thahaan meant to be together (episode 2)

hi guyz i am back iqra
recap:thapki angry with bihaan
thapki:when we will leave
bihaan:just get ready we will leave
After 15 min
thapki came wearing blue anarkali suit bihaan was memerised to see her
thapki:shies but hides

but bihaan notice it
Outside the house
bihaan and thapki sit on the bike but she does not hold him
bihaan notice that but he start the bike and leave for icecream palour and bihaan meet her old friend rakhi he hugs her and asked her about where was she and all that but thapki was fuming in jealousy and rakhi sees that and try to tease her
rakhi:by the way bihaan who is that girl ordering wgile ordering the strawberry flavour icecream
while thapki give victorious smile
bihaan order syrawberry and mirch icecream while thapki interfered and ask for strawberry but bihaan was shocked but does not inquire in meanwhile rakhi bid a bye and went and eat a bite from bihaans icecream to make thapki jealous

thapki who was fuming in anger gets an idea
thapki was about to throw an icecream when e thought hit her that wasting money is a sin so she see a begger and called her and handover the icecream to her
thapki who was left behind came to take her and doesnot find icecream
bihaan:thapki where is your icecream ??
thapki: in worried tone it fell
bihaan:where ??try to find
thapki:leave na

bihaan:pk i will get u another one
but in mean time thapki said in one tone
thaoki:cant we have a single icecream we r married we love eachother
while she was saying this bihaan make her eat the bite of her icecream she was numb but then silently finish icecream
and they sat on the bike and
bihaan:sid she like the icecream? in teasing tone
thapki:who? worriedly?
bihaan:whom u give ur icecream?

thapki:starts to stammers
bihaan:oh just keep quite i loved that
thapki shies and hold hia hand and they went home

precp:short dress and family drama thahaan moments

Credit to: iqra


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