Thahaan-a new start (episode-16)

HI everyone this episode will be a bundle of joy,emotions,love,care n many more..hope u guys like it

Manish was caressing her hairs n soon he feels sleepy..he lays at his side n sleeps.
After few minutes
Manish n jigyasa both were sleeping
Jigyasa finds herself in the same room lying on the floor n a man comes there n beats her with a lathi.she was trying to save herself n crying,he took out his gun n aimed at her she was constantly saying no but finally he shoots her n she shouts..manish wakes ups hearing her shouting n he gets up he switches on the lights n sees her she was closing her eyes n shouting for help.she was scared.manish tries to wake her up but she was very scared..
Manish:no nothing have happened to u jigyasa ur here with me open ur eyes n see..but she was still shouting n moving her hands n legs constantly.manish was scared as she can hurts herself..he holds her hands he moved them above her head n holds them there.but she was moving her legs more harshly now.he left her one hand n she started moving it.her hand hardly touches the bed end.n manish holds her hand n rubs it

Manish:jigyasa plzz u will get hurt.she was still in the dream n shouting
Jigyasa:help me save me they will kill me
Manish:no nothing will happen to u.he moved his leg on hers to stop them moving he came upon her n held her tightly.she now stopped herself n breathed slowly
Manish:nothing will happen I’m here I promise u I won’t let anything happen to u.she was hearing him.she slowly opens her eyes n sees him.they see eachother (ranjha naa plays)he sees few hairs near her mouth n slowly moves his hand to take it out.she sees it.he slowly takes them n places them back her ear.he touched her face.
Manish:don’t worry I’m was just a bad dream.she nods he gets away n makes her sit.he makes her drink water..he keeps the glass on the table after she is done.n sees her.her hands were still shaking he sees that n puts his hands on hers.she sees him.he smiles n she smiles too.he slowly moved his hand to her face n touched her cheek gentle yet romantically..she turns her face to him thinking what he is going to do..he caressed her cheeks.he slowly moved his face towards her.she thought he is going to kiss her n she closed her eyes .he came close near her cheeks n caressed then with his hand.he touched the spot were few fresh finger prints were clearly marked.she felt its pain.n held his leg which was touching her leg..he whispered
Manish:how did this happen..he moved a bit away their faces were just an inch away . She started thinking of the incident.her vision went blurred as her eyes were filled with tears.manish wiped them away before they get out.she sees him.manish gesture her strictly
Manish:no more tears.ur are a brave girl right.she sees him
Manish:right.she nods
Manish:.u must be tell me how did this happen.she helds his hand tightly n told everything to him..she was getting scared n he hugs her immediately..n she feels
Protected.she puts her hand on his chest n rests her face on them n they hug each other for a long time.
Manish(in mind):they did the biggest mistake of their life’s touching u n more then that slapping u.i will break ur hands the day I will find u all.i won’t leave any of them.jigyasa seperates herself n sees him..manish also sees her.they had an eyelock.(ranjha naa plays)jigyasa turns her face n gets up from the bed.manish sees her
Manish:arre where r u going. Now .jigyasa did not say anything n went towards the balcony .she stood there looking in the sky.
Manish:ab isse kya hua..

A voice-Abe baat ko samajh ladki hai she is getting shy.manish turns to the voice thinking who it is n finds his image lying on the bed.
Manish:wh..who r u ur just like me.
Voice-Mai Tera bhoot Hun..Teri aatma..(I’m ur ghost ur soul)
Voice-yes ur dead now all ur dreams with jigyasa r waste. now.
Manish:what no
Voice-yes if u won’t confess ur feeling to her now then this will be the reality soon
Go n tell her how much u love her
Manish:ohh that means I’m not dead yet
Voice-not yet..
Manish:but u said she is feeling shy but y will she feel shy
Voice-Oho idiot she loves u too.
Manish:what she really does.
Voice:yes n if u love her then just say it to her n don’t take a long time.he smiles n vanishes.manish looks here n there n gets confused..
Manish:she loves me too.
Jigyasa:what r u mummering since then
Manish:no nothing.he stood up
Manish:come on manish tell her what u feel for her.he builds up his confidence n starts going to the balcony.she turns n sees him.all his confidence vanishes in air.n he gets tensed.
Jigyasa:manish I really don’t know what destiny have for us.
Manish:y r u saying so..he goes n stands beside her .n they turns to the sky looking at the stars.
Jigyasa:u know what when I was in their prison I was very scared that will I be alive today..will I see the next morning,all weird kind of thoughts were coming in my mind.
Manish:then ur overthinking.just forget it as a bad dream as now I’m with u n nothing will happen to u..he sees some tears in her eyes n he quickly hugs her from back.his hands were wrapped around her belly n she was shocked at his act but knew it was to console her.she kept quite n stayed in his arms in his warmth..she slowly holds his hands..n he places his head on her shoulder.
Jigyasa:will u trust me always if I do something very unexpected.
Manish:y r u saying this I know u can’t do any thing with out thinking.i will trust u always.jigyasa smiles
Jigyasa:if it comes to the family too.manish looks at her.jigyasa also sees him.manish did not understood her n again placed his head on her shoulder
Manish:yes I will as I said u can’t do anything with out thinking.jigyasa smiles wider n gets lost in her thoughts

