Thahaan-a new start (episode-13)

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Few episode before many of u wanted romance between them n I think this will be a bundles of joy for those readers.i planned it a long ago but I wanted to maintain friend limit between them so hope u will enjoy it
Recap-manish helped jigyasa to make food n helps her in wearing saree too.neha puts oil at the stair to make jigyasa fall but instead of her manish falls down n gets his waist hurt.jigyasa does his massage n he feels good..
Here it goes

Jigyasa comes down.
Dadi:beta how is manish now
Jigyasa:he is fine Dadi.he is sleeping now.
Dadi:ok..someone enters.dadi sees them
Dadi:arre app log agai.bohot der laga di.come in.jigyasa sees them.she gets surprised.she sees vasundra,Dhruv,Adhiti,n aryan standing near the the door.
Jigyasa:Dima..she runs to her.she hugs her.
Vasu:arre bas bas.everyone smiles.she hugs everyone
Jigyasa:how r u all,how is dadu.dima how is ur health did u go for the checkup,dadu did not come
Dadi:beta let them in.first let them relax n u started talking there only.
Jigyasa:sorry Dadi.she lets them come in n they get seated.
Vasu:thank u for inviting us here Annapurna ji
Dadi:are don’t make us small vasundra we r a family.everyone smiles
Neha gives irritated looks
Vasu:jigyasa beta how r u.hope ur not troubling ur Dadi here
Jigyasa:Dimaaa ..vasu laughs
Dadi:hahah no no she is very nice.n after all she is my grand child too she has the right to trouble me.jigyasa smiles.
Dhruv:but where is manish.
Jigyasa:chachu actually he hurted himself.he is taking rest now.
Vasu :how is he is anything serious
Dadi:no vasundra ji he fall from the stairs today he got very little he is resting he will be fine soon.
They all start talking.
Dadi:arre we will talk the whole night but first lets have dinner look at at time.
Everyone nods

They sit on the dining table.jigyasa n neha serves them n sits too.
Dadi:vasundra ji plzz taste the food n guess who made it.she nods confusingly n everyone eats
Vasu:hmmm it’s very nice.i think neha Bahu made it
Dadi laughs
Dadi:no no ur grand daughter made it.jigyasa smiles.aryan gets chocked.jigyasa gives him water.
Jigyasa:r u ok bhai.
Dadi:what happen beta suddenly
Aryan:actually Dadi a girl who never stepped in kitchen..I wonder how she made this.everyone laughs silently.jigyasa pinches his hand silently.he shouts
Aryan:ahhh.jigyasa makes faces
Dima:what happen now
Aryan:nothing Dima.he eats silently n sees jigyasa he laughs.she gets irked.
They eat their food n goes to the hall.jigyasa takes a plate n takes some food for manish.she takes it n starts going.dadi stops her
Dadi:beta where r u going
Jigyasa :Dadi I will give this food to manish n come
Dadi:ok wait let me tell u the reason vasundra ji is here.she sees her confused
Dadi:tomorrow after the breakfast u will go to ur maika for paghphere rasam.ok
Jigyasa gets shocked
Dadi:ok na beta

