Thahaan-a new start (episode-14)

I hope u all r fine..I am not well that’s y I did not write the next part updating day in the last episode..I myself didnot know that when I will be posting..sorry if I’m late n if any spell mistakes.n this one will bring a lot of surprises for u.i m eager to read ur comments..

Jigyasa was in manish’s arms they were lost in an eyelock.their faces were close but soon they detach as they hear the car horn sound..he makes her stand straight.
Manish:r u ok
Manish:come lets go home
Jigyasa sees the children n bids a bye to them.he smiles at them n sits in the car jigyasa sits after him..
They reach goplani’s mansion n gets in
Dadi sees them
Dadi:arre beta come.u came soo early manish u should take her some where na beta.
Manish:dadi it’s already afternoon n we had to be hear in the morning itself n ur telling it’s early.
Dadi:off u won’t understand.jigyasa but do u understand or ur same like my immature grandson.jigyasa sees him.he was confused she looks at Dadi who was waiting for her answer.she gets shy n nods her head in yes.manish gets more confused n Dadi smiles
Dadi:see my Bahu is intelligent like me.she laughs.

Dadi:ok go to ur room n take rest.neha sees the shopping packets in an servants hand
Neha:what r these is it for us.manish n jigyasa looks at eachother
Manish :no mom this are jigyasa’s clothes.neha gets shocked
Neha(with a fake smiles):u buyed these for her.
Manish:yes mom.he turns to Dadi
Manish:dadi she did not had any Indian dresses to wear so I took her for shopping today.
Dadi:beta no need to give me explanations ok.n jigyasa beta we r not that old type of people.u can can wear those western clothes also.u know sometimes I like wearing jogging tracks but I don’t have any partner to jog or exercise with I have a partner..neha also don’t cares about her fitness.neha looks at her n sees manish n jigyasa giggling.
Neha:maa ji
Dadi:ok ok now to ur room both.they nods n moved to the room
In the room..
Manish:what was Dadi talking about n u nodded
Jigyasa:what ever she was talking I wonder how idiot ur u don’t even know about these things too
Manish:what things
Jigyasa:ok let me ask u one thing she sits beside him on the bed.
Jigyasa:do u had any girlfriend anytime
Manish:yes I had one when I was in high school
Manish:yes.she laughs.
Manish:what is there to laugh

Jigyasa:no U can’t have a girlfriend.i mean how can she stay with u.
Manish:stop it n tell me what is the defect in me haan
Jigyasa:the defect is ur very unromantic
Jigyasa:yes if u were then u would understand Dadi today.she know us as girlfriend n boyfriend so she meant that u would take me some where out n we would come late today.because all the couples love to spend time together.n ur such an idiot did not understand this much also.
Manish:hey don’t call me idiot haan
Jigyasa:what will u do I will call u thousand time idiot idiot idiot.they glared eachother
Manish:acha if u call this to me one more time then u will regret
Jigyasa:Oho let me see what u can do mr idiot manish goplani.she gestures while
moving her eyebrows up.he holds her hands.she sees him.he pulls her n she falls in his arms..jigyasa gets tensed
Manish:what did u say..
Jigyasa:nothing nothing I was saying that.i have some work.
Manish:ohh u have work now n since then u were teasing me saying I’m not romantic.he tucked her hairs behind her ear.she sees down
Manish:n also that idiot.u told it right.she sees him
Manish:right..he starts coming close.jigyasa sees that n quickly says
Jigyasa:yes yes.he smiles n stays at his place.

