PART – 5
Bihaan stood freezed
J: bihaan kya hua?
(Waved her hands b4 his face)
Bihaan : nothing jaggu
New admission uh? (he asked without moving eyes from thapki)
Thapki : ha I’m newly admitted, I am frm agra
Bihaan : kya bolo wapas bolo wapas bolo hare chuk chuk gadi.which stops at every station (he laughed at her)
Aishu: hare bihaan kya hua u never speak wid anyone like tis
(He suddenly realised what he said)
Thapki began to cry
Bihaan : I….I..
Thapki ran to wash room crying
Sillu:what is this bihaan you made her cry.
Sinnu: yea bihaan .oly u used to tell us we should never make fun of anyone’s weakness. bt u
Jaggu: come let’s go and see her
(JASS went to see thapki)
Rahul : this is d girl who I saw yesterday
Bihaan : is this that girl
(Cha! What I’ve done)
Ariya: It’s ok leave .you didn’t do it intentionally .
(Thapki was crying on cing her face on the mirror and talking to the mirror)
Thapki : none is ter fr me in tis world.
JASS: Who told tat?
(Thapki turned and smiled)
Jaggu : we r ter fr u. Ok na guys.
Aishu : here after thapki joins our JASS
sin&sil: we agree
Thapki : tha…tha…thanku
(Every one patted her)
JASST: Laughed
Thapki : come let’s go to class
JASS: Wat??????
Thapki: ha come.
JASS: first period was physics mam’s
Thapki : so wat guys
JASS : we never went soon to her classes .
Thapki : Really ! You bunk classes
Jaggu : ok fr thapu today well attend phy class.
JASST went out
(Sinnu whistled. Bihaan with his gang came running frm d canteen)
Aishu : bihaan we going to attend phy class today (said sadly)
Bihaan:what????? (asked shockingly). Ok come let’s go .He tried to apologize to thapki bt she never listened
phy mam: shradha is tis my class
Shradha: yes mam .bt y r u asking mam
Phy:Really! ! It’s a blue moon day
.for the first time in tis year JASS n bihaan’s gang is attending the class frm first minute.
Bihaan and his gang saw JASS they lowered their heads .they saw thapki she laughed
Phy: hey are you newly admitted (cing thapki)
Thapki : yes mam. I’m from agra
Phy: ok it’s 5n .bt don’t join with JASS. Go and sit with shradha and madhu
Thapki : no mam I feel gud with them (JASS smiled victoriously)
The teacher started to distribute the test papers thapki saw every ones test papers although they are toppers y teacher said that, she thought
T: y u get scolding though u r toppers
JASS: You’ve joined us na soon ull know
(Bihaan was thinking about his rude act towards thapki and constantly cing her to apologize)
thapki was sitting alone in the ground with her lunch , bihaan saw her and went to her . She was crying thinking wat bihaan said about her.
Bihaan : I…I
Thapki : slowly raised her head
. Hi jass
Jass: come thapki well hv lunch. oh bihaan u here come let’s hv lunch together
Bihaan noded
Thapki : I like this skl vry much u r really good friends
Jass: stop …stop… enough
Bihaan was thinking of apologizing bt he din get a chance. thapki was really confused cing bihaan’s behavior towards his friends
Thapki : he’s very nice in his behavior with girls thn y he had hurted me . I don’t know cha.
Jaggu : thappu r u coming with us
Thapki : I want to call my papa
Aishu : wait !! Bihaan give me ur mobile
Thapki : u bring mobile to skl??
Sillu: she shocks for everything ya
Sinnu : stop sillu she’s vry innocent look hw cute she was asking (bihaan turned to see her expression he freezed)
Thapki : (after calling her papa)
He’s bt cming told me to go to home
Jaggu : hw could yo go by walking .it’s far frm here
Aishu : cme with us in cycle
All others: nooooo
Thapki : y
Bihaan : she made me fall once .wen I was teaching her cycling
Aishu: it was four years back nw I know to ride well
Others: ok your majesty
Jaggu : better u come with bihaan. hell get u safe .
Sinu: and also he’s near to your home
Thapki : nope. I will walk
(Bihaan felt bad)
Thapki : ok I will go

Precap : bihaan rides with thapki and apologize to her.

Credit to: juggu

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