Jigyasa:haan yes yes Dadi.she starts going..Dadi thinks “u both have to stay apart for a day.let me see what u will meet eachother.because I can say that u can’t live without eachother, with out seeing eachother.she turns n sees vasundra ..they smiles.jigyasa thinks about manish
Jigyasa :he got hurt n he need me can I go leaving him in this state.
But what can I do.i can’t even say no to them.she goes to the room she opens the door n sees him he was sleeping.she goes to her.n Wakes him
Jigyasa:manish get up have ur food.he sits upright
Manish:thank u I was hungry.he moves his hands to take the plate.she moves it back n gestures him to wash his hands n come.he makes n no face.she makes a strict face.he gets up obediently n washes his hands n comes back.he sits on the bed
Jigyasa:how is ur back pain now
Manish:I have a little pain still I think it will go soon.n did the guest come.who r those special guest
Jigyasa:my family
Manish:really.then I’ll go meet them.jigyasa stops him
Jigyasa:they r here till tomorrow u can meet them any time.first have ur food.
Manish:but y till tomorrow
Jigyasa:y don’t u want them to stay
Manish:no I don’t mean that the plan was so sudden n surprise for us so I got a little doubt.jigyasa remember dadi’s words.”ur going to ur maika for paghphere “..manish holds her shoulder n shakes her
Manish:where r u..
Jigyasa: nothing have ur food.he takes the plate.he felt pain in his right hand.he was about to leave the plate.jigyasa sees him.n holds the plate.
Jigyasa:what happen.
Manish:I thinks my hand also got hurt its paining.
Jigyasa:what y did u not told me at that time
Manish:I did not realize too.
Jigyasa:ok wait.she opens the cupboard n takes a joint spray.she sprays it on manish’s hand.
Jigyasa:it will get fine soon don’t worry.have ur food now.manish was still not able to holds the plate.jigyasa sits beside him n feed him with the spoon..manish sees him.she gestures to eat n he eats the food..she feeds him all but had a sad face

Manish:what happen ur looking sad.
Jigyasa:not at all.
Manish:really finish ur food I have to go down,he eats quickly…she takes out his gulaab jamun box.he smiles.she had her sweet too in the plate.but she sees he is more excited to eat gulaab jamun.she gets sad.she takes the gulaab jamun in her hand n moves to his mouth.he moves his head away.he gestures her to feed her sweet first.she smiles widely n keeps the gulaab jamun in the plate.she feed him the sweet.n he holds the gulaab jamun in his left hand n feeds her.she sees him.he gestures to eat.she smiles n eats it.she feeds him too.(na naa na plays).some gulaab jamun was left near his mouth.she sees it n forwards her hand to take it out.manish sees her.she slowly takes it n cleans his mouth with her fingers.he smiles..
she gives him a tablet.
Manish:what is this
Jigyasa:can’t u see it’s a tablet
Manish:yes i know but for what
Jigyasa:I have consulted to a doctor about u n he gave this pain killers.u will feel relieved soon.n he said u will easily fall asleep after having it
Manish:yaar Jigyasa I already had alot sleep n again no.i won’t eat it.
Jigyasa:manish by tomorrow u will be fine if u have this plzz for me eat this tablet
Manish:ok.he gulps it with water.she smiles.she left with the plates.
Manish:thank u for taking care of me jigyasa.but I don’t know y mom put oil on the stair to make u fall.

Fb shows
Out of the room
Manish:offo chalo how much time will u take
He goes to the railing n sees here n there.his sight catches neha putting oil on the stair..n sees her smirking.
Jigyasa:come lets go.manish was thinking y she did that.jigyasa shakes him
Jigyasa:what happen now
Manish:nothing u go I’m coming
Jigyasa:manish ur wierd.she starts going.neha sees her coming down n she smirks .manish sees that .he runs n stops Jigyasa
Fb ends