Manish:n now when I’m trying to become romantic ur getting tensed.see ur getting sweat.
Jigyasa:sweat no were I’m not getting sweat.she touches her forehead
Manish:ok relax relax.its ok it happens out of nervousness.n what else ur were speaking .that I m not not romantic do u want to see how romantic I’m.she sees him n gets shocked.
Jigyasa:manish I have some work let me go..
Manish:ummm I won’t
Jigyasa:ok ok sorry I teased u I m an idiot now plzz leave me
Manish:I told u already that if u call me an idiot u will regret n u called me so bare this too.he comes close.she gets nervous n holds his shoulder n closes her eyes.manish sees her he sees her hand which was on his shoulder she was clutching his t-shirt in her fist n breathing hard.he sees her n smiles.he admires her for minutes n then she realize that nothing had happen she opens her eyes to see manish he was smiling at her n she also gets lost in his eyes his handsomeness.she smiles too.they were still very close.neha was passing through their room n sees them close she gets angry.
Neha(in mind):totally snatched maa ji now I can’t even bad mouth u infront of her n now steeling my son no way..
Neha:jigyasa beta..manish n jigyasa hear her voice n detach she quickly stands up from the bed they see neha
she intentionally acts like she came in the room unknowingly..she turns n smirks.
Neha:sorry beta very sorry I will come later.she was going while jigyasa stops her
Jigyasa:mom plzz come na tell us did u want anything.she some how managed to speak.neha smiles n turns
Neha:beta maa ji told me to teach u how to cook not big dishes common dishes that are cooked everyday so come down when I will be preparing dinner
Jigyasa:ok mom I will.she leaves.
Manish n jigyasa signed in relief.jigyasa sees him.manish also sees her.they laugh..
Jigyasa:acha listen can I ask u one more thing
Manish knew what she will be asking so he said no
Jigyasa:plzzz last question for today plzzz
Manish:ok ask
Jigyasa:what was ur ex girlfriend name.he gets tensed
Manish(in mind):I knew she would ask this only
Jigyasa:what happen don’t have any answer or did.not had any girlfriend only
Manish:I had n her name was

Jigyasa:misha.really so then u will be having her picture too
Manish:yes I have he takes out his phone n show a picture.
Manish:she is misha.jigyasa sees it
Jigyasa:Oho such a beautiful girl n ur names are also similar manish misha right..then y did u guys broke up..manish quickly says with out thinking
Manish:who said we broke up we r still dating
Manish:yes we r still in contact.see he shows his call log n jigyasa finds them calling eachother 4-5 times a day…he shows more of her pictures n some with him too.they were close to eachother n some were misha was kissing manish on his cheeks..she tightens her fist.she sees him looking at her picture
She did not say anything n goes out .manish smiles..
He goes out too.
Jigyasa:he is really an idiot has a wife n still dating..
Jigyasa goes to the kitchen
Neha was preparing vegetables.
Jigyasa:mom I came.what do I need to do
Neha:ohh come u cut these vegetables till the time I will do some other arrangements.jigyasa nods n takes the knife.neha gives her onions n goes away to the cupboard..jigyasa sees the onions n gets shocked
Jigyasa:mom I ..neha sees her
Neha:what happen
Jigyasa:I don’t know how to cut onions.
Neha(in mind):nice opportunity I can hurt her.i will cut her fingers now wait n watch.
Neha:it’s ok beta I will teach u.come hold the knife like this n here.she holds the knife.neha holds her hand n makes her cut onions.she cuts it fastly holding her hand tightly.jigyasa fingers gets cut n she shouts.”ahhh”.neha leaves her hand n sees the wound.her four fingers were cut but not so deep
Neha:ohhh sorry beta actually I have a habit of cutting fast so I m very sorry beta
Jigyasa:it’s ok mom.blood started coming out her fingers.she blows her hand
Neha:beta u go n aid it I will manage here.go
Jigyasa nods n runs to her room.neha smirks..

