Thahaan-a new start (episode 15)

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So here it goes

Manish drops Dima to pandey nivas n Dima peeps through the mirror
Vasu:don’t forget my advice
Manish smiles n leaves ..all the way to goplani’s mansion he was thinking about vasu’s words.he reaches goplani’s mansion he opens the car door to get out but again remembers vasu’s word.he smiles n closes the door he drives to his office.
He gets in his cabin n keeps the mango packets on the table.he thinks about jigyasa but then stop n decided to do work.
After few minutes he suddenly sees the mangoes n again thinks about her.someone knocks the door
Manish:come in
A girl comes in.
Manish sees her
Manish:jigyasa what r u doing here
Manish:arre wah I decided to stay away from her n she came in front of me herself
Jigyasa gives him some files n he takes it he looks at her mesmerized by her beauty.
The girl shakes him.he comes in reality n finds other girl infront of him
Manish:u where did jigyasa go
Girl:sir there were no one here when I came.
Manish:when did u jigyasa came inside

Girl:no sir I came here to give these files.she points at the files which were in manish’s hand.he realizes it was a dream
Manish:ok u go.she goes out closing the door.manish rubs his hairs
He sees the time
Manish:wah manish u can’t stay an hour also with out her..
He sees the mangoes again
Manish:she must be waiting for the mangoes I must give her then I will stay away from her.he gets up but subsequently he sits
Manish:no if I go then I won’t come back I should stay here only.n manish just for a day don’t think about her then u will get all ur answers.he sets his mind
He gets a call n he sees his was jigyasa’s he gets shocked n did not picked her call.soon the call cuts n he keeps his phone at silent mode.jigyasa calls him back to back many times.he did not picked any or he did not noticed her call as it was on silent mode.
At goplani’s mension
Jigyasa was trying his phone but all the times he did not picked.
Jigyasa:idiot where did he go he went a long ago to buy mangoes n didn’t came yet..misha comes to her room n sees her tensed
Misha:Bhabi what happen.jigyasa sees her
Misha:any problem ur looking tensed
Jigyasa:ur brother is the problem
Misha:what.they sit on the bed

Jigyasa:yes he went out long ago n did not came yet.he did not had his breakfast too
Misha:don’t worry Bhabi he is not a small kid.he might be in office
Jigyasa:actually he went to market for buying mangoes for me now u only say does it takes this much time to buy mangoes.
Misha:arre Bhabi he would be in office may be any important work came n he directly went there u do one thing call him
Jigyasa:I tried a lot time he is not picking a single call of mine.
Misha:then call to the office receptionist
Jigyasa:yes nice idea I will call her now.she dials the call
At goplani’s office
Manish was in the reception talking to some person about work.the phone rang n the receptionist picks it up
Jigyasa:hi..I’m jigyasa manish’s wife
Receptionist:ohh jigyasa maam tell me how can I help u.manish hears it n goes to the receptionist he takes the phone n keeps his hand on the speaker
Jigyasa:can I speak to response
Manish(to the receptionist):if she asks about me then say her that I’m not here and did not came to the office today
Receptionist:but y sir
Manish:do as I saw.he gives the phone to her
Jigyasa:haan yes y did u took this much time to answer
Receptionist:maam I actually got indulged in an imp work which abhi sir gave me sorry maam
Jigyasa:ok can I speak to manish
Receptionist:but maam he is not here

Receptionist:yes maam he did not came to the office today
Jigyasa:ok thank u..she cuts the call
Manish signs in relief
Misha:what happen Bhabi
Jigyasa:he is not at office..misha now I’m getting worried is he fine
Misha:Bhabi ur overthinking bhai is not a small kid that he will get lost or any thing nothing will happen to him he will come soon don’t worry
Jigyasa:I hope so.misha goes out..neha comes out from behind the door as misha went..she smirks
Neha:today is ur last day jigyasa u want to see my I won’t let it happen today u will not meet him..she smirks n sees her
At goplani’s office
Manish was getting impatient in his cabin he was holding his phone n walking here n there
Manish:she called me 55 times n msg u countless I think I should call her once.
He sees the phone
Manish:what about the answer..I should ask to Dima.he calls vasu
Vasu sees his call n picks it up
Vasu:arre beta what happen did u got the answer
Manish:I called u for that only.dima I stayed away from her so now u tell the answer.
Vasu:arre how can I say beta.n u just stayed 2 hours away from her n saying me to tell the answer
Manish:this is the problem Dima in this 2 hours she called me 55 times n msg I can’t even count them.vasu opens her mouth
Manish:then just think what will she do in the whole day.n also
Manish:I’m not liking it I want to go to her