Manish:I don’t know y mom wanted to hurt u.n while the marriage she was happy.happy with u.even she convinced me too but y did she wanted to hurt u.he thinks for a while n again falls asleep because of the tablet…he was still sitting taking the support of the bed..
Jigyasa comes down.she sits with everyone n have a chat.she was looking dull.vasu sees her
Vasu :beta r u ok.ur looking dull
Jigyasa:no Dima I’m fine
Dadi:I think she is tired even we now lets go n sleep it’s already late.we need to get up early for the ritual..
Vasu:ji Annapurna ji
Dadi:neha show them their rooms.neha nods
Vasu:jigyasa beta I know u don’t have anything to see I brought this dress for u.others we will buy when u get home.ok.Jigyasa nods.
Neha takes them n shows their room.dhruv n Adhiti rest in one guest room n Vasu n Aryan rested n other,Jigyasa went to her room.she sees manish sleeping while sitting taking support of the bed.she smiles.she closes the door n turns.she sees his head slightly moved by which he can get sprain.then she sees his head is moving down which may hurt him.she runs n holds his head.she slowly makes him lie properly..she smiles.
Jigyasa:manish ur very innocent.she puts the blanket on him properly.she gets up to go.she feels a hand holding her hand.(ranjha naa plays)she turns to see if he got up.he was holding her hand while sleeping.she smiles.she sits beside him..
Manish(in sleep):don’t go away plzz.stay with me.
Jigyasa:manish I’m always with u.he holds her hand more tightly..he smiles in sleep.
His grip loosens n she takes her hand away.she goes in the balcony for taking fresh air.
She stands near the railing holding it
Jigyasa:manish tomorrow I will be going to my house for some ritual.n u don’t know about it.i don’t know how u will react.but I’m sure u will be happy as u will get ur right side to sleep.but still I don’t know y I’m feeling sad.i m going to my house.I’ll meet everyone there but still I feel like staying,like I’ll miss u…she sees the stars
Jigyasa:but y..we r just here as wife n husband for our families but still have feelings for u..
Jigyasa:hmm I remember a song hope it makes me feel good

“Sun goes down,
N we r here together,
Fireflies glow like a thousand charms..she sees the sky painted with blue n white diamonds in it.n a biggest n beautiful diamond moon.
She starts singing the rest part.
Jigyasa:I forgot the lyrics it was my fav song.she tries again
Jigyasa:fireflies glow like a thousand charms..thousand charms.she tried several times
Some voice from back
“Stay with me n u will dream forever,”
Jigyasa turns to see the person it was Manish.she wonder if he listened all her talks.

“Right here in my arms.
Manish comes to her n hugs her from back..jigyasa holds his hand n turns to the sky.they see the sky

Together- “Tonight”.they smile.
Jigyasa:how did u woke up
Manish:just to drink water n did not saw u in the room so though to check.look at the time it’s very late y r u stil awake .he was still hugging her
Jigyasa:hmm came here to get some fresh air.
Manish:ur looking sad.y
Jigyasa:no I’m not sad.she turns her head n sees him.
Jigyasa:can I ask u something
Jigyasa:how would u feel If I go away from u.
Manish:y this question at this time
Jigyasa:stop puzzling it more tell the answer
Manish:hmm I would die with out u
Jigyasa:what.she turns.manish moves back
Manish :yes I will give my life cutting my hand or jumping off the cliff..he laughs.jigyasa gets relieved.she hits his chest
Jigyasa:idiot.u scared me.she hugs him suddenly.she wraps her hands under his arms to his back n rested her chest on his heart.she could hear his heart beat.she cuddled him was a bye hug.she was feeling sad.she did not wanted to go away from him.her feeling for him were stopping her.manish gets confused but hug her back.he pats her shoulder.she comes in senses n moves back.
Jigyasa(in mind):idiot ur going away from him only for a day n reacting like years.
She gives a gentle pat at her head secretly n sees him
Manish:ru ok
Jigyasa:yes come lets sleep
She runs inside the room n goes to change.she gets out in her night track n sleeps ignoring Manish.he gives a weird look n sleeps at his left side.

Next day thapki gets up quickly n gets ready in the gown which Vasu gave her.
She sees manish n smiles.she goes to him n sits beside.
Jigyasa:Dima said that today I will go n tomorrow u will come to take me n here I’m worrying.she caressed his hairs..(ranjha naa plays)she takes an alarm clock from the side table n puts an alarm of 10am
Jigyasa:u won’t get up any way then.with out this thing.she smiles.n gets up she goes out.she sees every one in the hall n pandey family ready to go.they had their breakfast n Vasu had a chat with Dadi
Vasu: jigyasa beta come lets go.a dulhan should go to her maika early morning n it’s late so come lets go now.she nods.she takes blessing from Dadi.n sees the stairs hoping that manish would come
Jigyasa(in mind):how can he come I don’t even told him that I’m going.n I know he won’t be effected.she goes with Vasu n all..

