Thahaan-a new start (episode-21)

Hello guys thank u for ur comments I m very busy these days with some personal works.i m really not getting time to type.many of u requested to type in English as in the last part I typed many of the lines in Hindi.I’m so sorry for that in future if I type anything in hindi I will give the subtitles in English too.sorry for the mistake.

Let’s starts
Manish standing out side the ward.thinking about jigyasa
Manish:what did I do now how can I take back the case n let mom in the home.if she again does any mischief with jigyasa.who knows she is acting of being guilty in front of all.she is not a good women i must have not let her home.but what could I do now I said yes to jigyasa now all I could do is keep an eye on her.she is dangerous for the whole family now.if I say no again then jigyasa will get sad.she will take stress n again her health will get I can’t take risk now..his thoughts were disturbed by the inspector
Inspector:m manish is it true r u really taking back the case.manish thinks n remembers jigyasa’s condition few minutes ago

Inspector:ok sir should we free the goons too.
Manish:no they kidnapped her n tried to kill my jigyasa I know my mom was behind it but still how dare they touch her.i cannot do anything in moms case because of jigyasa but the goons they will get their punishment.
Inspector:ok sir..the police leaves.
Manish was still thinking n gets an idea to let jigyasa stay away from neha
The family comes out of the ward n manish asks them to go home n take rest.neha was in the ward alone with jigyasa.manish did not notice her with the family.
Manish:dadi where is mom.
Dadi:she is in the ward beta.he panics

Manish:how could u leave her alone with jigyasa.he runs in.everyone notices his hatred for neha
Abhi:after what she did she deserves our hatred
Dadi:but y Is jigyasa forgiving her
Misha:because Bhabi is very generous..after what she did no one can accept her but Bhabi did
Vasu:just like my thapki does.everyone sees her.
Vasu:ahh yes my thapki was also very generous.she could forgive anyone even forgetting what they did to them.I’m happy at jigyasa’s decision.n afraid too because neha tried to harm her..

In the ward
Manish gets in n sees neha sitting beside jigyasa n crying,jigyasa was fast asleep..he gets relieved seeing her fine.he sees neha who was crying..he goes to her n holds her hand n neha sees him n was about to say something when he gestures putting his finger on his mouth to keep quite.he drags her out.n leaves her hand
Manish:I already told u not to stay near jigyasa.i took back the case for jigyasa’s health not for u to harm her again..listen this is the last warning don’t come near jigyasa or me.i cannot forgive u.he turns.neha was shocked to see his hatred for her.
Neha(in mind):his hatred is justified after all I did to him n jigyasa.he is my son n I never loved him but all of it was my mistake..
Manish:dad,dhruv uncle u take everyone home n don’t worry about jigyasa I m with her..when she wakes up I will give a call to u.abhi nods..
Dhruv:if u need anything,any help or any emergency call us.manish nods.n the family goes to their respective homes..

Manish goes to the ward n sits beside jigyasa holding her he touches her hand she smiles.he notices it n smiles.they tighten the grip around their hands.manish sleeps putting his head on the stretcher beside her hand.

Next morning
Manish’s family comes to the hospital.(including neha)with a tiffin n sees manish n jigyasa holding hands n sleeping..they smile seeing them..Dhruv n Vasu also comes to the hospital with their tiffin..they see them n smiles too.vasu n Dadi shares looks
Dadi goes to manish n wakes him.he gets up rubbing his eyes with one hand n the other was still n jigyasa’s hand.he sees them..he sees the was 9
Manish:u all came soo early..
Dadi:yes have u slept nicely.
Vasu:beta u r looking very ur food n go home n get fresh..we all r here to take care of her.manish sees jigyasa who was deep in sleep.he nods yes n gets up.he turns n sees neha..he gets angry n thinks if she harms jigyasa.dadi notices it n shakes him
Dadi:we brought her because leaving her alone home is risky who know she plans anything against us n also we can keep an eye on her soo..manish nods.neha gets shocked at the hatred that her whole family has for her but keeps quite

Manish sees jigyasa n slowly detaches his hand from hers n does it slowly n softly with out disturbing her sleep..after doing it he sees her n smiles at her cute puppy face.vasu brings him back to this world n he sees everyone they were smiling at him.he gets shy n goes away from there..
Dadi:arre where r u going eat ur food first.he nods n sits both the families serves him their respective foods n he eats.he was hungry n eats till his stomach gets full..
Manish:wow I have never ate such tasty food.ok now I’m going to home to get fresh n I will come back soon.but if she wakes up plzz feed her and if she again makes excuses feed her forcefully..he instructs everyone with a lot concern for jigyasa.they smiles
Vasu:ok ok we will but u go now.

Manish:but Dima will u all take good care of her na.
Vasu:what u mean by that.I’m her Dadi.
Manish:no Dima but I know her better she is very stubborn she won’t eat easily.
Vasu:arre see Annapurna ji it’s been one month n he knows her better then me.everyone smiles.manish also smiles
Dadi:don’t worry manish we will take care..manish nods n goes out..everyone smiles n gestures eachother while manish again peep through the door n Dadi sees him
Dadi:now what manish..everyone sees him
Manish:no just looking whether u all r taking care of her or not..he says jokingly to tease them
Dadi n Vasu:manishhhhh.he runs out.he smiles at the small family joke..