Manish:but Dima she is angry with me n I will make her angry more
Vasu:nothing will happen beta her anger is like air.comes n goes in a minute.
Manish:ok as u say
He cuts the call.vasu smiles
He sits on the chair doing work.
Few hours passed n jigyasa now got worried for him she thought to go down n tell everyone about him.she starts going.she gets a call her phone was on the bed
Jigyasa:manish..she runs to pick the call but sees some unknown number.
She picks the call with a sad face
Person:do u want ur husband back home..jigyasa gets shocked
Jigyasa:who r u
Person:ur missing ur husband right.
Jigyasa:I asked u something first answer it n where in Manish
Person:if u want him then come out of ur house.
Jigyasa:no I won’t
Person:ohh don’t u want ur husband
Jigyasa:is manish with u
Person:yes he is with me n now he is unconscious
Jigyasa:what…what happened to him?
Person:well come down n see urself.he cuts the call.jigyasa runs down throwing her phone on the bed.
She comes out of the house . Sees here n there..she calls his name but no response.
She goes a bit away from the house n suddenly someone hits her head with a stick.she holds her hand n turns to see the was a Strange person for her.he holds her n she falls unconscious.he turns around n neha was peeping through the big gate.she showed a thump up n smirks.he puts her in his car n goes away.
The car stops in an unknown place.
The man takes her out of the car n takes her inside n ties her to a chair..
At goplani’s office
Manish was restless he wanted to meet jigyasa but made his mind set that today he will get his answer what he feels for her.. who she is to him..
He again calls Vasu

Vasu sees his call
Vasu:this boy na.she picks the call
Manish:Dima I’m getting restless.i don’t know what’s happening to me.vasu smiles
Manish:say something ur silence is making me more worried
Vasu:what should I say didn’t u got ur answer
Manish:no Dima I though u will tell the answer.vasu slightly beats her head
Vasu(in mind):he don’t know anything about love.he got the answer but still searching it..
Vasu:beta u do one think.sit calmly for some time then take a long breath.think about the persons u love the most.n then I think u will get ur answer.she cuts the call
Manish:but Dima.he realizes she ended the call.he recollects her moment he sits on the chair calmly closing his eyes.he starts taking long breathes n with each breath he sees the persons he love the most..he first sees dadi n the moments spent with her.he again takes a long breath n sees one he sees abhi.n in the next one he sees Vasu how she pulled his ears when she got to know that he came to meet thapki late night.he was curious for the next breath.he slowly took the breath n smiles to see the person.but he finds no one.his smiley face turned in sad.suddenly he hears a voice.his eyes were still closed hoping to see her face
Voice-tum mujhe band ankhon me dhundrahe ho.aur Mai yaha hun..tumhare khwabaun se nikal kar aiii Hun.tumhare paas tumhare saamne tumhare liye..(ur searching me in ur closed eyes n I’m here..I came out of ur dreams.. to u,in front of u,for u..)manish smiles
Voice-aankhen khol kar dekhlo warna pal me dur chali jaungi…manish quickly opens his eyes n find no one around.he again gets sad.he gets up. some one comes from back n hugs him.she keeps her soft,gentle hands on his chest.he smiles n holds them.she rests his head on his shoulder.he holds her hands tightly n slowly detaches her away from him..he turns to her n sees her fully.she was in a red colored gown with duppata pinned on side of her shoulder.he smiles at her.they see eachother for a long time.she slowly moved back n smiled at him
Manish:aankhen khuli ho ya ho band deedar unka hota hai..Kaise Kahu Mai oo yaara pyaar Kaise hota(it’s a song lyric from mohabbattein)
Jigyasa winks at him n starts running around the cabin holding her gown up preventing not to fall.her laughter mesmerized him.he started chasing her n singing the song(man mast magan)

