thahaan meant to be together (episode 6)

Recap:instead of suprise date it was suprise marriage
Thahaan went home and family did there rituals and they were in there home now
Thahaan room
Room was filled with lights and flowers
As honeymoon room thapki felt un comfortable and bihaan notoce it thought she is not ready so bihaan asked thapki to go and change
@after 15 mins

Thapki enter the room and was shocked
To see the room clean bihaan cleaned all the rose petals and all that
Bihaan come near thapki and say take ur time i wont force u and its 12 now sleep Mrs thapki bihaan pandey
Thapki feels that he is sad
They both go to bed and bihaan sleeps but thapki wont get sleep so she keep in thought so she think he is my husband i have to keep him happy today he give me immense of happiness and now its my turn
She call and order the short black sleeveless dress urgently
After half anhour the dress arrived she got ready and decorate the room with lights and balloons and thapki was wearing the short dress and her hairs were open
Thapki goes near bihaan and wakes him up

Bihaan was shocked to see thapki in that attire and shout not again again i am dreaming thapki got annoyed and say its real ?????
Bihaan :no i am dreaming again
Thapki :goes near him and give peck on his cheek
Bihaan jumped from the bed and look around the
Thapki:return gift but i think u wont like it bihaan says i love it
Thapki drag jom to middle of the room and ask him how i am lookkng bihaan look at her and said thapki r u really wearing short dress and says
Thapki starts the music
Mein na phena party shoes
Goona let my body loose
Or lee thodi booz
And party on my mind
Yeh hotti hotti ride
Or saturday ha night
Or music bhi ha right
Lets party on my ming

They both dance openly
And they have eyelock
Thapki hug him bihaan respond too
And after that thapki stares his lips bihaan donot got any of her action(as he is motti buddhi)????
Thapki pulls him down and kiss him
(Now bihaan shocked thapki rock?????)
Bihaan was still in shocked but before he could further say anything thapki give kiss on his cheek and peck his lips
And says aj ka leya itna kafi ha
And bihaan smiles sheepishly and went her and kisses her on both cheeks and peck hrr lips and now they were tired of dancing and sleep in each other embrace


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  1. Lara

    It was a great epi


    Lovely episode..

  3. Awesome episode.

  4. Nasreen-Thalaivi

    ppppppaaaaaaa… semmmaiya iruku… really nice to read this Wu… idhu apdi ippa tpk la nadantha epdi irukum…

  5. Awesome yr

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