He goes to goplani’s mansion n gets fresh.he thinks about neha n as he wanted jigyasa to stay away from her he thinks he has to did something
After getting fresh he again goes to the hospital..

He thinks of talking to the doctor about jigyasa’s condition.he goes to his office
Manish:excuse me Doctor
Doctor:oh mr manish plzz come.manish enters n sits
Manish:Doctor I just wanted to know about my wife’s condition she fine physically,mentally.
Doctor:plzz u don’t need to worry manish because ur wife is fine now.she is doing well.n the way u all have taken care of her.i saw improvements in only a day n that’s a good news..don’t worry she is mentally n physically fit.manish gets happy
Manish:thank u Doctor glad to hear if she is fine can we take her home
Doctor:no mr goplani how could u think of it..she has just came out of a big trauma..
Manish:I know it Doctor but she doesn’t feel good here.she will be fine in a familiar environment..don’t worry she will be taken good care.i assure u that.i will take care of her..n mostly she is not safe home their will be lots of people around to look after but here some or the other work is not letting us to stay near her.n also I can’t leave her alone anytime..
Doctor:ok mr goplani if u think so.we will discharge her today
Manish:u guide me everything I will take care of her

Doctor:take a proper care of her,mostly feed her soups,don’t let a water drop fall on her wounds it will cause infection,don’t allow her to walk for two three days as her wounds are not yet dried but after it make her walk at distances she will feel better n come back to the regular schedule..he explains him everything n gives more advices to cure her soon
Manish nods at each one n thanks him.
Doctor:I will send the discharge formalities soon.manish nods n comes out.

Jigyasa was awake n Dadi n Vasu trying to feed her but she as a stubborn girl not eating anything.making an excuse of stomach full n tries to avoid each of them.abhi n Dhruv we’re seeing all her cute excuses from far n neha standing far away from each one of them looking at them.this time she was smiling..manish peeped in n looks at everyone.he knew that they cannot control her.
Dadi:beta u did not finish half of it too eat it soon.
Jigyasa:no Dadi I’m full I cannot eat more.manish enters
Manish:what happened…he said a bit angrily..everyone looked at him.jigyasa thinks y he is angry now…Dhruv n abhi comes near to them too.
He comes to the stretcher n sees everyone Dadi n Vasu for not feeding her properly they knew it n looked down.he sees jigyasa with a death glare for not eating n she gets scared..she feels keeping hush will save her from his anger..she keeps quite.
He wanted to laugh but if he did she will again do her dramas for not eating..he kept on acting of being angry n everyone believed that he is very angry.he sees Vasu n Dadi..he takes food plate from her hand n keeps it aside.he takes a bowl n pours soup in it.he kept on being angry.n sat near jigyasa who was scared of his anger…he moved the spoon full of soup towards his mouth n she like an obedient child eats it quitely.vasu n Dadi were shocked at her sudden change..after few sips she places her hand on the bowl
Jigyasa:enough..manish looked at her angrily she gets scared n took back her hand.manish laughs inside but stays still.he again feeds her n she eats quitely.she finishes the full bowl of soup n after it manish cleans her face with a tissue a bit hard that indicates her that he is still angry..she held his hand not allowing him to go.manish looks at her.they have an eyelock(ranjha naa plays)..
Manish moves his hands to his pocket n takes out a big chocolate n opens it.he takes a least little bite of it to feed her..she see him he gesture to eat n she eats it..he smiles
Manish:I’m not angry now but I will if u don’t take care of urself.he turns to Dadi n Vasu who were expecting his outburst but he gives them the chocolates to everyone
Manish:I already told u that u can’t handle her.they smiles n takes the chocolates.jigyasa was confused
Jigyasa:why u gave me the shortest piece? U know na how much I love chocolates
Manish:because Doctor told to avoid such thing so no chocolate or sweets till u get I fed u because I have a good news
Manish:I talked to the doctor n he gave jigyasa discharge..
Jigyasa:really.she said happily like a child.manish smiles we r going home I know u were not feeling good here.jigyasa smiles at his understanding..
Jigyasa(in mind):how much he understands me,how much he cares for me..she smiles
Manish:but u have to take care n all of us he gave some advices n we will do them all..
We have to keep a strict look on her health..then only she can recover soon..everyone nods.manish sees jigyasa n smiles.he sees neha.with a normal face

Manish:dadi I have some work I will come soon..
He goes from there n after few hours he comes back to the hospital with a luggage.n enters the ward.everyone sees him n wonders y he brought the luggage
Dadi:manish what is in this luggage.
Manish:dadi it’s mine n jigyasa’s clothes.
Jigyasa:our clothes but y u brought it here manish we will go back home soon now.
Manish:yes we will but the place we r going we will need these clothes
Jigyasa:where r we going.

Manish:after the discharge we will go to pandey nivas with Dima..everyone gets shocked
Jigyasa:what but y
Manish:I cannot leave u with this women n I too cannot see her face whole day I fear if I do some thing wrong.
Jigyasa:manish what childishness is this.she tries to get up n manish holds her.she sits properly by his support.

