Thahaan-a new start (episode-20) special episode

Hello everyone the last episode took a long time to update I updated it a long back but this Telly updates page took a day to update .i don’t know what they will do for this one.

So here it starts.
Jigyasa was taken to the operation theater..manish sees the doctor he holds his hands
Manish:Doctor plzz save her..she is she is everything to me I will die if anything happens to her plzzz save her

Doctor:look mr goplani she lost a lot of blood.its a very serious case we cannot take risk first we have to make sure that she is alive while the operation then we can focus on the bullets..we will do our best he goes in the operation theater..manish was broken..all the family members were present consoling him even neha n the police was present there..neha was standing in a corner surrendered by the police.she only remembered were jigyasa’s lines “forgive mom manish”.she had no emotion but love for her Bahu who excepted her after what she did to her,after what his brother did to her parents..manish was worried he brushes his hands in his hairs n when he sees his hands he sees them full of blood.he panics..everyone sees that.dadi keeps her hand on his shoulder.he turns n sees her

Manish:da… jigyasa.
Dadi:no mera baccha nothing will happen to her believe in God..
Manish:yes yes nothing will happen to her.he moves to the ward n peeps through the small circle of the door..he sees her struggling for her life n the doctors trying to operate her. many machines were attached to her n she was hardly breathing her lasts..she was unconscious.manish cries at her situation n bangs the door
Manish:open the door she need it now..everyone sees him n Dadi n Vasu runs to him n stops him.

Vasu:beta u will hurt urself stop it now..he sits down on
his knees n cries.everyone consoles him.he recollects everything about the incident n who did it too.he turns to his culprit. she was there standing aimlessly..having guilt in her eyes but only manish could see was hatred for him n his wife.his eyes turned red in anger.he gets up.dadi n Vasu knew that he is very angry n could do anything now.they tried to stop him but he never listened n jerked them away n went to her.she was looking at him coming towards her but stayed stiff there.he comes near her n stood infront of her had hatred for her,anger that could kill her.she looks down n disappointment.manish clapped his hands n smirked
Manish:what a work u have done u should be appreciated.ur dead brother will come n clap for u right.neha looks at him
Manish:how could cou… could u have u never felt shame upon u…I felt I’m the luckiest one in the world to get as my mother but u proofed me wrong.he shouted.all the hospital people around them stopped hearing his loud roar..
Dadi:plzz everyone it’s our family matter plzz leave us
Manish:no Dadi let them stay here,let them also know the great work she have done.he points at her
Manish:my own.,he beats his chest

Manish:my own mother did to me..neha cries.
Manish:nahi nahi nahi nahi ye ghoote aasu mat bahao.inse ab mujhe koi farkh nahi padega..he said heartbrokenly she looks at him
Manish:what was my fault..that I was born with a face that u don’t like.i mean what.he looks at her angrily.
Manish:u took everything from our life.everything.u snatched jigyasa’s happiness,her parents,u know how difficult it is to stay without parents like an orphan.he sees her
Mansih:I know that.i…know …that.he shouts.neha sees her
Manish:yes I had my parents but I was never mother hated me for such a silly I only have a father n my mother is dead for me..he points her n she gets shocked.abhi was not effected he was effected by her word which she told him in the pandey nivas.

Neha:nahi beta Mai Teri maa Hun.she tries to hold his hand
Manish:don’t touch me..he takes his hand away
Manish:aur maa kaiki haan maa..he gets emotional n looks down
Manish:maa to wo hoti hai jo jab bhi apne bacche ko dekhe Khush hoti hai..he sees her angrily
Manish:Lekin app ne mujhe jab bhi dekhe mujhse nafrat ki..
Manish:app ko pata hai kitna dard hota hai.he points his hearts n beats it badly.
Neha:stop beta u will get hurt.she touches his hand,he jerks it away with force that she falls down.she cries n gets up

Manish:maa to wo hoti hai no apne bacche ki khusi ke liye kuch bhi karjai,apni khusi ko tak Bhul jati hai maa.he looks at her angrily.after a minute of silence.he shouts
Manish:Lekin app ne to Meri khusi hi cheen li.meri jigyasa ka ye haal kardiya hai apne,mere pyaar ko chot pohchai,Meri zindagi ki Sab se badi khusi thi wo.sab se badi.he cries
Manish:Lekin apne mujhse wo bhi cheen li.galti Kya thi uski ke wo thapki maa aur Bihaan papa ko paida hui thi..neha looks at him shocked at his words maa papa
Manish:haan kash kash ajj wo zinda hote kamse kam ek maa ki goud(lap) aur sar par ek papa ka hath to miljata..she breaks down.