At 10 manish wakes up by the alarm
Manish switches off the Alarm
Manish:who kept this irritating thing early in the morning.ohh who else my wife jigyasa..he sees around the room but did not find her
Manish:but if she kept it then where is she I thought she kept the alarm for herself but she is not here.he thinks
Manish:ohh she kept it for me.he sees the time.
He gets up n gets ready after a warm bath he feels good.
Manish:no pain at all.its because of her she gave the medicine to me last night.he smiles while doing stretching.he Goes down.he sees dadi n neha having tea n gossiping.he did not find jigyasa.he looks in the kitchen.dadi sees him secretly.he did not find her he went through the all the rooms of goplani’s mension but did not find her He was concerned for her .he now starting calling out her name loudly n came in the hall.dadi smiles seeing his concern.
Manish:dadi where is jigyasa she is not in the room too..
Dadi:didn’t she tell u anything.he gets more worried
Manish:what she had to tell she did not told any thing to me.
Dadi:arre beta she went to her house pandey nivas.
Manish :pandey nivas but y
Dadi:for paghphere rasam.she will stay there tonight n tomorrow u will go to her n bring her here from her house
Manish:again a ritual Dadi .but can’t u do it here.
Neha:beta it’s done in maika only.n in a day I wonder how u grew such feeling for her.he remembers her putting oil..manish wanted to speak but kept quite as Dadi was near
Dadi:what feeling haan they love eachother Since long.they r husband wife now,n a newly wed couple.and new wedded couples like to stay close to each other.manish sees her
Manish:wah Dadi u know much about it.
Dadi:arre I’m not ur Dadi so easily.they laugh.
Manish:ok I’ll go in the room.
Neha:first have ur breakfast.i will bring ur food to dining table..he sees her
Manish:no need I will have it later .he goes to his room..neha wonder y he said it harshly.

In pandey nivas
Here thapki was also missing him.preeti,suman were asking about her in-laws.n she praised them.
Preeti:n how is ur awesome Wala husband
Suma :yes is he like all others scared of wife or..jigyasa stops her
Jigyasa:no chachi he is very responsible.he always takes care of others need.n very protective towards me.everyone smiles
Vasu:I m happy to see that ur happy in ur married life.she smiles n caress her hairs..jigyasa smiles
Adhiti:come doll I made ur favorite dishes come for the lunch.everyone come for the lunch..everyone nods n goes to the dining table
Jigyasa(in mind):did he had his break his hand still how will he eat.this thoughts were disturbing her she did not ate properly n went up in her room.
Both were thinking of eachother
At goplani’s mension
Manish was standing in the balcony
Manish:so this is y she was talking such thing yesterday.”how would I feel is she goes away from me”…well the result is here.I’m feeling alone the time is not running..but y did she not told me that she is going.i won’t stop her as a cruel husband but infact I would have dropped her..she did not even call me since n it is evening now.she might be relaxing now with her family n left me worried here.he took his phone to call her.he dialed the number but stopped n cuts the call before it rings
Manish:if she is happy there away from me y should I interfere.let her be there I will pick her tomorrow only.he keeps back the phone.(ye duriyaan in raho ki duriyaan song plays in bg.with both manish n jigyasa’s pov)