Jigyasa:manish ur doing wrong it’s been days now forget that .
Manish:I cannot forget or forgive her..I know this sudden decision is not correct but I have no other way.if u won’t agree then ok I won’t come home..
Jigyasa:manish stop being adamant now
Manish:it lies to u too stop being adamant n listen to what ur husband says..
Jigyasa:see manish it’s not right.
Manish:arre yaar if Dima n Dhruv uncle doesn’t have any problem then y r u questioning..he sees Vasu n Dhruv

Manish:Dima do u have any problem if we both stay at pandey nivas for some days.she smiles n nods noo.manish smiles
Jigyasa:but manish till when will we stay much time will u take to forget this incident
Manish:jigyasa plzz I have listened all the things u said but plzz one thing I cannot stay with her plzz don’t force me now.or else I will go some where.let me stay in peace.
Jigyasa:manish…Dadi stops her
Dadi:jigyasa I know his way is not correct but his intensions r not he is effected the most he almost lost u,got to know the true face of his mother,neha gets sad.
Dadi:u don’t know how worried he was when u were unconscious now he need u.he wants u to be fully cured n I know forgiving her is difficult for all of let manish stay away from her he needs time n also u r not cured u need rest,care which manish can give u in the pandey nivas staying with u but in our house he will get angry seeing neha around so u both stay at pandey nivas.jigyasa nods sadly n manish gets happy.

Misha:see because of u bhai n Bhabi has to stay away from us too.she cries n side hugs manish.he hugs her too.neha also cries n gets sad
Misha:bhai till when r u going to come back.i will miss u.manish smiles.
Manish:I will miss u too n don’t worry about us we will be fine n we will frequently talk on phone.or meet somewhere..misha smiles n nods yes.
Manish(in mind):sorry princess but I too don’t know till when we r going to stay there away from the family.but I cannot see jigyasa in this state again.she cannot do anything to anyone in the family.police will secretly keep an eye on jigyasa’s health is most important for me..he goes for some paper work n Comes back..

Manish:she got discharge now we can go home.everyone gets happy.they pack their things n a nurse makes Jigyasa Change her clothes.she had a lot bandages tied on her body..she wears a light cotton salwar suit with half sleeves n puts the duppata on one side..she comes out holding the nurse n finds difficult to walk..manish who was standing alone in the ward sees her n runs to her.he holds her by her waist n her duppata was about to fall n holds it too..she holds him n looks at him.he gestures the nurse to go n she goes out..

Manish:tum thik ho(ur fine na)..jigyasa smiles n nods yes..she was shy as her duppata fell from her shoulders she was feeling uncomfortable.she sees here n there.manish understand n holds her tightly with one hand around her waist griping hardly n with the other hand he puts the dupatta around her neck.she holds it n sees him.they have an eyelock..jigyasa Unknowingly puts her hands on his chest.their eyelock deepened n it became romantic,intense one..jigyasa was weak n stumbling manish holds her more Close.their nose touched they see it n looks at eachother..jigyasa was feeling something for him she was not aware of..their lips attracted each other n they both started coming close..their breathes mingled n they both felt eachothers hot breath as they were coming close.jigyasa’s hands grabbed the T-shirt which he was wearing n manish hands tightened around her waist..they came more close n moved their heads a little n hugged eachother..jigyasa wraps her hands around his neck n he still holding her waist..

they hugged for a long time the hug spoke all the things for scared they were to loose eachother,how much worried,patience,their eyes filled with tears..he patted her back n moved away.they smiled at eachother n manish took her in his arms n walked out while jigyasa held him by his neck n looked at him romantically.they walked out n the family waiting for them near the ward.
Manish:dad u take the family home n Dhruv uncle u take Dima home I will come in my car I have to go some where. With jigyasa
Vasu:but beta jigyasa is not fine yet.

Manish:don’t worry Dima I will take care.she nods n they leave.manish also walks n the people in the hospital sees them n compliments their couple “how romantic”n all.jigyasa n manish sees each other n manish walked out.he carefully places jigyasa in the car n sits in..he drives n jigyasa looks at him constantly n he knew it..he smiles n slowly moves his hand to her n holds her hand.she sees it n sees him shocked.he smiles n sees her n winks..
Manish:why r u looking at me like that Mrs jigyasa goplani.
Jigyasa:why did u hold my hand
Manish:because u were looking at me.what r ur plans haan..he winks.she makes faces
Jigyasa:where r we going.
Manish:to the police station..

Jigyasa:what but y.she said horrifiedly.
Manish:relax we r going there for some work I have some papers to sign.dont worry I’m with u.she smiles fakely.they reach the police station
Jigyasa:manish u go in I will be here.
Manish:how can u think that I will leave u here alone.. manish gets out of his seats picks jigyasa in arms he takes her in n makes her sit on a chair.he goes to the inspector n talks to him n signs the required papers n comes back.
Manish:come lets go my work is done.jigyasa nods n manish was about to take her in arms when “wait”…she says

Jigyasa:can u hear that..they hear a screaming sound of the kidnappers.
Manish:yes they r getting tortured for the deed they did..
Jigyasa:can I see them once
Jigyasa:I promise I won’t fear.he nods n take her there she sees them getting beaten n her gaze fells on the old man who actually helped her eloping is getting beaten badly by the police.she gets shocked n pats manish’s shoulder.manish sees her
Jigyasa:manish that old man he is not a member he saved me he helped me escaping from their prison stop torturing him plzz.manish nods n asks the inspector not to torture the old man n bring him out.a constable holds him n bring him out.he sees jigyasa n smiles
Old man:how r u beta

Jigyasa:I’m fine uncle but ur in this state still thinking about me.old man smiles.
Jigyasa:inspector he is not with them leave him plzz.he nods
Manish:take him to the hospital sorry uncle I did not knew that u helped her.but I told u not to do anything with him.he sees the inspector he looks down .manish apologizes n the old man smiles
Old man:arre it’s ok it’s my mistake that the goon is my son.
Jigyasa:no uncle u always helped everyone to escape from ur sons prison.dont feel bad plzz..u have not done any mistake
Manish:yes uncle don’t be guilty..
Old man:God bless u both,with all the happiness u want..he smiles n leaves with the constable.manish n jigyasa also leaves.
Jigyasa:now we r going home na I’m tired
Manish:no we r going to some other place.

