smiles..he turns her n holds her
Manish:yes this beautiful that I…I
Manish:I…they hear a voice
Preeti:Adhiti lets cook the food soon
Adhiti:yes Bhabi coming..manish n jigyasa looks at eachother who were still holding eachother moves apart n gets busy in their works.preeti n Adhiti n suman comes their

Adhiti:jigyasa did u finished making dough.jigyasa sees the dough which was not yet finished n looked like a paste of flour..she makes a guilty face for killing the flour n looks at Adhiti.she smiles at her childishness n takes the flours n makes the dough of it adding some flour in it..everyone’s gets busy in work n after the food is made they serve it on the table n everyone eats it.while this jigyasa calls Adhiti as masi n the other family members gets shocked.even Dhruv.but they appreciated it n said how worried Adhiti was for her always like a mother
Dhruv:wo Sab to thik hai par princess tum mujhe chacha hi kehna ok..(everything is ok but princess u call me chacha only
Dhruv:arre why Kya acha lagta hai I mean Mai itna bhi budha nahi Hun ke mujhe .”mausa” bulaya jai.(arre what why I mean I’m not this old that I should be called “mausa”)everyone laughs
Adhiti:no jigyasa u call his mausa only.I’m ur mamma sis n he is my husband n masi’s husband “mausa”..
Dhruv:oh ho ho ho ho thapki tumhari behen thi par Bihaan Yani jigyasa ka papa mera bhi to kuch I’m her princess u will call me chacha only(oh oh oh thapki was ur sister but Bihaan who is jigyasa’s papa was also something to princess u will call me chacha..Adhiti gives looks
Vasu:ok u both stop jigyasa will decide what she will call to whom.everyone sees jigyasa.
Jigyasa:masi is will call u masi as mammas sis n chachu will be chachu as papas brother..Dhruv smirks n aditi smiles.

Everyone smiles n eats after the breakfast everyone gets up.vasu stops Manish
Vasu:beta Manish I have to talk to u something come with me..she takes him out in the lawn they sit on the chairs
Manish:yes Dima.
Vasu:what were u doing in the kitchen
Manish:I was helping the ladies to cook
Vasu:hmm n what were u doing when all the ladies went only u n jigyasa were left..manish remembers the kitchen romance.
Manish:ahh what Dima we were cooking only.what will we do other then that..
Vasu:ohh but I did not asked u that were u doing something else.he was caught..Vasu smiles
Vasu:arre beta I saw everything..manish looks at her with a deep hesitation n shyness.
Vasu:I know u love her a lot but when will you say it to her.
Manish:Dima I was about to say but Preeti aunty came in the kitchen
Vasu:I know..
Manish:I don’t know Dima I always encourage myself to do it but then when I see her I loose all my confidence n I cannot utter anything.Vasu laughs
Manish:Dima I did not said any joke it really happens to me,
Vasu:ok ok but wasn’t ur way very unromantic
Manish:I did not understand
Vasu:ur going to say the three magical words to her n with only this shyness or excitement I don’t know what it is
Manish:Dima I cannot understand any word of u plzz explain me
Vasu:offo tum itna rukha sukha I love u bologe(offo u will say I love u in this dried way)
Vasu:do some thing cool which she will like..everything that a love confession needs.something new unique.with only u n her n I will guarantee she will say yes..she laughs..
Manish:yeah Dima I understood a bit
Vasu:lo I’m explaining in such a nice brief way.n still u did not understood
Manish:no Dima now I know what I have to do he smirks.
Manish:now just wait n watch how I will confess my feeling to ur grand-daughter.vasu smiles..they have a fun chat n manish goes out for his work..

He reaches a shop n asks the salesman to show the best pieces of the shop
He nods n makes him sit.the sales man shows a lot of dresses but his eyes did not find anything best for his a moment the salesman gets irked as he is not selecting n just wasting his time.manish looks all over the shop to a perfect dress for his love.his eyes finally caught a dress..a simple but the prettiest n costliest of all.not much work but elegant,classy,Royal..his eyes constantly stared at the dress..ahh ahh not the dress actually his love in that dress.he imagined his life partner, his love,his life in that dress waving the dress n smiling at him.her giggle,her laughter,her smile,her cute face filled his mind n he was lost in a romantic dream..he love walking to him in the dress n smiling at him stood infront of her.her hairs flew in the air with the breeze.manish was mesmerized by her presence.she came ear her n he finally confessed his love to her with his lips shaking.n after his confession a cute smile on her face n a lip moment of yes..he smiles n hugged her quickly.she hugged him too.manish detaches her n looks at her.they have an intense eyelock n they both move towards eachother for a liplock.both turned their faces slightly n were to kiss when the sales man comes in the dream with a packet in hand a a bill…”sir ur bill”..,he came out of his dream world.this not was the bestest dream of his life n this sales man spoilt it..he looks at him angrily.
Salesman:sir r u buying anything..
Manish:yes pack that dress.he point to the dress.
Salesman:sir it’s very costly n precious item of our shop
Manish:hahaha not more then my wife..he smiles n the sales man packs it..he pays the bill n comes out thinking about the dream
Mansih:hmm I hope my dream comes true.he drives to the pandey nivas..