Fb shows
Jigyasa comes out of her room where she was chained n hides behind the boxes.she sees all the goons there drinking wines.she tried to escape but a goon gets up of his place.she sat there silently
Goon:arre bhai what a unique piece she is I think we should use this opportunity
Other goon:what do u mean
Goon:arre this type of girls won’t come easily lets go n have some fun with her.
They were laughing n praising her beauty in a cheap manner.she was angry but tensed too.she only wanted to get out of that place n reach home..
The boss of the gang who kidnapped her came front n slaps the goon tightly.
The goon held his face n sat down
Goon:don’t u dare think about that too.jigyasa gets shocked hearing him taking her side
Goon:I kidnapped her because I was told to n I have to return her to the person who told me so nothing wrong should happen with her.jigyasa was shocked
Jigyasa:who have send him to kidnap me
Goon:neha maam gave me a huge amount for kidnapping her n soon she will give her orders n we will do as she says.understand..
Everyone-understood..jigyasa was shocked she was not able to understand the situation she thinks to runs out of that place.n soon finds a way out
Fb end
Jigyasa was still thinking about it..when manish kissed her on her bare shoulder.she came out of that other world n landed in his love world.she was shocked now.manish tightens his grip around her belly.jigyasa was feeling his hands on her belly.
Manish:where r u lost .jigyasa managed to smile
Jigyasa:no nothing..
Manish:ok now I want to say u some thing
Manish:actually to…today I we..we..we..jigyasa turns to him.
Jigyasa:what happen r u ok y r u stammering.
Manish:no no nothing just like that.
Jigyasa:manish I want to say u something too..
Manish:I know what u have to say..he thinks that she will say I love u to him..he smiles wider
Jigyasa:manish how do u know
Manish:I know it but still want to hear it from u say na plzz.he smiles
Jigyasa:manish what ever happened today was..manish face becomes pale..she was saying the truth to him that maa did it. he stops her
Manish:jigyasa now enough stop thinking about it..n I promise u I will find out the person who did it to u n trust me I won’t leave them.he makes a very angry face.jigyasa gets shocked seeing his anger
Jigyasa(in mind):he is very angry if I tell him about maa then he will hate her I must be quite n not let him know the truth..jigyasa smiles.
Manish:ok so this was the thing u wanted to say
Jigyasa(hesitatingly):yes…manish gets sad
Manish(in mind):I think she still did not realize her feeling for me I should say my feeling then she will also thing about it..
Jigyasa:u also wanted to say something,
Manish:haan yes yes I wanted to say that.okk wait I want to ask u one more thing
Jigyasa:what now
Manish:first u said something like “u don’t know what destiny have for us” right
Manish:what did u meant I did not understand u.jigysa gets tensed
Jigysa:nothing we should go n sleep.she starts going manish holds her hand.jigyasa gets shocked..manish turns to her n she was facing her back.he slowly turns her n they see eachother..
Manish:but u had some meaning of it I don’t hide it plzz say it to me..jigyasa hesitated she looks down n was playing with her hands..manish smiles n moves towards her.she sees his foots coming closer to her she sees him she starts moving back.finally she stops n finds the wall behind.she was getting tensed.she sees here n there.manish came closer to her n she was tucked in the wall.he wrapped his one hand around her waist..he lifted his other hand n touched her face
Jigyasa:what r u doing?
Manish:what a husband does.she was shocked.but she managed to smile
Jigyasa:I know ur again teasing me n where is my apology treat.u forgot about it I know ur an idiot.she gets shocked.she realizes she uttered the word idiot..she sees him..manish was smirking
Manish:did u say idiot
Jigyasa:no no I said that I m an idiot
Manish:but I heard something else.n I already said that u will regret for calling me idiot.jigyasa gets tensed..he sees her lips n starts coming close.jigyasa gets nervous.he was coming close she could not say anything but managed to say to divert his mind
Jigysa:mm…my apo..appo..appo..she started stammering manish gives her thapki.
Jigyasa:apology treat..manish was very close to her
Manish:u will get it tomorrow now it’s very late I brought them n kept in the fridge.jigysa sees him
Manish:now my apology treat.dont forget u called me now regret.jigyasa sees him she makes an innocent face.n manish smiles at her
Jigyasa:what do u want.he smiles n sees her lips she sees that n gets nervous.she holds his hand which was on her waist..manish sees her he was closer to her n she closed her eyes.he smiles.he slowly came close n kissed her cheek gently n moved back.jigyasa opened her eyes n sees him.she smiles.(ranjha naa plays)
Manish:I want u to sleep now it’s already late n ur weak u have fever too.he took her in arms.jigyasa holds him around his neck n smiles seeing his care for her..he puts her on the bed.n covers her with the blanket.he sits beside her n takes the cloth n dips it n water he takes out all the water by squeezing it n puts it on her forehead.she smiles n he smiles too.he goes to his side n sits..he touches her neck
Manish:u still have fever now close ur eyes n sleep u will feel better.jigyasa nods no.
Jigyasa:u have to sleep with me then only I will sleep
Manish:u want to sleep.with me.he winked his eye.she knew exactly what he meant but nods her head in yes n smiles.manish smiles.
Manish:but I have to change the wet cloth at times so u sleep I will sleep soon.he caressed her hairs..she held his she wanted him to stay with her all the time.she makes a sad face..manish sees that n lays on the bed.she smiles.manish hugs her n caress her hairs she soon falls asleep.he detaches her n kept a good care of her kept changing the wet cloth while laying on the bed itself as she held his hand tightly.he sleeps after sometime.
Next morning

