thahaan – a new start (episode 2)

Hey guys thank u for such lovely comments..hope u guys enjoyed the first part.but if u guys have any suggestions over it plzz tell me I’ll try to make a scene..anyways hope u guys support me till the last one..

So here we go

Bihaan closes the door n comes to thapki who was sitting on the bed like a new bride..bihaan smiles..he sits beside her..thapki gets shy.he takes out her pallu n lifts her face n gets a clear view of her beauty..she sees him n smiles..bihaan was waiting for years to see that the nxt moment bihaan gets tears in his eyes.he turns his face. Thapki gets worried.Bihaan cries.she puts her hand on his shoulderconsoling him..
Thapki:bihaan r u ok

Bihaan:thapki I am the worst husband..thapki nods no..bihaan holds her hands..
Bihaan:thapki u always supported me.u did not care about your life too..thapki becoz of me we lost our baby..thapki u said thapki u forgave me..thapki cries n nods yes..
Bihaan:but I myself cannot forgive me..I have not proved myself as a husband and not as a father too..thapki u bared a lot becoz of me..but plzz give me punishment I will happily accept it.but plzz never go away from me..he cries..thapki also cries n tries to console him..bihaan hugs her. Thapki also hugs him..finally the most waited hug..they felt very relaxed..(nana naa..plays)thapki separates him..he was still crying..thapki to let him stressed out n to divert the topic comes close to him n kisses his cheek..bihaan gets surprised thapki moves back she gets shy..bihaan holds her hand n smiles..thapki also smiles..(nana na plays) bihaan takes the music system remort n plays a song(itni mohabbat karo na)thapki smiles..bihaan gives his hand to her. .she smiles n gives her hand too.bihaan holds her hand n pulls her close..she gets imbalanced n was about to fall.bihaan holds her by her waist.n pulls her close. Her nosed touched his nose..she gets shy..bihaan holds her hand..thapki holds his shoulder n they share a romantic n passionate dance..bihaan takes her in arms n puts her on bed..(in a sitting position)he comes close.thapki holds his hands..bihaan kisses her on her jaw line which gave her alot of goosebumps..thapki was smiling..bihaan takes the flower petals from the bed which were in a heart shape n throws on her face..thapki smiles.
Bihaan’ holds her from shoulders n makes her lie on the bed..bihaan was over her..he puts her hair aside n kisses her forehead..she holds his sherwani..which made bihaan to come more close..bihaan smiles..he kisses her on her neck.he comes close thapki slowly closes her eyes.bihaan kisses..thapki holds his hands.they intervined their fingers..thapki participated..they closed there eyes to enjoy the moments..

Next morning
Thahaan were still in a deep sleep.bihaan was hugging her from back n she was holding his hands..they were smiling..thapki wakes up n sees him.she smiles remembering the consummative night..thapki slowly frees herself n gets up..she goes to the bathroom while bihaan was sleeping..she changes in a new blue saree with white stones on it..she stand infront of the mirror n dries her hairs..few drop from her hairs fell on bihaan’s eyes n he wakes up..he sees her..she puts her hairs front n dries it..he then takes her mangalsutra n wears it..she puts the sindoor too..
Thapki:after a long time I m applying sindoor n mangalsutra of bihaan’s name..she looks up..
Thapki:plzz bhagwan ji plzz help me n bihaan in our new start of life..she smiles..bihaan also smiles..
Thapki then tries to put her blouse dori which was not happening by her..she gets irritated..she tries it for about 5 min..bihaan sees her bare back..
Bihaan (in mind):she is very hot….he gets up n goes to her..he holds her hands..thapki holds him in the mirror..thapki tries to turn..bihaan pulls her n hugs her from back..she sees him in an complaining expression..bihaan tucks his head on her shoulder..
Thapki:bihaan leave me I have to get ready n go down..
bihaan:it’s ok u can go late..everyone will understand..after all it was our first night after reunion..she gets shy..she slap his hand..
Thapki:bihaan what r u speaking. .bihaan smiles..thapki pushes him
Thapki:let me gooo..she starts going..bihaan holds the blouse dori..she stops ..she turns her face..bihaan pulls her close by pulling the dori..she again comes to him..bihaan puts his hands on her back.thapki gets nervous..bihaan ties the dori..he sees the water droplets on her back n kisses them away..thapki closes her eyes..she feels the shiver down her spine..bihaan continuesly kisses her back holding her hands..
Thapki(in a husky voice):bihaan let me goo plzz everyone would be waiting down..bihaan smiles n leaves her..she turns..she puts the towel on bed n starts going..she stops..she again comes back to him
Thapki:I forgot something..bihaan sees the dressing table n looks at her top to bottom..she was looking perfect.nothing was missing..
Thapki quickly comes close n kisses him on cheek..bihaan was surprised but her sudden moment..she smiles n runs out..
In the hall
Thapki comes down n starts doing aarti..she sings the aarti..everyone comes down..dadi n vasu smiles..Preeti n Suman comes down while yawning..
Suman:arre badki is there any special puja today..becoz no one ever did puja in our house early this morning since thapki left..
Preeti:I know badki..look it’s thapki doing puja.come let’s join.they nods..bihaan also comes he was in a formal t shirt n a blazer as before not in that goon type clothes..he joins the puja..vasu sees him ask him to do puja with thapki..he goes to her..thapki was stammerin. .he pats his shoulder..she sing the aarti..she smiles at him..the does puja together..adhiti n dhruv join them..Shradha comes there in a bed nighty n hairs pessed up..she was still sleepy..dadi sees her n gestures vasu..she sees her n goes to her..
Vasu:shradha what is this ur not ready yet..n u came for the puja like this cheee..Shradha opens her not n vasu gets a bad smell..
Shradha:wo mummy ji
Vasu(by keeping one hand on her nose):stop first go n brush.she goes to the puja room.
Shradha gives a weird expression n blows on her hand to smell..she too find it bad n goes to the room to brush..the puja end..thapki gives prasad to everyone..she gives it to bihaan too..he smiles..
Thapki:maa I have made breakfast u all come to the table..
Vasu:thapki u made it so quick..beta u would have waited for us to come n help u
Preeti : aur nahi to kya thapki..arre it was ur first night u would have came late..thapku n bihaan widens there eyes..everyone smiles..they felt embarrassed.
Vasu:ok ok let’s go n eat..they goes..thapki starts going bihaan holds her hand..thapki sees him
Thapki:Bihaan what r u doing..leave me anyone will see us like this..leave my hand
Bihaan:I will never leave ur hand sweetheart..we will always be together..he intervines his fingers in her..she smiles at him..he shows the prasad laddo to her..he feeds her..thapki eats it n feeds him too..they smiles at each other…

