thahaan meant to be together (episode 3)

recap:thahaan ice cream moments

At thahaan room
bihaan:thapki where r u ?i have bought gift for u
thapki:really what have u bring
she was shocked to see short dress and says she cant where it but bihaan insist her and at last she agrees and ask him to go out as she have to change

After 10 mins
bihaan enters the room and was memerised to see thapki and close the door and enter the room but didnot locks it
bihaan was going towards thapki but dadima knocks the door and in the knick of time thapki pulls the bed sheet and covers herself
dadima inquired about that bedsheet but thapki said that its fashion
bihaan who was controlling his laugh thapki give death glare to him
suman found some thing fishy and said thapki cockroach on ur bedsheet thapki threw the bed sheet on the floor and all were shocked to see thapki

precp:thapki angry with bihaan

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  1. hahahaha… hahahaha….lol.. really funny!!! keep it up!!

  2. Hahahahah its funny ???……

  3. Truelove

    hahaaahaa…..i wish i could see it in real TPK

  4. Lara

    Wish same think can happen in tpk and can i ask u which city are u from if u don’t mind??

    1. Pakistan karachi

    2. @lara -r u a fan of emma watson ? Or harry potter? I’m a huge fan of them

      1. Juggu

        Yea me too I’ve seen lara s icon changed from Cedric,cho to grudge n Hermione

  5. Very funny ..make it a bit longer.also iqra ramzhan Mubarak to u

  6. Juggu

    Lol nice…make it big yaar….

    1. I made it super long first but some how it got delet so i wrote short ?

  7. hahaha vry nyc story written by U 🙂

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