Manish:app ne mujhse mera pyaar cheen liya.kyun,kyun kiya aisa arre kam se kam ye sochleti ke Mai app ke hi kook se janma Hun..he shouts
Manish:mera pyaar thi wo.he fall on his knees
Manish:Meri jeene ki wajha.mera Sab kuch..haan haan haan haaan pyaar karta Hun Mai jigyasa se..he shouts
Manish:beintehaa pyaar.itna ke mera pyaar Kafi hai hum dono ko jeene ke liye.he cries.
Everyone cries.
Manish:Lekin is baar bhi apne..he stands n points at her
Manish:apne Meri jeene ki wajah mujhse cheen li..he cries n his face n hands starts shivering in anger.neha cries seeing him.
Dadi holds him
Manish:agar…agar ajj Meri jigyasa ko kuch bhi hua..he points his finger at her n his nerves were clearly visible.
Manish:to yaad rakhna..Mai chodunga nahi phasi tak to pohchake hi rahunga..he turns his face..he starts going.neha holds his hand

Neha:beta ek baat Meri baat sunle…he jerks her hand.
Manish:hath chodo mera,..she gets imbalanced n falls down.he goes n stands near the operation theater.she was lying on the floor hoping for someone to pic her up but everyone turned their faces n goes from there.she cries.
A nurse comes out.she was calling the ward boys. N looking tensed
Manish:what happen is everything fine
Nurse:she had lost a lot of blood.she need blood now or else she will be in danger.
Vasu:th…then take my blood she is my granddaughter..I will give her my blood
Nurse:but maam u.vasu cuts her
Vasu:see now nothing is important then my child take my blood she need it now .nurse nods n takes her inside..she is given insulins n they take her blood..
The doctor comes out with few more doctors n Vasu..manish sees them n runs to them
Manish:Doctor my wife how is she now.everyone comes there.

Doctor was silent for few moments.manish gets restless.n shouts
Manish:we r asking something how is my wife.see doctor nothing should happen to her..he holds his collar..Dadi holds him
Vasu:manish leave him beta plzz.he leaves him
Doctor:mr manish I can understand ur situation but plzz try to control ur anger.sorry to say but u have took a long time to bring her here.we somehow took out the bullets..but she is very weak now n I don’t think she can withstand the pain of three bullets..she is not fine she is in coma now..manish felt the floor moving under his feets.he steps back n looses balance n was about to fall when the family holds him.his face went getting pale n he was tensed,shocked,worried,scared of loosing his love.

Doctor:plzz control urself mr goplani n one more thing she need to come out of coma soon or else she will be paralyzed for her whole life.manish felt an earthquake n looks at the doctor hopefully.
Doctor:sorry to say but getting three shoots is not a simple thing..even being in coma she can feel the pain of her wound but cannot do anything.she can see u hear u but she she can’t respond..she has to be taken much care just like a new born baby..I don’t want u all to loss hope or I cannot guarantee u that she will survive..she has only 15% chances of living..manish looks at him.
Doctor:only ur prayers can save her life now..he goes from there while manish tries to stop them..manish falls on his knees n covers his face in both his hands.he cries.everyone were witnessing his pain..he cries n looks up n shouts..” Ahhhhhh”..his voice spread in the whole hospital..

Dadi:cry beta take all ur pain,frustration out cry how much u want no one will stop u.
Manish:dadi my frustration won’t get out this easily.he looks at her.n she was confused
He gets up n goes straight to neha who was also crying n in shock..he goes to her n stands near her..everyone were worried wondering what he will do now,if he does something wrong.
Manish:congratulations Mrs neha goplani..she looks at him
Manish:today u got what u want.u wanted to hurt her,u did n now she is in coma only because of my..she cries
Manish:my love my life is in coma today.,n u know what..
Manisn:doc..doc.tors r saying that she has only 15% chances to live n what about others haan.he questioned.
Manish:what what what about the other 85%..I know ur very happy today.neha nods noo
Manish:no no no no don’t say lie.dont I know ur very happy.he was behaving like a mad.everyone cries.