Manish:it’s a surprise u will get to know soon.jigyasa was excited to see it after few minutes they reach a place.manish comes out of the car n ties a handkerchief on his head.n goes to jigyasa’s side n opens the door.he puts her duppata on her head n takes her in arms.she sees around it was looking like a dargah..she smiles.
Manish:this is the place where I worshipped n got u back..A person told me that no one goes empty hands from this dargah of hazrath nizamuddin auliya n it’s true I went in n got u back in my life,she smiles n he steps in holding her in arms..she sees around the beautiful dargah.he goes to the corner where the old man sits who gave manish the leaf n asked him to keep it on his wife’s forehead.he meets him.old man sees them n he smiles.
Manish:I came back here with my wife she is out of danger now.
Old man:may god bless u both long life with Health..go my child n pray..h
e nods n takes jigyasa.he takes a red thread n gives her.he goes near the mannat door n shows his thread which he tied praying for her she smiles

Manish:now u tie the thread on behalf of both of us praying of one n eachother.she smiles n moves her hand to tie the thread.she ties it n holds it.they close their eyes n prays for each other
Jigyasa(in mind):god thank u for this new life u gave me..but I hope manish forgives mom soon..Dadi said he was very worried for me.n I have also seen that.when I got consciousness I first saw his face n he had tears in his eyes for me..he was holding my hand like he don’t want me to go or will not let me go anywhere..I just want to thank u for giving him in my life.we married for our family but now we r slowly understanding each other liking each other’s company I hope it goes on in the same way.plzz don’t ever let him go away from me always make sure that he is happy..she smiles n prays..

Manish(in mind):I can’t thank u enough for giving her back,she is everything to me,my life, my love,the reason I’m alive today…if anything would have happen to her I would not live.i love her a lot.thank u for giving her back.plzz help me getting her recover soon I want her to recover n stand on her own feets just like the way before.i can’t see her in pain..after she recovers I will confess my feeling to her that I love her a lot..thank u for everything.he smiles n opens his eyes n sees jigyasa who was looking at him n smiling..he smiles
Manish:what r u looking at me
Jigyasa:hmm nothing n what was the big wish u were making.

Manish:wishes r not said to anyone it won’t get fulfilled.she smiles.n they leaves from their..

Pandey nivas
Manish n jigyasa reaches home n Manish takes her in arms n steps in.aditi stops them
Adhiti:arre arre arre wait wait ..everyone comes their.manish n jigyasa looked confused
Vasu:beta u came back home after a big incident.don’t get in like this..wait.she sees adhiti n she nods n goes in the kitchen with suman n comes back with a thali n a bowl of rice..Vasu takes the thal n suman places the rice bowl near manish’s feet..
Vasu does the aarti n asks manish to push the bowl with his leg.he smiles n nods he pushes it slightly n gets in.he goes to the sofa n makes her sit..she smiles at him.
He sits beside her.they all have a chat for few minutes

Vasu:manish take jigyasa to the room n u both take rest I will send food in ur room only.he nods n takes her upstairs..they reach jigyasa’s room n manish places her safely on the bed.jigyasa’s mangalsutra stucks in his t-shirts.after placing her on bed he moves back n jigyasa sees her mangalsutra if he moves back more the mangalsutra would break.she quickly holds his tshirt.n he sees her.they see each other n manish thinks she is being romantic n smiles.he did not see the stuck n moves his eyebrows up gesturing her what.she sees him n gets confused..he sits beside her n she starts taking out her mangalsutra while he thinks she is playing with his tshirt.he smiles n holds her by her upper arms n slowly moves close.she sees him she understands why he is coming close.she smiles at him n he moves close.she takes out her mangalsutra n shows him.he sees it n moves back.he sees her confused

Jigyasa:this was stucked in ur t-shirt.he sees her n his t-shirt.he gulps n moves back.she starts laughing.he sees her.
Jigyasa:what were u thinking haan that I am pulling u close.she laughs.manish feels embarrassed
Jigyasa:n also you r coming close..she laughs more.
Manish:stop laughing now.n ur coming close means u don’t want me to come close to u.she did not said anything but laughed at him.
Manish:ok laugh how much u want I won’t come close to u I’m going.he starts going when jigyasa hold his hand
Jigyasa:acha sorry don’t go.manish makes a pout.jigyasa makes him sit beside her n holds his hand
Jigyasa:plzz don’t ever say that u will go away from me.i can’t bare it now.already my parents went away leaving me orphan now I can’t loose u Manish.she gets tears.manish smiles n cups her face
Manish:I also don’t want to go away from u don’t worry I’m always with u.he wipes her tears.she smiles.

