PART – 7

Thapki went inside she was not in senses thinking about someone who insulted her , apologized her, made her angry , understood her finally made her feel comfortable and secured
Hope I am clear ofcourse it’s our B for bihaan. She was walking as if nothing else is happening around her
Poonam : Thapki beti… thapki
(Thapki came back to her senses)
Thapki : ha maa bol.
(Smiled weirdly)
Poonam : Thapki kya hua
Thapki : she went inside her room in anger as her mom broke the chain of sweet thought
wow!!! Wat an awesome day . I enjoyed all emotions today. Lovely ppl they wer.
Conscience: who thapki
Thapki : ha JASS, bihaan
Conscience: oh ! Bihaan
Thapki : no. Yes . Nono …yes

Conscience; yes r no (in anger)
Thapki : yes but
C: but wat
T: he is a boy
C: so wat he is a nice boy
T: yea (she smiled)
Poonam : Thapki come tiffin is ready
Thapki : bye will talk later about bihaan
Coming maa
vasu: Dhruv, bihaan come down for eating snacks
(Dhruv and bihaan came down)
While eating

Vasu: why u came late from skl
Dhruv : I’ll say maa he has a biggest responsibility of dropping a girl( laughed crazily)
Vasu : girl uh who? Jaggu, Aishu, Sillu r sinnu
Dhruv : no maa a new girlfriend of bihaan thapki
Vasu : girlfriend? ?
Bihaan : no … no…maa jzt friend bhaiya stop teasing me
Vasu : Thapki it’s a different name
Bihaan : yea maa she stammers
Dhruv : so tat he made fun of her
Vasu : bihaan wat did I tell you we shouldn’t make fun of others weakness. wat is this? Did you apologize
Bihaan : yes maa I did after realizing
Vasu : hw was she ? Jzt like JASS (naughty)
Bihaan : no maa She is very silent, calm, innocent
Vasu : oh jzt in one day you understood her this much
(He smiled weirdly)
Bihaan : maa she lives next to our house
Vasu : oh they r the new neighbors . I forgot, Dhruv!! yesterday she came here right fr giving sweets. Nice girl
Dhruv : yea maa even I forgot
Bihaan : rather than me everyone had seen her yesterday cha!!(he whispered )
Vasu : Wat bihaan? ?

Bihaan : nothing maa I’m going out to play
Vasu: ok! Bt after finishing ur homeworks
Bihaan : oh cha!!
(He went upstairs)
Thapki’s home
Thapki always hears bihaan’s voice every where calling her
She saw bihaan climbing his house compound wall. She blinked her eyes in shock. When she opened no one is ter.
Thapki : cha! Why I Am always cing him every where
(Bihaan fell down)
Bihaan : OMG I’ve got hurt
B for bihaan is a b 4 brave
Ha..ha . I’ve escaped
At thapki’s room
Bihaan : Thappu! !

Thapki : OMG thapki stop ur imagination no one is here
Bihaan : arey thappu turn and see
Thapki : OMG nw even more improved I was cing his image too
Bihaan : Thappu kya hua pagal aye tum
Thapki : Really its you (she went and opened the window he smiled
She checked by touching his face, he removed her hands )
Thapki : what happened bihaan you here
Bihaan : I’ve got hurt while climbing the wall
Thapki : you deserve it
Bihaan : ha .haha very funny give me first aid box
After doing aid
Bihaan : hv u finished ur home work.
Thapki : yes I did
Bihaan : thn finish mine . I’ll get it tomorrow morning. He ran
Thapki : bt bihaan. … wait

Bihaan : finish it Thapki bye
Thapki went inside
Wat he is thinking about me he orders me to do his works am I his servant.
Conscience: It’s bihaan
T: so wat is he lord r god
C: he is your friend
T: so wat he could order a friend uh??
C: yea ordering defines ownership
T: ok then
C: he helped you to come home right
T: yea right but
C: bt wat . Do this as a return
T: ok then I got a boyfriend. no … no a boy as a friend
Poonam : Thapki to whom are you talking
Thapki : no one maa

Bihaan waits near thapki’s home
Bihaan : Thappu come fast we are getting late
Thapki : come inside bihaan
Bihaan went inside.
Thapki : maa, papa, aditi tis is bihaan
He got blessing frm thapki’s parents, bihaan lifted aditi and said wow!! she looks cute jzt like my kiran.
Aditi : wats ur name
Bihaan : I am bihaan pandey
Aditi : panda tat big bear
Bihaan : no. ….. it’s pandey
Aditi : panda was nice
Bihaan : if u want you could call me panda
Aditi nodes

He left her down
Kk: Thapki beti I am going out can you go by walking
Thapki : here is ur notebook bihaan. No problem papa I’ll walk
Bihaan : I ll take thapki and aditi with me uncle
Kk: no beta she’ll walk
Thapki nodes
Bihaan : no problem uncle ill take them
Bihaan made aditi and thapki sit and started.
JASS was really surprised on cing they both coming together holding aditis hands.he lifted aditi and kissed on her cheeks
Bihaan : bye cuty.
Aditi : bye panda bhaiya
Jaggu: thank god your war has come to an end

Aishu&sinu: yea thahaan which treaty was signed
Ariya : I’ll say . A chocolate
Thapki : no. .no. Icecream
Sillu : caught red handed
Rahul : wat is tis panda you always get chocolates and icecream fr girls
Bihaan : so wat I’ve got for you all today
Ariya: hw tis miracle happened due to thapki uh
Thapki smiled

Bihaan : no…because of aditi
I bought fr her so fr you all
Bell rang
Jaggu: come we’ll go to class
Thapki : dnt want we’ll go to canteen (she winked)
Every one gave a hifi

Sry fr d late update friends. Sry I went out of town.

Credit to: juggu

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  1. soooo cute episode. anu…. love you yaar.

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    panda ha ha ha

    love this word

    thapki is imagining about bihaan.
    so early
    wah g wah


    1. Tq anuji luv ur complements u encourage us vry much

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    Jalte diye song from Prem ratan dhan payo
    Jeena jeena song from badlapur

    i m always here my friend whenever u need me ok
    here to encourage u

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  10. Oh which grade means standard

    1. Studying r completed ive completed tis year

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