Manish was in the room doing some office work on his laptop.jigyasa comes in the room with a bowl of kheer(sweat)..she sees him working
Jigyasa(in mind):he is working after a long time n looks very serious too I think it’s some office work.nice time to speak to him about mom.she goes to her n sits beside her,he sees her n smiles n again starts working.
Jigyasa:after a long time I saw u working
Jigyasa:is it the office work
Jigyasa:ohh office work means dad gave u
Manish:yes..still typing something
Jigyasa:he called u for the work
Manish:yes jigyasa
Jigyasa:see if we were in goplani’s mension dad doesn’t have to call h for work u would go to the office with him n do ur work..but still it’s not late I think we should go back home now.maniah looks at her with a death glare.she gets scared.
Jigyasa:ok it’s ok..he fakes a smile n again starts working.
Jigyasa:manish taste this kheer na.i made it
Jigyasa:now stop ur anger masi was making so I said I will make it n she guided I
Manish:but who told u to make it
Jigyasa:arre I made it for u n ur..
Manish :I told u take rest no to make these stop this n take rest
Jigyasa:ok first eat it.she feed him n he eats.he smiles
Manish:hmm very tasty..
Jigyasa:really.he smiles.
Jigyasa:now let me taste it..manish quickly takes the bowl
Manish:this is for me I will eat all..he eats it quickly.
Jigyasa:was it this tasty.
Jigyasa:ok wait I will bring more
Manish:no I have some work I have to go now.he gets up n takes his laptop n goes out..jigyasa smiles.she comes down with him.

Everyone were eating the kheer n a bowl was left on the table
Jigyasa:how is the kheer.
Everyone:nice.she smiles n takes the bowl.
Manish:jigyasa I have to talk to u.
Jigyasa:wait Manish let me taste it.she taste the kheer..its makes faces n quickly drinks the water..mansih also makes faces
Jigyasa:yuckkk it’s not sweat at all so could u all eat this..chiiiii.
Vasu:it’s ok beta everyone girl puts salt instead of suger at her first attempt of cooking.jigyasa smiles fakely she sees manish.mansih sees her glare at him
Manish:ok I have some work I will go.he leaves quickly.jigyasa follows him.she stops him in the lawn holding his hand.
This time she was angry as he said lie that the kheer is tasty n ate all.
Jigyasa:y did u said the kheer is tasty n also pretended like could u say lie to me.u should have said its not tasty then I would be happy but u lied to me.
Manish:I lied because I didnot wanted to hurt u u made the kheer for me even when ur ill how could I hurt u.jigyasa smiles
Jigyasa:but y did u ate it
Manish:hhahah arre ye Kya tumhare hatho ka zeher bhi Mai khusi khusi khalunga…(haha I can even eat poised from ur hand)..she quickly stops him putting her hand n his mouth.
Jigyasa:y do u speak like this..he smiles.
Jigyasa:now promise u won’t do this thing again.he nods.she hugs him.she was sad now by his words poison n all.she hugged him for a long time(ranjha naa plays).he reciprocated the hug n hugged her more tightly then her…his grip made her come back in this world n she moved away getting shy.he looks at her with a pout.
Jigyasa:now go u had some work..he nods n goes out..

After some time he comes back.everyone were in the hall chatting.someone comes in the house.everyone looks at the door.
Manish:misha!!!..misha smiles n hugs him she was looking tensed.she took blessings of everyone n stood near Manish
Manish:ur here..I know u missing me..
Misha:yes bhai not only me papa n Dadi r also missing u a lot.he looks at jigyasa she gives looks to him.
Misha:Bhabi u called me here..manish sees jigyasa..
Jigyasa looks at everyone.she sees Aryan n goes near misha.
Jigyasa:yes because their is something very important that u all should know.
Vasu:what beta
Jigyasa:Dima misha.misha holds her hand.jigyasa sees her.misha gestures her not to say anything.jigyasa gives her a consoling look
Jigyasa:Dima misha n Aryan r dating..
Vasu:what..everyone gets shocked.manish looks at jigyasa n misha.aryan was standing still with a lot of confusion.what is right or wrong..his families expressions were killing him..Adhiti looks at Aryan
Adhiti:Aryan ..Aryan looks at her.
Dhruv:Aryan is it true.aryan looks at everyone misha was standing their with hope that Aryan will say yes,scared of Manish that what will he say..
Aryan:yes this is true.manish was hell shocked..
Jigyasa:I heard Aryan talking to misha on a phone call n I heard their conversation.first I though it was friendly but their conversation did not looked friendly.i asked about it to bhai n he said yes that he loves misha.i asked the same to misha n she also said yes.i though keeping it a secret won’t be good.because it’s already been days that they started dating so I reviewed it to all..she looks at Manish he was shocked did not knew what to do now say a yes as he knew Aryan is a nice guy for her sister but then her only sister will she be happy in this relationship is she ready to get married she is still a child,young,he could not understand the situation n ran up while jigyasa tried to stop him..
Misha:I told u Bhabi he won’t listen he have always been over protective towards me I knew he would not understand our love..she cries