Jigyasa:acha I have something to ask u
Manish:what is it.
Jigyasa:yesterday in the hospital y did the doctor called u personally manish.n also u were looking tensed after ur meet with the doctor is anything serious.manish looks at her tensed.
Jigyasa:what happened to me??
Manish:do u really want to know what happened to u.he holds her both hands tightly.she gets more worried n nods yes
Manish:think about it again it’s some thing very shocking..jigyasa grips tightens on his hand.she was getting restless his words were making her restless..
Jigyasa:manish ur making me worried plzz say na I’m I am Fine na am I suffering from something..he puts his finger on her lips
Manish:shhhhh..he holds her hand gain.he smiles.
Manish:the thing is doctor called me alone because at that time u were not in the state to hear this he called me alone to give this news
Jigyasa:what news.?

Manish:that yo-u a-re..he stammers intentionally
Jigyasa:I’m ??..he holds her hand more tightly
Manish:ur pregnant…she widened her eyes in shock n left his hand.he still held them.he smiles inside but behaves normal.
Jigyasa:I…..I….i am..he smiles slightly n nods yes.jigyasa takes her hands away from his hands. Touches her tummy for sensing the baby..
Jigyasa:but how.she sees him.he moves his eyebrows up in an negative sign looking at her innocently..
Jigyasa:from when I..I mean that incident I got three shots.
Manish:that’s y I was worried n came in the room thinking that only.
Jigyasa:manish r u really saying the truth..he nods yes..she remembers his kisses n some romantic moments.she covers her mouth with one hand n looks at him
Jigyasa:I am pregnant..she asked again childishly n manish could not resist he laughs at her.she was looking at him bewildered n he kept laughing.
Jigyasa:y r u laughing.

Manish:ohh god jigyasa look at ur face like u have done some mistake n got caught.he laughs more.
Jigyasa:manish stop laughing n tell me the truth or else I won’t talk to u.
Manish:oh my trick on me..ok ok ur not pregnant madam Doctor just called me to take more care of u..
Jigyasa:ahh u scared me
Manish:y the news of pregnancy is a scaring thing
Jigyasa:hmm u exactly know y I was scared ..he laugh.
Jigyasa:stop laughing idiot first Made me worried n now laughing at me.he stops laughing..he holds her hands n pulls her.she looks at him.
Jigyasa:what r u doing now?
Manish:go into a flashback.n just recollect what u said me now.
Jigyasa:”stop laughing”

Jigyasa:”u made me worried n laughing at me”
Manish:before that
Jigyasa”stop laughing idiot….she stops n sees him.he smiles naughtily..she gets shy n moves but he stops her by putting his hands around her dragging him more close.
She sees him,.
Manish:u called me idiot..she nods no.
Manish:ahhah I heard it don’t lie.she had nothing to say.
Manish:now say u said me idiot or not..she sees him.he said in a husky n romantic voice..she looks down.he smiles n touches her bare arms n shoulders.n moves his thumb on them romantically.jigyasa sees him n he gestures to say

Manish:yes or no..he presses her hands more tightly n romantically.jigyasa could not bare more
Jigyasa:y…ye.yes…she said closing her eyes n looked down..he smiles n held her she looks at him n his gaze at her melted her.she held his hands n he took her move as yes n starts coming close to her.jigyasa did not said anything this time but watched him coming close.their eyelock became intense n they smiled at eachother.manish kisses her hand slightly moving it up..she smiles..he moves closer to her.(ranjha naa plays)their bodies touched n face an inch away.jigyasa closed her eyes he came close to kiss her but

“Haan haan acha se banaya hai badi sasuuuu…”the person did not complete the sentence.(yes yes cooked it nicely badi sasuuu)
Manish n jigyasa hears them n manish turns.suman n Vasu were standing at the door looking at them..manish quickly gets up n jigyasa composes herself
Vasu:ahh we should come later.suman nods n they starts going.

Manish:Dima wait we were just talking..Vasu n suman shares looks n turns to them.
Jigyasa was very shy
Suman:it’s ok manish beta u both want to stay alone na we will come later
Manish:no aunty nothing like that.
Suman:arre but..
Vasu:bas suman keeps quite
Suman:take this food for u both.corn soup for jigyasa n this plate for u with fresh orange juice for u both.manish smiles n takes it.
Manisn:Dima I know it was a wrong decision of staying here I’m sorry for that but I had almost lost her once n I don’t have the guts to loose her again jigyasa sees him
Vasu:no beta I know ur way was wrong but u did it for jigyasa.n haan take care of my daughter haan.maniah smiles n nods..
Vasu:I don’t have to say it too beta u already taking nice care of her.jigyasa smiles seeing him..
Vasu:ok u both eat ur food n sleep ok.they nods n Vasu n suman goes out..manish goes near the door n locks it.jigyasa gets nervous..he comes near her n sits he sees her.he takes the soup bowl n starts feeding her spoon by spoon.jigyasa eats silently.after she finishes he keeps the bowl at the side table n starts getting up when jigyasa holds his hand n made him sit again.manish looked at her.jigyasa took his plate of food n starts feeding her.
Manish:I will eat myself jigyasa u take rest..she pushed the food in his mouth
He sees her sarcastically n ate the food while she kept him feeding.he smiles at her concerns.he finishes his food n takes the plate from her n keeps on the side table.he makes her drink juice n as she finished her glass
Manish:take my glass also u need it.