Ishq ki dhooni roz jalaaye
Uthta dhuaaan toh Kaise chhupaaye
She was running when he finally catches her n pulls her to the wall.they were breathing constantly n smiling at eachother.
Hoo akhiyaan kere jee hazoori
Mange hai Teri manzoori
He sees in her eyes n touches her face.she gets shy.he slowly moves closer to her..
She pushes him aside n runs again.she stood at a distance n started laughing at him.he stood still at his place.he rubbed his hands on her hairs.
Kajra siyaanhi din rang jaaaye
Teri kastoori rain jagaaye
He again rubs his hairs n sees her n sing
Man mast magan man mast magan
Bas Tera naam dohraye
She holds her gown n spinner around him in a circle n her gown too went round with her..he smiled and looked at all her turns.she finally stops n falls in his arms..she holds his shoulder.n hides her face under her hand..he slowly touches her chin n moves her face up n she sees him.n smiles n again hides her face.he smiles too n sing the remaining part
Man mast magan man mast magan bas Tera naam dohraaye.
She sees him.he again sings
Chahe bhi to Bhul na pai
Man mast magan man mast magan
Bas Tera naam dohraaye(2x)
He rubbed his nose with hers.n they smiled.enjoying the moment. Enjoying the song.manish pulls her n holds her waist n she looks at him.a tune was still playing in their minds.they were lost in eachother.manish moves close to her.jigyasa closes her eyes n smiles.manish kisses her on forehead.they look at eachother .manish sees her lips n comes close jigyasa tickles him n runs.manish sees her.she laughs
Manish:arre y r u running..she makes faces n laughs
Manish:jigyasa stop irritating me n come to me here now.
Jigyasa:try to catch me
Manish:see I’m telling u last time come here.what r u afraid of I’m ur husband only not a ghost.come
Manish runs after her n his leg slips he was falling down but he holds the table n prevents falling.he smiles n turns around.she was gone he sees here n there but could not find a clue of her.he gets tensed.he goes out to search her he searches her all around but did not find her he comes back to his room n closes the door.n stands facing his back to the door leaning on the door.he starts laughing.he holds his hands up in the n shouts “I love u jigyasa”.he feels his heart beat raised n he puts his hand on his heart to calm down.he smiles.
Manish:yes I..I love her.i love her a lot I can’t stay away her.n this were my feeling for her.i always thought about my feeling for her y do I feel happy around her,I feel like I’m in a new world were there is only me n her,yes jigyasa I love u I want to take u to my worl of love,care.respect,n..n romance.he smiles.i can’t stay away jigyasa I want to see u meet u.i stayed a day with out u but this will be the last we will be together.he smiles.
An unknown place
Jigyasa slowly gains conscious n she sits steady making herself attentive.she gets a blurred image of the people front.she tries to move her hands up to clean her eyes but could not as they were tight.she closes her eyes tightly n again opens it now it was clear to her.she could see herself tied n some people around which were goon
Se gets scared but stays calm
Jigyasa:who r u y did u brought me here.where is manish bring him to me.
Goon:shut up u stupid girl we don’t have any manish with us we tricked u out of the house n Kidnapped
Jigyasa:but y what did I do to u all leave me plzzzz I want to go to my husband.he slaps her tightly that his finger prints gets marked at her cheek..she cries.
Goon:chup stay here no word more..all the goons went out.jigyasa cries
At goplani’s mansion
Dadi:beta where is jigyasa I went in her room she is not there
Misha:I don’t know Dadi.neha gets tensed
Misha:dadi actually bhai went somewhere today n Jigyasa Bhabi was worried for him I think she went to search him
Dadi:but where did he go.oh stop first call him.misha nods n calls him by her phone
Manish’s phone was silent n he was busy dreaming her wife.
Misha:dadi he is not picking up
Dadi:what I will try.she takes the house landline phone n calls him
At goplani’s mansion
Manish:so Mrs jigyasa manish goplani I’m waiting to come to u n share my feeling.
He smiles n takes his phone he sees many of her missed calls n messages.he smiled.he sees a call from misha too.he gets another call which was of home
He smiled
Manish:so my wife is restless she wants to meet me.dont worry jigyasa I’m coming to u only I know u will be angry but as Dima said ur anger is like air.comes n goes in a minute.n today I know u can’t be angry with me for a long time.
Manish:ohh yes Dima I should say her about it after all she was my love guru.he smiles n calls her
Vasu sees his call
Vasu:this boy na if again a silly question I will scold him,she smiles n picks up the call
Manish:Dima I got my answer.vasu gets shocked n she smiles
Vasu:what really
Manish:yes Dima
Vasu:good my boy now say me what answer did u got
Manish:not now Dima.
Manish:I have some works to do n yes I will bring jigyasa to ur home when I get her answer then only I will tell my answer..I think u understood much of it right
Vasu:haan right I’m very happy beta go n tell her about ur feeling.he nods n cuts the call he sees the mangoes n takes it.he goes down n drives to goplani’s mansion
Unknown place
Jigyasa was crying n shouting .the goons were drinking wine outside
Jigyasa:plzzz let me least let me call my husband plzz
Some one comes in the room she could not see his face as it was dark.she gets scared.he comes to her n she screams
Jigyasa:no don’t come near me go away.he quickly comes to her n holds her mouth
Person:shut up I came to help u.jigyasa sees the person he was as old as her dadu.she sees him
Jigyasa: u will help me but u r with them na
Old man:no I’m not.the man who brought u here is my son.jigyasa gets shocked
Old man:yes I m his father n I hate him.i know it’s weird that a father is saying that he hates his son
Jigyasa:but he is ur son