In the room
She takes out the first aid box n tries to put the ointment but it was not possible for her to put it by left hand to right hand.dadi call her n she hears her voice.she leaves the ointment n takes the roll bandage n wraps it around it was not properly tied n she leaves down quickly
Dadi was sitting in the hall
Jigyasa hides the wounded hand under her dupatta n goes to her
Jigyasa:dadi did u call me
Dadi:yes beta come actually I had a work for u
Jigyasa:what work Dadi
Dadi:beta manish have gone to the office but forgot his tiffin box.
Jigyasa:but y did he go to the office
Dadi:u don’t know about it
Dadi:ahhahaha arre beta my manish is always a hard working person he loves working he joined his father at his company when he was only 18.from the age of 5 he stayed with abhi n learnt a lot of business things from him n today he is helping his father in work.jigyasa smiles at his husbands achievement.
Jigyasa:ok Dadi I will take the tiffin.
Dadi:not only giving him tiffin u have to see whether he ate or not.he always forgets to eat n brings back the tiffin as it is.
Jigyasa:ok Dadi I will make sure he eats.dadi smiles n jigyasa leaves with the tiffin hiding her hand.dadi sits n smiles
Dadi:I always send him tiffin. But with a driver but today u will go n spend time with him.because my idiot son he is newly married n still wants to go for work.she smiles
Jigyasa reaches the office.she sees the office exterior
Jigyasa:oh my god how wonderful it if from out side then just imagine how would it be inside.she steps in while seeing the interior
Jigyasa:beautiful.this is much better then my office.she smiles.
Jigyasa goes to reception
Jigyasa:excuse me I want to meet manish
Receptionist:do u have an appointment
Jigyasa:no I don’t have but I’m his wife
Receptionist:ohhh I’m sorry maaam I really did not know it u can go his office is at floor 3 right side his nameplate is at the door.
Jigyasa:it’s ok thank u.she goes up.she searches for his room n finally gets it.
She opens the door n sees him talking to someone.she comes inside n closes the door n goes to him she did not disturb his as she thought he may be in an important call
Manish turns around n sees her.he gets surprised.n till then the call was cut
He thinks to tease her
Manish:ohh haan misha yes I’m listening.jigyasa gets shocked as she hears the word misha.
Manish:no no I’m not busy baby we can talk.jigyasa sees his table n sees lot of files left to be done.jigyasa gestures by her lips “baby”
Manish:ohhh ur so sweet don’t worry about my wife.he see jigyasa she sees him.
Manish:she will never stop me to talk to u baby.jigyasa opens her mouth n started getting tears in her eyes manish sees that n feels guilty
Manish:ok baby bye I will talk to u later.he acts cutting the call.the word baby hurted her n more then that the words “I will talk to u later” hurted her more.he has a wife,a newly married bride but still talks to his ex’s she thinks.ohh she is. not an ex they r dating still I’m the hurdle between them..but still he should be in limits for our families until we get seperated
Jigyasa keeps the tiffin on his table n turned to leave.he holds her hand.just above the wound.she moans in pain but keeps quite.
Manish:where r u going.
Jigyasa:u don’t need me call those whom u need the most.he feels something wet at his hand n holds her hand up to see.while she was still turned.he sees the wound.
Manish:this wound how did this happen..he moved his hand away from the wound.but still held her hand
Jigyasa:I don’t think I should tell u mr manish goplani now ur nothing to me..she jerks her hand n starts leaving.manish gets angry n runs with her she holds the door n opens it while manish holds the door nob too.
Jigyasa:leave the door manish I have to go
Manish:jigyasa listen to me once.
Jigyasa:I don’t want to listen Manish..I know u both love eachother but still.dont u forget we married for our families n Manish not for me for our family u should be in ur limit na.she cries
Jigyasa:u should have told me about it.n trust me manish I won’t come between u two.but till the time we get seperated plzz don’t tell anyone my family won’t come out of this trauma.i won’t tell anyone two.
Manish:jigyasa plzzz yaar stop behaving like a child.ok plzz let me do ur dressing see how much it’s bleeding.
Jigyasa:I can do it myself Manish.
Manish:jigyasa now stop making me angry n come with me.he holds her hand
Jigyasa:manish leave my hand.go n hold ur girlfriends hand.leave me.she takes away her hand.manish gets angry n pulls her he closes the door.while she tries to open it he locks it from inside.jigyasa gets shocked.she tries to free herself.he pushes her against the wall n holds her he comes close.he presses her hands
Manish:now will u listen to me.she sees him
Jigyasa:I already said that I don’t want to..leave me manish move away from me.she tries to push him.he holds her hands n twists it back n holds it there. He was very close to her.but before she could say anything he shouts
Manish:I was not talking to her I was talking to mr Prakash who is my client n nothing else.did u hear it now.he leaves his breath.
Jigyasa:don’t lie manish u were talking to ur girlfriend.i heard u
Manish:I did that only to tease u see.he shows his call log.jigyasa finds the last call done by mr Prakash .
Manish:see I was talking to him n then when I turned I saw u so I though to tease u.
Jigyasa sees him n feels sorry.
Manish:I’m sorry plzzz don’t go.her face was full with tears.he wipes it away.n holds her shoulders.he comes close n kisses her cheek.jigyasa sees him n holds her cheek where he kissed
Jigyasa:wh..what was this.manish looks in her eyes
Manish:sorry kiss.he holds his ears n gestures sorry.jigyasa holds his hands n nods noo
Jigyasa:it’s ok but don’t do it next time.manish plzzz promise me one thing today
Manish:what.jigyasa was crying it was difficult for her to speak but still she tries
Jigyasa:manish plzz I know u love some other girl.we r not in an husband wife relationship.n trust me I will never come in ur ur love life.but plzzz manish promise me today that u will never tell about it to anyone my Dima will die manish she already suffered a heart attack now she can’t over take another plzz.she begs him holding her hands.manish holds her hand
Manish:r u an idiot now stop behaving like a child n stop crying first.
Jigyasa:first promise me

