thahaan-a new start (episode 1)

Hey guys this is juveria back with an ff..hope u guys won’t get bored with it..going to try something new so need ur support..n what is new is a secret surprise so wait for it..hope u guys enjoy it..

So here we start
A new morning
Kabir is exposed infront of whole family by thapki n she brings the whole family back home.
Everyone yells at kabir..but he was not effected by there words n still wants to take revenge from bihaan
Kabir:yes yes yes I did this..all this was my master plan..yes I did all this to take revenge
from bihaan n still my revenge is not over Mr
bihaan pandey..I will not leave u..I’ll kill u he goes to bihaan n holds his neck tightly..thapki runs to him n pushes kabir hardly that he fells on ground..
Thapki:how dare u..u cannot do anything kabir until I’m there infront of bihaan..bihaan sees her
Sankar(In mind):arre this thapki is saying some big dialogues n melting my bihaan ji’s heart..but
what can I do if I open my mouth kabir will speak against me so it’s better to stay quite..
Kabir:hahahahah..u cannot do anything thapki..
u know y..thapki smiles…
Kabir:this house is mine..n I have everything..I also have u as my wife..
Thapki:hahahha..she laughs. Everyone gets shocked even bihaan n the family..
Thapki:what have u thought kabir ur only the one who can cheat..she goes to the side table kept aside n brings a file n take out the property papers n shows him
Thapki:this house is not urs now it again belongs to me..everyone gets shocked..kabir snatches the papers n sees it closely..
Kabir:but when did I sign it
Thapki:I applied the same trick kabir which u have used on me..remember I made u sigh some papers few days ago n these were in the
Kabir gets shocked n angry..he was about to tear the papers..thapki stops him
Thapki:ahhh ahhh kabir don’t think of that becoz how many papers will u tear..I have made
thousands of copies..will u tear them all..
everyone smiles..vasu comes forward
Vasu : so as thus is not ur house any more u can leave kabir we don’t want bad ghost in this
house..kabir gets angry..
Kabir:ok I’m leaving but I have some thing to take.
Vasu:oh yes ur stuff..pack them n leave this
house n don’t leave anything here..he goes to his room n packs his bags..he comes down..everyone gets happy even bihaan..he comes to thapki n holds her hands..she gets
shocked..everyone gets shocked n bihaan runs to him..
Bihaan:where r u taking her
Kabir:are bihaan what is this I’m taking my stuff
with me n u r complaining..everyone gets shocked
Kabir:yes she is my property n I will take her..bihaan remains silent..kabir starts moving
bit thapki doesn’t move…kabir looks at her
Thapki takes her hand with a jerk..bihaan gets happy
Thapki:kabir u did a mistake by thinking that I’m
a fool..what have u thought u ll do as ur wish n I will follow u as ur wife..nah kabir..I m not that fool..n again my trick I kept divorce papers in the papers which u signed she shows it.. kabi
r gets shocked..
Thapki:see it carefully there r mine n ur signatures..we r not husband wife anymore..n how long would it go kabir..u cheated me n no
w I cheated it’s equal..u can go along with ur stuff n only with ur stuff..kabir gets angry..he starts going..
Bihaam:wait..he turns..everyone sees him.
Bihaan:there is not only u going from this house today but one more..he goes to sankar n drags her out..while she tries to stop him..he throws
her out..
Sankar:but y me bihaan ji I’m ur wife..
Bihaan:no more Sankar..I applied the same trick on u n took ur thumb imprint on divorced papers..don’t u remember few days before u
told me to teach u how to sign n I showed u how to put thumb that time I took ur imprints. .n we r divorced too..she gets shocked..
Sankar:no I can’t believe this ur joking right..y will u do this to me..
Bihaan:becoz ur also a cheater u cheated me u snatched everything from family everything..she gets shocked..
Bihaan:y r u getting shocked when u were narrating all this to kabir I heard u..ur such a coward can someone be soo mean to kill a baby who was not born yet..u almost killed my thapki n u thought I’ll leave u..go away from my life my family..
Kabir:my revenge is not finished yet Mr bihaan pandey..I’ll be back soon in ur life’s. .Sankar falls in bihaan’s fees to forgive him but he goes inside taking the family along..he sees thapki who was havingsome pity on her he holds her
hand n drags her in n closes the door ..Sankar cries n leaves..

Inside the house

Everyone turns the mandira n thanks god..bihaan turns to thapki n holds his hands..thapki sees him