Jigyasa wakes up in his arms.her faced was buried in his chest n his arms around her waist.
Jigyasa(in mind):manish destiny have something for us I thought we cannot be in a husband wife relationship but still I have hope in me I feel scared when I’m away from u n in ur arms I feel everything in ur arms ur warmt ur care, ur possessiveness,..when I was chained n in the temple also when they were about to find me I closed my eyes in fear n the first face I see was urs.i see u in all my sad n happy moments I felt something for u that time I really don’t want u to go away from me manish.she smiles..she caresses his cheeks..she smiles n gets up from the bed.she goes to bathroom to get freshed n goes down
Dadi sees her
Dadi:arre beta what r u doing here u r not fine u need rest
Misha:yes Bhabi u must be in the room now plzz go n take rest
Abhi:beta don’t worry about the house chores their r servent n neha to look over it.neha gives an angry irritated look.jigyasa sees that..
Jigysa:dadi maa,papa,misha I’m fine now don’t worry
Dadi:ok ur but still go n take rest
Jigyasa:dadi plzzz I’m bored sitting in the room.ok I’ll sit here only n take rest
Misha:it’s ok Dadi if she is feeling bored in the room then Let her be here n don’t worry I will take care of her.she smiles n makes her sit on the sofa.neha gets angry n she goes to the kitchen jigyasa sees her
Jigyasa(in mind):y maa why do u have this much hatred towards me what did I do that u tried to kill me.i must find out..
She started talking to misha
At the dinner table
Dadi:Jigyasa beta where is manish
Jigyasa:dadi he is sleeping.
Dadi:he is still sleeping
Jigyasa:actually Dadi he was awake last night taking care of me.dadi abhi n misha smiles.neha gives weird looks
Misha:Oho that’s y ur feeling better now.jigyasa gets shy
Dadi:ok then u go n eat with him only
Jigyasa:but Dadi
Dadi:no beta do as I say go n eat with him n take the food in one plate only it increases love between two people.jigyasa nods n takes the food n goes to the room.manish was still slept.she goes to him n keeps the food plate on the side table n sits beside him.she smiles.she touches his shoulder
Jigyasa:manish wake up..manish wakes up hearing her voice in hurry thinking she is scared again.he sees her n holds her hands
Manish:don’t worry I’m here nothing will happen don’t be scared.jigyasa smiles
Jigyasa:no manish I’m not because I know ur with me.she smiles

