PART – 8
JASST, bihaan, ariya , rahul every one was sitting and chatting bunking the class
Meanwhile there comes a sound
Jaggu : bihaan give me your home work notebooks I’ll finish and give
Bihaan : no need jaggu I’ve finished it (he winked and smiled naughtily)
Jaggu : someone hold me I am fainting(she closed her eyes and acted as if she’s gonna fall. Thapki rushed to catch her)
Aishu : no…no thapki she is acting
Jaggu : is my acting was tat much real? (she smiled )
Everyone laughed
Ok let’s come to the investigation again. Ok b 4 bihaan pandey who did your home work yesterday.
Sinu : I’ll say it’s Dhruv bai
Bihaan : no
Silu: thn you changed aunty’s mind and made her do it uh??

Bihaan : arey no yaar. I did it by myself
(Till now thapki was sitting silently suddenly she broke into a peal of laughter and gave bihaan a ada paavi look )
Bihaan : (he covered his face with his hands ) hey mahan aatma I’ll say the truth stop burning me with your eyes
(While others are standing with shock and confusion )
Thapki : I’ll say I did his homework yesterday
Jaggu: now that punctual, well disciplined bihaan pandey went under ground
Everyone started to laugh bihaan and thapki too
Thapki: ok say me one thing
you always bunk classes but you never got caught
Aishu: we never get caught
Sinu: but nw we will.
Bihaan : but how?
Everyone turned to see what happens behind them. Thapki and bihaan shouted princiiiiiiii…….run…

Thapki turned and saw but to her shock no one’s around her
Thapki : OMG wat shall I do now god help me (she was shivering with fear)
Jaggu : OMG we have left thapki
Bihaan : you all move to class I’ll come with thapki (he ran hiding behind the pillars)
Thapki was standing behind a pillar . She started to sweat as the principal is approaching her. Within a blink of an eye someone pulled her. She was closing her eyes and started to blabber sry sir I never did tis. He closed her mouth
Bihaan : arey chuk chuk gadi. Chup…

Thapki : bihaan! !! You …
(She hugged him in fear and said I am really afraid)
Bihaan : hey stop crying come. ..
He ran holding her hands
They went to class
Thapki was crying badly she couldn’t able to understand the situation JASS hugged her and consoled her. Bihaan saw her without taking his eyes from her
Jaggu: thank god bihaan came and rescued you r else
Aishu : bihaan u are like jack …
Huey.. spd emergency
Bihaan : thank u thank u he bowed

Sin&sil : we escaped from that prici wow hifi they turned and stood shocked
Princi : no sindu and silvia you finally got caught
(Everyone was shell shocked , thapki was staring as the beginning of her sob a tear drop fell down )
Princi: everyone out!!!( He shouted in anger) kneel down in the ground till lunch break
They ran and knelt down in a apple pie order. They looked at each other and. … laughed
Thapki : u never feel guilty uh?
Bihaan : arey thappu these r beautiful memories of students life
Thapki : yes I hope I could able to understand you soon (she wiped her tears and smiled )
Ritik:hi every one. punishment uh enjoy (he winked )
Bihaan : hi ritik
Vikram: bihaan, rahul, ariya did you forget? ?
Ritik: oh bihaan it seems you have amnesia
Bihaan : hey wat da
Vikram: tomorrow we have inter school cricket competition
Bihaan : I am not coming
Others : Waaaaaaaaat? ?
Bihaan : yes I am not
Ariya: if you don’t play we’ll lose

Thapki : bihaan you play cricket
Jaggu: yes bihaan is our school’s virat kohli
Thapki : Really! ! I love cricket very much. Please bihaan play tomorrow I want to c
Bihaan : k then I’ll come
Others : hurray thn tomorrow we’ll rock the match
The next day
JASST was sitting on the first row of the stadium wearing their sports uniform and with a cap . They all look alike on that dress. they started to cheer their team thapki was silently moving the hands without shouting because she thought that her stammer will spoil the fun
Jaggu : thappu c’mon cheer our friends by shouting
shouted with teary eyes.

it’s their school which choose to bowl first
While fielding bihaan was placed near boundary. Every girl was shouting bihaan… bihaan. .
He turned and smiled seeing them . He gave a hifi to JASST which made them jealous and JASST proud. Vasu watches her sons match seriously.

Precap: A handsome man wearing blue jeans, white T shirt steps out of a bus . He wears his cooling glass see upwards.

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  1. hey i loved the concept of your story..but dont you think the school kids are lil immature they dont have that sense which showed up in the story… and I am really inquisitive to know when they get elder and go to college…
    but your story is really very amazing. I lived it made by day.

    1. Yeah you are right but sixth standard students hv lil maturity even though they doesn’t know what is luv they know friend ship. So only I’ve them oly as friends not as lovers til now

      1. okay thank you for the clearification..and do update part soon 🙂

      2. Tysm. It’s my pleasure to explain

  2. Wow lovely episode…..

  3. nice one
    new entry gajabbb
    may he is positive

    bye tc

    1. When you get to know who he is you’ll be shell shocked

  4. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah) You need to rock the world!!

    Awesome Hun, I am honestly in love with this Fan-Fiction!! Can’t wait for the next one!! Keep smiling like always~Nusz

    1. Tysm fr ur complement update ur new ff fast im waiting

  5. Its superb yaar….and also waiting for to know who is the new entry man?

  6. Awesome like always ☺…cannot wait for nest episode ?..

    1. Tq snoor and and I have seen this name in instagram thahaan pages is tat u

  7. U r frm tamilnadu???

    1. Yeah amirtha I’m a chennaite

  8. Nice story…. spd emrgancy.. hahaha..remind me my childhood. Love you dear.

    1. My. Favorite jack n nick
      Child hood heroes na
      Tysm true love

  9. Hey guys van u just say me how to write the fan fiction please

    1. I’ll say
      First u need to write your story in a notepad r microsoft word and thn copy it. You could c a menu option near top of telly updates choose submit ur article option and submit it

  10. That ada paavi look was funny nice n lovely episode

  11. bihaan ki deewani

    wow awsome story pliz write fast just addicted to this ff n tpk getting better day by day love u manish n jigyasa

  12. Tamil Ponnunga-Goms

    Nice story..
    Tamil ponnunga irukingala..?

    1. Na matmtha Inga tea athitruken yarayu kanum

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