thahaan meant to be together (episode 7)


Hi guyz i am back soory for late update
Precp:wedding night
Thapko wake up and saw bihaan sleeping peacefully beside her he was looking so cute in that avatar that she goes near his face and kiss his cheek and unknowling bihaan smiles in his sleep thapki went to freshen up
Thapki take bath and comes out and saw bibaan still sleeping she did her lottle make up
She was about yo put sindoor a hand snstch the sindoor bottle and it was nonother than bihaan thapki was shocked and protest him to give it back bihaan kisses her lops which makd thapki numb and he put sindoor by his own hands thapki was over whelmed by that abd thapki was wearing anarkali suit in pink color bihaan was about to hug her when thapki pushes him to washroom to freshup
Thapki smiles and leave later she went down to help in breakfast with suman and preeti and bihaan also join them all were setteld on the table when maa said
Maa:beta why did u not were sari?
Thapki:maa i donot have any casual sari
Bihaan :xoughs and thapki give him death glare
Maa said to bihaan to take her shopping and make her buy saris
Later bihaan and thapki went for shopping bihaan took her to expensive mall
And they enter the shop
Saris were starting frpm 7000rps
Thapki was so tensed that it may cost the fortune bihaan took some saris and put on thapki as she was looking beautiful
Bihaan asked him to change she found thapki looking at price tag and face was horrified as it was 12000
Bihaan asked her not to worry about money but thapki demanded for not to buy that much and bihaan select the saris for her she was rotating her head in no
Bihaan went to another shop where sari were reasonable she went and chose 6 saris and went to change room bihaan stand outside the room after 6mins she opened the door and took her face outand ask bihaan to come in bihaan says thapki u r romancing in public place ok i fonot have any problem and bla bla bla when thapki dragg him in said see that i can not close the dori my self
Bibaan was numb and said ohh thats the reason i will call any women worker for that he was about to go (as he is motti buddhi) thapki hold his hand u r my husband so u should tie my dodi understand bihaan intension was change instead ot tieing dori he hug him from back thapki protest and he tied his dori
Bihaan was memorised to see her in seagreen sari
Thapki took mofi sari and bihaan payed the bill thapki was shocked to see the bill as ir was 77000 thapki inquired but bihaan cut in between
Thapki now lets go back home but bihaan took her to western dress shop thapki was saying no as sge have too frocks but bihaan insisted and bihaan took a top stepless and above thighs thapki rotate her head in no bihaan did not insisted as he thinks she may not be comforyable as he was looking for another dress he got a message from thapki he looked around and did not find thapki he opened the message where thapki called him to changing room he knocked the door and thapki grab his collar and take him inside bihaan jaw aas oped like cave
Bihaan shocked thapki rocked
Thapki says how iam looking bihaan says gajab
Bihaan comes near her and said donot wamwar this dress infront of anyone excpet me thapki laughs at his possivness
And thapki held his collor and peck his lips
Bihaan was shicked thapki asked him to go from room bihaan got a naughty idea and say if u want u can change infront of me thapki pushwz him from the dressing room and change into sari
They make the bill
And went out the shop and they saw a couple hugging eachother
Bihaan puts his hand around her waist thapki shies they went home and took rest
Precp:bihaan to cook for thapki.?
Plz sorry i am bad i thouht u all were not reading so i thought to stop writing but i got to know u wrre waoting for my fanficition ???

Credit to: iqra

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  1. spelling isn’t good
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