Manish:ur fine.ur really not scared na.jigyasa nods no.manish touches her neck.
Manish:it looks better now but still u have to take care.she holds his hand which was on her cheek.
Jigyasa:I’m fine n it’s just because of u thank u
Manish:it’s ok.n only thanku doesn’t look good if u want to give it then give it with some other thing
Jigyasa:what.he smiles n forwards his cheek.she sees that.
Jigyasa:wh..what..manish smiles.
Manish:i think u don’t know about it let me show u..jigyasa gets tensed.
Jigyasa:but first food.she said it quickly to divert him
Manish sees the food plate
Manish:u went down n started doing work how many times I need to say u to take care when will u understand n listen to me y did u went down can’t u wake me up I would do ur work..jigyasa kept stopping him in between but he was scolding her.she puts her hand on his mouth.he was shut.
Jigyasa:I went down but did not do any work I sat in the hall with everyone.I’m fine now.she takes her hand off his mouth
Manish:then what was the need to bring this food for me I can come down n eat food.
Jigyasa:this is for both of us
Manish:u did not had food yet
Jigyasa:dadi told me to eat with u u
Manish:ok then come lets eat.he takes the plate n feeds her..she smiles m eats it.she feeds him too
Manish: I have not brushed yet
Jigyasa:it’s ok for today.he smiles n eats it.they eat the food together n manish sees some food left near her mouth he farward his hand n touches her cheeks she sees him.he slowly moves his hand to her. mouth n cleans it.he was smiling at her n she was getting shy..she sees him admiring him n manish sees her romantically.he sees her gaze at him n moves close to her.he pushes the plate which was kept on the bed between them n moves closer.he kept his hand beside her n with other hand he touched her hand which was on her lap.seeing this she turned her face from him.manish smiles.he moves his hand to her face n turns it to him slowly while she was not willing too.manish sees her eyes closed.n smiles
Manish(in mind):she always gets scared when I come close to her..
He touches her face.she was getting nervous.he wipes the water drop which was on her cheek.she feels it n sees him.he smiles at her n moves back..she smiles too.she was getting shy she took the plates n ran down while manish was still lying on the bed n smiling.
Police comes to the goplani’s mansion n greets everyone.manish comes there
Inspector:actually we want jigyasa’s statement.manisn nods n goes to her n bring her to the sofa.he makes him sit n she held his hands.
Inspector:plzz Mrs goplani help us finding the kidnappers plzz we need ur statement n don’t worry we will find them. N punish them.she sees neha.manish touches her shoulder.she sees him
Manish:say them everything don’t worry I m with u.she nods n says everything to the inspector n skips neha’s part.
Inspector:ok mr manish we will start our search for them n don’t worry we will find them soon.manish nods n the inspector goes out.neha was disturbed by this…jigyasa sees that.everyone goes to their rooms
Everyone were resting in their room.jigyasa goes to kitchen n sees mangoes in the fridge.she smiles.
She takes them out n starts making mango shake
Jigyasa:everyone is sleeping I will surprise them with this mango shake when they get up.she starts making it.she cuts the mangoes n takes a juicer to grind then.she starts doing it n she feels some pair of hands around her belly.she sees it.she turns her face n sees manish
Manish:how many times I need to tell u to not to do any work don’t u umderstand..what r u doing now
Jigyasa:manish n how many times I need to tell u that I’m fine now n what will happen to me when ur with me.i want to make this mango shake for everyone n surprise them
Manish:ok as u wish after all u do what u want u never listen to me.
Jigyasa smiles n starts doing her work.manish was still hugging her he kisses at her neck.she felt butterflies running over her body..
Jigyasa:manish what r u doing.leave me someone will come.