Manish:I know ur happy because u wanted to kill her n u did.he said calmly.
Manish:but don’t think u succeeded I won’t let u..he gets angry
Manish:u will be punished severely for this..his eyes again turned red n gave her a death glare,.she looks down
Manish:I hate u today a son himself is saying that “my mother died for me”..neha looks at him shocked.
Manish:u hated me my wife..arre that is nothing infront of my hatred.u r not my mom n infact..he shouts
Manish:u can’t be a mom of anyone.she feels a thunder on her head n looks at him leaving her body lifeless..

Manish:take her away.n don’t ever come infront of me.
Neha:manish I know I did a big mistake but plzz listen to me once plzz.he goes from there angrily..the police takes neha while she looks at everyone but they turn their faces away from her.she cries n goes along with the police.

Manish was standing out of the hospital seeing neha going in the police car..she looks at him but he never looked at her n as they went manish also starts getting in but remembers her love,her jigyasa’s state n did not had guts to meet her..he goes from was late in the night n he was roaming on the streets aimlessly.doesn’t know where he is going.he gets the flashes of jigyasa n his happy moments n then a beep sound disturbed him he come in reality n finds a car horning n he was in the middle of the road..he moves aside quickly.the drivers shows his hand with an angry face complaining.he didnot say anything n just walked away.he was agian getting the flashes but now how she was attacked.her blood.he sees his hands n still finds the strains of her blood n cries.he was walking in the middle of the road.a truck comes from the other side n horns many times but he did not move..a man holds him n pulled him.the truck passes n he comes in senses again.

Man:r u mad if I did not came in time n pulled u then u would be dead now.
Manish:thank u.he again starts walking.
Man:Kya hua beta pareshan lag Rahe ho..manish sees him he was wearing a white kurta n pajama with a prayer cap on the head.looking a Muslim
Manish:nothing.he again turns
Man:arre beta aasu aur dil ke dard chupaye nahi chupte.manish sees him
Man:tumhe dekh kar koi bhi kehsakta hai ke tum kisi pareshani me ho..aur he khun.kya hua beta mujhe bata sakte ho.kehte hai dil ka dard sunane se dard kam hojata hai.shayad khuda ne hi mujhe is tarah tumse milaya taki mai tumhari pareshani ko kam kar Saku.manish sees him breaks down..he says everything to him n sits on the ground..the man laughs.manish looks at him confused
Man:arre bacche hazrath nizamuddin auliya ki mazaar(grave) ke saamne khada hai aur pareshan horaha hai..manish sees around n finds himself in a completely Muslim colony…he gets up.
Man:go beta n see all ur problems will vanish just pray to God with a true heart.he leaves.manish thinks n looks here n there.he thinks going back to hospital n starts then remembers the mans words n turns to the durgah n thinks about jigyasa.he steps to the dargah n sees all the mans wearing a cap on their heads he sees one man using a handkerchief to cover his head n so he does the same..he takes out a handkerchief n covers his head n steps in the dargah.he was confused what to do n follows the people doing.he goes near the grave n sees everyone praying..he prays n cries he sits on his knees n joins his hands like a Muslim does n prays to God..he cries badly that all the people looks at him.
Manish:plzz God save my jigyasa Doctor r saying that only there is 15% chances of her living.but where does that other 85% goes no I know nothing will happen to her plzz give her back to me..I…cannot live without her..he cries..
Manish:plzz save her..
He sees at the grave n the people placing a heavy chadar on end area of the chadar was not held by any one it would fall down when he runs n holds it.everyone sees him.they together place the chadar on the the grave..they thank manish for saving the chadar fall down.he nods “it’s ok” n again turns sad thinking about jigyasa

A voice-to tu agaya..manish opens his eyes n looks at the voice
A man wearing green n had a peacock feather broom in his hand n had a green turban(I don’t know what they r called)..standing near the grave he turns to manish.manish gets confused.he turns around but no one were behind him.he ignores the man n starts praying for his love again..
Man:no my son I’m talking to u only.manish again looks at him n around n sees him again.he gestures pointing himself “me”..he nods.manish gets confused.
Man:mujhe pata tha ke tu ayega us Khuda ne hi tujhe yaha bheja hai.he points the sky.
Manisn:par app ko ur joking right.
Man:hahaha apni biwi ki zindagi mangne aya hai na..manish gets shocked.he looks at him manish nods yes

Man:arre hazrath nizamuddin auliya ke darbaar se ajj tak koi khali hath nahi Gaya hai.jaa jakar dua karle.phir mujhse milna.he goes from there.
Manish:excuse me plzz one minute,but he did not stop n went away.manish was totally confused
Manish:y did he told me to meet him..he gets confused but follows his instructions he prays n suddenly hears some sound.he follows the sound n reaches a wide open place decorated with green flags n all the people gathering n some people sitting on the stage.the people starts singing.

