BY the way guys we reached ninenth episode congratulations to my friends anu,nusz,fatarajo,ariya,true love,Maira, Tamil ponnunga sangams , Jass, and others ???☺☺

Let’s move to our thahaan kahani??
Vasu is watching bihaan’s cute behavior towards girls and smiles
Vasu: thank you God for my cute sons??
Kiran: bihaan bhai…dhruv bhai??(she shouted in a baby tone)
Game was going seriously. There was nine wickets out only one remaining JASST were in a nail biting situation while others are sitting at the corner of the seats the ball was flying in the air dhruv and bihaan rushes towards the ball

But unfortunately they both crash each other and fall down
Everyones eyes were filled with tears JASST was throwing their caps in anger??
But bihaan and dhruv were freezed
A WICKET……. commentry came tearing the silence
Closeup to bihaan and dhruvs hand
thapki:There was the ball
Commentator:pandey brothers got the ball hurray!!!!”
JASST,vasu,kiran jumped with joy
JASST: Hurray!!!! Bihaan, dhruv rockzz hey . Dhruv and bihaan got up and hugged each other
Commentator: here comes a break the match will continue after a lunch break. Lets see which school wins the trophy
B4 he completes
JASST: tpk school!!!
C: ok lets c
Jaggu:come on girls well go n have lunch
Aishu:buy me two pizzas I’m very hungry shouting for bar (bihaan,ariya,rahul)
Sin$sil: come well buy something for bar too
Thapu: come we have to go fast
JASST saw vasundra and kiran.
Aishu:hey see vasu ma
Jaggu: namaste maa
JASST got blessings from her
Vasu:tis is your new friend uh?
Bihaan: ha maa thapki
Aishu:bihaan u here yippee awesome catch
Dhruv: I am here too
JASS: Dhruv bhai (they hugged him)
jaggu: dhruv bhai this is….
Dhruv: i knw its thapki right
Thapu:ha hi dhruv bhai
Kiran: ma im hungry
Bihaan:come cuty lets hv k for khana
JASST:come come you should pay the bill (they smiled ☺bihaan? winked,vasu laughed??)
Dhruv: dnt worry today treat was mine
JASST: hurray…???
after break.match started,ariya and rahul are d opening batsmen
They played gud bt its their badtym,next pair was our pandey brothers, a pair like our captain cool(dhruv) and virat kohli (bihaan) match reached its final stage. 2 balls and 12 runs
Dhruv hit a sixer
JASST : dhruv bhai rockzzz
Final ball bihaan was standing under ,the light which wins over the dark, vasu,jasst,kiran everyone was praying to god
Bihaans eyes was keenly seeing the ball. He gave ball breaking hit, ball was flying in the air, straightly went into thapkis hands
Everyone was in cloud nine . Bihaan jumped with joy picking the stemps,ariya,rahul lifted bihaan and shouted.JASST ran inside the ground and gave a hifi.
At night
Thapki was sitting in a garden bench outside their home.bihaan saw her through the window.he went out climbing the wall asusual
Bihaan: bhoot.. .
Thapki jumped up with fear
Thapki: where…..where
Bihaan: ha…ha.ha
Thapki:bihaan you she beat him,you scared me
B: ok ok sorry. K tell me what are doing here chuk chuk gadi
Thapki showed him the ball and smiled,
Bi:this is the ball
T:no its my sweet memory of you all
T:ya i love you all very much
B: love???
T:hey no…. its affection
B: kk
Humm come well go to a walk and have icecream
T: ok come lets go

A fine day , a tourist bus arrives fast between the mountain roads suddenly it stops
A handsome boy comes out of it he is wearing a blue jean,white tshirt,black leather jacket and brown leather boots, he stands on the footboard looks upwards wears his cooling glass
A girl’s hand hugs him from back side and shouts bihaan its awesome(yes its our b 4 bihaan pandey who is 17 years old)
The girl is wearing a skinny black jean and full hand red,black stripped tshirt.they both laughs seeing each other
Screen freezez??

Guess the girl????

Credit to: juggu

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  1. is it thapki????
    Or jass
    Waiting for the next epi
    till than bye tc

    love u aw thapki said love very nice

    1. Tysm any by I’m not going to break the suspense wait no watch

  2. she thapki??? Today’s episode is awesome yaar. Imaging them a kids it’s so cute. But now they grown up. Can’t wait for next episode. Love you babe.

    1. No no she is not thapki…. she says ball is memory of all… means she was leaving. Aaahhh i’m dying. Please upload next episode soon.

    2. You or soo cute don’t get worried tysm

  3. Tamil Ponnunga-Goms

    Juggu… superrrr??…ne kalaku ma..?waiting fa yur nxt update..

  4. I think it’s thapki waiting nxt episode

  5. rafay don kon

    Jass ho ge i think.

    1. tamil ponnunga -juggu

      Think Karo wiwill update soon

  6. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah) You need to rock the world!!

    Omg is it Thapki!!! I can’t wait anymore!!!! It’s getting even more interesting aha.
    Thank you so much for adding my name!! Happy to meet a friend like you :))

    Keep smiling

    Love you~Nusz

    1. tamil ponnunga -juggu

      Tq darl

  7. Dear pls upload soon….it’s interesting ma….

    1. tamil ponnunga -juggu

      Yes kums seekirrama panre nandri

  8. hey you leave this at a cliff hanger not fair 😀 please please its my humble request to update as soon as possible.
    by the way its a very amazing and a cute update

    1. Sry I want you to hv a thinking break will upload soon

  9. Tamil ponnunga-Kana (1)

    Super juggu super 🙂 waiting for the nxt episode darling 🙂
    Don’t stop babyma keep rocking ok 🙂

    1. YE Kana padichiya illa summa cmnt panriya paravala romba pugaladha vekkama iruku??

  10. Girl is none other than tha tha thapki 😛

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