Jigyasa:misha stop crying I will talk to him.she runs upstairs.manish was sitting at a side of the bed holding the sides of the bed in his big fist..jigyasa sees him.she comes near him n sits beside him.she knew he is angry so it’s better to talk patiently,calmly,n explain him.she puts her head on his shoulder.he looks at her.
Jigyasa:manish I know y ur tensed.thinking about the future of ur sister right.he again turns his face.
Jigyasa:I know she is ur only sister u love her a lot.n ur protective towards her.but Manish Aryan bhai is very nice u know him already.he is my bhai Manish.she moves her head n looks at him
Jigyasa:in these many days have u ever sees bhai or anyone in the family doing anything wrong.manish did not looked at her.she turned his face to her by holding his face..
Jigyasa:say..manish nods no
Jigyasa:then y r u worrying.
Mansih:because she is so small to get married.
Jigyasa:manish she is 22
Manish:yes but she should have told about it to me.she should have asked about it whether she is doing write or wrong.more over jigyasa she is a girl.
Jigyasa:I know what ur thinking manish every bhai thinks the same before their sisters get married.but Manish trust me she is happy she loves bhai a lot.bhai also loves him what does a relationship need more then love.
Manish:jigyasa its been only days they started dating how could they be so sure that this is love.
Jigyasa:so ur doubting my bhai
Manish:no no I did not mean that..
Jigyasa:what ever it is Manish but ur doing wrong separating two lovers..

She goes near the door n stop n turns to him..
Jigyasa:n yes u will understand this when u will u loose any of ur love..before Manish could say anything she goes out of the room.she reaches in the hall everyone were tensed thinking about them.everyone sees jigyasa coming jigyasa looks at misha misha was in a hope of yes but her sad face was troubling her.
Misha gestures what happen jigyasa looked disappointed n was about to nod no when she heard Manish voice..she turns to the stairs n it was Manish coming down with a happy face.
Manish:misha u would have said about it to earliest I won’t say no to it..jigyasa smiles.everyone gets happy but the pandey’s were still in tension..jigyasa looks a t misha she gets happy n runs to jigyasa n hugs her.
Misha:thank u thank u thank u thank u soo soo much Bhabi I love u ur the best.manish comes to them n pats misha’s head slightly
Manish:I said yes not she.,misha smiles n hugs him.jigyasa was jealous as misha hugged him n his words “I said yes not she” made her sad.mosha n Manish looked at her sad face.they looked at eachother n misha moves her eyebrows n Manish winks.they see her.they hold their ears.jigyasa looks at them
Misha n Manish chorus:sorry…jigyasa smiles n hugged them it was a trio hug which became four when Manish invited Aryan who was standing just beside them..they seperated.but the pandey’s were still tensed.mansih,jigyasa,Aryan,misha looked at them.vasu came to them.she held misha’s hands.
Vasu:beta we all r happy with this but..
Aryan:but Dima.
Vasu:ur Dadi is like my elder sister.n u did not said about it to them yet so it’s their decision too.i will be happy if she says yes but nothing before their decision.vasu looks at Manish
Vasu:I hope u understand Manish.its not a joke both the families should be happy..manish holds her hand
Manish:Dima I understand don’t worry after dadi’s decision only we will take a step.everyone nods n after sometime misha goes to goplani’s mension Vasu said her not to say anything to Dadi as the elders need to talk to this matter..everyone gets busy.

Jigyasa:manish u did not agree to it in the room then y u changed ur decision.
Manish:because I know how one feels getting separated by his/her love.
Jigyasa:who is ur love.manish smirked.
Manish:u will know it soon..manish runs to the room he keeps the dress on the bed with a letter n red rose on it..he comes down
Manish:jigyasa I m going out I have some work
Jigyasa:arre few hours ago u went out n again now what is this important.
Manish:something very important my life’s important thing.
Jigyasa:acha what is the important
Manish:umm I mean ur also very important to me.ok bye I’m late..he runs out.jigyasa gets confused.she goes up to her room to take rest n sees the dress on the bed with a letter n rose.she smiles
Jigyasa:what is it.she opens the letter.
Manish:jigyasa today will be the special night for us..jigyasa gets shocked.
Manish:I know ur reaction at present n u would want to kill me.jigyasa smiles
Manish:this dress is my selection for u n I want u to get ready in this dress as the way I imagined u in it.i want to tell all my feeling,my secrets everything to u today.this red rose for my sweet heart I want u to look more beautiful them this rose today..I have somethings Special planned for u today plzz get ready n come out of the house soon.n a hint we both forever.she smiled at each of his word but then tensed what will be his special surprise what was “special night” meant.but then the dress attracted her she smiles at his choice n she did not wanted to let him down she took hold of the dress n went in the wash room..

Precap-Manish’s grand gesture to confess his love for jigyasa n a romantic night…

Hey guys sorry for being so late now my work is finished n I won’t be late I will give the date of the next update too.plzz comment ur view I worked a lot on this u all tc.
Next update on Monday

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