Manish:no u can do as ur wish n I will as my wish.after all I’m ur husband.
Jigyasa:manish plzz leave me na what if some one sees us like this
Manish:arre we r wife n husband it happens it’s common they will understand don’t worry..he holds her belly tightly
Jigyasa:ok what u what..
Manish:that’s like a good wife.
Jigyasa:hmm now tell
Manish:I will make the mango shake n u will sit in a corner instructing me
Manish:then bare with it n remember I won’t allow u to make this..he smiles.she moved back n sat quietly on a chair n he made the mango shake.after he was done.he takes it in two glasses n kept the rest in fridge .he gets the glasses to her n gives her one.she makes a sad face
Manish:okk I will drink ur one too.he took the glass to his mouth n she snatched it from him.he smiles.she smiles as she is caught acting.they cheers their glasses n drinks it
Jigyasa:yummm wow manish it’s very good
Manish:yes it is as u instructed
Jigyasa:but u did all the hard work.they smiled at eachother.manish gets a call n sees its was from police.he attends the call.jigyasa wonders y they called him..manish cuts the call n sees her
Manish:inspector called me for some imp work I think they got some clue I have to go to police station now.jigyasa smiles n nods
Jigyasa(in mind):what is the clue they got if they get to know about mom.then manish n everyone will hate her I should stop him to go.but how.he stands up.jigyasa holds his hand.he sees her.he sits beside her on the floor.
Manish:what happen r u ok.he holds her shoulders
Jigyasa puts her hands around his neck.he gets surprised..she tightens her grip around his neck n comes close to him
Manish:what r u doing
Jigyasa:what a wife does..manish smiles at her.he sees her lips n slowly moves closer to them to capture them.jigyasa sees that n she moves close too.their lips were about to touch eachother when jigyasa moves her face n hugs him.he smiles n hugs her too.
Jigyasa(in mind):I’m sorry manish I m playing with ur feeling but I can’t let u go.i don’t want to be the reason for any thing I want all the member of the family to be happy n together.u have took the promise that u won’t leave the kidnapper I wonder what u would feel when u get to know its ur own maa.i must hide it from u I’m sorry.she slowly moves away from him.
Manish:Oho my wife is turning romantic suddenly.
Jigyasa:u turned romantic suddenly n also made mango shake for me So I thought to give a gift to u
Manish:well u did not gave it yet.jigyasa sees him.he smiles.n moves his eyebrows up n down.she gets shy
Manish:don’t worry I will take it when I come back.he gets up
Manish:now I need to go to the police station.jigyasa gets up
Jigyasa:ahhh it’s ok it’s not that imp na u stay na plzz don’t go..manish sees her he holds her shoulder
Manish:is there any problem u never stopped me from going anywhere then y today n that to for such an imp work.ur voice is looking tensed r u hiding any this from me
Jigyasa thinks what to say
Jigyasa:no actually nothing..she thinks n says
Jigyasa:can’t a wife stop her husband

Manish:Oho yes yes u can N don’t worry wife I will try to come soon n spend time with u ..don’t worry everyone is at home u don’t go out ok.she nods
Jigyasa:but I want u here.plzz don’t go manish plzz.she hugs him.manish smiles n seperates her n holds her hand
Manish:jigyasa I will be back soon ok don’t worry..she was thinking to make an excuse to stop him while he pats her cheeks n goes out.jigyasa did not had any excuse she kept quite.
Jigyasa:manish I’m afraid what will happen when u get to know about ur mom .i have to find the reason y mom did this.she goes in the room n sits on the bed thinking the last night.she gets tears n then she remembers how manish consoled her took care of her all the night,how he kissed he hugged her.n when she hugged her how he consoled n protected her in his arms in his unknown smiles occurs on her face..her tears stopped n she was only smiling.she sees his picture frame.on the wall.
Jigyasa:manish thank u I never knew that a our friendship will turn into our married life but u supported me at all times now it’s my time I will try to give u all the happiness u deserve.she smiles..
Voice-only friend ship or something else.
Jigyasa sees around n finds her image.
Jigyasa:what who r u.she touches her own face n sees hers.
Voice-hahah I’m u ur heart.ur soul ur voice ur everything.
Jigyasa:but..jigyasa was confused
Voice-only friendship or something else
Voice-I think u started loving him.n he loves u too.
Jigyasa:no no no I can’t n I know he too can’t love me we r just friends
Voice-then y do he comes close to u
Jigyasa:to console me to make sure I’m save.n I feel safe in his arms that’s y.
Voice-then y do u feel comfortable I’m his arms.
Jigyasa:he is my friend n he always cares for me
Voice-hmm friend really..jigyasa feels her heartbeat raised she touches her heart n moves her head to see her image it was gone .she looks everywhere it was not there.
Jigyasa:what happened to me all the time I think about manish..I think I’m getting mad..she lays on the bed n sleeps.

Precap-police finds the place where the kidnappers kept jigyasa n manish goes with them to investigate..jigyasa finds neha going in the library n spending hours in it.she gets a doubt..

Guys sorry if it’s over romantic but my script demanded that I know it turned very romantic suddenly but it was my plan to let them enjoy there love n then some thing plzz don’t worry about anything I m also a fan like u all so I won’t seperate them .plzz I need ur comments so I get more interested in writing.thanks a lots dears love u all tc:-)Juveria

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