Tere darbaar me dil tham ke wo ataa hai
Jis ko tu chahe aii nabi tu bulata hai..

Tere dar par sar ghukaye Mai bhi aya Hun…manish sits between the crowd..
Jiss ki bigdi aye nabi
Chaahe tu banaata hai..

Bhar do jholi meri ya Mohammad
Laot kar Mai na jaunga khali.(4x)

Band deedon mein Bhar daale aansoon
Sil diye maine dardon ko dil mein (2x). Manish tightens his eyelids to release his tears..
Jab talak tu banaa de na bigdi
Dar se tere ne jaaye sawaali

BharBhar do jholi meri ya Mohammad
Laot kar Mai na jaunga khali.
Bhar do jholi
Aaka ki
Bhar do jholi
Hum Sab ki
Bhar do jholi
Nabi ji..
Bhar do jholi
Lout kar Mai na jaunga khali..manish cries n prays he recollects memories with jigyasa.

Khojte khojte kujhko dekho
Kya se Kya ya nabi hogaya huun (2x)
Bekhabar dar ba dar
Phir raha hoon
Main yahan she vahaan ho Gaya hoon(2x)

De de ya nabi mere dil ko dilaasa
Aaya hoon door se main ho ke ruhaansa(2x)

Kar de Karam nabi mujh pe bhi Zara sa
Jab talak tu
Jab talak tu
Panah de na dil ki
Dar she tere na jaaye sawaali
Bhar do jholi Meri ya Mohammad
Lout kar Mai na jaunga khali
Bhar do jholi Meri
Taj dare madina
Lout kar Mai na jaunga khali
Bhar do jholi Meri ya Mohammad

Lout kar Mai na jaunga khali..manish cries a lot holding his hand on his mouth..manish leans on the wall beside n thinks about jigyasa…he remembers a moment spend with her Fb shows
It was morning n manish slept for a long time.jigyasa comes to wake him up.
Jigyasa:manish get up its 11 n ur damn late for work.he did not move or made any sound.she shakes him but still he was stiff not a single expression on his face.jigyasa gets worried
Jigyasa:kahi manish ko bukhar to nahi hogaya.she puts his hand on his neck n cheeks to see his temperature.she finds it normal

Jigyasa:hmm I know ur acting now stop it manish n get up or else.she sees here n there n looks at the jug of water.
Jigyasa:see manish if u won’t wake up now I will throw this water on u.she picks the jug.manish was turned to the other side n he was sleeping.jigyasa starts turning the jug n subsequently giving him warning to wake up..manish turns to her n slowly opens his eyes n sees her pouring water on him.he gets shocked the water was just to fall on him n gets up quickly to stop her but his luck the water starts falling but revengefully he pulls jigyasa to him her hand twists n the water falls on her too.they both gets wet
Jigyasa:manish y did u pulled see I’m wet now

Manish:ahhh I should be complaining this.y did u pour water on me what I did now.
Jigyasa:u were acting of sleeping
Manish:I was no I was really sleeping
Jigyasa:I shaked u several times still u did not woke up.n I thought ur doing it to tease me..
Manish:Oho I was seeing a beautiful dream that’s why I was not responding..
Jigyasa:Oho what type of dream it was
Manish:most beautiful one of my life.but I won’t say it to u I’m still angry..he makes pout.
Jigyasa:ok sorry but I did to wake u up
Manish:is this a way a wife wakes her husband.jigyasa sees him.he holds her hands n comes close.she sees him.he comes more close n caresses his cheek to hers.she closed her eyes to feel his touch.she smiled.

Manish:do u want to know what my dream was..he slowly
turned his face n kissed her cheek then again started caressing her cheek with his..she hugs him at his soft kiss..manish smiles n takes her move as yes
Manish: u me together on a beach and…manish moved his hands to her bare back n touched it.she moaned in pleasure.
Jigyasa:and..manish moves back n they see eachother..
Manish:and.he kissed her other cheek. N sees her..manish sees her lips n she sees that..
Manish:and…he proceeds to her lips to kiss them.she slowly sees his lips n closes her eyes.he touches his nose with hers n slowly moves to her lips.she could feel his breath giving her goosebumps..she smiles n moves her face.before he could hold her she gets up n stands at a distance smiling at herself.he smiles n gets up goes to her hugs her from back.she smiles n holds his hands..he smiles larger n wider but soon the smile vanishes as he opens his eyes n gets in was a memory he cries thinking..he recollects all the special memories with her n cries leaning on the wall n closes his eyes to release the tears n soon falls asleep..