At pandey nivas
Jigyasa was sitting on her bed looking at her phone. It was night.she made an excuse n did not ate the dinner too.
Jigyasa:manish I’m worried for u here.have u ate ur food..r u this busy that u can’t make me a call.i should also not call u y should I if u don’t care.i know ur happy at the right side of bed n enjoying with out me.after all u have all the luxuries in ur big room.
She makes the next moment she sees manish infront of her.jigyasa lifts her head n gets shocked to see him.
Manish:I know ur thinking about me.he forwards his hand
Jigyasa:manish u.he gestures to give her hand .she gives her hand n he helps her to get up.he takes her in the middle of the room.she feels that there is no one around or anything around only an empty space n they were focused with a spot light on them.a melody music plays in the bg with same duriyaan song.manish n jigyasa holds hands n dances together.he swirls her around him.n pulls her on him.she puts her hand on his shoulder.they both meet their foreheads n smiles.they closes their eyes for a moment to enjoy.they holds their hands tightly n moved back..they see eachother n comes close slowly.she keeps her head on his chest.he causes her hairs.he seperates her
Manish:I have to go now
Jigyasa:but y can’t u stay
Manish:no .he starts moving back..he was disappearing in the dark..they were still holding loosens n manish goes away.jigyasa shouts
Jigyasa:manish waitttt…she comes in senses.she sees around n find no one.everything was at its place.she was sitting the way she was before on the bed.after realizing that it was a dream a silly smiles came on her face.she covers her face with her hands.
Jigyasa:what was that y was I dreaming about him.n dream like this.i m going mad.i need to stop thinking about him now.she again sees around n lays one the bed n soon sleeps.

At goplani’s mension
Manish was laying on the bed n trying to sleep.
He turns from the left to right side n tries sleeping.someone comes in the room n caress his hairs.he opens his eyes to see whom it is.he find a beautiful face standing infront of him.her smiles was as fresh as new morning.her lips were curved in such a shape that he wanted to liplock them.he sees her fully.she was his jigyasa his wife his life partner.he smiles seeing her beauty.he gets up n she sits beside him
His left leg was folded up n he kept his hand on it.he put his face on that hand enjoying the beauty.she smiles..
Jigyasa:so when I went o took my place of sleeping.
Manish:no I was just..jigyasa stops him by keeping her hand on his mouth they see eachother.
Manish:ur here so soon
Jigyasa:y u were enjoying
Manish:no I enjoy ur company.he smiles.
Jigyasa:I just came to see that ur fine.have ur food properly n take ur medicine I have to go.she gets up n turns.manish holds her hand.she turns to him.he was smiling romantically ..he makes her sit again.
Manish:plzz don’t go.she smiles at his statement..manish was pleading to kiss her n he unknowingly gets close to her.while she sees him dramatically.she tries to free her hand but his holds was tight.he slowly comes close n bends his head.jigyasa tickles him n frees her hand.she gets up n runs.n laughs..manish sees her n runs after her.she stands near a cupboard n had no way to go.he comes close.n gestures victoriously.she tries to escape but he blocks his way.he gets closer to her n she closes her eyes.he kisses her on her cheek she gets shy.he smiles wider n wider.he moves closer n tries to kiss her lips.she smiles.manish kisses her.he opens his eyes n sees that he is kissing the cupboard.he quickly moves back.he sees here n there n finds no one.the door was also locked n no one can come in.he sees the cupboard n notices that he is hugging it.he jumps back.he breathes high.n sits on the bed.
Manish:what did just happen I was kissing her.n she came her.noo no she can’t come I was dreaming.he rubs his hairs.i feel my heart beats raising I don’t now what’s happening to me i always think of her at any time.he lays down again n tries to sleep but he can’t.he quickly gets up n changes his dress he comes in his t-shirts n jeans he takes a blazer too.he runs out of the room
Dadi sees him
Dadi:beta where r u going
Manish:dadi ur awake
Dadi:I came to drink water.n answer me now
Manish:dadi I’m getting bored I can’t sleep too. so I’m going to my friend.
Dadi:at this time