Jigyasa:what I can’t drink two I’m full
Manish:u have to drink it now
Jigyasa:no I’m not manish I can’t eat or drink anything more now.
Manish:again ur childishness drink it now open ur mouth..he holds his mouth n puts the glass forcefully n made her drink.she unwillingly had to gulp the juice.after she finishes she glares manish angrily like she will kill him.he smiles n takes a tissue n wipes her face.his act melted her,his love,his care,his concern melted her anger n she smiles at him..he gets up n switches off the lights but kept the lamp lights on as if jigyasa needs anything.he makes her lie down on the bed n goes to his side of bed n rests himself beside her.she looks at him confused.manish puts the blanket on her n himself too..jigyasa kept looking at him n he sees her.
Manish:why r u looking at me like that

Jigyasa:no just…will u not do anything.???
Manish:what..he closed his eyes n kept his hands under his head n rested himself
Jigyasa:wo I said u idiot na..he quickly opened his eyes n looked at her amazed.she also kept looking worried thinking he is angry or what..

Manish in a second came upon her carefully not hurting her as she had wounds..he kept both his hands near her head to take support n stayed away not touching her body.
Manish:so u want me to do something like..jigyasa cuts him
Jigyasa:no no I was thinking that u …u got angry so I just asked.
Manish:shhhhh..I know everything Mrs jigyasa goplani.he winks n she gets shy..he moves close n gives a soft kiss on her cheek..she looks at him.they both smiled at eachother(ranjha naa plays.)..

Manish:the day u will get recovered u will regret.not only the day but the whole night.she widens her eyes n looked at him.he smiles n moved to his place.he closed his eyes n left jigyasa tensed…his word..she was in shock.”the day u will get recovered u will regret.not only day but the whole night.” It back to back came in her mind n she started playing with the blanket in tension..he exactly knew what she was thinking n her gaze on him but he kept his eyes closed n acted like sleeping..jigyasa thinks he slept n turns to the other side n tries to sleep.but she could not his words repeatedly came in her mind. She turned to him again.he was still closing his eyes n acted sleeping.she was in tension n looking at him constantly.he finally opened his eyes n looked at her.she was looking at him confused.n he smiled at her.he came close to her n moved her head up n kept his hand under it.he pulled her close slightly n hugged her.she kept her hand on his chest n looked at him.he smiles
Manish:ohh Mrs jigyasa goplani I was joking now sleep.she smiles n hugged him they closed their eyes n slept embracing eachother..

Next morning
Bihaan woke up n saw her still in his arms,he smiles.he slowly detaches her n gets up..he goes to fresh up n come back n sees her she was still deep in sleep..he stands at his place admiring her.she smiles in sleep her lips curved into a smiles n his lips curved too seeing her.he was admiring her cute baby face of sleeping.
Manish:she looks so cute while sleeping.just like a baby sleeping cuddling a pillow.she was holding a pillow to her chest.he smiles..he gets fresh n goes down..
He wishes everyone good morning n eats with them. He takes jigyasa’s food to her room.

In room
Jigyasa wakes up n sees around she did not find manish.
Jigyasa:he woke up so early today.she wipes her eyes n tries to get up.manish gets in the room n sees her struggling to get up.he shouts “wait”..he runs to her n keeps the tray on the bed..he quickly holds her n makes her sit upright.
Manisn:can’t u wait for me I was coming na
Jigyasa:I did not saw u here so I though to get up myself..
Manisn:ok if it was this urgent then u would have called out my name na.
Jigyasa:ok ok stop shouting..she tries to get up from bed..he holds her again
Manisn:I said just now to call me n again ur trying to get up where r u going
Jigyasa:y should I call u ur standing infront of me
Manisn:so tell the thing u need I will get it.
Jigyasa:no I will do myself.

Manisn:arre wait.he holds her.
Manish:y can’t I do that tell me doctor advised u not to get up so tell me I will do the work
Jigyasa:manish u can’t I will go myself
Manisn:so u want to go some where.say me where u want to go I will get u there.say.park,garden.down in the hall..anywhere for relaxing.say.jigyasa feels shy..she gestures him to come close.he gets confused but bends down to her she goes to close to him near his ears n whispers
Jigyasa:washroom..he moves back shocked ..she looked don’t n feels shy.he also looked down n felt wierd..he stood up.she sees him.he takes her in arms. N walks to the washroom.she looks at him.he reaches near the door
Manisn:open the door
Jigyasa:what u can’t come in.manish did not see her
Manisn:open the door..she did.he took her in n made her stand on the floor.
Manisn:u do ur work I will stand out when u finish call me..she nods n he goes out closing the door.he stood beside the door.she gets freshed n starts walking near the door..she thinks to wash her teethes n face too.she slowly walks to the wash basin holding the thing which she saw near..she washed her teethes n face n started walking to the door when she feels pain in her stomach..she shouts “ahhhhh”..manish hears her n runs in he sees her standing near the washbasin holding it n her stomach shouting in pain..he runs to her n holds her
Manisn:jigyasa what happen.he takes her in arms n runs out he places her on the bed..manish gives her some pain killers n she feels good after few minutes
Manisn:are u alright should I call the doctor.wait I will calls the doctor now.he gets up she holds his hand.she was panting,
Jigyasa:manish I’m fine now.he sits beside her
Manish:I told u not to walk more but u never listen to me.cant u call me n what will happen of u don’t brush for few days haan.
Jigyasa:I’m sorry

Manish:u should be..jigyasa gets tears In her eyes.manish sees them
Manish:jigyasa I’m not scolding u I just stops him
Jigyasa:thank u manish u know what I m very lucky as I have a caring husband like u.manish I have lost my mom dad.but got my dad in u.u take care of me like I’m a small child n because of u I’m alive now..he smiles..
Jigyasa:manish will u do one thing.
Manish:yes anything.