Next morning

.manish also gets up finds himself alone in the dargah sleeping..he thinks about jigyasa..he gets up n starts going he remembers about the man called him to meet he thinks to meet him once n goes to him
The man was sitting on a corner n manish goes to him
Manish:ex..excuse me..he turns n sees him
Man:arre come come dua karli.manish nods yes.
Man:bohot pyaar karta hai na apni sees him
Man:aise Kya dekhraha hai Tera dard tere chehre par Saaf Saaf nazar araha hai.he smiles..manish nods yes.

Man:hahah ye le.he gives him a red thread..
Man:ja kar mannat ke darwaze par band de..manish looks at him n takes it he goes to the door n thinks.he ties it there n prays with a soft cry holding his hands
Manish comes back to him n he takes a leaf n chants something n blows on it n gives it to manish.
Man:ye le ja aur apni biwi ke mathe(forhead) par laga.
Manish:Meri patni thik to hojayegi na
Man:mujh se nahi us Khuda se puch ja aur dua karke apki biwi ke mathe par ye laga..Tera pyaar hi Kafi hai usko thik hone ke liye..
Manish takes it n sees him..he smiles n goes from there.manish gets up n runs out n runs to the hospital.finally he reaches the hospital n sees the leaf he takes out the handkerchief from his head puts the leaf in it n folds it carefully n goes inside..he sees everyone standing n getting tensed n abhi calling to someone restlessly he knew it was him As he kept his phone switched of as he wanted to stay alone…he slowly goes to them n Dadi sees him
Dadi:manish..everyone sees him n runs to him
Dadi:beta where were u we all got worried.n is jigyasa’s state not enough for us that u also started troubling us.

Abhi:do u know how many calls I did to u n also I made a complaint in the police station.thinking u would do some thing to urself..inspector have send a team to search u..n u r coming now..where were u the whole night..manish notices the concern that everyone has for him. manish kept quite while everyone banged him he sees the leaf n only knew that he needs to go to comes out after a check up of jigyasa n comes to them..
Doctor:we have done a regular check up of her since yesterday there is no movement in her body..everyone gets shocked.

Doctor:n also this is a bad sign she must get out of coma soon or else she will be paralyzed n their r chances of some memory loss because now she is in a big trauma u really need to take good care of her.u can see her one had the guts to see her in that state..
Doctor:I know it’s not easy to see a family member in this state but who knows seeing anyone of u,talking to her..she might get her senses back but still I won’t force u he goes from there.
Manish:I’m going to meet her.his statement left everyone in shock.they also nodded their head n went along with him..manish’s body was shaking.he gulped n opened the door.he sees her lying on the bed with her body full of machines injected to her..her face was pale she was looking all her pains were clearly seen on her face,the pains of injections,the pains of those machines,the pains of her wounds,everything of clear to him.he gets tears he could not see his love lying like a lifeless body on a stretcher.he closes his eyes n turns around(oh mere mere plays).everyone consoles him n gets in.manish hides behind he did not wanted to see her.vasu goes near her n touches her forehead..everyone cries
Vasu:jigyasa come on beta get up its morning.get up now.i will make ur favorite food today n feed u too plzz get up now.she sobs..Dadi holds her
Dadi:jigyasa see beta we all r crying how can u see us like this get up now..everyone cries.
Dhruv:see princess I have brought ur fav..favorite chocolates come n eat it n dare Aryan tries to take one from u plzz get up now.jigyasa could see everyone n hear them too.. But could not move.her eyes were searching for her Manish but as he was hiding she could not see him n gets tensed.she starts breathing heavily as now she was out of breath as she took stress..her heartbeats were decreasing.she was trying to breath but no.manish also sees her n gets tensed.abhi calls the doctors n they come to her n checks her.they give her an injection still she was not fine..