Manish:yes he only called n invited we will night out today.
Dadi:ok be safe n don’t forget u have to pick jigyasa today at 10 sharp.
Manish:yes that’s y I got ready I will go to her directly n bring her here
Dadi:ok.she goes away.n manish goes out
Dadi:going to a friend or jigyasa I know beta u can’t stay away from her.she calls Vasu
Vasu :Annapurna ji Sab thik hai na.i mean ur calling at this time
Dadi:yes vasundra ji every thing is fine I had to talk to u urgently so I called sorry if I disturbed u
Vasu:no no plzzz say what u wanted to say
Dadi:manish have left just now for ur house to meet jigyasa
Vasu:that’s great they r coming closer
Dadi:yes our plan is getting successful day by day they r growing feeling for each other.
Vasu:yes ur right
Dadi:ok be ready in the morning to welcome him
Vasu:yes I know what to do.
Hey cut the call.n thanks god.
Manish reaches her house on his bike n leaves it away from pandey nivas so that no one can see it n recognize.he goes in the lawn.he sees here n there.he knew her room.he sees a ladder kept in a corner he quickly takes it.n arranger it near her window.he climbs up n gets in through the the window..jigyasa was asleep till then n lights were dull..he goes near her.he pats her n she gets disturbed
Jigyasa:Dima let sleep more na plzz.
She again cuddles the blanket.he pats her harder.n she wakes up this time.
Jigyasa:what Dima.she turns around n sees a figure closes to her their heads were few inches away.she was about to screams as she did not see his face n did not know he is manish.when he puts his hand on her mouth.she gets more scared n pulls him on bed holding his t-shirt.he falls on her n she was layed below her..she bites his hand.he screams a little.jigyasa recognized his voice
Jigyasa:manish you

Manish:ohh yes me manish ur husband not a thief.he opens the side lamps n now she could clearly see his face.
Manish:u bitted so hard
Jigyasa:sorry but u scared me..n ur here at this time y
Manish:to meet u I was disturbed so I thought to meet u n y did u not told me that ur going u made me tensed since morning.
Jigyasa:U never asked me
Manish:did I got any dream that ur going
Jigyasa:ok now I’m sorry enough.n y did u came now n how did u come in
Manish:do u want to know..he smiles
Manish:I climbed up through a ladder n entered from that window.
Jigyasa:what r u mad.if u get any hurt then.
Manish:ohh I’m fine.
Jigyasa:ok so y did u came u could talk over the phone also na what was this urgent that u came here.
Manish:gajaaaab..I came here to spend time with my wife n ur complaining..she gets shocked
Manish:kidding..I told na I was disturbed so I came here.n about the phone I got angry that u went away without informing n still did not make a call even for saying a hello.y should I call.
Jigyasa:n I was angry on u as u did not call ..were u this busy that u could not call
Manish:y dint even cared.(all the scene they were upon eachother n Jigyasa was holding his t-shirt)

Manish:will u first leave my shirt so that I can move or do u want us to stay like this the whole night.he moves his eyebrow.jigyasa sees her hands n leaves his t-shirt.manish moves away..
Jigyasa:now saw what were u saying
Manish:u dint even called n asked me that did I ate or not.u know what I did not ate anything from morning.she gets up
Jigyasa:what u did not ate.but y
Manish:did not felt to.she gets up n without saying a word she runs out.manish tries to stop but she left.n he cannot go out too.he stayed in the room.jigyasa quickly takes out the dishes for him in a plate she took extra food..she runs to the room.manish was sitting she enters with the plate.n locked the door..she comes to him
Jigyasa:manish now u have to eat..
Jigyasa:no but.she removes the plate n manish sees the food.
Manish:u brought a lot I can’t eat this much
Jigyasa:this is for both of us .i did not ate properly too.but because of the family I ate some in the lunch. I was not feeling to have it too.manish quickly makes a roti roll dipped it in curry n feeds her.she smiles at him.she feeds him too.they eat together feeding eachother.
N jigyasa keeps the plates..he starts getting hiccups she makes him drink water holding his face he looks at her while drinking.(na na na plays) his hiccups stops n she keeps the glass on the table.she starts going he pulls her n she falls on him.