Manish:ok I promise now stop crying.she tries to stop but her tears were uncontrollable.jigyasa was thinking about Vasu n what would happen to her if she gets to know this.manish holds her hands n again presses her against the wall.jigyasa sees her.there bodies where touching eachother.he smiles.jigyasa stopped crying.n manish came close he kissed her tears away on her cheeks.jigyasa gets shocked
Jigyasa:what r u doing
Manish:what a husband does with his wife.he smirks
Manish:now stop crying n wipe ur tears or else I will kiss again n this time on.he sees her lips.she gets shocked n tensed.she quickly controls her tears n wipes them away from her face.manish secretly smiled at her act.
Jigyasa:done..manish comes closer.
Jigyasa:ur really idiot u have a girlfriend n still putting line on me
Manish:so what she is my girlfriend n u r my wife.she sees him.she feels proud that he called her his wife.
Manish:n did u say idiot.again her proud face turned tensed.
Manish:I told u.u will regret so get ready now.he sees her lips.jigyasa tries to go.he stops her by blocking her way n she sees him.he laughs.jigyasa was tensed but knew it was his prank again.she smiles slightly.he sees her wound.he holds her hand n pulls her to the chair n makes her sit.he takes the first aid kit n comes to her
Manish:oh god see the wound how much it’s bleeding r u a small kid can’t u take care of ur self.she started shouting at her.she listen carefully to his consern
Manish puts the ointment n she shouts as she feels pain. “Ahhh”manish sees her. He blows at the wound n slowly puts the ointment.she sees him n smiles.he bandages it carefully making sure it’s not so tight n not hurting her.a cold breeze hits there faces n they see eachother.(na na naa plays)her hair locks comes front n disturbed manish while he was admiring her beauty.he moves his hand n touches her face.he slowly puts her hairs back n sees her.jigyasa gets in senses
Jigyasa:manish Dadi have send food for u.manish also get back in senses n moves back.he stands n takes the tiffin
Manish:i will be home in 2-3 hours only what was the need to bring
Jigyasa:u will come home n directly sleep so do ur dinner here.
Manish:u also did not ate come lets have it together
Jigyasa:no manish I will go home

Manish:plzz.jigyasa could not resist n nods yes.he smiles n takes out the tiffin he feed her as she had hurted her hand n eats the food too.she sees him constantly
Manish:now tell me how did this happen
Manish:how did u got hurt
Jigyasa:just a small hurt I will be alright soon
Manish :Is this a small hurt..n this is not my question I asked how did this happen
Jigyasa hesitated to tell n manish knew she is hiding something.he takes out his phone
Manish :tell me or else I will call at home n ask about it.n then a new drama will be created.jigyasa thinks “Dadi also don’t know about it if she gets to know then she will scolde mom” it better to tell him
Jigyasa tells what happened in the kitchen today
Jigyasa:there no mistake of mom nor me she is an experienced cook n she did it unknowingly.manish smiles
Manish(in mind):no jigyasa mom did it intentionally I don’t know y she is hurting u.he looks at her n feeds her again
After the food jigyasa takes the tiffin along with her n goes out.bidding bye to each other.
The driver was checking the car tyre
Jigyasa:what happen is there any problem
Driver:maam the tyre got punctured
Jigyasa:then how will I go now
Driver:maam sorry I will call a mechanic n fix another tyre.u go in manish sirs car
Jigyasa:no if I take his car then how will he come I will go myself .she keeps the tiffin in the car n Leaves
She was walking on the road there were no auto..
She sees here n there while walking
Jigyasa:oh god house is very far from here there is no auto too.i think I should take lift.but no it is not safe I should keep walking..she was walking n sees a girl infront of her she was on the phone wearing western clothes.
Jigyasa:I think she is not from India.she looks completely modern.i was also like her..
She sees her crossing the road while talking on the phone she was not attentive she did not saw a truck coming from the back n started crossing .jigyasa sees the truck n gets shocked.
Jigyasa:hey move what r u doing there is a truck coming..but she did not hear her or moved.she runs to her.the truck was about to hit her when jigyasa holds her hand n pulls her tightly.they both fall on the road.jigyasa falls on a small rock she gets a small hurt on her head.but she was not worried for it she was worried for the girl she quickly got up n ran to her.the girl was lying unconscious jigyasa ran to her n held her shoulder