Doctor:her heartbeats r decreasing if it goes on we will loss her.manish gets shocked an everyone too..
Dhruv:Doctor do something
Doctor:we have to give her shock..everyone gets shocked.but kept quite.manish steps in n she could see her but her situation was worse of now..Doctor takes the defibrillation machine n gives her the first attempt her body moved up n fall down on the bed n she closed her eyes.the heart rate monitor showed a single line n the doctors n everyone went in shock..tit tit tit sound filled the room n she was lying on the bed unconscious..doctors again tried but nothing happened.he kept the machine at its place n sees down nurse takes out all the machines attached to her

Doctor:we r sorry she is no more now.everyone felt a thunder upon them..everyone cries but Manish did not cried or looked shocked he knew his love is alive..the doctor hold the bed sheet which was on her to cover her face.manish sees them.he sees everyone crying n believing in the fact that she is dead he gets angry n pushes the doctor.he takes out the bed sheet from her face
Manish:my wife is not dead.she is alive..n what r u all doing y r u crying nothing happened to her.everyone thinks it’s out of shock n consoles him
Dadi:beta we know u loved her a lot but it’s true how can someone live after getting three shoots.

Vasu:yes beta now u have to believe in the fact.she is no more ur love is dead beta.
Manish:no no no shut up u all stop talking like this nothing have happened I’m telling na she is a bit angry as yesterday I did not attended the party na so she is angry now see she will open her eyes now..he sees jigyasa
Manish:jigyasa open ur eyes na plzz I will always listen to u now I will do everything u say but plzz once open ur eyes..plzzzzzz.he cries.
He remembers the leaf n takes out his handkerchief from his pocket.he sees it n thinks will it work or not.but he thinks of trying it.he joins his hands holing the leaf between his hands.
Manish(in mind):plzzz God save her.she is my life if anything happens to her i will die.if anything happens to her it happens to me too.if she dies I will die too.u took everything from me but taking jigyasa away I won’t bare that n I will also die plzzz give her back to me.plzzz.he opens his eyes n sees her.he places the leaf on her forehead.everyone sees him doing it.manish closed his eyes n chants restlessly like a child

Manish:plzz God save her..plzz God save her..plzz God save her..everyone were noticing him doing it.after few minutes manish continued praying n Vasu touches his shoulder
Vasu:beta nothing have happened stop troubling urself..manish opens his eyes n sees her she was motion at all.manish touched her face n Vasu again patted him.he sees her they gave an consoling expression n he also believed that his love is dead.(oh ranjha mera ranjha song plays)he recollects all the precious memories with her..he turns to go n his hand touches hers.his hands goes all through her hand
n through her fingers.he was broken but suddenly he feels some grips around his pinky finger.he turns to see it.he sees jigyasa’s hand griping his pinky finger he sees her.her eyeballs were moving..he smiles
Manish:Doctor everyone turns

Manish:Doctor she held my finger n moved her eyeballs too..Doctor checks her..her heartbeats increases the heart monitor shows that..her grip on his finger becomes tighter n tighter..manish gets happy..she slowly opens her does her check up.jigyasa sees manish n smiles.he smiles too n holds her hand with both his hands n kisses it.
Jigyasa(slowly,having pain in her voice):manish…the first word she took out of her mouth was his name.he smiles widely
Manish:jig…jigyasa…he also had pain,love,happiness in his voice he could feel her pain n gets sad to it.
Doctor:unbelievable.everyone sees him
Doctor:in my 25 years of career I have never seen a case like this it’s really a blessing to u all.god have listened ur prayers manish he gave ur wife back to u.manish smiles
Doctors leave from there congratulating everyone.
Dadi:beta manish what was that leaf which u kept on her forehead.manish sees her
He tells everything to them.everyone smiles

Jigyasa:manish u did this much for me.
Manish:I did all of this for myself I cannot life with out u.jigyasa holds his hand n manish bends down n holds her hand.they smiles at eachother.
Vasu:we all believed that ur dead but he..Dadi touches vasu’s shoulder n came front
Dadi:but he was the one who believed that ur alive.jigyasa sees him n smiles.he sees her.
Manish:tum..tum thik ho na.she sees him
Manish:Mai bohot dar ga..Gaya tha kahi Mai tumhe kho na du..he had a lot pain in his eyes.
Manish:agar..agar ajj tumhe kuch ho jata to Mai kabhi..jigyasa closes his mouth he sees her.everyone smiles.jigyasa nods noo..manish smiles n hugs her .they hug eachother n cries a lot.manish seperates her
Manish:now u take rest..sleeps now.

Manish:no but just sleep he makes her lie straight n puts the bed sheet on her..everyone leave after jigyasa sleeps manish goes for some paper work.

After some time jigyasa wakes up n the family comes to her
She was looking tensed
Dadi:what happen beta
Jigyasa:dadi viren..everyone bows down.

