thahaan meant to be together (episode 5)

Recap:ignore ignore ignore
Thapki went in to her room and found a gift on the bed she was shocked to find a heavy golden and red sari with matching high heels with banles and earings
And also find the note there which was written that be ready at sharp 6 pm and donot wear neck piece she was thinking why should i not wear neck piece than she looked at the clock and say before he call me i should get ready after an hour she was ready wearing a red and golden sari with bangles jumka and heels she was looking beautiful
She thought to take permission crom family she went down and was shocked to see whole family disscussung something but after seeing me they become numb it was weird but i take permission and got the message that to come out
I went out and saw a white beautiful car and the driver inqired my name and he took me along with him after half an hour i reached there it was along park and decrotated with balloons and red roses i eneter that hall and i was looking at decoration some one hug me from back i was numb he was non another than bihaan
He was staring me
Thapki become shy and blush bihaan says her not to blush as he can nor control thapki widen her eyes but before she could say he took her to table where she saw another gift
Thapki:is that for me?
Bihaan:its for both of us
In the mean while bihaan kneedown asked thapki will u marry me again
Thapki was shocked but noded with pleasure
And in the knick of time bihaan took the box and open it and found manglsutr and sindoor in it
Thapki was feeling butterflies in her stomach of happiness
Bihaan hold thapkis hand take her
After 5 mins walk the reach place woth mandap
Bihaan:will u marry me righr now
Thapki was on cloud nine and nodded in pleasure
And whole pandey nivass comes out clapping and thapki was suffering from another shock
She asked maa do u know that
Maa:at 4 pm i got to know
Bihaan says stop the convo thapkk lets get marry all giggles and thapki and bihaan felt embarresed
And after that bihaan filled thapki hair line with sindoor and tie manglsutr around her neck and thapki become
Mrs thapki bihaan pandey
And a car arrives with flowers on it
Thahaan took blessings and sat in the car went home while other family members comes in druv car

Precap:wedding night

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  1. Nusz Khan

    Hey Iqra!

    Loved this episode Hun xx

    Can’t wait for the wedding night it sounds so interesting aha.

    Also I posted Destiny Vs love because you use to read I think.

    But anyways keep smiling like always xx.


    1. I read that iys noce ? thanks for the comment

  2. Wow yr awesome ☺

  3. interesting but longer plz.

  4. interesting concept.. longer nxt time

  5. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow awesome iqra I wish this happened in real tpk

  6. Truelove

    nice episode. update next one soon.

  7. Hey guys someone is we in ting love and war ff so please I want to be thapki friend
    I am sakshi thahaan and manyasa crazy fan

  8. Sorry not we in ting it’s writing

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