Old man:I know beta.he touches her face
Old man:I educated him thinking that he will become a Nice successful person but he turned out to be a goon.i don’t like the way he bring children or people n call their families to give money or else he will kill I helped all the people whom he brought here till now but unlucky them they never escaped.they were not bold enough to run..but seeing u my child I hope u will do it u will escape.i know.he quickly opens her ropes
Jigyasa:but won’t they scold u
Old man:they will but I’m smart then him.i will take out an solution.dont worry beta just run
Jigyasa:uncle I don’t know the way out here n which place is it.
Old man:after u get out of this house u have to pass a forest then over the bridge which is at the other side.then u will find a Mandir their..go straight from there then u will find the road I think u know the way from their.
Jigyasa:yes uncle thank u soo much I can’t thank u enough for this sir..she thinks n takes out her diamond earrings
Jigyasa:uncle plzz keep this small gift from me
Old man:no beta I don’t save anyone for these thing go ur family ur husband must be waiting
Jigyasa:ur calling me beta n not accepting this.plzzz uncle ur of my dadu’ s age plzz accent it.old man smiles n takes it,he blesses her
Old man:may u get all ur happiness u deserve in ur life.may ur’s n ur families be happy n healthy always.go beta it’s very late now u should be strong n pass this way.all the goons are sitting out drinking wine I think u can go out easily.jigyasa nods n runs out.old man smiles
Old man:such a sweet child may she n her husband stay together always..
Jigyasa was in the room where the goons were drinking.she hinds behind the boxes n sees here n there.she sees the door.jigyasa tries to get out.but a goon gets up from his place n she gets scared she quickly sits again.they started laughing dancing n conversing ..she hears their conversations a little then she find them weak n she gets a chance to escape she runs out..she sees the forest n starts running ..she runs faster n faster she was tired of running now she was falling weak.she stands still to breath..
Jigyasa:no jigyasa I should not stop if they find me then again they will catch me n noo I can’t stop she runs again.she steps onto a small twig.she screams “ahhh”..she sits down to see what happened.she cries off pain.suddenly she hears some voice n gets up n hides behind a tree.
Goon :where did that girl go find her now.everyone splits in different ways to find everyone went jigyasa came out of her hiding place n runs from the forest the twig was irritating her.she was in pain she was not able to walk anymore but she kept running as she did not wanted to get caught she runs she she finds the road n sees the bridge.she runs over it,it was dark she was getting scared but ran as fast as she could..she finally sees the Mandir at the other end n quickly goes near the Mandir.she was panting..she sees know one their to get help or hire a taxi.she sees here n there.she goes in the Mandir n prays
Jigyasa:Bhagwan ji plzz help me reach home still I have to cross a long distance I m very tired n weak I can’t walk more now..there was no one in the Mandir she slowly sits down n leans on the floor.she was still panting..goons come in the Mandir
Goon:search in the Mandir go
Everyone enters in the Mandir.jigyasa sees them n gets scared .she panics n was about to run out.
Jigyasa:no they r standing out if I go out they will catch me..she looks here n there
N hides behind the mata rani’s idol.she sits there holding her legs around her arms n hiding her face in her hands.she was very scared..
Jigyasa:manish plzzz save me..
On the other hand manish reaches goplani’s mansion n goes inside with the mangoes in excitement.he reaches in the hall
Dadi:where did she worried for her now.n manish is also not picking up the she alright
Misha:dadi I found bhabi’s phone in her room
Abhi:maa I searched her all over but did not find her I have sent all the servents to search for her but maa her is this manish.jigyasa is missing since afternoon n he did not even picked the call.manish gets shocked hearing her name.he leaves the mangoes packet.dadi sees him
Dadi:manish beta.manish feels his world turned upside down.he sees everyone one but they had no answer.manish runs out of the house
Dadi:abhi stop him he is not understanding the situation he will do anything.abhi nods n runs out with him..he finally stopped him near the gate.n forcefully gets him inside..
Manish:dad plzz leave me I have to search her she need me
Abhi:where will u find her beta wait lets think calmly n we will get a solution.he nods n stays calm.abhi calls police..neha smirks but gets tensed
Neha(in mind):they called police if they get to know about me that I did it ..what ever I don’t fear anyone.i will kill her today.she messages the goon to kill her.
Goon gets the msg n he gets tensed