Jigyasa:plzz bring a box from that cupboard.she points it.he goes there n sees a diamond big box he bring it to her.jigyasa opens it n he sees many frames of thapki n Bihaan.he sees Bihaan n gets shocked.he looks just like him.jigyasa share the story of thapki n Bihaan which Vasu told her.he smiles.
Manish:they were an inspiring love story.n I also feel like Dima says true
Manish:remember she said that ours is a thapki moms n bihaan papas new birth.she smiles

Manish:we both will also stay together just like them.jigyasa see him n smiles
Manish:jigyasa u have to take care of ur self now.see few minutes ago u were not able to stand n breath too.plzz take me for anything u want..
Jigyasa:ok papa..she smiles.he understands her meaning..he wraps his arms around her neck
Manish:good mom
Jigyasa:hawwww how dare u call me mom
Manish:how dare u call me papa..she laughs..they both laugh at eachother n manish makes her drink the soup..

At night.
Jigyasa was sitting on the bed..her back was paining as all the day she sat on the bed
Jigyasa:manish I’m bored now n my back is also paining I can’t sit more now.
Manish:ok I will take u some where
Jigyasa:but look at the time Dima will scold.manish thinks
Manish:I will take u to the balcony..she nods happily that finally she will breath some fresh air.he takes her in arms n took her to the balcony.she said to make her stand
Manish:no u remember the morning incident u stood for 5 minutes n got pain no I cant leave u
Jigyasa:manish ur hands will pain
Manish:ohh sweat heart I can carry u like this for my whole life.
Jigyasa:what..she said shockingly

Jigyasa:no no no before that some thing “sweetheart”
Manish:y can’t I call u that ur my wife.
Jigyasa:no actually I heard that word from ur mouth first time soo
Manish:then make it a habit sweetheart.he smiled n she looks down
Manish:ohh u look more cute when u get shy..he kissed her on cheek.she looked shockingly at him.he winked n smiled.

Days passed n manish took more n more care of her…Adhiti would come at times to change her dress.jigyasa was recovering.she stayed in the room n at a lot insistence he took her down in the hall.he feeds her,took her everywhere she wants combed her hairs n tied them.made her feel comfortable.he planned a strict diet chart for her n followed it.only soups n boiled vegetables with a glass of milk n a boiled egg.she hated them but his strict gaze made her eat them forcefully.after four days he made her walk over the room using a walking stick which will help her balance..they understood eachother more.came close to eachother more n more..they loved eachothers a doctor advise he gave her oil massage on her stomach n back at the spinal bone which will help her walk easily with out pain..every time his hands touched her body she felt shivers..he moved her cotton suit from her belly n puts few drops of oil.she kept looking at him n he was busy at his work.he place both his hands on her belly with made her out of breath..she breathed in n only in..she slowly exhaled..his touch was making her restless.he looks at her they look at eachother he turns her half as she cannot lay down on her stomach..he massaged her back..she felt shivers n moved a bit manish sees her..she turns straight.manish kept his hand beside her for support n started massaging on her belly.each time he pressed his fingers she felt restless n unknowingly she pushed his hand which he kept near her for support.he lost his balance n fall an her.his lips placed on her belly. Not hard which would pain her.they both widened their eyes.jigyasa held the pillows beside her n closed her eyes..manish slowly lifts his head n sees her.she opened her eyes n looks at him they had an intense eyelock(ranjha naa plays)jigyasa turned his face away n he came in senses too he again gave Her a little massage n gets up putting her suit all these days she kept him saying to forgive neha but everytime he went away with out saying anything.

Days passed n she had not took bath from since a week n days.she insisted to bath but he said no n scolded her to take care not to do anything which will make her unwell again..she gets sad.n he notices it he goes out n after few minutes he comes back..he brings a packet n gives her.she takes it..
Jigyasa:what is it.?
Manisn:some dress go n wear it.u wanted to bath na..
Jigyasa:it means i can bath now
Manish:no u just wear this n come back doctor told me strictly to not let a drop of water or any liquid to fall on u
Jigyasa:then how will I bath
Manisn:I said na wear this n come.he takes her to the bath room n she wears the was a gym top which was only from her shoulder to her chest.n a track..she wears it..
Jigyasa:how can I go out in this..she looked at herself.she sees a shawl n wraps around.she comes out slowly holding the stick she was expecting manish standing out as he always did but this time he was not there.manish enters the room holding a tray which had a bowl n few dried clothes.he keeps it on the table n comes to her he takes her in arms n takes her to the bed.he makes her sit n he goes to close the door.
Manish:this is hot water I will dip this cloth in this water n then clean u with it.jigyasa gets shocked
Jigyasa:what bu..but.
Manish:what but I’m ur husband
Jigyasa:yes but.
Manish:see I won’t allow u to bath under the shower so only this way left.
Jgiyasa:ok I will do myself
Manish:no u can’t u will feel pain on ur wound.i will help u.thats y I got these top n tracks for u
Jigyasa:manish let me try.
Manish:ok try,she tries to dip her hand in the was hot.she takes her hand out n scream “ahh”.
Manish:see I told u.she manages to dip the cloth n starts removing the shawl she sees manish n stops
Jigyasa:u go n stand there turning to the other side.i will do n if I need ur help I will call.u.manisn does.she tries to remove her shawl but it stucks in her top hook.she tries but did not happen she thinks of cleaning the other side.but her stomach started paining.she could not move her hand.she calls manish he turns n sees her.he goes near.he knew her stomach was aching n slowly massages her belly she feels relaxed.he sees her .she gets she was in the small top n tracks.the shawl was hiding her shoulders only.he moved his hands to it n removed the shawl.she looks down..he takes the cloth n cleans her.he cleans her belly her shoulders her hands her. Legs her neck her face.she closed her eyes while he kept looking at her doing his work n knew how she felt..they both were shy.