Jigyasa:hey r u alright.she turns her n moves her hairs aside.jigyasa gets shocked seeing her
Jigyasa:mishaaa…jigyasa did not knew what to do.but as she was like her mother generous,pity,polite.she thought of helping her.she shouted on the people around to bring some water.a man gave his bottle to her she quickly took it n sprinkled some water on her face.she slowly opened her eyes touching her head.she saw Jigyasa n everyone around.she saw herself lying on jigyasa’s lap.she felt nice.jigyasa helped her getting up n made her drink water.a big car comes infront of them.jigyasa turned to see n it was her car..
Jigyasa:see ur not looking fine plzzz come to my house by the time u feel good u stay with us..she nodded and went along with her.jigyasa was busy in her that she did not notice that she left her phone there itself on the ground..
As the car left ..all the crowd started leaving..jigyasa’s phone rang and a person picked it up.
Manish:hello jigyasa have u reached home
Person:sorry sir but the girl whom ur calling left the phone on the road
Manish(in mind):how careless y did she left her phone on the road.what was the need to get out of the car.if anything would happen then (he did not know that her car tyre was punctured)
Manish:but y is her phone with u n who r u
Person:sir I have a tea shop on the main road here.the only shop on the main road.i don’t know which girl this phone belongs to but a few minutes ago an accident happened here .manish was shocked.
Manish:did anything happen to the girl.where is ur shop tell me the address I’m coming.he says the address n Manish leaves the office in a hurry.
He reaches the place n sees the tea shop.he goes there.he was tensed he was sweating.
Manish:I did the call few minutes ago who picked it
Person:sir me
Manish:tell me what happen here n how.
He narrates everything.manish shows jigyasa’s picture in the phone
Manish:did she had an accident or the other girl.person sees her
Person:no sir she did not had accident.but she got a little hurt..actually none of them got hurt seriously..this girl took the other girl to her house as she was not fine
Manish:ok.the person gives the phone to him n leaves.manish thanks god n relaxed he hear that his wife is save.he sits in the car n goes to the home.
Jigyasa n misha were in the car
Misha:thank u soo much for saving me thank u is a very small word.
Jigyasa sees her
Jigyasa:it’s ok come we have reached home.misha sees the house n gets shocked.
Misha:do u live here
Jigyasa:yes come
Jigyasa( in mind):I think she is familiar to this house.but I won’t let anyone know about her that who she is..
She takes her inside holding her hand.she had a sprain in her leg..
Dadi n neha were sitting n chatting
Jigyasa:dadi..dadi n neha sees her.jigyasa slowly makes her sit on the sofa
Jigyasa:dadi she is…
Neha:misha beta u here.n what happened to u .jigyasa gets shocked.
Dadi:beta r u ok .jigyasa gets confused..neha brings water for her
Misha:I’m alright mom Dadi don’t worry
Jigyasa(in mimd):mom m Dadi she know them n they know
Neha:but what happened to u
Jigyasa tells every thing
Dadi:beta thank u soo much u don’t know what u gave to this family.thank u soo much
Jigyasa:dadi do u know her
Dadi:yes beta but u don’t know her I know come let me introduce.misha she is jigyasa manish’s bride.misha smiles wider jigyasa also smiles fakely
Jigyasa:ajeeb baat hai knowing that I’m his wife still she is not angry..
Dadi:and jigyasa beta she is misha my granddaughter.jigyasa gets shocked
Jigyasa:grand daughter???
Dadi:haan beta manish’s younger sister.she always stayed in America this is the first time she visited India.jigyasa gets shocked but smiles wider
Jigyasa(in mind):ohh so she is her sister idiot he lied to me.n those picture where misha was kissing manish..yes they can kiss eachother as sister n brother.n he named her as his girlfriend to annoy me.wait n watch mr goplani.but what is his fault who will be his girlfriend.she smiles.
Misha:thank u soo much Bhabi for saving me.if u were not there today I don’t know what would have happened.thank u soo much.when I think of that incident I feel scared..jigyasa sees her
Misha:n one more thing.i got to know about bhai’s wedding but when Dadi was sending ur picture to me I stopped her saying that I will give a surprise entry.n look destiny brought us face to face in a very unique way I was planning a great surprise for u n manish bhai but u have only gave me a surprise.she slowly tries to get up
Jigyasa:arre careful.misha stands
Misha:Bhabi I’m very lucky to have u as my Bhabi n u know what I always used to say bhai that I will find a perfect match for him but trust me no one can be perfect as u.ur soo pretty.jigyasa smiles.sheholds her cheeks
Jigyasa:u r also very pretty.everyone smiles.
Manish enters the hall n sees everyone

