thahaan meant to be together (episode 4)

Recap:cockroach scene
Thapki jump here and there and family was shocked to see thapki bihaan was numb but he hold thapki and hide her behind himself
Thapki was so embrassed
All family was laughing and comment thapki that u r beautiful and they giggles and leave
Bihaan was saying some thing but thapki rushed to washroom and change her dress and come outside
Bihaan apoligize to her thapki says its ok but bihaan knows she was sad
And she even donot eat the food and sleep next day she went down apologize to whole family for wearing that short dressbihaan was shocked

Whole family says its life wear whatever u want thapki signed with releave
But she ignores bihaan for whole day
Bihaanasked forgiveness but she says its ok
Bihaan was fedup so he get an idea so he planned outing for her and decorate a place with lights and flowers
Bihaan :gajab

Precp:thapki shocked bihaan rocked

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  1. Nice….sweet…and percap was awesome ☺❤…iqar keep it up ???

    1. Sorry for name spelling mistake….?

      1. Its ok ???

  2. Nusz Khan

    Awesome Hun xx.

    You’re very good at writing, I hope it’s longer next time aha.

    ~Nusz xx

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