Bihaan:thapki plzzz forgive me becoz of me u bared alot..he fells on his kneed. .thapki cries..
Bihaan:I have lost everything in my life thapki..
I have lost our baby..I have beens away from u for these years n now we r apart..sorry for not trusting u..plzz forgive me..thapki holds his shoulders n makes him stand..she hugs
him..bihaan hugs her too..everyone smiles..they claps..thapki n bihaan notices there presence n separates. .they gets shy..
Preeti:arre wah our awesome wale bihaan
devarji n thapki r together again..
Suman:haan badki wo kehte hain na der aii durust aii..every one smile..
Preeti:arre let’s take there picture..she takes her phone n asks them to come close for a picture. .they gets shy n standing at a distance..
San:arre bihaan devarji badki is taking picture
of couple so come close..she pushes thapki on him..thapki’s legs stucks in her dupatta n she was about to fall bihaan holds her from waist. .they smile at each other. .everyone smiles..mean while Preeti takes there
picture..on hearing the click sound they comes back in there senses n bihaan makes her stand straight..vasu comes to them
Vasu:I’m very happy today..she turns towards
the family n announces
Vasu:today thapki n bihaan will get married n they will start a new life..
Thapki:but maa..we don’t have time
Vasu:everything thing is done my child..u only have to get ready..I will talk to the pandit ji n u will marry today in the mandir n that’s final..they smile..
Vasu:Preeti Suman adhiti take thapki n make her ready
Dhruv u make bihaan ready. They nods n goes..
They comes infront of bihaan’s room n they
think they r going in..thapki starts going in with bihaan..adhiti stops her..
Adhiti:wait di..u r going in a hurry..don’t u remember u n bihaan ji has to get married then
only u can stay together..they makes a sad face
.they take thapki along with them while she turns her face n looks at bihaan..bihaan also
looks at her..dhruv sees this n thapki
turns..dhruv pats bihaan’s shoulder ..bihaan sees him
Dhruv:if ur done with looking at ur to be wife can we go n get ready. .actually there is very less
time..if the mahurat end then u have to wait for some more time..bihaan sees him with angry eyes. .
Dhruv:ok sorry baba u will marry today itself but
if u get ready quickly..bihaan hugs him..dhruv also hugs him..
Bihaan : today I’m very happy Bhai. .
They break the hug n smiles.
Dhruv:ok now quick the mahurat will end..Bihaam runs in his room n takes his clothes n runs to the bathroom while dhruv was standing out of the room sees his act n laughs.

Later they gets ready n goes to the temple..bihaan was in a red n golden sherwani..thapki was in a red golden lehenga with pink dupatta on her head..bihaan sees her..n gets mesmerised by her beauty..he looks her from top to dottom..he looks at her belly..thapki looks st him n smiles..dhruv takes him to the mandap..thapki also sits beside him..the pandit starts the mantra..they take pheras together holding hands..bihaan’s ties the mangalsutra n fill her mang with sindur they smile at each other..
They return back home
Vasu:today u both have to start a new life for a new start I made to decorate your room..may u both stay together always..
They gets shy..adhiti takes thapku to the room..
Adhiti:di r u nervous
Thapki smiles
Adhiti laughs
Adhiti : di I’m very happy for u..she puts the dupatta on her face.. bihaan comes there n knocks the door..adhiti sees him..
Adhiti : arre jiju I was just going..but first u have to give ne naek..n double haan..becoz I’m ur sali n bhabi too..bihaan smiles..he takes out his
wallet n counts money..adhiti snatches all the money..bihaan looks at her
Adhiti:jiju thank u..she goes out..n pushes him in..bihaan smiles..
Adhiti:best of luck of luck di..she goes from there..bihaan sees thapki..he turns to the door n closes it..he again turns to thapki..

Precap:thahaan suhagraat

Hope u guys enjoyed the first u all tc:)

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  1. Wow, that’s a quick one, all in one epi, gajaab…
    Let’s start the new life of thahaan… 🙂

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u soo much dear keep commenting

  2. Vinolin.d

    hai juvi… welcome are rocking again. its great imagination. I love this part.because of you makes away that idiot Sankara and kabir from thahaan.I am totally enjoyed it.awesome episode.keep writing…

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u soo much vino keep reading n supporting

  3. Amazing dear .I am really glad you came back. This is to good. I really wish this will happen in TPK.

  4. Kiran..8

    Fantastic episode all in one episode amazing I am very happy did you come back waiting for the next part update soon

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank you soo much Kiran the nxt one is submitted will come to you soon hope u like it

  5. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    hahaha … very nice and amazing.I like the way thapki divorce kabir and Bihan divorce sankara.gajaaab … more again…

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank you soo much dear

  6. Nice episode ……plz update next part soon

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thanks riya the nxt one is submitted will come to you soon

  7. Sulbi

    Hey juvi… how are you?? Exams fnshd??

    Awsme episode… so happy u came back with a rock… i expect this in TPK… but stupid they were just irritating with Sankara… i can tolerate Kabir… but not Sankara… i hate her completely…. waiting for nxt one dear… tc 🙂

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      I’m fine dear..thank u for my exams r not finished I am in my holidays..then again I’ll be having exams I was very bored these days n free thought to write it..thank u soo much for appreciating my work

  8. Yee…a…ee….ea
    Meje aa gae meje aa gae
    Lv u lv u lv u di
    Love u so much
    Thank u so much..
    ILu I really love u
    M to puchna bhul gae

    How r u ?
    Di plz jyeda wait mat kervana..
    Eagrly waiting for next episode..
    So try to post soon..

    Good night
    Keep writing

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Love u too kudrat…thanks for appreciating my work n I’m fine hope the same with u dear..n the nxt one is submitted dear u will get it soon.m hope u like it

  9. Thank u so much Di for coming back with an ff … And that also with such an amazing start ? … THAHAAN REMARRIAGE … Kabir and Sankara left the house ❤ … Finally ? … Loved the episode to the core . Plz update the next part soon because the precap ?? .

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u soo much naitan..the nxt one is submitted dear u will get it soon

  10. Love it dear all in one episode plz don’t take it soo long n upload next part soon tc

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank you soo much arooj the nxt one is submitted will get to u soon dear

  11. waiting for same Moment in tpk too but it will never happen I know loved it a lot

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u and. .hope we see some nice scenes in tpk but it’s all ruined

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