Jigyasa:manish what r u doing I will get hurt.
Manish:where r u going
Jigyasa:to keep this plates..
Manish:no need stay here with me
Jigyasa:y u will fell scared
Manish:I’m not a small boy
Manish:yes shall I give u the proof..jigyasa understood what he meant n sees him.he smirked.she tries to go he holds her hand again
Manish:we met,we ate together,now let’s sleep together.jigyasa widened her eyes.
Jigyasa:what.she started to go away n he held her by her shoulder n pulled her close.he slowly lied down along with her.she sees him.she gets tensed.she closes her eyes.he moves away n lays straight on the bed.he puts his hand on his forehead.jigyasa opens her eyes n sees him.
Manish:what r u thinking good night.jigyasa smiles.
Jigyasa:u love to tease me rights
Manish:yes.he smiles n opens his eyes to see her.she gestures by her hand that she will kill him .he holds her hands n puts them around his neck.n gestures as he is out of breath.she starts laughing.he laughs to.they were holding hands n laughing heartily.they slowly fell asleep holding hands..

Next morning
Jigyasa gets up n sees manish.they were still holding hands.she smiles n gets up.she slowly removes her hand from his n smiles seeing him.she goes to the bath room n gets freshed.she wears the last days dress itself…she wakes him
Manish:arre let me sleep na Jigyasa u go
Jigyasa:manish ur not at ur home ur at mine n that to no one knows about it.he gets up quickly n sees her
Manish:ohh thank u for waking me he goes to bathroom n freshens up.he comes out n sees her sitting near the mirror n putting sindoor.he smiles.she takes the mangalsutra n was about to tie.manish holds her hand n ties it.he sees her in mirror n smiles.jigyasa smiles too.he keeps his hands on her shoulder..
Manish:after few minutes I will come n take u with me.n yes we will go for shopping directly
Jigyasa nods.manish takes his blazer n wears it.he bids a bye n leaves through the window only.jigyasa sees him till last n held the ladder tightly.she gets glad seeing his reached down safe
Manish sees her n waves his hand.she smiles n he goes out of the pandey house
Jigyasa comes down n sits with Vasu ..
She sees the clock stricken ten n wonders y he did not came yet.
She was constantly looking at the door..everyone notices it
Dhruv::doll whom r u looking at.
Jigyasa:no chachu no one.she sees everyone eyeing at her n smiling
Jigyasa:what why r u all looking at me like this.
Adhiti:now don’t act we know ur missing manish
Jigyasa:not at all chachi

Preeti:arre see Manish is here.jigyasa gets up quickly
Jigyasa:manishhhh.she sees at the door n finds no one.everyone laugh she feels embarrassed n sits quietly.
Suman:badi sasu ma Manish is here.jigyasa did not look at the door this time.
Manish:hi everyone.jigyasa hear his voice n sees up.he was really there.manish takes blessing from all.jigyasa was still thinking is he there or I’m dreaming.aryan sees her..he shakes her.jigyasa sees him
Aryan:what happen he is really there.any doubt.he pinches her hand.she shouts “ahh”
Manish wonders what going on
Manish:what happen y will she think like I came or not see I’m here.
Preeti:actually what happen na..jigyasa stops her
Jigyasa:it’s ok chachi now let’s leave it.everyone smiles n manish gets confused
Vasu:beta how r u
Manish:I’m fine Dima he smiles..
Vasu:so I think ur not scared of heights..he gets confused
Manish:no Dima y
Vasu:yes that was the reason u were here last night n entered in jigyasa’s room using ladder.everyone gets shocked
Manish:no no dima I was not here I was at my friend last night.vasu holds his ears