Jigyasa:what happen y are u not saying anything.
Vasu:beta plzz don’t take stress it’s not good for u ur still weak
Jigysa :but Dima
Dadi:beta viren was dead soon after the blast he is no more.jigyasa gets shocked
Dadi:manish have went for his last rites.jigyasa cries
Vasu:beta viren was not a normal boy.jigyasa sees him
Vasu:he was an angel from God.god himself have send him to us to save our life n also exposing the truth of neha..after his work he went back to God beta..jigyasa thinks n cries then remembers about neha.

After few hours
Manish comes to the hospital n sees the police standing near jigyasa’s ward.he goes to them
Manish:what happen y r u here now.did mom do anything
Inspector:no sir actually.
Manish:what did she came here n did anything to jigyasa.before inspector could say anything he runs in the ward to see jigyasa.he sees all the family members standing there n neha also standing beside jigyasa n jigyasa held her hand.everyone confronting neha for her deeds..yet no one noticed him not even jigyasa
Abhi:u never considered him as ur son but I do.u never loved anyone of us not even me.u were with us just for ur sake for money,for property,for a rich life n for ur unnecessary revenge..ur most worst mother of all times.manish was ur son only.but as he was a look alike of some of ur enemy u hated him.manish listens to him quietly.he knew his father is also effected by her mothers deeds.
Abhi:arre if the child has any imperfection any defect still mother loves him/her with her whole heart but here manish do not have any imperfections anything but still u hated him.arre I’m blessed to have a son like manish n I wish every parents get a son like him but not a mother like u..

Neha:I know I did wrong I hated him for such a silly reason but it’s not true I love him I’m his mother I gave him birth all that I told or written in the diary was just my hatred towards Bihaan but now I got to know the truth i know I did a big mistake but plzz forgive me this time I promise I won’t give u all a chance to complain plzz forgive me
Dadi:forgive u after all u did no who know this is also ur plan
Misha:yes Dadi is correct manish bhai loved u always did everything to make us happy but u hated him no from now u r dead for me..neha gets shocked.Manish Hears all of them n realizes their concern for him…

Abhi:y r u here go away from our life now
Jigyasa:everyone plzz listen I called her here n try to understand mom did it as she had some misunderstanding if she knew about the truth she would never do that.she lost everything like me I lost my parents n she lost her family too..n after years u all r doing same..forgive her n have a new start n..n if u won’t forgive her then the family will break no one will stay happy.plzz forgive her..
Manish:forgiving her will be the biggest mistake..manish steps in n sees everyone
Jigyasa sees him

Manish:n u r…you are saying this after all she did.yes it’s true she lost her family,her brother,her husband,her first child but it was all her mistake, happened all because of some sankar n all but with u..u lost ur parents even it was not their mistake.u lost ur parents because of her brother n now I would lose u because of her..he shouts.jigyasa sees him n neha..neha looks down.
Manish:she not only betrayed me but also u she not only tried to kill me but also u n ur whole u even have an idea what would have happen if viren did not took the bomb n ran out of their at time.jigyasa also looks down thinking the fact.
Manish:today viren is not with us is also because of her…no jigyasa u can forgive her but not me.i will never forgive her.never he turns.

Jigyasa holds his hand.manish was angry
Jigyasa:manish Mai janti Hun ke tum bohot gussa ho bohot naraz ho par plzz ek bar Meri batt sunlo.she pleads.
Jigyasa:manish I agree with u that what she did was wrong but manish she is ur mother.will u forget everything she did to u in these years.manish she gave u birth,she fed her milk to u,she raised u,educated u n much more.will forget all these only for a small mistake.
Manish:small mistake is it..he was still turned to the other side
Manish:was it a small mistake jigyasa once..once ask ur heart that what would happen if something happened to u
Manish:arre apne dil se Kya koi mere…mere dil we pucho.jigyasa smiles
Jigyasa:I know u care for me but look I’m fine nothing happened to me
Manish:acha to thik hai.he turns to her

