PART – 6
here it goes
Thapki accepted to go with bihaan.she slowly sat on the seat .she was lil uncomfortable as it was her first time to ride with a boy.that too this boy who insulted her.she didn’t get any hold so she tried to hold his shoulders.
JASS: No thapki don’t hold his shoulders he doesn’t likes it
Thapki : ok then.
(Bihaan smiled cing her innocent acts)
JASS winkes cing each other
Jaggu: OMG we forgot our violin class!!!!
A&S: yup the teacher is going to kill us(they smiled )
Bihaan : It’s ok u leave I’ll drop her
( JASS signed ariya and rahul they left too)
It was a lonely,silent road in the middle of the trees . Oly the sound of cold breeze crossed them,birds chirped, thapki was feeling vry happy on cing d natural scenerio. Bihaan was riding slowly cing her enjoying (he never did tis fr anyone it was a strange feeling he managed to hide his smile)
Aishu : y u asked us to come on the other side. It’s a long route
Jaggu: bihaan told me that he wanted to apologize to thapki so I sent her with him
Sin&sil: gud thn they’ll be friends soon
Ariya&Rahul : bt well reach home oly by night (said sadly )
Jass gave a hifi and laughed
On the other side,
Thapki saw a icecream truck she wants to hv one bt don’t know how to ask bihaan to stop.
Suddenly bihaan stopped and signed her to get down
Bihaan : do you want icecream?
Thapki : no I don’t . (She wants bt don’t know how to say)
Bihaan : Really u don’t want
Thapki : ha
Bihaan : sure
Thapki : ha
Bihaan : k bt I want
(He went to buy icecream thapki was cing somewhere, bihaan returned and took the cycle )
Thapki : can’t he get me one although I told I don’t want selfish !! (She whispered)
Bihaan showed his hands b4 her, dnt want to scold me
(Thapki was shocked)
Thapki : you bought fr me too
(Bihaan noded) sry I dont know what you like so I bought my favorite strawberry flavor fr you too
Thapki’s hiccups starts
Bihaan took his water can and gave her
Thapki: nope these r hunger hiccups won’t stop by water.
Bihaan : ok then have this icecream it will go
(They were walking on the road)
Bihaan : Thapki actually I… sorry for what I did in the morning
Thapki : It’s ok I’ve gave forgiveness in the evening itself
Bihaan : bt hw I din even ask sorry to you
Evening after skl has ended b4 going to cycle
Bihaan : hey jaggu
Jaggu; wat bihaan .do u want anything
Bihaan : huhum I want to apologize to thapki
Jaggu : ok go and ask her permission granted
Bihaan : hello I didn’t ask permission
Jaggu: thn wat
Bihaan : I couldn’t ask her I am feeling guilty . I am afraid
Jaggu: wat really the great b 4 bihaan, b 4 brave is afraid
Bihaan: jzt stop making fun and listen. You tell her tat I want to apologize
Jaggu: apology Is to b asked by d same person who did mistake. I can’t help bye bye
Bihaan : che!!!
( Thapki heard everything hiding behind the tree in d ground)
bihaan: thank god! you forgave me
Thapki: my dad will always when someone feels guilty fr their act we should forgive them
bihaan : ok friends (he showed his hands b4 her)
Thapki : gave her hands (remembered, as a child they couldn’t able to shake hands nw it had happened)
They reached home,
Bihaan : Thappu thn c you tomorrow morning.can I call you thappu ?
Thapki : sure you could call me.
Poonam : Thapki come inside
Thapki : bye Bihaan
(Bihaan and thapki cing each other went inside)

Precap : cricket match

Credit to: juggu


  1. Maira

    It was really nice episode.its ok jaggu:-) episode was not too short:-).but’s always nice:-)

  2. Juggu

    Sry guys i can’t post fr three days as i am going out of town .soon ill post my 7th part of our ff

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