Manish:aoooo..Dima leave its hurting..he sees jigyasa n she gestures to not say anything.vasu twist it more
Manish:Aahhhhh yes I was here.jigyasa sees him.he sees her.she gives killing looks.he remained silent
Vasu:now should I pull urs jigyasa ..jigyasa moves back
Jigyasa:no no no yes he already told it he was here last night.everyone smiles
Preeti:Oho u love eachother so much that u can’t even stay a day with out eachother.everyone laughs.jigyasa n manish feels embarrassed
Jigyasa:but how u got to know Dima..Vasu gets tensed
Vasu:I came out for taking fresh air n I saw him going up,.jigyasa sees manish.
Everyone praises their love.
Vasu:ok so let’s eat break fast..everyone gets to the dining table..n had their breakfast.
Vasu(in mind):so I did my work I made them realize a bit that they love eachother but will they understand.
After the dinner
Vasu:beta if u could stay for some time.actually I want to take jigyasa to shopping she doesn’t have proper clothes
Manish :don’t worry Dima we r actually going to shop now after we leave from here.
Aryan:Oho so everything is planned.everyone smile.they takes their blessing n they leave from there

At the road
Manish was driving n jigyasa was sitting back holding his shoulder
They reach a shopping mall n they get in.
Shop person:sir how can I help u
Manish:plzz show some new dresses for her with new designs.
He showed many jigyasa puts them one by one n showed him..they get some gowns with duppata’s most of them were Barbie gowns…
Manish: jigyasa u go to the trial room n wear this gown he gives her a pink n peach gown..u will go in this to the house.she nods n goes to change..he sits using his phone.while the shop parson packed all the dresses which they selected..he sees a couple theirs beside him buying clothes.they were holding hands n enjoying.the husband takes a nighty for her n she gets shy.
Manish:omg.does a husband too takes nighty for his wife.i mean it’s a private thing..he turns his face.soon jigyasa comes he sees her
Manish:ur looking beautiful
Jigyasa:thank u.ur choice is great…he smiles..he wanted to take more while jigyasa pushes him to the billing counter.they does the billing n they come out with their bags.
Jigyasa:manish we took a lot now how will we take them home.
Manish:yes actually.wait I will call a driver.he call him n asks him to come to the perticular a distance from the mall there was a small shop of toys.three poor kids ..tow boys n one girl..they were pleading for the toy n jigyasa sees them.the shop person shoved them.the kids were going disappointed while she goes to them.manish sees her.
Manish:we’re r u going.she did not answer n went away to the children she stopped them
Jigyasa:what happen ur looking Sad.manish comes to her

A boy:didi we want that bubble toy we don’t have money. We want that for our sister.jigyasa sees her she was sad.
Other boy:she was asking for that toy from a month.we can’t buy her that.
Jigyasa:ohh it’s ok come lets buy it for ur sister now.
Boy:but didi we can’t take money from u mamma says not to take money from anyone if we could not return it.
Jigyasa:ur calling me didi n refusing to take money ok I will buy my sister a toy.she holds the little girls hand n takes her to the toy shop .manish smiles.he takes the two other kids there.jigyasa buys a bubble toy for each of them n manish pays.they gets happy.they hug her..
Boy:thank u didi
Jigyasa:ahh say thank u to ur Bhaiya.the kids hug him n he hugs them too.they starting playing with It.the bubbles fly

In Air n jigyasa enjoys the moment.a bubble burst at her cheeks n she smiles.she tries to burst all the bubbles she jumps in the air.manish sees her.she starts laughing..manish smiles.the children make more n more bubbles.jigyasa jumps n plays like a kid.
Manish(in mind):you asked me a day before yesterday about how would I feel if u go away from me.i can never live without u jigyasa..ur joy ur laughter.ur smile is everything for me.n I will not let anything happen to u.or won’t let u go away from me till my death.he smiles
manish admires her beauty..he sees her..her leg trembles with a rock n she was about to fall.manish holds her by her waist.(Rk pose)they see eachother lovingly.a wide smiles appears on their faces while the kids were making bubbles over them.(ranjha naa plays)

Precap-neha hurts thapki’s hand.n manish met vasundra at a market n she somehow managed to know his feeling for jigyasa

Hope u guys like it..I am worried what u would think as the story turned so romantic but it was planned by me a long back but still I wanted to change the script.i wanted them to be in a friend relationship.then i saw most of u wanted romance so I again got on this track.sorry if any spell comment ur u all tc:-)Juveria

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