thahaan meant to be together (episode 9)


Recap:bihaan become a chef
Bihaan takes the food outside n serve her. Thapki sees him n trying to control but couldnt n start laughing loudly bihaan makes sad n cute face n says this is not fair i took so efforts for u n u r laughing??. Thapki says sorry sorry but wat i should do see ur face you too will feel laugh he takes his mobile n open selfie camera he says himself sge us right wat i made myself(he clean his face) now u taste n tell hows it she takes one bite n starting chewing she stop for moment as it was so so salty but she gulped it down. Bihaan ask her hows it?? She says its good well done giving a smile

Bihaan says now i will eat i m feeling damn hungry she says nooo shoutingly bihaan get scared wat i have made it so i can eat thapki try to stop him but he eat it n the moment n ate he throwed saying yacckkk wat this so much salt?? he says thapki how can u eat it thapki says its nice shutup bihaan says dont tell lie now atkeast now i ate n i know but wat we will eat i m feeling hungry thapki says maa called me tokd dat she kept food for us in refrigerator bihaan says why didnt you told me i have not tooj so much efforts she says she called wen u were inside bihaan says ok i ll make it hot n bring

He brings n serve thapki thapki says only one plate he says today we will eat in one plate thapki says i will feed you u will be so tired bihaan says kk n open his mouth aaaaa they had a romantix moments by feeding each other thapki says chalo now dinner is finished we will go to sleep bihaan says in naughty voice no i make not feeling sleepy i want to do something thapki knows wat he want but still ask him wat u want bihaan dont act like a bhola pandit u know wat i want to do thapki says kk will do but first tou have to catch mee bihaan says ohh like dat now u see i will catch u n not let u sleep

Precap: family members and thahaan

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