In evening
Shradha drinks wine in her room..
Shradha:arre becoz of this bad I did not drank wine from a long time..she drinks the whole bottle..she takes another bottle n drinks it too.suddenly she feels pain in her stomach..she holds it..
Shradha:arre bad let me drink more..she drinks one more bottle..she suddenly faints. .thapki was passing by her room sees her on the floor..she goes to her n tries to wake her
Thapki: shradha shradha wake up..she sees the wine bottles n gets shocked..she calls out the family..everyone comes there n gets shocked..
Vasu :hai ram ji what happened to her..
Thapki:what would have happened maa..look she drank the wine n it’s not good for the baby..she can never change not for the baby too..they take her to the hospital
After few minutes
Doctor comes out of the OT. .
Vasu:doctor how is she how is the baby…
Doctor:I’m sorry the baby is dead..mother is fine..but how can someone be so can a mother drink wine which had some harmful content which can kill the infant..n that too while her pregnancy. .no mother can do that..I think she won’t deserve to be a mother in life..she goes from there..everyone gets shocked..
Vasu:all the things the doctor said was no one will look back at her come with me.I’ll inform her dad about it..let’s go to home..they nods n leaves..

Precap – Shradha flies to London forever

Hope u guys enjoyed it..give ur suggestions n support me till the u guys..

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  1. I love it. ♡♡♡
    Thahaan’s scenes are awesome and romantic. The way bihaan apologizes is superb.
    Brilliant idea in ending shraddha’s track, she is irresponsible person, not deserve to be a mother.
    Great Juve. Thanks and tc. 🙂

  2. Kiran..8

    Amazing episode seriously loved….thahaan scene were great…waiting for next part update soon

  3. Juveria.ghalib

    Sorry guys the word bad in shradha’s part is baby..I think some thing is wrong with my keyboard

  4. Sulbi

    Awsme juvi…. loved it…

  5. OMG so romantic thahaan part <3…. I loved all of it…. and shraddha I felt bad for the baby but yes it was a perfect punishment for shraddha's wicked drama in the show…..

  6. Thanku so much di 4 updating
    Mindblowing episode
    Bihaan s jyeda to hum ters gae en pelo k lea..
    Eagrly wating for next part
    Di seriously thax 4 coming..
    Love u
    Plz take care..
    Good night..
    Wish u very romentic dreams..

    So jeldi s next part ipdate ker do..
    V r wating..

  7. its lovely part but shadz gone for forever I don’t want it as I love mONICa please let her stay oh sorry what rubbish I m talking in my love its ur ff and I m foolish girl want the story by my wish so sorry yar loved it do continue its too good waiting for chotu thahaan aha

  8. Alm.Abi

    mindblowing juveria… finally evil drama ends in pandey nivas

  9. keep it up….u always create great romatic moments…

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