He sees jigyasa.. misha had sat on the he didn’t see her.manish runs to jigyasa n holds her.jigyasa n everyone sees him
Manish:jigyasa r u ok.i got to know about the accident did anything happen to u..he holds her face.jigyasa sees everyone they were smiling.neha was looking here n there
Jigyasa:manish nothing have happened to me don’t worry.she holds his hand n takes it away.
Manish:but what was the need of getting out of car haan were u waiting that something should happen to u
Jigyasa:manish my car got punctured so I decided to come by walk.
Manish:ohh then how did this happen did u got hurt ur right na.
.she narrates everything to him
Manish:ohh is that girl ok.
Jigyasa smirks
Jigyasa:yes she is fine n guess what I brought her here.she is here in the hall only.look over.manish gets confused n looks around.he finds misha sitting on the sofa.he smiles
Manish:misha tu,.she smiles n he runs to hug her.they hug each other.everyone smiles.
Manish:it means u were that girl.
Misha:yes n Bhabi saved me today or else
Jigyasa:now misha stop thinking about it.nothing have happened to u or me we r fine.dima says thinking of something inauspicious is very bad so stop it now.misha smiles.
Dadi:beta jigyasa u got hurt on ur forehead..manish sees that n gets up
Jigyasa:yes Dadi it’s only a little hurt.dont worry.dadi wanted to say something manish stops her
Manish:it’s ok Dadi she is fool I will dress her wound.jigyasa gets angry
Jigyasa(in mind):did he call me fool’s ok come in the room I will show u.
Manish:what r u thinking come lets go.jigyasa nods n goes up with him.everyone goes to their rooms.neha helped misha to get up n takes her to her room
Neha:u got more hurt the her but still ur brother cared for his wife not u.she said it while making her sit
Misha:so what mom I have everyone to take care of me.n I’m happy that he went with Bhabi.they make a very cute couple..
Neha(in mind):she trapped my daughter to in her net but not me.i will not leave u.
Manish n Jigyasa were walking through the the corridor n jia said was few steps back him.he was walking silently..they reach the room.manish knew he is going to die now.he did not see her n went inside the rooms he smirks n comes in.she folds her hands across her chest.manish turns to see her.she gestures moving her eyebrows.he again turns to the cupboard n acts to take out some thing.she comes to him.
Jigyasa:waise manish ur girlfriend is very cute haan I must say nice choice.she teases him.he did not react.
Jigyasa:but is she not so sister types.manish sees her.she smirks.manish again turns to the cupboard
Jigyasa:arre u can share with me as u shared it earlier.
Manish:no I…I don’t have anything to share.
Jigyasa:ok I have to share some thing to dadi.she starts going.he holds her hand. N pulls her.he closes her eyes
Manish:ok ok ok I m sorry I said it because u were teasing me n did not wanted to give u any chance in future to tease me.u were calling me idiot n unromantic n all so I…I said that all I’m sorry.he said quickly closing his eyes.she smiles.he opens his eyes slowly n sees her.
Jigyasa:u know what manish ur really an idiot.he makes a pout
Jigyasa:but I won’t forgive u