Goon:find her she wants her dead find her n kill her.jigyasa was scared.
She sees the mata rani’s idol n holds her hand n prays..
Goon:see behind the idol.jigyasa gets shocked.she knew she will die now.she closes her eyes..the first thing she sees after closing her eyes was manish.she smiles seeing his face.
Jigyasa:take care of ur self manish.she tightens her eyes to release the tears..suddenly mata rani’s red chunri falls on her.n the bells of the Mandir starts moving due to heavy wind.goon sees behind the idol n finds no one.he sees the chunri
Goon:what is this chunri doing here..he moved his hand towards the chunri to take it
Other goon:hey the girl is not here what r u doing come lets go n find some where else.n if someone sees us with the idols they will think we r thief
Goon:yes ur right come lets go.all the goons goes out of the Mandir.jigyasa takes away the chunri from her head.n sees it.she sees the god idol n smiles.she gets up n thanks god.she runs out n kept running to goplani’s mansion
Manish was restless.police arrives there n checks his room if they could find any evidence.
Police:I don’t know what to say sir we r not able to solve the mystery.she is not home since afternoon n no clues in the room.i think she got kidnapped
Police:yes see she got a call at 3 n since 3 she is missing .we need to go deep in this case have anyone got any unknown persons call
Everyone-no..neha lies to the police
Police:hmm don’t worry we will soon find her out.
Manish:what find her out u r not understanding she is my wife plzz do u plzz call the commissioner .abhi nods
Police:see please we r trying na n calling commissioner at this time is like disturbing him plzzz relax..manish gets angry
Manish:what r u trying I think I myself have to find her.he runs out
Abhi:manish wait.everyone runs out with him even police runs out.jigyasa comes inside the gate..she was looking back n running.manish was also in his thoughts of how to find jigyasa.jigyasa runs n they collide jigyasa’s shoulder hits his chest.she was about to fall he holds her.she moves back to see the person.she sees manish.n smiles
Manish:jigyasa he shouts
Jigyasa(slowly she had weakness in her voice but said it smilingly):ma..manish..she rests her head on his chest n falls weak.everyone comes out n sees them
Manish:jig..jigyasa what happen to u..he slowly sat on the floor with her.he gave his leg for her as support..he pats her face.jigyasa hugs him..neha gets shocked seeing her..
Manish hugs her too he pats her head gentle assuring her that he is with her..he detaches her
Manish:jigyasa tell me what happen who did this
Jigyasa:manish they…she cries.n hugs him again.