Manish:chalo utho aur chal kar Batao.let me see how much fine ur.jigyasa knew she can’t do it with the wounds n still the machines attached to her..she looked down
Manish:Dima u should have not send her London u should have kept her with u n made her understand that she should not be this will hurt her in future.. Vasu pats him
Vasu:apni maa par gai hai.jigyasa smiles..she knew exactly what he meant.
Jigyasa:acha ab ye Bolna chahrahe ho ke Mai tumhari koi baat nahi manti..he nods n turns..jigyasa knew he won’t listen to him now.she gets an idea.she sees the glucose bottle attached to her.she secretly moves her hand to it n holds the glucose pipe to form the bubble..(when she leave the pipe the bubble moves in the pipe when it enters in her body it causes breathing problem.some times the person dies too..she risked her life for neha)the bubble enters her body n she feels hard to breath..everyone sees her.maniah panics
Manish:what happen r u ok..she was not able to breath..manish calls the doctor n the doctor comes n checks her..he takes out the glocose syringe from her hand n puts the oxygen mask..he gives her an injection as she was scared of injection she held manish hand tightly.manish held her hand comforting her..she closed her eyes n after few minutes she felt took out the oxygen mask n yelled at the nurse
Doctor:can’t u see a bubble forming if they did not called us on time she would die of her health could become worse.manish n everyone gets shocked..nurse looks down n feels sorry.jigyasa was still panting.manish rubbed her hands softly.
Doctor:mr manish I need to talk to u some thing personal plzz.everyone gets confused manish goes along with him

Manish:yes doctor
Doctor:mr manish i brought u here to talk about ur wife state now
Manish:what Doctor any thing serious
Doctor:no no but it will be serious..she is weak now.the incident happened with her was not a normal one she also took stress n n because of which she felt hard to breath.plzz don’t let her take stress .or else not only me any of the Doctor over the world cannot save her.u got a blessing after three shoots she survived so plzz take care of her..
Manish:but Doctor what kind stress is she taking
Doctor:I don’t know maybe some thing personal,or did u both fought??
Manish nods no
Doctor:then maybe family problem or some tension effecting her.manish knew what it was.manish nods yes
Manisn:thank u Doctor I know what it is I will take care.manish goes to the ward.

Everyone were looking at him even jigyasa to know y the Doctor called him .
Manish:what r u all looking at me she is fine Doctor just called for some paper work.
Abhi:but he called u personally
Manish:yes he might said that just like that don’t worry everything is fine..he knew letting neha home n taking back the case would be helpful for her but still he doubted at he only had hatred for her.he comes near jigyasa n thinks
Jigyasa:manish what happen what r u thinking.her voice brought him back
Manish:haan nothing
Jigyasa:manish plzz just once forgive her n everyone plzz forgive mom we will make a new start now.plzz manish thinks
Manish(in mind):she hates me n also jigyasa if she again does any mischief like I can’t lose her again.i will not forgive her
Manish:jigyasa now stop this stubbornness n take rest.he drags the bed sheet on her but she pulled it n huffed..she knew he is angry n talking angrily to him will be wrong..she again tries to make him understand but calmly
Jigyasa :plzzz manish.she is sorry now plzz.manish turns.
Jigyasa:manish mere liye ..he turns to her.she makes a puppy face.manish was melted with it.
Manish:ok..jigyasa smiles widely.
Manish:I will take back the case, let her in the home but..jigyasa again gets sad
Manish:but I can never forgive her.ask her to stay away from me..n dare u go to her.he points his finger at jigyasa n says it angrily.jigyasa could feel his anger.neha was hurt..everyone were shocked..she thinks to keep quite n let him do his work.she will unite them later.manish again turns n starts going.jigyasa to make him smile says
Jigyasa:ahhah acha Bihaan…he stops n turns

Manish:what did u say
Jigyasa:bihaan …ab gussa hokar to mat jao na plzz..manish smiles
Manish:so jao chup chap..he puts the bed sheet n caresses her hairs.
Everyone in the ward were witnessing their love.manish was in love with her but still she did not knew it or understood her feelings for him..Dadi n Vasu shared unite them,make them one but what to do..manish n jigyasa held hands n smiled at eachother n after a long lull by manish she sleeps.manish smiles at her(ranjha naa plays)

Precap-manish taking jigyasa’s care n jigyasa trying to convince him to forgive neha..

Thank u everyone for ur overwhelming response I loved reading all the comments n I have kept the target of 30 but I got elated to see more the 100 .keep showering ur love thank u each n every person who commented..I have reached 20th part of this ff n thank u for the love u have given till date..plzz keep supporting n I will give u my best which will entertain u..n a big sorry if any of my words hurted u or I said wrong..the dargah part was a challenge for me I really don’t know about dargah I researched on Internet n wrote the matter so sorry if I wrote any thing wrong..thanks a lot guys love u all tc:-)Juveria

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