Manish:arre I said all the things na n asked sorry also then y r u overreacting.
Jigyasa:ohh I’m over reacting ok then fine.she starts going.
Manish:acha ok ok ok I will ask sorry again.jigyasa was smiling..he kneels down holds his hands infront of her.
Manish:jigyasa plzzz turn na
Jigyasa:no I won’t.she smiled
Manish(in mind):Oho attitude but what can I do I have to bare this.
Manish:plzzz turn na
Manish:ok if this time u won’t turn then I will go out n never come back.jigyasa gets tensed
Manish:ok I’m going.jigyasa quickly turns n sees him keeling down..manish smiles.
Jigyasa also smiles
Jigyasa:ur smart also.he smiles
Jigyasa:but I’m still angry she again folds her hands n turns her face away
He holds his hands n makes a puppy face
Manish:sorry.jigyasa sees him..he holds his ears.she sits down n holds his hands..he sees her they had an eyelock(ranjha naa plays)Jigyasa leaves his hands n turns her face she gets shy..manish smiles.she starts getting up.he holds her hand.she sees him
Manish:u didnot tell..did u forgive me.jigyasa sees him.he knew she is getting shy.he knew how to make her accept his apology.he holds her hands n slowly pulls her close.
She sees him.she smiles.he holds her face n comes close to her.she holds his hands n looks down.
Jigyasa:not so easily.she gets up n runs.he tries to catch but she runs fast.she stands near the bathroom door.
Manish:acha itna to boldo mafi Kaise milegi to this idiot.she turns n smiles.she opens the door
Jigyasa:I want mango.
Jigyasa:yes u have to bring mango for me.he gets tensed
Manish(in mind):arre how will I bring mango at this time.
Jigyasa:don’t worry I’m not that type of wife u have to bring mangoes for me tomorrow.she goes to the bath room
Manish smiles.
Manish:she is so sweet.what is the need of mango.he smiles
She comes out n manish makes her sit on the bed.
Manish:come let me do dressing.she nods..he slowly cleans the wound
Manish:I think I should start a job of a part time doctor.she knew exactly what he meant .she laughs.he laughs seeing her
Manish:u got the two hurts today n this is not a joke..u have to take care of urself
Jigyasa:ok I will.
Manish:thank u for saving my sister today.
Jigyasa:manish now she is my sister too.
Manish:hmm now sleep.he makes her lie down on the bed..she smiles at him.
Manish:close ur eyes.she closes her eyes like an obedient child..he lulls her n she sleeps
Next day
Jigyasa gets up. Gets ready.she goes to wake Manish
Jigyasa:manish get up its 10
Manish:ok I will get up in 5 min
Jigyasa:ok I’m going down.she goes to the door
Jigyasa:what..manish sits upright
Manish:plzz send one coffee na I’m feeling tired.
Jigyasa:ok..but don’t forgot the mangoes haan.she smiles.n goes out.he smiles
He gets up n gets ready.a servents gets his coffee n he drinks it.
Manish:hmm now let’s go n bring her apology treat.he goes out
He goes the the market n buys mangoes for her.someone touches his shoulder he turns n sees Vasu
Manish:Dima what r u doing here

Vasu:nothing beta just came to do some regular shopping..N how come ur here
Manish:Oho Dima this is because of ur laadli.ur princess.she have send me here to buy mangoes for her
Vasu:Oho this girl na don’t worry beta I will talk to her
Manish:arre no no Dima I was joking I actually made her angry n in return she kept this condition
Vasu:ahhh Meri princess ko pareshan karrahe ho.they laugh
Manish:ok now if ur shopping is done let me drop u
Vasu:yes beta I’m done.ok I will come with u.manish takes her packets n puts it in the car.vasu sits with him
Manish was driving
Vasu(in mind):this is the correct time to know about his feeling for jigyasa
Vasu:beta I always wanted to talk to u personally but never got time
Manish:y Dima
Vasu:beta sorry because of our condition u both had to marry each other forcefully
Manish:arre no Dima actually u know what we were not happy first then we satisfied for our families then slowly we r feeling comfortable with each other.vasu smiles hearing this
Vasu:beta y do I feel that u both r looking after each other
Manish:means Dima
Vasu:bas don’t hide anything from me now I know u feel some thing for her
Manish quickly stops the car
Vasu:arre what happen
Manish:how do u know.vasu smiles
Vasu:I’m not ur Dima so easily
Manish:hmm Dadi says the same
Vasu:yes beta it’s true.
Manish:ok now say what do u know..I mean how do I feel
Vasu:hmm I know but u must search this answer urself.
Manish:but how Dadi
Vasu:hmm ok I will give an idea
Vasu:stay away from her.i know u can’t as I saw it on the day the paghphere rasam
But this time try not to think about her.u will get ur answer..
Manish thinks about it

Precap-manish stays in the office.n soon got his answer

Hope u guys r liking share ur views. I m feeling better now.n I can write the next n submit it soon too so I will be uploading on Saturday.i m very upset as manish left.n today’s episode made me cry a lot.but hope his exit won’t effect our fan love for the show n all the I will continue my ff n hope u guys will also give ur love to me by ur comments.thank u stay blessed love u all tc:-)Juveria

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