Manish:jigyasa don’t worry Im here na nothing will happen see look at me.she moves n sees him.he cups her face n wipes her tears away..she was still in trauma.he hugs her again.n she feels protected in his arms.he tightens it more.he gets angry seeing her condition.jigyasa realizes there is everyone near n seperates.polices officers sits beside her
Police:I’m sorry Mrs goplani to see ur state plzz help us in finding the persons who did this to u.jigyasa sees manish he nods n moves his hands over her head
Manish:yes jigyasa tell them what happened to u n trust me I won’t leave the one who did this to u
Jigyasa thinks off all the incidents happened n her hand Starts shaking.she was shivering
Jigyasa:they will kill me plzz save me manish plzz.
Manish:no no no nothing will happen to u I won’t let anything happen he hugs her again n she holds his shirt so that he cannot seperate her from him..manish slowly tries to detach her.she shouts no no no no..
Manish:ok ok ok I’m here only don’t here.he rubs her hairs.she feels good.but was breathing hard n still shivering.manish slowly moves her she sees him.he cries at her state.n kisses her on her forehead which made jigyasa realize that she is safe now n with her loved ones.manish hugs her
Manish(in mind):whoever did this I won’t leave them just come infront of me once then see I will kill u.he gets angry
Manish slowly moves her away
Manish:inspector sir as u saw my wife is not in the state to answer any of ur questions plzz I request u to do the investigation later
Police:we understand sir don’t worry we will come tomorrow for her statement.they goes from their.manish takes Jigyasa in his arms n she holds him around his neck.he walks to the room..jigyasa sees him.he had care,love,possessiveness,protection n a lot of expressions in his eyes.n also anger for the people who r responsible for her state.he reaches the room n puts her safely on the bed.he sees her they had an eyelock(ranjha naa plays)while moving his hand away from her his hand touches her feet where there was the twig which was hurting her from a long time.she shouts “ahhh” manish sees her
Manish:what happen r u ok tell me
Jigyasa shows her feet n
Jigyasa:I stepped on a twig n it is still in my leg its paining.he sees her n holds her leg.he sees the twig he holds it n pulls it out she shouts “ahhhh”..manish feels bad for her.he goes out with out saying anything.she sees him going out..he comes in the balcony n cries remembering her state.dadi comes to him n holds his shoulder
Dadi:no beta if u fall weak then how will u give her no now stop crying.he wipes his tears.
Manish:dadi I will not leave the person who did it to her I will kill the person.just once he comes infront of me
Dadi:yes beta even we r with u we won’t leave go she might be hungry take her food n be with her she need u the most now.he nods n they leave down.jigyasa was standing near the door she hears it all.she goes n sits again on the bed.manish comes with the food n sees her.jigyasa sees him.
Manish:come eat the food u will feel better.he makes a roll n moves to her mouth to feed he.she holds his hand.manish sees her
Jigyasa:did u ate anything.manish looks down.jigyasa smiles
Jigyasa:I knew it.she takes the roll n feed him.he eats it n then feed her jigyasa feed him.they eat the food together..dadi n abhi come in the room with a doctor.
Dadi:Doctor plzz check her she is weak.she nods n does her check up
Doctor:don’t worry she is fine she is weak only plzz take care of her.she has a little fever too don’t let it increase give her the medicines on time.she leaves n abhi goes with him.manish sits beside him
Manish:u have fever too.y did not u tell me
Jigyasa:arre how do I know about that
Manish:fever tumhe tha ke mujhe..
Jigyasa:see Dadi he agin started fighting with me.she smiles n sits beside her.
Dadi:it’s his love for u.manish smiles.jigyasa sees him.
Dadi:ok eat the medicines n sleep.jigyasa nods n eats them.she lays on dadi’s lap n sleeps..dadi caressed her hairs n she sleeps.manish smiles.
Manish:dadi she slept u would be tired u were very worried for her u go n sleep I will take care of her.she nods.manish slowly puts her straight on the bed n puts the blanket properly she sleeps..dadi goes out.manish also changes his dress n comes out he goes to kitchen n bring a bowl of water n a cloth.he comes to the room n sees her she was sleeping peacefully..he sits beside her n puts the wet cloth on her forehead.
Manish smiles seeing her.he caresses her hairs
Manish:I love u..he smiles n she smiles too in sleep.

Precap-Manish sees her standing in the balcony n he gets close to her.jigyasa tells everything to the police.mannish makes mango shake for jigyasa.

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