Manish:done.jigyasa sees him.he covers her in the shawl agian.she smiles at his genuineness..he took her to the bathroom n gave her a pair of clothes.she changed n came out.he took her to the bed n she was relaxed now..,he kept giving her massages,took her for a walk daily n exercise too.she was getting better.she still had some problem n walking manish held her while walking n one day they visited the examined her.
Doctor:I never expected a quick recovery mr n Mrs goplani u really took good care of her that she is like this now.people with a small problem takes months to recover n u recovered only in two weeks.i really appreciate that.n now we will take out the bandages also plzz go with the nurse she will help u.i will give few medicine which u have to continue.manish n jigyasa smiles n came out,.nurse took them to a room.n she was an old one looks like a Cristian n talking freely to them..
Nurse:arre son ur soo lucky to get such beautiful wife.n daughter ur more lucky to get a caring husband..they smiles at eachother.she sees here n there
Nurse:ohh wait a minute I forgot something.i will go n bring it.son u plzz take out her bandages..manish jigyasa gets shocked
Manish:but how can I.
Nurse:arre u both r husband wife na then u r u getting shocked.son u take out the bandages I will come soon
Manish:no actually I don’t know how to take out the bandages.
Nurse:ohh it’s simple just cuts them with this scissor..she gives one to his hand,
Manish:arre if she gets hurt then
Nurse:no son her wounds r fully dried she won’t get hurt.u take out easily I will come..she goes out closing the door while they tried stopping her but she already went..they could not look at eachother.they were feeling shy.jigyasa had to take out her shirt for cutting those bandages.manish did not wanted to do it he was about to go when she pulled out her shirt n he looked at her in shock.he turned his face.she also did not looked at him n stood turned to the other side.he sees her n goes to her.thinking he has to do it now.he touches her belly.she tightened her fist..he slowly cutted the bandages one by one while touching her body..her opened hairs covers her back he moved her hairs to a side n cutted the bandages.they both were shy n could not meet eyes..his fingers travelled around exploring her bare body.all belly bandages were cut now the left one were near her chest..she had to remove her bra for cutting them.he looked at her n she understood it.she sees him.he looked Down.she knew how genuine she is n turned to the other side n moved her hands to the hook of her bra to open it when he held them to stop her.she looked at him.he turned her to him n slowly n carefully cutted the bandages around her br*ast…she looked at him n he looked at her.the intensity of their eyelock made the whole room hot.he came close to her but with an intention of covering her,she understood that..he looked at the bandages n cutted them..after doing his work he made her wear the shirt quickly with out wasting a second..she smiles thinking how genuine he is,how gentle man he is.he could not meet eyes or say anything

Manish:come lets go.she nods n he holds her hands n they start going.nurse comes back
Nurse:have u done cutting the bandages..manish nods yes.
Nurse:son give. this medicines to her daily on time.he nods n they leave holding hand..
They quitely sat in the car n Manish drove it.not a word till they reached the pandey nivas.jigyasa came out of the car.manish held her hand n took her inside.she sat with the family members n said she is totally fine now..Vasu asks them to go to the room n take rest.they moved to their room.

In the room
They were shy to talk but wanted to start the conversation.
Manish:I’m sorry
Manish:in the hospital I have cutted those bandages n..jigyasa cuts him
Jigyasa:u did not do it willingly I myself took out my shirt.ur my husband right then y r u feeling sorry…they looked at eachother.jigyasa gets shy n she runs to the balcony..manish smiles n follows her.she was standing in the balcony.he hugs her from back.she smiled this time.she had some hidden feeling for him which she never tried to find.when her heart used to argue with her about manish she used to calm it..she never confessed it to herself that she loves him she did not knew what it was but his closeness effected her in a positive way.she loved his closeness.he coming close but y she though..jigyasa wrapped her hands around his hands which were on her belly..they looked at the starts n smiled..she wanted to talk to him for forgiving neha but the moment was a precious one she just embraced him n relaxed herself in his arms..

Precap-jigyasa insist manish for going back home but he did not agree..Vasu asks manish to confess his love for her…

Thank u for ur lovely response dearies n sorry if my ff is way too romantic…n thank u n lots n love I got more then 60. In the last part.thanks a lot dearies..the Hindi dialogues mistake won’t be repeated again.sorry..I hold my ears…hope u guys r liking my ff n not getting bored.i really need ur comments either good or bad but I need them do try to comment n let me kown what u think about my ff.sorry if any spell mistakes updating in u all tc:-)Juveria..

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