PART – 4

Thapki’s family reached their new home and the shocking thing is it’s next to pandey nivas.
Thapki : she saw pandey nivas and was spellbound by its majestic appearance . suddenly a voice was heard .
Bihaan : maa I am going to skl .bye maa
Vasu : bihaan have breakfast and go!
(After feeding him and Dhruv she kissed both of them on their forehead )
Bihaan ride ur cycle safely don’t fly on the road. (bihaan nodes)
Thapki ran to her home and stood near the gate(she was eagerly waiting to c the owner of that lovable voice)
Poonam : Thapki come inside !
She turned and said ha maa.he went crossing her.
Thapki : cha! I missed him (she was still standing there and watching him. He moved a little far suddenly from all directions four girls joined him in cycle they gave him hifi and they disappeared far in the road
Thapki : I wished that I am one among them

bihaan:Dhruv bhaiya I am going out to play cricket .r u coming?
Dhruv : no bihaan I have to do my homeworks
Bihaan : It’s ok bhaiya bt don’t say maa (he hides here and there came downstairs .he saw the door opened and ran towards it)
Suddenly a voice bihaan beta wer r u going?
Bihaan with a sight of shock turned slowly and said maa I’m going out to play maa
Vasu : oh yes you can go but did you finish your homeworks (she asked with a little anger and confusion)
Bihaan : yes maa!!!
(In mind :yes maa I think Dhruv bhaiya will finish it before I comes) he winked his eyes
After Dhruv said he can’t come to play
Bihaan : bhaiya if you going to do homework do mine too.
Dhruv : no maa will scold !!
Bihaan: no bhaiya I won’t say her.
Dhruv : It’s ok but you should ask bauji’s permission for my school tour.
Bihaan : ok done

Vasu: bihaan drink tis milk and go
Bihaan : ok maa . Kiran are you coming.
Kiran: ha bhaiya . Bt u should lift me.
Bihaan: maa I’m taking her with me.
( bihaan lifted her kissed her on her forehead my cute sissy come let’s go )
Vasu: bihaan be careful with kiran
All are playing cricket bihaan hit a six and the ball went into Thapki’s home.everyone ran
Bihaan : OMG wat I’ve done that fat aunty will come again to scold me.
Rahul: congrats bro!!!
Bihaan in confusion: fr wat da?
Rahul: you’ve got a half century
Bihaan : Really in game uh?
Rahul: nope in hitting the ball to the aunty’s house
Bihaan : shut da (he lifted kiran and ran to his home)
The ball fell into the flour box she stood shocked,she went outside to see who did that. seeing her with the ball every one freezed .she smiled, threw the ball to Rahul.
Rahul: thank you !
Poonam : Thapki come here
Thapki : ha maa
She turned and bihaan came
Bihaan: hw did you get the ball its a miracle day
Rahul stood freezed
Bihaan : what happened da?
Rahul: what a beauty?
Bihaan : yuk wat you are praising that aunty?
Rahul:no da a girl came to return the ball.i am talking about that girl
Bihaan : Really! !
He tried to see her but she went
Cha! I missed her
Rahul: come let’s play

thapki wears her new school uniform and shocked to see that it was the same which bihaan wore the previous day. then she realized she could see him that day

Intro of tat four girls
Thapki : hi I am thapki shall I join u
JASS: hi thapki we are JASS
thapki: Really its very different
JASS:It’s our gang name
We r Jaggu, Aishu, Sillu, Sinnu
Thapki : It’s really very nice.
(Bihaan comes in with his gang)
Bihaan : hi JASS ies
JASS: hi bihaan
(He suddenly turned and stood freeze with thapki’s beauty)

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